Taema and Tilafaiga (The Lover)

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Taema and Tilafaiga

Also Known As

What they call themselves depends on the day and their mood. They are known to change their names on a whim.

on MUX as



The Lover


Freak Show act

Apparent Age


Played By

Chloe Grace Moretz

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There are people in the world that others are simply drawn to. On the surface, it might seem that they have a stunning appearance, or perhaps they are kind-hearted, or even enthusiastically cheerful and upbeat, lifting others spirits. In certain cases, that might be all it is. In others, it is something deeper. It manifests as a desire to be near them, being so feels like a salve to an ache they can't explain. Not necessarily a romantic or intimate desire, but a deep-rooted one nonetheless. She can be seen as a muse to the artist, an inspiration to the uninspired, or simply the hopeful romantic in love with the idea of love. It is essential to her own well being, their desire to be near her. She needs people, thrives on their company, feeling the highs and lows of all their emotions. Alone is a devastating and frightening state of being for her. Do not underestimate her though, there is much more to her than simply this. She is The Lover.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You need others, need interaction and emotion. Feeling is how you know you're alive. You are not a fighter, unless they threaten what you care about, in which case you'll cut a bitch.

Role in Carnival

Coming to America

Titi, or, the twins, Taema and Tilafaiga, traveled from island to island for as long as they could remember. Sometimes, there was good reason (like, to learn something new or not killing your own people), sometimes just because they wanted to. Born on the island of Samoa they would swim all over the Polynesian region; Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, even New Zealand. Wherever life took them, they swam. They gained followers in new lands. Some of them would even travel (though by boat) with them. But times marches on and as it does, things change, civilization progresses. They begin to forget the old ways and though their story is still passed down, many in the islands have begun to not recall the story of Taema and Tilafaiga quite so readily, though many wear the ink upon their skin representative of Taema, the deity of tatau. Seeking to expand their following by visiting new lands, the ocean currents took them to California. America, land of opportunity... only, it was the middle of the Great Depression. They were here though, and with them came some of their followers. Might as well have some fun and make the best of it.

Carnival Life

They were born Titi and Titi; twins joined together back to back at the buttocks. Early in their existence, their bodies became separated when struck while swimming by a canoe. This is one of the times a twin changed their name to commemorate the occasion. Now, though they live as separate people, they have fused themselves together for the sake of art. Becoming a Freakshow Carnival act, they have earned their own Private Tent for the show, despite not being with the carnival long at all. They and their followers have been known to keep to themselves at times, but they all pull their own weight one way or another. Titi gives the Rube's whatever show they pay for. Sometimes, they just stand there to be ogled. but if more coin is given, well... you pay extra, you get extra. The lucky ones get what they pay for, others might regret their choices in life that led them to this moment if all does not go well. After all, one shouldn't mess with a Goddess of War.



Taema is the more artistic and cheerful of the twins.



She is more often serious than not. Her demeanor can put some people off, but she really does have a warm heart.



Sometimes, you just have to look more 'American' in certain parts of the country. When one of the twins wants to blend in, Tali is who they become. She often either becomes just another face in the crowd or tries to look like one of the acrobatic acts.


Brawn: Good
+ Fierce Warrior (Positive)

Tilafaiga is the Goddess of War. Legend says she was able to wipe out an entire people and in fact, moved islands in order to not accidentally kill her own. She is still a Fierce Warrior when she needs to be.
Finesse: Good
+ Hips Don't Lie (Positive)

The twins practice the art of storytelling through the Polynesian style dance so often known as hula. They sometimes even use it as part of their act, yes, while conjoined. This gives them a sense of rhythm and agility beyond their already excellent coordination.
+ Steady Hand (Positive)

The art of tatau takes patience and a steady hand. The ancient tools used create beautiful masterpieces of ink, but the practice takes a very long time.
Brains: Poor
+ Artistic Focus (Positive)

Patience and a steady hand, but also an intense focus are needed for the perfect tatau, and Taema has it.
Spirit: Normal
- Temper, Temper (Negative)

Normally of good temperament, even if Tilafaiga is too serious too often and Taema can sometimes be a little too cheerful, Tilafaiga has a fiery temper. While it is sometimes handy when she is needed to be a warrior, it can also sometimes get her in trouble.

Perks and Quirks

+ Minor Power - Spirit

Taema could grow things where things could not usually grow, such as the taro plant on a rocky shore. Once upon a time, perhaps she could do this in great amounts, but now it is a small ability, unable to grow fields of crops, but a plant or two.
+ Minor Power - Brawn

Goddess of War, Tilafaiga, is able to inspire people in conflict or battle. If they are feeling anger, frustration, she could use her power to bring them to an actual fight, or to work/try harder at solving what is causing them frustration.
+ Minor Power - Spirit

Conversely, Taema uses art and beauty to inspire feelings of love and peace, enhancing feelings already there, or using wishes for calm to make one feel more so.
+ Shapeshift (human)

The twins were born conjoined, but were separated while swimming once upon a time. They perform as joined, but are able to separate by shapeshifting into their individual personalities.
+ Adrenaline Boost

War. Rawr!
+ Versatile

The twins are rather persistent, never giving up, always adapting, changing, moving...
- Archaic Mind

While not completely ignoring modern marvels, the twins are rather "old school". They do not drive, even when living separately, they do not understand the radio and how voices travel through it, they dress typically in traditional polynesian wear for themselves. They like to learn about modern things, but often do not use them themselves if they don't have to.
- Superstitious

The night brings with it much potential for evil, if one follows the superstitions of many Polynesian cultures. Taema and Tilafaiga hold onto some of these superstitions, such as; Not wearing their hair down at night, not looking into the mirror at night, not whistling at night, and more. The most debilitating of these though is that when hearing drums or the sound of marching in the distance, they must hide their faces or cover their eyes in some manner, protecting themselves from accidentally making eye contact with the Night Marchers.
- Diurnal

Living with these superstitions for so long has perhaps lent towards the twins become diurnal, especially as they become more forgotten and their powers fading. Though they might be wakeful at night, they have difficulty being anything more than deeply lethargic.

Fiafia HM.jpg

Fiafia (Carnival)

Fiafia has traveled with the twins for more than a decade, acting as their Handler. He takes care of the girls, sees that they take care of themselves and have everything they need. This is true especially at night when they lack the energy to do much themselves. Originating from Samoa, he grew up hearing the tale of the twins and for him, it is an honor to work for them.


Hau'Oli (Carnival)

Howie met the twins in Hawaii a handful of years ago. The man, so short in stature, had been drinking and some of the others began to tease him for his height. He was not normally an angry drunk, but something about that night made him feel so much fury. One of the men, in particular, was being quite cruel. Before he knew it, Howie punched him with a force he did not know he was capable of, knocking him straight out. The other men attacked and he was to receive the beating of a lifetime. He blacked out at some point, and when he woke, he was being carried away in the arms of a beautiful woman who called herself, Tila. He knew she saved his life and came to understand she was the reason he had felt so strong in that moment. He vowed to forever worship her, to dedicate the remainder of his days to her, so when she and her sister joined the circus? So did he, developing a clown act to pay his way.


Kiri (Carnival)

Drawn to the twins, she can't even explain why. She met them in her homelands and quickly grew to admire them. She felt more herself around them, free to express who she was. She felt empowered and beautiful in a way she did not when they left. Desolate and knowing they were traveling to the islands of Hawaii and then onward to the American continent, she followed. Now, she works at the carnival selling treats; popcorn and cotton candy, to the crowds. In her sparetime, she trains to one day be an act herself.

No badges for Carnival.

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