The Martyr

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The Martyr

Known As

Robert "Bob" Trevalsky
Robert Colton

on MUX as

The Martyr

Has Been

Eclipse Director of Security

Apparent Age

Mid 40's

Played By

Peter Stormare

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Sacrifice is the highest calling and most noble endeavor. You give and give, and then you give some more. Others need things more than you do, anyway.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Alien Mutation

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Prosperity's Price

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Robert "Bob" Trevalsky (Alien Mutation)

You were never a bad cop. A dirty cop, sure, but a lot of Marshals are. You weren't helping human traffickers or drug lords, just looking the other way when people wanted to move tech of questionable ownership through the station you worked on near Jupiter. You knew that station like you were born on it, and you made your way all the way up to 3rd in command for the Marshals when it all went down. Never mind the traffickers and drug dealers you busted, the real, good work you did - your side line made you dirty, crooked a shame to the Marshals and they all turned on you in an instant, even the ones just as dirty (or more!) as you. Right when your life as a free man should have been coming to an end, a strange thing happened: Penumbra, the megacorp that owned Jupiter Orbital, dropped all the charges and refused to cooperate in prosecuting you. Turns out they had a job for someone with your skills and moral flexibility - someone who knows the the difference between victimless crime and the real thing. They hired you to run corporate security for the new station they were opening, Tenochtitlan, and specifically the security for the casino, resort and promenade. You've been a roadblock for the local Marshals ever since, helping Cole Monroe, Venus, Katja and Marshal Eastwick run their operations geared toward bringing the tourists what they want.


Robert Colton (Prosperity's Price)

Younger brother of Roger, he is the ranch blacksmith and oversees that end of business. He prefers the hard labor of a skilled trade to sitting up high on a horse and giving orders. As with all the families, only the family head (Roger) knows the real details of the Deal, but Robert has seen enough to know he doesn't care for it. He may have have calloused hands and dirt on his clothes, but it got there from honest work and not deals with demons.

His children are what's most important to him, and he's there for them even when they screw up. He'd do anything for them.

Fly With Me
(2019-03-13 • Facility - Anywhere Room- San Francisco Beaches) Dare finds Cheer hang-gliding. Feelings come out.
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