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Weyland-Yutani Reunion
Characters  •   The Defender  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Competitor  •  The Capitalist  •
Location  •  Hallway of Doors
Date  •  2018-10-05
Summary  •  The Thrill-Seeker and The Competitor finally meet. Some deep discussion ensues.

The Capitalist was still dressed 'down', not having returned to the usual suit and tie that others may have been used to from before. This new persona that he's taken, that of Rhys Driscoll, is one that he seems to be sticking with even though he's wearing Wellson's $10k or so watch around his wrist. He has on a black T-shirt and a pair of jeans and for now, he's walking around the hallway barefoot. Though this isn't his first time in this place and while his previous dominant persona had helped to try and tear their prison apart, the Capitalist has taken a more calmer approach this time around. It may very well be that he's used to the place already, but then again, it could be that he's seeing this place through another's eyes.

Who knows how long he's been lingering out in this long hallway of doors. In a casual gait, he's moving down the corridor to inspect each of them, or at least, the symbols woven into each door. Not all of them were present the last time he was here, so his inquisitive mind is working a few things out in his head. He'll see a symbol, usually a picture of a person doing something or other, and he'll try to guess who this door belongs to. Of course, there are more symbols than people who he's met here as of yet and it didn't help that a few people who he knew from his time here after the Island, were nowhere to be seen. So it throws him for a loop, but it seems like he wants to waste these few hours piecing something together.

The relative quiet of the hallway is broken by a series of heavy, panicked footsteps and then by the sound of a door slamming open. The Capitalist will likely spot the offender as the professed Jenette Sterling, stumbling out of her room like she's seen a ghost. The Competitor slams her door shut too quickly for the dark-haired man to see what her symbol is and he's unlikely to get much of a peek as she presses her back to it upon closing it. "Why... Why am I here? I wasn't...," She speaks to herself, not entirely intelligible as mutters most of it. The former doctor looks around a bit frantically and catches sight of Driscoll. "D-Do you know how I got here?" It's obvious that something has unsettled her.

Wolfram is actually on his way back to his room from the dispensary, in his hand is a tray that has two wrapped sandwiches, a small bowl of fruits, and two bottles of water. As he turns and enters the hallway of doors, one of them leading to his room, he sees the Capitalist further down the hallway inspecting doors when one of htem suddenly opens up and a panicked Competitor stumbling out, scared.

Different people cope with the Facility in different ways. Some adapt, some accept, some trash against it. And then, there are decidedly stranger approaches.

Case in point, former doctor Alexis January.


For anyone that remembers the control freak doctor, seeing Thrill-Seeker might cause a sort of whiplash. In her current attire most of her decidedly athletic body is bare, save from tight, black jeans and a yellow bikini top. Her sandy blonde hair is all bunched on top of her head, held in place by a very flowery bandana, and around her neck she has a pretty crucifix.

And she comes roller skating in with enough speed to hurt herself should she actually trip.


"What seems to be the officer, problem?!" Thrill-Seeker asks the question as she looks at Driscoll and Sterling, and soon her eyes go wide. "OH! Hey! It is you guys! Ooooh! This is so nice!" She offers her hand for both of them to shake, and looks inside Jenette's room. "So, you are stuck here too, huh? Total -bummer-! What is going on, Sterling?" Cocking her hip to the side, Thrill-Seeker rests both hands on the curves of it.

Like Superman, but hotter?

"Hey! HEY! Hi!" She waves at Not-Wolfram as the man comes into the corridor, and she calls him closer. "There's a thing happening over here," she shouts, before looking at Sterling, "Sorry for biting you. I mean, you kinda asked for it."

By the time The Competitor bolts out of her door as if chased by some unseen forces, The Capitalist is just outside of a room that's familiar to him. Somewhat. He had been studying the disturbing imagery on that particular door: A naked young woman, arms crossed at the wrists above her head in a languid pose, her body covered in tattoos and piercings. All around her at her feet are body parts and gore.

He knows exactly whose door it is, remembering what the room behind the door looked like. "How does... whoever it is that sets this up, how do they know?" This question is posed to himself, but the Competitor's presence breaks that train of thought.

He only knows her as Dr. Sterling, since that's what everyone else called her. Jenette Sterling. He's seen that look of panic in other people's eyes before, though he can't tell whether it's from one of the various lifetimes that he seems to have lived through, or if he had that it here as well. "No one has any answers to that. As you've probably heard, a few of us have been here before. So far, there's no way out... which is worrisome as that could be considered a fire hazard if there are any regulations in this pla--..."

His words are cut short and it's not because he spots The Defender in the distance. At first, it takes some time to process that roller-girl is actually Dr. January from the Noc. In fact, the messy look throws him off and it takes a moment of silent oberveration for him to realize who she is. "Alexis...?"

The Competitor looks a bit relieved when she sees Wolfram steps into the hallway, perhaps finding some calm in the presence of someone familiar. Her hair is slightly disheveled as if she had just woken up and she's still wearing those night clothes from before. This time it's a light blue tank-top with white pajama bottoms, though she is barefoot like the Capitalist.

"No, not here but--," She starts to respond to Driscoll but she also finds herself stopping short as the Thrill-Seeker skates into the hallway. It's hard to say if she even understood Alexis as she's too busy openly gawking at the other woman. "Doctor... January?" The differences in her former colleague are startling to say the least. Then again, while the Competitor certainly resembles Jenette Sterling, she looks distinctly younger than the geneticist. She's snapped out of her dumbfounded state as something the Thrill-Seeker said finally registers. "Asking for-- Oh, you are unbelievable. If you had just stayed out of my way-- I almost forgot that you /bit/ me." She huffs, acting a bit more juvenile than Sterling might have.

The Defender was was actually going to head down the corridor towards the Capitalist and the Competitor, ready to listen in on what has the latter spooked when the crazy train makes a stop there as well. It takes a moment for him to register who this new arrival is but when he gets closer, he recognizes Alexis. She is definitely not the same as she was when they were on the Noc, not even close. "Dr. January?" His own question echoing the Competitor's. The Defender's steps comes to a stop as he joins the group in the hallway, his gaze shifting from the Thrill-Seeker to the Competitor and finally on the Capitalist, giving him a expression that is a mix of disbelief and uncertainty.


Doctor... January?

Dr. January?

Thrill-Seeker grins and she tilts her head. "Oh! No, no. I am not her. But YOU was not Rhys either. Or Conrad, were you?" Oooooooh snap. She knows things! "And YOU... are all young and decidedly alive. Can't really be the real Sterling, can you?"

And then Wolfram, to whom she not only grins, but whom she actually hugs, "And you! You are a hero! I mean. Not you, but... well. None of us ever really left that station, did we? None of us were there to begin with."

"I mean. You know what I mean. You are you, and I am me. Whoever, or -whatever- we are."

Her eyes always go wide in the middle of sentences, they narrow and she squints and peers. Thrill-Seeker really adds a lot of intensity with the way those eyes and eyebrows just go out of control. She looks like she is on PCP or something, at least a glance, as her energy levels are WAY above what the Facility seems to demand. She also ruffles Competitor's hair.

"Fancy meeting y'all here. So, are you going to tell us what is spooking you today, 'Sterling' or do I have to," and she snaps her upper and lower rows of teeth together like a skelleton, "Bite it outta ya?" Eyebrows waggling, always.

From everyone else's reaction to the Thrill-Seeker, The Capitalist realizes that he was correct in his assumption and the fact that all three of them knew who she was. Unlike those who worked for Penumbra, or the Eclipse or even the Hephaestus, the fate of much of the Weyland-Yutani staff had been classified information when the corporate giant began to pay the survivors off. Though the Hunter, or Thorne, whose memories she was speaking of, he mentioned something about January being there at their final stand, so he could only assume the worst had happened to her as well.

When his name is mentioned, the Capitalist's brow rises, before his eyes narrow slightly when Wellson's name is mentioned. She definitely was speaking to someone who must have gotten into her head. He knows for /sure/ that it wasn't Thorne. That would leave several other people who knew him from the Island, but one name in particular stands out from them all.

"I still feel the pain in my shoulder from the Noc," He starts up, "It comes and goes. I mean, it's been six months." Was it really that long? "Since those of us who survived left." That does more than hint Driscoll's fate, at the very least, when it came to that lifetime. His shoulders then rise into a shrug, "Whether we were really there. Like I said, I still feel it in me."

Attention is paid to the Thrill-Seeker for a moment longer, before he focuses back to the various doors, remembering a few that he had already passed and wondering if any of them belonged to her.

Jenette frowns and lets out another exasperated huff as the Thrill-Seeker ruffles her hair and makes light of the situation. "I know who I am," The Competitor retorts firmly, clearly looking defensive over the idea that she's not 'real'. "Of course I'm the real Sterling. I can't be anyone but myself. We're all just responding to stress, I've already said it." Just like the night before, she sounds as if she's trying very hard to convince herself of it. "There is definitely something wrong with this place, however."

The Competitor looks about at the Defender and the Capitalist before nodding her head at Alexis. "I left my room again after our conversation. I went to go searching for an exit, a window, or a comm system of some kind. I thought it might have been a colony of some sort. I tried looking for vents but, like you said," She nods at Driscoll, "There was nothing. Not even any emblems or potential identification of whoever put us here. Then I woke up in my room somehow... but I was sure I didn't fall asleep there."

When he is hugged, the Defender raises his arms as he is still holding his tray of food, trying to stay steady so it doesn't get dumped on the Thrill-Seeker's head. He was about to object to her calling him a hero but he realizes debating her on that point right now would most likely be futile, and a losing battle, with how much energy she has in her right now. She must've snorted a bundle of sugar sticks in her room before coming out is what his facial expression is showing as he has a bemused look on now.

As for what the Capitalist says, the Defender can only nod in agreement, "While it makes no sense for us be where we were, and then end up here, everything we've felt and experienced was /very/ real." Then the Competitor explains what spooked her, so she must've just woken up and he can understand why she is so alarmed. "It's almost as if they put something in the air at a certain time that puts us to sleep. Then come through and replace or put everything, including us, back to the original places and in their original states."

"I am sure you feel the pain. I still feel a lot of things from when I was in Alexis, but...," she points at Capitalist's head. "...that is in your head."

She eyes Jenette, and grins. Slowly, she rolls towards the woman, with only a sway of her hips indicating she is putting slight pressure on the roller-skates to roll to Sterling until she is almost nose to nose with the other woman.

"You are you. You are not Sterling. We are going to go through other scenarios like others here. You'll think these people are real. They are not, but you are."

She motions down to her body. "Stab me, punch me, choke me, eyegouge me. -Kill me-. Tomorrow I will rise like the sun, unblemished. So will you. This body? It means nothing. But my head? That remains, one iteration after the next. That is you."

"From what I've seen, you gotta consider that maybe this is Purgatory. Maybe we are all in stasis somewhere, electrodes plugged to our brains. Maybe we are volunteers in some college. Or maybe are programs in a computer. Clones. The one thing I do know for sure... is that we are here for a reason."

For a moment she looks like she might just kiss Sterling, out of the blue, as her eyelids hood and Thrill-Seeker leans in, but she puts just enough pressure on her feet to roll awaaaay, sloooowly, and she stops on her stop, in the circle of people.

"But the food is -great- at least. Right?" She eyes Wolfram, grinning, and eyeing his plate. If the man isn't careful, she might just snatch something off of it!

Just as Conrad never liked the crazy talk that people did about not being who they were on the island, Driscoll doesn't like hearing any of that either. Nor does he care for the other memories in his head. And as Rhys Driscoll is The Capitalist's most recent and more dominant memory, the security contractor being a man of strong will, most of his current mannerism and the way that he thinks all comes from the former marshal slash P.I. He may not have gone to an expensive university the way Wellson did, but he was sharp in his own ways and that, for whatever reason, is coming through the Capitalist now.

"I still think that we were these people. Were, are. We were at some point. Maybe we're remembering our past lives. It's something I've mentioned before and like I had said then, while I can't say that I've believed in that kinda thing, it makes a lot more sense now."

He's one door down from Sterling's now, his eyes idly examining the symbol there.

Jenette nods eagerly as Wolfram seems to support her story and readily believe it. "Yes, it has to be something like that. Especially if it's affecting all of us in that way. I'm not sure if it's Penumbra... or Weyland-Yutani that took us from the station but--" She stops short as the Thrill-Seeker rolls up to her and goes right ahead with asserting that her theory is unlikely..

The Competitor bites back a response with a concerned look as former Dr. January suggests that they'll lose themselves to further personas. Her expression turns more conflicted as Alexis pulls in close and reminds her so strongly of a moment in their potentially artificial past. Her cheeks actually redden slightly in response to the unexpected but familiar gesture. Yet, she gives a similar response of tilting her chin up and standing straighter as if willing herself to not back down. Like it's a challenge to be met. It's just for an entirely different reason now.

Jenette nods in head in quick agreement with Driscoll's assertion of their identities. "I won't let myself be used in whatever twisted game or scenario that's being played out here. That's not me. Accept it if you like, Dr. January. If this is what you want to believe, that's fine. But my life is mine. It was real and I just have to find my way back to it." She's standing a bit away from the door now but not enough for the Capitalist to actually see what the symbol is.

That was just a ton of info that the Thrill-Seeker unloaded, but it was similar to what the Defender has been hearing. "Do all those things to you, Dr. January, and you will feel it. You may claim that the body means nothing, but I don't think you can just turn off your senses." And if one can do that, he certainly hasn't figured out how. But the expression of frustration returns to the Defender, as he has been having a bit of trouble not just understanding what is going on, but even fully accepting it. Though it may be his second venture into one of the episodes, it is his first coming out of his room. He does keep his food out of her reach for now, unless she really makes an attempt then there would be no contest.

The Defender's door is a bit further down and he is looking at it, ready to head there as it was his original destination before running into the others. Before walking off though, he does look back to the Competitor, "It isn't Penumbra or Weyland-Yutani, but I have very little doubt that there is some entity out there responsible for all of this." The interplay between the Competitor and Thrill-Seeker would be amusing if the situation wasn't so unique and that they aren't exactly who they are from their time on the Noc. "I'm going to eat and spend more time... thinking. I can't eat out there, that stupid television with the non-stop Westerns is getting to me."

"Maybe you were right. Maybe they are an important of the puzzle. Or maybe they are just residue. Noise."

Thrill-Seeker shrugs with a smile, "We are all mice in this labyrinth. Whoever is looking has expectations of us. In my opinion? They expect us to do as a lot of us do. Try to find out ways out, spend our days figuring out this place. I don't think that is how you get out of here. The only way to beat the program, is fight the programming, not go along with it."

Thrill-Seeker makes a gun sign and points to her own temple, while looking at Competitor, "You are already being used. I am just suggesting that maybe... fighting back and trying to find a physical way out is -exactly- what they want you to do."

The western stuff is a real mindfucker. Not even Thrill-Seeker can make it too much of a joke. "That, and the music, are what worry me the most. Those are the things that might seem inocuous at first, but they are going to stick. They stick in your head, unless you sing in your head." She 'pulls the trigger' of her finger gun, and smiles at the others.

"You can't beat the program by following the program, friends."

With all of this talk about death happening in this place, The Capitalist remembers that particular incident clearly enough, having more than just been present. A idle glance is given to The Defender, his gaze following the path the man takes. He's more curious about the room in which he goes into and though he doesn't immediately follow, his eyes still linger in that direction, taking note of it for future reference. "Whether there is pain in death here or not," And he'll assume that there is, "The person who 'volunteered' for the experience," His attention going back to the door he was looking at initially, "didn't seem to mind. But I have doubts that anyone else would feel that way."

When the Westerns are brought up, the Capitalist murmurs, "At least that's something. The first time that the television appeared in the parlor, the only programming that we were allowed was some... countdown to who knows what. Not that anyone remembers what happened once it reached 00:00, aside from waking up with new memories. If you ask me," he takes up a lazy stance, leaning against the wall beside the Creepshow's door, with his hands in his pants pocket, "I'm glad that there's finally something to watch. Finally something to listen to. There was no music before now. Unless one of you knows how to play the piano, but even that gets old."

The Competitor looks like she wants to argue with Wolfram about whether or not it's one of the megacorps but she seems to think better of it. He does seem to think that someone is behind it either way, after all. She offers an awkward sort of wave to the Defender as he moves back toward his own room, still unsure of how to interact with the Marshal in this particular setting after everything they had gone through.

Jenette is visibly uncomfortable as Alexis points at her temple. Her fingers twitch as she resists the urge to fuss with her hair at the same spot where her own head was bashed open. She seems to be listening somewhat but the idea that she's already being used sets her off. "So what, we should just submit?," She asks incredulously, clearly not understanding what the Thrill-Seeker is getting at. It's all too fresh for the former geneticist, still clinging to her old self for some kind of foundation.

"I have no intention of dying here either," Jenette says, clearly alarmed when the Capitalist talks about someone being killed here. Once was enough for her. She doesn't look reassured about the mention of a countdown. "Maybe you're right about one thing. This place could be trying to make us lose touch with reality. But I won't let it break me, I just have to figure out how to fix this. That's all I can do..." With that, the Competitor moves past the Capitalist and Thrill-Seeker to head in the direction of the parlor. It's likely that she's going to be looking through quite a few of those books for an answer.

While the Defender may not agree with the Thrill-Seeker's assessment of their situation, he doesn't dispute it verbally. Though he is silent, it's obvious through his expresion that what she is saying doesn't sit well with him, perhaps not wishing to accept that as the truth or perhaps not happy that she is saying out loud what he had been silenty contemplating. When the Capitalist speaks about a countdown, the Defender pauses in his step and glances back, frowning, "So everyone's memories of their previous experience here ended when the counter hit zero?" Looking down at his tray, it seems like that is yet another piece of the puzzle he gets to think on in his room.

The door that the Defender stops in front is just like all the other door. The only difference is the symbol that is etched into his. The image that is portrayed is a lone warrior with a sword and shield, a huddled group behind him and wolves closing in.

Although Thrill-Seeker seems to have more to say about Driscoll's comments about pain and death, she jumps straight into the music and westerns, with a toothy grin.

"If you let them choose what you see, what you laugh and cry for, what you listen and call music, you belong to them, and if you belong to them, you will never be free." She points at Rhys' head. "Don't let them take it. It is -all- you've got."

Thrill-Seeker stares at Capitalist, as if she is doing so her message will SINK with the power of crazyeyes.

So what, we should just submit?

"Exactly my point. They want you to struggle. They want you to try finding a way. They can make whole worlds, believable ones. They could have made this an amazing house by the beach and we would spend our days thinking we were millionaires in an infinite party, drinking mohitos and fucking each other, BUT... they didn't. They made this fake, prison-looking facility like this for a reason. And you are doing what others did before you. You are doing what -they want-, dear... 'Sterling'."

She even makes quotation marks when saying the name.

As Wolfram leaves, Thrill-Seeker watches him. "I know it is upsetting," she says to Capitalist and Competitor, looking at the painting on his wall. "But the only way to make progress is being aware of your reality... and I know I sound -batshit-... but maybe, just maybe... maybe I am right."

Having somewhat connected the Creepshow's door image to her twisted personality, The Capitalist quickly pushes off the wall in which he was leaning against to make his way towards The Defender's door once the man had entered. With a raised chin and a tilt of his head, it doesn't take long for him to get a better understanding of the man who was Wolfram and Anton. "Figures." Is his comment about the very fitting image. But if that's the case?

Moving across the hall even further, he stops before his own door. Perhaps, these things make sense to those who know you, but it's not something that you may see in yourself. The finely dressed man in his image, the one counting coins in his hand. The one surrounded by stacks of wares in the background. The Capitalist, himself, especially the one called Driscoll, has no connection to this image at all.

"So what do you plan to do, Alexis?" That's the only name he knows her by, so he's going to use it. A looks is then given the woman over his shoulder. "Tried to change the channel on the television yet? Find a way to stream other programming, better programming? Or even pirate it off some site?" He gives the door image one last look, before he turns to her in full, still keeping to a mostly casual stance now. He's no longer on duty, nor pretending to be someone he's not the way Driscoll did. His gaze then follows Jennete, "There's a lot of brilliant minds in here. Maybe if you all pool your brainpower together, we can finally start accomplishing things."

"My plan is very simple, Suit."

Thrill-Seeker blows him a kiss at the nickname. She hold one finger up in the air.

"First, I am going to figure out what they want with me here. I will do that by making my own reality. I am making my OWN music, I write, I think. I am not bowing to what they expect me to do."

Holds a second finger up.

"Then I am going to blow everything up to kingdom come. Boom."

She smiles at the man, and she arches her eyebrows. "When you devise a system, you devise lures. You want people to engage with these lures. Yes, there is a TV, there are doors that lead nowhere, there is music. How to hack them or break them. They must be the key! There MUST BE A WAY! I won't engage. And I will figure this out."

She rolls closer to Capitalist, then.

"You are looking at these doors. Are you hoping to find clues? These are... distractions..." The woman rolls around the Capitalist, eyeing the ground a little as she does so. "Alexis trusted you. She was a fool to do it. You have this really... stressed vibe. Like you really care about things... for as long as that thing is you. You, you, you, me, me, me. You are losing it. You playing the programming."

Suit? Sure, The Capitalist, especially Conrad, was known for his professional business attire. His expensive suits, even before he woke up in the Facility. Driscoll, that was all an act, an image that he was trying to present. An air of professionalism and perhaps the very thing he was striving to truly be. Still, he doesn't look insulted by the nickname.

Instead, he seems somewhat interested to hear out what the woman has to say and while he got to know Alexis to a degree, he does wonder if the brilliant scientist ever had such artistic flare as the woman before him does now. "You write your own music? And you sing?" He just has to ask. "Good, maybe we'll have something interesting to listen to instead of that classical crap."

The rest of her statement makes him tilt his head thoughtfully, a brow arching, but rather than press her further about any of her ideas, his gaze follows her, watching as she skates circles around him. Perhaps even admiring her form. The clothing? Definitely not what January would wear.

"Look, I don't know what I'm hoping to find by looking at these doors." One of his hands lifts up from his pocket as he gestures around them, "From what I've seen so far, these images are reflection of who we are. The contents, the style of your room tends to mirror that, or give us further insight into who we are." There's a pause now, when she talks about how Alexis put foolish trust in him. Of coure, a narcissist might not see things in the way that she describes, but rather than be riled up with her words, he seemingly brushes them off. "So how is it that you think that you know anything about me?"

Thrill-Seeker stops moving, coming to a halt as Capitalist asks his questions. She smiles at him, entertained, and tilts her head, watching him closely.

"I don't know you. But you are turning to doors to figure out people in this place. To you is all about the puzzle. The quest. Get out, get out, get out! You look smart. Do you really think we going to be out of here UNLESS they slip?"

And then she rolls closer to him, still smiling. "And you don't seem HALF as happy to see me as Alexis would have been to see YOU. So I am guessing you either never really cared at all, or you are just really bad at showing anything but love for El Numero Uno." And she points at his chest, just in case he doesn't get WHO Mr. #1 is.

"You are an interesting one, but an enigma you are not. Maybe you are just sane. Maybe I really lost it, but... are you going to look me in the eye and say I'm not more right than I am wrong about you?" She grins, as if entertained by the idea of h im denying it, or even at the feeling of poking someone else.

She might refuse the means of control of the Facility, but Thrill-Seeker... makes her own fun, that is for sure.

The Capitalist seems content enough to listen to the Thrill-Seeker as she skates and talks, then again, perhaps in his mind, this is all some game as well. He doesn't immediately make any objections or says anything other to defend himself, allowing her this moment to unleash anything that she has to say to him now that she is not dead. For the majority of this, he will keep eye contact with her, unless she skates out of view. Though when she pokes a finger against his chest, his gaze lowers to observe the action, somewhat amused by it all, himself.

It's after she is done that he decides to speak, "Six months had passed since the Noc." She may not have known any of this and in fact, he, and the other survivor's arrival in this place, was no more than a day or so after the 'final battle' on the station.

"So whatever pain and anguish we were all feeling at the time, we had six months to grieve." There's a brief pause as he tries to sort out those snippets of 'memory' that he has of those six months following the incident, "Some of us..." His brow furrows when he says this, gaze lowered, "Even got together in honor of those who died. While the big W-Y wanted to shut us up, we just couldn't forget." And yet, it's hard to remember everyone who had banded together for this rebellion against the mega-corp.

With that out of the way, his eyes now lift to stare into hers as if accepting this challenge. "I'm not going to say that you're completely wrong, no." This, he isn't ashamed to admit. "But sometimes you do what you gotta do, you know?" And he'll leave it at that. "I'm gonna get myself a bottle of whiskey to-go. And probably get myself situated before sleep hits us all. You might want to do the same," He starts, but then says as a mock correction, "But then again, that would be following 'their' rules. Whoever they are."

Thrill-Seeker listens to Capitalist, those eyes glued to him as if she could see the mechanisms inside his mind, watching his thoughts zig and zag through the labyrinths of his own brain. When he is done, there is a strange smile on her, one that is hard to understand and that is soon gone, replaced by that daring little grin.

"Not once in aaaaall this story, not once, you could say you missed her. I don't blame you. She died an ungraceful death accomplishing absolutely nothing. Not very remarkable." There is just a small hint of actual spite in Thrill-Seeker's voice.

As the woman feels herself get somewhat emotional, there is a pause in her speech. She swallows some, takes a breather, and continues. "You have a really hard time... caring, don't you?" Her tone isn't accusatory. She almost sounds worried about him, actually so.

Although there is a moment of silence, Thrill-Seeker does mull over a few things in her head.

"I can only guess you are not often surrounded by people who are up your speed, so you take the leash in your hand. I met Kylie here. Very accepting. It must be hard for you, always surrounded by people you need to carry on your shoulders. But it doesn't need to be. I'm here now." She gives him a wink, and eyes his door.

"I am not Alexis. She was always... waiting for something to sweep her off her feet. To be protected. To be loved. To make her life... less ordinary. That means I am not as innocent, but... that means I make for a -great- drinking buddy." She shrugs, cocky.

"So. Where do they hide the booze?"