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The Story So Far
Characters  •   Diamond Devil (as Diamanto)  •  Dionysus (as Dean)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •  Áine (as Eve)  •  Theodore Walker  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Hodr (as Holden)  •  Zeus (as Sky)  •  Osiris (as Aya)  •  Maahes  •  Urania (as Cultist: Lily Justin)  •
Location  •  Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp
Date  •  2019-03-24
Summary  •  A fairly typical carnie morning turns to less typical conversation concerning a particular radio ad. They learn others went to investigate and talk about that.

Friday morning. The carnival has been doing business during the week but the weekend is almost open them. That's when the people of nearby towns, having heard how stupendous the show is, start coming along to spend money. And, more importantly, worship at the altar of entertainment. So, time to take it to another level.

Nikki's band like this time of day. It gives them time to sleep and not have to practice...for a couple of hours. The singer herself is sitting in the shade of the mess tent in her usual fully clothed way - boots, trousers, long-sleeved shirt, driving gloves. Nikki and Katherine Hepburn will share a lot of fashion ideas. She even has sunglasses on to shield her piercing blue eyes - the shade must not be enough this morning. A mug of dark red liquid in her hands.

Down in the Great Plains an enormous dust storm is blowing all the way to Boston. Up here in the mountains near Nowhere, it is 'just' blustering. Tent flaps slapping in the wind.

Diamanto has a little time before she's due at her sideshow tent for the day. She steps out of her trailer, dressed in her voluminous dress with a shawl and veil over her beard. She must be roasting under all those layers. At least she's inside a tent in the shade during her show. She makes her way toward the mess area to see if there's something left to eat after the breakfast rush. On the way, she's distracted by the sight of Nikki, and she pauses. "Good morning," she says. "We should do good business today."

The Cooch Tent afterparty plays out late into the night and yet Cedric looks as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as ever with his cup of warm sweet milk, forgoing the tea this morning, in hand. Perhaps the Fair Folk need little sleep. Either way, he's dressed in a long sleeved buttoned down white shirt complete with suspenders and black slacks. Well-cobbled shoes fit well on his feet. He's sans hat today due to the wind, but he does brandish his familiar walking cane, though he doesn't really need one.

Seeing as others are already gathering, perhaps having a bit of breakfast, he settles down within one of the chairs and leans back, "It's a lovely mornin' ain't it?" It's just a general greeting, he's seen lovelier. "With the gusts pickin' up, let's hope that the crowd isn't afraid of a wee bit o' wind."

It may or may not be Sky's fault that there's a dust storm rollin nice and heavy. Either way, if it was because of SKy, he's certainly not doing anything about it. But, he had actually left the afterparty the other night a little early, pondering the fate of one of his fellow Greek Gods. Nevertheless, Sky enters the tent wearing his usual fully clothed ness. (Ironic, since he's known for being mostly with-nevermind.) He wears a coat with fur trim, and that alone covers most of him, except for the leather pants and the gloves. "Nikki." Sky greets.

But then there's Mad Sweeney and Diamanto, and he gives a nod to both. "Good morning to both of you." Sky seems the least perturbed about the wind.

Dean's corner of the camp has a decent claim on the description '24-hour party people', but in the service of minimizing in-Carnival homicide, most nights things get mostly-quiet enough sooner or later. Some of them do have to get things done in the day, after all, in ways that involve actual functioning. Dean himself doesn't generally need to do anything in the morning, and is only sometimes actually about -- he doesn't strictly-speaking /need/ to get much in the way of sleep, but he kind of enjoys it. This morning, though, here he is, attended by a handful of his cult members who appear to be ranging from simply 'waking up' to 'seriously hungover'. The sullen and wincing young man illustrating the latter is fairly new to the place, still learning, and getting handed the god's flask with faint sympathy as the group wanders in.

For his part, Dean looks comfortable enough; he's got his hat despite the wind, apparently trusting it to behave, and the sleeves of his shirt are lazily rolled up toward the elbows. And like a couple of his companions, he's wearing sunglasses. It doesn't impinge on the brilliance of the grin he flashes toward those seated and gathering, however. "Mornin'," he greets at large, and continues over to poke about and see whether there's more of what Nikki's got to drink waiting among the breakfast options. "Anythin' new and excitin' today?"

Arriving from the direction of his trailer, Holden is being led by a pair of his cul--Children, Martha and Edie. They are all grins and giggles as they seem to be playfully dragging him towards the mess tent. "It's not a surprise if I know what you intend to do." He laughs. He's wearing his usually gritty roustie wear, even though it's his own face. Included are goggles, which hang from his neck. They sit him down and Edie stays while Martha skips off. "I will heat some water!" The purpose of this becomes clear when Edie rolls out a shaving kit and begins to examine the straight razor. Holden's beard /is/ getting overgrown, truth be told.

Nikki turns her head to smile up Diamanto. "Hey, beautiful." She even reaches out with a gloved hand to squeeze one of the bearded woman's. "Hopefully the wind will die down by tonight." A sip of her blood before she offers the mug. "Want some?" A smirk for Cedric's greeting. "These people are miners, or friends of miners, they'll probably cherish the wind." She lifts her sunglasses for a moment and looks up into the sky. "Hmm...could make flying fun."

And then the big guy himself arrives. "Sky" Nikki replies, offering a little bow of her head as well. "Did you spend some time with Adrasteia after I left?" She looks him over. "No wounds so I guess not" she teases. I still haven't been able to warn...umm...tell Urania that you're here yet. Though she probably knows. All that oracle stuff she does. Hey, Dean." Dionysius often brings out a big grin from Nikki. "Thanks for shutting the party down early. I think you were about two minutes away from Michael going out to shoot whoever it was with the kazoo. And why do I think they weren't using their mouth?" Dean is more than welcome to share her drink too.

And there is going to be entertainment for breakfast? Holden is going to be shaved? Completely? "I think you need more than a razor for that tangle" Nikki teases. "Do you have a hatchet in there? Good morning, Holden."

Diamanto squeezes Nikki's hand affectionately, proving she's not always all anger and fury. She's quite calm this morning, for her. The wind billows in her skirt, and she holds it down with her hand. She gives an amiable nod to Sky and Cedric. Then she perks up when Nikki mentions Dean, and she looks around til she spies him. "Dean," she says, and she approaches Dionysus, paying little attention to his followers. She kisses him on the cheek. "Have you eaten? Are you hungry? Do you want me to get some wine?"

She glances toward Holden, and she smiles a little behind her veil. "Take care you don't cut yourself," she says. "Do you want me to help you?"

Sky shakes his head. "No. She left without a word and I did not think it necessary to confront her." His voice is authoritative and, one might make the argument for, dodgy. But, he crosses his arms, and finds a spot to sit. No, he would not share in the drink.

But, as Diamanto arrives, he turns his head to her and nods, then there's Dean. "Son." he greets.

Something is troubling Sky. Though he does look upon Holden. Eyes narrow briefly, before his eyes shift away.

Leaning fully against his seat, mug of milk set on the table beside him, Sweeney reaches into his pocket to retrieve an old-fashioned cob pipe and a packet of tobacco. He doesn't need to see what's in Nikki's cup, he can easily smell the blood there. This doesn't mean that his eyes don't lift for the briefest of moments to observe the crimson filled container, before refocusing his attention back to his pipe as he meticulously pats some of the tobacco in. "Nowhere's givin' us good business thus far, admittedly and am certain' that you're drummin' up interest for the Carnival was quite a boon."

The others also get a look of acknowledgement now, as he pats down the mound of tobacco that he'd stuffed in there. "Speaking o' which." He starts up, "Thomas mentioned hearing some advertisement on the radio not long ago, seekin' out those who feel forgotten, abandoned, in a sense. Now, I've not heard it me'self, but it gave him an uneasy feelin', he said."

To this talk of Holden being shaved, he pauses briefly in his work to comment, "Careful there an' try not t'spill any blood 'fore this place completely loses its mind and everythin' goes t'hell."

Tapping at the base of his pipe, he continues on, "There was discussion on headin' into town to check it out and ya came t'mind, since you've got yourself an vehicle o' your own." His gaze returns to Nikki.

Dean laughs at Nikki's words, and the young man taking altogether too big a swig from the borrowed flask flinches a little at the sound so near him. The god gives him a pat on the back and lets him take another drink before reclaiming the thing and tucking it away in a pocket. "Shoulda come and found out," Dean tells her, and acknowledges Sky's greeting with a lift of the chin and a still rather amused, "Pops."

Nikki's mug gets a considering look when sharing seems to be offered, but Diamanto distracts him, and he wraps an arm around the maenad, giving her a fond squeeze when she brings him her kiss and solicitude. "Hey, darlin'. No, yes, and you got some? in that order," he replies, the last question perhaps mostly curiosity, since usually he can handle that particular issue himself. And indeed, he goes on with, "Prolly all right, just was hopin' there might be a stronger red around. Might just go steal Nikki's, though." He flashes the goddess in question another grin with that. A couple of his hangers-on are trying not to obviously stare at Diamanto, meanwhile, though it's less the 'hey is that a bearded lady' stare she gets elsewhere and more a subtler version of the way they follow him. With perhaps a touch more fear in it, granted.

Cedric's remarks draw his focus, then. "Yeah, that got mentioned when we were in town. I reckon we oughta go take a look," he agrees, "...if more of us wanna go, I can take some too. And if not, I call shotgun in /that/ car." Someday he'll get a chance to drive that Rolls. ...she can't keep an eye on him around it forever.

Edie chirps, "Oh, Martha's going to shave him. We don't let him handle a razor. I mean, he literally cut himself once while having traded bodies--" Holden reaches out and takes her by the wrist. "Shhhhh..." She shuts right up and freezes. "Edie, who is the new voice?" Holden's pleasant demeanor is gone. His easy smile sets in a grim line. Edie looks at Sky, with big wide eyes and then back at Holden. "I don't know. I've only seen him and--" Holden shushes her again. "Edith, you are supposed to make it your business to know everyone who comes and goes in this camp." He says to her, sternly. "I ask for so little from you all. So little." She makes a little squeak as she squeezes her wrist.

Martha's back with steaming water. "Hodr!" She says, sharply. It startles him enough for him to let go of Edie, who cradles her arm, looking terribly wounded. "Hodr, this is Sky. Seems like he blew in on this wind." Holden nods and states plainly, "No. It's Zeus himself. He probably is the wind." He sighs. "I'm surrounded by Greeks. Oil and wine." Beat. "And Cedric, of course. Which brings me to the radio ad. Please don't go without me. I'm...curious. That's all." Martha has set up and she pushes Holden back in his seat, tilts his chin and removes the hanging goggles. "Sit still." Suddenly, Martha looks a little dangerous with that razor in her hand.

Nikki smiles in an 'awwww' way as Diamanto flusters over Dean. It's nice to have people who care. A nod to Sky about Nemesis - she can't blame him - but she has known him long enough to also know that there is something else. "Can I assist you with anything, Z... Sky?" A dangerous thing for a woman to say to him but it's not meant in /that/ way.

Talk of town has her turning back to Cedric. "We were in town yesterday to go shopping. Kemen mentioned the address on the radio. Dean was all keen to go and see what it was about, but I thought that if it was a trap, then Bree might have something better planned than turning up like the Keystone Cops. My chariot is at your disposal. Tell me when and I'll be there. Anyone talked to the radio station about who is placing the ads?" A little giggle as Holden pronounces that Sky is the wind. "He often has troubling wind" she admits with a wink to the King of her Pantheon.

And if Dean steals Nikki's Rolls, it will be the second last thing he ever does.

Diamanto hugs Dean dearly. His followers' increased caution is taken in stride. They're not in the wrong. "I have some of a bottle left in my trailer," she tells Dean. "I'll go get it." She pats Dean on the arm, then heads back toward her trailer. Her own followers are still sleeping off the night before. They've probably only just gotten to bed, themselves, so she's on her own. She retreats to her trailer, then returns with a bottle of red she hasn't yet finished. "Here, darling," she says to Dean as she offers it over. She pulls the cork out and offers the bottle up. "I keep it on hand just in case." She's nothing if not a thoughtful murder nymph.

Zeus looks upon Nikki. The asking for help gets a SHARP look from the Father of the Gods, but he doesn't answer harshly. "No. I doubt it is something of your capability to assist with. A thought troubles me of late. Cedric knows what I dread." Clearly, he references the talk of Thanatos suddenly disappearing that he and Cedric had just the other night. He then seems to wonder if that same fate has happened to others. Gods don't just disappear.

Though the comment about him being troubling wind, Sky cracks a smile at that. But in truth it is Hodr that gets his attention. "One who knows my name without even truly seeing me. A gift you have." he seems amused by this.

"We've only got a few days left before we start headin' out, but last night was the first I'd heard about the thing." Cedric admits as he continues to pat more tobacco in, "It wouldn't surprise me if someone'd already went investigatin' with how little time we've got left here." Now that his pipe is neatly filled, he slips the tip between his lips and lights it up with a simple match. "For the most part, I'm ready t'go whene'er anyone else is, no matter how much I'm wary o' those fancy contraptions ye all like to ride around in."

Now with his pipe and his warm mug of milk, Sweeney can finally relax, lifting a leg to cross over the other as he settles in. "I'll need t'bait some of the rubes durin' daylight hours to entice 'em to come visit us in the evenin', but..."

Here, he pauses, eyes on Sky, especially after the name Zeus was uttered. With so many of that Pantheon here, it doesn't mean a lick to him, however. "I do." He speaks of the man's concerns, "Primarily, because Thanatos just up and disappeared one day. That was neither here nor there and I've doubts that we were anywhere near Nowhere when it happened last year, but it's a mystery that Hypnos' has been tryin' t'solve."

"True; why d'you think I didn't stay on Olympus?" Dean agrees to Nikki's claim of Sky's troubling wind, doing a decent 'serious' right up until the end there, when the grin breaks free again. It's right about in time to accept that bottle from Diamanto, and he leans to give her a kiss on the cheek in exchange. "Thanks, doll," he says quite sincerely, and carries it over to settle into a seat by the others. His followers are focused on getting actual food in them, or in the case of the one currently doing worst, one of the others is focusing on that for him, and against his somewhat queasy protests.

Theoretically Dionysus could be handling his own wine needs easily enough, but he seems pleased with being given the bottle, and takes a drink directly from it as he settles in, lounging louchely. "Anyway, I ain't no Keystone Cop, but how much plan do you really need to go knock on a door and say, say, that ad, what's the story? 'spose we coulda just had a mortal do it if we're feelin' that cagey." They did have one handy. Sort of, anyway. Another drink, and he remarks to Holden, "Nothin' wrong with wine. 'spose oil ain't that bad neither." The talk of Thanatos gets a much subtler reaction than the rest, just a flicker of a glance from Cedric toward his pantheonmates.

Eve arrives from Carnival Grounds - Adult Area.

"I don't need to see you to know that Dionysus, Nike, and my Dia all deferred to you." Holden says, casually. "I know who Dean's father is. This is just knowledge of my fellow trade, good ears and deduction." Martha takes a hold of his chin to get him to be still. He grunts and continues anyway. "I should pay Hypnos a visit. I /almost/ lost my brother and I..." He exhales slowly. "Anyway, I can relate. I don't need to be an Olympian to understand, that's all. Some things are universal." Holden always gets a nice, clean shave before the busiest times. He has his own sort of vanity that way. And Martha has a steady hand despite Holden's continued talking. "Cedric, I'll...make use of one of my mortals if we go." Say what, say what? Even Edie boggles. "I know that I never do and it's...not fair always. Besides, you'll need the extra eyes."

Nikki's sunglasses hide her dismay at the look she gets from Sky. She was just trying to help! At least Cedric fills her in a little. "Ah...Thanatos" she nods sadly. He's not the only one that isn't around anymore. Damn that Christian church and their lies. "He is probably only hiding." That is better than the alternative. "Would someone have gone there without telling you or Bree, Cedric? That just sounds like a stupid thing to do. Besides, I'm happy with who I am. But, far as we know, this is just a local ad, right? We move on and they'll be back here. It's just a coincidence. If we never had the radio on, we'd never have heard it." A proud smile about her 'contraption'. "I'll keep it under fifty miles an hour for you." A pause. "Sixty."

A sip of her blood before she offers it to Dean. Not envious of that kiss on skin at all. Nope. "I could send some of my folk, sure. It'll be nothing. Some guy trying to rip-off the rubes by the radio instead of in the carnival. Umm...not that we rip peple off. I tell ya, radio is the future. Just probably not as personal as we'd like."

The group are under the shade of the dining tent. The wind quite blustery. Holden is getting a shave. Nikki is drinking blood. Dean is drinking wine. Sky looks troubled. Cedric is planning. Diamanto is being sexy. Holden and Dean have some followers with them; one of whom plays a kazoo in an unusual way.

Diamanto glances toward Holden again. "I need a few things from town," she says. "I need a creme rinse for my hair. Otherwise, it might get frizzy." Her hair is in no danger of any such thing to judge by the long, lush curls, but the woman does tend to fret. "I'll go see what it's all about. It's probably an advertisement for snake oil."

She scrounges up two mugs of strong coffee and brings one of them over toward Holden, setting it nearby. "I like you with a beard," she tells him. Her own is almost dainty, trimmed as it is to form a single curl.

Sweeney, himself, is seated far-too comfortably deep within his chair, a leg crossed over the other while his walking cane leans against his seat. He has a lit cob pipe between his lips, which is sometimes replaced by the rim of a mug filled with warm sweet milk. With the question that Nikki asks, he lifts his chin to idly rub at the bristles there, "Like I've said, I'd only been told last night. Can't say that I know when the broadcast went out t'be honest. But I've not heard anything more about it, aside from just know, only learnin' that some you've already known about it as well."

When Dean inquires about the radio, that's when the Leprechaun slips the pipe from his lips to consider, before he relays the story in a similar fashion as was told to him, faking as much as a Transatlantic radio personality voice that he can muster to cover up his own thick accent, "'Have you begun to feel lost? Forgotten? Like people no longer need you in their lives? Times change, friends. The world moves on. But that doesn't mean you have to be left behind! There's help on the horizon, and maybe a whole new you - you just need to know where to look!'"

"This was followed up by an address of sorts." He returns back to his brogue, "I believe it t'be Six Hundred and Twenty-Five Eastman Street if you're needin' the address." His head lifts, looking to Nikki when he says this, since she has that fancy car. He also doesn't look overly insulted by her jab at driving slow.

A slow nod is given to Holden now too, "This isn't my plan in truth, I mean, I've volunteered to check the place out, but I'm no ringleader." Not for this anyway...

For some reason, Theodore has Eve on his shoulders while carrying her into the camp, like it's a natural mode of transportation, and he's hauling her over to a table to drop her off before tossing her an apple. Mind, it isn't table seating she's dropped off at so much as the table surface itself with sling of leg to standing right on it at one side to greet everyone with a chimed and brogued hello, "Innit just a prime gathering I'm landing on."

Theo, for his part, doesn't stay around, he merely takes a moment to grin and rub at the back of his neck, "Good luck with 'er, she's wound and spinning like a top and I can't do sets." After saluting to the group like they're doing him a solid, he moves back through the camp with paint-splotched arms and hands. The brunette just seems amused she's getting dumped off with company for being too distracting.

Biting from her apple, Eve's barefoot and wearing a pair of short high-waisted shorts in navy with a matching crop top, she explains off the cuff, "I kept changing his paint colors to confuse him when he looked away. Fussy about his paints, tch." After standing there looking at what everyone is doing like it's natural to get the lay of conversation from the tabletop, she squints at what she catches from Cedric. Then she hops down to come forcibly uncross his leg for perch on his lap, looking at the lady with the car, then the others curiously, "What a strange radio ad. Are we going somewhere? I'll put on shoes!" She says this like it's something to be proud of, little fae heathen she is, treating all the ground like a clover patch to bare sole over.

Sky remains silent as Thanatos is once again spoken of. The dust storm seems to get a bit more...violent. But not overly so. It's because of Zeus's anger over this. "He is not hiding." Because Sky believes that Thanatos would not bother with hiding. He has no reason to. Though his gaze softens to Nikki, before he relaxes. "He likely just simply haven't arrived yet." because there needs to be some semblence of hope.

He does notice Eve as she arrives, tilting his head at the woman. "Greetings." then to Holdr. "Fair point, all around."

Holden smiles at the coffee delivery. "Do you?" He says to Dia. "Maybe I'll stop shaving it. I hate this process anyway. I didn't shave before!" Martha finishes up, wiping Holden's face clean with loving care before moving around behind him. Now she's going to work on his hair. A clean shave and elaborate braiding are part of the big crowd look. "Thank you, Martha. Before you--" He goes silent because the straight razor is on his throat and Martha's eyes are wide and filled with rage. "I don't care if you are immortal, I will cut you clean to your backbone if you ever, ever put your hands on Edie or anyone else like that. Now tell me you understand. And do not fucking nod."

Holden raises his hands peacefully. "Edie, I'm sorry. I know I can be too rough if I'm not careful. I know I can be tense around new people. Still, I made a mistake and I do not intend to make it again. I understand you, Martha. I understand. Now, would you please--" Martha withdraws the straight razor, packs up and starts to leave, waving for Edie to follow. As the wind picks up, Holden slips on his goggles. "I bet Baldr doesn't have to put up with this." He grumbles to himself, picking up this coffee before too much dirt settles in.

Dean accepts the mug from Nikki, and offers her his bottle in return. Can she drink wine? It's just blood in another form anyway, after all... Either way he takes a good drink of it with every indication of enjoyment, including a quiet sigh afterward, as he offers it back. "Thanks, darlin'," he says, giving her a smile, and he reaches over to squeeze her well-covered shoulder before claiming the bottle again. A sip of that, and aside to Diamanto, "Pretty sure I ain't never seen your hair frizz." And that's surely saying something, what with the forest frenzies and all.

Cedric gets a curious look when he goes into the advertisement, a slight puzzlement turning into a shrug and nod, "Yeah, that's the one," before he looks to Eve, taking in her outfit, "We were talkin' about checkin' that out. You go into town in that, though, we're gonna have half the population followin' us back after, y'know. Might follow you back myself." He gives her a wink, and goes quiet a moment to watch Holden get threatened by his follower with some interest. Don't see that everyday, after all.

"I'm surprised that Nowhere is even big enough to have a 'six hundred and twenty-five' on any of its streets" Nikki muses. "We got into a bit of trouble in town anyway, so left before checking it out. No brawling. Just too many pretty people attracting too much attention." A sigh. "You all know how that is. Once you're off the stage, they think they can grab."

"Eve! We need to talk" Nikki grins to the fae. It's a professional talk needed...alas. A gestures to the group. "Best gathering you could hope for" she nods in agreement before indicating Sky. "Have you met Sky, Eve? He's joining the carnival. Has some family connections." The fracas between Holden and his followers is politely ignored.

A sad smile at the squeeze of her shoulder; it's all Nikki can get these days. A shake of her head to the offer of the wine. "Only after it's been transfigured" she smirks - those Catholic priests are good for something after all.

With Eve's arrival on Theodore's shoulders, Cedric watches her from over his tilted mug, relishing in that intoxicating sweet goodness within. No greeting is made immediately, though the Fairy Queen is quite the scene stealer with her cheery antics. Then again, she does dip into the sauce often enough and what wonderful sauce it is.

The conversation between Holden and Martha is something which he finds amusing. First, she does a nice, quick job at giving him that clean shave, but also, the mouth on that woman. Something that he, himself, would never allow. "She's quite the spitfire, that one." There's a lift of his chin to get a better view from where he's seated, but then Eve nudges his legs to uncross before settling down like a bird within his lap. "She looks t'do a good job too." He says as a compliment to the shave, before he his curious, yet warm eyes light upo Even, "Grá banríon," He addresses her, "If I'm not mistaken," He says, lifting his free hand to stroke at one of her dark locks, "you're after havin' your fill of the sweet stuff, aren't you?" He's mostly teasing, but it could be the vibe that he's getting from her. "It's probably nothin', but as we're still in town, may as well see to it, right?"

This is then followed by introductions and things of that nature, giving the Leprechaun this time to savor his drink, though he offers a sip to his Queen before he does so.

Behind her veil, Diamanto bares her teeth, and she's about to grab at Martha before Holden starts to speak to her. "I will eviscerate her," she informs Holden, "if she ever threatens you again. I will bathe in her blood and feast on her still-beating heart. Her screams will be the music to which my lord shall dance." She seethes, her breath hitching and a little too deep in her chest. She's white-knuckling the coffee cup she's holding. She then yells after the departed Martha, "I'll feast on you!"

"I've gone hearing a thing or two or three, but..." Eve nods to the 'talk' bit, then tells Nikki in response on the new addition while she perks an easily effervescent smile for Sky's greeting, head tilting some into the stroke of Cedric's fingers through her hair with relish. There's a vague lift of her brows as she gets distracted by Holden and company over the shave-way, but Dean's commentary breaks her into a sudden bubble of laughter, one leg kicking up and over with struck pose there on her lap perch, "Oi, you're remindin' me I've only had men at my bed for a good while now, not gods. But! You've a point and I -suppose- I could tone myself down a few notches." It really is kind of an issue sometimes when she doesn't in towns.

Taking the offered drink from the cup shared by Cedric, she turns face to kiss against the tip of his nose after with flutter of gratitude. Momentarily distracted with a giggle after, she adds on for Dean with amusement while looking at Dia's rage stirring, "You have a very passionate lot, aye?"

Then her mind turns back to the radio and matters of venture, and while she might have taken it in lightly enough, she's clearly piqued by it, "Maybe. It's not so much the strange that gets me so's much as..." A pause, her nose screwing to look through the tents at the grounds to the direction of town, "A local place -here- having a whole radio ad out... that's somethin' in and of itself."

As Kamilla has made her way back to Urania's trailer with the news from town, one of the far less reputable members of her troupe is left to join the circle at the camp to take the temperature of the reaction to the news. And so, it's Lily, swaying along with an aggravated, too-sober expression souring her features as much as the news has soured her mood. She's still dressed to perform in a few hours, at least in part: she wears the many-layered chiffon skirts and her bodice, but the heavy jewelry is abandoned, for the most part. Overhearing mention of the radio, the dancer cants her head toward Eve with an uncertain expression. "Is there any coffee left?" she asks; at least she isn't chasing booze... yet.

Holden is on his feet and grabbing at Diamanto. "Darling, darling..." He coos. Martha and Edie flee in terror. "Darling Dia, most divine, it's alright. It's fine. Listen, Martha knows she has a problem. That is why she ended up with me. She wants forgiveness for something done in anger." Beat. "Which was slitting the throat of the husband who beat her when she was shaving him." Holden likes to walk a fine line, it would seem. "I trust her because she needs to be trusted, before anyone asks. It's part of the process." Part of the process. Holden uses that term a /lot/ when his Children act out. "Dia, she isn't going to hurt me and please don't hurt her." He smiles and without his beard it seems so much brighter. He turns his head to regard Eve. "That ad was meant for us to hear. Simple fate. Do we answer the call? Refuse it and it will come back. Fate will not be ignored."

While Cedric may not have allowed his own followers and hanger-ons to speak to him in the manner that Martha did with Holden, just the sight of the vicious Diamanto seething bloody murder on the poor girl and sending her fleeing lights up his eyes, brows lifted in his amusement. With Eve holding onto his cup of warmed milk for the momen, the Leprechaun leans in towards the table to take up his cob pipe again, his mouth pressed down againt the lip, taking a couple of puffs. Only once he lowers the pipe does he murmur to Holden, "I'd thoughts that there was something peculiar about the wordin', but I'd only heard it second hand and I don't know, I'm sure a few small business in Nowhere may have advertisements out for themselves. How else will they draw in customers?"

There's a flicker of his eyes when another comes to join them, casually looking her over when she asks for coffee. Eve can fill a slight shift beneath her, though it does't seem that Sweeney actually plans on rising just yet, "I'm sure there's some coffee and fruit with toast on that table there." He gestures, "Help yourself why don't you."

Dean looks somewhat ambivalent about Diamanto's threats -- no messing with another's worshippers, after all, but there's, appropriately enough, a visceral pull toward the particular symphony and terpsichorea she proposes. It's been a while since the last true frenzy; not the sort of thing your standard small town travels support. Still, he seems about to do something toward calming her down when Holden grabs her first, and at that point, just shifts position enough that he can stretch to where he can give the small of her back a light, soothing sort of rub. Otherwise, he just lets the norseman try his hand, glancing back to Eve as he settles into his easy slouch again and has another drink. He has /not/ gone for coffee over booze, and seems to be having a bottle of red wine for breakfast. Or at least part of it. "Well, you needn't on /my/ account," he tells her, with another quick grin, "but consider yourself warned." Or 'warned', anyway.

"It does all seem kinda hinky," he allows, what with the radio ads in a place like this and maybe the address too, "but that's why it's interestin', ain't it? We wouldn't be givin' a second thought to a flier about, I dunno, Poppa's Pep Pills or whatever it might be."

It takes a god to hold Diamanto back. She's got a gleam in her eye. It really has been too long since they've had a good old-fashioned frenzy. Eventually, Holden's words filter in, and Dean's soothing touch shifts her aggression down a few gears. She's shaking with the adrenaline of it. "She put a blade to your throat," she mumbles. Then, to Dean, "She was going to cut his throat." Surely he'll understand, of all people, why the correct answer here is evisceration? Between the two gods, they manage to soothe the maenad from murderous to shaky but composed. She glances down at the coffee cup she's got in a death grip. "I don't like people holding blades to your throat," she informs Holden.

Eve watches Dia be managed with soothing from a couple of angles, then makes a hum of consideration in her throat after flashing a grin at Dean, the noise spurred by Holden's opinion on matters. After stealing a second sip from the cup before handing it back over to Cedric when he's finished with the pipe bit, her head tilts with ceding to the others commenting. Then her bare shoulders rise in lift before lightly declaring, "No reason not to have a look at what'sit over. Today?" Then she makes a flat out yick face at the very prospect of coffee and the bitterness involved in it when Lily comes asking after some.

Remembering her apple, she bites into it again, then bounces around a few times on Cedric's lap, "Maybe we'll see suitable leanbh. D'ya want to prowl along when luck favors me?" She says it like she doesn't feel she has to ask so much as dangle it in front of him as something fun to seize on.

"Be calm, Diamanto" Nikki whispers in her melodic, soothing way. "Holden knows what he is doing. Trust him like he trusts you. Like he trusts them." Would she have let an angry follower hold a knife to her throat? Not a chance but those Norse gods are weird. A nod to Eve. "It was a local station though, right? It wasn't one of the big networks. Maybe we should just see if it follows us around? Then we would definitely know it is for us. But, we send some of our followers over, then that should be fine for now." After a moment's consideration she adds, "Though no one drives my Rolls but me." Her eyes fall on Dean and narrow a little. "I could send Maria if you want angry or Abby if you want polite."

A wave of greeting for Kamilla. She wonders if Urania is in there since she meant to tell the goddess that Zeus was in the house. That would be Sky, sitting quietly as he ponders the fate of Thanatos. "If we're going in, we should do it as early as possible" she smiles to Eve. "Give us plenty of the day. We could even pass it off as a trip to town to gets business for the weekend."

Sky remains silent all of this time, observing people, namely Diamanto, as she becomes angry and it takes a god to actually hold her back. He takes a sigh, before he looks at Holden. "Nobody likes blades at their throats, unless it's a kink I'm unaware of." He then narrows his eyes. He does look to Dean, and seems to nod. "In a manner of speaking, it does." Zeus is rarely this soft-spoken and introverted.

He seems to ponder for a long moment. "I agree with Nikki."

Lily flashes a quick smile to Dean as she heads toward the coffee pot; the cup attached to a ribbon on her belt taken up to fill. There's a lingering look at the wine, and a sigh, but the dancer has her orders. Today, sober. At least until the sun goes down. She is absolutely no help where Dia is concerned, however, as at the mention of someone about to cut someone's throat? She appears to agree with the Maenad's favored response, though it's only signified by a raise of her brows and a sudden interest in the color of her toenails in the dust. Eventually she manages to fill the cup, though she glances into it balefully, as though she's as convinced as Eve that it's the devil's own brew.

That she hasn't fallen flat on her backside yelping suggests it's definitely the real Lily Justin, rather than Just Lily, piloting the ship. The muse doesn't take this particular dancer out for a ride after stepping into one too many compromising positions. "Bosslady-" Such a classy way of addressing her muse. "-said whatever was in town was dangerous. Drama queen came back in a huff." Pause. "More of a huff than usual." Her nose wrinkles delicately as she sips at the coffee. That coffee bubbles as she chokes into it at the mention of liking blades perhaps more than one ought. It's not Lily's day to be sober. Not by a mile.

Holden doesn't seem to breathe properly until Dia's no longer in a raging frenzy and even then, he's shaky too. "I don't like blades to my throat either, darling." He states simply before agreeing with Nikki. "I know what I'm doing. When...the Children were born, I knew that I would be open to unsavory situations and damaged and hurting mortals. It's scary and upsetting but Martha wouldn't hurt me. Or any of the others." He steals a kiss from Dia's forehead before sitting again. And inviting Dia into his lap.

That touc of amusement lingers on his features, but it seems that the Greeks have got things figured out. Cedric, himself, does not shy away from bloodshed and sometimes revels in the chaos and violence, so if one believes that they've noticed a subtle look of disappointment on his face, it probably really was there.

Perhaps it was his shifting that provoked this giddiness within Eve, but he makes no complaints when all of that pent up energy and more than likely a sugar rush brings out this playfulness in her, "There's never a time when luck doesn't blow your way, mo banríon." He says in some reassurance. "If time permits, I'll help with your little hunt."

When the cup is returned to him, he sets down his pipe once more to take a sip. Eyes are on Lily now when she begins to speak, despite her... bouts of clumsiness, or perhaps that is the draw. Hearing that some folk have already headed to town, he turns to give Nikki this brief look, "Dangerous? How so? Though this does tell us that the advertisement truly was meant for us then. Has she said who was seekin' out our attention?"

The look Dean gives Dia suggests that he can still sympathise with that whole evisceration desire, even if he's Team Calm just at the moment. In this case, at least. Nikki gets an innocent look in exchange for her pointed one, and his father a somewhat less innocent one, the claim of kinks Sky is unaware of getting a smirk. Whether it's a matter of being aware of them himself or simply disbelieving there are any Zeus has never seen is anyone's guess.

He takes another drink, lifting the bottle slightly to check the level of the contents before he offers it toward Lily and her clear unhappiness with the coffee. "So what kinda dangerous whatever are we talkin' here? Are we right guessin' someone checked out that ad thing already, or are things just getting even more excitin'?" There's a faint disappointment in the thought that they're too late to check it out themselves -- or, okay, himself. But it's still interesting.

Dean's look of understanding further calms Diamanto. She gives Nikki a nod to let her know that she's okay. Or as okay as Diamanto gets. She settles herself on Holden's lap and drapes an arm around his shoulders. "I don't understand why you do the things you do," she tells him. She takes a drink of her coffee and pulls a face at its bitterness. Then she takes another drink. "I'll try not to eat any of your people," she says after she's had a moment to think. "I don't eat trade. I just get stressed out sometimes."

Eve looks dubious about sending others, as she no doubt wants to see what's what herself without much reserve about it, which is probably little surprise. But after the others speak, she nods to Nikki a little about the timing, at least. It seems as if she's about to offer Cedric another option, as she no doubt knew he was apt to be a little disappointed when things defuse over Dia's way, mouth opening and drawing in breath as she leans in to speak against his cheek. But then it kicks in exactly what Lily's saying and she sits up straighter in her lap perch to stare and wait.

Though she's all levels of bubbly and exciteable and probably high on cream and honey to degrees, there's a sudden keen focus on the dancer and a vaguely regal lift of her chin suddenly, as if waiting for explanation rather than inferring.

Nikki frowns at the revelation of Urania's 'vision' from Lily. If there is someone whose opinion you can trust, it is Urania. Though she too is interested in what exactly the Oracle found dangerous. Hopefully more than some drunk miners lusting after her. They all get that. And concentrating on those words means she can avoid looking at all the hugging, touching, and kissing that is going on.

"Stress eating is pretty common." Holden says, winding his arms around Dia. "What is there to understand? All I do is...help people. Hold their hand while they work out their problems. Give them purpose. It's barely anything. I just spin a good yarn." He is underselling it a little. He does have a whole cult around his 'good yarn'. "So, town is dangerous. Do we know anything else? I'm weighing risk and reward here. Why go if there is nothing amazing worth a risk?"

"She didn't say much. There wasn't much she could see, beyond the folks going into town running into danger, if'n they did," says Lily as she takes up space in one of the vacant chairs, pulling up her feet onto the seat as she coils into a tangle of limbs around the steaming tin mug. "Slapped the drama queen on the ass and sent her out, though, right off. Said there was danger, and she'd keep looking to see what kind." Her head shakes incrementally; her lips twist into a grim, uncertain line under their lurid gloss. "Isn't taking any readings today, in the looking into it."

"Nothing Kamilla said when she got back changes things any for the better. She went in to talk to the boss, and the boss sent me out right quick after to see what everyone thinks." She looks at the bottle as Dean offers it her way, then the mug. Her eyes stray further, beyond, in the direction of the midway trailers. Her brows knit before her gaze cuts back to the bottle. "Don't tell your sister?" she asks before flashing him a grin, spiking the coffee properly, and returning the booze to its generous king. Forget the cream and sugar. "Said, from what I overheard the way out, there was an invitation extended by the radio, to the lot of the special folk here. From the look the drama queen was wearin', white as a fresh-pressed sheet?" It wasn't a comfortable proposition. "Something about joining up with the cause of some new 'Association', and leavin' Management behind." No wonder she doesn't seem to like the sound of it. "Said t'would rather y'all be... " There is another pause, and she takes a strong pull from the now-spiked coffee. "Absorbed. Rather than have to destroy everyone. That everyone was goin' to die. Fade out." The reason she was told to remain sober becomes as obvious as the reason for her desire to be otherwise in an instant. "Not one of you," she murmurs, her voice small and unusually deferential. "But don't much like the sound of that."

"She's workin' with Kamilla an' Fox an' Milton to try to get more focus on the thing. I'm about as useful as a third leg in there, so."

Zeus notices all the hugging and snuggling and kissing and lap-sitting....and he looks at Nikki. Giving her a slow smile. Though he knows she'd probably just scold him, his eyes shift to the talk of visions. "I haven't had a vision in some time. It's worrying, if I am being honest. Regardless..." he hears talk about the town being dangerous. "Dangerous how?" he asks, apparently attempting to scale the level of absolute horror.

Meantime, he does give Holden a little bit of a look. "Well, where there is danger, there is usually an appropriate pullfactor to get people to go anyway."

Diamanto nods to Holden when he mentions stress eating. "My girls don't need me to help them with their problems. They do as they please. If they're hungry, they eat. If they're thirsty, they drink. If they're horny, they fuck. I've seen Georgia break a gin bottle over a man's head then shank him with the jagged pieces." Her voice is warm with pride. "But if anyone harms them, I'll tear the culprit apart."

The discussion of danger in town gets her passing interest. She's a trans woman with facial hair; every town they travel to is dangerous. She gives Holden a squeeze around the shoulders. "I'm looking forward to getting out of here."

Hearing Lily out, Cedric keeps quiet for a time even if it's clear that he has a few questions he'd like to ask even before she's done. Though when it's her turn to fall quiet, it takes a moment for the Leprechaun to come up with everything he'd wanted to ask. "So this place on Eastman street." He remembers the address, "Is this what Management was lookin' for? I mean, we're stayin' in Nowhere longer than the norm because Management has business 'ere."

He then turns to Eve, watching her with care, "Might want to bring this up with Meph, though sometimes he's a hard one t'get ahold of and you have to speak to that bloody assistant of his. While I've no problem with the fellow, he can't weigh me down with 'is bad luck, he can be a trite troublesome t'deal with."

Eve tilts her head a little bit and looks a bit full of further questions herself, though the general gist of things is clear enough once Lily is done. After sitting extraordinarily still for a moment like that, she bats her lashes a few times and cuddles back against Cedric in pensive fashion with tiny shift to side with curl up there. She considers the supposition about speaking to the Boss about Management business with a rare sober expression on her features. The subject matter saw to that.

Breathing out once she's settled up with touch of the familiar being like a grounding, she looks at his dark eyes and nods one solid time after the consideration, ceding and understanding alike. Then she pulls in a breath while looking back at Lily, light brogue piping up with lacing confusion, "... so d'ya not know who went? Or if all of them came back? Was it a threat or an invitation? Bad news, sure, but is there immediate danger other'n... that particular message and spin 'round matters of us?"

"Tell her what?" Dean says to Lily, giving her the 'innocent' look before grinning back; it fades as she gets through the story of what's been learnt so far, and he looks more thoughtful as he drinks from the bottle returned to him, brow furrowed. "...don't much like the sound of that myself," he agrees. "What do they even mean, absorbed? Is someone tryin' to do that syncretization thing on purpose?" He ought to be familiar with it, he's been merged and overlapped with enough other gods over the millennia. It still doesn't sound like Plan A. There's a nod of agreement to the idea that the carnival's powers that be ought to be told, though someone else doing that sounds peachy keen.

"If this was the business Management were here for, you'd think they'd let us in on it. Even if it was 'ignore this ad if you hear it, we're sorting it out'" Nikki frowns. "Though if it is dangerous, maybe they want to try and stop it. Again...why not tell us. We're gods for Zeus sake..." An apologetic look to Sky at saying his name in vain. "Sorry about that but we could help them sort this out. Absorbed?" That does NOT sound good. She is more than happy being herself...or on the hood of fancy cars. A mouthful of blood to calm her nerves.

"Don't think this is the business Management would've had in town, no," Lily murmurs, her voice small and mournful. The carnival is as much her home as it is for the true wonders that call it such; the idea of it being at risk has her visibly on edge. If something could threaten the kind of beings with which she keeps company now, what chance did a trainwreck of a mortal girl have, anyway? These thoughts are clear enough in her face, twisting over her expression and haunting her dark eyes. "Seems like this radio was talkin' like y'all should leave Management in the dust. Don't like the sound of that any. Management been good to us here."

She answers Eve best she can, saying, "Other than Kamilla? Itchy. Liv. Logan. They all came back all right, in one piece, respectively. Just rattled, from what I ken of it." She's not exactly comfortable with the news herself. "Truth? Sounds like an invitation to somethin' unpleasant that's meant to be better than the alternative. 'Less fallin' for that line was the danger." The dancer nods emphatically to Dean at the mention of not liking the sound of being 'absorbed', confirming, "Sounds an awful lot like 'eaten up' and that doesn't sit well t'all. She's said for the whole time I known her that it's possible, sure, but. S'happened to her some already, from what she says? And it done changed her, somehow, from how she's... s'posed to be?"

Of the names given, Sweeney knows that Logan is one of them. A myth. A legend. This is what makes him come out and ask, "And what did good ol' Logan have t'say about it all? If whoe'er these powers that be are, if they are absorbin' 'us', would it be t'take what," little, "power still left in us?" He knows that Lily, out of everyone, wouldn't have the answer to that.

With Eve been so affectionate, it brings a hint of a smile to the Leprechaun's face, wrapping an arm around her to hold her close and to keep her steady some. "Consideri' the time, we may or may not have a moment t'pay the place a visit today. Though I can't say whether it'd make a lick of good or not if we did, but if this isn't what Management was lookin' into, I still gotta wonder what business here they've got."

Diamanto finishes her coffee, then gets off of Holden's lap to go wash the cup and put it away. She then drifts over to Dean and loops an arm around his. She is content again, and the immediate risk of her eating a mortal has passed. For now. She'll probably need to blow off some steam soon. In the moment, she's content enough to linger near Dean, maybe bask in his presence a little. Sometimes a murder nymph just needs to bask.

"Logan was speakin' with his hands in the symbol-talk what Kamilla don't know," Lily replies with a slow shake of her head. "You'd need to ask Liv, I think. Sure enough he'll come 'round to pass things along some rightly himself."

Sometimes a god just needs his presence basked in. It's a symbiotic kinda thing. Dean gives the looped arm a squeeze with his own, wordlessly inviting the maenad to join in the comfortable lounging he's managed to maintain despite the topic. His followers have settled themselves at a table nearby to eat, and looks here and there suggest also 'to eavesdrop', a certain amount of worry infecting a couple of them as well. He looks less worried, himself, but still clearly turning this whole thing over in his mind. "Did anyone say who's in this 'Association' already? Who's runnin' it and all?"

"I'm accustomed to theories of the dire worst here'n'there from spending time 'round Hypnos' tent, but..." What Dean is speaking of suddenly as a possibility that goes with such offers seems to have Eve more bothered than the actual 'fade' bit for some reason. It might explain why she's curled up there against Cedric in nuzzle fashion as she is, despite her expression being light enough again, if still pensive after the dig at the sleep lord's propensity for doomsaying. She doesn't often slow down to cuddle overlong without some bounce of mind or motion, but right now, she's drinking him in like an anchor. Considering they more or less came off of boats together with the indentured, in a sense, it might be a backhanded comfort of their current solidity.

She doesn't continue in that vein, she nods some at Cedric, then looks around at the others, gauging them, "We've known for a long while now we're not what we were and knew a big part of why. But just because some unknown goes a'sayin' we're doomed while extending a hand, doesn't make it a whit so. I'll not give 'er sparkles, our lot, sure, but... it's worth sayin' before we're made prey to our insecurities." It's not exactly a hopeful peptalk, but it is a realistic reminder extended to all so they don't overstress, potentially.

Nikki hides behind her sunglasses and mug of blood, thinking on the situation rather than hurting herself by looking at all the canoodling going on. She should be in Hollywood. She should be making those recording discs that are so popular. There should be another war, dammit, people love her then. "What if we're not the only carnival out there? A carnival like this I mean. We're not everybody...and I can't believe /everyone/ has faded away." Or she won't believe it is probably more accurate. Though the danger could be even worse and she nods at Cedric's words. "Someone taking what we have left to get stronger." The very thought sickens her.

Cedric can sense the tension and fear within Eve's lithe frame, something that he's felt a few times before even after his joining up with the Carnival, but those moments have been few and far between as of late. So much that their waning powers had almost begun to slip his mind. Almost.. you never forget what you once had. With a gentle stroke, he runs a hand to smooth her hair out, though the effects of his drink has truly mellowed him some. "Ye spend enough time around Hypnos," He says in a general manner, not speaking directly to the Faery Queen, "And I'd not be surprised that anyone'd want t'end it right then'n'there." Yes, he's saying the lying cheat is also a downer! But he does continue, "I'd brought up earlier about this curiosity surroundin' Thanatos' disappearance. I wonder if at some point he'd been lured 'way by this Association or if he really did just... fade away. From our reality, maybe, but not our memories."

There's a single nod given to Nikki when she wonders about other Carnivals. In fact, his eyes turn to Diamanto, knowing the woman well enough, "The Carnival that ya came from, was it similar t'ours?"

Diamanto settles beside Dean, lounging like a tigress who is not out eating manflesh, for now. There's a coiled sense of readiness about her despite the relative comfort she's attained. "I'll follow you wherever you go," she tells Dean quietly. That is her opinion of all this. Wherever Dionysus goes, his retinue will follow.

To Cedric, she says, "It was just another carnival. My girls and I kept to ourselves and kept our heads down. Then I saw Dean with this carnival and we left. The Carnival of Wonders ended up absorbing it anyway."

Dean makes a slight nod to Cedric at the musing on Thanatos, even if he doesn't like the fading away thing -- well, either option, really. "Wouldn't you reckon he'd've talked to Hypnos about it if he was goin' off with some Association though?" he says. "I wanna know who it is thinks they're makin' this... offer." It's a bit sardonic, that word, though his expression softens a bit at Diamanto's quiet words to him, and he turns his head to place a light kiss on hers. "I reckon there's still more of us other places, findin' other ways to get on. They might be more susceptible to somethin' like that, though, if they're fightin' for belief on their own and someone sayin' they can make it okay comes along. /I/ ain't in any hurry to get absorbed into somethin', though. Carnival suits me. And bein' /me/ suits me. I just wanna know what the story is." He takes another drink, and then eyes the bottle, which is getting inconsiderately light now.

"I know what brother dear thinks happened, and were it any other pair, sure, maybe one would hop ship on another." Eve might be talking about the other abundance of Greek siblings around their lot while speculating a bit dubiously on Cedric's wondering, "But ya ken how close they were. All the same, maybe he needs the pretty spark of hope on possibilities elsewhere before he goes wastin' on his own accord." Her brows knit with mild worry for a fleeting moment before she clicks her tongue a singular time.

Lapsing into quiet, she listens to Diamanto explain and nods a little bit at Dean with smile twitching up. Then she draws in a huge breath and balances what's left of her apple out on a hand to start flickering it into other things by all appearance sakes with morphing shimmers of glamour changes between full, beautiful shades of apples in hues of gold and reds and greens and everything between. At the end, though, it turns blue-black and leaks with a purple ichor from a bite like the apple Snow White bit from, "Maybe someone -is- jealous of the way we're bandin' together, speak of other Carnivals. But... would that really rattle 'em so?" She pauses and frowns, "Who are they that makes them different? Can it be other beings of old like us, truly, that aren't lotted with the same fate they claim comes for us? Or something... else." What 'else' entails, she looks to have no clue.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it was the Christian god. He's a jealous one" sniffs Nikki. "Though all those camps we pass, every single person in them looks to be praying for help. All those preachers roaming around sprouting crap about the meek inheriting the earth. Meek won't get a damn thing unless they work for it." Another sip of her blood before she offers the mug to Dean and Diamanto. "What about that Devil of theirs? Though, you know, from what I hear he doesn't seem to be a bad sort. Wants people to think for themselves instead of kowtowing to some omnipotent..." She has to make sure that Sky has moved on before she says anymore. "You know what I mean. Sky is happy for us to do anything, this God of theirs is a controlling freak." A long sigh. "Sorry, I'm babbling."

"Ah, I ken believe it." Cedric voices his agreement to the very fact that there are probably other Gods and Monsters out there who have yet to join up with the Carnival of Wonders. "Though by the looks o' things, yer entire Pantheon is practically here now." His attention slowly turns to all of the Greek sorts who contiue to linger and relax before it's time to prepare for whatever daytime show there is. "Absorbed though. Absorbed could very well jus' mean joinin' up with, similar as t'what we've all done here. With this place."

With Eve doing her glittery apple trick, the Leprechaun watches for a moment before he takes a final sip from his mug then sets it beside his pipe. "So that was yer pa?" He asks without looking in Dean's direction, having only just met Sky the night before. "All I'd heard're tales about him and that he'd quite the way with womenfolk."

Even with Eve's slender frame leaned back against him, Cedric transforms himself into a grey wolf, still seated within the chair, but on all fours and now draped over with the Leprechaun's clothing hanging over his feral form. He noses against the back of the Fairy Queen's neck, through her hair, before askin', "I'd figure I'd try some of 'is techniques me'self." says the wolf... Maybe it's a good thing that Sky had moved on!

"The Christians in Greece declared you the Devil," Diamanto tells Dean with a small frown, and she fusses with his hair so it lays right. "Declared you evil, said we were witches. Just because we lived free and in the wild. I don't think the Christians even know what it is they believe." She looks to Cedric then and says solemnly, "Zeus can't sneeze without procreating. You've seen barely a smidgeon of us." She goes back to gazing at Dean. "If you are the Devil, then the Devil is the finest of their pantheon. We'd be right to follow him."

Dean nudges the brim of his hat with the neck of the bottle, making it easier for Diamanto to fuss with the hair nearer her if she's so inclined, and he watches the apple trick as well, laughing at Cedric's reason for transforming. "If he ever tried wolf, I ain't heard that one," he says, "Swan, bull, shower of gold, my sister..." He shakes his head, smirking again. "Anyway, yeah, you ain't seen the half of us. I got grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, more siblings, kids, parents," Greek pantheon genealogy gets really complicated sometimes, "still not here yet." Yet... if ever. "You got lots to look forward to." The smirk turns into a grin, and he finishes off the bottle, setting it down on the table. Diamanto gets a squeeze for her words. He remembers. And appreciates her version, it would seem. "Might be those Christians just ain't bettin' on the right horse."

Eve takes a bite of her apple after letting the glamour fall away, cutting eyes to Nikki's Christian god supposing for a considering beat. Then with Cedric's commentary, she grins while chewing, counting off Greeks suddenly on her fingers with naming starts once she's put the core piece aside. She doesn't get far, though, because the shift from man form to wolf underneath and against her in the seat makes her cut off with a tiny noise that's pretty much a bonified adorable faery peep, "Oh, let's stop being dire, I'll try and talk to Boss, see what's afoot. Let's count Greeks, instead! We've got... eep!"

After the noise and snuffle at the back of her neck through her hair, she breaks into a sudden laugh of glee, "Oy, this is how y'get the boys to clear out of m'tent in a hurry instead of man form. It won't go sendin' one or another into sulk 'bout bed competin' with pieces of god'n'king." She turns more in sharing the chair to suddenly fling arms around the wolf form, unable to withstand the draw of doggo cuddles in whichever form.

Whatever unease was at creep in her prior is completely absent now, piece of easily turned giddy delight once more, joking disclaimer on telling the Greeks, "I used t'take swan form more oft than not to fly, before. So I'll have all and sundry aware I don't do that anymore... just in case there's swan mischief with yer fatherkin 'round."

"Don't worry, Eve. He never bedded a swan while in swan form. He only ever bedded women" Nikki laughs before looking over at Dean. "Is that right? But, yeah, there are a /lot/ of us. Or...were." It would be too easy for the minor gods to disappear. Who would worship a 'God of Trireme Making' anymore? "And before anyone gets confused, I am NOT related to Zeus" she smirks. "My father was a Titan and my mother was..." She clears her throat. "A river. Styx to be exact." Nikki screws up in disgust. "I just realised how that could happen. My father pleasured himself into a river." A sigh...that seems appropriate for her Panthenon after all.

Nikki finds a smile again for Eve and her puppy. "No more being dire then." Was that a wolf pun? "I want to talk about the setlists too. Dean would like some music to go with his act. No singing, unless you want, but music like they have in the motion pictures. My band would be up for that."

Seemingly pleased by the attention given him by the Faery Queen, the wolf-leprechaun nuzzles his... muzzle against her cheek when she turns in for a hug. In a not entirely seriously manner, Wolf-Cedric murmurs, "It seems yer father's technique does have some merit." There's this pause and then a curious look on his wolf features when he turns towards Dean. Is that a raised brow, "He disguised 'imself as yer sister though?" Now he just wants to make certain that he has the story correct, "One of 'is?" It really is a good thing when Nikki clears things up by announcing that she isn't one of Zeus' progeny, however, because anyone would make the mistake and simply assume!

"Ain't nothin' wrong for a man to pleasure 'imself into a river." Wolf-Cedric says, that amusement in his voice again even as he licks at Eve's face in that good dog way. For the time being, there's no more talks of radios or the Association or the fact that there was a possibility of simply fading away. He lets the other performers discuss things for the evening's act even as he nestles in close to Eve for some cuddling. There's not much room on the chair itself, so he hops down off to rest lounged about on the ground.

Diamanto smiles softly at Dean after she smooths his hair to her liking. Then she readjusts the hat and murmurs, "You're so handsome." A little basking, a little doting. Dean proves Diamanto can be tender and gentle when she wants to be. She just has to want to be. "I sprang from the mountains of Nysa, fully formed from the earth. I don't know if I have a mother or father. My sisters and I have just always been. Then Hermes brought us the most perfect baby boy, and we left the mountains to follow wherever he went."

She gives Nikki a sympathetic look. Men pleasuring themselves into rivers don't make great fathers. She then looks to Cedric and Eve, watching them openly. "What are fairies like?" she asks. "I know you two, but I don't know much. Except they say to placate you and not to make you angry."

Aya, a diminutive woman of North African descent with skin the color of polished Sard in a comfortable but fashionable pumpkin and cream coloured dress and match head wrap, collects some coffee and porrige. Spotting Diamanto and Nikki, she walks that way with her tray. She bobs her head respectfully to those assembled. Her voice is a distinctive alto and her accent is very like Kemen's only with no hint of the colonialists touching it, "Mistress Diamanto, I wish to appologise again for my rude words of the other day."

Dean remains up for being doted on, looking generally rather pleased with it at the moment, though the question about his sister makes him laugh again. "Yeah," he confirms, "...and yeah, one of his. Artemis had this nymph follower... to be fair, she really was a dish. But followin' Artemis, you gotta vow to stay a virgin. So, he decided the logical thing to do was disguise himself /as/ Artemis and seduce the nymph that way..." He shrugs. Zeus. Whatcha gonna do? He watches the pair of fairies a moment, then grins at Eve again, "Shame I don't really do the shape-changin' thing these days, I guess. Nikki's right, he was the swan, the woman was still a woman. Pretty sure if we get a swan interferin' with anyone, everyone's just gonna assume it's him and not you in any case." He flashes the arriving Aya a smile before suggesting to Nikki, "There's probably other ways. Like maybe that river had a really cheeky and seductive little whirlpool or somethin'." Hard to tell if it's teasing or genuinely meant to be reassuring, honestly. As for the music, he nods agreement, but doesn't have anything to add there just yet.

Eve foregoes opinion on wanking into rivers and cuddles with the wolf with a little feral nip against the edge of his ear mid-nuzzle before he's down to get more space on the ground, taking up residence in the seat on her own accord. She puts bare feet out to point and flex and rub against the fur of the creature instead with the position shift, talking to Nikki, then Dean too.

"Sure, sure. He can certainly have as he likes and you like to do. But oy, I'll be kind and warn you all..." Sometimes the ringmistress glamours the acts and their outfits without warning, which most of them are used to as a possibility at any time, but all the same, "I think I'm of a mind for lots of purple'n'stars and smoke and..." She waves her hand, as if not needing to go into where her whims come from while painting interludes and the performers and sets with illusion, "What kind of music, though, so's I can make up a story to match it? Somet'ing building an' dramatic, or maybe quick and jazzy?"

Abruptly, though, she looks at Dia's question and seems... well, charmed by it for some reason, though she doesn't seem to have an answer right away. And she's focused on show things besides, but she does look to be thinking on something to pose as answer. In the meantime, she looks at the wolf on the ground with a vague grin, then the newcomer approaching the woman with inquiry to the fae, as if expecting him to demonstrate moreso than answer. But maybe he has some good words on it instead!

Hearing Dean explain the story of Zeus and his daughter's priestess of whatever she was, it does give Cedric-Wolf a better picture of just how twisted the Greek Pantheon was! Not that others were too far off, but it was amusing all the same. He knows of Artemis, though not personally. "Ah, I figure she," Artemis, "Didn't take it very well when she'd found out?"

With Eve taking up residence in what was once his chair, the Cedric-Wolf presses his back up against the legs of said chair as he leans back against it, just to feel his Queen's bared feet prodding gently at his grey fur. The bally seems content for the moment. Or the wolf does, his eyes closing slowly in relaxation, but he also has the majority of a cup of milk within his belly, so he's nicely buzzed.

For now, he seems to rest in animal form, though his head lifts to sniff out in Aya's direction, inhaling something a little familiar about this one. And though Diamanto had inquired of the Fair Folk, he'll let the Faery Queen offer up an explanation and for now he simply takes advantage of being in wolf form.

"Did he get her pregnant while taking the form of Artemis? It was Artemis with a 'bonus'? Gosh, she'll be excited to see him again" Nikki smirks before finding some food to throw at Dean with his whirlpool comments. As for Cedric, he gets a disbelieving look before she casts her eyes over the males present. "You all pleasure yourselves into rivers? Sheesh, even waterways get more than me."

A nod of greeting to Aya before Nikki listens to Eve. "I think something dynamic. We should have a run through of the act to see what music would suit. Magic Fingers and the Tinkler can arrange pretty quick. Maybe even the William Tell Overture as a basis? I'm all for purple. To really push the appeal, I can even through in an appropriate song during the act but I don't want to step on your toes, Eve. I was also thinking for tomorrow night, Saturday, we offer a dance show for after the Big Show. Once all the families have gone home, entertain the singles and the daters. The girls down in the cooch tent can charge ten cents a dance if people are lonely. Throw on some songs like 'Love for Sale' and 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' and they'll be making more then ten cents by the end of it. What do you think?"

Diamanto seems entirely comfortable with there being a wolf among them. More comfortable than without the wolf, to be honest. Wild creatures of the woods? Yeah, she can chill with them. She watches Aya approach with caution, then relaxes as she apologizes. She inclines her head to the woman and says, "It was a misunderstanding. What do they call it? Whater under the bridge."

She rests her head against Dean's shoulder. "I've never pleasured myself into a river, that I remember. You never know if it's a river you might know."

The curvy Egyptian eyes Dean, "Are not swans oddly configured in the nethers? I do not think it would feel as pleasant as it looks." She does not even bat an eye at the wolf cuddling. "That is a very handsome...not jackal...Wolf! A very handsome wolf you have." She raises her eyebrows, "Men will pleasure themselves anywhere in my experience." She beams at Diamanto, "Water under the bridge. Excellent. May I sit with you?" She asks Eve and Nikki, "Are we discussing music for the acts? We are doing the one where we go night to day and mythology. the one with the plants and lots of dancing." She eyes dean, "You I do not think I've met."

There is a faint sigh that isn't quite human from under one of the nearby trailers. Trotting out from under it is a large cat. Orangey brown with a pale under-belly and distinctive black and tufty ears. The caracal yawns as she crawls out from under the trailer and out into the sunlight. There is a pause in which she gives a long stretch with her butt high in the air. As it pads over it changes form into Maahes who promptly plods up to Cedric-Wolf to chuff at him. Liger style.

"Mmm, I don't mind what you play, don't need my thumb on all the little things. I just like t'know what people are doing enough so I can spin the gobshite stories and pictures between. But... offering out the cooch tent girls for dancin' instead of spendin' time in their own tents to turn extras for themselves with johnnies might not appeal and it's nothin' to do with me, mind. I just direct the ring showings and make the ooh's and ahh's, y'ken? Not my toes." Eve explains to Nikki with a vaguely amused expression at the go-on of idea for after show in the Big Top. She seems a bit confused at the Egyptian woman's explanation about what's doing, but rolls with it, kneading her feet at the wolf's fur with a bright smile for the compliment on the creature, like it's seriously hers to take.

Her hand rolls around some, "You'll show open, I come out and turn it from partriotism to foreign wonders. The acts come out. You can accompany whoever asks with music, sure." She micromanages like a faery, which is to say, not so much at all. Mostly because her magic and creativity and flexibility is what allows her to wingman and improvise wonder so well, "Y'want at something new though... mm. Midway through, something that sounds... Arabian. For my Fannie to have a bellydance."

There's a select few who know about Fannie because she hasn't quite broken the new attraction plan out in the ring fully yet. So speaking about it so, it makes her grin. Then the liger comes padding out to have a look and chuff at the wolf, which makes her sit up and forward to watch, informing Diamanto as byline, "I'm still thinking. And that's 'cause first thing ye want to know about faeries is that we say things lightly and not so lightly at all, ye ken? Devil in the details should truly be our very own saying piece, but woe, the Hellprince and his demons have it."

Dean laughs again, moving to dodge what Nikki tosses his way without dislodging Diamanto, and failing; the remnant of a biscuit bounces off the brim of his hat and cocks it at a jauntier angle. He reaches up to fix it, looking fleetingly annoyed, and then seems to decide maybe he actually likes it, since he leaves it as it is. "Yeah, he did, and nah, she didn't," he says to Nikki and Cedric respectively, "...she got real het up and turned the nymph into a bear. Then later the kid got turned into a bear, too." He's entirely matter-of-fact about it, as though this isn't the slightest bit odd. Yeah, his pantheon was kinda twisted. "And I dunno the details, but you know, golden rain. Ain't never seemed to matter too much how it's all configured. It just worked."

No comment on pleasuring oneself in rivers or otherwise; people are free to draw their own conclusions. The show talk, though, does get one. "Purple, huh?" Slightly dubious, but he shrugs. Stars and smoke at least have no comment. A hand extends to try to ruffle the liger's head when it nears, and he gives Aya a bright grin. "They call me Dean these days, mostly." She'll have seen the poster, if she hasn't seen the act. It's a pretty good one. Very dramatic. And he's frankly too pretty not to be one of the Wonders, even if the familiarity with Zeus's indiscretions weren't a hint.

"I hope it is not water under the bridge that someone has pleasured themselves into" Nikki deadpans to Diamanto, though she is glad that it has been sorted out. "Yes" she nods to Aya, "We are working out songs and music for the Big Top. I hope you are using 'Night and Day' for that act" she giggles softly.

"Hello pussy-cat" Nikki waves to Maahes, though she will let the 'animals' get acquainted. They might bite her if she stuck her hand down there. And that would mean feeling death. "Arabian we can do. Will they be doing the Sand Dance?" A ridiculoulsy popular dance/routine started in 1933 to take advantage of the interest in the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq7DGvfnr3U). "I'll talk with Bree about expanding the show for a night. They'll still all go back to the cooch tent for the full service but the more communal the activity, the more adoration we /all/ get."

With his fur-head resting on one paw, Cedric is taking a snooze in grey wolf form, his eyes closed once more. As an animal creature, his senses are heightened, so once various sorts of big cats come plodding through, his yellow eyes open to stare out at the chuffing Maahes, making him lift his head up some. Then his paws extend forward, both of them, into some sort of stretch as he draws himself to standing... on four feet.

"I hope yer not here to steal me'cup o' milk this mornin'." The wolf says in his heavy Irish brogue before turning his head to peer up at Eve, listenig her explain all the things she expects and hopes to do at their performance that night. And just like that, he's back in 'human' form. Though having shed his clothing when turning into a wolf, he's left standing there bare. Not that he's the modest sort and if he really wanted to, he could easily glamour himself some clothes. Whatever people may think of Leprechauns, they were warriors and he has the musculature to show for it. Leaning forward to reach for the cup so that he can finish off the remaining bits of milk, he announces, "That does remind me, that I ought get some rest in and let the drink settle before I need to be up again and actually parade my charges out to draw attention to the evenin's showin'." He works to collect pieces of his clothing, some of which Eve is actually still sitting on, so he gives his shirt a tug from under her. "But from what I'm hearin', your show will be spectacular like always." He's obviously talking to the Faery Queen, but his words could be taken in general.

Maahes turns to chuff at Nikki at her greeting. Then turns his bright blue eyes back on Cedric. "Only if you've extra," Rumbles that rich voice of his. But then said cup is being plucked up and drunk and again that inhuman sigh. So he plods the few feet to Nikki intent on head-butting her with all 1300 pounds of kittenly affection.

Diamanto sits up and holds a hand out to Maahes. All she has to offer is scritches, alas. She gives a nod to the wolf. "I'll see you tonight," she says. "You make a very handsome wolf, by the way." She is known for preferring the company of animals, the wilder the better. She makes a chuffing sound at the liger. She nods then to Eve. "You're clever. In ways I'm not. I don't..." She gesture around her head. "I don't think things through. I just act. Words get twisty-turny. It's easier to just do something." Something violent, usually.

Aya gives the caracal a warm smile of greeting, gain, not even a little alarmed by wild beasts or transformations. "I do not think I would want to dance with rubes. They can be very handsy. Oh! You could try asking Rana if she would like to come after the... behind the curtain dance. She does not do the extra extras and she might not mind if it did no cut into the dancing and posing money. I can no speak for her though. She very much has a mind of her own. Most of the time, anyway." She studies Eve with a bland expression while no looking openly at her that would do Kemen proud, quietly storing away the bit about faerie for Kemen. She makes a disgusted sound, "Christians take all the best things."

She eats her porrige slowly, "We need to go right before Leona's cat act since we are trying a new thing with her help. We are here long enough doing something new and a little excited sounded right....Oh! Night and day is a pretty one. We need something more 'Also sprach Zarathustra' for the sunrise section, and something more waltz time Egypian inflected classical for the agricultural section, but I think 'Night and Day' would go beautifully for the sarcophagus until the finale music for when we do the crowd word and Leona sets up. Do what you think works best for that. We are more ballet russe for the agricultural section and more cole porterish for some of the later things."

She wrinkles her nose, "Real ancient egypians did not do the Sand Dance. It is silly and very... not us." She winces at the golden rain, "No one is safe with that one about." She snorts more delicately than Kemen, but this is clearly a reaction they share, "I supose I shall have to be careful what I drink as well. I have heard he is very sneaky. If even the water is not safe...." She eyes Dean warily. She knows enough of both too pretty gods and the ways of men not to be wary. "I'm Aya Chione, Hereditory Preistess of the foremost of Westerners." No wonder even a wolf transforming into a man doesn't phase her. Or Maahes being Maahas. She watches Cedric change then rolls her eyes, "I do not like sausage with my porrige." In response to Dia she says, "Everyone acts within there nature. As good to bewail the salt of the sea."

Eve titters a little at the Sand Dance question and hitches her shoulders up some before agreeing to Nikki, "Sure, somet'ing of the like could do if y'want to plan a play for it." There's impish amusement dancing in her eyes as she sits and wiggles her ass in place on Cedric's shirt when he goes tugging on it to withdraw. Then rising up before he can dress, she preens over his bare form for a moment, hands dragging over his chest and stomach before she tells Dia with look over a shoulder there in place, "... and Faeries are pretty, but listen close, there's different kinds of fairies too. Look at this one bare, cut like a Greek god but lean with a viciousness in the bones that's wild an' savage as old Celtic warriors. You can look into our pretty and see it, the differences in our dangers."

She flats her palm against one side of his thigh with appreciative pat after putting a kiss at the previously caressed span of Cedric's bare chest, then turns in full to gesture at herself, "If I strip and pose to exude, it will leave a different impression of danger when you've wits to see it." She pauses and squints suddenly, "Honestly, being faery is... very detailed, we're particular where we're not flippant and easy natured, we're predators when we're not minded to be benevolent, we're good at doing our bits to manic levels that fill us with glee. And we fuck like champions, aye?"

"You're perfect, darlin'," Dean assures Diamanto, whether she actually needs it or not, and idly pets her back for a moment. Aya gets a particularly brilliant grin at her wary look, which could either be an attempt to overcome it, or to enhance it, it's hard to be sure. Either way, it comes along with a light, "Pleased to met you, Aya Chione, Hereditary Priestess of the Foremost of Westerners." Cedric's transformation catches his eyes, and he looks the man over somewhat appraisingly, with no apparent sense of shame, though there is a soft snort at Eve's remarks on the sight. "Yeah, I sure s'pose they got the corner on lean an' vicious an' wild an' savage," he drawls, giving the maenad beside him a sidelong glance, one brow slightly raised, and then stretches, pushing up to his feet. "Well. If they already went an' checked things out in town and we ain't headed that way, I probably oughta poke at a few things for the show, I guess."

Unlike many of the performers he personally works with, Cedric isn't putting on a show. Nor does he rush with fluster to change and does so casually, starting with his trousers. It gives Eve time to bless him with the soft caress of her fingertips against his bared skin. "Tis true. We Fae are quite different in our own ways but comin' from the same noble lineage, we do."

Doing up his belt, his gaze looks on Eve to watch as she leans in close for a kiss, feeling the heat of her lips against his flesh. It's quite magical really. Once she's done, he slips one arm into the first sleeve, before shrugging the shirt over his frame and sleeving his free arm. He then begins to button up even as he speaks, "We've all our various duties t'perform. Our different functions."

Once done, he slips into his shoes and draws his suspenders up . "For now, I must take me'leave. My Queen, it's always a pleasure." He says the endearing title in English this time around, taking up Eve's hand to press his lips to its back. A nod is then given to Diamanto, "Ah, good t'hear. Will be lookin' forward to seein' you perform then, M'Lady." Despite all of this talks of performances and the like, he does add in before departing, "After what we've been told about this Association, it really would be wise, I'd think, if someone approached Meph with the details, but then again, it's probably best done by one who was actually there." And with that, he takes up his cane and his cob pipe and ventures out the short distance towards his own trailer.

Diamanto nods to Eve and admits, "I've never fucked a fairy. I'll have to sometime and see for myself." Then Dean calls her perfect, and she smiles at him, then gives him a cuddle. "So are you," she murmurs. "Forever and always." It's downright sappy, the way she gazes at Dean. Then she untangles from him and rises to her feet. "I should get ready for my day show. With this wind, I'll have to do my hair all over again." And she wanders off, such are her long good-byes.

"Take care of yourself, Cedric" Nikki smiles to the leprechaun and his very fit body. "I'll try and get as many people as I can to check out your shows." An 'oof' as a huge 'cat' thumps into her. As long as no skin contact is involved, all is good. Though, does fur count? Maybe that's why Zeus used all those animal forms?

"That shouldn't be a problem, Aya" Nikki nods at her musical requests. "I'll get Magic onto it." A sly smile for Eve. "The Sand Dance it is...among some other tunes. It may not be what you did, Aya, but it's what the rubes want. And if we want to survive, we give them what we want until they are wanting what we give." A wave for Diamanto and Dean too as they head off, her other gloved hand patting Maahes.

Maahes turns his gaze onto Diamanto and chuffs, but has decided flopping down between Dean and Nikki is the best option. That long body reaches easily 13' nose to tail so whoever wants a pet can get one in. "Aya...is there cream?" Comes the liger's voice again, his tail flirting up as those blue eyes turn onto the assistant.

"Mo ri adh, you're a perfect chair." Eve saps after watching the other pair of Dean and Diamanto sap, doing it on her own terms with the compliment, which isn't so much sap at all despite the old world lift of her hand to lay kiss on and Cedric's near courtly departure. She bats her lashes up at him with fondness, though, and it's genuine for his very presence, despite him being here all this while. After all, they'd had decades together, then they had decades without each other, so this relatively new turn of life during time of trials besides, it always has her looking at him with sheer appreciation when she's in a way to stand still and really look at him.

As he withdraws, she speaks Gaelic well wishing and promises to see him for drinks, though the bit about the Boss talk has her briefly pensive as she goes to rifle through what's left laid out from breakfast for more sweets or fruit. On her way, she waves to the others departing, then mentions to Nikki, "I guess... I should tell you Fannie is an elephant illusion. Elefantas, as named by the masses."

Aya listens very carefully to Eve and Cedric's words about the Fae. Kemen and his people except for Rana have been sticking close to the camp area they share with Leona and have only recently started mingling more broadly. The information about these Northern Wonders and the like is mostly new to her. "I will remember." She lifts her chin in response to Dean's brilliant grin, not wanting to give an inch lest he take avantage. "If you have gone to towwn in truth, I think Kemen would like to hear as he expressed an interest." She rises to go too, "It is my turn to tend camp." And guard the sleepers. "Lady Nikki, best you ask him yourself if you want him to Sand Dance. It is not my place." A quick wicked smile, "I supect he will dance anywhere you want." She bobs her head, "I shall go check for you, Maahes. If there is I will set some out when you come back to the trailers." She curtsies to Eve, her being clearly in charge, "Elephant? That will be amazing!"

Nikki happily gives Maahes all the pets; it's so damn big. "I don't know if Kemen needs to do the Sand Dance, I think it was Eve's belly dancers. Or are the same thing? He will dance for me anywhere?" That makes her both smile and blush. "He's such a sweet man" she sighs before considering the elephant in the tent. "Do you know 'Pink Elephants'? I can sing that. Oh, Aya, Kemen mentioned possibly including me in one of the tricks. Leona turning into me and I'd have my wings out kind of thing. Obviously too late to work it out for tonight, but let him know I'm up for it."

As Aya walks off Maahes replies to Nikki. "That sounds fun. Mother likes fun," He rumbles to Nikki, turning his chin up for more scritching. A purr rumbles from his chest as his tail slowly twitches. Someone is enjoying the attention being given him.

Eve hums at how Kemen might pull such a thing off without her particular skillset when Nikki makes the call after Aya, then looks at Maahes with a grin. Then without any warning at all, Nikki looks like Leona after Eve shoots another glance that way. It's a little rude, but honestly, Diamonte and the others would have been better served with a lengthy list of all fae peculiarities and ways about boundaries and honor and luck and... everything else between. It's just as much part of being faery, those things, as much as the warning words about fae tongues and their mercurial hidden dangers.

She giggles abruptly and shrugs a little at Nikki-turned-otherwise by perception illusory state, picking up syrup to literally pour into a cup. Thankfully, she doesn't start drinking it straight, though it seems a little likely-- instead, she rolls a griddlecake to dip in it and eat while watching the pair, "It's easy enough to arrange with me on the sidelines blowin' the smoke to transform. But ah, ring blocking and all the technicals. Always more shows to keep things fresh on, though, aye?"

Nikki-As-Leona turns her face to offer Eve a /look/. "Where's the magic in doing it that way?" She looks at her 'bare' arms for a moment and shivers before remembering it is all an illusion. She is still protected in 'reality'. "How long does this last if you don't cease it? Could be helpful with visiting the Association."

"Motherrr will switch with Aya in pyramid as lion. Then emerges and prowl about Osiris. They go behind curtain and do weird shadow thing with bodies. See mother form shift from cat to person. Then I shall come out from the side. Run up and she climbs on my back. We then go to the cage and the others join us," Maahes normally doesn't talk this much. And the cadence of his words changes ever so slightly. Almost as if someone else started talking mid-speech. Leona. She does that sometimes. So it's doubly amusing when that big head turns to Nikki and starts to his feet with a snarl.

"I don't know much about Pink Elephants, to answer from before. But ah, this? As long as I want and have it in mind relatively nearby. Usually I put it on with the condition of concentration on your own part t'break it, though, t'be friendly and easy with it. Maybe it'd be slapped off you, and if I made you look as if you're a bird instead, your own physics'n'spaces still apply, ye ken?" After answering Nikki-Leona and eating another few bites, the giggle from Eve turns into a full on spat of laughter despite the snarl from Maahes and leap upward with animated response to the altered form.

In fact, it's because of just that, and while her hand holding the griddlecake does come up to dispel her glamour job with gesture during the tail end of her laughter, it's seeming far too delayed and late to really put a dent in any other forthcoming reaction. Nikki does stand as herself again, though, there at some point.

Nikki starts too when a huge man-eating beast gets to its feet and snarls at her. "Change. Change" she mutters under her breath and, thankfully, it happens and she can see herself properly now. "Quite impressive, Eve" she notes, her eyes still locked on Maahes. "It's just me. Just a silly little trick. Don't eat me. I should go and let the band know about the changes. Always lovely to see you, Eve." She rises, slowly, and puts some distance between herself and the liger.

Leona knocks over one of the picnic tables and sends a variety of untended plates and dining ware onto the ground. The blue eyes have turned gold and level on the cackling faerie queen. There is a loud snort and Maahes' tail lashes wildly back and forth. "Very clever, your majesty," Drawls the liger's voice with Leona's inflection. Then strolls slowly towards where Nikki is. "Are you all right, I apologize. The startle reflex in this form is...intense," The voice is amused. "That said, I can easily shift into some small form and hide behind the real Nikki as well. I've taken a feathered form on occassion. I favor the falcon if it matters."

"It's fine, Maahes" Nikki assures the huge beast; would she yell at it if it wasn't? Unlikely. A wary pet of the animal's head. "We better get back to work. Nice to see you." Then off she goes...slowly and with her eyes on the Liger.

Eve makes a bouncy, fond wave after Nikki despite the fact she might have accidentally caught her a giant cat panic response in the other direction with her little momentary trick of illusion. She might have strange ways of showing affection, which was also not included in the faery highlights primer, earlier, "I'll see you sooner than later!" Then she -does- drink the rest of the syrup in that cup after finishing the griddlecake with a curtsey of preening amusement and gratitude toward the cat and compliment.

That's about the time Theodore comes back in and just stops to wonder of the others, "That's syrup she's drinking, isn't it?" His warning about her mood earlier might have been well warranted and he sweeps the cup away from her before she can start putting her finger to the edges to lick clean as well, snuffling back a laugh, "You're not Canadian, stop that, you go into the ring high on sugar or go topping all this with cream, you're going to turn the whole tent into one big fantasy land. Too much to explain for rubes, too hard on you, got it?"

She makes a yap yap motion in the man's face by his lips before she's snatched up with laugh and thrown over his shoulder, opting to just steal her to nap the morning imbibings off with a humored roll of his eyes, "Stealing this back now. Good luck tonight."