Log:Those We Lost

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Those We Lost
Characters  •   The Avant-Garde  •  The Beast  •
Location  •  Dining Hall
Date  •  2018-08-02
Summary  •  The Beast and Avant-Guard discuss those who are still missing -- Chase, Dax, Lil and the personal items left behind.

{Cameron} The Avant-Garde, also known as 'Cameron', has settled into the dining room with his iPhone sitting on the table in front of him, along with a couple books, and... a huge bowl of various fruits. Watermelon, strawberries, bananas, cherries, and a few other things. He has a fork, and stabs a strawberry and pops it into his mouth.

{Connor} The Beast comes walking into the dining hall and goes past Cameron to the dispensary to go pick up something. When he returns, it's with a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal. He wanders over in Cameron's general direction and sits himself down at one of the tables nearby, but not the one he is using. There are six of them, after all, each one big enough for quite a few people, and it's a pretty empty room. He sits down and begins to eat, glancing over at the phone somewhat curiously, and then back into his own bowl.

{Cameron} The Avant-Garde looks over at The Beast, and hesitates, looking a little wary, a little suspicious, and he pauses with watermelon halfway to his mouth, "I don't think I saw -- no wait, I did, I saw you around that rockstar, didn't I?" He relaxes immediately, sighing a little bit, and finishing the trip of watermelon to mouth. Mmm. Crunch.

{Connor} "You did," The Beast says after taking a swallow from his coffee. He's dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans, some chucks, and a dark green t-shirt, and seems comfortable enough. He doesn't seem wary or suspicious as he looks over at Cameron. "Connor," he introduces himself. "The rock star was Andrew." He then says, "You were Cameron." All past-tense, it seems. What and who they are now, that, he doesn't seem to have sorted yet.

{Cameron} Lifting up the iPhone, he swipes and flips and then holds a picture up to Connor-- its working? Its of another young man who might have been seen around Cam, "Have you seen this guy from any recent arrivals? Chase?" He hesitates, "But yeah, I was Cameron. Only he wasn't real. Cameron wasn't, I mean. Except what happened on the island, that I remember as real. Except for getting my throat cut which I remember as real but like, obviously, wasn't." He's dressed in a silk pale blue shirt and pair of khaki's, both of which are quite fitted.

{Connor} "Oh, it was real," Connor says. "I watched." He had. He'd watched all of them died. "We carried your dead body back to the beach." He had, in fact, helped with that part of the program as well. "Cameron was dead." He doesn't say /you/ but Cameron, was very much dead. Then he says, "No, haven't seen him." Then he adds after a moment, "Sorry," and it does sound genuine.

{Cameron} "Except, .." 'Cameron' points at himself, "I'm not dead. I'm approaching buzzed with my rum and vodka infused fruit, but not dead. You might remember carring my... his... body, and probably did carry something you thought was his body. But it obviously wasn't my body because I'm using it and it has no new holes in it." He hesitates, "I don't know what the explanation is, but I don't buy the afterlife theories of whatever this place is." He gives a sigh at the negation and sets the phone down again.

{Connor} "No, you're not. Neither are the others who we watched die. We got off the island. Boarded a ship. Went through decontamination. We flew back to Hawaii and got on a plane for Heathrow and..." The Beast gestures to this place. "Here we are." He takes a spoonful of cereal and begins making his way through it, glancing over to the fruit. "Now the giant bowl makes sense."

{Cameron} "Oh, the army idiots actually didn't nuke you all? This is the first I heard. Hurts the afterlife theory all the more." 'Cameron' frowns, and goes for more fruit, this time a strawberry, "Feel free to partake if you like. Time is weird here so its always 5pm as far as I'm concerned." He considers for a long moment, "If I didn't know it was completely insanely impossible-- and since I can't remember who I really am or anything before the island so how I know what's impossible but I swear I do-- I'd say we were in some twisted reality tv show."

{Connor} The Beast shakes his head, "No, they quarantined us for a couple of weeks and then they let us go home. Andrew and I were on a flight back when we nodded off and ended up here." He says, "The plane could have crashed, I suppose." He then reaches over and takes a couple of boozy strawberries and drops them in his cereal and eats them that way. "I'm Connor," The Beast says, "Until I'm not. That's what I'm going with."

{Veronique} The Healer passes through in a skirt and top with high-heeled pumps on. She seems to just be going to get something to eat.

{Cameron} "A couple of _weeks_? I swear its been no more then... three, maybe four-- maybe at most a week-- since I got here." Cameron seems a little astonished by this revelation, even if he did mention time is weird around here. "Makes as much sense as anything else. I don't have any _other_ name to go by but Cameron."

{Connor} The Beast nods and says, "It was a couple of weeks on the ship." The fact that it wasn't that long here is one more thing that he seems to make a mental note of as he grabs a couple more strawberries and drop them into his cereal. Cheerios with milk and booze-laden berries. Breakfast of champions. "That's what I figure. Until I have another one to use.. may as well."

{Cameron} "Was your life as Connor, your memory of it, _before_ the island... real to you? I mean yes, while you were on the island I'm sure it is, but... the memories for me? BEfore the island, on the island, as Cameron? They have a distinctly different...texture. The island Cameron feels almost real just not me, the pre-Island Cameron feels... flat." 'Cameron' shrugs, and goes for some more boozy watermelon. "Some people are trying really hard to be not-who-they-were-there, others the opposite. Then there's Valerity who has apparently lost her personality in the transition and is now a total bitch."

{Connor} The Beast folds his arms on the table and leans against them, considering the question for some time and thinking about it. "My memories before the island are.." There's a slight furrow of his brow. "Hazy? Not as clear s they were there." Then he asks, "What happened to Valerity? What is she doing now?" He glances back over his shoulder toward the lounge area and the hall beyond, as though he could see, but of course he can't.

{Cameron} "Trying to pick a fight with everyone, basically, and being bossy. Including me, uh, what's her name? Maata." Cameron wrinkles his nose and goes for some more fruit. "Anyways, have you checked out the bookshelf? Its big, sure, but I haven't been able to think of any book at all that I can't find a copy of. I've tried childrens books I barely remember, books I've just heard of and haven't read. I can find them all."

{Connor} "I don't remember her being bossy," Connor admits as he finishes off the remainder of his cereal and then settles back into his chair. "I remember the first night on the beach we just hung out and walked and talked about stuff. She was chill. We'd met before..." but that memory was hazy, too. He then looks in the direction of the bookshelves and says, "No, not yet. But that's.. weird.. which seems par for the course."

{Cameron} "I'm running out of ideas for finding the entrance-exit, though, but I'm not giving up on that." The Avant-Garde sighs and shakes his head, slumping back in his seat, rubbing at his eyes, "She's not acting anything like she was in there. None of the inspiring nice stuff, just ... ugh. I don't know if I'm anything like I was in the island. I didn't know you well enough to tell the difference."

{Connor} "There has to be one. They fix everything while we're asleep. They have to be coming and going to put everything back, to wash our clothes, to put everything back where we found it," Connor says and then he glances over at the phone again. "Is that your one thing? From the island?" Then he studies Cameron and says, "Nobody did but Andrew and Dax. And Dax isn't here."

{Cameron} "Exactly, finally. Everyone is fighting me and all blah blah no exit and I'm like oh shut uup. I'm not saying the exit/entrance is going to be easy to find but _obviously_ there has to _be_ one." Cameron, exasperated. He blinks at the question, "My one thing? I don't know what that means. Well, Conrad said his sister had a phone too. Its my phone... and it has all the videos and pictures I took of Chase on the island. Nothing else, all the other apps crash on launch, here's no signal, no wifi. But..yeah. It was mine from the island."

{Connor} "Well, it wouldn't make any sense for there not to be one. Else, how did they get us in here? Perhaps it's like the Enterprise and they just beam everything in and out?" Yes, Connor has at some point, it seems, watched Star Trek. He then says, "It seems like everyone has one item from the island of some sort. I haven't heard of anyone having more than one."

{Cameron} "Yeah." Cameron laughs softly, "There's a lot of weird going on but I'm not buying a holodeck and transporters without some way more direct evidence. Still." He hesitates a moment, thoughtfully, "There just has to be some meaning to all this that I'm not seeing yet. For all the island seemed real and certainly had to be real in some way, skeletons, undead? Are we really believing that was actually real? Now that I'm here, I'm questioning a lot of what seemed real there. What if it was special-fx? Some sort of... fakery?" Pause, "And what was your -- thing from the island?"

{Connor} "I'm not really buying anything until I see more, but I just woke up," Connor says as he finishes off his coffee. He sets the dishes and the mug off to one side and then he rocks a bit in his chair, letting it lean back. "Could have been," he says. "Didn't seem that way when we were there. Seemed real, but then, that doesn't explain how people we saw die are alive now." It doesn't seem that Connor is discrediting much at this point, and instead just taking in the theories. When Cameron asks what his thing was, Connor says, "A necklace."

{Cameron} "Oh." Pause, "You just woke up? And, is the necklace significant?" Cameron shakes his head, "You're handling it better then me. I lost my shit, proceeded to get a chair in the dining wall and beat the hell out of the wall to try to get an exit until I was so tired I almost collapsed. Still a little sore in the shoulders from it." He winces, "Also I was looking for Chase. See." He pauses again, thoughtful, "That's something weird. I'm gay. I know I'm gay as clearly as I know the color of my eyes. Its a fact. I don't mind it, I'm not ashamed of it, I'm sure its _me_. 'Cameron' sorta did too, but he was so deep in the closet he had a beard at this event to hang off of him. I'd never do that, I'm sure of it."

{Connor} "Not just now, but, last night, with a bunch of others who all got evacuated," Connor says, and then looks around for a moment. "I'm not sure what to make of it all -- but they could have blown me up on that island. They could have killed us all instead of evacuating us. Thus far, I'm not sure what the hell is going on, but most people seem to have lived. This place is weird but it's not a cell, and it's not death by radiation poisoning. So, for right now, I'm going to roll with it, take it in, and not start smashing the puzzle against the wall before I even get the outline done." He takes a moment then and says, "It was Andrew's. He wore it the whole time we were there. Just before we went into decontamination, he threw it back into the trees. When I woke up, it was in my room."

{Cameron} "Were you two like, together? And is he here?" Cameron asks with a tilt of his head, voice gentle and understanding, "This place isn't... well its not hell, its not punishing, its actively trying to not be horrible as far as I can say, but I don't like it. It hurts my soul. I don't even know who I am but this place is suffocating to me. I don't begrudge you taking a lighter approach, but for me, the more I smash and look behind the more information I have, you know?"

{Connor} Island Connor would likely never have said as much as The Beast has said about any of this at all, but he's not quite that Connor, and he can't deny that. "I think I wanted to be. I know he's the only person I truly cared about. I think I loved him. But no, we weren't together. And yes, he's here. He's.. younger, here though, than he was. And I haven't talked to him, not since we woke up here." He shakes his head slowly and says, "I don't know if it's lighter. I just need to observe for a while and get the lay of the land. I'm used to going with my gut on things and right now, I have no idea what my gut is telling me."

{Cameron} "My gut is telling me: You can not be contained. You are contained. Error Will Robinson." Cameron sighs, rises up, "Be right back." He turns and heads to the dispensory, and when he returns, its with a bottle of spiced rum and a pair of glasses, "You don't have to drink." he settles down, "But the last two ..three...four... time is weird. I have decided to be a functional alcoholic for a little while. Its not in my usual nature, or it wasn't Cam's gig, not that he didn't drink, anyways. The fruit's not cutting it." He nods to his iPhone, "So now we have _survivors_ here. Did you see Chase on the boat?" He woulda been there: if Connor saw him or not is another question. "Before everyone was telling me don't worry, he's just not dead... yet."

{Connor} "Yeah, he was on the boat. He was pretty shaken up after the sacrifice. But when all the skeletons disintegrated and the curse thing was over, and they said that they were going to evacuate us, he did say he was going to make sure he did everything you asked," Connor says. He might not have said much, but he observed a lot while he was on the island. He didn't miss what was going on with Cameron and Chase. Perhaps his own situation with Andrew gives him some small bit of empathy. "He was okay. He wasn't happy. But he was alive when I saw him last." He nods toward the glass. He's got at least coffee and something in his stomach. "Sure, pour."

{Cameron} And so, 'Cameron' pours two fingers for each of them, pauses, adds some pineapple from his fruit to each, slides the drinks over. "He was going to smuggle a thumb drive out, one way or another, if the internet didn't go. But if you're alive and were on the boat, and he was alive and on the boat, why isn't he here?" Pause, "Of course there's only like, what, 60 rooms in this whole place? And there were hundreds of people on the island, even after that first major death event there were still way too many to fit in here. Ugh." He shakes his head again, "I swear for every answer I get I have three new questions."

{Connor} "Maybe this isn't the only place like this? Maybe there are more, and the rest of them went to different places?" Connor posits, taking the drink when it is passed over and lifting it in a bit of a salute before taking a swallow from it. "Could be that he's out there somewhere. Maybe he made it home. Maybe he's in another place like this with Dax and Lillianne. Neither of them are here either, and Lil died on the island, and Dax made it off. He was on his way to Vegas when we left him."

{Cameron} "So there might be more then one....holding facility, for lack of a better term." Cameron is thoughtful on that point, pursing his lips, "I have no reason to doubt that. It gives me hope, at least." But then he looks pained, "Except the relationship wasn't real. It felt real on the island; the memory of how we got there is flat. Like I watched a movie about it that glossed over the details to get the broad strokes, then I filled in the gaps. Its like I was an actor playing a role but forgot I was an actor at all."

{Connor} "Maybe," Connor says, but as with all theories, he doesn't seem willing to commit to that course of thought either -- just another in an endless stream of possibilities without much evidence to back anything up. "It was real enough while it was going on." He leans back in his chair. "What I felt feels real. I'm still real. But this is someplace else, and he is someone else now, and even then it was one sided. So I'm not sure it matters how real it was." He takes up his drink and takes another swallow from it. "At least there are plenty of books to read while we wait to find out what happens next."

{Cameron} "I am not much of a reader." groans 'Cameron', tilting his spiced rum back and taking a large pair of gulps, "Just sitting and waiting for when something happens if it will, doesn't appeal to me. Passivity isn't my thing. I'm a guy of action. I know this at the heart of my being, I *do* first and ask questions later." He sounds...frustrated. None of his doing has led really anywhere.

{Connor} "Right now I feel like I'm biding my time. This is a cage, and for the moment, I don't know how to get out, or the routine, or all the other factors. I'm still working all of that out, until I can figure out how and where and when to test the bars," Connor says. "I can read in the meantime, while I watch and wait." He looks over toward Cameron. "You're going to have to find something that lets you cope besides just drinking or this place will make you insane."

{Cameron} "I think that's what they want." Cameron says gravely, gesturing to the phone, "I had a shit-ton of video and photos of all sort of people form the island, doing all sorts of things. What I have here? Everything I took of Chase, and _that's_it_. That's an act of intelligent choice, decision. Someone _did_ that. Until they hit the sleep button and send us all to sleep, I can't get it off my mind. Drinking and trying to break things distracts me, but barely." He gulps down the rest of his drink, fills his glass with pineapple cubs, and rises, grabbing the spiced rum bottle. "I'll talk to you later. I .. I just need to go do something." LIke get seriously drunk and-or rip out a wall to see what's behind it. "Don't worry, nothing sticks around here."