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Also Known As


on MUX as



The Loner


Copper Confessor

Apparent Age

Late 20s

Played By

Iain De Caestecker

Bastille - Blame

You've been granted three wishes

Say goodbye to your mother, your father, your son

I can hear your pulse racing from here

Sitting next to this gun beats your heart in your mouth

Fall upon your knees saying

"This is my body and soul here"

Fall and begging, pleading

"You've got the power and control"

Don't pin it all on me

Don't pin it all on me

Foster the People - Helena Beat

Yeah yeah and it's okay

I tie my hands up to a chair so I don't fall that way

Yeah yeah and I'm alright

I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight

KNGDAVD - Blood on Our Hands

So walk with me and you will see

That your enemy may be your remedy

We all got blood on our hands

But we still got hope in our souls

Oh, heads gonna roll

Oh, heads gonna roll


Introvert. Hermit. Recluse. Misanthrope. Outcast. Stranger. Loner. He's not the type that's easy to get along with or get to know. He keeps his own counsel, trusts himself above all others, and generally finds others annoying or else they're too much effort to deal with. He puts up walls, and they almost never come down. Even those that finally earn his trust or affection rarely learn the whole of him. Of course, there's safety in numbers and he's not about to shun perfectly good help when it's offered, just don't expect him to sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya. Unless there's s'mores. Everyone loves s'mores.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You don't play well with others or make friends easily, but that's because people can't hurt you if you never give them a chance to. You get that there's safety in numbers, you just avoid getting attached.

Role in The Last Road

He was born pure in Sanctuary. As a kid he was small and had a knack for getting into places and going unobserved so he was handed over to the Monitors where he worked as a Tattler. He was good at his watch and report game. He even found a Savvy that was stealing resources and was going to report him. The Savvy managed to get a hold of him before he could run off and shoved his face in a fire in an effort to kill him. Luckily another Monitor had already been watching and managed to save Loner but the damage was done, he was nursed back to health but his face is a mass of burn scars that from that point he kept covered up with various masks. Everyone calls him Mask because of it, and he's fine with that.

Reaching adulthood he was sent to the Confessors. Still on the small side he wasn't great for being a Keeper, but something in him had snapped as a child and he was able to pull of the work of interrogation without it seeming to bother him. He doesn't seem to have much empathy left in him, but he also takes great pleasure in bringing down criminals like the one who burned him, with little pity or mercy. His service to Sanctuary has had him promoted to Copper, where he now watches the Monitors as closely as everyone else.


Brawn: Normal
+ Feel No Pain (Positive)

Due to his injuries, many of Mask's nerves are burnt out. He just doesn't feel all that much in the way of pain.
Finesse: Normal
+ Sneak (Positive)

Mask knows how to stick to the shadows and watch without being seen.
Brains: Good
+ Photographic Memory (Positive)

He never forgets, and rarely forgives.
+ Emotion Reader (Positive)

People are like an open book to him. Facial expressions, twitches, ticks, he reads them all.
Spirit: Normal
+ Scary (Positive)

He may not be able to charm people, but when the mask comes off he's more than capable of terrifying people.
- Hideous (Negative)

Mask is a mess of scars. He's not going to be calming or seducing anyone with a nice smile.
- Rasp and Whisper (Negative)

Mask can't raise his voice over a moderate speaking tone, and smoke and fire damage to his throat has left his voice a grating rasp.
- Mesmerized by Fire (Negative)

He's not afraid of flames, in fact he's almost fascinated by them. Sometimes he has trouble keeping himself on task around open fires.

Perks and Quirks

+ Taken Care Of
+ Area of Expertise

+ Danger Sense
- Isolated
- Doomed



Copper (Keeper)

... and he says his face is ruined...

Loner Tak.jpg

Tak (The Last Road)

Tak was born pure in Sanctuary. As a young child he didn't show much promise in other fields and was left with the Fortunate as a Meanie. Eventually, he showed some aptitude in working with his hands and making small delicate items such as jewelry and other luxury items. He's soft-spoken, twitchy, and likes to go about as unnoticed as possible. For some reason, Mask looks out for him and makes sure he's protected.

Loner1 Meat.jpg

Meat (The Last Road)

Meat is not what might be expected from a Confessor, he looks and often acts more like he belongs with the Keepers or even the War Kids. He's brash, he's tough, and he likes to get physical. This actually makes him the perfect foil for Mask, acting as the muscle while Mask acts as brains. The two have often acted as partners since they were kids, something in their shared history having caused the two to form a strong bond.

No badges for The Last Road.

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