Anchor Man

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Anchor Man

on MUX as

The Martyr


War Kid

Apparent Age


Played By

The Martyr

Faction Membership


Role in The Last Road

Sick Charioteer at the end of his half life.

   War Kid

His Car:

Armor (5) Ramming Weapons: Side spikes 2x (6) Extra Gunner Bay (4)

The following archetype players and/or staff members have permission to use this Supporting Role as needed: Staff, Kitten.


Brawn: Normal
+ Brawling (Positive)
Finesse: Good
+ Excellent Driver (Positive)
Brains: Poor
- Dyslexic (Negative)

Can read, but it's hard.
Spirit: Normal
+ Berserker (Positive)

Perks and Quirks

+ Witness Me (Free)

Allows them to forego a Freak-Out Check and simply attack the source instead at a +1.
- Half-Life (Free)

henever they are injured they must make a Brawn Check without modifiers. Failure means their immune system does not kick in and they will not heal, leaving them at 0 SP going forward and without a Free Failure, much like an SR. They can only heal by being given a blood bag/donor and must roll again once a week until they get a success, at which point they are healthy again.
- Doomed (30)

You're going to die in a horrible way. When the time comes for your character, no rolls are made, no GP can be spent. Your time is up.
+ Back for More (30)

If put in negatives, roll 1d6. On a 4-6, stay at 1 SP and continue. Once per scene for 3GP (if successful).

No badges for The Last Road.

Like Catherine Wheels
(2019-12-10 • Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Lounge) Faustina and Kitten pump the Scavenger siblings for more information. Mark and Faustina discover why Rebar and the Anchor Man have agreed the charioteer will take Kitten's spot as Rebar's gunner on this run.
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Nothing to See Here
(2019-12-02 • Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Central) Some trading and questions in the scavenger's marketplace.
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Prototypes and Experiments
(2019-11-27 • Sanctuary - Garage - Workshop) An evening in the Garage
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War Kids and Monitors
(2019-11-18 • Sanctuary - Prime - Great Mess Hall) A chat between the survivors.
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(2019-11-14 • The Wastes) A convoy to finalize a deal with the Tribe of the Sun gets ambushed by Devil Boys.
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