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Villains In History
Characters  •   James Thistle  •  Sean Winters  •  Justin Michaels  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Lana Reed  •  Jonny Lester  •  Landon Marchant  •  Star Thistle  •  Ian Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Amy Lester  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  History Class
Date  •  2019-08-12
Summary  •  Ian Thistle holds a theatrical history class about Villains in History, having students dress in costume, and then discuss what makes someone a villain, versus a hero. The nature of evil is on the table and the kids have a good think on it.

Ian stands at the front of the classroom, with a long-handled chalk pointer in hand and the projector screen pulled down over the chalkboard. His smile is as it always is, present, plastic, never reaching his eyes, rarely easing. His perfect white teeth are always on display. His hair doesn't even seem to move when he does, but his piercing blue eyes seem to look through students rather than at them. He's in grey slacks, a white button down shirt, a chocolate-brown tie, and a pale grey cardigan with brown leather patches on the elbows, and loafers.

"Everyone take your seats please. My volunteers will come in on cue. Today we will be having a discussion about Villains in History, and villains in general. But we'll start with some historical examples." He raises the screen to reveal print outs taped to the board. There are eight of them, a few in full color, a few black and white, of historical figures. Some are from paintings, others from photographs (https://i.imgur.com/iUbA1gy.jpg). Above each image is the name of the person depicted, and the dates of their lives. "This is a very small sampling of historical figures who committed attrocities."

Sean slides into his seat toward the middle of the class, dead center, not so far in the back as to seem to be avoiding being called on, and not too far to the sides, but definitely not in the front. He has a notebook out in front of him, and he doodles idly in the margins. They aren't particularly good doodles, but he's an actor, not an artist.

Esme is seated somewhere near Lana and Landon and Lucas, in excellent note passing range. She's not writing any yet, though, because she's actually kind of interested in the topics for the day and mostly seems to be paying mind. And while her parents may not quite buy into grade scales, colleges do, and she's not trying to go live on a commune chicken farm, so generally, she takes the good and academic kinds of notes too with neat headers and slants and loops of girly writing between doodles. Also she passes notes, social life is important, ok. But so far, so good.

The thing is, though, generally Esme has a better attention span than she's had the past few weeks and her posture is leaned forward with her head propped against a hand in her prettily curled hair while she takes the notes, yawns cropping up here and there no matter how interested she might be. She's not in costume even though she might jump on a chance to play dress up or suck up extra credit for the hot history teacher any other time on principle because it just seemed... what? Too much effort? How not like Esme. But that's just the subtle way of things of late. She's wearing a stylish little babydoll dress with peachy florals on a navy backdrop a'la Courtney Love chic, but a little more darling than punk, paired with thick-soled and expensive Doc Martin strap sandals.

Lana slips into her seat smoothly, settling her notebook and book on the desk in front of her. Meticulously, she lines a pen and pencil up alongside them. She's dressed for villainy today in a short black skirt and black and grey light-weight sweater, combat boots on her feet. As an added touch, she's sporting black cat-eye eyeliner. When Ian begins to talk, she dutifully pulls out her notebook and opens it up to a page to start taking notes.

As he tends to, James Thistle situates himself in his seat adjacent to Lana -- practically his only living friend -- and remains quiet save for the flash of a smile aside at her and the rustle that comes when he leans over to dig through the cluttered contents of his bookbag, where he's laid it to rest under his chair. He comes free with a spiral notebook and pen, and leaves the dogeared copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula be within his bag. Not especially costumed, the teen wears a shabby green sweater with a gaping hole near the right cuff and a plain pair of blue jeans, and makes a poor show of pretending to pay attention to his teacher -- and uncle -- and take notes while mostly letting his gaze wander vacantly to stare out the window. After giving a vigorous shake of his head in an effort to focus, he turns his attention back over to Lana and asks in an undertone: "Who are you dressed like?"

Landon is lounging lazily in his seat with one arm draped over the back, partially leaning over towards one side. Dressed in striped polo shirt beneath a navy blue blazer, worn unbuttoned, and a pair of black slacks, with feet tucked into a pair of sneakers, there's this look of mild annoyance on his features. Then again, it's hard to tell sometimes, because he's wearing a pair of dark sunglasses in the classroom. While they all wait for the presentation to begin, he's idly doodling a crappy drawing on the side of his note paper. If anyone cared to look, it could be a dark street or darkened alley. Either way, much of it is just a scribble of black.

Bored, greasy, and surly, Jonny Lester sits on the periphery of class, squinting at the pictures on the board from behind his horn-rimmed half frames. A few lank locks of blackish hair trail across his oversized forehead. His long legs stick out at odd angles from underneath the surface of the desk, arms crossed over his chest in a posture of casual disregard and mild contempt. It takes him a moment after the announced description of 'atrocious folks' to give them all a look over before he rolls his eyes skyward and pokes an overly thick black pencil, the kind used by children just learning to write, at the board. "A pretty /tame/ sampling, Teach. I can think of half a dozen /way/ worse than this and that's not even counting people in town."

"Shit!" Lana curses under her breath. "Mary Tudor. I totally space that I was supposed to... Shit..." She gets up from her seat, leaving her items there and heads towards the office. "Sorry teach...."

Lucas has shown up but slapped Landon on the shoulder walking, in a suit?! He's suited up like it's game day, and headed back to teh office to wait. He's sitting on Mr. Thistle's desk sticking the fake mustache on looking to Justin debating wether he should ever bother with it at all. Huh. Wonder of wonders.

Spear is sitting at the back. He is not dressed up as a historical villain of any kind. That is, he is wearing what he often does - black slacks with a frilly white poet shirt and a black velvet waistcoat, so he could be at least half a dozen corrupt financiers from a century or two ago. Or a mad count. Probably not Vlad Tepes, though - that dude predated this style of clothing. He is arranged a little behind Star.

Professor Thistle ushers Lana back into the office then comes back out, clearing his throat. He moves to the leftmost image, Listed as Vlad III Tepes with dates of 1428-1477, and taps it with the pointer. He beckons for Hector to come in from his office at the back of the class. The hat is felt with fake jewels, and the wig and moustache are probably more amusing on a teenage boy than anything else, but the coat and cloak are a close approximation of the clothing in the portrait of the man.

"Vlad III Tepes was Voivode of Wallacha three times between 1448 and his death in 1477. Does anyone know what his actual surname was? And what fictional character he was the inspiration for?" Ian asks with that same smile, looking around the classroom for raised hands.

Vlad the Impaler emerges all in red and black, in fur lined cap and tunic. He stalks forward menacingly in big black boots weilding his big stick. Hector's strong cheebones and the architectural qualiies of his face have been enhanced and rendered more dramatic with careful aplication of theatrical make up and a rather large, but realistic false mustache. His too modern haircut is covered in a long black wig from the drama department. He swirls his fur cape and lunges towards the front row with a cruel sneer, literal bastard playing a figurative one.

Heather, all in red plaid over a white shirt starts, then glares at him for interrupting her work with the nail file.

Star sits near the back, slouched in her seat, text book open on her desk. Jonny's comment makes her 'brow quirk. "Villains in town?" she asks in a quiet, reedy voice. "What, like Pizza Hut? They commit regular atrocities on pizza."

A concerned look from James tracks Lana's abrupt departure for the teacher's office after a moment of uncharacteristic forgetfulness, and then frowns and looks down at his desk. Holding his pen poised over his spiral notebook, he gives it the occasional idle wiggle as though writing, but scrawls nothing down. Just when the teacher's voice is about to devolve into Charlie Brown wah noises, his hand starts to rise limply.

Justin lingers near the office door where he can still listen to the teacher and scribble down in his notebook. Just because he's getting extra credit for being dressed up doesn't mean he can afford to not take notes on what is going on. He keeps having to brush the fake beard out of the way to continue writing, all while pointedly not looking at Lucas and his stupid moustache.

Sean only realizes that the class has begun a bit late when Hector suddenly emerges with his big stick flailing around. He grins a little lopsidedly, but is safely in the middle of the room, far away from any potential impaling. He doodles a little dracula drawing on one piece of the paper, with big fangs. He raises one hand, glancing around to see if anyone else is doingi the same.

Ian points to James. "James Thistle!" is called on for the answer.

Almost immediately upon fully stretching upright, James' hand limply falls back to his desk in an attempt at retreat, but he's too late and gets caught by Ian's pointing. "Uh," he responds nervously, glancing self-consciously down to his bookbag where the novel in question happens to be sitting. He clears his throat and glances to his sides for a second before answering. "Dracula, for both?" he answers, while glancing briefly over to his half-brother Hector's costume.

Spear shoves his hand up, probably like every other Thistle - or goth in the room. He also beams at Sean - hey, one of the weird nerd's friends. As James Thistle is noted, Spear however gets completely distracted, and says "Excuse you!"

Lucas is so not going to leave it alone. The pencil reaches over to wiggle Justin's fakey beard. He still looks, sluggish from his usual vigor but he's still going to harass Justin into sniling if he can. Or he might get punched in the arm. Not like they didn't read up on their own personas. A little harassment is good for the soul, right?

Esme tracks Lana with a vague lift of her brows while eyes follow, still leaned against her hand with her head instead of pulling it up to really get a good stare in. She's tempted to just get up and go help her get into costume as an excuse to move around and wake up, but honestly, she's only two minutes older than Lana, she can probably manage. She also looks over at Landon and his seemingly ever-present sunglasses these days for a moment and rips off a piece of paper to separate from academic notes for starting on what's probably unrelated and preparatory to pass, but it's not incoming yet. She's distracted by Lucas' stasche suddenly and grins with pull of her head up and a tiny whistle through her teeth of helpless disruption.

Then she pretends like someone else did it because she's totally looking like she's paying attention. Murderers and Dracula is fun.

"Close James, it was Dracul, which meant Dragon, but was later used as the basis for Bram Stoker's Dracula," Ian explains. He makes a calm down hand gesture at Spear, his expression never altering from that placid, plastic, calm. "In Romania Vlad Dracul is seen as a hero, so what about him made him a villain for the rest of history? Well, turns out, though he was not a vampire, he WAS a mass murderer, and an especially cruel ruler, who had a penchant for impaling his enemies on wooden stakes to display them for all to see and be reminded of what happened to those who opposed him. It is said he even dined surrounded by his impaled victims, which might have sparked the whole vampire myth. Some historians believe he killed as many as 80,000 people, and impaled 20,000 of those.

He gestures for 'Vlad' to take his seat. Next up we have someone who also had a special nickname, Bloody Mary." He waves Lana in from the office. She must be sweating in the layers of fabric she's in. Brown velvet overdress atop a white chemise and heavy embroidered underskirt. The jewelry is clearly fake, and the hood behind her head is made of cardboard covered with fabric, bearing a scepter that may have started life as a majorette baton.

"Don't talk shit about Pizza Hut," Jonny hisses back at Star, jolting violently in his seat in a manner that is less than subtle and craning his neck out into the aisle between them. One gets the impression he's often reprimanded for disrupting the class. "It's called ironic humor, and it's not funny if I have to explain it," and maybe not funny in the first place. Whatever is going on with the rest of the class, like the actual lesson, is completely ignored.

Landon's eyes follow behind Lucas when he feels that pat on his back, his gaze trailing behind him for a brief moment from over the rim of his dark glasses, before he returns to his drawing. When Hector comes waltzing out dressed as Vlad the Impaler, he has to murmur beneath his breath, "I'm pretty sure most of us seen the movie from a few years back." That's all he'll see. He won't raise his hand or volunteer for anything yet. Instead, he writes his answer down on his piece of paper before doing more night shading in his notebook. A passing glance is then given Esme, taking notice that it looks as if she might be preparing to pass a note along.

Peeking out the door at the class at large, Lana smiles when James lifts his hand. It begins to fade when he starts pulling it back down, but the professor calls on him anyway. She smiles again when he answers and sneaks her hand out of the crack in the door to give James a thumbs up. She's being waved in though and comes out. She looks rather ridiculous as Mary Tudor, Queen Mary, Bloody Mary, with a wig on that has a fake forehead and a big velvet frock with a high, stiff ruffle collar, brocade skirt and sleeves sticking out undrneath and some fancy head thing, which she reaches up to straighten upon the wig it is slipping from. However, she holds her head high and lifts her sceptre with what she thinks is a regal air. She almost loses her composure though, when she sees Lucas wearing that mustache... Almost. "You may all bow to your queen," she says with a fake English accent.

Hector swaggers around menacingly, thumping the sharpened stick in his hand while the teacher talks, trying hard not to smile. He takes his seat when told too, with a last florish of his cape, tucking the sticks sideways by his chair in hopes no one will trip on it.

Heather gives him a contemptuous glare. She gives Queen Mary a good slow once over though.

Amy has been quiet and just lingering towards the back of the class, leaning foward, head cradled in her hand as she scribbles down on the notebook in front of her. Maybe she's taking notes. Maybe she's just scribbling, glancing up as she frowns at Hector the Dracula. Her attention does snap over towards Jonny, peering at him and then Star with a clear curiosity on what she's missed.

There's no retort from Star, the parade of characters now underway. Quiet is her usual mode, anyway.

Ian intones, "Queen Mary the First ruled England and Ireland from 1553 until her death in 1558. Her notoriety was a bit overshadowed by that of her father. We all know her father, Henry the Eighth. We all know about his many wives. Two beheaded, two died, and two survived their marriage to him. This made for a pretty crazy and twisted line of succession issue after his death. We also know he instituted the English Reformation, which allowed for Divorce under the Protestant faith."

"Mary Tudor took the throne by force, after the death of her adolescent brother, Edward, who removed her and her half-sister Elizabeth from his line of succession. That family had issues with a capital I." He chuckles, but for the professor it sounds more like just a wheeze cough of breath. Real laughter seems like something he was not programmed for.

"She deposed Lady Jane Grey who ruled only 9 days. Mary spent her reign trying to reestablish the Roman Catholic Church as the proper religion of England and Ireland. She imprisoned leading Protestant churchmen, and with Pope Julius the Third, reinstated the Heresy Acts. Under these acts, 238 Protestants were executed, most by burning at the stake. 800 more were exiled. Thank you Mary!" He gestures for Lana to take her seat.

If he notices the note passing or talking, he gives no sign. Much as he never does. Usually students will just find a little notation on their next test, quiz, or paper about paying attention on class. Time passes, will they? "Next up we have Countess Elizabeth Bathory! He beckons another student out from the office. She's dressed as elaborately as Mary was, but her garments are less restrictive in the arms.

Spear looks a bit baffled by Mary Tudor. He clearly does not know what to do in this whole history situation. Taking notes is something he _should_ be doing, but instead he brightens as he realises that Bathory is about to take the stage "Imagine if she'd had kids with Vlad the Impaler," he says "Those genes, holy cow."

Sean grins over at Spear when he sees him and gives him a little wave from where he sits, glancing over his shoulder toward the back, but only for a few moments before he turns back toward the front, not wanting to be caught obviously not paying attention. "Wasn't she the one that bathed in the blood of virgins or something?" he asks of no one in particular when Elizabeth Bathory is mentioned.

With no retort from Star, Jonny notices Amy staring. "She talked shit about Pizza Hut!" he half-mouths, half-stage whispers.

Hector mutters "Vlad bows to no one," as he takes up his pen to scratch hurried notes across notebook paper. He gives Amy the hairy eyeball. As Vlad's distant relative enter's he gives her a dignified upnod, even ass his hand keeps scribbling. He whispers to Spear, "Would that count ass incest, or did enough time pass between them?"

"Actually..." James comments in an undertone, mumbling something incoherent about the Draculs under his breath until he catches the flash of Lana's thumbs-up and gives up on his inaudible quibbling to go back to a deficit of attention and a vacuous stare at his notebook. He perks up on Lana's reintroduction to the class, though, and peers back to the front to rustle up a fragile smile for his friend that widens with relief when she's dismissed to return to her desk. "I think so," he offers disinterestedly in agreement with Sean's supposition.

"Countess Elizabeth Bthory de Ecsed owned lands in Hungary," Professor Thistle explains. "She was infamous for the torture and murder of her servants and peasants, as well as the torture of many young girls. One of her uncles was said to have instructed her in Satanism." Thank God his son Colorado isn't in this class. His ears should be burning with the very teeny tiny faint crinkle of disapproval in Ian's brow. "She was known to shove pins beneath the fingernails of her servant girls, or tie them up and smear them with honey so they were attacked by insects."

The student playing Bathory sweeps around the room with what look like badly painted wooden bamboo skewers, threatening people's fingernails.

"After the death of her husband, she grew more villainous, and began abducting girls to torture and kill, bathing in their blood to, legend says, stay forever young. She was convicted of 80 counts of murder and imprisoned for three years, before she was found dead in her cell. Thank you Countess, please take your seat."

She does so, and Ian beckons Jade out from the office. "Now we come to another figure who is legendary in their villainy, and remains one of the greatest uncaught serial killers of history, Jack the Ripper!"

There's just a smirk from Amy back at Jonny before her attention flicks back to the front of the class, inclining her head a little. "Wait, did you just thank Mary Tudor for burning and exiling protestants?" She quips, with a bit of a grin before before scribbling more information down on her notepad there, glancing up briefly at the Elizabeth Bathory moment. That story captures her interest for a bit. "Woah, hardcore," she murmurs to herself, turning to a fresh page in her book and considering the blank paper for a moment.

Lana returns to her seat, having a bit of trouble sitting in the desk with this get up on. She gives up and instead, sits on top of James' desk, smiling at him. "Hold my sceptre?" she asks, handing it to him while she simultaneously fixes her wig/hat thing and reaches for her pen and notebook to take notes. She scribbles a lot at first, trying to catch up on what she missed about Vlad and even herself, then looks up when Elizabeth Bathory is then introduced, writing more, looking almost gleeful at the part about bathing in blood. Next up, Jack the Ripper. She looks up at Jade then returns to her notebook. She'll take the notes for both she and James. he has a noble duty of sceptre holding after all.

"So wait, how did she die in her cell?" Sean asks when Lady Bathory's death isn't further explained. "She was just.. mysteriously dead one day?" At least he's paying attention, though he's quiet when Jade comes out as Jack the Ripper, going back to his doodles. A stick figure Bathory lies on the floor behind bars with a bunch of sticks shoved beneath her fingers, either that or she has really narrow fingernails. Look, he's not an artist.

Jade steps out of the office with a click of a walking cane. He's got a tophat on his head, black of course, with layers of black. A cape, a coat, a waistcoat, a buttonup with a cravat. He's a Marchant, and his sister is Mona, so the clothing isn't just a cheap costume. It's very authentic. He carries with him a fake knife with red spatter on it.

Lunging forward, he mimics slashing at the throat of a student in the front row. Then he tips his hat back with the knifetip and says in a low, sultry tone, "Hello, ladies."

"She ate Pizza Hut?" Star offers Sean as an explanation.

Ian taps on an artistic interpretation of Jack the Ripper taped to the chalkboard. "He was never identified or caught, although many theories about who he may have been have filled the history books, and fiction as well. He was known to have, for certain, killed five women in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888. He murdered prostitutes and mutilated their bodies with surgical finesse, attacking at night either on or near a weekend, near the end of a month. He also taunted the authorities by writing them letters, sent to the press and published."

"There is a much longer list of murders he MAY have had a hand in, whether doing them himself, or inspiring copycats. The evidence could not substantiate his hand in them, however. Four other Whitechapel murders occurred between late 88 and 91. Another five outside of Whitechapel have at times been attributed to him as well. What we do know is, he may have led to the first criminal profiling of a serial killer. Thank you Mister Ripper, take your seat."

Next is Amelia Dyer (1837-1896) with another student portrayal of an older woman. The nurse and former widow murdered as many as 400 unwanted children she was paid by parents to adopt, over a 30-year period in Victorian Bristol. She was believed to be the reason stricter adoption laws were created. Then Lucas is beckoned out from the office. "And now we move on to H. H. Holmes."

Justin rolls his eyes at Jade's performance in front of the class, luckily hidden behind the door as he is that's mostly out of view except for the students still left in the office. He just vaguely mutters under his breath. "Hello, ladies. Like he'd know what to do with one if he had her. Dude's gayer than me." Luckily, he keeps that comment to a whisper, for the most part.

Leaning back some in her seat, Esme watches Lana prance display costume with a hint of twin-based pride and fondness before going back to detailed note taking and note writing in spell turns, somewhere between diligent about facts and hellbent to pass something folded to Landon when it's finished being written. In fact, she's going so hastily about it, her pencil breaks and she sighs exasperation before leaning to dig in her bag instead of getting up to sharpen quite yet. She's interested in Bathory especially, it seems, and the costumes on display seem to be at least waking her up to attentive more, good plan for attention spans, hot teacher!

Eventually, though, she does get up to waltz to sharpen her pencil in brief behind the desks and tucks something folded in Landon's shirt collar before tickling fingers in brief at his shoulder and moving on.

Hector looks Jade over, rather fascinated. He tries to hide his reaction at the 'Hello Lades,' by dint of bendig to adjust his impaling stick. He flashes Jade a quick grin as he sits.

Jade fortunately doesn't hear Justin's baseless slander! He saunters to an unoccupied desk next to Spear, tucks the fake knife away, and sits with a flourish of his cape. He tips his hat at Hector, then sits back to watch his fellow villains on display.

Sean grins over his shoulder at Star and then draws in a pizza box on the floor next to Bathory with the words Pizza Hut written on it. Seems as good an answer to him as any.

Lucas strolls out of the office like it's his room and he's shopping for something of interest. Upon his head is a bowler hat that is slightly too big but his fancy ass puts at a jaunty angle. The vintage handlebar mustache that's spirit gummed to his face assures: A- it takes a whole lot of effort to make Lucas' smug ass look bad. B- He should never try to grow out a handlebar mustache.

He walks, prowls really, in that way of taking too much damn interest...though how this is different from Lucas' normal day being up in everyone's business is hard to say. He stops, looking rather normal, demeanor of an old timey banker (appropriate perhaps) to assess every third student assessing...maybe? He points You, come here and points to teh office. This contnues until he stops and looks to James, his running buddy, and grins too wide, and the eyes just menace. Not that Lucas can't be threatening when motivated but dear lord that mustache has GOT to GO.

With a faintly smiling nod of assent, James accepts the scepter from Lana and then proceeds to sit there twirling it in his fingers with a dumb look on his face. He doesn't seem to pay much attention, and mumbles briefly to himself until the mention of Amelia Dyer's mass child-murder causes him to go pale and put a premature end to his fiddling about with Lana's rod. "Wasn't he the Chicago world's fair guy?" he asks quietly aside to Lana at the mention of H. H. Holmes, making an effort, now, to at least pretend that he's paying attention.

Ian gestures to Holmes photo. "Doctor Henry Howard Holmes, sounds impressive right? But it was a fake name, one of many he used in his lifetime. He was born Herman Webster Mudgett, and he was an American serial killer. Upon his arrest he confessed to 27 murders, but only 9 of those could be confirmed. Some accounts put the number of his actual killings as high as 200. He built a Chicago building, alleging it would be a hotel for the World's Fair Chicago was hosting in 1893. What was discovered later was that by using, firing, and not paying various different companies, he was able to build it full of secret passages and hidden rooms no one knew about. After his time it was dubbed the Murder Castle. It was a three-story building with several soundproofed rooms, and mazes of hallways. Some of the halls seemed to lead nowhere. In the basement he had installed acid baths, quicklime pits, and a crematorium. The rooms upstairs had chutes going straight down there to the basement for body disposal."

"He later burned the hotel down, tried to build another in another state, and moved around a great deal under different names. However, during the arson investigation for the Murder Castle, the bodies of two girls he'd murdered were found in a cottage he'd rented, and he was arrested by Pinkerton detectives in Boston. It was discovered he'd often clean the flesh from the bones of the victims and sell the skeletons to university science departments for good money. Thank you Mister Holmes, your seat please."

Ian gives Justin the hand signal to come out. "Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin is up next."

Amy rolls her eyes a little at Jade's quip, smirking at briefly as she watches him take her seat, writing a thing or two down about each of these people. There's a lot of time wasted just scribbling nonsense down as well. She stifles a yawn for a moment, shifting a little to sit up and peer at who ever is coming out next, snickering briefly at Star's little quip. She rolls her eyes and spends a long moment kind of staring at James Thistle, glaring at him almost for who knows what reason.

"Dude," Star says with a slight shake of her head as the parade of horrors continues. "White people."

Justin's tall lanky frame is probably perfect for Rasputin. Though his outfit is simple as suited to the monk, a long black coat, black boots, and an Orthodox rosary around his neck. His hair is long enough to simulate Rasputin's particular cut with enough hair gel to hold it in place, and lord knows where that rat's nest of a beard got dug up, but fortunately that hooks over his ears, no need for glue or paste here.

He comes gliding out of the office, looking down his nose at everyone around him, as if he's better than every single person he's looking at. Really, it's only copying the look of certain other students he knows, many of them with a last name starting with M. He stops by one student, and leans in to stare at them unblinkingly for a few seconds before moving on.

Hector eyes that mustache like it might suddenly launch itself at his own. He nudges Spear at the bit about cleaning flesh from the skeletons. He softly echoes his half sister, "White People" in agreement. As Justin is announced, he softly hums, 'Ra-Ra Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine' under his beath.

Scribble scribble goes Lana's pen in between looking up at her fellow students in costume. Perhaps notes are taken about what they wear as well. When Lucas walks out, she smirks at him with a giggle. When James asks about H H Holmes she sort of blank faces, until Ian speaks about him, she nods and says, "Yes! Seems so." She catches Amy's glare at James, and gives her own right back to her.

Ian intones, "The Mad Monk started life as a Russian peasant boy who leapt into freezing water after his brother fell through the ice, to save him, and both had to be pulled out. His brother died shortly after but he did not. After the incident, he claimed he had supernatural powers and became a traveling religious mystic who dabbled in alchemy. He allegedly healed the hemophiliac son of Tsar Nicholas the Second which brought him into favor with the court of the Romanovs."

"He also espoused that to be saved by Jesus, one had to commit sins and repent them, and he committed many along with his cult of followers. His influence on Nicholas and his wife resulted in the overthrow of the Romanov family and the end of the Tsars. But that is where his story gets...strange."

"He seemed impossible to kill, surviving not only his dunk in frozen water, but an assassination attempt in which a woman cut out his entrails, a poisoned cake, poisoned wine, a bullet in the back, multiple gunshots, and beating with clubs by an angry mob. The mob also threw him in the river wrapped in a carpet and that was what did him in. On autopsy he was declared dead from drowning, not from the other injuries. Thank you, Rasputin, you can sit now."

"Lastly we come to a figure who is still alive and kicking. There are many like him, but I chose him for not being Hitler, but still being responsible for an unthinkable number of deaths. Idi Amin." Another student comes out in a fake Ugandan Military uniform covered in Medals, brandishing a fake sword at students.

Jade wolfwhistles at the handlebar mustache. Then he watches Rasputin. He ahs an appreciation of history, okay? He settles down, then, but he doesn't take out a notebook or write down any notes. This isn't unusual. God knows how he still manages to get good grades.

Watching the parade of costumed classmates make their way to the center of the room to show off their fancy garb, Landon at least takes some interest in the dramatics of it all. Especially on seeing Lana and Lucas in all their historical blood thirsty villain glory. He does flash his twin this winning smile and Lucas can probably sense him wink coming his way from behind those dark shades.

In truth, there are far more boring classes than this-- or this topic that they were working on now. So after having enough lounging about, he finally straightens up in his seat just as Esme passes by to sharpen her pencil. Feeling the sharp prick of the folded paper press against his throat when she stashes it away his shirt collar, he reaches for it immediately, lowering it into his lap before carefully unfolding it. A look is given to Mister Thistle, at first, to check whether he'd noticed it or not, before he goes to read the message proper. Whatever is written brings a smile to his lips and makes him remove his sunglasses for the first time during the school day. Turning to look over his shoulder, he graces Esme with a smile, before settling back down, his pencil in motion again. Oh look, it's Lucas' sometimes ex in a robe now. He just keeps scribbling.

Justin nods ever so graciously to his teacher, as he moves just close enough to the office to grab his notebook and return to his seat at the back of the class. With a flurry of scribbling in the notebook following to catch up his notes. One glare is directed at the back of Lucas' head for some reason, just for a moment and then he's back to writing.

Whether blessed with the ignorance, or doomed by his woeful lack of awareness, James remains entirely oblivious to the baleful glare directed his way by Amy as he becomes preoccupied anew with a blank stare directed out the classroom window and the occasional twirl of Lana's scepter when he moves to set it down atop his desk. "Rasputin?" he murmurs blankly, until the teacher launches into his explanation and leaves a perplexed look on James' face, followed by a speculative squint over at his friend's notes -- he'll certainly be borrowing them later.

Catching the glare from Lana in turn, Amy's expression brightens, turns into a grin and she blows the Reed girl a kiss with her hand, a smug look there on her face afterwards before her attention flickers up to this 'Rasputin' character. She seems impressed by the story and his tendancy to survive so many things. That seems particularly useful! And he doesn't seem like much of a villain to her. He cured some guys son and a bunch of people tried to kill him? She frowns a little in thought. Something about the sinning, she supposes.

Lucas admits to Star, "Yeah ain't really my way of interior decorating. Indoor pool would be much cooler." Eyebrows waggle to his twin. He's enjoying reveling in the cleverness of it all, and really, teh suit. He loves wearing this damn suit. The amusement fades to silence listening to the story of the mad monk and says to the basketball team's center, "Yeah sounds like you on the damn court." Which is why colleges are scouting Justin poking around. Lana gets a hat tip and a murmured, "Highness." Looking back to Landon he nudges his foot and offers to pass him the hat. He doesn't look at the glare. He can feel it.

Spear meanwhile appears to have vagued out entirely. He does beam at Jade for sitting near him, and then stares at the other guy for a good long while instead of paying attention to the history lesson. And a few notes are made about cleaning flesh off bones, since he does that a lot. But then he is shifting awkwardly as history gets more recent and less, well, fun. When people died ages ago, it is easier to ignore. Last hundred years? Erm.

Ian recites, "Amin was a Former Ugandan Military Officer who served as President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979 during which he made the country a military state and suspended parts of the country's constitution. He was also known as the' Butcher of Uganda', and one of the most brutal despots in world history. He expelled the Asian population from his country, between 50 and 70 thousand people, which caused economic collapse."

"He then continued to persecute ethnic and political groups. The International Commission of Jurists estimated the death toll at no fewer than 80,000 and more likely around 300,000. An estimate compiled by exile organizations with the help of Amnesty International puts the number killed at 500,000. He was overthrown and fled the country in 1979." He waves the student to his seat.

"These eight individuals were labelled evil, or villains. I'd like for you now to break up into discussion groups of three or four, and come up with a list of what makes someone a villain; what makes them evil. As well as a list of what could makes a person who has killed people a hero. Discuss."

Jade turns toward Spear, apparently deciding he's part of his study group, and he says, "I think that mustache should make the list. Anyone with a mustache like that has at least one girl scout in a freezer." He sits up a little. "Do you have paper? I don't remember where I put my folder."

Esme fans herself with a handout sheet when Landon turns sans-sunglasses and bats her lashes a few times fast in overblown flutters of oh-my before cracking into more natural glow of smile. Then she takes to writing out the proposed group work question word for word with a new diligence when Landon turns back about, though a vague smile lingers in stupid girly high school fashion there for a tick or two. Eventually, though, her hand goes up, and see, she was paying attention and is actually curious, "Mister Thistle? Is there any evidence that the rumors are actually true about the wizardry of Rasputin beyond superstitious hearsay and the autopsy report? Did he actually evidentially cure blood disease, for instance, and we just suspect he worked on modern medical theory before his time? Or were the Russians really just that superstitious?"

Hector leans across Spear's desk to pass Jade paper and a pencl, "A lot depends on who's writing the history. Vlad's a hero because he was ressisting an invasion, but a viillian to neighbors who where his political enemy's or who's people he killed.

"Murder Castle is my next band name," Star decides. Then she rolls her eyes and sighs quietly. Groups. Discussions. Hey, if she's silent and still enough, no one will notice she's not grouped up, right?

"White people," murmurs James Thistle during the teacher's lecture on the evils of Idi Amin, while bringing his arms up to fold atop his desk and support his lethargic head while it droops down to continue its stare out the window. When Mr. Thistle has finished, he lifts his face, now sporting a red mark where the sleeve had pressed into his skin, and, at the mention of group work, turns to flash his fragile smile expectantly back over to Bloody Lana while he passes the scepter. His head slowly tilts to the side with a surge of curiosity when Esme starts her questioning, though, and he turns to look her way. "Maybe I missed something, but it didn't sound like he really did anything terrible, either," James offers up. "Besides not dying."

Justin peels that god forsaken beard off his face, and shakes his head before running his fingers through his hair to return it to at least a semblance of normalcy. Becuase that man had absolutely no proper taste in grooming. His eyes flick up and start looking around the classroom at the mention of grouping up.

Ian calls back to Esme, "Unknown. In his telegrams to Tsarina Alexandra he told her to not let the doctors bother Alexei much, and reduced her own fears by claiming God would heal him, so being able to rest without stress around him may have helped in his recovery. Some believe he used hypnosis. Some argue the child was probably not a hemophiliac at all but just bruised easily. It's lost to time I'm afraid."

Sean looks around, watching as people get into groups, getting up and plopping himself down near Amy, apparently deciding that she is part of his group, and whoever else happens to be nearest to her. "So, what do you think? Death by pizza?" He shows her the doodle of Bathory dead in her cell by the pizza box, and then goes on to say, "Got any ideas to add to the list?" He apparently volunteers to write stuff down.

"Murder Castle sounds like a great band name." She is still sitting on James' desk and beckoning Landon, Lucas, and Esme over if they want to join. "You know who are some villains? The Heathers. You know, from Heathers." She takes back the sceptre and sets it across her lap so she can continue writing.

"I think it probably takes a lot of stuff to really be a villain - the world is full of people who are idiots, but being a villain means...maliciously working at it," says Spear to Jade, as Hector hands over the paper "But yeah, um, Rasputin was a colossal jerk, but there are many - so why's he the villain? Bad press? And a lot of stuff about Vlad the Impaler was written later in these sort of exciting German books that people read because it was entertainment. He was probably a dick. But so is every other warlord. It's like, being a warlord requires dickery as a prerequisite-"

Spear adds "Ghengis Khan. Colossal dick."

Hector eyes Esme curiously at the odd question, then his Uncle to see what the answer is. He laughs long with Spear, "Definately. And Elizabeth I burned wa more people than her sister, but her side won, so no one calls her Bloody Liz."

Heather gives Lana a death glare.

"Ronald Reagan," James offers up helpfully -- and pseudo-anonymously -- while he slouches in his chair and is partially hidden by Lana's presence perched atop it. "Nobody ever gives western imperialism the evil credit it deserves," he murmurs quietly, finding some free desk space to settle his elbow in and prop his head up.

Amy looks a bit bored with the idea of grouping up for 'discussions', leaning back and just peering at the class room, until Winters is apparently just joining her. She kind of blinks at him in surprise, but does call out, "Yeah, what did this Rasputin guy do that made him a jerk. Sounds to me like he cured some kid -- or at least got the cred for it -- and then everyone wanted to kill him. Did they all want the kid dead or something?" She wonders before peering at Sean proper, glancing at the thing and snickering. "She got such a bad serve from Pizza Hut it killed her. They didn't have any quality control back in those days," she jokes with a bit of a grin. "Uh, I dunno about ideas from history though. Oh, Ghengis Khan," she overheards Spear, "Write that down." Beat. "Who was that anyway?"

With those sunglasses tucked into his blazer pocket now, Landon makes a short glance over at Lucas when they're told to group up. Obviously, he knows who's group he's gonna be a part of. Reaching for his notebook and pencil, he smoothly rises to stand, but just that movement feels like monumental effort sometimes. He probably just needs more sleep. A hand tapping against his twin's sleeve, he gestures to where Lana is. "Looks like we got ourselves a group." It's when he's headed that way that he stops to listen to what Esme asks the teacher. It's uncertain whether he really cares for the answer or not, but he will offer, "Great question." When he passes by her desk.

"What about like. that guy in charge of Jonestown, or like Charles Manson?" Sean offers, "That one dude like brainwashed a ton of people into killing themselves, and Manson got a bunch of people to go kill other people. I'd count both of those guys as vilains." He writes the names down along with the one blatantly stolen from Spear. All is fair in Group Discussion.

Spear says "I guess as long as we're brainstorming, can you write down 'Cash Freeland'?"

"He fucked everybody's wives," Star says, under no restriction to mention Rasputin's less savory exploits. She's kinda grouped with Amy and Sean by proximity, it seems.

Spear's suggestion gets an abrupt snort from her.

Finally, at overhearing Spear's suggestion, James writes something down. "You got it," he agrees, flashing a thumbs-up over his shoulder at his half-sibling.

Lucas snickers, "Jade you ain't borrowin my mustache. The band might need it." He can support Murder Castle band. He doesn't leap into a discussion though so much as go back and try to finish up some notes. Looking to landon there's an uptick of a nod. Message received. He balls up a piece of paper and lobs it at Justin and side nods. That's apparently an invite not to leave the team's center out. There's a scrapeturning his desk a half turn because it's easier than moving. "First off Heather Chandler was a bitch and that wasn't a killable crime. Hether McNamara was apatsy really. And Heather Dukes was hot so, I dunno. She moved to California withehr brother or whatever." No that's 90210. Slouching in his seat, "You also have to look at socio vs. Political and what is unfair on what scale. Public opinion vs. what's actually in teh law as fair... then you gotta look at teh damn laws so... like... Star Wars: We talkin the rebellion or the Empire. The situation got a lil outo f hand."

Hector's face goes still s his siblings all add his boyfriend to the villian list, "Planning on adding me too, Brothers?" He starts packing his stuff up to go.

Justin looks up as the ball of paper beans him on the head, looking right at Lucas. He shrugs and stands up, moving to join up with that group and plopping in one of the desks. "What about that one guy? Pol Pot? I mean you want to talk about a major assho.. I mean bad guy." He sideeyes the teacher to see if his near cuss was caught. "He was right near the top of bad."

Lana rolls her eyes at Heather and says, "not YOU, clearly. The movie!" While discussion is taking place, she reaches down to where James is propping up his head up and twirls a bit of hair on her finger a moment. "So like, good people who killed? Like, whoever killed Adolf Hitler? That was a bomb, if I remember right, but, whoever bombed him?" Looking to Lucas she says, "I dunno. Being a bitch certainly seems like a killable crime sometimes."

Ian sits behind his desk, placidly watching the students with that same smile, same expression, on his face, and his grade book open in front of him. He stares far too long into the middle distance, but does that mean he is not paying attention, or paying attention to their very SOULS. That might explain this whole delving into the nature of evil and villany versus heroism. Or maybe his battery is low and robo-teacher is shutting down.

"Hey," Sean says with a little bit of a frown when people start saying to add Cash to the list, "C'mon guys," because Hector is standing /right/ there, and he gives Hector a sympathetic look.

Jade jots down a few notes, glances up at Spear, then writes more down, murmuring, "Not quite on the level of mass murder, dollface." He shoots Hector a glance. "Settle down," he says. "You're not the one who got hurt, okay? There's a certain amount of sucking up you both need to do." He frowns at his list and adds 'killing lots of people' because hey, that sounds villainous.

Spear thumbs up the other Thistle siblings, and then he says to Hector "Come on, no one's going to take this - or me - seriously." He adds "Ugh, I'm not blaming you." And then he tries to think, and he says "Milli Vanilli?" Then he pauses "Highlander 2."

"What about the people who bombed Japan then," Amy calls out from overhearing things, and then shrugs her shoulders a little. "That killed a lot of people." Another ball of paper might find itself flung at James too, this time from her. There's a scowl at Spear at the mention of Cash Freeland, though she doesn't seem to feel that same empathy for Hector's plight. Instead she leers at him a moment. Finally, she turns her attention to Sean and Star, nodding a little. "Who were they, cult people or something? I dunno about any of this stuff really," she admits with a frown.

Esme seems a bit thoughtful with the teacher's given answer, then looks at her collective of notes with a little twist of her lips off to one side, like she's comparing and contrasting the bits she's taken down about the Eight Villains with preparation before going to find a group to slide right into. Which means wherever Lana is, face it. She looks up with Landon's compliment, though and chimes a little charmed 'thanks' at him before getting up with a tug on her dress skirt for adjusting to swap desks. Then she sits on a desk too right near Lana, instead of a chair, bouncing her Doc Martin-weighted foot around while balancing a note pad on her lap, telling those gathered, "Look. It might be my mother in me, but some of these people really don't seem //that// bad, just... influenced by the times and subject to extensive rumors. Granted, some of them sound like awful dicks too, but still. War and murder and torture was even a commoner tact back during some of these mentions, you know?"

Then, after talking loud enough to sound like she's actually working and discussing what she's supposed to be, she drops her voice to socialize instead, "Lucas, I think Landon and I are going to do some sussing to figure out who's sending me all that column troll mail and make them..." Pay. "Stop? Kickstart that brilliant brain of yours and we'll let you know what we narrow down, mm?" Esme is nice and all, but she gets annoyed lately having to sort through all the trash mail questions teenagers do for kicks. So tired lately, maybe that's why.

"146,000 in Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki over four months, about half in the initial bomb strike itself," Ian calls out to Amy. "Something to consider!" Smile smile creepy smile.

Hector nods to Sean. Carefully he extracts a taped up hoho box from his satchel and slides it onto Spear's lap. "I found you this, but better not open it until later." He deadpans, "There is no Highlander Two. There can be only one."

"Hitler killed himself," James reveals to Lana, trying not to laugh while he watches her twirl her hair. "So I'm pretty sure his killer isn't a good person," he opines, slowly letting his attention drift over towards Lucas in consideration. "I think it sort of matters why you kill or hurt people, but maybe not very much? Maybe it matters a little more what the end result of your actions is," he suggests, stifling a yawn while he thinks on it for a beat. "Like, if you're hurting people for your own ends, or to make yourself happy, or powerful, or whatever, then you're pretty evil. And if you're hurting people because you think it will help people, or your country, but you hurt people more than you help them, you're still pretty evil. But if you hurt people to make the world a better place, and it's actually a better place as a result, maybe it's okay," he supposes skeptically. "So the crazy serial killers are like, full-blown evil. And Idi Amin is like, misguided, stupid, or crazy evil. And Rasputin's just a weird guy that people wanted to kill because he never washed his beard." There's a pause, and then he adds in a lower tone: "I'm pretty sure Truman nuked Japan because he got pushed into one too many lockers in school."

"Umm, isn't steralisation a...genocide tactic?" says Spear suddenly "Because, isn't that still happening now? Like, I don't know if it counts when it's a government being a villain, it's like when there's a group, people seem to. Feel responsibility is all wibbly. Or doesn't..." He seems a bit vague "Ok, I think a hero is someone that does the right thing, or the good thing, regardless of personal fear. Like, they might be afraid, but they act. And a villain is someone who does -" He yipes as something drops into his lap, then glances at Hector "Er, ok!" And then he says "Amy's pushed me into dozens of lockers, and I've never killed anyone."

"Yet," says Star.

The box rattleswhen it lands.

Lucas is jotting down some ideas. The light overhead annoyingly bright, he takes his hat back and pulls it down. His head tilts to Justin, curious, "Who teh hell is Pol Pot?" He sticks around for the answer though. Hey, Justin knows some pretty cool shit. When Esme asks him to put that MAchivellian brain of his to work she gets a nod and slight lift of a finger while he gets the answer if there's one to come. Then he looks back to her, "Uhhh yeah, I can do that. You wanna swing by the news-yearbook room sixth period I'm gonna be working n layouts." Looking up to Spear he tilts his chin up. "Yeah that's going on over in Central Asia so Shravia says. Super fucked up." No he's not apologizing for swearing. It is!

"You're both nerds," Jade complains. "And you're not helping. Think about real evil, not careless, stupid dumbassery. My list says 'mustache, kills lots of people.' Both of those are mine." He shoots Spear and Hector each a dire glance. Then Spear speaks up, and he jots down 'genocide, sterilization.' "I mean, honestly, any kind of genocide is probably not okay. Amy pushing you into a locker is her aloha."

Landon almost regrets joining Lana's table now once James opens his mouth. After having listened to several of them speak their mind on the topic, he nods slowly, "Do you really think that's all Rapustin did? I mean, don't get me wrong, I wasn't there. I'm not going to rule out that he wasn't up to anything, rubbing elbows with the elites that way." He does have to add with a wrinkle of his nose, "And how he got everyone so enthralled by him when he reeked like that? Definitely, something was up." Some of the conversation over at the other table piques his interest, but not enough for him to add anything. He's also almost tempted to slip his sunglasses back on, but for now he just squints in annoyance.

Sean adds some things to his list which now consists of: Kills lots of people, Delivers bad pizza, Manipulates others into doing evil things like killing lots of people, or themselves. He doodles a bit more, drawing a skull and crossbones and writes some more: Tortures people, Traumatizes people on purpose. THere's a couple of other scribbled things he crosses out with enough ink to totally obliterate whatever it was that he wrote as he listens to the others around him.

Hector thinks about what Jade says. "But Jack the Ripper didn't kill a lot of people. He targetted impovrished women with no means to defend themselves, killed them horribly and tried to eat bits of at least one of them. That's evil too. Somenestrong and rich and powerful harming some poor unarmed woman just because he can.

"Pol Pot is that crazy dude in southeast Asia. Genocide and mass murder and all that stuff. I mean, I know we kind of ignore that part of the world since Vietnam but it's a thing." Justin shrugs as he looks over at Lucas. Then to the other twin, Landon. "Well, as for stinking, don't some people expect crazy mystics to smell a little weird? I mean, have you been into one of those new age stores downtown? Smells like you landed face first in a compost heap."

History is not Lana's strong suit, apparently. "Did he? Oh, okay so..." She smiles at Esme when she sits on a desk as well, then finally reaches up to just take off the wig and hat thing, scratching her head after. "That was possibly the most unfortunate hairline of all time for a woman.... Anyway. So, what killer was an actual good person?" This seems to be the question she is stuck on, rather than who else is a villain known for murdering and other scandals. However, she listens to James for a moment. "Like, I sort of agree with some of that. But, who has killed and made the world a better place?"

Amy is quiet for a long moment when her name comes up and some of these things start flying, leaning back and staring across the class room with a bit of a frown on her face. Let's be real, it's a scowl. "There's been plenty of serial killers, too," she mutters to her group. "Is Jack the Ripper really all that different from Ted Bundy, really? I guess we can't tell cuz no one figured out who Jack was, but I dunno. He liked taunting the police and you gotta think he was loving reading about himself in the papers. Now we have TV and everything and Bundy sort of loved the attention or whatever." She shrugs, just getting out thoughts, but still with that scowl.

Jade fixes Hector with a steady look, then he jots down 'kills a few people' then 'cannibalism.' "They probably argued with stuff he already put on his list," he says, "and that's why he had to kill them." To Amy, he says, "Yeah, Jack didn't get caught, so he's way better at it than Ted Bundy."

James withers under Landon's criticism, going sort of quiet while he finally starts to scribble on the page of his notebook behind Lana, right underneath where he'd written 'Cash Freeland'. Rather than starting two separate lists, he draws a coordinate plane and labels the axes 'intended benefit' and 'results'. He chews on his lip reticently, not quite working up to a response to the Marchant, but just kind of frowning discontentedly. "I guess," he supposes in a terse offering, without sounding all that agreeable. "I guess I just think that like, if you kill a ton of people for no good reason, you're worse than somebody who kills a ton of people because you think it benefits your people or religion or country, but you're still pretty bad and worse than like... somebody who, you know. Doesn't kill anybody at all," he offers, barely whispering by that point. Lana's question gives him pause, though, and he doesn't seem to have an answer, staring in silent contemplation at her.

Spear says after a moment "You know, also I gotta admit, I've seen a _lot_ of dead people, and generally, I would say that. People who hurt other people, a lot, just because they get off on it, would be the worst, for me. I mean, there's scale, there's like, murdering tonnes of people, but maybe. Part of being a villain is doing awful things because you can't see any reason not to. It's more than not dating or dating someone, or trashcanning a guy. It's being. Relentlessly cruel because that's the focus of it. It's thinking it's okay to do that shit. Even when it makes everyone's lives worse. Because you think everyone's less important than you..." He is rambling. Finally he says "Maybe we don't even have good definitions of this stuff."

Hector says, "I'm not argueing with what's on the list. I'm adding. I'm saying it can be about the powerful oppressing the powerless. Jack the Ripper on a small scale, Elizabeth Bathroy on a larger one, Idin Amin on the massive scale." He's glareing at his half brother James now, "Breaking up with someone because you think you're never going to see them again after agonizing over it for weeks isn't even close to the same as commiting genocide. Putting them on the same scale is some serious bullshit." He stops and studies his other half brother, trying to decide where he's going with his thoughts."

Ian glances at the clock. He stands and clears his throat, never raising his voice. "Please put your names on your lists and put them on the desk on your way out. We'll talk about them next class!" he announces. Then the bell rings to signal the end of the period.

Jade looks at James and says, "I'm pissed too, but he kind of has a point. Their trainwreck of a relationship hasn't killed anyone. Yet." He jots down on his list, muttering, "Torture... I'm putting oppression down on this list, too. Systemic oppression, too." He then writes his name, Spear's, and Hector's. "Okay, I might need more tutoring, Mr. Thistle."

"Not sure it matters who's better," Amy says vaguely after Jade's comment. "Though you could argue Bundy got more victims so therefore he's better." She shrugs her shoulders though and leans back. "Either way we love to sensationalize serial killers, don't we?" She glances down at her own sheet and starts writing a few things here and there, considering briefly, and adds her name to the list. She shrugs her shoulders and begins to pack up, shouldering her bag.

Lana nods to James, smiling at him. "I ask the tough questions, don't I?" She winks at him and tears out her sheet from the notebook. She writes her and James' name on the paper, adding Landon, Lucas, and Esme as well, just in case. Hopping off the desk then and leaving the paper with the list on it where her behind just was, she says, "I gotta go take this stuff off. Wait for me?"

"Cash is a perpetually recurring trainwreck, and my brother isn't and won't be the only wreckage that's been left in his wake," James offers to Jade and Hector both, though he eventually relents and concedes: "But you're right, he hasn't killed anybody by being fickle." He pauses a beat, then adds: "Yet." To Lana, he flashes an uncharacteristic grin, then nods his head. "I'll wait up," he promises.

Hector rolls his eyes at ll the 'yets,' but decides to take the closest thing to a win he's likely to get with any of his half sibs.

Lucas frowns and says to Justin, "Some murderous mother farmer is named after a soup? No wonder he's pissed. Still that's psychotic." He frowns and looks to Esme with a yawn. His mustache twitches. He gies it an extra twitch, "I feel like Captain Crunch with this thing on. Yhea look, I'll help you out with it." His hand rubs at his eye and back to teh group. "So Pol Pot, heather Chandler, Jabba the Hutt, what like Al Capone? Txonn? This need to be a person or can it be crporate, I mean-" His words are cut off by the bell and he scrawls his name on teh paper, lefty that he is, "Discussion at the diner after?" This includes the group. Justin you may have to be social with ome popular kids. His eyes drift back to Hector and studies him for amoment, back to Landon, and back to Hector. With a sigh he looks to Lana and says, "If her Highness would let them serve us coffee in her court that is." She's go tthe scepter.

AS the conversation starts to dwindle here and there, Sean gathers up his notebook and he finishes writing his lists and notes for later. Tucking them away, he says thanks to Amy and Star for being his partners -- not like he gave them a whole lot of choice, and then he eventually slips out of class.

Amy is eager enough to get out of the class, and not really one to linger. Shoving her way past James Thistle and 'accidently' jostling him aside, she doesn't seem to really notice what she's done as she gestures at Lucas and Landon. "See you at lunch," she mutters before stalking out of the class. Amy's anger is at a simmer for whatever reason, and so she stalks out of the classroom.

Jade turns in the paper and gives another swirl of his cloak. "Chin up, de la Huerta, in a few months, none of this will matter. Besides, you're keeping Cash from dating anyone else and dumping them, so it's kind of a public service." He watches Amy stalk out, giving her a wide berth. Then he glances around to see where Ian is before he tells Hector, "Come on, I'm going out for a smoke."

Hector glares at Amy as she jostles his half brother. He rolls his eyes at Jade, but nods and murmurs, "I have cloves." He shoulders his bag and follows Jade out.