Log:Vampire Captives II - The Quickening

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Vampire Captives II - The Quickening
Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Prison Cellar
Factions  •   Freeland Family  •  Thistle Family  •
Date  •  2019-10-08
Summary  •  Ashley and Spear continue to be held prisoner by the Painkillers.

Day...who knows...of their captivity. Is it even day or night? You can't tell in an underground room with no reference points and uncommunicative wardens. Ashley tried counting seconds for a while but even the steely resolve of a Freeland couldn't continue to do that for days on end.

She sits on her bed, poking at what is left of the meal that was dropped down in front of them under the appetite intensifier of gun barrels. At least she still smiles 'Thank you' to their hosts. Though the seduction efforts haven't come to fruition yet, she's still being amiable, just in case.

Ashley has managed to get a clean t-shirt at least. Maybe the smell was upsetting their guards? "Any sign of ghosts yet?" she asks Spear.

Spear is dressed in whatever he has that is the cleanest - even if it means washing it under a sink in the bathroom next door. Like Ashley, he does not want to smell. He rubs his eye socket with the back of his hand, by now with a week or so of bristly fuzz on his chin "No. I mean. I'm sure there are a lot around. But I just can't get through to anything." His voice is a bit clipped. This is wearing on even his optimism. Spear is sitting on his own bed, and is beginning to stretch out his fingers, one by one. Sometimes he does a (bad) form of yoga.

"They might be blocking it somehow. Or maybe it's not blocked, and Fran's making me think I can't hear them. I'm...not sure. It's hard to tell, given, umn. Given her abilities. Though I'm pretty sure we've been here quite a while now?" He tries to count "I think I've had eleven long sleeps, but I'm not sure."

"Or they were really short sleeps and they're playing tricks on our sense of time. Maybe it's only been eleven hours?" Ashley can hope. "If it was eleven days, then something would have happened by now. Amy would have kicked that door down. That would be plenty of time to knock on every door in town." She feels the strands of her hair and frowns once more. "It's getting pretty oily" she pouts. That's worse than death! "Can we stop calling her Fran? That sounds too...polite. Let's call her...'Skankula'. Yes, that seems apt. Any ideas on what we can do to get out of here?"

"Queen Bitch," says Spear, and he lies down on the bed, putting his chin in his hands "Maybe. Doesn't quite feel like it though. I think we've been in here for at least a week. Which is gonna be driving our parents _insane_ by this point. Especially since it's gonna be basically ludicrous - the idea we'da run off together, right? They must all know that _something_ is up." He sighs, and he blows up through his fringe "Could try washing it in the basin again? I think I got a mark from where I hit my head on the tap though."

Spear stares at his hands, and he says "Okay. Ghosts haven't worked. Seduction doesn't seem to be working. They have guns. And I imagine they'll kill us? I mean. I don't know what leverage we have. We haven't had any blood, and Fr...Queen Bitch has a time limit. So she can't use us except as hostages."

"//I// am the Queen Bitch around here" Ashley points out with a proud glimmer in her eyes. "//She// is Skankula." What a shame they have to talk about more serious things now. "I'm hoping that Cash was smart enough to say that Amy and I went away to celebrate our Prom victory." A pause before she adds, with a frown, "Though I have a horrible feeling he probably told my parents everything. He's a terrible liar. I mean, he's covered for me before but only by taking all the blame. Not really the same thing since I'm the one that has run off instead of him." "Spear. You do know that they have the same kind of leverage on the others whether we're alive or dead? Nobody's taken us to a phone to tell someone on the other end we're okay." A beat. "Maybe no one's tried to get in touch with Skankula?" Ashley won't believe that. Not of Amy and Cash but she is so in the dark down here.

"Cash is an _awful_ liar," says Spear, a bit drily. He definitely knows that "I bet he tried to say something, and it got even worse. If he's lucky, the Marchants will have covered it up. They're good at that kind of thing. Okay, Skankula. You can be Queen Bitch. And I'll be Spear, because. I like me. Even if I'm not really good at escaping or anything like that." He starts rubbing at his eyes again, irritated by something in the cell down here "I...know, but I'm pretty sure that if I was dead _I_ would become a ghost and be able to go talk to them. I'm not certain, though. I don't know. Maybe they figure we're alive?" He hesitates "No, I think they're probably trying all kinds of things, but it doesn't make much sense to tell us, does it? I mean, we're a kind of set and forget thing. All they have to do is feed us." Spear yawns, thickly, then admits "I'm finding it not, like, a hundred percent great here."

"Spear, I am not going to murder you on the off chance you'll become a ghost and therefore be able to rescue me" Ashley sighs...though, on reflection, it's not a totally bad idea. Stop it, Ashley, Spear's a friend; imprisonment by vampires bonds people together. "Shame you weren't called 'Stake'. You'd frighten them all off."

Ashley inspects her nails for a few moments. The polish cracked and worn away. She is going to look terrible when she gets out of here. "Hey...why can't //they// try this ghost communication thing? Your family, I mean. Would they think of something like that? Even ask ghosts where we are." A sad snort of bemusement. "I can't believe I'm talking about this stuff."

"I wish," grins Spear "Maybe we can rename me?" He waves a hand and he says "I really don't want to die. I mean, I'm not hugely afraid of death, but that doesn't mean that I want to go through it." After a moment, his face falls "I don't know. I'd have thought Star or Silver would have done it. Hector, even. He'd try, I'm pretty sure? I mean, he may be...you know? What _do_ you think of Hector?" he asks suddenly.

"Hector? Umm...originally, he seemed to be a dick who broke my brother's heart. After my brother broke your heart. Karma is a bitch, right? And then it all seemed to work out in the end...you're happy with Jade, right?" Ashley takes a deep breath. "Hector 'married' my brother so I guess he's my brother now. And as long as he keeps Cash happy, then I will treat him like a brother. And now I treat Flick like a sister as well." She has to giggle at the threesome that has arisen between them. "I guess you're still pretty angry at him."

"I really like Jade," says Spear, with an easy grin "It's actually kinda simple for me to like people. I mean, I like just about everyone - I did totally hate Cash for a bit, buuuut. Well, I got over it. But. I dunno, I'm like, eighteen. And while Jade is simply the best. I don't want to be all dramatic and stuff, right?" He squints one eye up at 'married' "He gets carried away," he says of Hector "Eh. I sometimes feel it, I sometimes don't. Maybe, I don't know, maybe like, we wouldn't have been great together anyway." He adds "Though it being my half-brother was a total mindfuck. How _weird_ is that?" He purses his lips "Anyway, _ugh_, I'm honestly probably better off away from all of that, right? And three people. How does three people work!"

"Don't ask me how three people work, I don't even know how natural dicks work" Ashley smirks. "But I guess there's plenty of places to put things and plenty of mouths to make up for...can we stop talking about how my brother has sex? Ewwww. No, none of us want to be dramatic but, hey, we just graduated high school. Drama is what we do. But don't keep mad or get jealous. Things worked out and being angry doesn't help anything. Revenge is a dish best served cold after all." She shrugs about the half-brother thing. "It's a small world...and full of vampires."

"Er, actually, for some reason I thought you were bi," says Spear "Not that it means anything. Or means you've done. Anything. Or that I have." He waves the idea away, and he wearily puts his pillow up over his head "I _was_ mad and jealous. Then Jade was nice to me, and it worked out. My family doesn't really care what you are, or what you're like, if you're nice about it. We see a lot of dead people, after all." He glances sideways "Yeah. Vampires. And werewolves. And fairies. And witches. And apparently I'm a witch and you're a fairy."

"Bi? I may not know how a cock works but I know how high school boys work. Maybe the way I manipulate them had you thinking that?" Ashley's brow furrows. "Though I guess a high school boy is controlled by their genitalia, so maybe I do know how they work." A wink for the boy in the room. "I've only ever been with Amy and I don't want to be with anyone else. A fairy? I'm not a fairy, that's the Bloomquists." There is a hairflip before she assumes an imperious pose. "//I// am a sorcerer. If only I knew some spells."

"No, mostly I thought just about everyone was," Spear admits "I mean, you kinda see people the way you are, I guess? Or maybe I'm just a bit, er, weird. I'm not sure. I mean, I like guys, but I like girls. I admit, you can only marry a girl - if you're a guy, I mean. Or, er, if you're Hector." He rolls his eyes just a little, and then he says "Rhn. Hey, who's to say Jade and I don't have a very pure affection? Oh! I see. A sorcerer - wait, I get it. That's right - you guys are 'outwards' and witches are 'inwards', or so I got told. Like, we do instinctive stuff, and you do deliberate stuff?" He frowns "Man. I wish we could do something _useful_ though. It sorta seems...it just seems _ugh_."

"Yeah" Ashley nods, "That's how I see the difference. I should be all about supernatural shit, you do all the natural magic. I can't believe I'm talking about magic being natural. Whatevs. Shame my family seem to have forgotten it all over the centuries." A sly smile for Spear. "I know you like girls. You invited Amy to the Prom." A little wiggle of her eyebrows. "You do know she would have eaten you alive, right?" A long sigh. "And that girl sure can eat." They must have been here for days, Ashley would never talk about such things if she wasn't tired and frustrated. "Maybe one day guys will be able to marry each other? And girls too."

"Well, maybe we can try to work something out?" suggests Spear "I've seen a lot of occult things. It's an interest. So. Could - do you know the Cry of the Deer? It's a sort of old prayer. Maybe if you say it, it'll help - I don't know. But it sounds nice." He quotes "In this sacred hour. All heaven with its power. The sun with its brightness, the snow with its whiteness. The fire with the strength it hath, the lightning with its rapid wrath. The winds with their swiftness, the seas with their sleekness, the rocks with their steepness, the earth with its starkness. All these I place between myself, and the powers of darkness." Spear glances to the side "It's a prayer, but it always sounded a bit like a spell." Then he snorts and he says "Yeah, but I still liked her. And. Oh, gosh, well. I hope so. On the marriage front. I mean, what with vampires, it feels like there are bigger things going on."

The look that Ashley gives Spear when he asks if she knows the 'Cry of the Deer' is along the lines of 'Are you crazy?' (the nice way of putting it). But she will try to be polite when she speaks. "No, I don't know that one." She smiles sweetly as she listens and then recites the prayer. Not something she does often - pray. When it is over she look up at the ceiling as if expecting lightning at any moment to liberate them. "Probably takes a few tries... I think I'll try to sleep again, Spear. We need our strength."

"Or it has to be used in the moment - or it just doesn't work. But it's the closest thing to a spell I know," Spear says, the side of his lip curling up, wry. He nods, then and he half-closes his eyes, and turns to put his head on the pillow "Yeah. I might sit here and think for a bit. Play some mental chess. I don't know. Damn, this is all so messed up. Goodnight, Ashley." He sounds tired. And he needs soap. They both do.