The Melancholic

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The Melancholic

Known As

Violet "The Kid" Zane

on MUX as

The Melancholic

Has Been

Comms Tech USCSS Hephaestus

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To the Melancholic, the worst outcome to any situation is also the most likely; something they tend to mention right when the group needs a morale boost the most.

They can be cold and nihilistic, or moping and depressed, but they can also be the ones to point out when someones lying to themselves about the reality of a bad situation -- which, now and then, can open eyes and spur better decision making. They can be the cynic, the depressive, the realist, or the pensive existentialist... but they're always one thing for sure: Sick of it all.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Does any of this even matter? There's a strange freedom in ennui, in knowing that none of this may be real or important in the end. It can be liberating to not hold on to sentimentality.

In the Facility

Things That Linger

She's a little twitchy, usually her left eye or a couple of her fingers, and she has an affinity for cigarettes and the color black.

Memento Mori

Alien Mutation

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Jon Brown, A.K.A "Lugnut" (Alien Mutation)

Lugnut, or just 'Lug', is a mental invalid. There's something just wrong with him. Some kind of head trauma as a baby, maybe, or just bad genes. Either way, he's big. Big and old. He's been on the "Heph" for as long as anyone can remember, blending in and repairing whatever needs to be repaired. He's a hard, silent worker. Just the way Violet Zane likes it. She's kind of adopted him as her own personal man slave, using him for the tech-y grunt work she's too frail ( or lazy ) to do herself.


Gerard Everhausen (Alien Mutation)

Data Analyst
Gerard, quite frankly, wanted to be an artist and painter. Not a data analyst on a mining ship with a moody teenage brat for a boss. But, well, life is unpredictable at times, and the poor man's only outlet for his artistry now is doodling on napkins while combing over insanely large amounts of data for days on end.


Kipsy Ratanelli (Alien Mutation)

Security Grunt
Kipsy is just another unlucky Anvil-associated merc who got stuck with a job guarding rocks. She's a chain smoker, like Violet, and they share a sisterly bond. They're eachother's angsty outlet in a ship full of people who just don't "get" them.


Violet "The Kid" Zane (Alien Mutation)

You're getting tired of this shit. The long hauls, the fights and arguments, The skin-of-your-teeth living. Maybe cashing out and taking a corporate job would be best. But then you try to picture yourself working for The Man, with dress codes and psych evaluations. What company is going to hire a mopey kid with attitude problems? You've only been working on the Heph a few years now, and it was hard getting THEM to hire you. You had to lie about your age and the fact you were a runaway and delinquent. Now you're old enough that no longer matters, and you've proved your worth to the rest of the crew with some quick fixes and lots of hard work. Maybe you should stay. What else is there? You'll have decisions to make, soon.

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