Log:This Is How We Do It

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This Is How We Do It
Characters  •   Lucas Marchant  •  Heather Burnett  •
Location  •  Marchant House-Patio
Factions  •   Marchant Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-20
Summary  •  After starting a scene in teh middle of Mona's party by yelling at Zane Lucas takes Heather out onto the patio to cool off and explain what is going to happen next.

Lucas walks with Heather outside and is, somehow, all manner of calm. "Heather..." It's on the tail end of that gallows moon and the overdressed Italian walks his classmate out onto the pation. Sharp eyes look for someone else he's waiting to turn up but for now? For now there's Heather. He looks back to her both eyes arched.

Heather agrily tosses bck half her wine, then eyes him, "Now they're all defending him like he's hot shit, but he's not." She lifts her chin like she's expecting him to argue with her too.

ROLL: RogueOne rolls 6d6 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [3]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 4 2 5 2 4 3 -- d6)

Lucas smiles with a winsome amusement in that easy friendly manner of his that's natural. "Yeah, sorry, Heather. That wasn't an invite to talk" He looks back to her smile sharp, "Stop." His eyes search hers and there's no loathing, no rage in him. This is how it is for him in that tone where he knows he's standing on his patio and she's the guest and something in that tone is making this rather transparent. Quietly and entirely matter of factly he says, helpful, "You have an issue with Zane? Sure. These things happen but you roll up into... our house? You want to bring your war into our living room like it's the Lit/History hallway?" Curious.

He points up with two fingers at the building. "Heather look //around// you. You have prom, graduation parties and, the end of the year. Now do you want to be remembered as the girl that was edited out of every social event before Yearbook publishes or do you wnat to remember this is a classy place and you just really made Mona, the woman putting all this together, rather upset?" His expression freezes, and his tone remains calm. "I'm trying to help you out here."

Heather's face goes still as what she thought might be something friendly or maybe more turns into a threat. He stares at him, and says in a defeated tone. "You all stick together. The big families."

Lucas from her around with a squint and admits, "Some of us fight every minute for what we have, Heather. The truth? Wasn't always this way for me. But.." He looks back standing down but not retracting his statement, "Wasn't always this way for me. Now." He pauses and dips his head to catch her eye and says, oh yeah he's helpful like a guidance councilor coaching people at gunpoint sort of helpful. "Don't have to be that way for you either, Heather. So. You want to fix this or graduate in obscurity because I don't think anyone wants that. So..." He looks from her, to the glass and back. Well at least he's not angry sounding or condescending.

Heather growls, "Fine! What exactly do you want from me Lucas Marchant. It's not as if I have much of a choice!"

He watches and arches an eyebrow. There's a shrug, "Not really, no." He considers her rage and looks up at the sky, considers, and back to her. "Lunch on Tuesday and your dirt on Zane." A faint grin forms, "I'm trying to save you from social death. I mean you kinda got it goin on, won't lie, but this angry look makes you look like a constipated chihuahua. Breathe. It's good for the skin, and suck it up. Monday may even suck. Tuesday? Tueday we'll talk and sort it out but here? Now? Not the time and place. Ya get me?"

Heather cocks her head, studying him. She says bitterly, "You really know how to talk to girls don't you." No one likes being called achihuahua. Still she sighs, "Fine, but you're paying."

Lucas snickers at being told he's paying. "Well are you going to trust the person with the truth or the one that blows sunshine up your ass." The eyebrow arches. His head wobbles back and forth "It's still a damn good party. Regroup. go back. I'm going to go talk to Mona and find my date. Got the whole damn evening ahead of us. Ain't that right, Heather?" Oh he's ever the celebrant isn't he spinning on heel and striding back to the house. Like he's go t the whole damn world in his back pocket. Tuesday should prove interesting.

Heather says, “Oh, I'll take the forth right asshole every damned time." Being one herself, really. She sighs and tosses back the reast of her drink. She reapplies her lipstick and heads back in to face the music, chin up and mask on.”