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Who cares?
Characters  •   The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Penitent  •
Location  •  The Facility - Parlor
Date  •  2018-10-04
Summary  •  The Penitent meets the Thrill-Seeker

The main parlor of the Facility is quiet. People have come and gone. Some stay out, some do not. But now? There's just one. A woman who's a dead ringer for one Kylie Shorley. The Penitent is curled up on a couch. She's got her legs tucked beneath her, and is in the process of devouring a plate of scrambled eggs. There's also a mug of hot tea there on the coffee table before her. It is reached for periodically. Dressed extra casually -- grey slacks, a black tank top -- she's staring at the TV.

A TV that just seems to play westerns over and over again. She isn't sure she's really one for westerns. Maybe she is? She can't remember. But having some form of entertainment like that? Is a blessing. Especially as she remembers her first time in this place. She looks ... almost content. Serene. Pleased. Like there's little more life could offer her.

Thrill-Seeker woke up alone. The less she can revisit that moment the better. It shall forever remain in the back of her mind. It was kinda rough.

But seeing her now one would be forgiven to mistake the young woman as a staple of the Facility. She seems extremely well-adapted as she comes into the room skating in shorts and and a loose t-shirt depicting a man screaming, all very neon.

The woman zips past behind Penitent with a smile to herself, but a brief look at Penitent has Thrill-Seeker's eyes going wider, and she skreeeees to a halt on her wheeled shoewear. She returns, gliding over the floor to stand just by the couch to stare at her.

She knows this woman. She liked this one. That smile falters, but doesn't vanish, and grows stronger. "Well hello there, stranger!" She strikes a pose on her skates, as if presenting herself, jazz-handsing. "I take you are NOT Kylie, eh?" Thrill-Seeker extends her hand to shake Penitent's, eyes on the other woman's, seeking something, even if that isn't entirely too obvious at first.

A mouthful of tea does wonders for Kylie, and she gives a soft little 'ahhh' as she's setting the mug back down. The plate is reached for again when she hears ... something! She's looking up, blinking a few times. "Oh! Hello. Skates! That seems rather fun." She peers at the Thrill-Seeker, her hand offered in turn. She looks ... innocent? No, not quite the right word for it. "I was Kylie. I was also Madison, once. Now I am just me." She shrugs, giving a small smile.

"Mmm, I suspect some people are not going to be happy to see you here. The close memories inform some of their ... behaviours. Probably all of us, really? I don't know." She shrugs. It's not something she's ever likely to have an answer to. "Did you survive?"

Thrill-Seeker looks every bit like a young raver. She dresses weird and eye-catchingly, her lean physique shows just enough muscle to denote a person who exercises and does things, and her eyes look crazy enough to be just short of making her feel actually cranked. She sports a very Christian cross around her neck.

"HAH! Who gives a shit, right? If they don't like me here, they can shove it. Or try to kill me, I don't know. Hey, whatever is fun-er! Just don't give me boring lectures." The woman slides backwards at Penitent's direction, her hips swaying subtly as she puts just enough strength on her legs to make the motion feel fluid. She stops besides Penitent, and sits down.

"Not really sure? Don't think so? I mean. Was Alexis ever alive, to begin with? From what I have heard people talking, this is... going to keep happening, huh?" Thrill-Seeker turns to Penitent a she sits there. "What about you? Happy to see me?" She parts her lips, as if to ask more, but that mouth closes. No question, and she smiles.

"No lectures, then," the Penitent agrees with a bob of her head, shifting slightly on the spot to better turn and face the other woman somewhat. "I am not sure if they would try to kill you. We learned last time that ... dying here? Doesn't do anything. You still wake up the next 'day' anyway. So unless they decide they want to continue to do that over and over ..." she frowns a little at the idea, and then shakes her head. Moving right along!

"I don't know. Maybe she was. Somewhere out there. And you just put her on for a while. Like a pair of shoes. I'm not sure about the rest though. It is reasonable to expect it would keep happening. But then ... is it really reasonable to expect anything in a place like this?" There is a sort of smile there, at the question. "Of course." In truth, the Penitent is happy to see almost anyone, really. And if she wonders about the unasked question? It's left alone. She has eggs to eat!

"Oh yeah. Got the dying part covered." She thumbs ups, and grins at the idea of being repeatedly killed. "Maybe that would make for a fine sport. It is not like we have anything to fear here." Thrill-Seeker stares at the TV. Nothing to fear. What a thrill.

"I don't think Alexis was a pair of shoes. I think she was a test. Why for isn't even the big question in my head." She doesn't elaborate further, and she stares at Penitent, eyeing the eggs and then the woman herself.

"Okay. I'll bite. Are you always this... pleased?"

There is just a hint of an displeased accusation in her tone. It is noticeable that although Thrill-Seeker might think Dr. Alexis January might not have been real, she is very much like the young doctor: look enough into her eyes and crazy will be found. She is an intense woman.

"You seem to have this whole thing figured out. Or accepted in some way. I mean, bravo! I envy you!" Thrill-Seeker looks around, looking for things that aren't there, before she takes one the cushions of the couch and throws it far away. "So... does... Mmm." She looks around like a child, kneeling on the couch, looking for something RANDOM to do.

"I mean... does everyone come back here? -Everyone-? And... is everything... Mmm. You said a lot of people hate me, yadda yadda. Is that it?" Thrill-Seeker doesn't ask what she actually wants to ask. Instead, she stands, and zooms around the couch, a little too fast.

"SO! What was this other scenario you went through?"

"Hmm, no, I would never hurt anyone. I've done that enough." Whatever that means! "But if people want to, well. Good for them." The Penitent continues to eat her scrambled eggs. "I like eggs. They're delicious and can be done in so many different ways. So they are basically the best." It's all so very simple.

She pauses at the question about being pleased, canting her head to the side and considering. "No, I am not, I think. But I do kind of like it here. I don't have any more answers than anyone else, really. Only theories. I feel like ... I belong here." She sets the mostly eaten plate down.

Rising up to her feet as she watches 'Alexis' move about, she purses her lips thoughtfully. "I want to show you something," and then she's gesturing, and moving from the parlour, towards the hallway. She talks as she keeps on walking though. "Not everyone, it seems. And different people too. Were you here last time? Some people didn't come out of their rooms. Some did and I haven't seen them again. In the other, uh, scenario, I was Madison Wellson. The man you knew as Rhys Driscoll was my brother, Conrad Wellson. We were very wealthy, and we threw a festival on a deserted island for a bunch of rich kids. For Conrad it was his chance to do his own thing, cement his legacy. For me -- for Madison -- it was to invest in the technology to turn a place with literally no infrastructure into something capable of supporting life. We had electricity, plumbing, twenty-four hour live streaming, the works."

"Until we managed to trigger an ancient curse and the native dead rose from the ground to kill us all, anyway." She keeps on walking.

"Never? Not -ever-? Aw, you gotta be more -creative- than that! Overcompensating much!?" Thrill-Seeker keeps skating backwards, that nimble body swaying as she reaches a speed where, usually, she would severely hurt herself if she fell.

Alas. She will be fine come the morning, and that makes Thrill-Seeker push the envelope even without realizing. That is, until she is called to be shown -something-! Woo! She twirls and soon she is skreeeing besides Penitent, eyeing the woman from up close.

"If you belong here, I'm afraid you have done something really heinous. Then again... maybe we all have! Who knwos!? Maybe this figurative Purgatory is the real deal! Mmhmm! Maybe it is!" She skates backwards, ahead of Penitent, to look at the other woman as she moves.

Every so often Thrill-Seeker will sway and make a little dance move that, mouthing a song, without actually singing.

"So, the real Rhys is here! That is very good news! I hope he is less douchey than he was with Alexis. That poor idiot actually trusted him. Paid off wonders too, this trust." Thrill-Seeker laughs, shaking her head. "So, you were brothers. How does this work here? Does that mean you guys bicker and don't have sex?"

She keeps looking at the ceiling, her skates, Penitent, everywhere. Thrill-Seeker is HIGH ACTIVITY, but she follows. "Are all scenarios this violent? And do you guys know anyone who has been here from BEFORE you two? Do we have a First Class?" Thrill-Seeker winks at Penitent.

"Do you think Sterling and Venus made it?"

"No, I don't think so. I would never hurt anyone, for any reason. Not intentionally." The Penitent says as she keeps moving, though nods gravely. "I suspect I have done something quite heinous, yes." She watches the Thrill-Seeker dart here and there and all over the place, still the picture of serene calm. And the rapid fire questions don't seem to bother her at all.

"We were siblings. When we got here after we died -- well. I didn't feel like Madison. I especially didn't want to be Madison. He insisted he was still Conrad and that I was his sister. We didn't bicker, really. I don't know what we are to each other now."

She shakes her head. "I only recall two, uh, 'scenarios'. They have both been violent. I don't know anyone from before. Sterling is around. She was insiting that she is, indeed, Jenette Sterling. I do not know about Venus, but she is passingly familiar. I think I might have spoken to her before we were on the Noc."

She comes to a stop then, before one of the doors, and gestures to it. The image on the door is a landscape, a woman is the primary piece, kneeling, her face buried in her hands. Behind her, a village, set ablaze. Smoke rising into the air. "What do you see when you look at this?"

Thrill-Seeker laughs out loud at the mention of Sterling, shaking her head. "Oh, too bad she won't have bite marks~ Sterling -would- think she is still herself." At the mention of Venus the young woman goes silent, but she smiles, saying no more.

As she is pointed at the door, Alexis stops right in front of it, but that doesn't mean her hips don't keep moving, her feet don't shuffle, and she doesn't dance in place while looking at the art.

"A victim. She lost something important." Thrill-Seeker sways her head and hips, dancing ot the imaginary tune, lips slightly puckered, eyes wide. "Guilt. Maybe she is feeling... guilt over surviving the other villagers. Why me, God? Why? Why did you choose me!?"

She twirls to face Penitent, and sloooowly rolls behind the woman, to put Penitent facing the door, both hands on the other woman's shoulders. Thrill-Seeker is still dancing for a while, hips rocking from one side and then the other, before her chin rests on Penitent's shoulders, to eye the door.

"What am I looking at?"

Penitent can still feel the skating woman's hindquarters sway, even as she bends to place her chin where it is.

"Why would she have bite marks?" The Penitent wondersd quietly, waiting nearby, watching the other woman's seeming need to just keep on moving. She's intent in that watching, though does give a slow nod at the description that follows.

"Guilt. Yes," she says quietly, her voice barely a whisper. There's not much reaction at the touch, or the other woman being close to her. "I don't think she just survived the other villagers. I think she set the flames. It's her fault."

"And I think she is me. This is my room." She slips free then, turning about, staring at the Thrill-Seeker. "So when you ask if I am so pleased all the time? No. No I am not. I belong here. I deserve this. Whatever this is. I find what joy in it I can, because to do otherwise ... I fear I would lose my mind." A huff of a breath escapes her, and she begins to pad down the hallway, back towards the parlour, her bare feet barely making a sound.

"I think I'm going to try an omelette next. Or maybe a quiche. When I get hungry I mean, not right now." And once again her voice has that almost child-like serene quality to it as she drifts down the way.

Why would she have bite marks?

That question goes SUSPICIOUSLY unanswered, especially since Thrill-Seeker decides to pay attention to Penitent's explanation. She doesn't SEEM like she is paying attention, always moving, dancing, even close to the other woman, but she is.

Maybe it is surprising to the once-doctor that it would take this state of affairs for her to be able to see a more complete picture of Penitent. Even as the woman walks away, Thrill-Seeker is thinking about what was said, and instead of just accepting it, there she goes, skating.


She stops right in front of Penitent, nose to nose with the woman. "I know you have a retort for everything I say, but right now, I am going to need you to shut up. Maybe you deserve this. But guilt is not always direct. Guilt is in here." She pokes the side of Penitent's head, gently. "And sometimes, we need to forgive ourselves. NANANA! No talking back! I can see in your EYES that you want to contest it. You won't. Just think about it. Maybe you are here to forgive yourself."

Glass half full, and all that.

"THAT BEING SAID, you are not going back to your movies and eggs." And at that, Thrill-Seeker offers both her hands. "Hop on. Lets have some fun, lets have some joy~. I would say I don't bite but... at least some part of me does, so... just stay away from my mouth, mm?" And at that, she eyes her skaters as she waits for Penitent to step on them.

The Penitent isn't really that worried about the answer not given to her question. It doesn't really matter to her. Just an idle curiosity. She stops, as soon as she's cut off by the Thrill-Seeker. She doesn't say a word, but maybe there's a twitch to her lips. Until she's stopped.

She accepts the offered hands. "I am here to make up for what I've done," she says simply, nodding in a sort of agreement. "And I seem to be one of the only ones not obsessed with trying to escape." She's not arguing, not really. There's just a flicker of a smile, and then -- she's more than happy to attempt to balance herself on the other woman's feet and go skating around.

The Penitent much prefers to actually have some fun and exist in that not-quite child-like innocence she pretends to have going on. Otherwise she might actually have to stop and think about things.

Thrill-Seeker grins at the mention of escaping. "Oh, yeah, I am sure everyone can't wait to leave this place. But escaping this is the first thing anyone thinks when they leave their rooms. Like little mice in a lab." Those hips sway as she takes Penitent with her down the hall, those wide eyes focused on the other woman's.

Does this mean Thrill-Seeker has a plan? If she does, it is quickly forgotten as they approach the Parlor. "Ooh! Turn coming! Brace yourseeelf~"

Maybe some other time!