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The Medic

Known As

Cooper DeWitt
Matthew Pryce

Conor Dunn

on MUX as

The Medic

Has Been


MIssion Head of Medical

Apparent Age

20 something

Played By

Scott Eastwood

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He's not going to be performing any brain surgery. Nor is he going to tell you to turn your head and cough. What he is going to do is keep you alive. Chances are he's not a fully trained physician but if he is, his specialty is emergency medicine. One of his specialties. The other one is combat. He's the field medic. The front line surgeon. Sometimes the tool needed to keep someone alive is a scalpel, sometimes it's a rifle. Usually it's both.

You're cool under pressure and Johnny on the spot. Getting things done and patching up leaks is what you do best, and under fire is where you thrive. No one gets left behind on your watch.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Prosperity's Price

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Project Icarus

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Cooper DeWitt (Prosperity's Price)

Prosperity was a small town. Too small. At least that's what he told people when they found out he was planning to leave and join the army. His family knew the real reason: that he was born marked by evil and he wanted - needed - to get away from it, a feat nearly impossible to do in Prosperity.

He was part of a cavalary regiment under the command of Captain Leonard Wood, an army surgeon, who believed basic first aid was something every soldier should know. Even after the captain was transferred, Cooper continued to learn, having seen the importance when a friend of his was seriously wounded and would have lost a leg if not for what the Captain taught them.

When the Spanish-American War started, Cooper had already mustered out of the Army as a lieutenant but volunteers for the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry when he learned that his former Captain was commanding it. He fit in well with the other cowboys, prospectors, hunters and gamblers from the southwest and had the military and medical experience needed. Though most of the Rough Riders returned to the US as soon as thr war ended, he stayed in Cuba to help treat the soldiers who were suffering from malaria and yellow fever until he fill ill of he latter himself.

After his recovery, Cooper returned home to Prosperity where he started working as a barkeep. He hasn't given up law and order or medicine though; the sheriff has deputized him more than once when there was need and the town's doctor has call on him as well.

Matt Beer.jpg

Matthew Pryce (Slasher)

Texas is known for beers and steers. Queers? Not so much. Not in 1989. Unlike many who struggled with their orientation in that time and place, Matt knew early on who he was. He also knew to keep it to himself. He got good grades, joined the Army out of high school and planned to go to college after on a GI Bill, but someone outed him and he was given a less than honorable discharge despite a fine record and exemplary performance as a combat medic.

He'd have to pay for college himself.

So he did, working graveyard shifts as an EMT and balancing his classes against that. He continues to work toward his dream of medical school, and joined the fraternity to help pad his credentials in anticipation of applying after undergrad courses are done. He's hit a bump in the road and recovered admirably. Eyes on the prize.


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Conor Dunn (Project Icarus)

Conor started out working for Weyland-Yutani. He'd been on assignments where people were sacrificed for the sake of the mission and more than once a friend didn't come back. He was on a mission when it well and truly hit the fan. He wasn't the team lead but most of the senior members were among the ones who died in the first thirty seconds. Conor stepped up and got out almost all of the ones left alive. The details were all classified, of course, but word gets around and it wasn't long before he got an offer from Penumbra. Saying yes was a no-brainer.

He's been with Penumbra a number of years now and actually likes working for them. When he heard about Icarus and what happened to the first team, he knew he had to go. Sure, Penumbra said they figured out what went wrong and it was now safe. He believes they truly believe that. They're not W-Y. And if they're right, it would be an interesting mission. But if they were wrong... Well, he had friends going on the second team and he trusted himself more than he trusted anyone else. If it hit the fan again, he'd be there to get them out. Get everyone out if possible.

Tracking down the mission lead, he made his case and convinced her to bring him along. Being put in charge of medical was an unexpected surprise but welcome since it meant fewer people he'd have to argue with if worse came to worst.

Active Character: Slasher

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Oh you're guilty way before you been tried

It's crazy but you're diggin' it

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I'll never break my promise or forget my vow

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