Log:The Future is Change

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The Future is Change
Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Amy Lester  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Crazyhorse Campground
Date  •  2019-09-17
Summary  •  An afternoon during the time of the full moon, Amy and Ashley have wandered the camp grounds and have a distracted discussion about the future.

"One day, we're going to have a yacht" Ashley announces as they watch the boats in the lake. "But we won't cruise around a lake like this. We'll cruise the ocean. Or the Riviera. Or maybe down in Australia." It is summer...almost...so Ashley is standing on the beach in a blue one piece swimsuit. Her party clothes for the Marchant house in the larger than usual backpack she has over one shoulder. Sunglasses, sneakers, and a t-shirt wrapped around her waist complete the look. She squeezes Amy's hand in hers and offers a warm, loving smile. "I'm so glad we don't have to hide anymore. Do you like it out here? I thought you might have liked a walk in nature today." For reasons.

"Why do you want a yacht?" Amy wonders from her spot nearby. She's twitchy and fidgeting, dressed herself in one of her t-shirts and still her jeans. Sneakers too. The moon may not be visible in the afternoon sky, but its presence is still kind of felt by Amy. It's weird for her now. These times where she's extra irritible, extra snippy and extra ... energetic having a notable cause. She'd never really thought about it before. She leans in close to Ashley, squeezeing at her hand and encircling her other arm around her. "It's alright, you know me. I like to keep active." She grins a little. "Fuckin' Crazyhorse Campground, well, I've been here plenty. At least there's fewer tourists right now. Still it ain't bad."

"Because yachts are awesome?" Ashley replies, a little surprised that she needs to state that. "Don't you want to cruise the world with me? Sunbathing on the stern. Drinks delivered by bikini clad beauties." A wink to her girlfriend before she is encirled by a //very// magnetic Amy. Ashley's heart skipping a little more than usual to be so close. And, of course, blushing with the 'active' comment. "Again, Amy?" she asks, incredulous...though with some hope in her eyes. It has been an energetic couple of days. Thankfully, there is a change of subject. "Do you think Crazy Horse actually came here or did he glance in this direction a hundred miles away and that was enough?" A tremble running through her at being in Amy's arms once more. At least they know why this happens now. Damn you, moon! Though Ashley may be inclined to change that to 'Bless you, moon!'.

"Yachts are pretty awesome," Amy agrees absently as she pulls Ashley close, bringing the other's girl back up against her chest and looping her arms around her idly as she rests a head on her shoulder. "I was just wondering if there was any other reason. I'll go cruising with you. And, I dunno, I have all this energy to burn and a need to be doing." She mutters, tilting a little to nuzzle at Ashley's neck even as the subject sort of changes. "Knowing the history of this place now who the fuck knows. I'm inclined to believe he actually lived here, yep. And then people decided to bring an evil rock over and he fucked right off." Those timelines probably aren't anywhere near close to each other but who has time to think about these things in proper detail. It's not Amy, that's for sure.

Ashley sighs contentedly as she relaxes against Amy and tilts her head a little for extra nuzzling. "Just remember, you're the animal and I am but a mere human" she whisper-giggles before sucking on her lower lip. "Though, you know, don't let that stop you." Hopefully, there aren't too many people around as Ashley feels her resolve slipping; there are some things even Freeland stubborness can't resist. Or want to. "Evil rock? Oh...yeah...that. If that big bad has been around for decades, if not centuries, I was thinking of checking the city records to see if he popped up over the years. Since he wouldn't have aged, maybe we can figure out who he is? Just because you can't go too far from the bridge, doesn't mean you can't become mayor or something. Probably more likely to be a super-businessman." She can't help but moan from that nuzzling. "We could go to a changing room" she suggests absently, "If we have time."

"Mere human sorcerer queen last I heard," Amy teases with a giggle, squeezing at the girl briefly as she leans there against her. "You wanna check what Swindle has been up to? I dunno, Ash, if Mr. Chen didn't know -- look it's worth looking I guess but seems like he's graciously accepted his defeat or whatever. I don't get it myself though, but fuck, I can't really ... think things through ... right now. But even if we do figure out who he is what then. I don't think we should mess with him if ..." she shakes her head a little, a soft chuckle escaping her. "We probably ... don't." She says regretably. "But the Marchant house has so many rooms, I'm sure we could just get lost and anything could happen."

"I guess that's true" Ashley notes proudly about being a sorcerer queen. "If only I knew some spells. Yeah, Swindle. Not so much to see what he's been up to but maybe tell him what has been happening? Bubba was the guy who worked for him, right? While Fran is doing the naughty under their noses? I don't want to mess with them, I want them to rip each other apart." A little sigh of disappointment at missing out on the chance to frighten some swimmers with howling noises coming from the changing room but, yes, there is the Marchant Mansion with all its Rooms of Sin. "How are you feeling with the moon this time? I mean, I obviously know about your energy levels and...umm...needs. But how is everything else? Oh, and congratulations on submitting all those scholarship applications." Ashley obviously took it on heself to get them done.

"Haha, spells," Amy gives a bit of a chuckle at the idea, shaking her head. "What kind of spells do you think you would go for if you could learn 'em. I guess it'd give you a lot of ways to fuck with people." She grins a little, not letting Ash go. There's another kind of smirk at that sigh there, though she considers the question about the moon. "I dunno, it's weird. I never really thought about the fucking moon or whatever. Even though Landon apparently noticed. Little things piss me off more which is why I'm trying to you know, keep myself distracted by those needs. Instead of just flipping the fuck out." There's a breath of a laugh about the scholarship forms. "Thanks babe. What'd I do without you?"

"Spend a lot more time in jail?" Ashley teases with a giggle before a dramatic sigh. "Probably run off with some bimbo who doesn't deserve you. Probably a whole pile of bimbos. Hmm, what do you think the name of a collective of bimbos is called? A vacuum? I want us to go to college together so of course I would help you out with it." By doing it all it seems. She nods to the effects of the full moon. "Okay, then I'll make sure you're distracted. Even if I need massages after...or before...or during. And I have to admit that the stretching has come in very handy." They should get going but Ashley is rather enjoying the current position.

"Fucking ouch," Amy says with a frown at the comment about jail, shaking it off after a moment but not really pleased with the thought. She shifts a little, relaxing her grip just slightly as she considers it. "I don't know what you call a collection of -- hey. Maybe we should talk about something else then." There's a bit of a scowl and she shakes her head. "The stretching has come in handy, huh?" She says with a hint of amusement.

"I was only teasing" Ashley giggles before turning her head as best she can to offer big blue eyes and fluttering eyelashes. "Forgive me?" Then back to snuggling into those strong arms. "Very handy. I had no idea I could put my leg there...but love will always find a way. Promise me that you'll do the final exams this year? Not only turn up for school but do them. And pass."

"I know," Amy says quietly, shaking her head. "Sorry, just -- fuck. You know, right as we're talking about the full moon and all. But I will forgive you, because you keep me in kisses and pussy, remember?" She says with a grin, shifting a little to turn Ash slightly to kiss her properly, right on the mouth. "Of course I'll do the final exams. I think having to fucking redo the final year of highschool would actually be worse than the vampires."

Ashley blushes and laughs at what she gives to Amy. "Happily to both" she giggles before there is a heated kiss to surrender to. Such power...even more at this time of the month. Ashley a little wobbly on her feet when it breaks. Was Amy saying something? Yes. "Good. I thought you would just leave rather than redo. But we don't have to worry about that. YOu're going to get into the best college there is. I have an interview for pre-law at Harvard but if they can't get you in too, then they miss out on me. I think they have good boxing, wrestling, and swimming teams that would only get better with you in the ranks."

"I mean, I suppose I wouldn't actually redo it but I think my mom would kinda make me. Not that I can't do what I want but you know." Amy shrugs her shoulders, squeezing Ashley close again before finally shifting away a bit further. "And geeze, I dunno. That seems way too fucking fancy for ... for me." Amy says with a shrug of her shoulders. "I guess so. We'll see," she says without much hope about that, tugging at Ashley's hand. "Come on, I guess we should get moving."

"We don't have to go to Harvard" Ashley shrugs. "We'll have a choice of lots of places and we'll decide during summer. I can't wait for us to room together." She bites her lower lip. "Especially during full moons." A clearing of her throat and a shake of her head to recover her composure. "Sure, let's go see what the Marchants are up to tonight. We should also make sure they don't return to their roots and become vampires slaves." Ashley is happy to be tugged alon. Happy to let the world know that she loves a Lester.

"It's just so weird okay. You're totally changing my whole fucking perception of how things were gonna go and I'm adjusting," Amy says with a frown, though there is a bit of a grin at that idea. "Not changing in a bad way but I'm still adjusting," she says a bit more quietly, gesturing. "Yeah. My princess vampire bitch cousins can't be allowed to fall back on old traditions like that. I guess maybe they're not princesses after all but fuck it, I'm gonna keep on saying they are."

"Just as long as I'm the queen" Ashley sniffs...in a joking way. "And don't worry about the changes in our lives. We'll be there to support each other. You are going to be the greatest athlete this country has ever seen. Promise." Then off to the Marchants they go.