The Lover

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The Lover

Known As

Buffy Ryder

on MUX as

The Lover

Has Been

Professional Groupie

Apparent Age

Early 20s

Played By

Emma Roberts

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Basic. Bitch. Social. Media. Star. Clapback. #moreawesomethanyou

Archetype Roster Concept 

You need others, need interaction and emotion. Feeling is how you know you're alive. You are not a fighter, unless they threaten what you care about, in which case you'll cut a bitch.

In the Facility

Memento Mori

Isle of Dread

No memento mori from this story yet.


Becky Putnam (Isle of Dread)

Sycophant. #wantstobepopular


Leia Swanson (Isle of Dread)

Social Media Advisor
Indifferent best friend. The brains of the group. #IWillMakeUsAllRich


Chad Braswell (Isle of Dread)

Trustfund Baby
Ex. Still In Love. Brawny. Muscley.


Buffy Ryder (Isle of Dread)

You use what you got, right? Some people have a natural talent, or a knack for a certain skill or area of knowledge. You have an amazing body and a pretty face. How is that so different? An athlete makes millions off his freak-of-nature body and he's a hero. You make hundreds on a pole with yours and you're a whore? That's the patriarchy for you. So yeah, you started as a dancer, but realized the real money was in internet fame. You started a Youtube channel, began working your way into events and shows, and the rest is history. You've been with some of the biggest names in entertainment, and every one of them fell for you. They couldn't help it. You love them all too, in your own way.

You're at the festival as an invite, one of the social media darlings they're trying to use to get in with the cool kids, and that's fine by you. You plan to do what you always do: have fun, get likes, and break a few hearts.

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