Log:The First Ray Of Sunshine

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The First Ray Of Sunshine
Characters  •   Cash Freeland  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Thistle Morgue
Factions  •   Freeland Family  •  Thistle Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-01
Summary  •  In the fall of 1992, Cash Freeland and Spear Thistle agree to a first date.

The morgue, or mortuary, is a relatively pleasant place, in some ways. Efforts are made to ensure there are vases of flowers, the place is extremely clean, and there is a crunchy gravel path towards parking. Roses are a common theme as are lillies, and perhaps to alleviate the idea that there are dead bodies everywhere, many of the main areas of the funeral home are light and airy. White paint, the odd marble section, a few discrete rooms for mourners to collect in.

The coroner's office is likely a small distance away, as is anywhere that items for police investigation are stored. So this leaves Spear pottering around one of the funeral home rooms after a service has been conducted and finished. He is sweeping up flower petals and humming to himself, tidying up chairs, and so forth. The grieving family is off somewhere else by now, and someone has to shlep everything! The goth kid is wearing black jeans and a t-shirt with Doc Martens and a big-ass sunflower pinned to the collar of his jacket. Entirely outsized, it dominates his face.

"I like your flower." The sudden voice of Cash Freeland is enough to make someone jump out of his skin. He's like a tall, pale, gingery ninja. It's deep into fall. Football season. It's spirit week at school. Every day has had a theme. Pajama, Wacky hair, and 50s day so far. And while Cash hasn't really participated, there is something about him standing there in his blue jeans, white tee and ever-present leather jacket that made him fit in. His red hair, normally worn long with his curls free, is slicked back with pomade. Maybe he tried a little. A tiny bit. He looks uncomfortable standing there. He's fresh out of a growth spurt that shot him over six feet tall. He doesn't quite know how to hold himself. "Hey, Spear. What's up?" His posture is closed, shoulders drawn in. He has the typical slouch of a kid like him and his eyes are darting about the room. Never landing on Spear and ending up downcast.

While those who know Spear closely are well aware he does not _actually_ devour roadkill that _is_ the reputation, so the guy looks a little surprised to see someone he knows from school. He gives a big grin - his teeth are very white against his dark skin - and he says "Oh, hey Cash. Holy moly. Weren't you my height last week?" Spear himself is starting to put on a bit more, but it seems to all be coming from his middle - he is _skinny_. He finishes sweeping up calendula petals and then tips them into a little jar. The scent of flowers in the room is bright.

Spear puts the jar on top of one of the tables "Oh, not much. Just trying to get enough cash together to think about buying a better bike - my one's pretty uncool. I'd like one of those BMXs." He talks easily, cheerfully "Wwwwait. Man, is there a group project I've missed? Again?"

Cash shakes his head and he is silent long enough for the awkward to begin to creep in, like a low fog. Finally, "It's so fucking stupid that people think you eat roadkill. People are stupid." Beat. "You...stuff it, right? Taxidermy?" Cash is also fidgety. He has picked up a pen from one of the sign-in books and he's clicking it ceaselessly. "Can I see? I mean, uh, not right now--I should tell you why I'm here." He swallows. Cash has given lots of advice on this. Confidence is sexy, he'll purr into the mic. Get to the point, be concise. Act as if you expect a Yes. Yet, here he is, clicking the pen. "You want to go to homecoming with me?" Cash finally looks at Spear. It's brief but long enough to see the fear in his big blue eyes. His ginger lashes are a mile long, seen as he blinks and looks away. Away but not down. His aims over Spear's shoulder.

"Er, yes," says Spear, who then says "I like to make beautiful things out of gross things, you know? I mean, the fact is, some poor thing has, kinda, er, died. So...oh, yes, sure!" He has focused on that "If you want to! Cool, because I-" except Cash says 'not right now'. Spear looks at him, outright puzzled for a few long moments. He adjusts the big sunflower while he tries to give Cash time to work through whatever he is doing "So it _is_ the group-" And then Cash asks that, and one of Spear's dark eyebrows shoots up in honest surprise. He puts both hands together to consider, because buying himself time is clearly the appropriate response "Er, you mean, the dance?" he asks, and he tilts his head, gormless at the look. Oh hey, shyness. Spear knows you not. The time is stretching out, and even Spear realises that leaving Cash twisting is probably an evil, sweat-inducing thing "Wh-" Now he looks over his shoulder. Nope. Nothing there. A squint as he then beams at Cash "Sure! Dancing is the _best_!"

Cash finally exhales and he looks at Spear again, the brief look is a searching one and then he just can't and looks away. "Good. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I usually go to the game too. I like football but I'm not cut out for it. Spectate only. But afterwards...it's casual, you know and most people kinda fuck off about a half hour to get drunk somewhere but--but..." He chews his lip. "I know taking a boy is weird but I like you and I've liked you for a while. You're weird but you're happy and that's...inspiring. Who dresses like that and then pins on a sunflower? Appropriate flower. You are sunshine." He just admits, pouring his heart out easy as anything. "I'm just weird and don't know what to do with myself. But, I've admired you for a while...that's all. And maybe, if the dance goes well, there could be a little more? I mean, uh...it's fine if you don't--really fine. Perfectly fine."

Spear says "There's better things to do than going to get drunk. I mean, I know it's a bit weird, but going stag is -" Ah, wait. Cash does _not_ mean going stag. Spear tilts his head, recalibrates and then beams and he says "Oh!" The entire concept of being considered likeable is a bit alien for him, and the big smile turns a bit shy. Then he slides his hands into his pockets, and he steps forward and eyes Cash, up and down as the other guy talks. Spear's eyes are thoughtful, though there is a bright spark in them "You're right. I am happy. And that's because being weird is honestly pretty awesome. Your family..." He does a bit of mental calculation "Oh, those guys, heh. Well, sure! Let's go to the dance, and see how it works out. Hey, do you want me to bring you a flower? What's your favourite kind?" He reaches out to hook Cash's arm, and pull on him "We've got tonnes in the garden. You tell me what you like, and I'll make a buttonhole for you, right? So. Weird, eh? What makes you weird, Cash?"

Cash flinches when touched, at first. "No no, don't let go! I don't know why I do that. I like to be touched." Cash usually puts off a 'Keep at a distance' sort of vibe. An air of 'leave me alone'. Although he is friendly enough if you speak to him. And of course, on the radio, he's so bright and energetic that he, as a whole, is a mystery. "What makes me weird? A lot of stuff. Most stuff people doesn't know because talking to me can be hard. I like people. I like people a lot. But, I just...repel them naturally, I guess." Cash has a handful of friends but no one seems to be super close except his twin. And even they are night and day at times. She's a climber and Cash is just Cash. "People say I'm hard to approach. And one time, a teacher yelled at me for not looking them in the eye. He said it meant I was a liar. I'm not. I'm a bad liar. Really bad. Unconvincing." He pauses his tangent. "I don't have a favorite. And it's casual so you don't have to bring me one." He pauses a moment and looks at his leather jacket. "Maybe something like a lily? Long petals?"

Spear patpats Cash, after a moment, and he says to him "You really are a bit of an enimga, aren't you?" He? Gets slightly too close. In people's space. But with a sort of cheerful enthusiasm "Hmm. Well, I'll admit that talking to you is interesting, but come on. You don't repel people. You don't repel me." He gives a grin, and once more the white teeth are there "It'll be fine, I know it's a bit weird taking another guy to the dance, but - eh I think you're phat. So don't worry about it, duder." He eyes Cash, a bit worriedly "I don't think you're lying. I think you're just a bit like. Life's hard, you know?" He says "Come on, out here. Everyone else is pretty much home. I know it's casual, but what, it's traditional, right? You don't have to wear one if you don't want, but I think it would be good." He eyes the garden "This time of the year, it can be harder, but I have autumn lilies. And you can put things like heather, rosemary, or nice smelling stuff in too. That way, you're just, frankly, more fashionable." Sure. If you are from the 1900s. Spear then grins "Man, this'll be great." He has. No idea.

Cash is amicable and even happy to listen to Spear. He relaxes a little. "I don't like things with really strong smells. Like rosemary? Mint's nice though. Fresh and such." His face is a little flushed. "I'm glad you are enthusiastic. I mean...I don't think I expected anything else. Except an outright rejection. I find it easier to talk to guys sometimes. It's straightforward and there isn't any guessing, usually. I don't read people who are talking to me really well. It's very confusing. I can watch others and I know all about that but it is very hard for me to apply." He pauses. "So coming here and asking you was taking a really big chance because I had no real idea what you'd do or say other than...I've known you forever so..." Shrug. "We can do flowers. Be different. Whatever you want. Just soft smells." He laughs softly. "A date. My mom will flip. Never really been on one."

"Oh, right, well. Let's think. Something like wild geranium then, and a lily, but nothing too powerful." Spear glances out over the garden, and nods to himself, then ducks his head away, and smiles at the scenery for a bit, before he says "Have you, ah. Ever asked out a guy before?" He bends down to pick up a pinch of chamomile from the bed and offers the small daisy to Cash "I mean, no offence - like, at all. But that's hella unusual. I guess I've asked out a few girls. But it doesn't, erm. Go well for me, usually. I thought about asking someone else." Someone not a girl "But might have been a bit chicken. I'm gonna be honest there." He tilts his head "You have. And I've known you since you were short. How _did_ you do that with your height." Then Spear colours, to an extent "Yeah. A date. I've been out _with_ friends. But I'm happy to try something else." He adds "If it doesn't work out, can we still be friends though? Because, no lie, I don't have many."

Cash is just watching Spear and listening and smiling. Smiling with admiration. "Uh...I've never had the guts to ask anyone out. I've had a few crushes on a few girls, like, uh...Thea Marchant but bro code with uh, James. Your brother. He called her first or something. Doesn't matter anyway. I couldn't nut up and just ask. You just seemed...safe." He smiles a little. "I had a spurt. Apparently someone on my mom's side is tall. Red hair comes from her side too, I think." He shrugs. It's fall and his freckles are fading like the sunlight. He's ghostly in the cooler months. "L-Like I said, it's safe with you and me. We can always be friends if this isn't anything else. But it'll be fun to hang out and stuff. Get to know you. And I really do want to see your animals. I mean, if you can make something hit by a car look like anything, that would be amazing."

"Brothers can be a pain," grins Spear, good naturedly "And yeah, she's nice. I talk to her brother sometimes, you know - Jade? Man. That guy is..." he shakes his head a bit, and he says to Cash "That guy is going to end up in trouble unless he can find someone as nice as his sister to rein him in. You ever watched a car crash in slow motion, but thought 'Oh no, man, you're cool, don't get hurt'. But, he will. He's also 'very not gay'." He is safe? Instead of being worried by that idea - and idea that when older, he would realise was not a great sign, Spear says "Man, thank God, I know no one's scared of me, but you must be the only person this side of the mountains to think I'm not gross." He tucks the small flower into Cash's jacket pocket, and then he says "It will be fun. And yeah. I like just trying to make the best out of things. And while I can't do _any_ sound stuff, I could help carry your gear, right?" No way - look at Mr. Skinny. However, he says "...it'd be nice to know you too, man. Like, I've known you forever, _and_ I listen to your shows, right? They're awesome. But I don't feel like I know you. Yet." He considers, then reaches out cautiously to take Cash's hand "So we go to the dance. That'll be cool. And maybe other stuff."

Cash just perks right up. Spear is infectious. He gives Spear's hand a squeeze. Cash has rough hands. Tough fingers of a musician. Thickened palms of a contractor's son. "I worry about Jade too. I'm kinda sensitive to things...people's feelings and stuff and I feel like he's hurting. I just want to help him. I'll figure it one day, before it's too late." He sighs. "I wish there was a way I could get more people to open up. My show is part of it but I want to do more." He shakes his head. "Anyway. I have homework and some wiring to fix at some new house." He rolls his eyes. "I will see you Friday, okay? Meet me at the game, okay? And we will get to know one another better, yeah?" He gives Spear's hand a chaste little kiss and starts to leave but pauses. First, he gives back the pen he was clicking earlier. "I used the wrong word. Safe. Well, I meant it differently that some people mean it. Hard to explain. Just know that what I meant is...I like you and I knew that you wouldn't be mean to me about it. So, uh...later?"

Not rejected! Yes. So many things are changing in Spear's life today. He says "Yeah. I can totally see that. He seems...I don't know. Maybe you'll work it out. I used to sometimes try to do it by staring, but I've figured out that doesn't work well." His voice truns wry, and then he says "Wow, you are totally going to college to do psychology, aren't you?" And then he says "Yes! Friday, and at the game. And I'll bring your buttonhole, and if anyone's really derpy about it, screw those guys, right!" A kiss on the hand has his eyes widening. Whoa. That is new too. And then he takes the pen and he says "...I'm totally not going to be mean to you. Later! I'll see you at the dance! Let's have some fun!" He pauses. And then he squeezes Cash's hand "I like you," he adds. Yep. Blurty. "See you soon!"