Metamorph Queen

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[[Monster:Metamorph Queen{{!}}Metamorph Queen]]


Appearing In
Alien Mutation


Components and Weaknesses


Can attack before anyone knows he's there, negating the 'First Fail' of PCs and allowing a one-shot kill. Can be countered by the Danger Sense perk.
Nowhere to Run
The alien is considerably faster than any character. Running as an action will NEVER gain the character Survival Points no matter how exceptional the successes rolled. Not even Synthetics. Putting things between you and it, hiding and stealth are paramount.
Acid Blood
Shooting or cutting an alien causes highly pressurized acid blood to spray anyone within ten feet. A dodge is required. Failure cause 1d6 SP loss. Success means clothing and/or armor gets hit first and the character must spend the immediate action taking it off to avoid damage, no roll needed, but no other action requiring a roll can be performed. Exceptional success means the character dodges completely.


Fire Bad
The alien does not like fire. It will avoid contact at all costs, and can be steered by flamethrowers on an exceptional success.

Appearances in the Story

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