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Viva la Masquerade
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Sean Winters  •  Jonny Lester  •  Spear Thistle  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Ashley Freeland  •  Amy Lester  •  Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Star Thistle  •  Lana Reed  •  Thea Marchant  •  James Thistle  •  Alyssa Laine  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Heather Burnett  •  Anna Wilkins  •  Cash Freeland  •  Hendrix "Squid" Lester  •
Location  •  Marchant House
Date  •  2019-08-19
Summary  •  The Marchant triplets throw a masquerade party to celebrate Spring Break. Everyone who's anyone is there. It's the event of the season!

It's a party! Not just any party, it's a Marchant party thrown by the triple terrors Thea, Mona, and Jade. The truly expensive and breakable things have been put away and doors locked where nosy people shouldn't go, but the accessible part of the house is decked out in splendor with a spring flower theme. It's Spring Break after all.

The vast open spaces in the house are arranged with places to sit, tables where there are an astonishing array of finger foods for nibbling. Soft drinks are easy enough to come by. There are coolers with juices and pops easily accessible.

Let's face it, though. No one's here for soft drinks. There's a bar. The person behind the bar is masked for plausible deniability (probably a fellow student or some schlub willing to serve alcohol to underage kids for a pay day). There's wine! There's beer! There's hard stuff and mixers! And red SOLO cups, because drunk teenagers aren't to be trusted with the crystal.

Music plays through speakers located in the ballroom, and it can be heard easily out by the pool. There's room to dance and mingle. For less conventional fun, while the drugs aren't out in the open, it's a matter of simple inquiry to find someone who's carrying and willing to negotiate. There are private rooms where deals are being made. It's not hard to find something to smoke, snort, or swallow, or shoot.

Jade descends the stairs, a true spectacle to behold. He's wearing a sapphire blue, sequined and form-fitting body suit with a codpiece that would put David Bowie ala Labyrinth to shame. There are gold accents to the body suit, gleaming in the dim light. Sprouting from his backside is an arc of peacock feathers that sway with every step. He has to watch where he walks, because they're wider than most doorways. Covering the upper part of his face is an elaborate mask with a golden beak, black sequins around the eyes, and a plume of sapphire feathers.

It's a good enough disguise one might not be able to place him at first, but then padding beside him is a Siamese in a blue feathery costume with peacock feathers, and it could only be Meezer. Meezer stops on the stairway and twists around, trying to murder his own feathery ass. Because cat.

Silver has gone to great effort for Jade's party tonight. The previous week she had worked hard on it. Now she was sitting in her mom's car staring at the Marchant house, arms wrapped around her nervously. Under the denim jacket she wore not a lot and it was unusual and uncomfortable for her. But she was trying to be authentic.

The brown sports bra almost matched her skin tone. But it squished her chest and gave her far too much shown-off cleavage. More than she'd ever thrown about before. The shendyt skirt was belted and pleated in the style of a pharoah around her waste. Colored in golden linen with fake lapis stones afixed around the hem. And fake gold trim added glam as well. The fake beard, that she'd felted and sculpted herself, was kind of itching her chin. But as she flipped down the visor to check, she felt pretty. The rest of her makeup spot on with thick kohled eyes and just a touch of color of her lips and cheeks. The crown was waiting in her lap and her hair was artfully done in rows of braids, courtesy of Mom earlier. Beads were at the end of her hair and it was heavy.

Slowly she got out of the car and slid the red and white Pschent crown on her head, adjusting it carefully. She glances at Spear with a nervous smile and asks, "Is it straight?" Then she ducks down to grab her camera bag and knocks it askew. But she eventually rights herself with much fidgetting. The denim still covering her top as she turns to head for the house.

Sean's outfit is, let's call it subdued, if we're being generous. He's dressed in what appears to be a somewhat Victorian style suit that he probably got a couple of pieces of from the Theatre department, or one of the goth kids, or both. And he wears a half-mask that has a distinct plague-doctor style to it, leaving him entirely unrecognizable, his hands covered in gloves. Though there's no way that he's drinking through that mask. Hopefully somewhere he can find a straw. But, that aside, he seems to be enjoying himself, despite needing to be careful not to turn his head too fast and bonk anyone with that beak.

ROLL: Spear rolls finesse+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 2 5 3 6 -- d6)

And then there's Jonny Lester, a scarecrow of a fellow dressed in not a fine costume but red plaid pajama pants and what looks like a green wool horse blanket wrapped around his shoulders, serving as a shawl of sorts and concealing the ribbed tanktop underneath it. In one hand he holds a can of Jolt cola, in the other, a pair of drumsticks to go with the marching band drum hanging off his chest. "What up, assholes?" he demands as he plows in through the front door, holding the can aloft protectively as he maneuvers past the others standing near the entrance with the large instrument. Halfrimmed fake horn glasses perch precariously on the bridge of his large, shiny nose, which is on display along with the rest of his face, no mask in sight.

If Sean asked, there are some very goth Thistles who would have cheerily helped him out - the guy is a generally liked friend. And when you are a black goth, you tend to go with gold - as Silver has. The Egyptian work is very Anne Rice, and it goes _nicely_ in that respect. There is of course another way to stand out when you are a dark skinned goth, and Spear has...unusually chosen to stand out. And he has the sewing skills to make it happen.

Instead of a Crow (Brandon Lee) or a crow (Edgar Allen), Spear has a tailed suit made of black duct tape, fragments of upcycled black leather cut into frilled shapes and glossed over with irridescent paint. He is a Common Grackle - with an irridescent green and purple shirt, and a full head mask of more irridescent black handmade 'feathers'. Bright feral gold contacts and long legs with gold-sprayed Doc Martens mark a bird best known for causing mischief. Like Silver, his hair has been done by his mother, though in his case it has been sprayed up into a large mane with glitter. Grackles are...ridiculous and happy, and so is he.

Mona arrives from off the beaten path.

Zane arrives from off the beaten path.

Someone who could be Ashley arrives with that imperious walk of hers that makes a mockery of any attempt at disguise. And what is she wearing that suits the 'Queen of the School' (soon to be official at Prom)? A ringmaster's outfit. High heeled knee high boots, fishnet stockings, black leotard, white blouse, red jacket with gold trim, top hat on her head, Zorro mask since she should wear one. And, yes, she has a whip in one hand.

The peacock descends the stairs. The tail feathers flounce and sway with every step, and his gait is rather delicate and birdlike. He's playing it up. The cat spits out a feather and trots after him, letting out a low-throated, loud meow. Someone is going to get punished for putting him in a costume, even though he does look very dapper indeed.

"Who's this?" Jade says when he pauses before Jonny the maskless. "You've got this kind of 'tired and in need of a drink' vibe. I'm digging it." He wags a finger at Sean and says, "You look good." He moves on to plant a kiss on Spear's cheek, though honestly it's more of a light beaking with that mask. "Are your sisters coming? I'd love to collect the whole set." Ashley's costume gives him pause. He may be queer as a three dollar bill, but damn, high heeled boots and fishnets are a good look. "Darling, you're a vision."

Behind him, still on the stairs, the cat turns circles, chasing after the feathers on its butt. Must. Kill. Own. Ass.

Masquerade means masks, and Amy spared EVERY expense on her costume. In that she doesn't really have one. She's got some stupid party mask that's only slightly better than what a young kid might wear. She's the Big Bad Wolf! Werewolf style is in, apparently, though she's completed the outfit with a red hood to obscure her hair as well. The Wolf and Red Riding hood all in one for some weird effect. Along with her white t-shirt (plain, for tonight), black denim jeans and her boots. It still could be anyone under that mask though. "What up, bitches," she announces as she wanders in, a weird echo of Jonny's own greeting and probably immediately giving herself away.

That there are cats at a Marchant gathering should be no surprise whatsoever. There are two that bundle themselves out onto one of the balconies overlooking the pool as the door to the room there slides open, and a head peeks out too quickly to get a view of who, exactly, it is. It does provide important information, however: not enough people out by the pool yet to head there immediately. And so down the steps they go, into the main house -- 'they' consisting of Zane Bloomquist, Mona Marchant, and Alyssa Laine, each costumed in a distinctly different style.

The blonde actor on the swim team is dressed as a triton, if body paint counts as being dressed. There's a pair of swim-friendly, raggedly distressed pirate pants on his legs, but he's covered in glistening painted scales from top to bottom, and a few translucent 'fins' placed to form a mask, and at various points over his shoulders and chest. Alyssa is decked out in what looks at a glance like a go-go dancer's outfit, but with the campy prop ray gun in her hand, it's a lot closer to Barbarella as a brunette; the hair is pure 70s flouf, feathered and teased into a giant mane. Mona trails after the more sociable duo, sprayed down in ghostly white, wearing grayscale makeup, and a flapper-style beaded tabard dress over a black bikini. She's carrying a small chalkboard in an ornate silvery frame that reads: 'introducing Miss M in the chorus', with a piece of chalk dangling from a black ribbon, as though she's stepped out of a black and white silent film and is carrying her own dialogue card.

Silver finally pulls off her denim jacket and tuckets it into her camera bag. Then she digs out the crook and flail, both spray painted gold with dark mica glitter. Those she tucks into the belt before following after her brother. And when she does she sees Ashley and Jade and she starts pulling out her camera. "You both look splendiforous!" She says as she reaches to put the strap around her neck. Forgetting about that damn tall crown and knocking it off her head.

With a cry of dismay she settles the camera in place and turns to pick up her Pschant. Blocking the enterance as she does. And she blocks it for awhile as she settles the crown slowly back upon her braided head. Because she is just staring wide-eyed at the trio coming in. After a second she brings up the camera and the flash goes off.

Having access to fins tailors and costumers in the form of their cousin, Mona, both Landon and Lucas Marchant are dressed as a pair of Italian Merchant Princes in Venetian style garb. The fine fabrics used and how well tailored the costumes are definitely make it look as if no expense was spared, but then again, with a pocket seamstress anything is possible. Landon's own garb consists of dark wine hues and he wears a fancy domino mask with his plumed hat. He's newly arrived on the arm of, more than likely, Esme Reed, if rumors surrounding them continue to spread. Of course, Lucas is by Landon's side and despite the craziness of their week with school, among other things, the pair have this regal bearing and look to be in high enough spirits. It's hard to say if the other faces are familiar or not, but it's easy to guess some of the masked figures that go galavanting their way. "As always, the entire school is bound to show up." As everyone should, "And the fun's just beginning."

A little curtsey from Ashley, and crack of the whip, at Jade's compliment. And then a little twirl to show off the jacket's tails. "You don't look too bad yourself. Very...majestic." She turns at a very recognisable greeting to see Little Red Riding Wolf, and offers her a little curtsey too. "The beast is loose" she grins before 'Photo opportunity'! Pulling Jade a little closer, there is an appropriately iconic pose for the camera; million watt smile on show. "Do you know if Esme is coming?" she whispers to Jade before releasing him.

Spear grins at the kiss from Jade "You look amazing. Yes," he says to him "We're all coming along tonight - there's Sean, hi Sean!" He waves at the other young man, and then nods firmly at his costuming. Yes, correct. That worked out well. Then he is busy assisting Silver with her camera, and the Grackle works out if he can hold things while she juggles other things. Once done, though, he is off to eye Meezer, and then circling back around to the tables. Drinks! He gets to have a drink! Because, you know. Amy is here! Ashley...his siblings. The Marchants... Jade is here. And Spear has something to prove. So he orders a beer. LIKE AN ADULT.

Jonny's drum runs the risk of clipping into Silver's head if she's not careful with her little dip and dive movements there, as the lanky bare-faced boy makes his way further into the house. "Yeah, whatever, Marchant," he retorts wittily to Jade as he swings the instrument around like a potbelly, orienting his stern towards the nearest food table to grab up a fistful of whatever fancy treats are on offer and dump them on a small plate, pausing first to jam the actual drumsticks (not delicious chicken from the table) between his teeth to free up said fist. A moment is spent in indecision as narrowed, sunken eyes turn between the can of Jolt cola in his other hand and the masked bartender before Jonny moves to a seat on the periphery, settling the can on the floor, the plate on the next seat, and the drum settling awkwardly on his red plaid lap.

"No one's impressed, Spear!" his voice calls from the sidelines.

It's not so much a costume as it is an outfit - a black leather and chain bikini top, a black and gray plaid miniskirt, and the trademark, thigh-high pink Doc Martins that would give Star Thistle away even if she weren't the only short, curvy (half) black girl in the school. Her hair is bound back in two big puffs, and a creepy, mostly featureless porcelain doll mask hides her face. While many chose to go for themes or characters, elegance and style, she settled on hot, creepy goth.

So it's pretty much like any other day.

She doesn't arrive with her siblings, which is also not that unusual for the baby of the Thistle triplets. The older two are often far more 'joined at the hip', and their moody, antisocial youngest sister comes and goes as mood dictates. She lingers near the door, at the edge of the party.

Sean smiles and says "Thanks," to Jade when he tells him that he looks good. Though the smile is more heard in the tone of his voice as it comes from behind that plague-doctor's mask, muffled. The smile is impossible to see, but there's a small wave that goes along with it. The wave rises up a bit higher as he greets Spear. The mystery of who is behind that mask didn't last long, but he doesn't seem to mind. He gives Spear a thumbs-up in thanks for the help with the costume. And then he's moving off a little bit toward somewhere to get a drink, since now he can lift his mask to drink it.

Esme is a phoenix of orange and red flame with licked black edges in a ballgown she's somehow obtained or rented (probably from a Quinceanera or prom dress shop, therefore flashy). She has a feathered mask to match with nose angled down to serve as a faux beak on the half-mask and arrives in company next to Landon after him and Lucas picked her up. And it's night, so really, considering what's been going on with her lately during the day, that's all on back burner for the time being because this is a party and she's in top charm form. Mostly. Actually, she's a little quiet, but the smiles are quick and bright behind red-painted lips.

After making a little whistle low, she takes survey of the costumes, "At least people went all out with the fun costumes. I was wondering how many were going to half-ass it or call themselves a little too cool to bother, but... I like this. Really feels like a masquerade instead of just one of the parties."

What better way to blend into the scenery like 'the quiet one' that she is? Mona seems decidedly smug at her own level of self-parody in the costume choice, one that she didn't reveal to any but the pair that helped her manage to get the last bits of it together, late as always. It's what she gets for leaving her bits and pieces to the last, which is typical. When Star arrives, however, the joke of the costume becomes all the more obvious as she mouths -- instead of exclaims -- 'Star!' with a broad, sweeping gesture of her arms and an overdone expression that the makeup highlights to perfection, but she remains utterly silent. Theda Bara would be proud. With a tiny squeeze to Zane's shoulder -- she's wearing gloves to not smudge everyone with waterproof greasepaint tonight -- she starts to dash over to the creepy goth doll, already pointing to the mask with an enormous grin.

Silver has her crown knocked almost off again by Jonny's drum and gives a disgruntled, "Hey," As he walks off. It also jangles her shot and she has to position the crown again. Then refocuses and snaps a picture of the Ringmaster with the Peacock. Then she is getting out of the door and moving over to Jade with a slightly nervous smile. She leans in and whispers something to him.

With a mock growl-like sound coming from behind the wolf mask, Amy glances around the place and rolls her eyes at Spear's determination for a drink. There's a bright chuckle at Jonny's comment from the sidelines and she finds herself lingering at the edge of the party too, finding a spot of wall to hold up right near Star, though the Red Riding Wolf peers dubiously at the oncoming Mona.

Lucas went to dark Grey and silver for being an Italian merchant on the go. Is there a party he don't make an appearance a? No. If there's people gathering the vociferous editor finds himself there. Eventually. Where there's an Esme there's often a Lana and tonight the four show as a double-double take. He's still finishing some story which is less remarkable than him being wide awake. He's not one to sleep through class but man have the last couple weeks dragged. Here he's back to being back on social jet fuel in good spirits. "Jaden, I had doubts the house would still be left standing by the time we got back. I. am." he looks around before giving his cousin a nod, "Impressed." The quirk of a grin stamps that as an untrue boast, but all the same some said it couldn't be done.

"Aww, thanks," Spear calls back cheerily to Jonny and delivers him doubel guns, forefingers and thumbs "And don't call yourself no one, I'm sure with work and dedication you can be someone some day!" And there is Star. Beer in hand now that an unsure tender has handed it over, he knocks off the top of it, and then goes on over to the Creepy Doll to deliver a warm hug. Having exposed Sean, assuming no one picked the pink Docs as Star, the fact he is hugging the shortstuff who just entered and yelling "Star!" probably gives it away.

Sean doesn't seem too upset about being outed. He finds himself a drink and tips that plague doctor mask up so that he can drink it, now that he isn't bothering to hide behind it. It's hot under there, anyway. He joins the party, mingling and mixing, saying hello to the people that he knows, sometimes wearing the mask, sometimes not, and at some pmoint during the middle of the party, he kind of wanders off homeward after saying thanks to the Marchants for a great time, whoever he can find.

A little wave is given to Mona when Star is spotted, no expression visible as she wears a full mask. It's not clear if she's going silent, too, but Star says nothing just yet. Her head turns to eye Amy sidelong when the Lester girl takes up a spot by her, but then she's getting hugged by Spear. Blink blink.

Jade poses for the picture the moment he spies the camera, looking mighty fine beside Ashley (future prom King?). "I think so," he tells Ashley, regarding Esme's attendance. He glances at Red Riding Wolf, tells her, "Hey, gorgeous," and then casually ceases to take up Ashley's airspace. He chooses life. Feathers sweep majestically as he sidles away, and he whistles as he sees Star. His cousins and Esme get applause as he says, "You look amazing." He grins at Lucas. "It's a testament to the architecture, really."

Luckily for Jonny, the chefs have been employed in this endeavor, and the nibblies are hella fancy. Quail eggs, little beef Wellingtons, gespatcho in shot glasses, truly amazing things done with puff pastry. Lots of starchy tasty things to soak up alcohol for more drinking!

Jade sidles over to Silver and nods to what she says. He gestures for her to follow him, and he goes off toward one of the side rooms. Meezer hides under one of the sideboards and chews on his costume.

Lana arrives along with her sister, Landon, and Lucas, her arm looped through Lucas' as they walk in. She's been as busy as ever with all her 'jobs', even if they are technically on a break from school, but managed to find a masquerade outfit she could rock. She wears something ala Marie Antoinette, only, she skipped the cage under her skirts so does not bear extra super wide hips. The dress itself was once used in a school production, and as it was for a colorless scene, it is in shades of black, white, silver, and grey, complete with ruffles and overdress. Her mask is something handmade of black lace appliques glued and starched to remain rigid, and decorated with crystals. black ribbon keeps it secured as it ties around her head. She is not a fan of wigs overall, and wears them more often than she wold care to as it is. So tonight, she simply has done her hair in a far less poofy replica of the french style of the time.

Grinning to Lucas, Lana asks, "but will it still be standing after this party?" She smiles and regally lifts her hand and waves in the finger bent, twist twist without moving the arm way of a real (Disney) Princess.

Arriving late to one's own party. It's the ultimate in aristocratic ennui. Or something. Down the stairs drifts Thea Marchant, a vision of springtime in a costume that seems comprised of naught but silk flowers, leaves, and wispy panels of diaphanous chiffon. To say that she's dressed as a faerie just.. doesn't seem right. It's more like she's undressed, as the outfit is really barely more than a bikini with a cascade of blooms flowing between the two pieces to connect them. The toned lengths of her dancer's legs, as well as her dainty feet, are fittingly left bare, and her hair is left to wash free over her shoulders and back, tresses adorned with tiny blossoms and the occasional butterfly.

As the sun is down, she looks far more lively as she scans the gathered throng, lifting a hand to wave to her siblings as they're spotted, then making her way toward wherever Mona is.

Silver follows after Jade, glancing over a shoulder nervously, then ducks into the side room with him.

Not if Jonny has anything to say about it it won't be. The horse blanket shawl he wears soaks up the crumbs of puff pastry as he takes a large bite of mini beef Wellington before brandishing his drumsticks aloft and setting to work on the drum in his lap. Rattatat tat. Rattatat tat. RATTARATTARATTARATTA. Cheap eyeglasses slide further down his nose from the intensity of the brief hammering, and he pauses to shove them back into place with the backside of his wrist, staring furiously at the top of the drum. "I'm gonna gift this fake crowd with some /real music,/" he announces to the attendees at large. "You should all be grateful!" A long slurp is taken from the can of Jolt.

While the mornings and afternoons might be quite the drag, Landon was feeling so alive in contrast to that, this evening. All of the colors and costuming, the vibrancy of it all, it was completely stimulating to the senses. In fact, Esme's bright, flaming red outfit alone truly did stand out due to the strength of its hues. Not to mention, Esme, herself, looked vibrant.

With his left hand resting at the small of her back, he leads her to join up with the Marchant triplets, the host for this party. "If I didn't know better, Mona, I'd guess that you dressed nearly half of the guests this evening." That, in itself, is a compliment to everyone else's outfits.

He would say more, but his other cousin, Jonny, decides to give the party a helping hand with some 'real music'. Having been born into the Lester, household, he's used to antics such as this. With just a faint grin on his lips, he calls out to Jonny Lester, "Are you getting paid enough for this gig?"

The unlikely appearance of James Thistle to the Marchant Masquerade required weeks of persuasion, nagging, and threats of bodily harm -- mostly delivered courtesy of Silver -- but appear he does, if late. He's prepared, at the very least, and gone about dressing himself in nineteenth century costume that does well to highlight his glowers with drab and depressive airs. He wears a black vest over a white shirt and cravat, along with black slacks, and a simplistic black mask that might be anonymizing were he to do something to make himself less obviously himself, like, say, smile.

After coming through the doorway, the teen grimaces, steeling himself for the socializing to come, and pauses on spotting his half-sister Star loitering nearby, then Spear hugging her. His lips twitch in the beginnings of a smile and he lifts his hand to wave, but then the expression dies with a whimper on his face and he's back to a stoic look, already scanning the interior in search for a likely place to take up post as a wallflower.

Photo done - to help their Prom aspirations - Ashely waves goodbye to the departing Jade before looking around for that wolf in wolf's clothing. She sashays over to help hold the wall up - albeit waving and gladhanding to everyone on the way. "Love your outfit" she grins to Amy. "You know...I might have a leash in this outfit somewhere if you want to go wild...er." A wiggle of eyebrows above her mask before she offers a wave to Star. "Hey, you look great."

Esme takes a moment to beckon to Lana and adjusts sister's hair and dress with general fussing there for a beat before kissing next to her cheek at the air so as not to make a dent in the powder on her face with red lipstick. Then following Landon's lead to the triplets, she looks at Mona with a little whistle before complimenting, "Really, this seems to have turned out great since no one is fighting and ripping costumes as yet or spilling beer all over the pretties. But I guess the night is still young."

Looking through the room trying to see who all she can recognize while standing, the one thing that stands out is James' moment of awkward and looking for a wall, then she calls out with a sudden laugh at Lana, "Did you make him dress up and show up, or did his sister? Because look at that. I think I'd know that grimace anywhere."

Alyssa trails along after Mona toward Star, sidling through the crowd like a shark in shiny pleather and go-go boots. Here and there, she points the ray gun in someone's direction, and presses the button, which starts it blinking and emits a campy recorded pew-pew-pew sound. A few others get a wink of her glittery cat-eye makeup. She's gone for rhinestones on the face and the makeup in place of a proper mask, as a few others here and there have. She snatches a solo cup of something from right out of a poor freshman's hand, who'd just managed to get their order from the bar, and carries on. Thea gets a wolf-whistle from the brunette Barbarella, and she taps Mona on the shoulder to point in her direction. "The Eve look looks damned good on you!" she insists.

Mona turns to glance toward Thea, and flashes another huge grin. The twins rocking their prince of Venice garb gets a not-so-period thumbs-up from the silent seamstress, before she swipes a textured glove palm over the chalk board to erase it, and scrawls out, 'You look incredible. Everyone does tonight!' to hold aloft. At Landon's inquiry, she adds, 'Everyone had such amazing ideas this year!' to the slate. It's not like she doesn't have a heck of a portfolio deadline looming for F.I.T., and any excuse to overdo it is always welcome. Glancing over the room, she looks more than impressed by the crowd on the whole. More faces than ever, even if they are behind masks, and she mimes drawing a little heart on her chest as she grins enormously.

Star offers Ashley and James each a little wave as well once Spear releases her. She's not going anywhere, though, and so far still not saying anything. She's generally not a big party person, so it may be a bit of a surprise she showed up at all.

Hector leads Cash in my the hand. Hector is in the lead, his black feathered irredescent wings having a subtle greenish or purple tint depending on the angle of the light. They are only partially spread and back swept to let him fit through the door. He manages to slink and saunter at the same time, casually confindent give no fucks attitude expressed in posture. He wears round reddish shades, drark grey dress shirt, balick waistcoat, black, trousers, black suit coat and a red tie. His dress shoes are polished to perfection.

Cash trails behind him withwings in the same style, proportionally larger and in resplendant glitter infused white. He is dressed in various shades of off white from mismatched time periods: a bow tie from the nineteen twenties, a dress shirt modelled on one from the eighteen twenties, a brocaded waistcoat cut like the heigth of seventeen seventies fashion, pleated trousers almost in fashian, but not quite, andshoes from the fifties.

Spear is left for a moment or two to stare at Thea Marchant for a bit, over his beer. What. He is not blind. He even squeezes Star a bit too hard. Then the Grackle is making his way over towards his half brother - no, not Hector, but James "You look great, man," he comments "Hey, are you okay? I heard like...you've...I heard some..." He does not really know how to launch into such a dire description as 'I heard you saw a dead body'. Then Spear has to be puzzled by himself. He sees dead bodies all the time. Hmm. "Hey man, how is it?" he settles for, giving James a worried smile. He has not yet seen Cash and Hector.

Cash Freeland is also very, VERY blond. His long waves and curls are frizz-free and bleached and oh, they shine. His mask is simple. White and gold and honest to goodness, the look of Cash is so different that his mask might actually work. Until he smiles. And even his tin grin has golden elastics.

Peering at Spear's rather enthusiastic hugging of Star, the Wolf-masked Amy quips, "After all that effort of getting a drink, you're gonna spill it," she says dryly before the mask is turned upon Ashley. You can almost hear the smile in her voice. "Hey, the Big Bad Wolf doesn't get leashed by anyone! I'm out of control! How would it make me wilder, anyway?" She asks, perfectly innocently, glancing sidelong to watch and probably judge people that are entering.

"I said it was a gift, you fuckin halfwit," Jonny shoots back at Landon from around a mouthful of Wellington. "That means free." RATTATTATAT. Bap bap, RATTATTATAT. "I don't have my whole set but that doesn't matter, this is /raw/ and /real/," and it's not good. It's just a constant assault on the senses of anyone in the lobby area and probably the next few adjacent rooms. "UNLIKE EVERYTHING ELSE AT THIS PARTY," he yells over the incessant RATTATATTAT BAP BAP BAP. "Except those little meat things, those were pretty fuckin rare," muttered under his breath.

Lucas flashes Jade that wolfish grin in return, "If done right? not by much." Is he dressed like an ancient Italian? Sure. Does he talk like it? Hell no and that's why he's not in drama. The back of his hand taps into Landon's sleeve, the upnod goes in Jonny's direction. Ah, tehe cousin. THis? This is amusing him. "You never fail to entertain, man. How the hell you been?" Let him adapt like for like. Looking around he asks Lana, "Was going to see if Silver was here but I think she's hiding or chronicling rogue dust bunnies."

Silver exits a side-room with Jade. And scans the room as new faces have appeared. And she sees James and it makes her gleefully squeal and come over to give him a hug too. "You came!" She tells him with obvious joy. "You want a drink? I'll go get us some drinks." And then she is off to do just that. Two beers if one were nosey. And a cup of ice. The cup of ice is for Jonny and she stops by his chair with the iced poised over him. "Please stop. My ears are bleeding."

Lana smiles as Esme does the fussing and the air bussing. It's what her sister does, always. She kisses the air beside Esme's cheek in turn, though with her own black painted lips. She follows her sister's gaze to see James arrive and smiles bright. "No! I wish I had! Probably his sister. I should go say hi." But first, she has pleasantries to exchange with the triplets, Jade, Mona, and Thea. Chuckling, she looks down at her very covered self and says, "I feel so overdressed. You all look amazing!" Eyeing James until he hopefully casts a look in her direction, she holds up a finger to him. She'll be over momentarily! She then turns her hand and instead crooks her finger, inviting him over to her. We'll see which happens first. She spots Silver then and taps Lucas on the shoulder and points her way.

"Right there with you," James vocally and emphatically agrees with Star's absence of vocalism, still desperately searching the space for a likely place to escape and hide away against a wall when Spear starts to greet him. His brother's clumsy attempts to broach the question of James' well-being in the wake of watching somebody get murdered and eaten are lost when the Thistle's wandering gaze catches sight of Thea, and he just kind of stands there gawking for several seconds, only remembering to glower and glare far too late before his attention swivels back to the sibling speaking to him.

"Sorry, what?" James asks Spear apologetically, having been overstimulated and distracted on Spear's approach. Spotting Lana and Esme over Spear's shoulder, James forces a fragile smile at the lift of her finger -- he'd relied entirely on Lana to drive him around to fetch the clothes in his costume. When he's caught between Silver's gleeful embrace and Spear's concerned greeting, he looks like a deer caught in headlights, ready to run. He doesn't agree to the offer of a drink, but then she's rushing off anyway, and he's standing there with an overwhelmed look and blinking back to Spear. "Oh. I'm uh. I'm okay, I guess. How are you?"

"I'm sure we could think of a way it could make you wilder" Ashley shrugs about the leash. "Maybe if //I// wore it." A wink through the mask before composed expression returns and she waves to Spear - how could anyone confuse him with someone else. And there's her brother and...fiance. Such a big step before they even finish high school. A wave for them before back to Amy. "I need to talk to you about some things. And I need to talk to Esme too. Some shit's got serious."

Jade emerges from the side room with Silver, and he stops by the bar to get a cup of upscale Chardonnay. The brilliant sapphire peacock parades with slow, deliberate steps, drifting toward Hector and Cash. "I like your costumes," he says. Just that. Nothing about how their love makes God cry. He must be over it.

He wanders up to Thea and Mona, giving them each a kiss on the cheek. "Hello, loves. You're stunning. Zane, you look great." He takes a drink of his wine. It's a generous cupful. Raising his voice, he says above the din of Jonny's drumming, "The bar is just in here, feel free to get your drink on." Thankfully there is plenty of room outside drum-filled foyer. On the floor is a kitty peacock costume, somewhat mauled. The cat, who has escaped his feathery prison, is nowhere to be seen.

Some might think Zane would make a better triton if he had a tail instead of two legs, even if they are airbushed suitably scaly and his feet look appropriately like flippers. He would, however, have a much more difficult time coming down the stairs that way, and it'd probably also get in the way of bouncing around to meet up with people and say hi, which is what he's currently enthusiastically doing, with virtually everyone he runs into. Shame this is probably the last of their masquerades; at some point he really should've come as a Golden Retriever. The body paint seems fairly solid, though, and doesn't much smear or come off in any of the varioud shoulder slaps or hugs or the like that interfere with his path toward snacks and drinks. Snacks and drinks are very important. Makeup and mask-fins notwithstanding, it's not even a little bit difficult to identify him. Hair and build and exuberance would have been enough.

"You too!" he stops to reply to Jade as he reaches the reconstituted set of Marchant triplets, "Mona wouldn't tell me what you were gonna be, but you look awesome. Your tail rocks. And," to Thea, "you look awesome too, though I kinda feel like I'm supposed to be lifting you any moment now." A glance toward the drumming, "'cept that's a weird beat for it."

Despite the name calling and the like, Landon's terribly used to Lester bad behavior and he doesn't take any of it as much of an insult at all, the edge of his lips quirk up further to go with his amusedly lifted brows. There's a slow scan of the room to regard just what his Marchant cousins think of his Lester cousin, but he's not going to bring anything up. Just yet anyway. Standing near Lucas, alongside Esme and Lana as they all seem to observe Jonny's drum playing, "A gift that I'm sure we're all grateful for." Turing to the his twin and their set of twin dates, he then asks, "Seeing how blessed we are with entertainment, care for a drin--k" His words slow when he notices just what Silver is planning on doing. This will be interesting.

"I'm pretty g-" Spear starts to say to his half brother, though his face is still full of concern. And then the...noise starts up. One of Spear's eyebrows goes alarmingly up, and the whole half of his face winces. He always has had amazing hearing, but this, frankly, is something close to an assault for a guy who can track a rabbit by the sound of it's footfalls. "Augh," he manages, and then sticks his fingers in his ears "Just. Wanted to say that if you get any weird. Requests to go out like, or follow people to - can you - tell me and Star and even Hector first, before you -" The noise! FInally he looks up, and he spots Hector and Cash. The eyebrow twitch stays. "So. _Anyway_. You look rad, maybe you should chat to Thea, I mean, God, look at her -"

"Do it, you won't," Jonny entices Silver with a sneer, a drumstick clutched in either hand. "Am I supposed to be afraid of melting or something? Do it already." Bap bap bap, rattatatat. The threat has been less successful than most likely hoped.

"Oh," says Amy thoughtfully, turning a little to learn kind of further into Ashley's personal space. "Well, it'd go with your outfit somewhat," she muses, glancing across the way at that drumming that's bothering everyone. She can only laugh. "That's classic Jonny, that is." She apparently approves, despite the annoyance it causes even her. She's in too good of a mood at the moment to let it get to her. For now, anyway. Her brows lift up at the ice and she can't wait to see what's gonna happen next, glancing at Star and Spear briefly before locking her eyes back on Jonny. "Hmm? What's serious?" She wonders vaguely, only half listening to Ashley for a second.

Thea follows Lana's gaze back over to where James is spotting, and though her expression freezes to some extent, she'd been smiling when it happened. So at least she still looks warm and welcoming, if ever so mildly strained. Returning her focus to Lana, she shakes her head. "Nonsense, you look gorgeous. We'll have to see if we can have someone fetch some cake for you," she teases, eyes regaining their customary twinkle as she turns to Zane, smile shifting to grin. "I think my feet had better stay on solid ground, for tonight," she cautions him. "I can't guarantee that I'm modestly covered from all angles." Ooo. Rising up onto those bare toes, she presses a kiss to Jade's cheek in return, cooing to him, "Fabulous. It looks even better on you." Because naturally, she saw the peacockery before it was donned. "Jonny," is called out then, as her gaze snaps over to the drummer. "Be good." Yep. She said that.

ROLL: Silver rolls finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 4 2 1 3 -- d8)

Silver tsks and shakes her head. "You know...everyone knows better than to dare me," She tells him simply and then lets one ice cube plop down upon the top of his head. It is the only warning to get him to cease before the rest falls. She's got pretty good aim.

"I want the biggest drink, of course, because it's a party and I'm with Marchants. But..." Esme replies to Landon's offer with a trail off of her own and a tiny hair adjustment with painted red fingertips to look at Silver poised with the cup over Jonny. Then she twitches a bit of a grin when he's undeterred, eyes taking a wander over toward where Ashley happens to be posted up with Amy. After waving at her cousin and flashing a smile with mild gesture over herself in a you-look-fabulous kind of afar gesture, she looks back toward Silver with a sudden squint because surely, she's about to test how undeterred Jonny is or up the ante because he's not. Then the cup makes icy tumble and her head tilts, wondering to the boys, "I bet drumsticks hurt. You ever get whacked with one or two the way he's slamming them around there and.... you know, being Jonny?"

Hector's head moves as if he's scanning the crowd and a slow smile spreads across his lips as he sees all the costumes. Close up, delicates snakes have been painted emerging from his hairline so that they seem to be extentions of his black curls. There is what looks suspiciously like a class ring with a black stone on his Right index finger. He grins at Jade, "You look amazing, Man! Mona did our wings!" He nods to Spear and gives him an encouraging smile, even as he heads towards his half brothers, Angel still in tow. It is hard to tell where his yes are looking behind the smoke glass, but he leans towards his older half brother and says in a tone not designed to carry past Spear, "We need to talk about precautions. I know I'm not your favorite person, but I'm worried about you." He gives Zane a double take and an upnod, then flashes Lana and Mona what is clearly an impressed look despite his hidden eyes. It is hard to tell what he is thinking as he sees the Lesters and the other Marchants. he gives Ashley a little wave.

Cash just beams at Jade. "Thanks! I love those the peacock colors. It's really becoming on you." He's all wide-eyed and happy and even a little hyper. He's sorta bouncing as his way of fidgeting. He has one hand in Hector's and doesn't seem to want to let go. He may not. Cash doesn't do big parties and crowds. When he does, he usually wallflowers while getting stoned. Tonight, he's waving at people and complimenting and he /stares/ at Thea just long enough to blush and look away. He leans over to Hector and stage whispers. "Everyone looks so cool. Check Ash's ringleader!" Hell, the boy might be high now. (He's not.) "Oh...even Meezer had feathers!"

Arms folding, Star turns to watch Silver and Jonny in stony silence behind that porcelain doll mask, waiting to see where this goes. Talk of 'shit getting serious' nearby gets a very slight turn of her head, but no comment. Seems she's sticking with the silent thing.

How can Ashley whisper over that drumming. God, if he's going to make noise, could he at least learn to play? He sounds like a school band drummer...in first grade. "//Really// serious. Like...murder. We'll talk later." She waves back at Esme, offering her a thumbs up for her own duds. A discrete squeezing of Amy's hand, in a 'I hope I live so we can see each other again' way, before she is heading for cousin Esme. Is Thea naked? Close enough. And Ashley was worried about being in a leotard. "Esme" she grins before giving her a hug and kiss to each cheek. "Can we talk? I don't want to bring the party mood down though but we really need to talk before you leave. Okay?"

The cube falls but the drum continues unabated, Jonny soldiering on heedless of the threats, veiled and otherwise, being directed his way. "This party!" he calls over the sound of his own drumbeat, "is a fuckin sham! You all want to dress up and prance around like the queen of Sweden!" Nobody here is dressed like Swedish monarchy. RATTATAT. "You're nobodies! Most of you have already peaked, maybe here tonight in this room even. It's all downhill from here, the kings and queens of No Place in Particular!" Bap bap bap, rattaratta.

Silver sighs and looks up at those watching her. "I asked nicely," She says before the rest of the ice is dumped. Aiming for the gap at the back of Jonny's neck this time. The cup itself left to fall on him.

"What!?" James replies to Spear's continued concerns, voices drowning out in the sound of percussion. Seeing Silver preoccupied with her preparation to put an end to Jonny's antics, James abruptly beats his hasty retreat before his sister can beer him, managing a weak smile by way of perplexed response to Spear before slipping past and through the lobby so that he can find a wall to lean against near a picture window facing the stunning view down towards Lake Havasu. He turns, ostensibly taking advantage of the scenic view, but can occasionally be caught glancing towards Thea with a mixture of cringe-worthy longing and glowering gloom written in his visage.

Cash lets go of Hector's hand and crosses over to Jonny. He's incredibly polite as he asks, loud enough to be heard clearly over the drumming and ranting. "Jonny? Jonny, who hurt you?" And Cash asks this with true, honest to goodness sincerity. And concern. Real concern. "It's a nice night. Why are you so mad?" And a dash of wide eyed innocence.

Hector smiles up at Cash and follows his gaze. he seems perfectly content to have his hand held right up until it isn't, and whatever his other concerns, Cash's mood has his shoulders relaxing. He eyes the drummer, "That is a lot of..." Words fail the musician. He cheers as his half sister dumps the ice. He calls to her, "You did! We heard you! The Goddess' mighty wrath!" He last softly as the angel confronts the drummer. He watches James go, "We're going to have to corner him later, I see." He leans closer to Spear and gives him a thumbs up.

There are a lot people prettier than the toast rack who is dressed up like a grackle, but if birds can make 'skinny and weird' work, then Spear seems determined to as well. James is fleeing, and then Spear is left to make a horrible realisation. He stares at Jonny, and he glances around for Jade. Man, Jade's party. Can't let the party be a downer for Jade. His face does something weird. "Oh my GOD!" he calls out "He wasn't hugged enough as a child! Everyone hug him! We gotta make up for years worth of neglect!" He pauses, as something occurs to him "EVERYONE EXCEPT THEA, DON'T REWARD NEGLECT WITH THEA, ONLY HUGS -"

"Huh?!" Amy maybe heard something or another of what Ashley was getting at, and is aware enough to realize something is going on so she just nods slowly for a moment, watching the woman leave and make her way to her cousin with a tilt of her head before grinning back at what Jonny's calling out. "Oh, geeze," she mutters to herself, hurrying over the way towards Cash and Jonny and everyone there. "Dude, Freeland, chill out for a bit yeah?" She manages to say from behind that wolf mask before Spear is calling for hugs. What.

"Oh god..." Lana murmurs, her gaze swinging over to where Silver and Jonny are. But soon, she is looking to Thea. "Cake? Oh, that would be fantastic!" Then, splash, that ice water goes over Jonny's head. She nods towards Esme. "Right?" Giving a quick smooch to Lucas' cheek, leaving a black-lipstick-kiss-mark, she says, "I will be right back, okay? Just want to go say hi to James." But when she turns around, her bestie has slipped away. Frowning, she shrugs and says, "nevermind... he disappeared."

From the top of the stairs comes a throaty, Siamese meow. Meezer, free of his costume, complains from his perch up there, likely about the drumming. It adds a little something to the tune, honestly. Rattatatatat rooooooooowr. The feline remains out of reach, preferring to gripe from afar.

Jade claps his hands together at Spear and says, "Hugs! Hugs of gratitude!" He swallows down the last of his wine and flounces over to get in on this. Alas, it's just after the ice water goes down.

Arriving late is shy, diminutive Anna Wilkins. She's in white lacy petticoats and pantaloons under a pastel pink calf-length gingham dress that laces up the front over a white blouse. Her hair has been done in ringlet pigtails tied with pink ribbons, and she carries a white crook. Little Bo Peep looks around, then skitters inside to hide in a corner while she looks for people she knows.

When Esme requests a big drink, Landon can only fully agree. "We'll probably all need something strong to drink after this." After listening to the incessant sound of Jonny drumming for the entirety of the night. When he catches sight of Esme's exchange with Ashley, he gives the Freeland a dashing enough smile and a nod in greeting. "Likening yourself to a Ringleader, eh? Not surprised at all." Turning to both Freeland-blooded cousins, he offers, "Look, I'll come back with drinks, leave you both to your own devices." He then flashes a wink over at Esme, "I'll be right back." Even as he says this last part, the drama surrounding Jonny is quite the distraction. Shooting a quick glance over at Lucas now, however, he's giving his twin a look that says 'Don't worry, I got you.' Looks like drinks all around.

Lucas looks to Johnny and his predicament and then to Lana and SIlver. The smile holds there. "HEeeey Silver. Glad youcould make it." Eyebrow arches and he leans into teh black smudged smooch leaving it there without shame, "Yeah, I'll elt you know if a fighte breaks out and anyoen winds up in the pool." He pauses, "Again." Because if teenagers do anyhting it's stupidly repeat history. Oh ask him how. His eyes shift back to landon with a slow upnod and a flash of a smile that is the 'thanks bro!' "Esme, we placing bets yet on how this is gonna go down? Seriously Jonny, where's your sister I've been tryin to call her."

"I didn't know Sweden had a queen," Zane says, the grin he'd returned Hector for the upnod subsiding as he gives Jonny's drumming and yelling a decidedly confused look; anything else he might've been inclined to say on the matter is lost or at least delayed by laughter when Silver dumps that ice. Two painted fingers go possibly-unwisely into his mouth, and he gives a sharp, loud whistle of approval for her move. "Silver's pharaoh of No Place in Particular!" he declares toward Jonny, then pauses, shrugging, "Well, Egypt's kind of a place in particular, I guess, but. Pharaoh!" And of course he's going to join in on this hugs thing, because that seems fun. Bodypaint hugs for everyone! He's careful of the little fins that've been attached, at least, so there's probably not too much scale transfer. Probably.

Without word or warning, Star reaches out and snatches Mona's little chalkboard and chalk, starting to write on it as she stalks over towards Silver and Jonny. On arrival, she holds it out.

Your drumming sucks worse than Pizza Hut pizza.

Then she turns and heads towards Thea, wiping the slate clean and writing something new as she goes.

Mona idly wipes down the slate as she glances amongst those assembled. She seems weirdly immune to the drumming, as if the silent film aura has overtaken her completely. More carefully, she writes down, 'This year I made sure to plan pool friendly options into everything I put together. So no feathers clogging the pool drains. Maybe dodge Cassidy?'And she holds up the sign to the others with raised brows, her expression hopeful in a melodramatic fashion that would put Valentino to shame. The wideness of her eyes highlights the pale grey contacts she's wearing, wiping out even the usual pale blue.

But then Star grabs it, and she can't exactly pretend any more. This is gonna be good, she can just tell. She pulls a long black cigarette holder from the sash at her hip, and lights up a Djarum Black to put in it, keeping flawlessly in theme.

Alyssa is not similarly immune. The pint-sized retro diva slings a hell of a look in the direction of the drumming, and points the ray gun in Jonny's direction. Pew pew pew! If only, her expression seems to say. "If this is my peak, damn if I'm not getting laid tonight." She aims a pointed look to the others around her as she insists, "And before anybody thinks that means taking one for the team to get him to knock it off, think again. This bitch has standards." And is at least self-aware about the bitch part.

Mona's lucky she's covered in enough greasepaint to whitewash an entire troupe of mimes, because the color she's probably turning under it would clash with absolutely everything in the room.

When the ice goes down the back of his blanket-shawl, Jonny rears up like a Kraken being summoned from the deep, casting off the scratchy fabric and scattering ice across the floor. The drum clatters aside with a hollow clonk. "I'm /always/ mad," he spits at Cash, still shaking ice out of his clothes. The thinness of his frame is the only thing that keeps his tall, gangly size from being intimidating, even hopping mad like this. "This whole town is a clusterfuck of half-baked..." The rant trails off and it's clear from the side-to-side darting of his bulging eyes that he's struggling to grasp the correct insult. Instead his eye catches Star's message, and rather than keep grasping, he gives the fallen drum and almighty kick towards the nearest wall with a shout of "POSERS!"

Followed by an accompanying shout of "Fuck!" as he doubles over to grab at his foot, hopping awkwardly back to his seat and flopping down against it. A furious hand shoves his glasses back into place. He's not even drunk yet.

"He's going to act so undeterred until some of it goes down his back and makes him jump and miss a beat. Then he's definitely going to whirl with a stick and insult the collective." Esme predicts to Lucas aside after a smile for Landon's wink and promises of drinks. She lifts on her heeled toes to press a lipstick print on the side of his cheek when he goes to mark him pretty with play pride, then looks at Ashley coming up with a little bit of hand fussing over the costume in gesture, "Hey Ash. Seriously, top notch here. And yeah? I mean, we can talk, parties are just parties, people come and leave in whatever mood, that's what the drinks are for, aren't they?" Granted, given who her cousin's twin is, she suddenly has a vague recollection of sending Cash off the other night for his own well being and imagines he's talked to Ashley, so... her smile faulters just a touch and she adjusts her half-mask to look at her cousin more seriously, "Talk, talk, huh? Want to find a corner while drinks are fetched?"

Lingering alongside the window, James' attention mostly lingers on the view, though a studious look might catch his lips occasionally moving, as though he were speaking to himself, while he stares down at the lake. Once or twice, he turns his attention back towards the party. On seeing Lana turning about in search of him, he starts to lift his hand as though to catch her attention, but withers, letting his hand slip back down to his side as he returns to his gloomy glaring out on that beautiful view, brows furrowing faintly. He's not one for parties, and the last thing he wants to do is ruin it for his best friend with his depressive moping.

"Likening?" Ashley offers Landon a smirk before adding, "I //am// the ringleader. Great to see you, Landon. I'll just have a juice, thanks. I'm getting all healthy and...stuff." Realising Lana is there, hugs and airkisses for her other cousin. "You look wonderful. Blonde suits you." Totally dyed. Is Zane dressed as Aquaman? What a lame superhero. He talks to fish and...that's it! Still, Zane is a handsome guy...if you like that kind of thing. A nod to Esme's suggestion. "Might be a good idea to find some privacy. How about we meet in the guest sitting room in ten? Bring your drink if you like. Okay?"

Star is a bit more discreet with showing Thea the message she's written, but only a little. Those near her can probably see what's on the slate now.

For the love of god, ask James to Prom.

Silver takes that moment to snag the drum up from where it fell. A triumphant smile on her face as she faces back with the two beer bottles in her other hand. She laughs a little and blushes when she hears Zane and bows slightly before holding the drum out to Hector. "Do something pleasant with this, yeah?" She asks him, seeming to be more relaxed than she was a few minutes ago.

POSERS. Spear puts his arms around Jonny - or tries, because by now who knows what is going on, aside from the fact that there are _several_ people trying to hug him. "Ohhhhh Jonny boy, the pipes are playing," he sings, tone-deaf "But come ye back when summer's in the meadow, or when the valley's hushed and white with cocaine, I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow, Oh, Jonny boy, oh Jonny boy, I love you so!" Yeah, he is going to probably get smacked or something, but the benefit to being targeted by Amy is that you do have some experience. Hugs. Hugs for Jonny. Hugs from a toastrack.

Maybe accidentally hugs for Cash from Spear too, collateral damage.

"He's not wrong," James comments quietly to himself, or to whomever it is that he speaks to, after Jonny's rage has replaced the noise vacuum left by the end of his godawful drum solo. Mercifully, he's entirely oblivious to Star's discreet messaging, or he'd probably be turning red -- from the lacerations of fleeing out that picturesque window, if not from blushing. "I don't think that's how it goes," James comments wryly to his imaginary co-conspirator on overhearing Spear's fantasy of a cocaine-laden valley.

Lana hugs and airkisses Ashley with a smile, but when she compliments her blonde hair, her eyes look up as if gazing at her own hair. "Um... thanks? Good to know, since I've been blonde all my life. Would hate to find out now it looked awful." Her brow arches and she just rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Looking to Lucas, she says, "I think I need to find a drink."

Thea's cheeks turn juuust about as pink as the wispy panels of sheer fabric that sort of almost represent a skirt, on her costume. Maybe. Staring at Star for a long moment, she seems as speechless as Mona's silent movie star is supposed to be. Then, her spine straightens. "Oh fuck it." Turning, she makes her way through the crowd precisely toward where James is standing -- because yes, she remained acutely aware of his position the whole time, regardless of how sneakystealthy he was trying to be. A hand flashes out to ensnare his own and, unless he puts up a pretty spectacular fight, she'll pull him outside to someplace.. uh. Far more private than this.

It's hard to tell who exactly in the cluster around johny he's looking at, but he seems to very much like what he sees. He ssaunters vaguely in that direction at the calls for hugs, raising his eyebrows at Star, then Mona. He offers Ashley a hug even as he considers how best to corner Johhnny. He says in ashley's ear, "Thnk you." Then he's laughing and trying to block Johny's escape form the huggings with a wink for his half brother.

Heather emerges from the bar area wine in hand and surveys drummer and all around him with disdain. She is dressed in a kelly green peplos with black snake themed trim. Her hair is a wig of snakes posed to strike and her half mask sugests fury. When she spots Zane, she stalks towards him and attempts to dash her drink in his face.

Jade winces as Jonny has his big finale. Then Spear is upon the guy and hugging him, and on second thought, Jade reconsiders hugging Jonny. Instead, he reaches in to pull Spear away. "Come here, young Thistle. You're going to get punched, and that's no way to enjoy a party. Let's go to the ballroom, get wasted, and start dancing." Hey, he's not going to even try to pretend he's not a poser. Parties are fun, tee hee, that's his deepest motivation. He wants to dance, and he's going to drag Spear with him.

Cash shoots a half hearted glare towards Amy. "I'm fine! Happy. Better than chill. I'm concern--" He's cut off by Jonny and he backs away. Waaay away as Spear is nearby and hugs are going out. "I just want to help..." He about to slip away until Spear's Hug Attack does a little splash damage and Cash is embraced. Cash's reaction to sudden touch is usually to recoil, apologize, then allow. Not this time. Instead, he allows and grabs Spear to hug him back. And this act, minor and accidental, seems to lift something off of Cash. He was pleasant and relaxed before. Maybe even jubilant. Happy. Now it's just relief. He hangs on to Spear just long enough to kiss his cheek. A chaste, stolen kiss. And in usual Cash fashion, he just bails, fleeing towards Hector.

ROLL: Zane rolls finesse+1 for: [3]: x3 (Set) [4]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 4 (Raw: 3 4 3 3 4 -- d6)

"Hey, everyone, leave him the fuck alone," comes Amy's voice, as she's not getting in on this hugging thing and is, in fact, showing that bit of Lester loyalty. When Silver is snatching up the drum however and offering it over towards Hector, she's rolling her eyes and turning about. "Hey, think very carefully about what you do with that drum," she advises in a steely tone.

Star watches Thea go, nodding in approval, then makes her way back over to hand Mona her slate back, her work done. She reaches down and pulls a pack of cloves from her left boot along with a lighter. She lights up, smoking it through the small mouth hole on the mask she wears.

ROLL: Mona rolls spirit + 2 for: [1]: x3 (Set) [3]: x1 [5]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 4 (Raw: 5 1 5 1 3 1 -- d6)

Placing an order for a few glasses of whiskey for himself and his friends, Landon watches the spectacle going on from his position at the bar which he now leans up against. From behind his black domino mask, he takes in the vibrancy of colors once more, watching with some fascination as costumed figure after costumed figure waltzes out before him.

Turning back to regard the bartender, he watches as the masked figure behind the bar fills their glasses. Food and drink have been tasting...blander as of late. Bitter, somewhat. Those dark eyes can only hope that the whiskey burn will chase all of that away.

James is a lot of things -- well, not really -- but of the many, many things that he isn't, right up there with astronaut, NFL linebacker, and international assassin, is spectacular fighter. Accordingly, he's in the midst of a retort to himself -- or his invisible conversation partner -- when he's so rudely accosted by Thea and dragged by the hand to the deck outside, with its view of the lake, for a private chat. He looks startled and confused by his abduction, but it's not entirely unwelcome when he finds himself standing outside, staring at Thea, blinking with hopeful confusion blended with the occasional hint of suspicion. "Uh. Hi," he finally greets her dumbly.

A strong wind blows from the ocean, showing a new way.

Thea goes off the beaten path to E.

James goes off the beaten path to E.

"I am not one to destroy another's property out of hand, Amy!" Silver quips back. And then on second thought goes to put it atop one of the tall shelves. Out of sight while Jonny is being hugged. Turning just in time to see Heather throw her drink at Zane. Those green eyes go wide and her smile and laughter turns into a frosty frown. "Hey!" And she begins to stalk over, though she isn't sure what she is going to do till she gets there. Reaching out to pull Heather back and away from Zane.

It's like her bitch sense is tingling. Alyssa elbows Mona in the side as she catches sight of Heather, though she sips from her stolen drink as though perfectly content to watch this play out without any further intervention.

Mona? She sees that look. She knows that particular peril. She is on guard for moments just like this.

She also knows how long she spent working on that makeup. She doesn't need the slate for the 'oh hell no' to be written plainly right across her face. It's rare that Mona Marchant actually seems like a Marchant. She doesn't go for the show, she doesn't typically do more than blend into the background, and she puts real effort into doing precisely that.

Maybe that's why, when she steps pointedly in Heather's path, cigarette holder held as aloft as a single eyebrow, she suddenly stands out. Every goddamned sequin seems to glint with dire purpose. Does she really have to say it? There is, finally, a sound from Mona: the sharp click of a black polished fingernail against the cigarette holder, which drops the tail of ash right in Heather's path.

There's the line. Go ahead, cross it and see what happens.

Her eyes narrow, glittering. It is very clearly not a smart dare to take. Never challenge the costumer on home ground when it comes to the person she spent the entire day painting!

Between the time that the hugging from Spear begins in earnest and the moment when Jonny fully registers just what is going on, Jade has already pulled the hugger away before any corporal punishment can be meted out. "In some countries, that's assault. Like, I think in this one," he yells after the rogue hugger, looking around for his drum. 'His' drum. "That's my fuckin-" he starts upon seeing the potential transfer to Hector, but a visible realization shoots through him and his eyes shift abruptly from enraged to apathetic, the finger he'd jabbed towards them dropped back to his side. Instead, he plucks the rough wool blanket from the floor and wraps it around his shoulders again, hitching up the red plaid PJ pants by the drawstring. "Keep it. I'm outta here. I hope you all choke on your horse de-vores."

And thus, he shambles toward the door and out into the night.

ROLL: Hector rolls Spirit+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 2 5 1 6 2 -- d6)

Esme nods easily to Ashley's suggestion and looks across at the area where they're set to meet, then she can't help but visually spectate the tension ramping up in the room from a few different angles. And with all the colors and costumes, somehow it seems more than just a teenage affair, it seems a little like a dream state and she stares for a distracted moment, head tilted to play with a pretty curl of hair, remembering other dreams too. Then she snaps out of it and pulls in a sharp breath, touching at Lucas and Lana's elbows in turns to explain, "Going to meet Landon halfway with the drinks to relieve his hands, then go have a little spell of word exchange with Ashley before I decide drink is more important than words. And you know... in our house we LOVE to talk about feelings," There's a look shot at Lana with amusement because MOM, "So clearly, drinks are a very tactical decision to take a break from all that, huh?"

After going to meet with Landon at the bar to relieve him of a whiskey and a juice for Ashley, she tells him with a look over her shoulder to Jonny, his drums, and the rogue hugging with a laugh, "I'm going to have a chat with Ashley about something she wants to talk about, at least you have exciting eye candy with me taking a trip to the other room. Thanks for the drink wrangling, good looking."

A strong wind blows from the ocean, showing a new way.

Ashley goes off the beaten path to GSR.

"Young Thistle?" says Spear, wonderingly to Jade. When did he join an English period comedy? When he started hugging Cash, of course. At this point it is all threatening to become a caper, rather than a comedy. Spear's reaction to being kissed is muted, because he is being accused of assault "Hey, this is affection!" he says "But I can understand how you might -" Wait, is he hugging Cash too? He is. And Cash is now fleeing for Hector. Spear gets to his feet in a wobbly way, possibly feeling...like he just bullied Jonny. He opens his mouth, then calls out to Cash "The...horse's doovers are really good."

Thistles are awkward. And awkwardly it is that Spear puts a hand on Jade's shoulder and says "I want to drink and dance." He adds "And pose."

Hector smiles in delight at the Spear and cash hug something lifted off his shoulders as well, then gives the erstwhile birds another smile as Peacock rescues grackle. He eyes studies Amy from behind read glass, "Where were you wanting us to put it exactly?" It might be a challenge or it might not. As the Angel flies towards his demon, he holds out his hand, "Ready for a drink?".

Heather actually hisses as Silver, "Let me go! Let me at that limp dick piece of shit!" Mona is glaring at her though. She sighs, "Fine! Just fine! have at him, Ladies, for what he's worth!"

Jade leads Spear to the ballroom which, with all the open spaces in this grand manor, is visible from the foyer. In there, music is playing. Not Jonny's drumming, alas, but popular music, very 90s. "Man, people are going nuts." Not that this bothers the peacock. It's a party. People get pissed and throw shit at each other. He glances at Spear. "You were hugging Cash," he tells him, in case he wasn't sure. He pauses at the bar to get another cup of wine. "We should go to the pool after this."

Bo Peep continues sitting out of the way, nibbling on a puff pastry with shrimp while nursing along a Dr. Pepper. She waves a little at Cash in passing, but otherwise seems content to sit quietly and watch the festivities.

With tablet back in hand, Mona neatly writes out, 'Ruin my work and I will ruin your night.' She holds it aloft, then adds a brief addendum at the bottom whilst taking a drag. 'Fuck with Zane again and I will end you. Creatively.' The last word is underlined, and the dot of the i in 'creatively' is a tiny little heart. She smiles sweetly through the exhale.

"Good," Amy nods at Silver assuring she won't be destroying the instrument and instead electing to put it out of the way. That is a suitable compromise she can handle. She eyes Hector from beneath the mask however and there's a roll of her head. "Oh, just fuck off," she declares before turning about and vaguely looking for Ashley once more, though her attention gets caught up in this Heather/Mona/Zane thing that's also going on. What's this one about? She's not on a side here so she just laughs a little.

Lucas takes the drink from his brother and gives it a swirl and a sniff. He looks to Landon with a murmured thanks. And then there's Heather losing her shit on Zane. "Aww hell." Looking to Lana and Esme holds up a finger to buy himself a moment. "Mona, don't kill her in the middle of the hallway. It's why we have a patio." Is he helping? No. Is he hindering? Not at all. He is walking over towards the situation, past in a casual fashion to Heather flailing an angry. He' helping see? "Heather? He-...Heather. C'mon, it's over..." Says the man that can talk the panties off a nun. there's a good lad breaking that up to walk with her out to the patio.

Aquaman wears way more pants than that, Ashley! And he's not nearly so sparkly-scaley, except maybe on special occasions. But to be fair Zane probably can't even talk to fish, or at least, not have them talk back. He can tell them how pretty they are! Apparently, he can't get his hug on, though -- maybe he'd have better luck with the fish. He's ready to dive right on in to help remedy this terrible hugless neglect that has left Jonny a bitter and cynical husk at the ripe age of 18, but wiser heads seem to be inclined to prevent that, so he just stops, considering a moment. Which is when he spots the approaching Heather. His eyes widen -- it's enough just to spot her, let alone with her attention on him, let alone--

He yelps, darting to the side and behind Jonny, who proves a terrible place to hide as he just walks off. What? Hey! But other forces have saved the day, so he just straightens up somewhat sheepishly and checks to make sure his fins are still all properly attached. Yup. They are. He sidles to the side to subtly if ineffectually stand behind a small Belle-from-Beauty-and-the-Beast fo a moment, and looks like he might be considering a drink in any case. Just, not to wear.

Cash looks back at Spear and sighs. And soon there's hissing women and Cash winches. He says, to Hector. "Yes to that drink. Somewhere with less...noise?" Bo Peep doesn't escape his notice. He waves back at her. "That's Anna. She was my hookup for most of my patchwork radio equipment. She's pretty too." He says with a odd sort of distance, as if he's already miles away. "Another lifetime." He grabs Hector's arm and starts humming, tunelessly. If that wasn't already one of Cash's weirdo traits, you'd think he was happy enough to burst into song.

After handing off Esme her drink, Landon returns to both Lucas and Lana with some shots of whiskey all their own. "So Jonny's gone?" He murmurs, unsurprisingly. He leans his head back to take a sip, just as his sharp gaze narrows in on Mona and Heather going at it now. "The fun never stops." With Jonny out of the picture, at least, there was some peace and quiet.

With one 'problem' handled, even if that one was a cousin, Landon mildly observes Lucas try to tend to this second fire that just cropped up. "That cat's got claws. Handle with care." He says in a light tease.

Hector gives Amy a winsome smile and his middle finger. Then he's peering up at Cash. He nods, gives Anna a friendly wave andAngel's hand in his heads towards the drinks room. Singing in a light tenor pitched not to carry, "And if a ten ton truck. Kills the both of us. To die by your side. Well the pleasure, the privilege is mine. Take me out tonight. Take me anywhere, I don't care...."

Heather glares at Zane over Mona's shoulder but stalks off on Lucas' arm.

Silver narrows her eyes at Heather. Between her and Mona she is scared off and the Pharoah turns to look at Mona. She isn't smiling for a moment, but then her lips twitch in an approximation of one. And she bobs her head before cracking the tab on the beer. Only then does she realize James has been absconded with, looking around with the other can. So instead she hands it to Mona. She drinks beer, right?

The beer apparently doesn't suit cause she makes a face. And finds a flat surface to deposit it on. Instead picking the camera up from off her chest. Taking a quick shot of Mona up close and then she backs off towards the bar. Everyone will evertually walk by there and she can take pictures as they come and go.

There's a brief look from Mona to Lucas, and her black-painted glossy lips form a disappointed-looking pout. A ways off, Alyssa is grinning from ear to ear, and hiding her expression behind the rim of her cup. As the risk fades, so does Mona's temper, rising off and away from her like the clove smoke. She tucks the slate under an arm, and now she definitely needs a drink. Mona just doesn't do center of focus, and the tiny wrinkle of her nose in distaste suggests a fair bit of why. Regardless, she still doesn't 'break character to speak', keeping to the 'silent' aspect of 'silent film performer' with more success than even she expected, smiling awkwardly as Silver hands her the beer, which she raises in a brief toast salute. The sigh finally break the sound barrier, if it made a sound, as she goes to find a convenient patch of wall to prop up with her backside to watch whatever chaos is to follow with a weary look.

"I know!" says Spear to Jade, and he, too, goes for an alcoholic drink. The Grackle says "And he kissed me!" Things that make you go hmm. Though a few weeks ago, this would have been cause for Spear throwing a drink, and now he looks...he looks thoughtful "Cash," he says, after a moment "...hmm." He finishes his drink off, and then he grabs Jade's hand and pulls him into the middle of the room "Man, you guys have a _ballroom_?!" And he leans in, saying "...did James ask Thea out? This party is great. Now all we need is to worry about how the papers are gonna cover it. So, let me interview you - Mr Jade Marchant. How do you feel about parties. Are they the hjapless refuge of the bourgoise?"

Amy doesn't even notice Hector's middle finger, already bored with the Heather situation, and where the fuck has Ashley gone? The wolf masked teen can't see her anywhere! Oh well. Instead she ends up finding where Landon's set himself up and is there to prop up a bit of the wall nearby. "What a fuckin' riot, huh?" She offers idly as she looks out over the crowd. "Jonny's always good for a laugh like that." Yeah, cuz that was hilarious.

A strong wind blows from the ocean, showing a new way.

Hector goes off the beaten path to AQD.

Cash goes off the beaten path to AQD.

Jade frowns faintly. "He kissed you? Dude." Not that Jade cares because he doesn't. He's just frowning because, uh, reasons. He glances around the ballroom and his smile returns as he shrugs. "Yeah, we do. It's not that big a deal." He leans in closer to Spear and murmurs, "I don't know, but neither he nor Thea are around, so..." He's not about to go off looking for his sister and risk cockblocking. That's not a bro move. He moves to the music, rather gracefully, and he says, "I feel that parties elevate all of us. It's important to celebrate. Life sucks, you need to get your kicks wherever you can. You can quote me on that."

Landon's not difficult to find, he's dressed similarly to Lucas with a change in color scheme as their twin Venetian Merchant Princes. The wandering wolf is given a side-glance from behind his mask, almost as if pretending to not know who the hell the Big Bad actually is. "I thought I sensed you under all that fur." His tone comes out in light amusement when he says this before turning to face his other Lester cousin in full. "Oh, Jonny's always interesting to have around." They senior aged Lesters all grew up with each other after all, even the twin traitors who became Marchants... "You'd think with all the raucous, he'd get better with those things though." There's a creasing of his brow here, as if he could still hear that damned drumming. "Seen Morrison around, by the way? We need to speak with him."

At some point in the Heather/Zane commotion, Star slips out. One minute she's there, the next she's gone. She does that a lot.

Star heads towards Lake Havasu - Bermuda Avenue <O>.

"It's a big deal to me! A whole ballroom! We have a basement, but it's full of dead people," says Spear, with the tone deaf cheeriness that has earned him a reputation of unbelievable unpleasantness. Corpses and corpse makeup and refrigerators for funerals. Still, he then says "...that's my brother and your sister." It kind of feels weird when he puts it like that. Spear opens his mouth, and for once, sensibly, snaps it shut.

And then he says "...yeah. That's why I didn't dig what Jonny was doing. What are we gonna do instead, eh? Sit around all day being miserable? Just be all 'oh, I don't care about ruining someone else's party' to be cool? I don't care if it is cool. When did being. A jerk become the sign you were cool. I'll just be uncool then." He is more graceful than he is tough, but he is more sneaky than athletic as well - Jade is the better dancer, and Spear moves around with him in swirls of black Grackle feathers, his expression bright and clear "But seriously, I am going to interview you for the school paper if you're okay with it," he says "Freedom of the Press! And also I don't think the twins are going to want another Yeti article."

Reaching up, Amy actually slips the mask up and lets it sit on top of her head, which has the added effect of having the hood fall down too. She fans herself a little. "Hot in this," she admits with a smirk. "I don't think being good at it is really the point Jonny's tryin' to get across." She blinks a moment as she looks across the room before peering back at Landon. "What's with everyone needing to talk to someone. I don't know where the fuck Morrison gets to. But I'll be training with him as normal this week, come by the gym or something." She shrugs her shoulders at the vague idea, peering at Spear and Jade for a long moment.

Silver takes pictures of people. Meandering here and there and mostly sticking to the corners and out of the way places. Occasionally appearing from a crouch, looking up. And sometimes the stairs provide good angles too. Eventually she makes her way into the ballroom where Jade and Spear are dancing. Finally she is smiling a little again and lifts her camera. Taking several photos as quietly and sneakily as possible, aiming for the most candid she can of the two.

As the dancing starts, there's a smile from Mona. It's an oddly innocent expression, considering the performance she put on a bit ago, but there's a simple, honest delight in watching the flurry of feathers as Jade and Spear put the ballroom to use for its actual purpose, rather than the droll socials her family throws for her father's work associates. Small talk isn't her thing, which makes the costume an eerily apt call. She even sips at the beer -- because dammit, there's no bad liquor at this party, and she could use it. After a few minutes, Alyssa meanders through to prop up the wall beside her, slyly keeping an eye on who departs in which direction, and more specifically, who they pick to filter off with.

Jade smiles as he dances with Spear. It's not easy to see with the mask, but at some angles it's clear. He just seems happy to be there. "Hey, you're answering questions about the Yeti no one else has the guts to ask." His feathers shimmy and sway. "Of course you can interview me. I'll tell you anything you want to know." He moves closer to the grackle. "If you want to go relax somewhere, let me know. We could also go to the hot tub. You do have something to swim in under that, don't you?"

Zane makes his way toward the bar, giving Mona a somewhat sheepish grin as he goes, and ends up with a drink of his own. It is not a beer. It's something fancily blue-to-green shaded in the cocktail family, with a bit of pineapple and a maraschino cherry on the edge, and a curly straw, and he gives it a somewhat quizzical look once he has it. This is what happens when you ask a bored bartender to surprise you while you're dressed up like a merman. He gamely gives it a try, anyway, and gives the bartender a thumbs up as he wanders off a bit further, chatting brightly with people here and there, with only the occasional flicker of a glance for potential Return of Heather. One of them finds Silver again, and he gives her a grin. "Hey, Hatshepsut! Having fun? Can you even swim in that?" Look, these things do always end up in the pool eventually.

"Why not though?" Landon asks in regards to Jonny, "What else is he gonna do?" If not make a nuisance of himself. "I'd tell him to follow his passion, but who really knows where that passion lies." He then takes another sip of whiskey, drawing in a deep breath as he does so. It just wasn't the same.

Idly licking at is lips in thought, his own hidden eyes turning to peer in the direction that Lucas had disappeared to, he merely shrugs his shoulders. "There's something that we need to discuss with him. But the gym, huh?" He's about to give a quick OK, but asks beforehand, "At what time?" With everyone else disappearing into the ballroom, he asks, "Seen the ballroom yet?" Of course she has. This is probably not the first Marchant party that Amy's attended.

Silver lowers her camera to find Zane there and she smiles at him. Maybe a little tiredly. Not passing up the chance she snaps a close-up of him. The flash doesn't go off, thankfully, to blind him. "Hi," Her voice is soft and shy again for all she was front and center with Jonny.

"Fun? I'm taking pictures," Silver replies with a weak little chuckle and shrug of her bare shoulders. His next picture has her blink in surprise and look down at her skirt and back up. "Umm...well, I didn't bring a swim suit. I wasn't planning to swim." She reaches up and lightly itches near the glued-on wool beard. "I mean, that doesn't look waterproof so doubt you're swimming." She says, looking Zane up and down meaningfully.

Spear does a pretty good line in beaming smiles - they are a speciality of his, so they are ready for Silver's shots - and for Amy's glance. Which means that Spear looks right across and _beams_ at Amy, meets her eyes, and a small bunny part of him goes: ARGH HOLY SHIT WHERE IS MY SENSE OF SELF-PRESERVATION? He darts his gaze back, and he says to Jade "...I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop about the whole Prom thing, but so far, so good - still alive! My 'don't get beat up by Amy' plan is working as intended!" And he swirls with Jade, and then attempts to pick him up. Why not. Try out new stuff. Do the thing. "Everything will work out," he murmurs "Everything will be fine. Yeah, I have a lot of questions. The Twins are hard masters." And he says "Er, actually, yeah - last time I was here Mona and Zane let me know it was necessary!" _Sort of_ "So under here, it's black swim-boxers."

Zane gives Silver a beaming smile when she takes another picture of him. "Well, if taking pictures isn't fun, how come you do it all the time?" he asks reasonably, and wordlessly offers her some of his Extremely Festive Looking summery drink. "Anyway, there's always extra suits in the poolhouse, plenty of people forget one. And there's always just underwear, it's basically the same!" He's said so before and he's almost certainly going to say so again. Otherwise people try to stop you swimming when you want to just 'cause you weren't 'prepared'! Speaking of which, the smile turns into a grin as he adds, "And c'mon where do merpeople belong if not in the water? Oh!" There's the faintest bounce. "Okay, okay: who am I?" he asks, and then belts out, "You'll be swell! You'll be great! Gonna have the whole world on a plate! Starting here, starting now, honey, everything's coming up roses!" complete with dramatic arm spreading. He makes his voice a bit more feminine than usual, though not so far as falsetto. That doesn't belt so well.

Lucas stands out on the patio not yelling, but certainly doing near all the talking. No one's flailing, slapping, or being thrown in the pool out there either.

There's something scrawled on the slate to show to Alyssa, and Mona glances over to the other brunette with a quick arch of a single brow. Another long drag taken from her clove, and she hands the shorter woman the beer.

"Nope," says Alyssa as she slowly shakes her head. "Not even a little. Not until it's for you, some time."

The Marchant costumer glowers briefly over to the sci-fi go-go girl, then exhales a plume of smoke into the air above them. She watches the cloud swirl toward the ceiling, then flicks another glance down to Alyssa that seems to suggest that whatever it is, it will happen somewhere around the tenth of never.

"Fine, but I'm not enabling this bullshit. I'll see you.... out there, in the hot tub, on the balcony, in the pool, just... damn, girl," the shorter of the pair says before pressing a smooch to Mona's shoulder and stalking out with the liquor. The singing has Mona grinning, and fighting a sudden giggle she actually has to work to tamp down, even if she is still intent on rolling her eyes at Alyssa.

Jade's fairly light, all things considered. He's thin, he's delicate. He squeals when Spear picks him up and drapes his arms around Spear's neck. Then he laughs. "Just be sure you show her a nice time. Treat her like she's special. She may be able to kick all our asses, but she's a gorgeous woman and deserves a magical night." He isn't aware Amy's looking at them, or that she might be able to hear them. "Wanna go to the hot tub?" he asks. The parties almost always end up at the pool, some sooner than others.

On her settee, Bo Peep continues to watch people. She smiles and waves at people who glance her way. That's Anna for you, she's always such a nice girl. And seemingly content to eat pastry puffs and drink Dr. Pepper in peace. Honestly, it's just an honor to be at a Marchant party.

Silver takes the offered drink and a long sip when it is handed to her. Watching him babble and her expression warming. "I...don't like wearing other peoples swim wear. It's like wearing their underwear," She points out unhelpfully, wrinkling her nose as she hands back the drink. "That's actually kind of good."

And then Zane starts to sing at her. And there is this little look that goes over her face. One could easily call it adoring as her lips pulled back into a broad smile. "Better Midler," She says without missing a beat. Then she begins to join in, "Clear the decks! Clear the tracks! You've got nothing to do but relax. Blow a kiss. Take a bow. Honey, everything's coming up roses!" She sings out in her sweet soprano.

"Fucked if I know, dude," Amy says with another shrug at Landon, "Jonny is his own creature. He can do what he likes. He will anyway and you know it." Her arms cross over her chest as she glances across all the people. "Yeah, the gym. Usually Wednesdays after school but I'll be there earlier this week." She shifts off her spot and looks about. "I've seen the ballroom yeah. Everyone seems to be wandering." Okay not everyone, but a few people are.

Geez, the Marchant House is just...well, it’s just too big, okay? It’s just too big. And it makes some people both irritated and jealous, like the tallish, gangly dude with the mussy dark hair and the pasty complexion who wanders into the party wearing a backwards old-fashioned hunting cap, a scarf, a blazer, and holding an attache case. A lit cigarette dangles from one lip. He snorts and shakes his head as he looks around and Silver starts singing. “Good thing I was late.”

Landon's not going to make life choices for his cousin, Jonny, so while he doesn't nod at Amy's assessment, he doesn't discount it either. Wary eyes continue to observe his brother Lucas through the patio doors, gauging exactly how that particular conversation is coming along. When he does not to Amy, it's about Gym time. "Hopefully, not too early," He starts, quickly adding, "We're usually busy with the school paper, extracurricular activities. That sort of thing." As if he needs to explain that to his cousin. When Squid joins the fray, Landon's other 'brother', he looks the other Lester over, "Nice costume." Landon himself is dressed like some Merchant Prince complete with domino mask. "Glad you could make it though!"

"Will do, too honourable - and terrified - to do anything else," promises Spear, and he grins at Jade's reaction "Sure, hot tub!" he says brightly "Let's go." Time to admit later that he called the cops on what his own sister reported. FOR NOW...guilt free hot tubbing. He tries to tuck Jade under one arm - an action that would have worked fine as Harkaway. As scrawny Spear, he has to stop, put him down, and grab a rib "Ow. Hot tub _required_."

Jade's feathers rustle at the attempt to tuck him, and he laughs again. "Come on, my big strapping hero." He takes Spear's arm and leads him out of the ballroom, out to where the pool is. The music can still be heard, and there are some bottles and mixers out here for a quick drinkie. "You have to check this out, Mona did such a good job." He unfastens a gold-trimmed belt holding on his tail feathers. They droop as the harness holding them is loosened. Then he steps out of the harness, leaving him in the body suit. He unfastens it, stripping out of it from the shoulders and stepping out of it as well.

He's left in a sapphire blue speedo with that ridiculously proud codpiece fastened to it. "Check it out," he says. He raps on the thing fairly hard. "You could bounce a football off this bad boy. I don't think it's waterproof though, so..." So he starts taking it off. Thankfully, the speedo covers all.

Zane laughs brightly at Silver's reply, grinning wider when she picks up the song where he leaves off. "Best I can hope for is As-Good Midler," he replies, and shakes his head, then gestures down along his airbrushed-scaled and spirit-gum-finned self, and declares, "Ethel Merman! Get it?" He's very pleased with himself. To be fair, as Zane's wordplay goes, it's not half bad. The enthusiasm helps sell it, anyway. It's followed with the grin getting directed in Mona's direction, before he looks back to Silver. "Anyway in that case just wear yours and it won't be like wearing anyone else's." LOGIC. He accepts his blue-and-green drink back and takes another sip through the fancy straw, flashing the latest Lester arrival a bright grin of welcome. It's not his party, but that doesn't mean he can't be friendly! Try to stop him.

Esme arrives from off the beaten path.

Apparently, there's a corner to smoke in in the ballroom. Mona's claimed it for her own, but something about the way her mostly-black ensemble stands out like a sore thumb against the blank wall has her suddenly feeling like a bad sculpture occupying a convenient niche. Surely this place has a gym to smoke behind instead, right? With her female accomplice abandoning her abruptly, it's almost like she's suddenly naked in the middle of English class. That will simply not do. She wriggles her fingertips to Squid. In all black and white and holding a little placard with chalk, the silent film routine isn't exactly promising in terms of conversational prowess, but she does raise her clove in the cigarette holder in solidarity all the same.

“I hate costume parties,” says Squid, tapping cigarette ash on the ground as his cynical eyes stray from Silver and some of the others over before he manages to nod over at Landon, his sorta-kinda-non-brother. Clearly, he hates costume parties enough to still get dressed up for this one. Wrinkles his nose at the shenanigans in, towards, and around the hot tub. “Jesus, please tell me there’s alcohol here. In lieu of Jesus you’ll do, Landon.” He gives Zane a smile that’s more of a smirk than a friendly grin, but anyone who knows Squid should be used to that. He’s trying not to look at the codpiece, either, though he does nod at, and then study, the silent-film-clad Mona.

Silver is dressed like an Egyptian Pharoah. Resplendant with a fake beard, the hat, and skirt, and at first glance may seem to be wearing nothing on her chest. But she is. It's a brown sports bra almost the color of her skin. As she finishes the line she blushes under Zane's compliment and says, "That's silly," Shaking her head, eyes bright, and then the smile fades a bit and she shrugs. "Maybe I'll swim." But then she says, "I'm going to go get one of those." And she moves away and over to the bar. Fiddling with the fake beard as she does so. "I want whatever you made him," She says, finger pointing at fish boy.

While stepping out of the guest sitting room where she went off with Ashley prior for a chat, Esme is arranging her mask, her hair, her dress, her lipstick, her everything there in the doorframe before pulling in a huge breath of air to hold and release gradually. Then she carries her now-empty whiskey glass along with her, clearly on the hunt for a refill before anything else, though while she's walking, she takes a lay of the gathering to see what the focal point, conversation, or drama of the moment is, given how it was when she left for a spell prior. And though it's maybe a little hard to tell behind her brightly plumed phonix mask as she slips through the room in matching ballgown, she takes a visual look for Landon, which no doubt means she's using Lucas's location as proximity cue too.

Amy's just leaning casually again, keeping her eyes out for a sign of a certain someone who's vanished off. Where has Ashley even gotten to. That distraction with Jonny has ruined all of Amy's plans. "Lighten the fuck up Landon it's Spring Break. Don't be such a princess," she teases at his whole 'extracurricular activities.' There's a shake of her head. "I'm just sayin' we'll probably be there all afternoon. Come in, or don't, whenever." She shrugs. There's a vague wave of her hand towards Squid, a brief smirk there, mask still perched on her head rather than on her face. "Sup."

Tidily scrawling something on her 'silent movie placard', Mona draws a little arrow and labels it with the word 'boozahol', then holds it aloft to point toward the bar. Lowering it again for a moment, she adds in, 'smack him in the head if he tries to dole out the cheap stuff' to hold it up again. There's a tiny grin, and her shoulders shake with a small, completely silent laugh. Through the entire course of the evening thus far, she has yet to utter a single sound.

Lucas is having one of his patented Lucas Marchant talks out there. He turns and strides back in sliding the patio door quietly like he's got the whole damn world in his back pocket. His eyes, though, flicker to landon, and then to Mona holding there. Eyebrow arches. He crosses the room to give his cousin a smooch on the cheek and murmur somehing to her. His wolfish smile makes an appearance and then to Silver he says "You should. WAs jsut out there and the water is like 82. It's pretty amazing." He finds Lana though and murmurs something to her and that gets a walk back towards the kitchen. "We are young, to advantere, my friends."

JADE IS UNDRESSING and Thea was hardly wearing ANYTHING. Spear is learning a lot tonight (and other people are learning that Spear has no sense of shame). After a moment he says "...my goodness." A pause "Usually a football to the groin is something to avoid." He peers back towards the others, Squid and everyone, and then Spear disrobes. He has black swim boxers. They are not remotely dodgy in any way at all. He has no idea what to make of the codpiece. He keeps staring at it, on and off. After a moment he says "...I have so many weird feelings."

There's a quick arch of Mona's brow as she listens to Lucas, leaning in with all the proper melodramatic poise one might expect of a silent film chorus girl. Her eyes are a fraction too wide, the hand gestures intentionally over the top as if intended to be read from the furthest balcony. Slowly, the smile crawls into place, and it's not the kindest expression. It is a delighted one all the same. She positively beams at Lucas, the grin all teeth. There's a decidedly Not 1920s thumbs-up to follow, and a quick scrawl of something for Lucas' eyes only across the slate.

Jade takes off the codpiece, regards it with fondness, and says, "Go with those feelings." He sets it on his costume, then reclaims his wine. Thus clad in only a sapphire blue speedo and his peacock mask, he steps out to the pool and, more importantly, the hot tub. "I'm not saying you should throw a football at my groin, I'm just saying that I was prepared for the contingency." He turns the bubbles on in the tub, then slips into the hot water, still masked. "Just wait, the party will come to us."

Silver looks up at the sudden appearance and comment of Lucas. Turning to look at him with more smirk than smile. "Oh yeah? Then why aren't you in it" She asks as she sturns to take her colorful and fruity drink.

"Thanks." Turning around she looks for Lucas only to have lost him in the crowd again. So what does she do? Retreated to a corner with her fruity drink and fairly guzzles it down. It is sweet. And doesn't much taste like booze. And that's a bad thing for the anemic girl who doesn't party.

Mona is not only eye-catching, she’s also helpful. Squid even grins at her. His teeth are a little yellowed and crooked, but he’s got a cute smile. or at least he’s going for a cute smile. Maybe. Then he frowns again, because smiling doesn’t match his costume. “You heard the woman, Landon. Get me the good booze.” He occasionally squints at the others, like he has to keep everyone in his sight. Like he’s taking mental photographs of everything here.

Lucas was somewhere outside on the patio, but Landon is lingering around with Amy, of all people, as company. He was monitoring his brother's conversation from afar, his posture straightening when Lucas waltzes back in having taken care of business out there. His gaze follows as he takes one final sip of his whiskey before clearing the glass altogether. To Squid, he gestures over to the bar, "Open bar. You're welcome." It's not /his/ bar, but he is part of the family now. "Speaking of, I might be going in for a refill." He lifts his ow empty glass. To Amy, he asks, "Want anything?"

That's when he notices Esme's re-emergence, giving her this curious lift of his brow as he moves forward to join her. "Wow, that must've been important for how long that conversation took." He's mostly teasing her, though there's a hint of impatience in his tone. "Not that you missed anything." Draping an arm around her waste, he relays the same thing he told the others, "Getting a refill." He's now spying her own glass to see if it's been emptied or not. The whiskey was disappointing, but that's what he expects nowadays.

Yeah, semi naked people, at least some of whom he has either mooned over, been rejected by, dated, or are currently trying to - Spear eyes the costuming "I will be _right_ back," he says quickly. Time to go get some artificial courage. A man's gotta see this through!

Shadows gather, returning old paths to darkness.

Zane is abandoned! But at least he has his drink, which is indeed sweet and fruity and not particularly alcohol-tasting, and a whole ballroom full of people! Nonetheless, he drifts off toward Mona at the moment, with only a couple stops along the way to talk to someone or other. He does not seem to realise there might be some connection between Mona and Lucas's discussion and the whole Heather thing, glancing with faint disappointment after the latter when he wanders off, and flopping himself against the wall next to his best friend the silent film star. Hopefully the wall will not be greenish and a bit sparkly when he stands back up! In the meantime, he offers the drink toward Mona so she can have a sip if she wants, too. "I wanna swim. Thinks it's about time?"

The idea of heading out to the hot tub is a grand one, and Mona looks like she could use a break from the house itself. Maybe just some fresh air -- because the clove smoking totally indicates that -- but as Jade and Spear head off to the hot tub, she slows to wait for something else, apparently. It isn't just the word from Lucas, but if two out of the three Marchant triplets can have a romantic evening for a change, she's not going to be the one that rocks that particular boat. As the glistening-scaled singer takes up post beside her, she can't hide the grin. Rather than writing it down, this time, however, she points to the hot tub, where Spear and Jade have gone, and shakes her head pointedly, grinning a sappy little romantic grin as she draws a heart in the air in smoke with the remains of her clove and the pretentiously long cigarette holder. The pool will simply have to do on its own, and with a spin, she points the holder in that direction, arching a brow in question.

Squid snorts. “You’re a peach,” he tells Landon, shuffling off in that direction. When he’s not sarcastically swaggering, and when he thinks no one is looking at him, he looks distinctly awkward. The perma-hunched shoulders don’t help. It /does/ help the authenticity of his costume, however. Behind the bar, he starts rattling bottles back there, cursing to himself as he nearly knocks things over. Yeah. Everyone is paired up...it figures.

Jade is no longer paired up, alas, or having a romantic interlude as Spear heads back indoors to one of the secluded rooms for a little pharmaceutical assistance. Jade's brow furrows behind his mask as he watches Spear leave, but he's not too bent by it. It's a lovely evening, and he has wine. Which he drinks as he soaks. Life is good til he runs out of wine. Then he'll have to get up again. Boo. Till then, though? Soaking.

Esme murmurs aside to Landon and shakes her emptied drink vessel when his arm is about her waist with sweeping escort for the bar, wearing a slip of smile, "Ladies are supposed to make men just a tiny bit impatient to make sure they miss them. Also I ran out of whiskey, so I figured it was about time to pop out and stop playing coy, you know?" Outwardly, that sounds like Esme just fine and dandy and she makes to do that refill thing with company while noticing people are in states of semi-naked, "Are you going to strip down too or keep the costume classy?" And oh, she notices Mona's point out toward the pool with a bit of a grin up at the male next to her.

But. For all that outward fine, she leans heavily into Landon's body and turns her face to murmur more confidentially and quietly at his sleeve under the din of the party and trembles just a touch tangibly while held, "Change of plans when we go off asking around, though. Ashley... asked me some things and told me some things, and I think..." After a wet of her lips and a look up, he can see how serious she is behind that pretty makeup and mask, silently conveying she has stuff to say that isn't for the party and right now.

"Nah." Amy waves a hand. "Booze is for losers," she declares right there like that, pushing off the door. "Pretty much done here anyway." She reaches up to slip the wolf mask back into place, and the red hood over it. Red Riding Wolf lives again. Ashley seems to have vanished and ruined all her plans, and Hector isn't even around to get angry at about it for no good reason, so Amy is apparently gonna cut it off right there and just quietly make her way out with just another vague wave for Squid. It's a Lester tag-in.

Zane looks a little disappointed again when Mona shakes her head, but aw, it's for romance? He gives the hot tub area a slightly sappy look himself, but then brightens up when Mona points toward the pool. Oh, *that's* okay? "Totally!" he replies, "Pool's good. Let's pool." He's a fan of it in any case, and hey, totally appropriate for a merperson, right? He starts that way, walking backward to let him make sure Mona's coming along. A few other people along the way get snagged and dragged along to the best of his not-actually-physically-forcing ability, as well. It is Time. Even if he's not quite done with that drink yet.

Silver is alone in a corner watching people. The blue drink quickly disappearing as she watches the party go swirling around her. As people begin to move out to the pool she slinks along. But not before pausing for a refill. And a handful of puff pastry things that she sets on a napkin. Out onto the patio she sways with burpose. Almost dancing as she moves and the drink relaxes her. Sways right on over to a pool chair and slides onto it. Still together enough that she keeps her knees closed and ankles crossed as she bring the camera up again. And is it any surprise Zane is the target of her cross-hairs?

Mona calmly wipes the slate clean with her gloved arm, and writes in, 'Anyone who wants to swim, come on out, there are spare suits in the pool house if anyone needs one!' to then hold aloft. There's a curious glint of glee on her face as she watches Zane, but it's the sort of scheming expression of a master strategist waiting for their plan to come together. Somebody get that woman a cigar, a black van, and Mister T. And without further ado, she dashes off toward poolside, dropping her slate on one of the deck chairs as she heads out, grinning enormously. She just has to see this!

Squid has secured some bourbon for himself in some kind of tumbler, no ice. He downs it all in one go and winces as he watches Zane, scowling. Oh, sure, it’s always guys like Zane who get the girls, isn’t it? Probably been true as long as he can remember. He puts his chin down on the bar, and then his forehead. His cigarette hisses out in some fallen water and rolls helplessly across the surface. Great party, man. Well, maybe it will get greater with a little more booze.

"You're lucky that you're gorgeous." Landon watches Esme warily, before he lips crack into a grin. With his tall, lanky frame leaning against the bar, he raps his knuckles down against the wood top before sliding his empty glass over the bartender, "A couple of refills." Looks like he caught up with Squid here as well. "Amy's got to taste of the good stuff, you know. Not whatever she's used to." The Lesters probably don't drink the good stuff often! Turning to view the pool and patio now, he considers the option to swim, but something Esme said lingers in his mind. "What kind of change of plans?" She's right, this isn't the time nor place. There's this subtle clench to his jaw, chin lifted when he murmurs, eyes still poolward, "We'll discuss that later." He then allows this smile to soften his features, lifting his newly poured glass in her direction for a toast. "Do you know how many layers I'm wearing right now?" His dark eyes remain focused on her. "I might consider. The night's still young." And he's not about to waste it.

Bo Peep finishes her Dr. Pepper and gets up, brushing crumbs off her gingham dress. She picks up her crook and bounces over to the canape table. Not all the girls have got gotten. She helps herself to a little beef Wellington and wanders out to the pool area as she nibbles on it.

Jade meanwhile soaks alone and drinks his wine. Booze plus dehydration is surely a good combination. When Silver comes out to the pool area, he waves at her.

Shadows gather, returning old paths to darkness.

Silver moves over to sit with Jade. It's a better vantage with her camera anyway. She's got a little boozy smile thing going and says, "Hiiiiii." When she does. "I think the thing is working." She tells him in a very bad attempt at a whisper. Before giving a giggling that leans her smiling. "Is it supposed to feel all floaty?"

“We’re used to cow piss and octopus shit,” Squid says, face in the bar. Maybe to Landon? Who is probably preoccupied. Then he hoists his face off the bar, grabs the bottle of bourbon, and trundles off somewhere with it. Maybe someone will find him wasted and halfway out some window somewhere later on.

Heather arrives from Lake Havasu - Bermuda Avenue.

"Pool!" Zane declares happily as they go, still gathering people along the way. It's how the parties generally good: sooner or later, everything ends up in the pool. Ideally just the people, not the drinks and furniture. That time went over poorly. There's no sign he intends to change anything about his costume, but then, the only thing he's actually wearing is those ragged piratey short pants. Outside, various people who prepared for this start stripping down to swimwear and sliding in. Zane takes a good pull on his drink and, seeing Jade's actually alone in the hot tub -- okay, and after a quick glance to make sure whoever else was there didn't disappear under the water or something -- he sets his glass on the edge of the jacuzzi, asking Jade, "Watch this for me, please?" before he lopes toward the diving board.

One should not run near the pool, everyone knows this. This time, though, Zane gets away with it, speeding up as he nears the board and then leaping up onto it and along the length. He attempts a completely and shamelessly show-offy dive, and actually succeeds, which has not always been the case; there's a cartwheel along the board and then a strong jump off with a flip in the air, and then he's knifing down deep into the water. As he does, the fins shear off of him, gradually melting into the water; the scale paint slowly falls away, leaving a shimmering wake behind him as he swims below the surface. As those dissolve, they reveal sailor tattoos all over his natural skin, intricate and carefully painted and entirely surviving the water that reveals them. By the time he pops up by the shallow-end stairs, hopping up them, he's no longer a merman but instead a pirate, complete with a secondary, eye-patch mask slid on as his feet first hit the pool floor. A bright grin is maybe a bit off-pirate-brand, but he sends one toward Silver-who-doubted and Mona-who-did-it, giving them a flamboyant bow. Tada!

Heather watches from where she is leaning against the wall, drink in hand, impassive. Makeup perfect.

Her nod announces that the pool is, indeed, good! The costumer is absolutely awaiting this particular moment, which she doesn't especially announce by just plunking down on the edge of the pool to take off her 20s-style shoes, and drop her stocking-clad legs in the water with a plunk, but bereft of her voice, what else was Mona going to do, really? She practically bounces in place like an overgrown kid, seemingly made entirely out of grin and sequins. It doesn't blend at all with the slinky 20s fashion or the sophisticated look of her on the whole, but it is what it is. This is dress-up for almost-adults, and by god, she's in her element. Yep, that's Mona all right, missing the forest for the trees again. Or in this case, the hot guy for the costume special effects she hopes she managed to plan properly!

And it works. Not only does it work, but Zane shows it all off brilliantly. Utterly forgetting her 'character' for the evening for the moment, she lets out a sudden whoop and pumps a fist into the air. "Ha! You did it!" she proclaims, bounding up to her feet and doing a quick whirl in place. No wonder she was so viciously protective of that face!

Silver has her camera up as Zane goes for it. Taking pictures of everything from cartwheel to bounding dive. The camera clicks like crazy and when he comes up out of the water, transformed, she gives a little sigh. Saying something only Jade, soaking in the tub by her, could possibly hear.

"Quite lucky I'm gorgeous, yes. Suits you and your brand of gorgeous suits me." Esme tells Landon with a half-turn to watch the others going for the pool before she adjusts the half-mask up onto her arranged hair to look Landon up and down when her eyes swap back and their whiskey glasses are refilled, "Layers, though. You went all out, I can imagine. But really, that ust means when you decide to swim like everyone else, I get to help you strip down out of them. Lucky you, though. All you have to do for me is slide a zipper."

After drinking down a lot of her drink, Esme clearly is on edge herself given how quick it goes down after the refill. Then she smiles some, looking at all the commotion and enthusiastic pool entry methods before suggesting, "Plus side? If we find a quiet corner in the pool to latch onto each other or nestle in the hot tub and look like we're making out, it'd be kind of easy to talk quietly and people will leave us alone, convinced that we're about to finally seal the deal. Which we won't, of course, because you still have to ask me to prom, it's important to leave you wanting. Tactics?" Convincing little brat. Makeout and actual talk time to sate his curiosity about what she was on about with Ashley? Her swimming in bra and panties, on top of that? Are layers so hard?

Jade perks up as Zane leaves him a drink. Oh sure, he'll watch it. Watch it right into his gullet. Honestly, leaving alcohol around Jade is practically asking for it to be stolen. At least Zane has some time to reclaim it, since Jade is still working on his wine. He wolfwhistles at Zane as he does his dive. Then the costume change. "Mona, you genius!" he declares.

Then he leans in to listen to Silver, and he smiles at her lazily. "I am pretty awesome," he murmurs to her. Then he says, "You should go over to that table over there, grab yourself a pastry and maybe one of those beef Wellingtons and pound that down, then go a little slower on the booze. Then you won't float away. It'll just be a nice feeling of being relaxed."

Bo Peep claps her hands for Zane as he does his dive, and she says, "That was so cool, Zane." She speaks! Quietly, and she ducks her head, but lo, she speaks. She then sets her crook aside and carefully gets out of her costume. Underneath, she's wearing a simple white one-piece. She finds a pool chair to lounge on, settling in to watching people again.

Silver had forgotten Jade was there for a few minutes as Zane did his thing. So she jumps and turns to look at him in surprise. Cheels coloring brightly even for her. "Aaaahahahah!" She gives a nervous laugh. "Right. Food. I-I'll go do that," And she gets to her feet. Takes two steps and sways before stumbling.

Zane is a very trusting young man. Surely his friend Jade will protect what's left of his drink for him! Zane beams at the reactions, and makes the to-the-director-or-orchestra type of gesture Monaward to ensure she gets proper credit for her work, which he takes a moment to show off via a playful turn and pose. They really are very good 'tattoos', it's got to be said! Mona's got an artistic hand and she's done will with the lay of the land. It's not bad land, granted, but that's not the point. Bo Peep gets a grin too for her remarks, and a bright, "Thank you!" before he dives into the water again, a much simpler and shallower dive this time, and comes back up floating idly on his back, looking just pleased to be in the water. Yeah, that drink of his is probably doomed.

The splash isn't exactly graceful, but Mona simply plows into the water by the steps down, sequins and all, to make her way over toward where Zane resurfaces after the second dive, catching a rain of water droplets from the small splash that have her makeup starting to blur. She isn't shedding quite as much makeup as she goes, but here and there, where fabric rubs against skin, the layer of white greasepaint begins to blur and mottle. "That," she says, having forgotten utterly that she's supposed to remain silent for the night, "was completely spectacular." Practically glowing, she stifles a tiny laugh as she reaches up to pluck at a few stray sequins out of his hair that have tried to hang on amidst the strands as he floats back up toward the surface. "I didn't think you were going to go for it like that, and that was-" The grin continues to grow as she bounces on her feet, splashing lightly in the water in spite of herself. "-that was fucking amazing, is what it was!" She just doesn't seem to be talking about the costume any more at all. "I swear, it's like you were weightless, spinning and sparkling and flying-" There's a bright, warm, and sudden laugh, full of excitement and good cheer. "Flying fish? It's like you were flying! Next time, I am totally putting dibs on feathers... " All the same, she's inspecting what she can of what remains of the makeup just to be sure, but her attention keeps skimming back to his face instead. "That was epic."

The whiskey itself was a means to an end. Landon enjoyed the burn, but not much else. He's lost in thought still, until his attention is once more piqued, hearing Esme speaking besides him. He blinks twice, then turns to regard her, looking rather amused at the way she teases. "The alcohol really has made you bold. Or is it the firebrand costume? Either way, someone's a little minx this evening." Pushing off from against the bar, he remembers the young woman who seemed nervous to even reach for his hand at first. How things have changed.

Slamming back the rest of his drink, he sets the once more emptied glass on the counter. That's when he notices Silver. It's painful to watch someone so shy acting so nervously around their crush. Especially a close a friend. "You really thought this through..." He murmurs to Esme, before seeking out Silver's gaze in passing, attempting to give her this reassuring smile, if anything, behind his mask. He then turns back to Esme, pulling her in close, "Don't be too surprised if we veer slightly askew from your script." His free hand reaches up for that feathered hat which he tosses aside once they are out on the patio. "We'll have all the time in the world to talk later."

Heather drifts towards the hot tub, not entirely sure of her welcome here or anywhere anymore, but with chin up like a queen going with dignity to her execution. She is watching Silver now, not Jade, despite the wonders of that famous codpiece. He steps forward fast to try to catch the wavering Thistle, murmuring, you okay?" She glances towards Zane and Mona, then back to Silver's face.

Silver manages to not biff it or her camera which swings dangerously close to the ground. But she picks herself back up, with Heather's help, and tugs at the now-rumpled pleats of her skirt. "Yeah. Yeah fine...thanks," She says awkwardly. When she looks up she catches Landon's smile and gives an awkward one in turn, before shuffling over to a table with food. "I...just need to eat something. Light headed," She explains to the other girl, eyeing her and placing the face instantly.

The extra splashing has her glancing over her shoulder at Mona and Zane. Even as she nibbles on the tasteless, to her, food. "Why're you made at Zane?" She asks quietly.

Zane beams at his best friend as she goes for those sequins, and he drops to his feet with a small lean in to make that easier for her. Which is right about in time for the bouncing, which is unexpectedly distracting for a moment, and he closes his eyes and turns his head to let her get any still remaining sequins as she continues talking and the grin returns, widening and brightening with the praise for his performance. He laughs, the joy in it all cresting again, and reaches to grab her waist and spin her, as he so often does with people on stage, and though the water slows down the movement it also makes the actual lifting easier, before he sets her down again. "If you're gonna do work like that it needs proper displaying," he says happily, "You did your part, I gotta do mine. Right? And flying fish is awesome!" A tiny pause, watching her, and he adds, "I thought you didn't want the pool to get full of feathers again?" Not that this will stop him for a moment if she decides to feather him up the next time the triplets host a masquerade. He watches her face in return for a moment, head tilting. "Is my eyepatch wrong?" Because that would be a good reason to be studying him like that. Better excuse than he has, anyway.

Yeah, Zane is losing his drink. After Jade finishes his wine, he grabs Zane's drink and polishes it off. Then he hops out of the tub, grabs a towel, and meanders toward the house. It's time to smoke some weed. If he doesn't put in some time with the stoner kids, how will he remain their king? He wanders off, probably just missing Spear as he goes.

Whiskey does make Esme bold. Maybe it's a bit of trauma comfort seeking in someone who's shared it with her, too, honestly, but she's a teenager, it's not like she needs the excuse of either to do what she does next. Bubbling out a laugh from her throat at Landon's toss of feathered accessory and warning, she nods one single time compliantly, then rises on her toes when they take pause on the patio to kiss Landon in full right in front of everyone, not that anyone's paying mind or care or isn't expecting such things at some point.

In fact, she gets a bit heated and rowdy with it before turning to gesture at her gown zipper so it can fall away to matching red undergarments, "Lana's the one in drama, but I can entirely improv, you know." And as promised, she helps him with the layers in turn for strip down, jump in, then a little splash and play before that ultimate watery corner that finds Landon and Esme not talking much, if any. Their lips and hands are totally occupied.

"It's perfect," she insists, her voice a trifle more quiet. "It's all really, honest-to-god perfect." She even means it, too. The smile is just as honest, brightening her eyes for a moment.

One doesn't get dubbed 'the quiet one' in this particular household if immune to the feeling of half a dozen judgy or disappointed eyes on them. Mona doesn't seem to have the numbness to it all that her more performative or sociable siblings and cousins do. As her eyes lift away from the survey of the costume, she seems to catch every one of them at once, and it washes the delight out of her expression more rapidly than Zane's makeup dissolved in the pool water. Even so, she forces up a tiny smile again, and raises a hand to her lips to stifle a yawn. It's about as convincing and realistic as the silent film pantomime melodrama she had put on with the costume earlier in the evening, but she's not really an actress, either.

Still, she has poise, and a passable gift for bullshit. "I should... probably get to bed, though. I was... up pretty late finishing everything up, and-" And they started on the makeup early in the day, after all.

Heather keeps her hands close in case Silver wobbles again. She herself is not exactly sober, but mostly managing to hide it in her walk. She grabs herself a pastry, talking quickly in Silver's ear, expression rueful. She waves at the departing Jade, and eyes the kissing couple nd that other pair in the pool before turning back to Hatshepsut

Silver glances at Heather and whatever she whispers. Her brow furrowing a bit even though she doesn't look away from the duo in the pool. "You don't know," She says with a shake of her head before taking a bite from a wellington. Slowly chewing, looking vaguely distressed about something. She looks away from Zane and Mona at Heather with a frown forming. And then she says something quietly and firmly before draining her fruity drink.

Spear comes back out, just as Jade heads in, and since he is in _such_ an impressively good mood - with the aid of something else - he just ducks his head in to murmurs something to Jade. His hand comes out and he puts a hand on the man's shoulder, leaning in, voice very low. Gossip. So much god damn gossip.

Zane is not immune to the feeling of eyes on him. He is, however, less sensitive to judginess that doesn't strongly declare itself, and he gives Mona a slightly confused expression as the happiness fades like that. "We only just got out here though," he says, though the glance around that follows hers as if to figure out what might be going on catches Heather there, talking to Silver, and he looks somewhat less happy with where he is now too. "'kay though, I mean, you were really busy making everyone look good and all. Need anything?"

Jade pauses, leans in to listen to Spear, and smiles slowly. "I'm gonna go make the rounds," he says in a low tone, "but after, you should do that." Then, in a moment of giving less than a usual damn about what people think, he plants a kiss on Spear's lips. Arguably chaste! Though, uh, probably not. Then he walks into the house. Swaggers, more like.

Spear beams. Yes. Witness his - wait, Jade is gone! But Spear is currently having a pretty good moment (or ten) courtesy of some dudes in the other room sharing things that may not be _wise_ but are, you know. Not vampire blood? So there is that. He bounces across over to Silver, still in his swimming boxers (thank God, not a speedo like some). He has not yet been in the water.

Bolstering her smile back to full, dazzling strength, Mona rolls her shoulders in a slow suggestion of a sleepy stretch. She's just tired. It's not the best show of it, but as bullshit goes, it's clever enough bullshit. It's the question that catches her off guard. The answer is right there, waiting to be spoken, but it stalls on the tip of her tongue and stays there. That smaller smile, whole and true, returns as she looks back to Zane. "I need you to have the most fun you can possibly have tonight," the costumer insists quietly as she reaches for Zane's arm, and lightly squeezes his wrist. "Whatever it is. OK? Everybody looked... " She simply beams. "...fantastic. I mean. That's always my fun at these things, anyway."

She pauses for just a moment, brows shifting uncertainly before they lift by a fraction. Raising to the tips of her toes, she leans in closer, pausing for a hitch of breath to whisper, "But you blew us all away. Thank you for letting me do all that, yeah? And for. Doing such a gorgeous show of it." She dusts a black-glossy kiss at his cheek lightly before sinking down to her heels again, trying to steel herself for the slosh back toward the steps.

Heather touches Silver's arm, infinately sad and murmurs something else to her. She doesn't look at Zane and Mona now, or at Spear and Jade behind her creating an exciting new scandal, however aesthetic they are, but only at Silver.

Oh timing can be a bit cruel. Or perfect. It really depends on who your asking. Silver isn't look at Heather. Instead, thin-lipped, she is pretending to not watch Zane and Mona. The last thing the girl beside her whispers has her look down and then back. And then she is turning away quickly towards the food table. Making an unhappy little sound in her throat. So Spear is greeted with a puckered little frown on his sister's face when he arrives at the table. "Glad you're having a good time," She says her voice smooth with just a hint of sarcasm before she shoves another pastry thing between her lips.

Spear may not be able to read the room, but he _has_ talked to his sister before. So now he sinks down to sit next to her, and he puts an arm around her shoulders, and he says to her "I am. Thankyou." He reads it deliberately as actual good-will. And then he tells her "It's rough." He must not mean whatever he said to Jade, but something else. After a moment, his pupils blown out, himself tipsy, he says "...life can be pretty mean, and stuff doesn't make much sense a lot of the time. You get all dolled up and look amazin' and then it seems like everyone's pairin' off and leaving you, right? I won't leave you, Silver. You're my sister and you also look amazing. Your costume was much braver than mine. I like it."

The return of Mona's smile makes Zane smile again, and maybe he's satisfied by that that she actually is just tired now and needing to sleep. Anyway, she wouldn't mislead him, right? So he nods when she squeezes his wrist and says what she needs him to do, and moves an arm to give her a squeeze around the shoulders in return, as he has countless times before. It's right about in time for when she leans in to whisper that, and he looks entirely pleased by it, quietly replying, "Well, always," to the letting-her-do-that part. He blinks at the kiss, though, perhaps uncertain what to make of it, and watches a moment as the costumer picks her way toward the stairs of the pool, getting just the right angle to catch Jade kissing Spear, and his eyes widen a bit. "Mona," he not-quite-stage-whispers, slogging through the water to try to catch up with her enough to more-properly whisper, "Jade just kissed Spear, what's Amanda going to think?" He sounds genuinely worried about this. Quietly. Very quietly worried.

Turning on the steps, Mona offers an even warmer smile back to Zane. There's so much earnest humor and subtle affection in her face as she slowly shakes her head, reaching the top of the steps to land on the tiles at poolside. "I think it'll be all right. Amanda's... a really modern kinda gal."

As she turns, the change, the difference, is night and day.

She glances calmly over to Heather, her expression thoroughly deadpan. When she speaks again, it's with dazzling clarity and precision. "Darling, your life in this town is over now. Lucas told me what you were supposed to do the very moment you saw me -- and I suppose, if we're being utterly candid, there's something you should probably know." She smiles like ice with a shark's teeth. "I'm nowhere near as nice as Lucas is, and I meant it when I said I would fucking end you." Flickering her fingertips in a tiny wave, she continues on into the house, not once looking back. "Have a lovely night!"

Heather gives Silver a pitying look and shrugs. "Pharoah's live along DeNile." She has another pastry. fter some thought she says, "He's right you know, that's a kick ass costume." She freezes, then puts down her pastry. She tells Zane, "I hope you're happy now," And stalks off.

Silver has a mouthful and so Spear has time to pull his magic. The frown turning upside down by the time he finishes speaking. What are brothers for? This right here. Her arm snakes around his waist in a one-armed hug. "Thanks. You always know what to say," She says quietly. "Parties...just aren't my scene..." She shrugs a shoulder and goes to take a drink of her already empty drink. There is a sound of disappointment before she lowers it. "But this blue juice is. Let's go get more." There is a subtle step away from Heather when Mona levels that look on her. Thistles don't want to accidentally get hit with what a Marchant flings. She may be well on her way to drunk, but that doesn't make her dumb. Yet.

What the heckin' - Spear is actually distracted from his important task by Mona and Heather "Whoa," he says, low-voiced, wide-eyed "Holy cow. Remind me never to get on her bad side." And then he turns his head back to Silver, and he says "I know. Mine either, really. It's hard, and loud, but you know, the hot tub looks good, and we can get more Blue Heaven. And then we can talk about you know - what you're into and if I know anyone who'd fit right. I'll be your wingman, totally!" He says nothing about the recent nastiness with drinks and bodies. Distraction and joy. Time fot hose. And he glances at Zane "...er...wow."

Zane is a bit relieved by Mona's assurance about Amanda, at least, and he nods, settling more comfortably back into the water. Just in time for that remark to Heather, which has him looking confused and somewhat distressed, and even more distressed when Heather says that to him, and he watches after her with slightly widened eyes. "What-- but I didn't even do anything," he says plaintively, broadly toward her stalking back but not loudly enough to be precisely to her. He gives his surroundings a searching look, but none of the people he'd most usually think 'help' at very loudly are nearby, anymore, so he just looks lost, instead. And piratey. There's a pause while he tries to sort things out, and then he just starts toward the pool stairs himself. Whatever he's doing, it's going to start with getting out of the pool for now, at least.

Heather heads towards Lake Havasu - Bermuda Avenue <O>.

Silver giggles a little bit and her cheeks color. "What I like...that'll be fun," She says with an amused smirk and shake of her head. "Okay. I'll get in the tub. But only with more drinks and-" She pauses when her brother goes 'wow' and her eyes follow. There's a little sigh of longing from her, very soft really, when they land on Zane. "Yup," She agrees. As he begins to emerge she glances at Spear, then back, and takes a step towards him, "Wanttohitthehottubwithus?" She says in a rush of words.

Spear calls out "Night, Zane! I'm sorry we didn't get a Chance to talk! I don't know what all of that stuff was about!" He pauses, and then he finally smiles, and he says to Silver "Well, er, not too many details, because that would be super weird. But I might know a guy who knows a guy!" And that said, he hears what Silver says, and pauses. He does not want to upset Mona. Or Zane. Or Silver. Getting angry about relationships is something that is much easier when you _don't_ like the people involved. He purses his lips "...eee..." he says "And turn the music up!"

Zane pauses on the pool deck, shedding water in his very own puddle as it rolls down his skin and the costume-pants and pools around his feet. It has not been long enough for him to come up with a firm plan for what to do next, as made clear by the way he blinks again, then brightens up, at the invitation to the tub. "Sure!" he says, starting further that way, with a glance to each of the present Thistle triplets. "I, um. I dunno if I'm sure what all of that stuff was about either?" he admits, and pauses as he looks on the hot tub edge for his drink. Aw, where'd it go? "What do you know a guy who knows a guy about?" He's pretty sure that's not just in general. Most guys he knows know guys, in general. But that last thought is a good one, and makes him grin. "And yeah. Definitely turn the music up!"

Silver bites her lower lip and smiles as Zane agrees. "I'll go get us more," She says quickly when he asks to what Spear was referring. Rushing off to do just that. It's only a minute really and right though those sliding doors. And then she is back with three red cups and staring hard at her brothers eyes. "What -are- you on?" She asks curiously as she turns to have Zane his cup with one of those nervous little smiles. "Uh...I think Heather is still pissed you dumped her. And Mona was protecting your honor or something?" She shrugs and looks down at her own cup before taking a big gulp.

At the edge of the hot tub she sits and only lets her feet dangle inside. The camera is set safely into its case and out of waters reach by any means for now. Things have started to die down as people grouped or paired off. Silver seems reluctant to remove the skirt, though she fiddles with the gold-trimmed edge as her feet slowly kick about.

"Zane, my sister is amazing," says Spear, the moment that she steps out of the room, and he suddenly grabs the man's shoulders "She's got a crush on you, because you're cute and hot. She feels super jealous of Mona, and probably shit because she likes Mona too, okay? But Mona's gonna end up feeling like her. You gotta be clear about. Everythin'. I know it sucks, because no one's _told you anything_, but, er, if you can send super clear signals that would be -" And theeeeen Silver is coming back in, and he reaches out for a cup "MDMA," he tells her "I wanna hug everyone. I'm just telling everyone everything and it's great. Like you are...like. Do you ever worry about Star because...we're closer? Than we are with her?"

"Okay!" Zane says, just assuming whatever 'more' Silver's off for is a good thing, and has only just climbed over the edge and slid into the warm water when Spear's grabbing his mock-tattooed shoulders. It makes him blink again, though he nods easy enough agreement to the assertion that Silver's amazing. That next part, though? That widens his eyes considerably, and gets a flush of pink across the apples of his cheeks. "Uh," he says eloquently, and glances off in the direction Silver disappeared -- and technically, Mona before that -- with a fleetingly panicked look. "She does? But. And Mona's my best--" But straightforward delivery of information is, in fact, a particularly good way to go about getting it into Zane's head, and he goes silent for a few seconds, turning various things over in his mind.

No time for any kind of conclusion before Silver's back too, and giving him that cup, along with an explanation. "Thanks," he says, giving her a sincere but smaller than usual smile, and stares into the drink for a moment without yet sipping it. "Um. I didn't exactly..." A pause. "...okay." He does take a sip, before informing the cup, "She's always kinda stepped in to stop people being mean to me. So that makes sense."

Silver looks between Spear and Zane a bit as she takes a sip of her Blue Heaven. "MDMA?" She raises a brow and she tilts her head as he goes on, eyes going a little wide. "Yeah...that...doesn't sound too bad really." Sip. Sigh. She nods a bit and smiles sadly, "I do worry about her. But then, she's always done her own thing. Remember in the NICU pics? You and I were always cuddled close, but she wouldn't. She never was touchy feely." Sip and she turns to look at Zane with a sad kind of smile. "Heather was trying to bad mouth you to me too. So she is still upset about something," She shrugs her shoulders. "But you're the best, and I told her so." She doesn't need MDMA, she's had too much to drink. There she goes blushing and gulping down more to hide it.

Spear says out of nowhere, brightly "Cute and hot!" And he says "Those two things are different, but they work really well together, right?" He slides more deeply into the water and he gives Zane a thumbs up. Then he says "Yeah, and warm water and MDMA feel even better, wow." He breathes out slowly, and he says to Zane "Things get more confusing when you get older, man, that is so true." He stretches his legs out "At first I thought I was gay. Then I thought I was straight. Now I just don't even really know? I think I like girls more. But it's hard to work it out. I just want someone to...see who I really am." He lifts his head.

And then he says "Oh, yeah, that was. It was always a bit weird. I remember you being with me all the time, but she wanted to stand away, and mum and dad used to freak out about it." He frowns, and he says "Well, I'm still going to hug her. I think she needs hugging." And then he watches Silver as she _says_ that to Zane, and he turns his head to look at the other guy.

"They do," Zane says, 'cause that he can definitely agree with. THAT isn't a hard one. Neither is the note that things get more confusing as you get older, though the bit about which kind of people Spear likes gets a sympathetic sidelong glance. He doesn't volunteer anything related, though, because there's that about Heather, and that last remark from Silver, and he has a gulp of his drink as well, looking a lot less pleased about the compliment than he might usually. Which is not to say he looks displeased, exactly, just... that drink feels like a really good idea.

He's quiet for the length of it, before saying, "I hurt her feelings. I didn't mean to, but that's why she hates me. I was just trying to--" He shakes his head. "Doesn't matter. But I should, um. I should maybe try to make people. Not ruin her life?" The general explanations help, but he's still somewhat confused by the situation, and his spirits are definitely dampened. Another pause, and he looks up from the glass to Silver. "I'm not, though. The best. But it's really nice of you to stand up for me." He hasn't drunk enough to just tell everyone everything, or taken MDMA, and trying to work out how to handle things is hard. Does he even know what he thinks about things yet? This is all very new information he's been handed. It therefore doesn't, sadly, count as a super-clear signal, but it's at least sincere when he says, "I'm glad we're friends."

Silver reaches out to pat Zane on the shoulder. She seems to understand at least that he was trying, where Heather was concerned. That last bit has her smiling wanly at him. "Y-yeah?" She says with a little burp. "Mmmmme too."

There are several things which have occured over the course of tonight. High School drama galore. But in the background certain circumstances have added up and Silver suddenly sways. Anemia to start with, a lack of substantial food, three glasses of high-potency Marchant cocktail, and a xanax. These things are finally coupled with the heat from the hot tub and she pales even more, looking at Spear wide-eyed.

The last thing any girl with a crush wants to do is puke in front of them. Unfortunately luck is not a Thistle trait. She manages to swing over and onto her knees on the paving around the hot tob. Tossing blue into the prettily landscaped bushes. Scrambling to her feet she manages to run into the house, people moving out of the way. One of the bathrooms is bound to be clear, right?