Log:Time for a Swim

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Time for a Swim
Characters  •   The Penitent  •  The Competitor  •
Location  •  The Facility - Parlor
Date  •  2019-05-27
Summary  •  A trip through the Anywhere Rooms.

Today...tonight...who knows in this place...Star has decided to do her yoga in the parlor rather than the confines of her room. Maybe it will encourage others to partake? To meditate to control the life they find themselves in? Or maybe she just likes showing off in tight gymwear. She's in the midst of a 'Downward Facing Dog' at the moment, singing to herself as she does so. Nikki's voice seems to have stayed with her.

The Penitent has actually been coming out of her room -- on her own even -- which is surely a good sign? She had intended on just a quick trip to the dispensery and back again, perhaps hoping to bump into someone or another and linger longer while she was out and about. Padding along quietly, she's paused a moment when she spotted Competitor -- Star? -- there in the parlor. With her blue t-shirt and her black sweatpants, she leans in the doorway from the wall of rooms, her arms folded in front of her, watching quietly for a few long moments. "Hey," she offers when there seems to be a moment that is best of interrupting.

Star glances up from her position, her face lit up at just the sound of the familiar voice. Her smile even broader when she looks upon the Penitent. "Hey, Beautiful. Is there ever a time you don't look hot?" A wink before she bounces up to a standing position as a prelude to giving Penitent a tight hug and a soft kiss on the lips. "Glad you're out and about." Her hands stoking Penitent's upper arms affectionately, trying to hide the concern in her eyes with a smile. "You feeling better?"

The crease of her lips into a small smile has Penitent shifting and ready to return that hug, brushing her lips against Star's own as she considers. "I don't know. Maybe it's just my real burden to bear, excessive good looks." She says with an attempt at humour there, nodding slightly. "Yes and no. Better than I was, I suppose. Not as good as I've ever been here, but I don't know. It might just be something to do with the amount of times I've been through this. I haven't seen anyone else from the original crew out and about either. Though the symbols on some of the doors haven't changed, at least." She remains there, arms looped lightly about the other woman's waist, nodding. "How are you doing?"

"You bear that burden well" Star smiles about Penitent's good looks. "It suits you. I'm glad you're feeling better...at least a bit. I was thinking, as I often do, that it might be a good idea for you to have a name for this place. Obviously nothing as silly as 'Star' but it will help you distinguish between who you are here and who you are there. Right now, you're clinging to those identities, allowing them to be just as important as you are here. Sure, they can contribute to you, but they're not you. //This// is you. It might help to have a name for this wonderful person that I love with all my heart."

Shifting a little as she stands there, Penitent's brows lift up, and she listens thoughtfully, nodding a little at the idea. "Maybe. I already have about five names. Six or seven if you count some of the other things Lorraine was also called. This is a bit deja vu, if you ask me." There's a small little smile there, and a nod of her head. "But another name just feels like it'd be more confusing to me. I don't think I'm uh, clinging to anything. But all the people of been are important to me. You might have decided none of it is real, I disagree. They're all a part of me."

"But none of those names are //you//" Star states softly, but she knows when to stop pushing. "Our sex is deja vu, but it's pretty good" she grins in response before a nod. "Moving on. How about we go do something in one of those rooms? We can go back to Prosperity if you like. I know how much you enjoy it there...even though you're not a lesbian." A dramatic expression of shock at such a thing before she is smiling again. "Go rob a train? Stagecoach? Town drunk?"

"Perhaps," Penny allows, leaning closer to rest a head upon Competitor's shoulder. "But I don't feel like 'Star' is you, either. I do not know how you picked a name so easily. I can't do it. Believe me, I've tried. Nothing has fit or felt right." There's a bit of a smile as she draws back and shrugs her shoulders. "It reminds me of when Conrad was trying to convince me I was Madison. That feels like it was so long ago, now. Now you're doing it to me, just as I was trying to convince him once. Funny how that works." There's a soft sigh. "Don't worry about me. Lorraine is just being harder to shake, I guess because of a lot of things."

Glancing up again, she peers towards the doors to the Anywhere rooms and considers. "No, not Prosperity. Did you know that Veles, our master of ceremonies and boss at the Carnival, was also Zeb? Beelzebub, one of the benefactor's of Prosperity. King of Gluttony and all of that. Another recurring face. Though this time he moved from enemy to friend, but in the end he let us go in Prosperity, and we let him go." A shake of her head. "Tangent. Suffice to say, I don't particularly want to go back to Prosperity right now."

"I named myself after that chart at the Eager Beaver" Star laughs, stroking Penitent's hair as she rests her head. "What name would you give me? And I don't think 'Sexkitten' would work in public." She considers for a moment. "But I'd be willing to give it a go. I remember you talking about Conrad. Am I getting a bit naggy? Sorry. And I do worry about you." A wink before she kissing Penitent on the forehead. "Because I love you."

Star listens to the corruption of Prosperity for Penitent. Her favorite time is now messed up. Fuck this place. "Maybe they've just run out of simulacrums? Or maybe it's like the James Bond movies? All in the same world or something. Okay, we can go somewhere else then. You ever wanted to be a pirate?"

"I'm sure I'd lean more towards 'Girltoy' than 'Sexkitten'." Penitent says with her own attempt at humour, giving a small laugh. "But seriously, I don't know. It's all very confusing with five lifetimes in here." She shrugs her shoulders. "They could be connected. Carnival was close enough to Prosperity in time -- maybe that's what Zeb ended up doing with himself. But he was ... different. We've been noticing recurring people since the start. Recurring faces, enemies, and so on. I think it means something. I just don't know what."

Another glance to the doors and she tilts her head slightly, considering. "I've never really wanted to be anything, honestly. I know that's ... pretty boring and not very helpful, I guess. I promised Jonah ... Hypnos? That we'd go somewhere new perhaps. I've never really used the doors to go somewhere new."

"Or, maybe, they've run out of faces to use. It might just mean a lack of computing power" Star offers with a fond smile. "Though I wasn't in Prosperity so those with memories, like you, would obviously see it in a different way. And we have no idea which is right. So I won't let it drag me down. "Girltoy"? Hmm...I can work with that."

"I don't want you to break any promises to Jonah, but //we// can go somewhere new too. Leave all our cares behind. Be ourselves...whoever that may be. Just have fun!" Star tilts her head a little. "Interested? Tropical paradise. Ski bunnies. Students at an all girl school. The sky's the limit."

"With new people coming all the time, infinite amounts of people being able to be found beyond those doors now, and people even changing faces? I doubt they've run out of faces to use, hon," Penny says thoughtfully, shaking her head. "I'd theorize that our enemies are stuck just like us, somewhere, forced into new lives to oppose us just like we are, except ... sometimes they've said things that at the time didn't make any sense, but back here? Seems like they were talking about this place." A shrug of her shoulders, and she shifts a little, slipping away from Competitor for just a moment as she nods a little.

"I don't think the school thing is really me," She says with a bit of a laugh. "My Inner Emily would probably get all weirded out and antsy. But maybe you should surprise me, otherwise I'll pick something kind of lame, I'm sure."

"You think we're up against someone? Hmm, maybe there's a place just like this filled with people just like us and we're put up against each other through time. Sounds like a God versus Devil kind of thing" Star smiles, giving Penitent her space. "Okay, no schoolgirls" she giggles before considering what she can do to surprise her love...and at least make her happy for a little while. "Okay, challenge accepted. And anyplace where you are could NOT be lame. When did you want to go?"

"Honestly, the first place I thought of was ... a prison. How fucked up is that?" Penitent says, rolling her eyes. "See what I mean? Go anywhere you can imagine, and I imagine a little six by eight foot prison cell." She shakes her head. "This is probably why I've never gone anywhere new. Though sometimes confronting a particular memory can help deal with it, I'll give it that much."

There's a little smile there and she shrugs her shoulders. "Whenever you want to, is fine. My schedule is remarkably free, you know." She says with a small grin there.

"It's not fucked up at all. Hey, back in Eager Beaver time, WIP movies were pretty popular. That's Women In Prison. I mean, sure, they were like more violent and adult all-girl school fantasies, but they were definitely a thing. If you want to do that. Make fun out of what haunts you...could be an idea. Like you say, confront it" Star suggests with a warm smile before a laugh at their free schedules. "True dat. No time like the present. Though I'm not sure how long it takes to 'program' one of those rooms. Does it just pick up what's in our heads?"

Shrugging her shoulders, Penny gives a small little laugh. "I don't know, it just seems so one dimensional. It's all I am. Haven't I been in this prison for long enough? Why make another one. Especially a fake one, because I'll be able to leave to come back here at any time, naturally. But maybe it'd be worth looking into some time. Not now though." She nods firmly on that, before gesturing. "Try it and see. They work immediately. I've literally stood there thinking of something, opening the door to see it there, and then closing it, thinking of something else and opening it again and there is the new thing. From a swimming pool to a gym to the Noc."

"It's almost like they know our thoughts before we have them" Star points out in a 'spooky' tone. "Though, who is to say that those moments where you open and close the door, are not actually months apart." A wink to show she is teasing before taking Penitent's hand and guiding her towards the doors. "Okay, we'll leave the lesbian prison orgies to another time." Star stands in front of the door, closing her eyes to help think of what she would like for them both. "No prisons this time" she smiles before a nod to the door. "Shall we see if it got it right?"

"I'm not sure about that." Penny says with a shrug of her shoulders, letting her hand be taken and starting to move along with Star, considering. "They're just ... every possibility, I guess. I always wanted a swimming pool in here because, well, I like to swim." There's a bit of a smile there, though it falters a little and she nods slowly. "You still have all your terrible jokes, don't you?" She teases in a fond tone. There's a small smile and she tilts her head, staring at the door and waiting, gesturing when the question comes. "Only one way to find out."

"Aww, I thought you loved my terrible jokes" Star teases before opening the door and stepping through with Penitent.

A blast of bracing cool air even though the air is pleasantly warm around them. A clear blue sky above, the sun shining. All round them a tranquil blue sea that stretches off as far as the eye can see. Total freedom in every direction. "I really hope you like swimming" Star grins, now dressed in a one piece swimsuit that heavily promotes her impressive cleavage. They stand on what is best described as a raft. About ten feet by ten feet, though solid and stable enough that a picnic table has been set up, laden with fruits, fish and meats. "Like what you...sea?" Yeah, the terrible jokes have travelled with them.

Stepping through the door, and finding herself clad in a maroon kaftan that is lightweight and rather see-through, revealing the two piece plain black bikini she wears beneath. There's always a moment of stopping to check herself out when she's in a new place, nodding vaguely as she then looks around. Water, water and more water. "I've always liked swimming," she says with a bit of a smile, shrugging her shoulders as she steps towards that table. A table on a raft. What will they think of next. "More often than not, you know. Three of me were excellent swimmers." There's a roll of her eyes and she can't help another fond little smile as she glances off into the distance, the breeze catching at her hair a moment.

Star finds her breath taken away as she takes in Penitent and her outfit. "God...you are so beautiful" she sighs, quickly wiping away a tear of admiration before joining her beloved at the table. Star could watch Penitent's hair stirring in the gentle breeze forever but there is food and drink to be had, and swimming to be done. "Care for a melon?" she asks with a wiggle of her eyebrows...and holding the melon in front of one of her breasts. A fridge stands on the raft as well, though that is the door back out rather than legit. An Eski next to the table is there to keep things cold. "I think Christine could swim but Nikki would have just flown. Speaking of..." She peers up at the azure sky. "What's the bet that the //one// seagull in this place will drop something in my food?"

"Well, this whole place comes from your subconscious, dear," Penny says in a tone similar to how Lorraine may have spoken, lifting her shoulder in a bit of a shrug. "So if a seagull does that, it's because you thought about it when creating the place." There's a brief smirk and a roll of her eyes again at the melon, shaking her head. "At least," she continues on, "that's my theory. Maybe I'm completely wrong and the seagulls are just out to get you." She glances at the food idly, and looks back out at the sea. "I still haven't eaten anything yet. Having just lived a lifetime of not really needing to eat ... I still envy how quickly you shed these things. I find whoever I most recently was always a bit closer to me. Lorraine could swim, naturally. So could Emily, and Madison. Lorraine really missed the water. All that time spent in those dry, dusty places. It was the worst."

"Hmmm...well I certainly didn't think about seagulls pooping. Though there is a comical side to that. As long as it happens to someone else. As the song goes, 'And the seagull screamed, kiss her, kiss her'. XTC." Star leans over the table to do just that - kiss not scream. A playful pout once it breaks. "You don't like my melons anymore" she teases before sitting back. "Eating just makes me feel 'normal'. Reminds me that I'm not a goddess and, maybe, just maybe, I'm still a functioning human being. And I shed them because I am certain about what I am. Ever heard of psychological theory of the hub? Actually, you know what. That's for another time. We're here to have a good time. Eat. Swim. Make out. Sex underwater - should def give that a try. Yeah, deserts aren't much fun. I hope there's some greenery with our next tale. Or blue."

"Subconsciously!" Penitent says again with a laugh, reaching up to place a hand on Star's shoulder as she returns that kiss, something a little more amused there at that teasing again. "Oh, I wouldn't say that. Your melons are very enticing," she promises, shifting a little against the table to consider Competitor further, looking her up and down. "I can safely say I haven't really heard any psychological theories at all," she nods gravely, as though this is some kind of important statement before grinning. Stepping back, she sheds the kaftan quickly. "Come on then, let's swim."

"I thought Emily was a psych major" Star points out but she is soon rather distracted, pleasantly, by the loss of the kaftan and Penitent in all her glory. Star thinks she is supposed to do something. Oh...yeah...swim. She leaps up to her feet. "Last one in is the sexiest woman on the ocean" she grins before diving off into the warm, refreshing waters. Perfection. Star swims downwards for a few moments, letting the water embrace her, before pushing up to break the surface and take a deep breath. Pushing her long wet hair from her face as she looks around for Penitent.

"An alcoholic psych major who cheated on all her exams, yes," Penny says with a wave of her hand dismissively. Knowing that she's being watched like that perhaps speaks to that bit of Lorraine in her, close to the surface because the languid stretch is most definitely a product of that particular woman. The arch of her back, the curves of her body definitely put on display as she moves towards the water, laughing as Competitor ends up diving on in. "This is something I can go last for." There's a bit of a chuckle, and then she simply dives into the water herself.

It's a few moments longer before she surfaces, popping up right behind Star there, her hands reaching out to wrap around the woman from behind. "Oh, hi there," she muses lightly, her voice full of suggestive intent. It's still very Lorraine.