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Tribute Required
Characters  •   Spear Thistle  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Cash Freeland  •  Star Thistle  •
Location  •  Silver's Room
Date  •  2019-08-21
Summary  •  Silver is feeding her creepy crawlies and a bunch of people visit. Then Cash shows up on crank.

Star arrives from Lake Havasu - Thistle Funeral Home.

The day after the party. Late, late, in the day after the party. Silver has recently awoken to find she made it home last night in one piece. So she has eaten, washed up, and taken 3 million tylenol for her hangover. No surprise she is wearing sunglasses in her room.

Currently Silver is sitting by one of her terrarriums. The lid is open and she is dangling a dead mouse, young and small, near the python inside. "Eat already. Everyone else is waiting on you, you slithery jerk."

Knock knock on the outside of the door. In case anyone else is there, out there is Spear and Jade. Spear is wearing a black Bauhaus shirt and black jeans, and is looking...okay. Hungover. Black glasses. But cheerful with it! He calls out "We have like, gatorade and cookies. Silver? Jade's here with me too." Spear did not come home from the party last night, or at least has only recently gotten back. He crashed over, unconscious.

Hector drifts out of his room, hearing the sounds of visitors. He looks annoyingly not hug over. He's in one of those artie Smith's album cover tees and black cargo shorts, that new ring on his finger. his hair has grown out to the Fauxhawk stage. "Hey guys. How'd the prty go for you?" He was last scene taking whiske nd cash out onto the lawn and never really rejoined the party.

Jade is in jeans and a Breeders shirt. "Yeah, hey, Silver. Just wanted to come by and say hello." He's wearing shades, too, and hungover. He glances over at Hector and smiles as he says, "It was pretty good. We got high and hung out at the pool til we crashed."

"Gatorade and cookies? Your tribute is fitting and you may enter the dungeon of despair and doom," Silver calls out and then hisses in glee as Noodle takes his food, coiling around it, at last. "Good Noodle." And she leans in and shuts the top of the cage. Spinning slowly around to face the door with a smile, she has a box of other dead mice. And a closed, blank, chinese food container. The sound of crickets can be heard in the room. She is pale and it is noticable and probably not helped by the white pajamas with spiders she is wearing. The white only washes her out more. And with her complexion that's weird. "Hi." A brow lifts at Jade in question as he comes in after, the smile curving into something quietly gleeful.

Those green eyes turn to Hector at his question. She gives him a look up and down and then wrinkles her nose. "How can you look so...well?" She sounds just a little jealous as she leans back in her chair. "Have you brought me tribute?" She questions of her half-brother with a squinty gaze now. "And the party was...eh. Ok. Ask me again after I process the pictures." Cause that is where her enjoyment apparently is? Weirdo.

"Jade knows how to repair after a party," Spear says to Silver, amused "I woke up with a glass of water next to me. Is Noodle trying to pretend he's not hungry again?" He offers her the gatorade, and then gestures to Jade "He has the Oreos." He eyes her complexion worriedly "You still look a little off. Definitely gatorade time. Maybe we should ask mom to cook something special. Tasty, lots of sauces?" He brightens "Jade can stay over for it. Mom makes great food." He pauses "Did you get a photo of Jonny being a total chaos-monster?"

He glances at Hector, and he says "It was good. Hot tubs are great. I had an awesome time, to be honest."

Hector is looking at Spear and Jade with a hopeful, measuring look, but doesn't ask, "Sounds chill." Up close one miht notice a scabbed over cut on his lip. Also eyeliner. It's that kind of day. He cranes to watch the snake eat, then studies his sister, "How do you feel, Sil?" He blushes faintly, "I only had like a finger or so of whiskey. Not very Demonic of me, I know." He produces one of those dark chocolate and nut endangered species bars, "I brought chocolte and protein?" He waggles it at her. Eyes flick between Jade and his brother, "Sorry I missed it. It sounds like a really good time."

Jade offers up the Oreos, and he peers at the terrarium. "Oh, man, he's got a mouse, dude." Half grossed out, half fascinated. Hard to tell where the line is. He turns his attention to Silver, then. "Yeah, it's gatorade time. It'll make you feel better." Then he grins at Spear. "Sure, I can stay." He ducks his head, scuffing his foot against the floor. "Yeah, it was great. We got wasted. You should've seen Zane's costume. Mona rocked so hard. When he got in the water, the Triton costume melted away and he was in a pirate costume. Our pool cleaner's going to need therapy, but it was so cool."

Silver takes the drink wtih a nod and roll of her eyes. "Yeah," She says before pausing to chug. And chug. And drains it to half before lowering it with a gasp. "Ooooh yeah, that's good," She says with a sigh. "Thanks guys." The snake in question is now thoroughly coiled around it's already dead prey. And the mouse is halfway in.

"Ooooh! You may enter!" Silver says, making with grabby hands at Hector but not getting up out of her seat. There's a tray of dead, and potentially live, things in her lap. "I feel gross to be honest. Tired. But these guys needed to eat and I couldn't put it off if I wanted to be a good creepy mom." She glances at the shelf with its terrariums fondly. "I started taking my iron pills, but it always takes awhile for those to work. Steak is better," And she licks her lips. "Rare sounds good right now." Her eyes flick to Jade. "Mom -is- a good cook. If I had the umph I'd make a dessert, but you'll just have to come back another night for that." And then she takes the Oreos from him, pulling them open to pull a few out. Offering cookies to others as she shoves two in her mouth at once. Nodding in fierce agreement with Jade as she chews.

Yeah, Spear is not saying anything. He looks a bit rough around the edges, but is otherwise okay. He gives a big yawn "It was chill after. God, after Jonny stopped. Holy cow, what a racket! I guess he made his point, but I don't know what he expected? Maybe we're all going to become angry." He says it cheerily "Who knows. Where did you and Cash go, Hector?" His eyes widen "Zane's freakin' costume. What a cool thing. Man." Still, the important thing is that Silver is eating. He takes an Oreo thoughtfully "Good."

Hector says, “Oh man! I'm sorry I missed Zane. You get any pictures Sil? Jesus, that peacock outfit was amazing, and you both picked birds! How cool is that?" He grins, "If the gaterade tastes good, you know you needed it." He's watching the snake eat with real fascination. Jock or not, he's still a Thistle. He approaches, bows, and presents the high end candy bar to her witth a florish, "My Lady." He studies silver surrupticiously, but heeps his tone cheerful, "You are a good creepy mom and it sounds like you desrve a rest. Desserts can wait." He blushes, "We went for a walk on the grounds. The moon was beautiful, you know?" He does steal an oreo which he splits. he is likely unaware of how his method of icing licking mght not be a thing to do in front of a mostly sibling audience.”

Jade takes one of the cookies and nibbles. "Yeah, desserts can wait," he says. "You just focus on feeling good." He glances at Hector sidelong, arches a brow, and then tells Spear, "It was cool hanging out in the hot tub, too. It's not really a party til people end up in the hot tub." He looks at the snake again, unable to not watch it swallow the mouse. "I wonder if my mom would let me have one of those," he says.

Silver gives Hector a -look- when he asks if she got pictures. He may not be one of the triplets, but that look clearly says, 'Does a sloth grow moss?' Well, maybe not that exact phrase. But something along those lines. She washes cookies down with gatorade and then screws the cap in place. Taking the candy bar with a giggle and a smile. "Saving -that- for later when stuff doesn't taste like ash," But the way she says it one might thinks he said 'ass'.

Cookies and gatorade are set on her desk. "I should have gotten good pictures of all the fun, except maybe people passed out and the mess. Might have one or two, but later on things get fuzzy. Those blue drinks were wild!" She has moved to another snake's terrarium. This one gets a little pink baby mouse. And the snake in there needs no encouragement, striking it from her tongs before it is barely past the lid. "See, Noodle? That's proper eating," She says to the python who has mostly worked the mouse down his gullet. Just that tail sticks out weirdly now. "I've actually got eggs in that one. Corn snake," She points to the terrarium right by her desk. Where she can catch them hatching. "Another few days to a week before they hatch probably! I'm really excited. My first clutch." A pause and she has a gleam of mischief in her eyes as she adds, "Better to ask forgiveness than permission!" And turns to the next cage.

"Yes, both picked birds," says Spear serenely, as if he did not spy, pry, and bug Jade until he found out what Jade was wearing a few weeks ago. When you have less cash, you must make up with effort and time! He folds his arms, and eyes Hector with bright and possibly annoying innocence. And then he says "The moon _is_ nice." Good Mood Spear. He adds "They're a pretty hassle-free pet, just if you lose power in winter you gotta keep 'em warm with hot water bottles." Like a Marchant would lose power. He adds "I like rats. Rats are actually super friendly. Alas, Meezer likes them even more. But if you had a snake, there's a nice protective aquarium between. One of the good things about snakes is they work great in photos - Silver has some nice black and white ones. Hey, sis, did you get any of me?"

Hector says, “I'm sorry I missed it Jade. I even had a suit on under my suit, but it was a lt of noise and people and... drama, I guess. And they are really nice gardens. Very large. Very full of interesting plants." Shut up, La Huerta! He grins at his sister, "I'd love to see them when theyre developed. The pictures I mean, not the gardens, which I already saw." Stop babbling La Huerta! He frowns, "Everything still tastes flat, huh? Oh cool, eggs? Wake me if they hatch while I'm asleep. You sound like a Mamma Dragon, Sil." He's watching his Good Mood brother out of the corners of his eyes again, "I'm sorry I missed Meezer all dressed up."”

"Yeah, Meezer would love it if I got a rat," Jade says, "or a nice, tasty parakeet. I'd better just stick with the cat." To Hector, he says, "Of course there was noise, people and drama. It's a party." He grins as he adds, "Meezer looked great. I hope someone got pictures of him before he ditched his costume. He prefers a nudist lifestyle."

Silver is tempting the next snake with the last mouse. Again being snagged quickly. The other two terrariums with snakes have the box dumped into them. And it is apparently where the cricket sound was coming from. "I totally got pictures of everyone. Even James. I'd be a poor photographer if I didn't," She says happily as she watches one of the cornsnakes launch at a cricket. "And that includes Meezer. I got a good shot of the two of you together I think, if it develops."

Moving away from the terrariums she picks up another of those chinese food boxes. The sound of crickets goes quiet when she picks it up. Then she gives the box a sharp shake to stun the critters inside. It's very casual and she moves over to the smaller terrariums. The ones with webbing in the corners. "If you change your mind, let me know. Snakes -are- low maintenance," She says with a glance at Jade and then her work. As she starts to lift one lid a fast moving Pink Toe scuttles out and onto the side of it's enclosure. Which makes Silver make a face. "Hey, dude, get down. No crickets when you're on the side," She taps the glass where the tarantula clings to the glass with her tongs. It makes it scuttle, but onto the lid. "Well someone isn't getting fed then!" And she moves on to the next cage.

Where has Star been for most of Spring Break? At school, overseeing construction of her set design for Kiss. A group of Advanced Woodshop students were paid to build it over break, and she's been helping out and making sure it all works properly. When not there, she's been checking in on Silver and keeping her company. She may be a moody, surly bitch, but she's a good sister.

There's a soft knock at the door and Star pokes her head in, just before Spear slips out for a bit, and she steps aside to let him pass. "Mind if I come in?" she asks.

Hector grins at Jade, "Don't we all, really?" He takes a breath, "Has anyone taked to him yet? About the fran thing? I tried, but I don;t thk he heard me, and I don't think he likes me anyway." He drifts after Silver in hopes of watching the spiders eat. He waves, "Hey, Star!"

Jade's brow furrows. "Talked to who, Meezer?" A beat later, he realizes the conversation has moved on without him, and he gives himself a moment to catch up. He beams at Silver. "I'd like to buy a print from you, if I can," he says. "One of me and Meezee together. He starts as he spies the spider, then he says, "Woah, that's so cool." He glances at the door and says amiably, "Hey, Star."

"Star, you may enter!" Silver says, not asking tribute of her sister and shooting her a smile after dropping crickets into one of the other spiders. "I'm just feeding everybody since I lost track a bit. And of course Brain is being a brat," She points her tongs at the Pink Toe which has moved back onto the wall of it's terrarium.

Hector calling her a mama dragon has her giggling as she finishes feeding her pets. There are fewer spiders than snakes. And Brain doesn't get fed cause they're a brat. "Oh, what time is it? Mystery Files is on," And she picks up the remote, turning the tv in her room on. But the volume is really low. That done she moves to flop into the pile of franken-plushies and pillows that is her four-poster bed. She bounces once as she flops and then turns to looka t Jade in surprise. "A print? Sure. That's easy enough. When I get the negatives done I'll let you know and you can pick your favorite."

Star bobs her head in a small nod of greeting to everyone and slips inside, moving to take a seat out of the way, on the far side edge of Silver's bed. She's still in her 'sleep' clothing, a gray tanktop and sweats, and her hair is a big explosion of frizz. Clearly she has slept in today.

Hector gives a bark of laughter. "James, not Meezer. He sort of pretends i don't exist just generally, but someone needs to talk to him about the Fran thing and he needs a night watch for safety, preferabley someone who's existance he acknowledges." He grins at the spider, "Pinkie and the Brain! That's clever!"

ROLL: Hector rolls Spirit for: [1]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 4 6 1 5 -- d6)

Jade says, "Thanks, Sil." Then he peers at Hector. "The Fran thing?" He glances at Star to see if she has any clue what Hector's talking about. No one's actually named names in front of him, so color him confused. "Oh, is this about the thing? Yeah, we shouldn't be going out alone." He snags another Oreo and finds a patch of floor to sit on, cross-legged.

There were signs of Cash Freeland in the Thistle home. From hair bleach before the party to the familiar roar of his turbo in the wee hours and then, again not long after sunrise. Cash used to be James' best friend. He used to be Spear's boyfriend. Cash is not a stranger to the Thistle home. When another sign of Cash appears, hell, it might not phase longtime residents, not at first. It's Cash singing. "Be my husband, man, I be your wife..." And he sings when he's happy. And he was always happy in the Thistle home. So, in a way, nothing has changed.

Cash peers into Silver's room, in an attempt to be discreet. Did he hear voices? He did. "H-H-Hey, everyone's here.." First of note is his hair. No longer blond. He's freshly dyed dark red with purple streak. Cobain strikes again. Cash smells like he's been in the sun all day, on a roof. Because he was. He had to work off the party, so to speak. Then there's motor oil on his hands and plain white shirt. That's paired with jean shorts and his work boots. "Did someone mention watching James? Can I come in?" He is just lingering in the doorway, green kerchief in fidgeting hands.

Silver beams at Hector when he gets the pun on her spiders name. "You got it!" She says as she wiggles into the bed. Smiling at Star as she sits down. "The eggs are gonna hatch soon if you want a baby snake." And she playfully nudges at her with a foot. Silver is also still wearing pajamas. White cotton things with spiders all over them. The color only makes her look more pale unfortunately. "There's a bean bag or my chair, if you prefer Jade. Sitting there wi-" Apparently get your butt swiped by a tiny, but mightily sharp, black paw that slashes from under the bed. Then she just shrugs and lets it be. Jade's a cat person. "I'll try and talk to him...hey Hector, you want to go visit Aunty N, and see what happened about all that, tomorrow?"

Then there is singing and she turns to look at the colorful head peeping in her door. One brow raises and she lifts her chin, "What tribute do you bring?" She demands haughtily from her bed-thrown of franken-stuffies and pillows. The tribute thing is a game she's played before. All men have to pay tribute, when the mood strikes her of course, to enter.

A little shake of her head is Star's answer to Silver. She's never been a pet person. She likes them well enough, and will scritch a kitty and play with a dog like anyone else, but she's never expressed an interest or desire to have one of her own. Silver, who had many, is clearly making up for her.

She looks up and over when the singing can be heard and Cash arrives. Her gaze narrows very slightly, but she says nothing. Not her room, not her business.

Hector nods, "The lady giving the... substance to is named francine and she hangs out with the Painkillers. We need to try to organize or something for safety." His expression goes soft when he sees Cash, "You did decide to experiment!" He gives his siblings a sheepish look, "What with everything going on...." He takes a breath, "Cash? How do you feel about snakes?" Henodsyes, "I think we definately should followup with Aunty N." He rubs the back of his neck, "And i still haven't talked to the Lesters."

Jade starts with a squeak as he's swiped, but then he grins at the cat and says, "Ninja, buddy, what are you doing?" He leans forward and holds out his sunglasses to be sniffed; they carry his scent but he's not putting his hand all up in the cat's face. "You know me, huh?" Then he holds out a hand if the cat wants to approach him. It's very much the cat's home, he's just visiting. "Outside of doubling up and avoiding this chick, I don't know how much more we need to organize, Hector. Isn't that what our parents are for? I haven't ratted Thea or the twins out to our folks, but I really think they should tell them. This is above our pay grade. The Painkillers are an actual gang, man."

"Trib--I am prepared for this! I am." Cash says, grinning all steel and gold elastics. Just, uh, one second." He reaches into his back pocket to retrieve one very thick packet of newly developed photos, straight from the pharmacy. Those he tosses to Hector. In his other back pocket, is a small stash of pharmacy candy. Skittles, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids. These are Cash classics. Yet, he approaches Silver and drops to a knee. "Madam, I offer my non-meltables that fuel my rooftop adventures." He lays them gently beside Silver, with great care. "I hope you find these acceptable?" He grins and /winks/ at her. Is Cash trying to charm someone?

He stands back to await the answer. "Huh? Snakes? I'm not afraid of them. No more than normal. And yeah, channeling In Bloom here. Just, uh, not with kool aid. Didn't take last time I tried. Oh! Jade...did you get my plant? I sent a plant for Meez." He smiles at Star. "Nice to see you too."

Silver realizes she has left her oreos and gatorade on her desk. And so makes grabby hands and strained faces at the objects. As if they might mystically fly into her hands. But she is giving Hector a meaningful glance as she does. He is the closest to them.

Ninja's bright blue eyes peer out from under the bed. Then he paws with a little purrful chirp at the glasses. Suddenly his head and shoulders are out from under the bed and he is on his back. Playfully batting at the glasses. So fierce. Much cute.

She drops the act as Cash approachs. Eyeing him and obviously fighting a smile when he goes down on a knee. Then she reaches out and snags the sour patch and the skittles, leaving him with the nerds. "That'll do, Cash, that'll do," She says happily and tears right away into the skittles.

"...Yeah," Star says quietly. "If they did what you seem to think they did, maybe not telling everyone all about it and pissing them off is a good idea? Why stir shit up and make it worse?"

Hector explains to the cat, "Check your roladex. Jade is totally in there." He catches the packet. He gives cash a crooked smile, "Great minds." He hands over the gaterade and oreos, "Here you go my lady." He eagerly opens the packet and starts looking through the pictures. "I was thinking of adopting one of Drgon Mama's soon to be baby corn snakes." He takes a breath, "We told Aunt Nancy. Spear and Cash called in anonymous tips."

Jade wiggles the sunglasses for the cat to bat at. "I did," he tells Cash. "Meezer's a big fan, so thank you." His brow furrows, and he watches the cat as he thinks. "I mean, if she's threatening my family, I don't want to just ignore her like she's not a problem. My cousins and sister looked pretty rough. Honestly, I'd be surprised if my dad hasn't already noticed something's up with them." Dad is the best dad, in his eyes. Robert Marchant can do no wrong. But, like, literally the only thing I can do outside of not going out alone would get me killed. So I don't know, man. I don't know what to do."

Cash stays in the doorway. He is aware of his general grossness and keeps some space. He's a little less fidgety now that Silver accepted his tribute. Slightly more comfortable as he watches the exchange and catches up with the conversation. "Uh...I told Amy and Jonny about the Painkillers. I kinda tripped into it and--point is, Lesters are more aware. Even if they don't quite believe me. But they know I'm not a liar so..." He shrugs.

"Hector kinda...overthinks. I think. We just need to stay safe for now. Usual shit. No wandering at night alone like you want to be eaten. I'll, uh, say something very general Friday night, on air. A safety warning. Brenda Lang is still missing so, that's my cover." He exhales sharply. "I've been a little paranoid...since because I'm the uh, witness who was sober, you know? And it's almost worn off, I think. One reason I was going to ask your family if I could kinda...stay here more. I mean, more people live here. Numbers thing. But I can stay away if that's a problem. N-Nevermind. Nevermind..."

ROLL: Spear rolls finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 3 5 2 6 1 -- d6)

Silver takes the goodies and settles back into the cushions again. Ready to gorge on sweetness and electrolytes. Though the sour patches are the first victim and she actually seems surprised. Well she can mildly taste them, that's a plus! The happy smile on her face fades a bit as the talk turns to more serious issues. And she stays quiet as she chews, eyes flicking to the almost muted TV that is recording her forensics show. "I keep hearing her say, 'Next time will be too late.' Over and over again in my dreams," She says quietly, drawing her knees up to her chin. She offers Star an oreo, the smile mostly faded by now.

Ninja purrs and chirps and suddenly launches himself upon the glasses. Seeking to tear them from Jade's grip and give them a right proper mauling. Back-leg bunny kicks included...that might not be good for them. Claws and lenses and all that. But he can just buy another pair, right?

Silver and Star are on her bed, the former with her knees pulled up to her chest and a bundle of sweet treats around her, including oreos and skittles. Cash is standing in the doorway and Silver's head snaps to him in surprise. Her brows rise up and then down. Those eyes then slide over to Star and back, "Ummm...that is a question you need to ask Spear. Not me...and maybe mom and dad."

Spear is usually a rather sneaky sort - he sneaks around in graveyards. He sneaks around picking up bones. He sneaks around Amy. Now he is sneaking up behind Cash. So you know, this is when he steps on one of the larger crickets that has _undoubtably_ escaped somewhere. Finding a cricket that will not shut up is how people who feed spiders go insane. This time? Spear has found it. So right behind Cash in the door is a _CRUNCH_ noise. Funny thing. Have all the triplets AND Cash AND Jade all been in one place since teenage angst? "...shit," Spear says, staring at his foot.

"The one who basically told them to fuck off, refused to drink, and has been telling everyone who will listen about them wants to stay here because there's more of us to keep him safe?" Star looks right at Cash as she says this, 'brow quirked. "Fuck no. If they come for you, they can eat your family first."

Hector rubs the back of my neck, "I'm worried about all of you, okay? A woman is dead and I can see how bad the effects are." He doesn't look at Silver. "Cash? How is food tasting to you?" He takes a breath and looks his siblings in the eye one by one, "I worry about him wandering off the way I worry abou silver wandering off, but this is your home and I'm a visitor. If you don't want him here I'll make other arrangements." he says to Silver, "I realy don't think you should sleep alone, Sil, and I really think someone should be staying with James." He bows his head in aquiecence, "All right Star. I'll pack an over night bag." He lifts his chin and smiles a little sadly as he crosses to the door and takes Cash's hand. "Like home only I get the metaphorical fire escape this time."

Jade relinquishes the sunglasses to the cat. Sure, they'll get scratched up, but he's got a dozen pairs. "Yeah, get those shades," he says. He then looks up at the others, and he says to Cash, "It might be better to lay low instead of saying anything on your program, man. Especially if you walked away from them. They're going to be pissed. You should be careful." He smiles at Spear. "You okay, man?"

Spear scared the shit out of Cash. He startled hard and clumsily slams his hand against the door frame. You can hear his knuckles pop in his left hand. "Fuck! Ow! Hi Spear! Hear you had a nice night." The recovery is that fast. His face is already flushed and too tan and freckled to see him blush as Hector takes his hand. "It's not that serious. It's fine. I understand. I do." He give Hector nudge with his hip. "I'll ask my folks about you staying. It's better if I ask than sneak. They watch me funny now."

"Jade, you are right. I...I just want to help but I should just pretend nothing happened and carry on." He shakes out his hand. His wire ring is missing but that is only noted as he pulls it from his pocket to slip it back on. "Hey, Jade? Have you ever tried crank?" Now, anyone in this room right now might be now noticing one vital thing about Cash. He is making eye contact. Still falling short of a normal amount but enough that he's not quite talking to the floor. Or ceiling corner. Or cat. He's looking /at/ people.

It might be kinda weird.

Silver frowns a little more deeply at Star's response but she also doesn't look surprised. "I am not as vehemently opposed as my sister, but I do see what she is saying. Though at the same time -here- isn't exactly where he might be expected either. But she's right. You have to stop talking, you told them you would...and we know they can-" She pauses and licks her lips. "Do things." She is seeming happy to focus on something else than figuring out sleepover partners.

Ninja happily mauls the glasses for a minute. Then grows board and lies there on his side, staring up at Jade. Of a sudden those blue eyes go wide and he flips down into stalking mode. Another escaped cricket is right by Jade's hand. Slowly forward he creeps, but wiggling as he prepares his jump.

"I was thinking...maybe going to the library and seeing what I could dig up on the Painkillers. Just in case. Knowledge is power. Know thine enemy. All that," Silver says slowly, leaning forward to wave at Spear wakwardly. "If you want to help, help me slog through old articles?" Her eyes sweep the room. "It's something we all could do, really."

ROLL: Star rolls brains +1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [7]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 7 2 7 3 5 -- d8)

"I guess this is gross in a cool way?" says Spear, looking at his shoe, though he does come in with enought time to hear Star "Huh? No one's getting eaten, are they?" he asks "You know, we really _should_ go check city records on causes of death here in the last little while." And then he eyes Hector "Huh? Why are you leaving?" he asks "Don't be a derp. Man, I swear." He is in a chilled out mood, a juicebox in his hand, straw in his mouth. He has an opened six pack of them with him "Tropicana, Jade?" he asks, offering him the packet "Cash? Star? Everyone? Tropicana juice -"

Cash accidentally assaults the door, and Spear's eyes widen a bit "Ow?" he suggests to him, and then he says "No, I'm totally great. Okay, wait, uh, was Hector asking you guys if Cash can crash over? Errrrm. In Hector's room?" He adds, uncertainly "Welllll...uhh." And he looks at Jade "Maybe?" says Spear. Also kinda weird. He peers down at his feet instead of raging "Ohhh, this is over 'will people get up and head out and go to insane people'. Er, yeah, I'd actually prefer that no one does that at all. But definitely up for nerdy research, I am totally there!" He adds "Mortician reports - seriously. They're fun to read and useful. And. We could...go check out the graves. Of anyone. Who died in suspicious circumstances."

Spear does add to Cash "You seem, erhm. Confident?"

"Are you... fuckin' high right now?" Star asks Cash, gaze narrowing further. Contrary to rumors, no, Star doesn't do any drugs. She drinks on occasion, and smokes cloves, but she doesn't do drugs.

She gets up off of Silver's bed, stalking slowly forward. "You're fuckin' running around babbling about this to people, fuckin' high, and talking about bringing it up vaguely on your show after telling them you'd not say anything to anyone? And you want to stay here. In our fuckin' house, putting our family at risk?" A glare at Hector. "And you think that's a fine fuckin' idea? We took you in and you show your gratitude by trying to bring your blabbermouth junkie FIANCE into our house when he's fuckin' determined to get his ass hunted by these people? That's how you repay us for fuckin' welcoming you out of the blue?"

She storms out of the room. "Fuck this shit."

Hector looks concerned by Jade's comments. He looks up at Cash, not quite making eye contact out of habit, "What ever you decide, I'll support it. Both the radio show and the sneaking versus not sneaking. You're the one in danger." He blinks. The making eye contact thing does strikes him as odd and he trying work out what's up. His eyebrows go up at Cash's question for Jade. he is looking at Cash with eyes narrowed, "What did you do, Cash? Where did you get it? Ashley is going to kill me, you know that right?" He says flatly in response to silver, "Kill people. They kill people." He says gently to Spear, "It's not safe for Cash to sleep alone because of the 'will people get up and head out and go to insane people' thing and he can't sleep here it looks like. I shouldn't have asked really." At Star's aproach he steps between them and says quietly but firmly, "I'll handle it. And I'll look for somewhere else to live until the School year ends. I know none of you wanted me here in the first place." As star storms past, "You win, star. I may need a few days to collect my things, but you have what you want. All of you."

Jade pulls his hand away as the cat leaps. He doesn't see the cricket at first, but when he does, he laughs a little, then pets the cat. He then eyes Cash. "Dude, crank is the last thing you need right now." He watches Star, then Hector, and he tells Spear, "Hey can I use your phone? I'm just going to let my sisters know where I am. I didn't leave a note." He gets to his feet, collecting his sunglasses, which he pockets. He smiles at Spear and shoulder-nudges him. "I'll be back."

Silver blinks once. Twice. And then frowns as she stares at Cash. Her lips are thinned and she shifts uncomfortably. The anger of her sibling resonating in her own head. "There's high I don't mind, then there's other stuff. Meth is in the other stuff category, Cash," She says in a rough voice.

Hector's words have her turning a glare on him. "Hey, I didn't get all angry and cursey. Don't you go putting things on me you don't know anything about, Hector!" Her voice rising as she rolls onto her knees on the bed. Absently she nods to Jade, "There's one down the hall by the bathroom." But her attention is on Cash again.

"You're making it -so- hard Cash." Silver says and then sighs and says quietly as she falls back into her plushies, "I can't deal with this right now..." A single finger rises and points at the door even as she digs herself down into her pile. "Out. This Dragon Mama is tired and -very- displeased. But too tired to yell. So get out of my room."

And Cash just withers right up. Complete change of posture, eyes down. He still leans out of Star's way but then goes very, very still, like he's barely breathing. Spend long enough with Cash Freeland and this is a Bad Sign. Because when he starts moving again, he may or may not be in control. One, two, three beats. "I'm not a junkie, STAR!" He yells behind her. He slides aside for Jade. "I just...liked...how the NotWine made me feel. Free, you know? Free. No one would really understand." His words are slow, careful. He's still here. Hanging on and squeezing the fuck out of Hector's hand, then his forearm. "I'll leave. I'm the problem." He lets Hector go then. "It was always me. A problem." And he slinks out of the doorway, heading straight out. Unless stopped.

Somewhere down the hall, Cash says, "Thank /Jade/ or else I would have tried dope by now!"

Spear says to Jade "Sure, it's down the hall by the bathroom. It's black." OF COURSE. Star is being Star and Hector is being Hector, so Spear is Spear in response "They're not engaged," he says "Whoa, whoa. Junkie? Okay, I think we can all agree that we don't wanna poke bikers. But we also don't wanna have to work all this stuff out seperately, we're all better together, right?" He pauses, and eyes Cash "Are you kind of out of it? Like all day in the sun?" Not that he caaaaares, Cash jilted him. Except, well, he cares enough that he does not want Cash to get hurt "Oh my God, can you guys let me be the dramatic ones for once, man." He finally says "Meth?" And he adds to Cash "Dude, you fuckup, let's go sort this. Cold ice chips and sit in the shade outside for a bit. Silver needs some peace. I am definitely coming out." He nods to her, and abandons the Oreos like an offering to an angry goddess. Then he steps out of the room, and he grabs Cash by the elbow and then Hector and tries to drag them towards the garden area, calling back "Jade, call your mom, but I think this is gonna be total drama island, _ground zero_ like now - I will not judge you, dude, if you need to escape the gravitational well of self pity and naughty swears."

Screeeeeeeeeeech! Star hits the brakes at what Hector says, slowly turning back to him. "...The actual fuck? None of us wanted you here? I have what I want? You self-pitying, whiny little victim. We welcomed you, you asshole. Opened our home and our lives to you. But sure, if it makes you feel better convincing yourself we always had it out for you, have at it. It totally has ZERO to do with your dubious life choices and utter lack of concern for our safety. But let me make one thing crystal fuckin' clear, okay?" She straightens from her usual slouch, still nowhere near as tall as, well, anyone in the room, but she tries!

"My mother is still alive, and I'm fuckin' keeping it that way. Take your self-pity and his self-destruction somewhere the fuck else."

To Jade, she nods. "You can use the one in my room. I need to talk to Mona when you're done." And she's out.

Hector looks up at Cash and echoes Jade firmly, "Crank is the last thing you need right now. Seriously, nothing good comes of it. Couldn't you have fucking woke me and talked to me first?" He bobs his head to Silver, "I'm sorry, Silver. I for real didn't know." But he reads the body language and he listens. He always listens. Cash lets go, but he doesn't. He holds on tighter and jogs after, grabbing his arm, "I know it's bad Cashew. I can't feel what your feeling, but I get that. Come do the ice chip thing like Spear says, okay? We'll talk about it. We'll work things out, okay?" It's Spear on one side of cash and him on the other. He eyes Star, lips compressed, but keeps walking.

Cash was getting grounded, thanks to Spear. "Ice. Shade. Okay. I...I know it's dumb. Okay? I do. I do. But no one gets it. No--" Star invokes Hector's mother and the only thing that keeps him from chasing her is a pair of insistent Thistles, leading him out. "Let her talk to you like that in front of me one more time." He mutters, jaw clenched. "I've got a lotta years of rage in me." And meth. Meth too.

Silver makes a strangled and annoyed sound at the yelling. "UGH! The self-pity shit is getting on -my- nerves now. Just...yeah, Spear! You deal with it," Silver doesn't curse. Not often and only to really make a point. "And close the door!" She adds, a plushy being tossed at the door to try and nudge it closed. She's in bed, dangit and not wanting to get up. But alas, everyone has left. So grumbling she gets up and goes over, slamming the door. The sound of her forensic show goes up and can be heard, muffled, through her door.

"We're all going to go get some hydrated, g-rated fun," says Spear, a little wistfully. He might have been hoping for PG or even M later on, but that sure is not going to happen now "Y'all owe me," he mutters under his breath. Cockblocked by coke. He is a weak, skinny bastard, and the other two are not, but Spear is not above using the Power of Guilt to shift their asses. "Come on, you guys owe me. You motherfuckin' totally owe me. OUT, ice chips, shade and no more whining - oh my God no whining -" he adds. Frog marched by a dude who resembles a scarecrow, out they go "Ladies," he adds to his sisters "Later on, I might need help with a thing -" But then? Gone!

Star leaves back to Lake Havasu - Thistle Funeral Home

Hector says quietly, "She always does. I'm a disapointment. I'll see if I can find a cheap studio or something or one of those quad things. Wait, Jade talked you out of heroin? Where the fuck did you get heroin?" He takes a breath, "If it's bad like this, you need to talk to me okay? Meth is never the answer." He calls, "Sorry, Silver!" To the closing door. He cranes around and tells sper, "I know, I know. I owe you bg time, Spear. And I'm sorry about what I said."

Cash leaves back to Lake Havasu - Thistle Funeral Home

Hector leaves back to Lake Havasu - Thistle Funeral Home

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