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Lana Reed

on MUX as



The Lover


High School Senior

Apparent Age


Played By

Chloe Grace Moretz

Faction Membership

Freeland Family
Becca's daughter - Esme's twin

There are people in the world that others are simply drawn to. On the surface, it might seem that they have a stunning appearance, or perhaps they are kind-hearted, or even enthusiastically cheerful and upbeat, lifting others spirits. In certain cases, that might be all it is. In others, it is something deeper. It manifests as a desire to be near them, being so feels like a salve to an ache they can't explain. Not necessarily a romantic or intimate desire, but a deep-rooted one nonetheless. She can be seen as a muse to the artist, an inspiration to the uninspired, or simply the hopeful romantic in love with the idea of love. It is essential to her own well being, their desire to be near her. She needs people, thrives on their company, feeling the highs and lows of all their emotions. Alone is a devastating and frightening state of being for her. Do not underestimate her though, there is much more to her than simply this. She is The Lover.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You need others, need interaction and emotion. Feeling is how you know you're alive. You are not a fighter, unless they threaten what you care about, in which case you'll cut a bitch.

Role in Bonds of Blood

"Behind every polite smile hides a truth unspoken."

  • Truth Seeker: The truth is out there, and she will find it.
  • This just in: She lives for the news. It is her present and her future, as far as she is concerned.
  • Busy Bee: She works on the school newspaper, helps with stories for the filmed edition, dabbles in the theater, works at the diner her parents own, and interns at the local paper. She's busy as a bee but balances it all well.


Brawn: Poor
Finesse: Normal
+ Balanced (Positive)

Years of yoga and dodging people in the diner while carrying trays full of plates and drinks has made her rather agile, despite not being athletic.
+ Hand/eye Coordination (Positive)

Sometimes though, they can't be dodged without a price to be paid. Thankfully, she's developed quick reflexes to keep the accidents to a minimum.
Brains: Good
+ Perceptive Sleuth (Positive)

Always on the hunt for the truth, Lana is observant when listening to people speak, and when trying to find the hidden evidence.
+ Photographic Memory (Positive)

It helps that she remembers almost everything she sees, reads, or hears. (OOC note: Her player is the exact opposite. Please be kind)
Spirit: Good
- Looks Can Be Deceiving (Negative)

She likes to play the part, a chameleon of sorts; able to look like the girl next door or the troubled bad girl with a bit of makeup and hair styling. She portrays herself as persistent, confidant, and strong, but the truth of the matter is there are times where she is filled with self doubt. It's not something that always plagues her, but has been known to at the most inopportune times... Like that time James helped get her out of a jam.

Perks and Quirks

+ Youthful Exuberance

Sometimes, the curse or bonus of being young is not knowing better... sometimes, it works to her benefit.
+ Bloodline Trait - Freeland

She can certainly be driven to succeed in anything she puts her mind to.l
+ Area of Expertise

She is a bit obsessed with her 'job' as a reporter and finding the truth. She has quite the talent at snooping and finding the information she is looking for.
+ Bloodline Boon - Freeland

Lana often is at her best when she is working under pressure.
+ Found Item

Just another way in which Lana's talent to find what she's looking for helps.
- Unreliable
- Bloodline Taint

Look... I was so close to getting what I needed! I couldn't back out...oops.
- Faint Hearted
- Big Favor

I may never be able to thank James enough. I owe him, big time.
- Doomed




James Thistle

High School Senior

Bestie. He truly gets me like few others do.

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