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on MUX as

The Lover


Espionage Synthetic

Apparent Age

Early 20s (appearance)

Played By

The Lover

Role in Alien Mutation

Callisto is employed at the Total Eclipse by its madam, Venus. She's known for a certain visual flair on the dance stage, with varied outfits and hair styles, as well a degree of seductive personal mystique. This is facilitated by Venus, who does not make her widely available to new or 'budget' customers.

She is not an 'open' synth: the establishment never advertises such details, and she's new enough that there is little public buzz about her from the regulars. While this privacy is a typical practice, in her case, it serves an additional purpose: the model was provided through her Penumbra's corporate espionage division, as is under evaluation for use in that field. Her employment is essentially live product testing.


Brawn: Good
+ Kiss of Death (Positive)

Assassination protocols, prefers working up close and personal.
Finesse: Good
+ Stealth (Positive)

This model trades typical high-speed actuators for low-friction components and stabilizers.
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)

Computerized reaction times.
Brains: Good
+ Situational Awareness (Positive)

Programmed to constantly scan, analyze, and evaluate her environs, with sophisticated heuristics for contextual linking and threat assessment.
+ Emotional Analysis (Positive)

The model features biometric facial and voice analysis suites designed to analyze target behavior and detect deception.
- Limited Tech Knowledge (Negative)

Lacks advanced technical dabatases typical of many models.
- Glitchy Prototype (Negative)

For all the fun stuff, she is a new and untested model and prone to some... irregularities.
Spirit: Poor
+ Ambiguous Beauty (Positive)

This model features carefully crafted base features designed for wide, nonthreatening appeal that can readily be enhanced with cosmetic styling and minor reconstruction.
- Hooker with a Heart of Ice (Negative)

She is not your friend, and thinks of her liaisons as objectives and targets.
- Uncanny Valley (Negative)

Synthetic spookiness.


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