Log:War Kids and Monitors

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War Kids and Monitors
Characters  •   Mark  •  Rebar  •  Anchor Man  •  KissThisThen  •
Location  •  Sanctuary - Prime - Great Mess Hall
Date  •  2019-11-18
Summary  •  A chat between the survivors.

It's the evening meal. The tables are largely full, though there are spots open here and there and a few tables that have just opened up as the people eating there have finished and gotten up to leave. Mark has claimed a spot at one of these just open tables and the large Monitor with the mask tattooed on his face is apparently in his affable mode tonight. He's got a grin and doesn't seem to be on duty, just having dinner, so he's greeting people and giving little nods, maybe the occasional 'playful' punch to the shoulder as someone he recognizes walks by.

the Anchor Man has his food and is now swaggering aboout looking for a place to sit. For Mark's sins, he finds one next to him. The monster faces tattooed on his neck tumors grin and bare fangs at the monitor.

Rebar ambles after The Anchor Man, tray in hand. He's in leather riding trousers, thick-soled boots, and nothing else, his head shaved and a trio of tumors on his neck. He's pale, and not just from the powder his ilk tends to wear. There are dark shadows under his eyes. The War Child is near the end of his half-life, but he still walks with his head held high. He takes a seat next to Anchor Man and nods to Mark. "Oi, Anchor, you want my veg?"

KissThisThen has his leather gardening skirt on, with lots of pockets sewn in. The hoe he sometimes uses as a staff is with him as well - sometimes you can get pretty tired when your joints are sore and your head is full. He barely seems to even really recognise anyone else - tehre is a spare place opposite Mark and the others, and he takes it. His own plate has some sort of vegetable stew - he skips the protein cake. A tin mug of water, and he is muttering under his breath "...lead damage. Is it worse or better than sun, in this circumstance? What we really need is zinc. Perhaps. Someone can work that out, but Adderall, well, whatever she's going on about, I'm not sure in this circumstance. I suppose that's a factor. It has to wipe you out, getting a pregnancy terminated." Chatter chatter chatter, right across from the Monitor and War Boys.

Mark grins at the two War Children sitting down across from him. "How's things down in the garage?" He takes a bite from his cake and then glances towards KTT. "What now? Someone had a pregnancy terminated?" He's wearing plain grey clothing with pockets, and leather boots. It's a bit slouchier, more casual than the usual Monitor wear, but still somehow reminicent of military garb.

The once powerful man is fading in his own way. Less dramatically than rebar, but he likely isn't far behind Rebar on his way to his lst ride. The Anchoe man eyes the veg sceptically. his voice is all gravel, "Nah. I'm not so hungry today. Want mine?" He eyes KissThissThen, "Hey! It's Skidmarxx bit of fluff! Who's being terminated now?" He gives Mark an upnod as he nibbles his cake, "Good progress on fixing that chariot."

Rebar shakes his head. "I'm not very hungry," he says. "I want the cake, though." He looks at Mark and KTT. "You want my veg? There's nothing wrong with it." It's just that plants are harder to digest, and he hasn't felt very good lately. He has faces tattooed on his tumors, happy little smiley things.

KissThisThen has his chin in his hand and he is prodding the vegetable stew, possibly looking for a species he actually recognises once it has passed into the delicate hands of the general cooks. No wonder the Reapers sometimes help...themselves to a few things. And he is mostly talking to himself "Must be a bit of a slog, but everyone does what they have to do for the cause. I suppose it would be a good idea to bring by some, hmm, some...extra water. I could take the lux from Moon Sally, she said she wanted to hand it -" Something filters through "Skidmarxxx is here?" he asks, looking up, and around "...I can't hear him," he says, and even with his disability, he probably would, because that guy is loud. He suddenly notes Rebar, Anchor and Mark close by and he says "...good evening. Where's Skidmarxxx?"

Mark is not as loud as Skidmarxxx, if only because he has some sense of volume control, but he's also got that kind of hearty sound with no reason to hide, so he's plenty loud enough, even in this environment. "Evening. Don't think he's here. Anchor Man was just sayin' you were his bit of fluff." He shrugs a little at the War Children. "See if the Savvy wants 'em. I get enough. And I can get more if I want 'em. 'F he doesn't, I bet Dross over there would take 'em." He indicates someone one table over and half-way down.

The Anchor Man, pushes his veg stew towards the Gardener. He gives rebar a rueful look. "Yeah. Know what you mean." He blinks at KissThisThen, and raises his voice. He basically has two volumes: low rumble, and boom. he gives KTT the boom "Don't see him, and don't you have a new Daddy now anyway?"

"Hey, do you want this?" Rebar says loudly, offering his vegetables to KissThisThen. "I don't know where Skids is. You'd hear him first though." He barks a laugh. Then he winces. "Kitten fixed my ride," he tells Anchor. "It shoots flames now. I can't wait til we go out again. With the flip of a switch, I can turn the whole car into a bomb."

KissThisThen reaches up a hand and touches his dredlocks "Yes, they are probably a bit fluffy," he decides, and he then says "He's often out on patrol. He takes the Haymaker." One of the louder vehicles, but it goes fast "I would like the stew," he says, and he takes it. Possibly because the War Kids are offering it, and because he retains a strong desire to _not_ end up smashed by them. Though now he is Savvy, well...he puts the bowl down and then fishes out a visible piece of carrot. Yep. That is actual food. Then he says to Anchor "New Daddy?" There is a long pause, and he says "...do you mean. Father Fortune? No?"

Mark sits back with a bit of a chuckle, eating his cake and watching the interplay. "A bomb, huh? I can see how that would be useful if there's too many of 'em."

Anchor grins at Rebar, "Ooooo! Very Shiny and Chrome! Lucky bastard!" Bombing the enemy ain't a bad way to go when it comes to it after all. He rolls his eyes, "I mean aren't you screwing your way to the top now, Little Niblet?"

Rebar starts in on his cake now that his vegetables have found a new home. "Yeah, it'll be a good way to go. I could take out a war rig with my chariot." They take their water rashion and tap it to Anchor's. "We live, we die, we live again." Then his shoulders shake with silent laughter, and he looks to KissThisThen. "Are you stepping out of Skids?" To Mark, he asides, "Do you have anything to tell us, eyes and ears?"

KissThisThen eats the carrot, and he says "Hmm. That does sound interesting. The idea of a bomb. Though I hope if there are bodies - what?" He eyes Anchor, and indeed, one of his eyes is starting to develop a white patch over the iris. Not the pupil, at least - just the colouration. He fishes around and finds a piece of tomato, and then he says "The only way that would be possible would be if I was doing it." Er. Okay then. He then adds "Wait, we're talking about screw drivers? Are they talking about screw drivers? And how would that even be possible. I'm not entirely sure what is going on. Wait. Oh." He pauses as his thinking catches up with his mouth "No. I am not sleeping with anyone for advantage."

Mark chuckles and shrugs. "Nothin' much to tell at the moment, no. We've got some investigations runnin' of course. And the usual audits, but nothin' I can talk about, at the moment. Why? You heard somethin'?" He finishes off his cake and then starts on his vegetables.

The Anchor Man echoes, "We live, we die, we live again." Then enthusuiastically, "It'd be historic!" His laugh booms out, "I'm talking about how you got pucked from the garage and the ungentle arms of frind SKIDMARXXX."

Rebar elbows Anchor lightly. "Eh, be kind to the Savvy. He keeps us fed." He winks at KissThisThen, and he eats more of his cake. "Nothing wrong with it if you are. We gotta take what advantages we can." With a nod toward Mark, he adds, "Within reason, of course. Within the law." He then says, "I haven't heard anything but the clanging of metal."

"Is there a record of previous audits that is publically available?" asks KissThisThen, and then he says to Anchor "...ohhh." There is a pause, and he says "High S...Kitten was going to kill people if I didn't leave." See? See, he did it for your good! And then he says "Yes, he's rough, but he has no peripheral vision." The tomato goes into his mouth, and then he says "Ransom said I would be better as Savvy. I wanted to...join you. You are all. Very impressive. But. No." But he _cried_ a lot when he really could not deal with it. Now he says "I prefer the lore of the Green and the mysteries of the. Garden." A pause, and he adds "I'm not sleeping with anyone."

Mark snorts. "Pretty sure him getting pulled from the Garage had nothing to do with sex and a lot to do with mushrooms. The boss says he'll save us all with mushrooms. I don't get it, but I've learned not to ask too many questions when she gets like that about somethin'. If I do, it's hours of lectures I can't follow. And no, no public record of audits. We've got one and the Triumvirate can see it, of course, but it's not public."

Anchor rolls his eyes, "Good on you for getting what you can, KissThisThen. No hard feelings, Right?" Looks as if he can't imagine anyone picking a garden over the rumble of a V-8. He looks baffled, "You aren't? These mushrooms of yours must be AMAZING!"

"Yeah, well, Kitten was beating heads," Rebar says. "That pipe wrench was taking out teeth left and right." He shakes his head. "I stayed away. That bitch is crazy." He leans across the table to give KissThisThen a light chuck on the shoulder. "Good on you and your mushrooms. Better minds belong in the Garden anyway."

"Ah, that's a shame," says KissThisThen, his eyes glittering for a moment. Then he waves a hand, and he finishes off the vegetables that he can actually see, and then he says "They are amazing. Some of them make you see Valhalla. Some of them can feed a whole colony. Others could kill a whole colony. They can grow on decay, and make life out of anything. When you kill them, their corpses make food for more." He squints one eye at the chuck - his joints are a wreck, these days "You aren't all +angry+?"

Mark laughs and settles in to finish off his stew. "Like I said. I don't get the mushroom thing, but I don't have ta. Just do what the boss wants." He's still all amiable grins.

"Crazy can be hot, but I like my teeth where they are. Even I'm not brave enough to try to pet that Kitten." The Anchor man gnaws his protein cake, thinking, "So you're saying People are like mushrooms then?" he looks realy confused, "Angry about what? That you either your ass or your brain got you somewhere suited you better? Why would that make me angry? I'm where I belong, but that don't mean you were."

Rebar shoulder-bumps Anchor in agreement; he too isn't even going to try to pet that Kitten. "Good with an engine, though," he says. "Damn good with an engine." Then he shrugs at KissThisThen. "No hard feelings, mate. We're not all of us bucking for a fight. Few of us get rowdy, but we don't have time to hold grudges. You probably won't see me after the next time we go out."

"Thaaat...I wasted the resources of the War Children trying to be a War Boy?" says KissthisThen, and then he says "...I like High...I like Kitten." Indeed, he does "No. Nothing is like mushrooms. Mushrooms are _very_ strange things. I don't think there can be anything quite like them, the way they reproduce is alien to us, profoundly. Not even remotely like plants - or creatures." He purses his lips, and he says "Yes, SKIDMARXXX took it a bit too far. But he felt bad about it. Hmm. Good death to you then." He suddenly asks them - the non-Kitten War Children "What do _you_ think happens to non-War Children when we die? People like...Mark here?"

Mark snorts and raises an eyebrow, then looks towards the War Children as if waiting to hear the answer as well. He's finished off his food, but seems in no hurry to head out.

Anchor bumps rebar back, giving them a grin. "Good with the engine." They grow more solemn at the last bit. They eye Rebar and lean in to murmur something in his ear. Then he's tudying KissThisThen, "You paid though, didn't you? One way or another. Not everyone's suited." They shrug, "I guess we'll know soon enough. All of us, really."

Rebar shrugs and says, "Let the bean counters froth over that. I don't lose sleep over the numbers. I get my ration one way or the other." He nods to KTT solemnly when he's wished a good death. "I only know about Valhalla," he admits. "But, I guess, if you think about it, it doesn't seem fair if there's only Valhalla. Maybe if we all do what we're supposed to do, we're rewarded in the next life. For you," he nods to Mark, "it's keeping the flock safe and sound. For you," he nods to KissThisThen, "it's keeping us fed. Maybe for your mushrooms, you'll get to roam the greenest lands you'd never see in this world, and there's no hunger or pain, and the water is clear and endless, and the sun doesn't burn so hot." He finishes off his cake and rises, snagging his water ration. With a crooked smile, he tells Anchor, "Yeah, that'd be nice." To the others, he says, "I need to help out in the wheelroom. Be seeing you."

"Hmm." KissThisThen pushes his empty bowl across the table "I suppose. Can't hear properly now, and my shoulders and hips are bad." Which is not...good for a Reaper. But there are ways of going around everything else "That would be good. I would like clear water. Did you know there were other fish, once, than in the vats. Giant fish that breathed air. I wonder if they are still left." He lifts a hand "Goodbye Rebar." And then he hesitaets, and he admits, more of a mutter "I like Skidmarxxx too." A bit of a sigh, and he says "I think the future is Green."

Mark gives Rebar a wave and takes a swig from his canteen. "Yeah. Probably is somethin' for all of us." If there's some story the Monitor's tell each other, he's not sharing it, though. "Air breathing fish, huh? Never heard of that."

Anchor gives Rebar a smile large enough to show the missing tooth towards the back, "I like that thought. Green feilds for the reapers, water fat and soft." The big war kid gives Rebar a wink. "Be seeing you." He studies KissThisThen, "No reason you can't visit if you wanted to. I think he's been pining a bit.... Can't picture it really, but who knows." He finishes his protein cake, "I wanted to take another look and my breaks." he gives a little wave and thumps off towards the garage.