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Vampire Captives
Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Vampire Captives
Date  •  2019-10-03
Summary  •  Ashley and Spear are Captives

A room without windows. There's furniture, including three beds, and a bathroom, and soft lighting available. Upon a closer look, you're pretty sure the room is underground, carved out of it.

There is only one door, locked from the outside. And right now, for better or worse, Arthur is either napping or otherwise non-responsive.

Spear is currently fidgeting around his bed, pushing the mattress up and peering underneath it. Hope lives eternal, in him. Also, possibly, panic. Being in a room with his ex's sister might be a bit awkward, but being trapped there by _vampires_ is something else entirely. Spear pushes the mattress against the wall and tries to pat it to feel anything that might be stuck within.

"What are you doing?" Ashley tiredly asks the mattress molester. Still clad in t-shirt and hot pants, she is feeling the chill of the room carved from stone, even if it is summer outside. Outside...where it is warm, and bright, and Amy is waiting for her. She sits on her bed, doing her best to stay calm. The tears have stopped, even though their trails can still be seen on her cheeks, and the Freeland stubborness is returning.

"Looking for something I can use," says Spear brightly. He lets the mattress fall after patting it all over "Ugh, well, nothing there. So it's going to have to be plan..." he counts on his fingers "...F? Plan F. Well. Plan F is okay." And he comes back and sits on the floor examining the stone "Do you have anything we can use to scratch marks?" he asks Ashley "I'm not gonna ask Arthur, because, erm, I'm not entirely sure he's safe."

Ashley nods as she frowns over at the sleeping Arthur. "He's probably here to spy on us. He was really keen to be turned. Wanted to do the type of music that vampires are into. For eternity. I couldn't think of anything worse." A tilt of her head as she studies Spear. "Why do you want to scratch marks? You want to count the number of days we're in here?" That makes her frown even more as she gets to her feet. "I don't know about you, Spear, but I don't intend to stay here that long."

"There //is// something we both have that could get us out of here. Us. When those guards come back we could always try to seduce them. We have all the possibilities covered." Ashley wanders over to the bathroom, peering inside as if something has changed since the last time she looked. No such luck. "Do you have a zipper? That could scratch stone."

"You know, I really _like_ goth music, but part of what's good about it is the fact I'm alive to enjoy it," says Spear, thoughtfully. He eyes Arthur, and frowns "Maybe he's really terrified of death. Or something." He gives a lopsided grin "Nope. Besides, I don't really know - no daylight, and who knows what meal schedule they're feeding us on." He eyes his bed "I need to make a Ouija board. I can send messages back and forth through ghosts. But I'll be pretty out of it while I'm doing it. So you might need to cover for me."

Spear pauses, and his voice turns squeaky "Wait, _what_? We do _not_. You're gay. And I don't know _how_ to - wait. Do you know how to?"

"Do I know how to what?" Ashley's expression turns into a horrified grimace. "Oh my God! We're not going to sleep with them. We're going to let them think we will if they let us out. We won't escape by having sex with them in here. Ewwww." She's so disturbed by the idea that she completely forgets to make fun of him about holding a seance.

"So you need to scratch all the letters on the floor?" Ashley ponders this a moment. "We should do it under one of the beds so they can't see it when they come in." Good grief, not only is she not making fun of him, she's willing to help. She looks around for inspiration. "What about toilet paper? Tear it up into all the letters and stick them down on the floor with spit or something. What will you use for the glass?" She means the planchette.

"What? No! I mean _seduce_," says Spear "I don't know about _you_, but I grew up in a funeral home! My idea of a romantic night out involves tombstones." He pulls a face and rolls his eyes, and then he says "Yeah, I think you've got a better chance than me. I mean, most people are straight? Or bi...wait. No. Oh God, I don't know about that stuff!" He wrinkles his nose, and then he listens to her "I agree, under the bed. Letters are...good for finding out specifics, but we could do Yes-No questions without too much wrok." And then he nods "Yes! That's a good idea. As for the planchette, hmmm. Well, I'll pull something off my clothes - one of my pins. Thanks for the ideas, Ashley. I...er. I admit I'm not, erm. I don't think of myself as an _adventurer_ really, you know?"

"Can't you use the pin to make the marks?" Ashley asks with furrowed brow before letting it go with a sigh. "Well, there's only been guys who have brought our food so far, and if they're not interested in me, then they'll be interested in you. Seduction doesn't necessarily have to be about romance...not for guys at least. No offence."

A wave of her hand to dismiss the seduction angle before Ashley gives Spear an encouraging hug. "I'm no adventurer either, Spear, but I have no desire to stay here or be killed by walking corpses that haven't washed in decades. Or changed their clothes." She dashes off to the bathroom to grab what they have been given as toilet paper. "If it's just 'yes-no' then we don't even need the words. The 'Yes' could be a circle, the 'No' could be a square." A questioning look Spear's way. "Would spirits go for that?"

"It's mostly plastic, though maybe I could bend it backwards," says Spear, and he heads to his bed to examine his coat "Hmm. I guess? No offence taken. I don't know..." He comes back to sit down "I mean, survival is important, and I'd do anything to live, so there we go. That's what we do. But I honestly don't really know what to do aside from smile and say 'Would you like to go to the prom'? I mean, bizarrely, so far that's worked."

He hugs Ashley back, though, and then he says "Yeah. I know. I know we can get out - we'll do that, then. Maybe after I've eaten next. I don't know, usually I have a lot of ritual gear, and the fact _is_ that my house is sort of used to ghosts. Spirits come and go. And there's so many Thistles about that none of them pull any shenanigans. Like. I've never even seen someone be possessed, but I hear it happens." He frowns, then he snaps his fingers "Freelands are lucky, right? That's your...that's your thing, right?"

"Lucky?" Ashley considers this before shaking her head. "I wouldn't call it 'luck', I'd call it perseverance. Which, I guess some people interpret as making your own luck. What does that have to do with being possessed?" Her tone a little wary now as he indicates Spear's bed. "We do this underneath yours I would suggest. So, what do we have to do? You want to wait until after our next meal?" Ashley seems a bit concerned by this. "What if it's our last meal? We have to be proactive, Spear." She manages to find a smile at last about his seduction technique. "There you go, then. But instead of asking them if they want to go to the prom, ask them if they want you to suck their dick. Sorry about being so vulgar, but with the time we have, we have to skip a few steps. Hey, can you talk to a ghost to talk to another ghost to talk to one of your siblings? Pass messages?"

"If you call it that, it's that. The more we know about what each other can kinda do, the better, I think," Spear says seriously "I don't think we can rely on Art. It has to be you and me getting out of here. So, hmm. You've got a sort of...stamina then? Right." He fidgets with his t-shirt, and then he says "Put my coat on. You look cold, and I'm kinda nervy. All warmed up. I'm asking also because it means you're less likely to get possessed. I don't have the right stuff here for calling up ghosts, or putting them down. I'm _good_ at it. But. Cautious Thistles Stay Alive."

He nods at the meal comment "Yeah, sorry. If I faint, I'm no good, and this stuff really knocks me around. I'm gonna get cold and derpy." A crack of a grin "Derpier. But! I might find out useful stuff. It's worth it. Also worth getting back word to the others so they know we're alive - I know Amy'll be upset, and Jade too." He wrinkles his nose at the comment, and he says "Yeah, well, whatever we do to get out, it's whatever we do. I'm not gonna die here, and neither are you. And yes, I _think_ I might be able to do something like that. But like I said - I don't have good equipment here. So we should do it after a meal, just in case."

"I guess I have stamina" Ashley snorts before a shake of her head about Arthur. "Like I said before, he might be more spy than assistant. We haven't drunk the bloody Kool-Aid...he wants thirds." She offers a smile of thanks at the offer of the coat, slipping it on before sitting herself back down on her bed.

"One of the reasons I want to get a message to the outside is to make sure Amy doesn't do anything crazy. She only knows how to deal with problems one way. Don't get me wrong, she's incredibly good at those solutions, but she might be charging into a trap." Ashley sniffles a little. "She's going to be so worried." Quickly she wipes at her eyes to stop any tears before s deep breath to steady herself. "If there's anything that comes with our meals, let me know. Cutlery. Containers. Bones. Anything that can help and I'll try to palm it."

"Oh, yeah, this is definitely a trap, basically I imagine we're more or less disposable," says Spear "To them, I mean? But you're right, I'll try to get a message out. Maybe we should wait until he's asleep again. And you're right - we haven't had any. So they _can_ convert us, but...we'd take time. We have a little time. We've got some bargaining ability, it's just not much." He chews his lip with a sudden ferocious expression. Grim! Then he says "...Hector will know we're alive. If he works it out, he'll tell Amy. And yes - bones would be perfect. Bread too, a little on the side. Salt, if they actually bring us any."

"Let's hope they don't bring us plain soup then." Ashley stares up at the ceiling. "Where do you think we are? Underground, obviously, but do you think this could be the motel? You can't build something like this without anyone noticing. You need planning permission." Because even motorcycle gang vampires following building rules. She's not too sure that they need to be left alive to be a bargaining chip but Ashley will keep that to herself rather than upset Spear. "We'll get through this fine. Promise."

"Yeah, I think it's under the hotel thing," says Spear, looking up at the ceiling himself now, and then he puts an arm around Ashley suddenly. He does look a little...well. Spear _never_ looks stressed. Except now, apparently "I think they dug it out with their claws," he says, and he gives a worried look at the door, and then he says "Right, yes. We'll try seducing the guards. I mean, they'll be looking for it, but our goal is to stay alive and maybe with your fortitude and my...er. Being a witch? We can put those two things together to make it easier to let us go then keep us. Or even get out and run." He adds "Also, I think given that they can have illusions? We need a code word. That way if we get seperated and see each other again, we'll know it's actually us. Something really weird to say that couldn't be guessed."

"Not sure that just running would be a good idea. They have guns and they look like they want to use them. If we can't seduce them, then we'd hae to knock them out." Ashley looks both of them over and laughs without humour. "I can't see that happening. We'll have to convince them. We could even use the Bubba card. See where that gets us. But, whatever we do, we have to be convincing. And if you need any encouragement at doing that, remember that our lives depend on it."

Ashley leans in against Spear, putting an arm around him in turn to try and reassure the nervous young man. "If they used their claws, that would explain their atrocious manicures. How can they even look at themselves in the mirror when they look so...I have to say it. Trashy. And Arthur wants to be a part of that? I thought he had more taste."

"Sorry, yeah, not really the 'big tough' type," grins Spear, a bit goofily, and he wrinkles his nose "Yeah, the Bubba thing. There's maybe one other thing I could do. Well, a couple..." He frowns, and he says "I could get them haunted. Vampires might not care. But, more seriously, I could say that if they kill me, I'll spy on them _forever_ and constantly let everyone who shouldn't know find out everything." He adds "I could be a jerk of a ghost. It's a bit last ditch, but if they _do_ kill me, they won't have a single secret left."

He clears his throat, and of all things, he laughs "Oh, well, I've never had a manicure. I guess that they are kind of gross..." And now he hesitates "Maybe...he's hypnotised?"

"He's a slave to their blood but he thinks he's being cool" is Ashley's assessment of their sleeping cellmate; and she's never wrong. Right? "It's okay, I'm not a 'big tough' type either. But I've certainly fallen for one and I miss her so much." A little laugh about the haunting threat. "And make sure you tell them that you'll sing 'Macarena' in their ear for eternity. You haven't had a manicure? Oh, we're changing that once we're out of here." She looks over at the door. "We should get some sleep. We need to be bright tailed and bushy eared when they come with the food."

"Well, the fact is, you definitely know what cool is, Ashley," says Spear, who eyes Art. Without delight, it has to be said, right now. Spear has only really seen him briefly, and then he was hissing and being animalistic. Still, he says "Amy's smart, she'll get it. And Hector will tell people we're alive. He'd know if I was dead." He grins "I'll do just that. The Macarena. And Achy Breaky Heart. Oh yeah? That sounds fun." He, too, eyes the door. A bit disturbed. It is...unpleasant being locked up "Yeah, you're right. Do you want to sleep with me? And I mean that in an entirely non-sexual way. Just for, I dunno, because this whole thing sucks. It'd be nice to be near someone." Another glance at their cellmate and he mouths 'Someone not sociopathic'.

"There are plenty of people who think I'm a sociopath" Ashley giggles. "Queen Bitch of the High School and all that. Or was I a psychopath? One of them. But, yes, we can platonically sleep in the same bed. We need to help each other out in this time of need. We'll beat them, Spear." A beat. "And damn right I know what's cool. C'mon, let's get some sleep."

"Yeah, wellllll, I've seen people who wanna drink blood so?" Spear double fingerguns "You're okay." He nods, and then he pulls the blanket off the spare bed and says to Ashley "Arright. Let's get our sleep on. I need to survive this. Who's gonna run ghost tours in New York if I don't?" And with that, he prepares for bed.