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Loner Mesingw 3.jpg
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on MUX as

The Loner


The Loner


Bear Tamer

Apparent Age

Late 20s

Played By

Iain De Caestecker

Faction Membership

Bear Tamer

Poor Man's Poison - Providence

Oh my weary soul

We've met your kind before

Set fire to us all

And oh sweet providence

Come save us from ourselves

From Hell and consequence

Poor Man's Poison - Friends With the Enemy

I been waitin’ for the sunshine on my door

Will I ever be free?

Oh lord set me free

You know you’ll never be free

When you’re friends with the enemy


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Introvert. Hermit. Recluse. Misanthrope. Outcast. Stranger. Loner. He's not the type that's easy to get along with or get to know. He keeps his own counsel, trusts himself above all others, and generally finds others annoying or else they're too much effort to deal with. He puts up walls, and they almost never come down. Even those that finally earn his trust or affection rarely learn the whole of him. Of course, there's safety in numbers and he's not about to shun perfectly good help when it's offered, just don't expect him to sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya. Unless there's s'mores. Everyone loves s'mores.

Archetype Roster Concept 

You don't play well with others or make friends easily, but that's because people can't hurt you if you never give them a chance to. You get that there's safety in numbers, you just avoid getting attached.

Role in Carnival

Coming To America

Missing wasn't always missing, once he was Mesingw. He was born of this land and his people lived on the eastern shores and were some of the first to come into contact with the new arrivals. His people wore his mask and he aided them in their hunts. He was the master of game, and the preserver of the balance of nature. The woods and the wilds were his, but he also knew an eternal truth..

Something bigger always comes along to hunt you.

And so was he pushed back from the eastern woods to the plains of the Midwest, and eventually his people stopped wearing his mask. They stopped calling on his aid. He no longer spoke into their dreams. They no longer called upon his blessing in the hunt. But there's another eternal truth..

A cornered animal will do anything to survive.

The Bear Tamer

What is a being of the wilds to do when it comes to survival? Tend to his flock. Animals and menageries have always been part of traveling shows. This way at least he can make sure they are treated with respect and dignity when not parading on stage. It is a sad consequence of the need for survival and something he accepts with a grim stoicism. To the patrons he is as much an oddity as his bears. Something to be gawked at.

At least the bears make for decent company.

Loner Mesingw 2.png


Main appearance while in the carnival.

Loner Mesingw 4.jpg

Missing's Masks

Missing often performs in a variety of masks he makes for himself during the Carnival's travels from whatever inspires him. He prefers his deer mask on most occasions nowadays. The red and black mask he's known for rarely appears anymore, however it remains hanging out front of his tent. If he's seen wearing it, he's on the hunt.

Animal Tamer: He performs in one of the private tents. The Bears are usually a good draw, and keeps him in adoration.

Indigenous Spirit: He didn't come across the ocean like so many of the others in the carnival. This land is his home and he doesn't let others forget it.

Hunter: When able he helps to supplement the carnival's food stores with animals he hunts in the wild.

Since the Beginning: He's been with the carnival since the beginning, so most of those who've been around should at least know of him.


Brawn: Normal
+ Sturdy (Positive)
- Not a Brawler (Negative)
Finesse: Good
+ Archer (Positive)
+ Quick Feet (Positive)
- Stupid Guns (Negative)
Brains: Normal
+ Sharp Senses (Positive)
Spirit: Normal
+ Good with Animals (Positive)
+ Level Headed (Positive)
- Socially Awkward (Negative)

Perks and Quirks

- Bestial
- Freak

Deer eyes - His pupils are oval shaped and horizontal
- Archaic Mind
- Fortune's Fool
+ Power (Minor)

Talk to animals - Spirit
+ Power (Minor)

Command animals - Spirit
+ Power (Minor)

Enter dreams - Brains
+ Shapeshifter (Animal)
+ Adrenaline Boost
+ Good Luck


Loner Mesingw.jpg

Loner James.png

James MacInroy (Carnival)

Animal Handler/Veterinarian
James is an immigrant from Scotland that the Carnival picked up while they were travelling up and down the east coast. Rather, he ran away from his family to join the Carnival after seeing Missing's bears. His father was a veterinarian and he was training under him to follow in the family trade, but he fell in love with the giant beasts and pestered Missing until he agreed to take the kid along. He's a bit weird but he takes good care of the animals and is more than happy to look at the Carnival's other animals as needed.

Loner Kisux.jpg

Kišux (Carnival)

Kišux is the male of Missing's two bears. He's the larger of the two but generally the lazier as well. He'll do anything for a snack. He's a bear, what more do you want?

Loner Nipahem.jpg

Nipahëm (Carnival)

Nipahëm is the smaller female of Missing's two bears. She's also the smarter one, a quick learner. She has a weakness for apples.

No badges for Carnival.

Talk on a Hill
(2019-03-23 • Carnival Grounds - Midway) Three gods converge on a hill to talk about this, that, and the world.
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