Log:We'll Always have Paris

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We'll Always have Paris
Characters  •   The Addict  •  The Martyr  •
Location  •  Anywhere Room: Paris
Date  •  2019-05-20
Summary  •  Briar and Dare go to Paris.

The Addict is ready for Paris, dressed in sleek, dark colors with neutral tones to accent. They're clean shaven, and their hair is done in loose curls. Given how elaborate their wardrobe is, it's a subtle yet telling thing, that they're dressed to blend in; they don't want to attract anyone's attention but Dare's today. They're all for him. "Where do you want to go first?" they ask, "and when? 1989? 2018? Let's do the latter, I want to be able to walk with you arm in arm and no one will care."

The Martyr is in green and black this time, all polished and dapper, crisp pleats, perfectly shaved and combed. He bows, "2018 or later. I want to be able to kiss you and have no one think twice."

The Addict kisses Dare on the cheek, then says, "Let's go, then." They open the door, and it opens onto a street in Paris. They must be near Ile de la Cite since Notre Dame is visible from where they stand, and it must not be any later than early 2019 since Notre Dame is intact. "Ooh, look! I've seen that on a postcard," Briar says. "And Martin saw pictures of it. That's Notre Dame."

The Martyr steps through grinning as he follows their gaze, "Want to go see that first? I love gargoyles! It's a shame we can't bring back souvenirs."

"Or pictures," Briar says, "not that I know how to work those phone camera things." They gesture to someone walking by with a phone to their ear. "Weird. Okay, let's walk. I want to see all the history on that island. There's a spot in Hotel Dieu where the French Resistance made a stand against the Nazis. At least that's what I read."

The Martyr reaches for their hand, "Anywhere you want to go, I'm with you. I suppose the no pictures is proof it's not actually paradise, but it's close." He studies their profile, "I think I like you from this angle."

The Addict takes his hand. They cast him a sidelong glance and smile slowly. "Yeah? Is it better than towering over me? I like being able to kiss you without getting on my tiptoes, though you were pretty hot tall, too. I just love you, every way you are."

The Martyr smiles back a little shy, "I liked when you'd sit on my lap, but I love you ever which way too. If you wake up different next time, never doubt that I'll love you just the same."

Briar gives Dare's hand a squeeze. "I'll hold you to that," they say. "I might come back ugly." Their tone is teasing, and they lean in close for a quick kiss on the cheek. "I know you wouldn't care. You're not like that." They look at the buildings as they walk along. "Are we going to get a hotel room later?" they ask. "We should eat somewhere fancy. I don't even know if they have vegetarian food in France. I can read the menus though."

The Martyr gazes at them as if they are the most attractive person in the whole world. "If they don't, we will fill up on salad, bread, and dessert, and then go to the fanciest hotel we can find. I want to make love to you while looking out at the lights of the city."

The Addict says in a low tone, "When we make love tonight, sweetheart, you're going to be looking at me." Their gaze is heated, promising so, so much for later. They come to the bridge leading to the island, and there Briar pauses to watch the waters of the Seine drift by. "This is all so lovely," they say.

The Martyr laughs, "It is true. How could I not. Still, I like the idea of a huge window high up, open to the whole of Paris, while you and I break every rule." He sighs and looks over at the view. "There is no one I'd rather be seeing it with. I wonder if this is we=here Fiin and Danny would have gone on our honeymoon."

"I bet they would," Briar says. "One of their honeymoons. Danny would want to go everywhere with Finn. San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, Rio..." They pause to kiss Dare on the lips, lashes fluttering low. "He'd want to travel the world with Dare."

The Martyr kisses him, eyes wide open, eyes that hold all of him and all their history together. Those eyes are the same, even if the skin at the corners has subtle wrinkles now and the shade of his skin is different. "Finn would have wanted the same. he would want the world for Danny and to travel it with him. He would want to travel with Briar." He kisses his again, fingers sliding across the jaw line, all the beauties of the seine and the most famous Cathedral in the world forgotten in the depths of Briar's eyes.

The Addict too forgets the beauty around them to gaze at Dare. "I don't care if we ever get out of the facility," they admit, "if it means I get to be with you. But if we do get out? I'm still not going to let you go. I don't care what's waiting for us out there."

The Martyr whispers, "I feel the same. As long as we are here together, I don't want to leave, but if we do... wake up some strange place out in the real, we should pick a place to meet. In case we get separated."

"Cafe Zenon," Briar says. "Leave a message there, and I'll do the same. If there's no more Zenon, for whatever reason, then... then leave it here, at the Cathedral. We don't have to tell the priests what it's for. If it's so far in the future there's no Earth, then maybe we can just leave a message across the cosmos. We'll figure it out."

The Martyr nods, "Cafe Zenon. If it's not there, I'll tape flyers to the light pole. If I have the money, I'll come here. he runs a thumb a long his cheekbone, "I can't imagine any force but time powerful enough to keep us apart. Death certainly isn't."

The Addict smiles and leans into the touch. "We keep finding each other, lifetime after lifetime. There's nothing that'll keep us apart. Every lifetime just gives us more places to look." They cup their hand over Dare's. "I think there's a little cafe up ahead, if you wanted to stop there? Then we could, I don't know, look for a hotel with high windows."

The Martyr laughs softly and kisses his nose, "I am at your service, Love, and serve at you pleasure." he waggles his eyebrows.