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Also Known As

Chemist, Ransom, X

on MUX as



The Martyr



Apparent Age


Played By

Oscar Isaac

Faction Membership

The Savvy

There is an essential tragedy to someone who loves life, who wakes up each morning curious to see what happens next, but who when bone meets grindstone makes hard sacrifices at his own expense.

Archetype Roster Concept 

Sacrifice is the highest calling and most noble endeavor. You give and give, and then you give some more. Others need things more than you do, anyway.

Role in The Last Road

Xavier is an Etherite Professor specializing in researching old world Chemistry and applying it to modern problems.

   O- (Universal donor)
   Contaminted (Klinfelter Syndrome)
   Saavy (Etherite Chemistry Professor0

Xavier is Faustina's little half Sibling from a fortunate mother and different fathers. Once upon a time, Xavier had a fraternal twin named Eponine, after the character in the folk song. Their Mother being busy, their big sister looked after them from an early age, and really is as much mother as sister still to adult Xavier. When they were five, the twins, slipped away while Faustina was doing...Xavier doesn't remember. They were playing follow the leader and Xavier really never did have much sense when it came to self preservation. They were skipping along the top of the wall, with him in front. He heard her make a small scared sound, and turned too late to catch her hand as Eponine fell.

After that they were a quiet, serious child focused on thirstily sucking up learning. It was like he was trying to achieve for two. They were soon trying little experiments on their own. It was pretty clear which direction the child would grow, and those interests were fostered. The child grew into an adult fascinated by old knowledge and chemistry in particular.

The physical differences weren't readily apparent until their age mates hit puberty and Xavier... didn't mature exactly as expected. Even if they hadn't obviously been contaminated, Xavier is sterile as a result of Xavier's condition. By the time Faustina and Xavier's contaminated status was known, their Mother had had several other children each by a different father. They also consider visa a sister, even though she's Faustina's sister, not X's by blood.

They still look up to their big sister. They are still obsessed with science. They still do little experiments outside their field to try to figure out how to people. They are friends with KTT, who they helped get reclassified as saavy, and work closely with Kat, whom they synthase essential compounds for. They achieved Professor status, which, with his sister going a little gentle on resource allocation, has allowed X to branch out some. Some of the chemicals they make now are recreational. They make like all their chemicals a little too much.


Brawn: Poor
+ Panic Strength (Positive)

He's mostly useless for lifting stuff, but he can get a quick burst of extra strength when he's terrified.
Finesse: Normal
+ Precise (Positive)
Brains: Good
+ Encyclopedic Memory (Positive)
+ Think Outside the Box (Positive)
Spirit: Good
- Morbid (Negative)
- Selective Attention (Negative)

He tends to get hyperfocused on intellectual pursuits and forget human factors.
+ Unflappable (Positive)

Periodic exposure to hallucinagens has made him prone to calm acceptance of the weird and potentially frightening. Also, he has the survival instincts of a lemming.

Perks and Quirks

+ Area of Expertise Chemistry (Free)

+1 to Chemistry
- Communal Mindset (Free)
+ Area of Expertise: Pharmacology (10)

Often combined with chemistry.
+ Found Item (20)

At a crucial moment in the story, you can find an object or item you desperately need. Can only be used once per story.
+ Versatile (20)

Use a Positive quality in a tagential (other) Stat Check once per Scene.
- Doomed (30)

You're going to die in a horrible way. When the time comes for your character, no rolls are made, no GP can be spent. Your time is up.
- Small Favor to Faustina (10)

She's basically how he hasn't managed to accident himself to death, plus the going little lax on his experimental supplies. He is extremely dependant on her in a host of ways.
- Sheltered (10)

The character has little or no experience outside the Sanctuary, and everything out in the wastes is new to them. They react more strongly to shocking experiences and are very naive to the ways of the wasteland. Gives a situational -1 to rolls for things dealing with the wastes, from Freak-Out Checks at Monsters, to being conned by grifters, to finding their way around.

Faustina Portrait.jpeg


Copper (Was a Counter)

Big Sis. (Comptroller)



Healing Hand

That nice Healing Hand with the interesting requests.



Born Again Gardener

Friend and colleague. I rescued him for savvy. (KTT)




Interests in common. (Clinker)




Uncommon interest. (High Sign)

Innocent Visa.png


Artisan (Couturier)

Little Sis.



The man with the monster penis. Best avoided.

Beast LastRoad.jpg


Fortunate Companion / Fire Performer

Fire dancer!


Timmy (The Last Road)

Lab assistant
Xavier's long suffering lab assistant. She used to be called Reagent, but X calls all his Lab Assistants Timmy, as is traditional. It doesn't do to get attached.

   Contaminted (CF Carrier)
   Saavy (Etherite Biochemistry)

Anchor Man (The Last Road)

War Kid
Sick Charioteer at the end of his half life.

   War Kid

His Car:

Armor (5) Ramming Weapons: Side spikes 2x (6) Extra Gunner Bay (4)

No badges for The Last Road.

The Chemistry of Tattoos
(2020-01-11 • Chemist Corner) Faustina checks in with her sibling. Cinder drops in to ask about henna. Xavier confesses some things to Faustina.
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Acid Etched
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Images Planted In My Brain
(2019-12-28 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Kitten, Xavier, and Faustina discuss diverse topics such as chemistry, their desire not to have sex with siblings, and whether human ancestors also tasted like pork.
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An Injured Kitten
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The Ancients Were Weird
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Bizarre Bazaar
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The Ancients Were Assholes
(2019-12-09 • Sanctuary - Prime - Fortunate Bazaar) Xavier and Timmy listen to Lyra play and talk about past and future.
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Seeds of the Future
(2019-12-07 • X Hut) Xavier confesses to making a seed bank to Faustina and the ethics of Monitors and rulebreaking are discussed.
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Radioactive Rain
(2019-12-05 • Sanctuary - Garden - The Farm) The savvy try to save the plants from the deadly rain. KissThisThen and Xavier nearly take a long fall.
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Savvys Share
(2019-12-04 • Sanctuary - Garden - Fungus Farm) KissThisThen gives Xavier a fungus cave tour.
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Cin and Blood
(2019-11-29 • Sanctuary - Garage - Sick Room) Rebar is unwell.
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Prototypes and Experiments
(2019-11-27 • Sanctuary - Garage - Workshop) An evening in the Garage
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(2019-11-20 • Great Mess Hall) KissThisThen has a minor meltdown over some mushrooms.
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Meow Motherfucker
(2019-11-16 • X Hut) Kitten and Xavier unconvincingly claim they are sober for KTT and Faustina's benefit.
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Of Mimics and Monitors
(2019-11-16 • Sanctuary - Garden - The Farm) Phoenix is walking through the farm when he encounters Xavier and his sister, Faustina.
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At the Market
(2019-11-11 • Bazaar) A few people meet in the Bazaar in front of a clothing stall.
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