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Twilight of the Gods
Characters  •   The Optimist  •  The Martyr  •  The Gambler  •
Location  •  The Facility - Parlor
Date  •  2019-11-07
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The Gambler has a pile of clothing on the coffee table near where she sits on the couch. She's wearing an oversized t-shirt with two d20s printed on the front, showing the 20 side up and the legend 'yes, they're natural'. Underneath she's wearing leggings in a checkerboard pattern. She's got a couple empty dishes stacked on the end table near by and a mug that looks not quite the right brown to be apple cider, but smells fruity and spicy. And she's shuffling a deck of cards while she thinks.

Dare shuffles out of Hall of Rooms, eyes red from weeping and unsteady with Whiskey. He's wearing that black and purple outfit with the waistcoat he likes. He freezes and squints at her tee shirt, swaying slightly, then giggles. He settles next to her, tucking his legs up and putting his arms around her. Resting his chin on her shoulder he asks, "Whatcha doing?" He's very west coast American in his accent today.

The Gambler blinks at Dare and sets her cards aside, instead wrapping her arms around him. "Just thinking. Was possibly going to play a game of solitaire. I'd brought the clothes out to get people's opinions on what I should wear clubbing - Briar and Arcade and I were going to try to go clubbing at some point - But there haven't been a lot of people through. What's the matter?"

Dare nuzzles her neck. "Drinking to Cheer. Her door went blank." He's cried out and his voice is distant, the whiskey having insulated him from the sharpness of it. Fizz knows now." He sighs, "At least I told her I loved her this time. have I told you that? How much I love you? Because I do. You're amazing." Another sigh, "I want to go dancing with you. Have I told you how much I love your sense of style? Because I love that too."

The Gambler blinks at Dare and her gaze flickers towards the hallway, then she hugs him tightly. "Her door went blank? But... She was just..." She clings to him. "You've told me. You can always tell me more, but you've told me. I love you, too. And I'm sure you'd be invited dancing with us, though I will absolutely look like a total dork."

Arcade arrives from the Hall of Rooms. He does what he says he does, wearing his raver clothing - he goes dancing almost every night. And why not? He will never really grow tired. Instead, he will fall asleep. Maybe other times are for games, or reading. He pauses, peering into the lounge area to look around, and spots Dare and Flick "Hey guys. What's going on?"

Dare whispers, "Just here, alive and full of life. I have no idea what happens after." He holds her all the tighter, "I love you so much and I'm ridiculously glad you're here. I think dorky is hot. It'll be fine." He sighs, "Cheer's door went blank in the night, Arcade."

The Gambler scrunches her nose and continues cuddling Dare, kissing him gently. "Well, she had been regularly killing herself in Anywhere rooms. I mean, she said she was trying to find the most over the top death. Though I thought I'd talked her down from that. But... We had plans." She takes in a deep breath and lets it out. "Well, as long as you think dorky is hot." Then she glances towards Arcade, "I'd been trying to decide what I should wear when we went clubbing." She makes a little motion over towards the pile of clothes, then goes right back to cuddling Dare to herself. "Lucas liked the pacman dress, but Connor thought the black and white chess one. I kind of the like the skater dress with the classic Las Vegas neon signs print. But feel free to look through the pile and see if there would be something better. I think there's a Tetris dress and a Mario Brothers skirt and some other options."

Arcade says, puzzled "Oh, I've never seen that happen - what does that mean? Has she moved on to whatever the next stage is?" He slips his hands into his big, wide, tape-edged pockets "Man. That's rough on you, erm, you were together, more or less, right?" A big frown "And so was I, sort of, with her as. My sister once. And my, ermmmm. Goddess? When I was the Serpent. She's not coming back?" He frowns, easing down into a chair "Heavy."

For a bit of a time, there is silence, and then he says "She was? That sounds. A bit painful. I mean, I've killed myself. It hurt?" And then he says "Oh! Well, you should wear the thing that makes you want to dance. Are those _all_ games? I mean, they sound like old g...what year do you last remember?"

Dare sighs, "She was spiraling. I know she was, but... Damn." He takes a deep breath, "I used to be way dorkier than you, you know. Ask Briar sometime." he squints at the dresses, "I liked what you wore to prom....Connor's not wrong, especially if you are going somewhere formal, but the neon would be fun for clubbing." She is asking a man who once owned a SF themed Hawaiian shirt collection. "Do you have any with tie fighters and X-Wings?"

He blinks at Arcade, "I can only guess. I have no idea what's after here." He nods, "Me and Fizz, though more me lately." He peers at Arcade, "Yes, back when you were the world snake. She's not coming back. No one comes back here once their door is gone." He studies felicity, "He's right you know. Wear what makes you happy."

The Gambler hmms. "Most of them are games. I mean, I also seem to have stuff from Las Vegas and Atlantic City which aren't really games. And dice prints and card prints. And I think I have a couple of things in my wardrobe which are Tarot card themed. But games do seem to be most common, yes. I kind of miss Felicity's fractal t-shirts. And that dress, but the dress was mostly Mona and me wanting a cool butterfly pattern in sparkles." Then she blinks at Arcade. "1994. I mean, Chance took us to visit... sometime later. I think he said 2018, but... all my memories are 1994, well and sort of bits of 1995 and sort of before that, like the 80s and earlier 90s, but..."

She nuzzles Dare's cheek and sighs. "I haven't seen any Star Wars themed ones, no. And... I'm sorry to see her go. I was enjoying getting to know her." Then she smiles a little, "They all kind of make me happy, though."

"I don't know what 'spiraling' means," admits Arcade, and then he says "Oh, yeah, Prom. I can barely even remember. Some of that stuff is totally weird. I don't understand how it all works." And then he frowns quietly "She isn't coming back? This is freakin' me out a little. I can't understand some things here, because I don't...feel the same. But I know that if I _could_ feel the way normal people do, it'd have been real affection." He takes a deep breath, and then he blows it out and he stares up at the roof.

The man says to the Gambler "I'm from 2019. I'm the second youngest here. We think I'm from Africa, because of the languages I understand, and the fact I don't know American idioms. But I could be from Europe." And then he says "Oh! Well. You should do Star Wars. Retro is cool!"

Dare nuzzles her back, "I miss the fractals too... Tarot maybe?" He nods, "2018. he really loved that life. I'm from 1989, but I've been to the past and future. I don't know if I count as '80's anymore." He nods slowly "Wear your favorite, Red. Life's too short here not to where your best dress. I could swear there was an Atari Star Wars Cartridge back in the day..."

"You never saw her at her best except that time you found us in the thirties when she was a Goddess. The first time I died...." Dare's face is in her hair again, "She'd been trapped here alone for a couple of weeks watching us fight murder ghosts on TV, unable to help. The moment I opened my door, she was there with hugs, only I thought she was dead and I thought I'd gone crazy and it took a while for her to calm me down, but she was so gentle and patient, you know?"

He straightens up and tries his level best to look sober. he fails, but it's the thought that counts. His tone gentles, "I forgot. It's the first of your closest lovers and friends you lost." He rubs the back of his neck, "It's why a lot of us check the doors first thing when we wake. Sometimes people don't come back. The door goes blank or the sigil changes. Sometimes they send a replacement. I'm a replacement. Once the sign disappears you've lost them."

The Gambler shrugs. "Maybe there's one buried in there and I just haven't seen it, but that game was pretty pixel-y. I mean, it ended up looking more like green schematics of things. But I can look. Though if retro is cool wouldn't Pacman and Tetris be good? Depending on when we were? But I can pull out the tarot things, too."

She frowns a little. "Spiraling, in this case, means that she was depressed and unhappy and the things she was doing because of that were kind of making it worse, not better. I think the other door going blank hit her really hard and then other things made it worse." She considers a little more. "I'd barely gotten used to people always come back, even if they die in the parlor and... I hadn't realized it could happen any time. I thought it mostly happened after stories... or encounters... or whatever. Or at least during them. Somehow."

"Wear what you like. Heck, I've been naked. Sometimes I prefer being naked, but other people seem to think it means being sexual," explains the Optimist "I just like not having to even _think_ about that. Or I wanna be totally covered in paint. Why not?" He shrugs, and he spreads his hands, and then he says "I remember like that. Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, it must have been hard. I still. I still don't like the fact that I'm not actually a God? It feels like I should be a God."

Eventually he says "Yes. It is. I mean. She is. I see. You don't seem like a replacement to me. You are the real deal, Dare." And now he rubs his face, again, and he says "Aww, shit. I don't. I...man. I'm not ready to say goodbye to her?" He clears his throat "Nah. I'm not ready to say goodbye."

And then he pops up suddenly and throws his arms wide and gives Flick a big - and possibly not welcome - hug "I'm so sorry. You're both great people, and I hope I can help you. But I'm sure she's gone somewhere else. I think we're like. Heroes. We go where we're needed. And yeah. We come back if we die. If you want, I'll get Dare to stab me!"

Dare nods, "Mostly before or after, but there are people I saw here who never made it out there, and people like Fenghuang, who I was friends with here, and was really important to me at first when I was Angel, but... I sort of lost track of her in the press of things? I can't remember if Bik's door went blank before they sent us out there or not. I remember him trying all the foods as he didn't eat out there, but... Was he here right until the day we woke in our pods with the ship falling into a Black hole? No clue."

He reaches a hand out to the Optimist, "I adjusted better to not being one, but every morning I wake up a little sad I'm not Osiris." He waves at his crutch, "Even with the situation, and being dead half the time, and the danger of unraveling if a guy I'm with barebacks. Not everyone misses it the way you and Cheer did, but I understand better than you think. I loved being green and the way I smelled and the feeling of making things grow. It felt so damned good being Osiris."

He opens an arm, making it a group hug, "I wasn't ready either.... No stabbing!"

The Gambler seems to enjoy the hug and smiles at Arcade. "No need for stabbing. Really. I prefer a lack of stabbing in my days." She sighs and cuddles more. "I don't think any of us were ready. From the other reactions I've seen to blank doors, I suspect people rarely are." Then she looks confused. "What... do you mean unraveling if a guy you were with barebacked? Osiris did smell... absolutely amazing."

"I liked how you smelled - as Oh, I mean. He had a really impressive sense of smell," says the Optimist "I mean. Like a wolf's. I guess because he was a giant snake? His vision wasn't that great, but he sure could smell anything." He pats Dare, and he says "Okay, though I really don't mind. I'm just. Okay with most things for some reason...hey. I remember. Bik. The scarecrow." He pauses, a bit shocked "Am...I didn't think of him until just now."

The man settles down, and he says "No. Oh, er. Wait. How do you know Osiris? I can't talk about the bareback thing. I mean, for a start, Oh didn't really 'get' most of that stuff. It didn't make sense to him. I don't think he had a sexual preference. He was sort of an animal."

Dare blushes, "My Pharaoh nature tended to unravel if I got spooged. I was the first Pharaoh. I was Pharaoh of the dead. We... Egyptians weren't particularly distressed by men being together, but a Pharaoh couldn't... Um... receive what he dished out or he wasn't Pharaoh anymore. He was supposed to be a top, you see? But give a man the length of time there's been agriculture in Egypt and he tries everything eventually. There's a reason Egyptians invented both dildos and condoms really early." Smiles crookedly, "I think I was closest to Bik. We sort of got each other, him being a scarecrow and me being a mummy." He eyes Arcade, "Did you just accuse me of bestiality? Though to be fair... I mean, Sekmet, Oh, that Unicorn.... I'd have been all over that Manticore in not just the G-Rated riding sense if he'd let me."

"One of the first nights I was here, I didn't quite know how the anywhere rooms worked and I ended up in one with Osiris and Sekhmet dancing on the beach in San Francisco." Flick smiles, though there's a tinge of sadness to it. "It was... magical in all the best ways." Then she blinks at Dare a few times. "Mythology is weird," She states.

"No. I don't know. He was a giant snake, but also he _wasn't_. He was an idea. Everyone was an idea. Anyway, no one could have caught the Unicorn - it ran too fast," says Oh, and he runs his fingers through his hair "Hee hee, spooged is suuuuch a silly way to put it. I don't think Oh would have counted. I mean, I guess he was technically male? It didn't really...a lot of things weren't hugely important to Oh. He was way, way too old to care about things like that. He didn't really even get dominance displays. He just liked being with people who liked him."

The Optimist says "Yeah. Bik. I miss Bik. And. No, oh, no, I miss Sekmet too. I miss a lot of people. Except they weren't people." He says to Flick "Yeah, they were the perfect couple. Oh could never have that. He'd had his other half - she was his sister. And his mate. Gods and mythology - definitely weird. I'm pretty sure I'm not incestuous. Heck, I'm not _anything_. Though I think P...Penny? Has been asexual like I am too?"

Dare strokes her cheek, "It really was magical, yes." Then he shrugs, "In my defense, most of my Pantheon had animal traits and I also used to be a bull. I lacked a lot of human taboos about these things and I was very serious about consent. I mean, I didn't have sex wih any non-sapient animals. A lot of us... had disturbing memories after that one, even those of us who weren't cannibals."

He smiles at Arcade, "We liked being with you too. we were trying so hard to keep you warm and alive, you know? After they got Ishtar, you were the only one older than us we were sure was alive and you were so... likeable. Easy to care about. Fun o show things too and do things with." He eyes Arcade, "I spent all that time longing for my sister wife and sister lover. Christine was my metaphorical sister first time around, and the first thing I did in the thirties was seduce her and fall head over heals. I was definitely with Cheer after she was my sister. When you were Spear... Nevermind. I'm just saying, at some point, we move past the idea of incest because what does it mean here? Or to the Gods we were." He nods, "Sometimes Penny is out there, yes."

The Gambler falls quiet, mostly just listening and cuddling, petting Dare gently. "Who was Ishtar?" Pause. "I mean, not... I know who Ishtar was mythologically, but who here used to be Ishtar? Or was she not someone here?" She considers. "Chance seems to think that lovers first and then siblings feels less weird than siblings first and then lovers."

"Very old," says Arcade "One of the first creatures. Before Oh was Oh, he was Sumerian. He wasn't great at thinking about all the timing though. To him he was all the same." He says "Yeah, but the...those of us, like me, who were critters, were also in human shape." A bit of a shrug "Most of the time. I know now - you guys were keeping me alive. I was very old, and very thin, though. I was very almost dead. Most of the winters. I found it hard to remember things...anyway. Ishtar, I remember." He raises an eyebrow "When I was Spear I was a bit mean to you and Cash."

He says to Felicity "Ishtar was gone. She'd been converted into Hollywood. And I don't know. It all feels a bit weird to me, I can't relate while I'm here. Out there I seem to mostly be pansexual? If that's what it is."

Dare kisses her cheek, "No one with a door. The New gods swallowed her the way the Christians swallowed Isis only worse. I suspect Chance is right. It was easy for Cheer and I to reestablish without even really thinking about it." He gicves Arcade a squeeze, "We didn't mind. We loved you in our way. It was good sharing our fire and our people with you." He laughs softly, "when you were Harkaway you were plotting to destroy me and then later to kill all my friends remember? At least this time around I deserved the mean."

The Gambler smiles and kisses Dare back. "Ahhh. Makes sense." Then she shrugs. "I must have missed the mean part. I mean, I got bits of jealousy and complicated feelings, but not mean. Or maybe the mean was mostly in your head and you didn't act on it much."

"Ugh, why do you even like me," says the Optimist, hiding his face suddenly "It's just terrible. I'm so often a really bad person." He frowns "We really should try to be a good person. I mean. Sort of. I think? It's actually kind of hard to influence yourself out there - that's why I wonder if it's the person we are in _here_ who actually matters." And then he says to the Gambler "You missed some of my, er, worse behavior, yeah. I was jealous. Here it's easier. I just like the fact that here it's simpler - people chat to me, hang out. We go and do things. It all just feels...more or less. Like this could be a waiting chamber?" He finally sits up "But. Regardless, Oh was happy being with the Egyptians. He was Sekmet's lover sometimes. And sometimes Osiris'. Or one of the dryads. Wait - Maenads."

Dare says, “You missed the really bad part, Red." To Arcade he says, "We hurt you. You had a right to be upet. Either way, hector loved you very much and wanted to protect you. You were... It was like the way we all felt about Braden on Icarus. Except you, I mean. The way the rest of us felt about him. We all just wanted to keep Spear safe and Sunny." He leans forward, "Arcade, you're a good person. We like you. I'm pretty sure this you is as real as it gets, and I think some of that shines through even at your worst out there. I think that was the part of you that made... what Angel was doing so much more than taking one for the team. I really did care about you by the end, even though I never lied to myself about how dangerous you were. I think the piece of this you in Harkaway was what let me hold on to... what was left of my sanity.... I'm sorry your Maenad didn't have a door. I know how much time you spent with her."”

The Gambler nods and falls quiet again, closing her eyes and just sort of resting against Dare.

Arcade just gives Dare a brilliant grin "Well, thank you," he says, most seriously "That actually helps a great deal. And maybe I should go dance. I'll get it all out that way."

Dare offers a last hug to Arcade, "Have a great time, Man." He kisses Flick, "Would you mind terribly if I asked you to come cuddle with me?"

The Gambler smiles at Arcade. "Have fun." Then she melts a little into the kiss from Dare. "I can not imagine ever minding cuddles with you. My room or yours?"

Dare kisses her some more, then rises, taking her hand, "Yours, I think."

The Gambler glances towards the pile of clothes, then shrugs and takes his hand instead. "They'll be back in place tomorrow. Probably." She she follows him off to her room for cuddles.[[Category:{{{story}}}]]