Log:The Way We Were

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The Way We Were
Characters  •   The Bravo  •
Location  •  Bravo's Room
Date  •  2019-02-15
Summary  •  Bravo wakes up after the final encounter with Freak.

Waking up.

Theoretically she's done this before, waking up. Alone. In the dark. In a room. But this time is different, the feelings are different, the memories.

The memories.

That is what is different. She has memories this time, are they hers? They feel like hers.

Roxie. Roxie Moretti. Roxanne Moretti. That name once belonged to her, it once....was her. But in this place, it's not her.

She remembers the warning, everyone told her that the time in this quiet, empty place would come to an end, and something would come take over.

It wasn't her. She isn't that person.

But she was.

Bravo moves, finally ending the rough and tumble of her thoughts, moves and looks around. Remembers this place, and the small little life she'd begun for herself. Her friends, and her things. Her room.

Her bath. She gets up, tosses the covers back onto the bed and moves towards the bathroom, remembering the way. The water is turned on in the tub, the lights turned off, kept off. Bravo isn't ready to really look at herself in the mirror. Match the who she was with the who she was....with the who she is.

It's still too much. But the bath helps, the hot water, the smell of the bubble bath that is so familiar, the sounds. The lack of sounds, in fact. No sound except her breathing and the water as she goes through the motions.

Eventually her fingers begin to turn into prunes, the water chills, and still she lingers. Just a little while longer, sorting through thoughts, emotions, memories. Shuffling it all and trying to shove the recent event into her reality.

When she gets out, the water is drained, and she gets a robe before heading towards her closet. What she was going to wear was going to set the whole day down on a specific path.

Shirts. Pants. Skirts. Dresses. She goes through each item, sliding it to one end of the closet as she looks, and then finally she settles on a red dress. Matching heels.

Now it's time to look in the mirror. But everything is the same. She looks like the person she remembers from before the lodge, before the ghosts. Nothing has changed, and everything has changed.

Now with make up done, hair, clothes. She's ready to face whatever is on the other side of that door. Just one more act, one more role to play for the audience.