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Angus "Gus" McQueen

on MUX as

The Loner


Frat Boy

Apparent Age


Played By

The Loner

Role in Slasher

Gus McQueen is the ideal of college frat boys. A senior, athletic, on the hockey team, passable if not stellar grades, and an ability to let loose and party like no one's business. He's enjoyed college life and he wants to make sure his baby brother does, too. He's "protective" of the younger guy in all the wrong ways, shoving him into bad decisions "for his own good" rather than keeping him out of harm's way. For the most part it's worked out well to this point..


Brawn: Good
+ Big Like Ox (Positive)
+ Brawler (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
Brains: Poor
- Oblivious (Negative)
Spirit: Normal
+ One Scary Dude (Positive)

Loner McQueen.png


Reluctant "Frat" Boy

Little brother - he may be a little odd, but he's family.

Beast Young.jpg

Marc Westin

Frat Boy

Teammate and a good friend, even if you have to deal with his psycho exes.

Beast lucy westin.jpg

Lucy Westin

College Student

She may be my friend's sister and normally that'd be off limits. But she's too hot to pass up.

No badges for Slasher.

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