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Vampire Blues
Characters  •   Spear Thistle  •  Ashley Freeland  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Amy Lester  •  Arthur Bloomquist  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Star Thistle  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Cash Freeland  •  Esme Reed  •
Location  •  Reed House
Factions  •   Bloomquist Family  •  Freeland Family  •  Lester Family  •  Marchant Family  •  Thistle Family  •
Date  •  2019-09-03
Summary  •  There is a sleepover at the Reed's on the full moon, in order to protect those who have drunk from the pull of the...adversary. The vampires seem to have left, but that doesn't mean the teens are home free.

Silver gets herself under control after a few deep breath. As the chimes die down her head comes up and she nods at Mona. "Okay. Cool. I'm gonna shove about three cupcakes in my mouth and finish that joint now," And she gets up and pads over to the cupcakes. Unwrapping one of the chocolate and buttercream frosted things. She pretty much does just shove it in her mouth, chewing in a few seconds before reaching for her opened and abandoned Jolt.

"I knew I could hold myself together," She says after chugging her jolt. Smiling just a little cockily at the rest of the group. Then she moves to pick up the joint instead of another cupcake, lighting it with her bic and a deep inhale. Which leaves her coughing a few seconds later.

"Yeah," Mona echoes quietly. "Tomorrow, we'll have to go see him. Let him know what happened." She takes in a long, slow breath, and exhales more shakily than she's been before now. Fretful lines wrinkle her brow as she looks over to Jade. "Jade? You clear enough to-" The worry in her eyes is too plain. "-if they're leaving here, there's only one place left to go, if they're going to keep after us. Call home? Warn them what's coming. Tell Thea what happened?" And with that last shred of stiff upper lip temporary adulthood come and gone, her shoulders begin to sink. Between the ache and the raw terror of moments before, and the fear for what may be now headed to her home and the remainder of her family, Mona simply begins to melt under her coat in a slump that is mercifully subtle when all is said and done. The guilt of not being there is suddenly sharp.

Jade looks up when Spear walks in, and it's like watching a puppy whose master has just walked through the door. If he had a tail, it would be wagging. He gets up, leaving poor Arthur in peace from his rambling, and goes over to wrap his arms around the Thistle youth. "Things got so fucked up there for awhile," he says. "Are you okay?" He strokes the material of Spear's shirt, maybe a little more than necessary. "That feels so funky. I think I love it." Yeah, he dipped into the stash of horse tranquilizers he brought for the whole group. "I have to make a phone call," he tells Spear. "But, like... man, you're cool." He wanders off in search of a phone.

Arthur is duct-taped and variously silenced by his twin brother, Zane. This isn't too difficult, as Zane's like twice his size. He looks very distressed.

Zane is not having a particularly good time either, truth be told. Even if it's probably better than Arthur's and definitely better than it could've been. And hey, at least he *isn't* having to literally sit on Arthur, 'cause he's a fair bit heavier than he was the last time he did it. "Sorry," he murmurs to his brother, sincere even if he's not going to do anything about it, and he glances sidelong at Mona, noticing the slump, and shifting his weight to bump her shoulder reassuringly with his. "It'll be okay. They're smart."

Spear beams as he is being hugged, a predictable outcome for him. He looks annoyingly okay, compared to everyone else. He might have -heard- the bikers, but he has never seen them, and never consumed vampire blood. As Jade strokes him he says "Yeah, it's raw silk!" And then he says "...wh...hey, Jade, are you feeling a hundred percent?" And there is Arthur duct-taped on the floor. Spear frowns. He has had dreams like this. None for public consumption! "...sooooo should he be let out?"

Joint dangling from her lips, Silver comes back over to Cash and Hector. Flopping down on the couch next to Cash again she plucks it out and lets smoke billow forth. "I think it's safe to unwrap them?" She shrugs and holds out the joint towards Hector. Turning to look at Spear she suddenly is on her feet again and rushing over to snag him up in a very tight hug.

With Ashley off cleaning up books, Amy finds herself a spot on the couch to chill out near Cash, glancing around at everyone. "Well, I can tell you that woman was fast and strong," she says like it's no big deal, to no one in particular. "But now that I know I might be able to take her if I had to." A nod. "Gotta admit that I'd prefer not to, though." She glances aside at the Cash burrito, grinning briefly and leaning back. Her anger is gone. For the moment. Knowing the moon, it'll be back.

"Theo tried to convince Father to let him lock them all in the bank vault," Mona laments back to Zane with a tiny wince. "I think smart left the building a while ago." The hand at his arm offers a small squeeze, and she seems to be about to say more when Spear's question about Arthur catches her attention. The, "No!" is immediate, urgent, and deathly serious. Mona's eyes just don't get that big unless she's utterly certain of something. She sinks back again, falling into a lean that seems intent on propping Zane up as much as it drops her weight on him in return, like awkward teen Jenga in balance. "None of us even talked to Father about it. Well, none of us three. Thea wasn't allowed to leave, or bring anyone with her there, so-" She sucks in a quick breath. "Just. More people here, and. There is more security at the house. I mean. I know that part. I just don't know how much of a difference it makes." Snaking an arm around his waist, she drops her head sideways to his shoulder, then just seems to give up on the stiff upper lip to hug him tightly.

Jade wanders back in and tells Mona, "They're okay. I told Landon what happened." He gravitates toward Spear again, slipping an arm around him. "I had to tie Arthur up with duct tape," he tells him. "We can't untie them til morning. They've got the urge to go become vamps. If we untie them, they'll leave and go, you know..." He makes a pair of fangs with his fingers and mimics biting. "And we can't let Arthur turn, because I'm pretty sure Zane and I are on the top of his list to give the ol' chomp chomp." Spear's question eventually catches up with him and he says, "Yeah, full disclosure, I'm high as fuck."

"Maybe we need to give the Lesters some cool-ass armaments," wonders Spear "I keep thinking that leather jackets with nails in them to punish grabby vampires sounds like a good idea." He adds "I mean, could also suck, but hmm, you gotta make do with what you make do?" He eyes Cash, burrito'd on the ground, and then he says, puzzled "Silver seems okay without bein' burrito'd. I dunno, though. Is he like, on more vampire blood than them? Shootin' it up?" He makes air quotes. And then he is being hugged by Jade, Actual Drug Addict, and he beams again, and he sasy "Oh! Yes, I could see that. You two would make very Anne Rice vampires..are you?" Spear pats Jade "I'll make sure you crash out with some water and aspirin, then." He reaches out to hug Silver too.

Zane shakes his head *hard* at Spear's question. He's still got his hand over Arthur's mouth, not quite ready to risk it even if it *does* seem like the vampires are out of potential yelled invitation range. "What Jade said," he says, and leans a little more into Mona to maintain the equilibrium. Support and be supported. It's like a whole friendship metaphor. "Well, I mean. It's not just them having to think about it right? As long as there's no inviting. And it's not like your dad goes around telling random people to come on in a lot." A glance down at his hand, and he considers briefly, then returns Mona's hug with his free arm only, sighing.

Cash has calmed down considerably. "I understand the, uh, desire to just keep me swaddled like a newborn but I gotta piss like you wouldn't believe. And is you let me--" He notices Spear. "Hey, Sunny. Art and I were, uh, weaker than others. We trying to run...for the blood. Silver saved us all from a massive fucking freak out on my part. In addition to wanting blood." He looks so ashamed. "So, I gotta piss. You can unbundle me, H can watch me piss and I'll come back and you can handcuff me to a banister her something."

"Hey thanks Amy for stopping my brother / cousin / friend from getting outside because he thinks he wants to be a vampire, and for standing up to them and trying to punch the lead vampire, hey you're all fucking welcome," Amy says with that sudden 'full moon Lester' vibe striking as she peers around the room with a bit of an irritated glance. Spear does get a glance. "Hey, I want some cool-ass armaments! I dunno about nail jackets though. What if I forget and go to hug someone. Eesh." She shakes her head. She stares at Cash thoughtfully though.

Hector contemplates the joint, and decides it doesn't really count as smoking for quitting purposes. he takes a deep drag, then breaths smoke as his bends to kiss Cash. When he's ready to speak again he asks, "How you feeling, Cash?" He nods, "They were very fast when they attacked us in the cemetary." He flashes a quick smile at Amy and Ashley, "I'm glad we have such badasses on our side." He carefully makes note of the bit about Theo and the things going on at the Marchant house, more data supporting a theory he formed the day they were talking to Mr. Chen, and confirmation that the metaphorical card he played last week was the right one. "Houses are safer, but they are likely operating on the belief that it's just a drug still." He eyes Jade, but agrees "You are definately high as fuck, Jade, and I agree we've got to keep them all safe until sun up. It seemed to hit some harder than others this time, Spear." He eyes Cash, "Is this a trick? I am definately coming with you for safety."

Arthur bites Zane's hand, chomp chomp.

"Okay, all the books are back on the shelf in alphabetical by author order. Year of publication if multiple books" announces Ashley proudly, even brushing her hands together as she looks over her work. "Much better than they were before" she adds with some certainy before finding an Amy to chill with. "Could someone get my brother a bottle? Hey, do any of you drinkers know the phone number of the Painkiller's hotel? I'd hate for you to call them and invite them over. Maybe we should gag you for a few months yet?" Chilling with Amy may be a bit difficult, it's that time of the month, but Ashley wouldn't be a Freeland if she didn't try. Wrapping her arms around from behind, she nuzzles at Amy's neck for a moment before saying, "Thank you for being the most awesome vampire hunter ever." To the others she adds, "We should all get gorgets." A pause. "That's neck armor."

Jade murmurs to Spear, "You're so good to me," and he kisses him ont he temple. He then tells Amy, "You were awesome tonight, Amy. I mean it. I'm in awe. I could never have done what you did. You're, like, the bravest person I know. We should totally arm you to the teeth. You and Ashley both." He gives Hector a thumbs up when Hector agrees he's high as fuck, and he smiles. Correct, sir!

ROLL: Zane rolls spirit+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 6 6 2 1 2 -- d6)

Jade's news has Mona slowly exhaling another visible measure of tension. "Thank god," she whispers as her eyes close. "How we are apparently better equipped to handle this disaster than our parents makes me seriously question authority way more than I normally would, even." She doesn't leave off the hug, no. Not one bit. One eye opens to regard Amy, and she mumbles, "I will make you the most badass leather prom dress ever if you want, Amy, if that works as a thank you?" More seriously, she murmurs, "Thank you. You kicked serious ass out there." Her eyes drift closed again, and she mumbles, "Gorgets. K." Every exhale seems to deflate her by another fraction of an inch.

"You would only increase the tremendous power of your reputation, Amy," says Spear to her, and then he waves a hand at Cash "Hey man. Er. Yes. We do know what happens if we drink human blood, right? I mean, when we're human." THE GOTHS KNOW "Anyway, er. Gosh, that's. Let's not ruin the carpets." He colours up, and then he glances at Ashley "I'm glad the Dewy Decimal system is being respected tonight, when there has been so much barbarity and hardly _any_ actual hot Anne Rice type vampires. Except maybe Arthur there. Hahaha, he's tied up." Spear is staring at Cash and Arthur both. Tied up "...gorgeous, yes. Neck armour gorgeous. Leather, right, Mona. I mean. It can have. Studs. Wait. Why am I here?"

"There are chocolate cupcakes with buttercream, by the way," Silver casually mentions as she releases Spear and moves over to said treats. Picking up another and taking a smaller bite. "Someone wait outside the door while he uses the loo, too. The urge may be fainter now, but I still feel it.," She says a little muffled by her mouthful.

"Dude. I have to pee." Cash whines. "Look at me? Am I lying? Am I attempting to lie? I'm attempting to not piss in my swaddle." Cash looks more embarrassed now than anything. "I want to go, yeah? Am I going to make a break for it? Probably not. You can truss me up and frog march me to the bathroom. I'm calm enough not to be upset by it. My thinking is clearer now. I'd promise or swear but I'm in a swaddle."

Zane looks chagrined by Amy's declaration, and sheepishly starts, "Thanks, A--" before it breaks off in a yelp when his brother bites his hand. He manages to keep the hand in place mostly through sheer determination but looks extremely unhappy about it, curving just enough to try to get the fleshy bits of his palm slightly harder to bite. "Ow ow ow please can someone help me with one of those gag things? Or tape?" He misses everything about the gorgets and most of the rest too, except maybe the cupcakes.

Oh hey, an Ashley. This calms Amy down considerably, and she tilts her head slightly at that sign of affection. "Well hey it was ... did you guys see how all the other ones actually were fucking afraid of me?" She practically beams a smile. Amy Lester, even vampires want to keep their distance. Except that Fran, but she'll work on that. "What the fuck is a gor--" oh. Neck armour. "Probably need more than just neck armour," she says with a snicker, shrugging her shoulders. There's a grin at Mona at the idea of a leather prom dress, a sort of nod of her head perhaps. "Oh for fuck's sake," she scowls, reaching down towards Cash and starting to work on unravelling him from his blanket burrito. "My threat to break your legs still stands so don't fuck around." She warns. Before she's looking for tape for Zane.

She's not looking too hard though, because Ashley is right here.

Arthur's gaze promises murder to whoever might try to gag him, lambent red where once it had been gray. He's as fey as the rumors about his family might suggest, white hair wild around his head from all the struggling, sharp features sharpened moreso by hunger. And all he wants to do is get the hell out of there.

Hector eyes his brother, "You'll get sick if you drink human blood. You are here because together is safest and to keep Jade company, since he and Mona own all this specialty gear." He is wondering if he needs to send his friends to try to get liteerature from the Folsom Street fair to hide in Spear's room just in case, like he did with those safe sex pamplets. It is hard being an older brother all of a sudden, and he's still new at it. "Gothy gorgets sound amazing."

Clibs off Cash and helping Amy undo Cash warily, ready to grab him if he looks like bulting, "Man those cupcakes sound good."

Silver comes over to Arthur with a cupcake. She smiles at Zane and says, "May I?" And wiggles the cupcake and glances from Zane to mouth and back. If said hand is moved? She promptly goes to try and shove it in his biting mouth. "There. Put that mouth to good use and enjoy some tasty goodness," She tells him before sticking her tongue out.

"Is there any reason we're gagging him now?" Jade asks Zane. "The SPF 1000 gang has fucked off, so who's he going to yell for?" He glances at Cash. "You called me junkie trash, you lump of fuck." Then, to Hector, "I'll stand guard outside the door. Then we can duct tape him to a wall. It'll be fun."

Spear stares at Arthur biting Zane. He may have had dreams like _this_ as well, actually "Huuuhhhmm." Though it all ends when Silver goes to gag him. Nope. Sister is _not_ part of those dreams "Well, this is a hell of a night." He says "It reminds me of that time -" Then he says "Hey, Cash, stop calling Jade names. Also, Jade, no. We can't duct tape him to the wall." He pauses "We could duct tape someone else to the wall, though, that does sound hilarious. Maybe Zane or Amy."

Arthur noms obligingly, slightly mollified by Silver's offering. But then he gags, and coughs it out. Him and food... they don't get along so good.

Ashley stares worriedly at Arthur. He really seems to be into this vampire shit...and he hates Hanson. "Does anyone else think that Arthur's already too far gone?" she muses with a shrug. "Wonder where those stakes are..." She's only teasing. Possibly. "I saw, Amy" she grins about the frightened vampires. "You were so awesome that if people weren't around, you would be getting rewarded all night in very special ways." A wiggle of her eyebrows. "Ooh, cupcakes! Want one, Amy?" As for Cash and his issues; he always did have a girl's bladder. Looks like the boys have him in hand though...maybe not literally. Or maybe literally if Cash's hands are tied.

The ow has Mona's attention swinging down to Arthur biting down on Zane's hand. She should look scared. She really should at least be uneasy as she regards him. She isn't. "Art?" She disentangles herself enough to sit up straight and peer straight down at him. "I love you to little pieces. I do. I know you're going through some shit right now, and I know it is hell on earth." That deadpan delivery is about where the compassion and empathy ends. "And yet, you almost got two of your brothers killed tonight with this bullshit, and so this bullshit stops right now. Mad-face all you fucking like, but I am not fucking having it, are we absolutely clear?" Marchants, forever convinced their the bosses of everyone. Mona is no exception.

"No going outside until the sun's up, Jade. Seriously. So long as he seems to want to charge the fuck out there, and the sun isn't up yet, we have to assume the risk remains." Slowly disentangling herself the rest of the way, she tromps grudgingly over to the bag of gags, and grabs one from out of the sack, though she sure does eye the flare gun a moment longer for a moment there.

"We can totally duct tape him to the wall," Amy counters with a grin, leaning back against Ashley as she laughs a moment. "If you try for me I promise someone will end up hurting, and it's not likely to be me." She turns her head slightly, glancing sidelong at Ashley and smirking briefly. "Yeah yeah." she whispers, shrugging. "Sure I'll have one cupcake." There is a glance at Arthur and she thoughtfully considers him, shrugging. She might have been about to say something, but Mona has it in hand.

Hector winces as Jade mentions the insults. He mouths, 'Apologize' to Cash. "We can probably go with cuffed to the bannister if he doesn't try to escape on his piss break. No one is getting duct tape to the wall, spear, especially not or best fighters." He tries very very hard not to look at Amy and Ashley, because he too has dreams best not thought of right now. He nods agreement with Mona. Once Cash is free, he keeps a very firm grip on his arm. He is not playing around.

Cash gets to his feet and stretches first. He looks to Jade. "I was kinda going through some shit and if there is one thing anyone in our class knows about me is anything will come out of my mouth." Period. "But especially when I am being supernaturally compelled to drink vampire blood and everyone is tackling me and shit." He glances to Hector. "No. Not now. First, you told me. It's less genuine. Second?He's high as fuck and Jade remembers the bad quicker than the good. I'll apologize when he's sober and I'm not thinking of the sweet freedom of vampire blood." He tries to shake off Hector's grip, reflexively. "Oh...alright..." He goes straight to the bathroom, like a good boy.

"I have to go," Arthur replies flatly to Mona. "I have to /go/." It's a compulsion, even if his motives align with it. The humanity in his gaze is almost gone already; the talk about his brothers seems to leave him cold.

"I'm not trash, Freeland," Jade says, following after so he can stand guard outside the door. He sighs quietly, then tells Spear, "Okay, we won't duct tape him. I'm just, I dunno. I just found out I'm really good at it." He gestures toward the well-trussed Arthur. "I mean, just look at that tape work. I got a gift."

Luckily buttercream and chocolate cupcakes are good for keeping someone from grumbling. At least briefly. Silver catches the cupcake and then proceeds to just offer him bites. It's a good distraction for her right now. Though she does pause to take a puff of the joint. "You want a drag?" She asks of Zane and Arthur, holding it out towards the former. "You'll have to wait till Cash is done," She tells him, sticking her tongue out at him once more.

"If you get up to more than a bathroom break in there, put a sign on the door or something" Ashley informs Cash and Hector as they head off. "There is more than one bathroom, isn't there?" Off to get a cupcake for her health nut girlfriend and one for herself. Since Star said she had no ass, she can eat plenty without worrying. Logic! Her worry about Arthur is not decreasing as she steps past him to get the sugary goodies. "Maybe we should tell his parents he's on something and needs to be sent away to get sober? He's not recovering very well like the others." Delicacies retrieved, it's back to Amy and offering one over, accompanied by a kiss. "Oh, everyone, if you hadn't guessed...though you probably already all knew about my 'secret'. I'm not hiding my feelings about Amy anymore. I love her and I don't care who knows. And, yes, I'm taking her to the Prom." This is probably not a surprise to anyone.

Spear says to Amy, wide eyed "Are you not taking Jade to the prom?!" And then he says to Jade "You are really good at it. You can do it to me if you want!" he pauses, and quickly amends "Er, since Amy said no."

Arthur is regagged by his brother, and so glares in silence at the whole room.

Hector doesn't let go, but he sighs at the refusal to apologise. He eyes Arthur worriedly, "He's really not okay, is he? Your tape work is amazing, Jade." He rolls his eyes at Ashley, "No way am I doing more then guarding him in the middle of a seige. It's not safe." He smiles at Ashley though, "I am really happy for you; you know that, right?" Another surrupticious look at Spear. Yep. Clearly more advanced sex ed materials from San francisco are needed. He holds that arm throughout therelittle feild trip. He is really not willing to risk even that much.

Jade perks up when Spear mentions he can duct tape him, and he's momentarily speechless. Then Spear is disappearing into a back room again. Jade says, "Happy birthday to me." It's not his birthday, that has already come and gone. Call it a late present. "Thank you," he says to Hector. Okay, so it's been a bad night for a lot of people, but Jade discovered a new talent and Spear just opened some exciting new doors for them, so yay for that?

"I know it seems that way," Mona says quietly. She seems to get it, at least on some level, even if she can't understand the strength of it. "But it isn't that way. You are so much better than that shit, man." But that's all she's got, at this point. The rest of Mona's energy for the day slips out with a quiet murmur of, "Someone kick me if they come back and I'll shoot fire at things," into Zane's shoulder before she passes out cold.

Settling on the couch, dragging Ashley down with her, there's a laugh at the other woman's announcement. "Yes, yes. I think everyone's figured it out by now at least, Ash," she says with a bit of amusement there, glancing around the room almost bloody shyly. It's very un-Amy like. She munches on the cupcake thoughtfully, inclining her head as she listens to the others, peering at Hector for a moment. "You know," she says suddenly, "does all of this have anything to do with the evil brick in the bridge?"

Ashley snuggles into her beloved, munching on her own cupcake. A smile to Hector's words before shrugging to Amy's question. "Maybe, but that's why we need to see Mr. Chen again. He promised to tell us about our families and maybe that stone. You think it has created the Painkillers? Are they servants of it? Do they seek it...though they seem to be spending more time luring teenagers than looking. We'll figure it out...hopefully before finals." A quick kiss to Amy's cheek. "This is my second home" she notes, "I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we found a bedroom to...umm...whatever. Just saying."

ROLL: Jade rolls brains for: [1]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 8 1 4 5 -- d8)

Hector settles Cash after, cuffing himin a position where he can sit or lie down, with pillows, water, and cupcakes to hand. "What evil brick?" He bites nto a cupcake himself. Ginger wrangling can be hard work.

Jade peers at Amy and Ashley. "There's an evil brick?" It's his own home town. At least Hector has an excuse for being relatively clueless. He comes over to sit cross-legged on the floor before the pair. The youth is worth millions, and his favorite seating arrangement is carpeting. "How does a brick become evil? Did it hit someone in the head and kill them?"

"Uh, oh yeah." Amy got distracted by Ashley being all suggestive, and there's a grin there as she leans back against the woman, looking the picture of almost content luxury. "Apparently there's an evil brick in London Bridge or something. Ashley was researching it for ... I actually dunno why. She was looking up her family to prove she's a queen or something," there's a squeeze at the other girl. "But I don't really know about it."

"Mr. Chen told me about it when I got the Freeland coat of arms done." A teasing poke of Amy. "And I did find out I was a queen. Anyway, it's supposed to be part of Stonehenge. He told me that, once upon a time, five people trapped a great evil inside it and it has been lurking there ever since. Did I tell you guys that the Freelands are descended from conjurers? Or at least the Welsh surname we had means conjurer. Probably in the context of conmen" Ashley giggles. "We are willworkers. Can change the world with the force of our mind." A look in the direction of her brother. "Some of us at least" she sighs sadly before hugging Amy once more. "I need to go to the bathroom too. At least it's okay for me to have a girl's bladder. Be right back." And then is off.

Hector settles by Jade, but angles his body so he can keep an eye on the various restrained people. He grins, "You make a fine queen, Ash. Always have." He looks down, thinking a moment, "Spear and Cash... They said freelands are sort of supernaturally subborn." His tone is carefully nuertal as he adds, "there is a theory that Cash... was wanting a Thistle last Summer. Because he missed Spear. And maybe also wanting food, a shower, and a safe place to sleep, so he got them. Could freeland luck do that?"

Jade says, "That's cool, Ash." He grins, adding, "I'll never doubt you're a queen. Marchant isn't too hard to figure out. Merchants, traders and buyers. The leaf doesn't fall far from the ancestral tree." He glances at Hector. "Dude, that would be super freaky if it were true. What if Cash is turning me into a bastard because he's always calling me names? It's not my fault. You all heard it here first."

"Well, shit," Amy says as she leans back, staring at Ash. "I teased you over that conjurer bullshit but maybe it's not such bullshit anymore. Who knows." She looks at Hector, inclining her head a little and giving a thin sort of smile. "Who knows. Are Freeland's known to be extra lucky? I don't think so." She doesn't pay much attention to family myths or whatever. "But I guess it could be true, I don't fucking know. I just know next time I get to take a swing at Fran, I'm gonna make sure it connects. She's fast." She eyes Jade, brows lifting up. "Yeah, that's all Cash doing that." She deadpans.

"Lucky?" Ashley looks at Amy and smiles. "I guess I am lucky. Supernaturally so? I don't think so. I mean, vampires is one thing but saying we're actual magicians... Do I cast a spell on you, Amy?" she teases. "I think if Cash was willing himself to get all those benefits, he wouldn't have willed himself to be in that situation in the first place. We're stubborn, I'll give you that, but we're not magical."

Hector eyes Jade, "Technically, I'm the only bastard in this room." He takes a breath, "And we're... associated with the dead. Thistles, I mean." He tells Amy, "I have faith in your fists." he cocks his head, "It was explained to me more... If a Freeland wants a thing enough it tends to happen. I don't know if I should believe it."

"Exactly," Jade tells Amy, laying a hand over his chest. "Exactly. That's what I'm saying. I would be so nice if I could be, but my hands are tied." Speaking of tied hands, he does a cursory glance to check on the bound. "Our super power is we're rich and powerful. No offense to the Thistles, because it's a cool parlor trick and all, but I dig our super power. I'm not going to pretend it's not awesome."

"I don't think it's luck so much as being stubborn. Some call it determination," Amy says, sticking her tongue out at Ashley a moment before grinning a little. "I don't reckon it's got anything to do with anything though. Fuckin' luck? I guess you're eventually gonna roll a dice if you refuse to stop rolling the dice until you get one, huh?" She shrugs a little at Hector's idea. She glances back at Jade again, shaking her head. "Like being rich and powerful is a 'power'," she says with a roll of her eyes, frowning a little that Jade just went along with her words.

"Ahh well, I don't know shit about shit. I reckon we shouldn't try to fight 'em though. I will if I gotta. I dunno about evil bridge stones either but seems like it could matter maybe." Somehow. "It's London Bridge and that woman was English, after all." She nods, pushing up to her feet. "I'm gonna find somewhere to ... hang out," she says with all the subtlety of a brick, to Ashley. "Whenever you wanna come find me."

"Right now?" Ashley replies to Amy, leaping to her feet to take her hand and follow her out. "Night, boys. Don't do anything we wouldn't." Nothing else on her mind but 'hanging out' with Amy.

Hector grins, "Rich and powerful is always nice to have, yes.... How would we tell which stone is the evil one.... I wonder if it's haunted." He laughs softly at Ashley's subtlety. "Have fun you two."

Jade smiles blithely at Amy, and he waves to her and Ashley as they head off to be somewhere else. "I mean it's not literally a power, I'm not dumb. It's just kind of what we do." He grins as they depart, and he says, "I'm actually really happy for them both," to Hector. "It's good to see them happy. Especially when everything is so fucked up right now."

Hector says, “Power is power, Jade.... I am too. I know it was really hard on them both being closetted. I think...I want everyone to have something good for themselves, especially with all this going on." He guestures at the restrained. I really am ridiculously happy for you and Spear... Are you going to remember any of this do you think?”

Jade says, "Yeah, I should remember most of it. I'm already coming down." He shrugs. "Besides, I only did a little to take the edge off. I know the people fighting the urge can't help the stuff they say. I'm not really mad at Cash about it. It's just, you know, there were fucking vampires out there. I don't know what the fuck to do about vampires. I needed to mellow out, that's all."

Hector says, “Having money to buy a truck load of bondage gear at short notice to save friends is definately a superpower. Trust me on this." he rubs the back of his neck, "I realised the night they hunted us, I have next to nno chance againnst them. Let's hope Mr. Chen will know better how to fight them, because that was terrifying.... Oh man, I felt like Conan on the Pyre trying to keep the spirits from snatching someone he loved."”

"I don't know what we can really do about them," Jade says. "Maybe burn down the motel during the day. I bet they've got some measure in place against that, though. Besides, it risks hurting people who are just staying at the motel because they need a place to stay." He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Spear found something about some deaths that happened before that were exsanguination. He thinks there are adults who know about this, who survived something like this once already. He thinks he might get them to help us, but you know he's always a glass is half full kinda guy."

Hector sighs, "As tempting as burning them all is, Arson creates new problems, and killing innocennt travellers isn't okay. How long ago was the last batch? I kind of ran through all the adults I know well enough to try that I thought would listen.... What did they decide to do with Thea and the twins exactly? your family, I mean."

"They're grounded tonight," Jade says, "but it's okay. The place is like Fort Knox, and I called to check on them. Mona and I weren't grounded because we didn't go get mixed up with a biker gang. I don't think Dad realizes Thea didn't have a choice." But Jade is not going to argue with Dad. "I don't know how long ago Spear's thing is, but see, I think the grownups who do know about it are keeping pretty tight-lipped, and they're just as likely to shut us up as listen to us. I don't have Spear's optimism."

Hector smiles crookedly, "I don't have a lot of faith either after the Aunt Nancy thing." He reaches for another cupcake, looking sideways at Jade, "If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone, especially the twins?"

Jade considers Hector for a moment. "That depends," he says. "The twins are my family, and I'm not going to act outside their self-interest. If it's just a thing where you don't want me to tell them something that's none of their business, that's fine. If it affects them, though, I'm going to do what's best for them."

Hector nods and bites the cupcake, "It would depend on how you define self interest. I'll leave it then. I saw what happened to Heather."

Jade sucks his teeth and says, "It was unfortunate. I only saw that she tried to hit Zane with a drink, and Mona stood her down. I have nothing personal against Heather, but Zane's like a member of the family, and we've got our ways when it comes to hospitality. I hope she's doing all right. I mean, I'm over it. No harm done, in the end."

Hector says, “No one will talk to her and they aren't letting her in the yearbook or anything over it apparently. No prom. Total social death.”

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Jade pauses. "Really? Huh. That's a little much over a drink she didn't even get to throw. I don't know. I'm always the lenient one. I don't have the attention span to stay mad. I'll talk to her if she wants someone to talk to. I mean she shouldn't have tried to throw the drink, but she's gotta know that by now. Maybe Zane can speak up on her behalf. You should talk to him."

Hector says, “I don't know him that well, and I'm only just recovering from near social death myself. I'm just sying, I don't want any of your family angry at me. Power is Power.”

"If I remember to, I'll talk to Zane about it. If I ask, they'll just think oh, Jade's being a pushover again. Zane's the wronged party. It should be his call anyway. At least it won't matter in a few months. All this will be over." He sighs, shoulders slumping. "Finally. It felt like high school was never going to end, you know what I mean?"

Hector says, “It still kind of feels that way, you know? I just want to get on with my life and the last few months are dragging on and on and on. I mean, I'm not all that fond of LA, but at least vampires are probably not going to try to eat me there.”

"Yeah, rent's high in New York, but at least the vampire-to-person ratio's gotta be skewed toward anonymity. These fucks know who we are and who we hang with and who we care about. Heather may be the last one standing by the time it's over."

Hector gives a bitter laugh, "The upside of having no friends.... Someone mentioned the vampires tempted people from each of the five families. I've noticed they didn't take... you know normal people. Amy and Ashley said something about five people to do with the bridge. Think there's a connection?"

"Man," Jade says, "I'm only really believing in this vampire thing because there were literally fucking vampires outside this house tonight. Like, I saw them. So, okay, vampires are a thing. Now you're asking me how I feel about evil bricks? I mean, I guess? Evil bricks are just about as reasonable as any other origin story for vampires. Maybe we need to pry the brick out of the bridge and throw it into the ocean or a volcano or something."

Hector laughs, "Hobbits taking the bricks to Mount St. Helen's.... Still ghosts and vampires are a thing. Who's to say if evil bricks are as silly as they sound?

Jade stares at Hector for a moment. In some incarnation, he has read Lord of the Rings, but this one isn't it. "Okay," he says uncertainly. "I'm not disputing evil bricks. I'm just saying I'm not prepared at this time to know what to do with that information. I'm starting to crash, I think."

Hector offers him a one armed hug, "I can watch over the captives while you crash out, Man. It's cool. Go find your boyfriend and have a snugle. i've got this."