Log:To Prom, and the Future

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To Prom, and the Future
Characters  •   Amy Lester  •  Ashley Freeland  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Freeland House
Date  •  2019-09-24
Summary  •  Amy and Ashley wake up and discuss prom plans -- with a vague touch on the future.

Tuesday morning and, shock horror, Amy has spent the night. Ashley is already downstairs in the kitchen, cooking up breakfast and preparing some fresh juice. She hums happily to herself - she had a VERY nice night - while bouncing around in sweatpants and a 'Roxette' t-shirt. The radio blares Boyz II Men - the song she is humming. "Breakfast is almost ready!" she calls up the stairs. "Are you out of bed yet?"

One thing Amy usually doesn't have a problem with is getting out of bed. She's an early riser, early to get moving. Gotta be moving. But there's just something about today. Waking up in Ashley's bed, having breakfast made for her. No. Amy is not out of bed yet. She's actually just lazing about for one of the rare times in her life. The sound of her voice comes from up the stairs. Or rather, just a muffled sound of half-asleepness that suggests she's going to need more motivation than breakfast to get her moving right now.

Besides, Ash's bed is bigger than hers, and extra comfortable.

Ashley smirks at the sound of the living dead that greets her. A shake of her head before she's back to serving up the food - don't want it burning. And then she is bounding up the stairs two at a time to return to her bedroom. "Hey, Sleepy-Head" she grins from the doorway. "Are you going to come down for breakfast or do you want that in bed as well?" A little blush as she makes her way over to sit on the edge of that wonderfully comfy bed. Stuffed animals littering the floor after the activities of the night before. "Hey, Beautiful" she purrs, leaning over to give Amy a good morning kiss on the lips.

Amy doesn't seem in a rush to respond. Her hair is a mess as she burrowed deep into the bed, covered with the blankets and spreading out to take up the whole thing. It's a luxury she rarely gets to experience. She makes another muffled reply, shifting ever so slightly to turn her face towards that sound of Ashley's voice, but Amy's eyes don't seem to open. That is until Ashley is sitting right there and even leaning over to kiss her.

That's when Amy strikes! Her hands leap out, and while the good morning kiss is delivered, Amy is pull Ashley into the bed proper. "Who even wants breakfast on a morning like this," she mutters in a voice that suggests maybe she isn't going to let Ash go so easily!

A squeal of surprise from Ashley as she is dragged into the bed. Unable to resist Amy's primal power, or not wanting to, so she ends up on her back underneath her lover. Giggling and blushing. "We can have breakfast in bed" she suggests lightly, "Just a different kind of breakfast." Ashley thinks on this. "That wasn't as sexy as I'd hope it would sound."

A long sigh of happiness as Ashely wraps her arms around Amy and smiles up at her, "I love you so much." A quick kiss to the tip of Amy's nose. Her big blue eyes filled with adoration...and lust. "Should I try and talk about Prom? Or...you know...after we 'eat'."

A bit of a giggle of her own, Amy just takes the opportunity to kiss Ashley further. There's a laugh at that idea and she looks to contemplate it for a moment. "I would, but I'm actually hungry," she muses. Amy's clearly in a good mood. But she leans in and nestles in against Ashley, beaming a small smile at her. "Same," she says quietly. "Let's uh, actually have breakfast. I mean you went to all the effort, right. I'll get up, I promise. What about Prom though?" Reluctantly, almost, she starts to go about what she just promised.

"Real breakfast it is then" Ashley nods. A little disappointed? Only a little. She did spend all that time cooking after all. Ashley won't make it that easy for Amy to get away, hugging and stroking what she can before her girlfriend is up and about. "I wanted to talk about what we'll be wearing at Prom. Would you prefer a suit or a dress?" A beat. "Or show up in jeans and tee...which I will support as your decision."

Despite the distractions and temptations to remain in bed, Amy does manage to get up. She's one to sleep naked herself, and as she searching for where her own clothes ended up -- at least enough to be decent, she does quip out with the idea of, "Body paint and strawberries. That's my whole outfit," there's a snicker afterwards before she's pulling on her jeans. "I dunno, what do you think I should wear? You're the export when it comes to this shi-- stuff." She blinks a little. "Like, you know I'd be happy in jeans and a t-shirt but I also know you'd be happier if I put some effort into this for you."

"It better be edible body paint" Ashley smiles sweetly before waving her hand at her closet. "You can wear some of my stuff if you want. I should have a 'New Kids on the Block' t-shirt that would fit." Too late, Amy's found her clothes. A serene smile at her girlfriend's willingness to dress up. "What makes me happiest, is you being happy. If you want jeans and t-shirt, then so be it. I think you'd look pretty hot in a tux though."

Jeans on, Amy will take the offer of one of Ash's clean t-shirts. New Kids on the Block hey. She finds it in the closet after a moment and shrugs into it. Not bad, not bad. "The edible part was the idea, yeah," she murmurs distracted before she comes back over towads the bed as she reaches a hand out to help Ashley up. "What makes me happiest is you being happy, so there. Besides, you ... you've lived like half your life or something ready for this moment, this year. I'm not gonna drag it down for you. If you think that's what'd suit me best, then I'll do it."

Ashley takes the offered hand and uses it to bounce to her feet. "I got in first about the happiest thing" she giggles before embracing her love. "T-shirt suits you" she winks. "Okay, a tux it is. I know your size but you can come with me to have it fitted if you like. Let's get downstairs before the food gets cold." Still a definite bounce in Ashley's step; loving the feeling of being so happy...and in love. "We can do the edible body paint after Prom. I insist."

Pulling Ash up to her feet, Amy catches her in that embrace and grins, shrugging a little as she presses a quick kiss to the other girl's cheek. "Sure, sure, I'll come with you. I uh." She pauses a bit and shuffles. "Just dunno how I can pay for it." With that sort of hanging in the air she shifts though, to head on downstairs after Ashley, inclining her head a little as she watches the girl go. "Oh, you insist. You would. Everyone thinks you're so wholesome, Freeland. Boy do I know better."

"I'm an angel" Ashley protests, mock horrified that anyone would think anything different. "Doesn't mean I can't be...bad" she purrs, shaking her ass a little before gesturing to the breakfast nook. "Have a seat and I shall bring over your food. Oh, do I have to get the maid outfit on?" she teases before heading off to grab the food - she's only about ten feet away. "Don't worry about paying for the tux. You're doing this for me, so only right that I should pay for it." A plate of cooked breakfast is served, along with juice, cereal, and a selection of fresh fruit. "You don't have to eat it all" she notes, "But I know how much energy you used last night."

There's a laugh from Amy as she heads down stairs and settles in for breakfast. "Oh, food delivered to my table even, this is service," she comments lightly, there's a grin though. "Maid outfits now. That'd be something else." There's a strained sort of look at the offer that Ashley would pay for her outfit. Amy knew that this was likely coming, but it's still a tricky thing for her handle. "Yeah," she says quietly, unsure about it all and able to think on it a moment while Ashley is bringing the breakfast in. "Hey, breakfast is important," she says with a nod of her head. She has a healthy appetite! "And I do burn off a lot of energy," she glances up at Ash with a devious kind of smile, "In all sorts of ways."

"Yes...all sorts of ways" Ashley sighs as her mind wanders off to her Happy Place for a moment. Knowing that Amy is not one for charity, she feels a need to clarify about the tuxedo. "It'll be a rental. Fitted rental, but a rental none the less. Unless you want one for keepsie? I mean, I'm going to buy my dress but not sure if I'll ever wear it again. Not in the same form at least." She sits next to Amy at the nook, starting on her own substantially smaller pile of food. "You should take me jogging and all that. I want to make sure I keep in shape for you." A coy smile as she pretends to write something down. "Get maid outfit."

Eating. Cooked food and fruit and everything. Amy might not eat every last scrap of food provided but she's certainly not one to shy away from breakfast. "Well, I'll pay you back either way," she says after a moment about the clothing. "I don't know about keeping it, it doesn't seem necessary for me at least. And plus I'd be paying you back for the rest of my life or something, then." She grins a little. "We can go running, sure. We'll keep you in top shape."

"Cool, then we'll do a fitted rental. You will look sooooo awesome" Ashley sighs contentedly. "I am sure we could come up with a way for you to 'pay' me back if you insist." A pout as she looks at the other teen. "Awww...I was hoping you //would// be paying me back like that all my life. Though if I don't get fitter, it could be a short life keeping up with you" she giggles before glancing at the food. "Everything okay? Oh, sorry about disappearing at the full moon event at the Marchants. Let's just say I was a little underprepared for that time of the month. If you know what I mean. But nothing happened, right?" She is suspicious of that. "The calm before the storm."

"Hmf. You just want me because of what I can do with my tongue. I see how it is," Amy says with a sniff and a shake of her head as she consumes more eggs. And a bit of bacon, washing it down with the juice. "Oh, it's fine, and you're fine. The whole thing was weird. Spear just saying everything in front of Detective Bloomquist, but you know it made sense anyway. And I dunno about calm before storms. I prefer to think Fran couldn't convince her goons to come the fuck back out because y'know, I'm fucking terrifying. The were scared of the wolf time." Whatever that means!

"Not just your tongue..." Ashley offers with a casual air, a blush, and a curl of the ends of her hair around a finger. "The police were there? Well, Spear isn't afraid to say what is on his mind. Probably why he got beaten up so much. There is a time and place for everything. Speaking of, did you know Flick is hooking up with Cash //and// Hector? Like, at the same time. All three of them in a room." She points upstairs at her brother's bedroom. "//That// room sometimes. Thank goodness for soundproofing."

Amy's words about the fear she put in the monsters makes Ashley smile proudly. "Damn right they are afraid of you." She reaches out to playfully ruffle Amy's hair. "My noble, terrifying wulluf. What would I do without you?"

There's a snort of a laugh from Amy as she shakes her head, enjoying the rest of her meal. She considers briefly a moment. "Well, that's true. Spear is just kind of unstoppable, but there was some weird looks from Sky Bloomquist that's for sure." She nods the once and her brows arch up a little at the gossip. Amy's not Ashley's best Gossip Buddy, but still. "Well, er. Good for her I suppose? Or them. I mean, I don't get her taste. I still think Hector is kind of a fucker that I don't like, but whatever." She snickers a little at the soundproofing comment.

She leans into that ruffle at her hair, grinning. "I dunno. You'd probably still be going to prom with Jade Marchant, hah!"

"Yeah, I guess. And hoping that girlfriend in Paris doesn't mind" Ashley deadpans. "He's a sweetie, sure, but Jade should have come out years ago. I had a plan, you know. When we won King and Queen, I was going to invite you out for the winning dance. Show the world that I loved a Lester and she deserved to be King." A shrug. "I guess we'll just win outright now."

A quick kiss to Amy's cheek though the ruffling never stops. "I don't think you like Cash much too" she winks. "They're going to USC which might be where we end up, they have a really good athletics program. But if you'd prefer to go somewhere else, I'm sure we'll have plenty of options. Not Ivy League though. They don't do athletic scholarships."

"Haha. You think people are still gonna vote for dumb Amy Lester." She shakes her head and gives a little bit of a sigh, but sure. She'll try, for Ashley's sake. "But yeah. You're right about Jade on that fucking score." She continues to lean into that touch, though is still trying to eat so it's a weird little combination of actions. "I don't hate Cash and have to resist the urge to punch him every time I see him," she comments idly, shrugging on shoulder lopsidedly. "I don't care about where they end up. It doesn't matter. This whole college thing is still weird to me. Come on." She puts the fork down now, contentedly full. "Let's have a shower and think about going for a run."