The Devil Boys

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[[Monster:Devil Boys{{!}}The Devil Boys]]

Raider Gang

Appearing In
The Last Road

(Only TD can use Devil Boys. They are not for Assistant Directors.)

They weren't always the Children of War. Once upon a time, they were the War Boys, and they were the first to worship the V8. Led by a man named Immortan Joe, they were the princes of the wasteland and struck fear into all who saw them.

Then a woman ruined everything.

When War was given to the Mother as her dominion, some of the War Boys refused to follow her. They left, and no one knows where they went. Over forty years passed, until one day red devils came out of the wastes and wreaked havoc on everything they crossed. These Devil Boys are the descendants of those lost War Boys, and they've come to reclaim what was taken from them. For the last year or so they've been a thorn in Sanctuary's side, but not a real threat.

Not yet, at least.

Little is known about them except that they indeed share traits with the Children, a common ancestry, but where War Kids are both male and female and the two sexes are equal, Devil Boys are all male and seem to hate women with a passion. They renew their ranks by stealing male children and pressing male captives into service. They don't even keep keep females as breeding stock or slaves, killing any they find.

They are more dangerous than most raider gangs as they have structure, discipline and ideology. They know and use many of the same tactics as the Children of War, and even anticipate them. No base of operation has been found, no one knows where they're coming from, and only a few outposts have been found, all pre-existing places they conquered.

All Components below are optional. TD will declare up front what they have each scene.

Components and Weaknesses


Can attack before anyone knows he's there, negating the 'First Fail' of PCs and allowing a one-shot kill. Can be countered by the Danger Sense perk.
Extra Gunner
Some bigger vehicles have room for an extra fighter, or fighters. Each extra man grants an additional 2DT to the vehicle.
Armored Vehicle
Some vehicles are reinforced and provide cover and armor to those on or in them. Each level of armor gives 1DT that must be cut through before the people inside are injured. For example, an armor level of 3 means the first 3DT done to the vehicle is soaked by the armor. Armor levels range 1-5.
Heavy Weapon
Some vehicles are mounted with a heavy weapon, usually a high caliber gun. On these vehicles, one fighter does 1d5 SP damage per shot instead of 1d3. If there are multiple fighters, all others take DT/die first, leaving this one for last, then the driver.
Nitro Boost
Some vehicles can be fed nitro for a massive burst of speed. This can be used once per scene to lower a PC driver's SP by 1d3. It cannot being them below 1SP or kill, it's simply for catching up.
Ramming Weapons
Some vehicles have blades, spikes, and other things mounted to the front or sides to cause vehicle damage. On these vehicles, the first successful ram/railroad attack damages the vehicle and puts the driver at -1 on all driving rolls going forward.


None currently known.

Appearances in the Story

(2019-11-14 • The Wastes) A convoy to finalize a deal with the Tribe of the Sun gets ambushed by Devil Boys.
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