Log:What's the Frequency, Theodore?

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What's the Frequency, Theodore?
Characters  •   Theodore Marchant  •  Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Marchant House
Date  •  2019-08-20
Summary  •  The Marchant Twins come clean to Theodore and seek his help and guidance.

Theodore is in a bad mood. Not that it's easy to tell by looking at him. He just seems to be standing at one of the larger windows looking out over the lake, nursing a glass of scotch. The glass of scotch is the giveaway though, he doesn't drink that except when he's in a bad mood. Everything else is put together, from his gark grey vest and slacks, to his deep green shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Not pushed, carefully rolled. His arms are crossed over his chest, that glass of amber alcohol gripped lightly with his finger tapping on the rim in a steady but silent beat. And that's how he's been standing for the last twenty minutes, since he got home and poured himself that glass of scotch.

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit for: [1]: x1 [2]: x2 (Pair) [3]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 2 3 2 -- d6)

Lucas woke up dear lord late in the day. The nice thing about Spring Break is no one checks in on you. He comes down the stairs in house pants and a t-shirt and a blanket huddled around him like a Sith Lord. Slow, sluggish, and with sunglasses on. The afternoon light is hellish, but thankfully not soul blinding like waking up at 11. His voice is dry, but not lacking in a questioning concern. "Theodore?" He only calls him Theo maybe to Thea or Mona, never to his face. He watches his posture and shifts, almost subconsciously, like for like though he won't face the window. "I'd ask how you are but... how you holding up?"

Landon was up a little earlier than Lucas, though not by much. The party the night before almost felt like a blur. Alcohol was had and who knows what else they all got up to. The blinds in the twins' bedroom are constantly drawn closed, basking the room in darkness. Landon's gotten himself dressed at least, throwing on a long sleeved shirt and some slacks. He dreads the idea of going downstairs, the light filtering in from those windows up high, the ones he hadn't been able to shutter closed yet, still shone brightly. Once Lucas rouses from his slumber, the pair, wrapped up in heavy blankets make their way over to Theodore's room.

Lucas is the one full of questions, Landon is looking for other blinds or drapes to pull closed. "Did anyone get back to you regarding--" He doesn't say Brenda's name just yet, but they all know what he's referring to.

Theodore just looks over his shoulder at the twins. His face is impassive, even as they ask their questions regarding Brenda without actually saying her name. His response is just a low, soft, "Hmm," and a sip of scotch. He looks the pair up and down and shakes his head slowly. "Are you two still ill? OR is this just hangover from last night. I have half a mind to get Morrison to drag the pair of you off to the doctor." There's defintiely a slight note of disappointment in his tone, though it's measured. Concern? Not really so much. But hearing concern from Theo would be like watching a penguin fly. Finally, he looks back to the window. "The police are looking for her."

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 6 3 2 6 -- d6)

Lucas stands, judged. With a dry rasp he gives the one direct answer from teh heart of all loopholes. "Yeah. Good plan actually. Thea said mono's going around. Really don't need it to mess with track or finals." The sunglasses are on but he winces faintly. The truth is they do look rather pallid from their typical illustrious selves. He looks to Landon and back to Theodore, exhausted, but their cousin is a family icon and the living example of how to do things right so, "Can we..." And there in lets LAndon fill in those blanks as if queued.

Landon's already heading towards one of the nearby windows to draw those curtains closed, feeling the relief once the sunlight is cut off. He makes no excuses for his actions and does it almost naturally-- naturally for someone who despises the sun. He then wanders to the next window to do the same, before stopping himself when he realizes just how this might look. Nevermind that being draped over with blankets isn't an odd sight in itself. "We're meeting up with Morrison at the gym in the next few days." That should relieve some of Theodore's concerns at least. It's just like the twins to finish each other sentences, so once Lucas starts, Landon adds in the tail end of what's on their minds, "...do anything to help? We do work with the school paper with sleuths of our own."

Theodore eyes Ladon and his closing of the curtains with a wideways glance. Only frowning slightly should he look like he's about to cut off his view of the lake. "Or prom." He adds in for Lucas. "I'm sure you want that night to be somewhat memorable." At that he does frown ever so slightly as prom beings his thoughts back around to Brenda. He schools his face to calm passivity at the offer of help. "I appreciate it, but it's best if you stay out. This isn't Scooby Doo." Then he realizes how that might sound and actually back pedals his tone a fraction. "The police are going to be digging into our family affairs as it is. If you two start.. sleuthing.. it might only give them cause to dig deeper. Or it might look like I put you up to it and they'll focus more on me. Neither is an outcome that would be particularly helpful." Then in a moment of flying penguins. "Thank you for the thought though."

Lucas is trying to be professional. That's what the family wants from them right? The only real big opinion that matters comes from three people and Theo, well was and was advisor of 2. There's a look away from Theo when Landon closes the shades. That look is gratitude, even if subtle. Theodore's reasoning to stay out of things makes sense though. He looks at Landon and- lawdy he's going to tell him. At least Lucas has a way of strining things together custom to his audience's interests. "First hobo women drugging kids on teh beash and now missing bank managers. Makes me wonder if someone's not looking to cause problems." Well huh. In earnest he offers, "You're welcome. You're family and... I know we let you down a bit, and... I'll admit that was a terrible bet to take, but we mean it. If we can help? Ask us, man."

Sensing Theodore's concern over the closing of the windows, Landon will leave the large one open and just linger in the section where the shadows fully encompass, all while trying to look as casual as possible. "Obviously, I'm not one to want attention drawn to our family, but you know how those cartoons go. How the adults tend to miss things." Okay, he'll stop now. "But, you're right. We wouldn't want to get into anyone's way." Then there's this silence as all three of them probably think of what to touch on next. Despite what he believes he'd seen, he comes out to state, "I hope that they find her and that we can put all of this to rest." God, does he hope that they find Brenda alive. He then looks over to Lucas briefly, though he's speaking to Theodore, "The... party went well. I wouldn't take a dip into the pool unless you want to come out looking like one of Mona's arts and crafts projects."

"Poisoning kids with wine? Not how Morrison explained it. If you want alcohol you know I'd be happy to provide if the alternative is.." Theo waves his hand, not quite coming up with the right words to describe the alternative. "You know mother is, well, French in her opinion of teens and alcohol. She never kept it from me and I turned out fine." That seems to finally remind him of the scotch in his hand which he finally takes a sip of. "Ridiculous law anyway." Oh yes, he must be out of sorts to go off on a tangential rant like that. "I'm not going to ask about the pool, but I'd get whatever it is taken care of before mother and father get home and decide to take a dip themselves."

Lucas looks to Landon and then Theodore nodding slowly. It's a feeble excuse, but it was the truth. Okay, it's a shit truth. "More of a dare proving it was stupid." He looks to Landon and squirms. He finds a spot in the shade as if being awake at all right now is a physical chore. His jaw sets and he looks up to Theo and asks, "What happens next... if things aren't okay? I mean I know you have a lot to worry about but-" His blanched lips press together eyes locked on Theodore. "Everyone's sayin like... Lucas stop bothering people but we want... to fix this and last time I took a guess it was bad, and-" His brow furrows looking to Landon and back to Theodore, "I don't... want to fuck up. And we did. Dont' want to disappoint you or Uncle RObert...aaaand we did. And we want to take responsibility... but I don't... know how exactly to do that and we don't want to be a liability, Theodore." He looks up drawing a deep breath and not removing the sunglasses. "We can use help."

Despite the Brenda talks, without bringing her up by name, for the most part, Landon knows exactly what's on Lucas' mind. They knew something. Or thought that they did. It was hard to explain. Harder to prove, but seeing as how his usually confidant brother begins to flounder over his words, Landon bites down hard against his lower lip, before starting out with, "We went out again..." There's a pause where Lucas speaks up, before Landon adds, "Found ourselves out north in the desert with that woman again. She gave us something to drink and.." Here he hesitates with a furrowed brow, "I don't know why we did, but we took our little taste again. Like we were compelled to do it." Was that a total lie?" He then pauses as Lucas finishes up their thought.

Lucas takes solace in Landon speaking up and giving him that rythem to fall into helping him explain "...to the beach., but we..." He looks to Landon. He takes a deep breath tryign to make Theodore understand, "we don't honestly know how to find her, but we did. Others too. "There was some ultimatium. DO it or... someone gets hurt." His brow furrows trying to remember. His eyes snap to Landon and then to Theodore, "Cuz... someone got... relly...really hurt."

"You're babbling." Theo says rather crisply as Lucas first goes off, but at the word help he turns and looks directly at the twins. As they start bouncing back and forther, he slowly sips at his scotch, his expression going into that flat expression of his when he wants to keep his thoughts to himself. Cool, impassive, and more than a little difficult to read. "Again?" There's enough ice in that word to add a chill to the room, even in an Arizona spring. "Compelled?" And that word is antarctic. He drains the last of his scotch and walks over to the sideboard to pour another couple of fingers into the glass. Placing the stopper back into the decanter and setting it back down, he stands in silence for a long moment. "Someone is stalking you then? Blackmail? Did they take pictures?" He's shifted into damage control mode now. He seems to barely register that someone got hurt, or else he simply doesn't care in the moment.

There's a look shared between the twins now once the events of the Saturday in the desert begins to unfold. Landon's posture straightens a touch, uncomfortably, when Theodore utters the word 'Again?'. "Stalking.." He then starts to murmur, "If stalking makes you wander somewhere without realizing exactly where you're going. It's like we have some sort of homing beacon programmed within us that draws us to wherever /She/ is." It's hard enough seeing those glimpses of frightening images in his mind that he has to bring them up right now. He wants to say that they were monsters. But were they really? "We think..." This look is given Lucas again, "We think Brenda was brought there and they had in some trunk and..." He'll let Lucas finish. "I don't know what they want from us!" It's then that he realizes that he he just raised his voice, making him look sheepish to quiet down some. "They dared us to walk away. But we just needed to know."

Lucas looks up to Theodore with a deep breath. "We don't know if it's some sort of fucked up gang situation but we think the person that drugged us has some way of Bringing people back. Maybe hypnosis. It's fucked up. I don't... care honestly. We're sick and we think the same messed up people possibly hurt Brenda." His jaw sets when Landon admits the part he was trying to forget: where they were threatened and he agreed. They agreed. "They didn't give us....a choice."

The stillness which with Theodore stands there makes his thoughts particularly hard to judge. Nor does he even seem to respond to the words being spoken to him, as if he's zoned out and is no longer paying attention. It's a good minute before he moves and that's only to bring his drink to his lips to drain the glass, then sets it back down with the soft clink of glass on wood. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his Blackberry, tapping on it before bringing it up to his ear. "Tanner? I need you to find someone for me." There's a pause. "A woman, the bitch on the beach I told you about." Then a nod. "Right." He holds out the device towards the twins. "Tell him what she looks like."

When tasked to describe the woman on the beach, Landon shares another look with Lucas. "Pale skin, like any other goth." And they know quite a few goths. "Nothing that stands out really, except..." And he can see it clearly in his mind, "Her smile. It's like, too-wide for her face when she smiles." He then considers something, eyes turning to his brother to look at Lucas in full, "Did Silver get any pictures of her? Ever? The first time or the second?" Silver was always snapping off photographs and so far, the monster, hadn't destroyed her camera.

Amy heads towards Lake Havasu - Bermuda Avenue <O>.

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit for: [3]: x1 [5]: x3 (Set) -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 5 5 5 3 -- d6)

Lucas flinches and tries like hell not to sit there scared. There's that part of him that wants to hugs Landon's head, protect him, and futilly yell at teh world insolantly. Looking at Theodore it seems he embraces this may never be a luxury they have again really. That they're not being dismissed iwth a sigh and awave of a hand? Well... this is what taking things seriously looks like. He falls still. Whe Lando stops talking he turns into a damn stenograph.

"There was one lady in charge of a couple people... they didn't talk, but they laughed a lot. It was funny to them. The first time there was a guy there who was tall. She said it was her boyfriend but I don't know if that's true. They were all really pale... like goth punk pale. I want to say she had red hair but there was a bonfire so it was hard to tell. They kinda dressed like the Cure. There was a trunk and someone... in it crying and talking to Thea. And then they hurt her... a lot. Just fucking... the lady in charge with the bottle had aname that was short." His fingers rest on his forehead trying to stay calm and give up what he knows.

"Thea?" Theodore exhales slightly. "Jade or Mona there, too?" Oh, he must be concerned using Jade's preferred name. Instead of waiting for an answer he brings the Blackberry back to his ear. "You got enough to start?" He listens to whatever Tanner has to say before continuing. "I'll pass on anything else the twins give me." Then his friend must have said something to make Theo's expression change the way it does. "No. Not yet. Just information." With exchanged farewells he hangs up and drops the device back into his pocket. Then he rounds on the twins, for a moment his face is a furious thunderhead, but then he follows his own rules and schools his features back to calm. He pinches the bridge of his nose. "Just. Try to stay out of trouble and away from that group. If I had the ability to force the pair of you to go nowhere but school and here I would. The two of you actually have futures ahead of you, but a few stupid decisions will end that. So think long and hard on what you decide to do."

It's strange that Thea's name was never once uttered until now, but Landon's not going to lie and say she wasn't there. However, when Theo brings up the others, he shakes his head, "No. Just the three of us. And several of our friends." When they are warned to stay out of trouble another look is exchanged between the twins. "We'll try. They have the ability to..." The both of them had said it before, but he'll say it again. "Find us. Or have us run into them."

"We were thinking of telling Morrison about it, just so he knows. In case..." Landon's not even sure what to add here. In case something happens to them? "Lennon also drank with us." Morrison's younger sister.

Lucas doesn't like doxxing the people he knows but he weathers the fury of Theodore with a bold stare. This is his fixcing things. Sometimes? Well sometimes it sucks.. There's high school rules and then there's playing withthe big boys and really? for all their posturing they were not experts. There's a small nod of agreement to Landon's etstimony. His eyes, partly hidden by the sunglasses shift to his brother and watch him and then look down. So many small details in his body language brought on by fear. The fear that makes him not want to sit in a booth or ride in teh back seat of a car. The kind that wakes Landon up at night. The tone is apology but the words to Landon are only, "They don't... get to hurt you." Not that Landon'ds wanted this or objecting. "Cash ran away. Someone had to make a deal to keep him from being chased down. God this is really ..." fucked up. Lookig to Theodore he says, tired, "We just want to go to college. Business, finance. Take over dad's club for Chrissakes." He pauses. Can he blaspheme on Easter?

Theo is obviously giving them the benefit of the doubt, but even the whiff of mind control causes a skeptical expression to fall over his face. "Or they're keeping an eye on you. Which is all the more reason not to go off anywhere secluded or to be alone." He clasps his arms together behind his back. "That's all I want for you, too." The the wall slips just a bit. Revealing a Theodore that is tired and worried. "Talking to Morrison isn't a terrible idea. Just.." He runs through all the words in his head for what is best to say and settles on. "Be careful. No. Be smart. You have brains, use them." And like that, he collects himself again, before moving to head off somewhere. "Maybe stay in tonight."

When Lucas mentions that Cash ran away, Landon remembers, uttering those words, "And Esme drank twice because of that. One for herself, one for Cash..." Something in him was a little envious by that. The advice given them by their cousin gets a slow nod, but he does come to ask, "Will you tell your father about this?" He's curious now. What will Robert think of their poor judgment? If anything, however, there is some worry about this telling of Morrison. Something that he can't get out of his head, "They--" Tore /her/ apart. "They're dangerous." He then adds, "But we don't go anywhere alone. We were in a group... a group who they seem to be following." He'll murmur that last part out.

A frown is then shown Lucas. Being homebound for someone like Lucas' free spirit and, well, his phobia, isn't the easiest thing. But the mansion was large enough right? "I'm going to call Esme. She was going to ask her mother if there's any... concoction to purge this thing out of us." A pause, "She also said she learned something last night from Ashley. She'll tell us later." This is said to Lucas.

Lucas finally slouches in his seat. It's a lot to process but the house is huge. it's not entirely being confined, just geographically anchored. Landon mentions them being dangerous and that causes the more cavalier of the twins to flinch remembering the flashed of that brotal bloody moment. For once he has no comment. For now he buries that shame deep. Looking up to Theodore he quietly says, "Theodore... thank you." The man lost his fiancee, romantic or no, a critical part of his business, and had his life invaded and family attacked. he didn't have to be this calm. He didn't have to help, but he was, and it means something. It means something to those the world has otherwise thrown away before. Looking bac to Landon he says, "We have the phone. Can run things from here too. Work on... the paper." He falls quiet still holding on keeping his shit together becuase that's what good leaders do right? Not mouch choice in that. He can freak out in the shower later.

"It's not my story to tell him." Theodore may respect his father and follow the closest in his footsteps but only an idiot would assume Theo doesn't also have secrets from him. "But I would recommend that if you think he's going to find out, it will be better coming from you." He pauses in the doorway and looks over his shoulders back at the twins. "In fact. I've always found his input on my problems to be particularly sound advice. Always consider what assets you have available and don't be afraid to make use of them." And with that he strides out of the room and on to whatever business he has at hand.

This is why the twins look up to Theodore, he always has something wise to say. Watching as their cousin makes his departure, Landon's dark eyes trail behind the suited Marchant. The boys really were panicked over this and probably for good reasons, but watching that icy coolness on display is enough to sober them both up somewhat.

Now they had to make the trek back upstairs, but before he does so, Landon shuts closed the final window curtains. It will be night soon, it probably won't matter. But they should be closed anyway. "I feel much better that we said something." He'll start off, drawing those blankets further over his form as they make their way out into the hall. "Morrison will handle things differently." He knows how that side of his Lester reacts to things. "But these are..." He wants to say monsters. Maybe they are just rabid bikers. "I'm not sure that it will be enough." When he says 'it', he means the Lester anger that they've grown so used to. Licking at his lips, he adds, "Let's hope the police put an end to this and we can forget about it all. Right now though, we have some calls to make."

Lucas doesn't get up and lets Landon close the windows. When he walks back over his hand catches his brother's arm lightly at the wrist and taps the side of his head to Landon' arm. He just holds it there for a moment while reality slowly tries to right itself. He's scared. He's handling it with on the fly planning and poise, sure, and like a fucking pro, but the end of the day or the blazing mid-afternoon the realty is he needs his brother. Theodore's footsteps are out the hall. Looking to Landon he addresses in this parade of truths, "I didn't think you'd get hurt, Lan...I didn't... I didn't think." And if Esme was there it might have turned out the same anyways, but he knew and he pushed it trying to...what? Prove something to the too-smiling woman with the bottle? Silver? To impress who precisely? Fucking hubris, that's what. "We'll fix this and... we'll fix this." Except Brenda. The Brenda situation was not going to be fixed. At least he can confess his guilt and culpability. But only because it's Landon.