The Ballerina

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Appearing In

A young girl, maybe in her early teens, dressed as a ballerina. Where her face should be there is only a gaping maw filled with row after row of terrible teeth.

Local Lore: Rumored to have been named Isabel, she's the one Mahoney killed in his standoff with the police when the gun he had to the back of her head went off, followed by her face. In life she was said to be mentally disabled and loved two things above all else: ballet and candy. They say her teeth were badly rotted and her smile was... less than adorable. Guests and staff sometimes report hearing a music box playing distantly at strange hours, which staff attributes to her ghost.

Components and Weaknesses


She can disappear and reappear from one spot to another in the blink of an eye. As long as you are in line of sight, you cannot outrun her. No survival points can be gained for running as long as she has line of sight.
All Teeth
Her face is a gaping maw filled with rows of terrible teeth. Failure to dodge an attack does 1-3 SP loss.
Rot and Decay
Even if her bite doesn't kill, it leaves a wound that festers and slowly spreads. Once biten, an infection starts. Each day the victim must roll Brawn. Failure means it spreads, and Brawn OR Finesse lowers by one level. Success means it doesn't spread. Bonus for tough/endurance qualities, and for first aid. Requires hospitalization to cure.


Manifest Flesh
Ghosts that manifest to harm the living can be harmed in turn. Guns stagger them, for instance, and physical trauma has an impact. It is unkown if this can KILL them, or simply slows them down.

Appearances in the Story

I Want Candy
(2019-01-19 • Beaver Lake - The Boathouse) Christine and Bastian confront Raul and the heist gang at the boathouse. Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of a music box, before they notice a young girl in a ballerina outfit in their midst. Hijinx ensues.
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