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The Dead Can Speak
Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Thea Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •  Star Thistle  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Thistle Funeral Home
Date  •  2019-09-14
Summary  •  The Dead Can Speak - The teenagers manage to get some time with a ghost.

The location for the attempt to contact the dead is Spear's room - and this means that everyone has crowded on in. Any Marchants present might be getting the feeling that the Thistles live in cupboards, but really, Spear's room is quite expansive. He merely does not have his own entire bathroom as Jade does. He does have stuffed animals - serpents, a crocodile. Many cats and dogs. They are not toys. Once they were alive. Now they have glassy staring eyes, trapped in lifelike poses, stretching or rolling over with paws extended.

The walls are a plain dark red wallpaper, with cloth hung from the ceiling in swags and loops of white and black. There are boards up here and there detailing various attempts to experiment with taxidermy, but they are somewhat obscured by chains of beads and indoor palms and plants that drape across the place. During the day, the massive curtains are flung open to allow them to thrive - now both curtains and windows are closed.

The furniture has been pushed back against the walls, leaving an expanse of floor. Spear has a single bed with it's own canopy, the size sacrificed to innumerable hobbies - he simply needs the room. Scattered across the floor are various tea light candles floating in bowls of water, and throwing uncertain shadows. The Thistle sits there, crosslegged, the ouija board in his lap rather than on a table. He is wearing a black funeral suit - the kind they put on the dead, meant for show rather than wearing, all too stuff. He has instead of his usual sunflower, a criss-cross shaped thing of bones all tied together, and he is wearing a top hat. There are a number of bottles around him, as well as a knife on the ground, and a large container of salt.

There are also oreos. Because Jade sent along oreos.

Thistlelike, Hector seems entirely comfortable with the taxidermy and absetly strokes a stuffed cat as it it were alive. He is wearing black pleated trousers and a matching dress shirt wityh a purple and black brocade tie and waistcoat. "Is it weird that this is my first time?"

But are they special oreos? This is a thing that Thea, of course, will have to test out. Knowing her brother, it's a distinct possibility. If anyone could find drug-laced sandwich cookies, it would be Jade. As she settles into a seated position, she casts a smile toward their host for the evening, keeping her focus mostly on Spear. This may or may not be calculated, to prevent her from making awkward eye contact with one or more dead critters that serve as decor. "You look so nice," she whispers to the top hat-clad lad, "I'm getting a Baron Samedi vibe that's just glorious."

Ashley finds a place to sit, eyeing off the stuffed cat that glares at her from way too close. "You know, Spear, you'd have more room if you moved the animals to another room. A 'stuff' room if you will." She grins at her 'joke' before clearing a throat. "Here's some advice for everyone. If taxidermists are chasing you, //don't// play dead." The jokes are getting better and better - not - but they help to keep her calm. Dressed in her stylish best - 'school uniform' of bright yellow checks - she offers Hector a curious look. "As //if// this is your first time."

Silver lives here and so it is hardly any surprise she is here. Though she seems to have taken a note from Spear's book. She wears a black summer dress that falls to her knees. It laces up the back with a satin ribbon decorated with little skulls. Around her neck she wears a cameo choker. Her hair is pulled up into braided buns atop her head. More black ribbon adorning them.

One of the bottles sits in her lap. It is an almost full bottle of dark rum. There also happens to be a few shot glasses. Of course she is trying to hide these with the billowy skirt. Legs crossed and the bottle nestled away. The oreos? They're doomed because she's already nibbling on one. As people arrive she lifts a hand to wave at them. She gives Hector a look when he arrives. It is brief and followed by her usual brief smile.

Felicity is actually wearing a dress - a black lace flowing sort of maxi-dress over a full black slip beneath. She's got her hair pulled back in a bun as well. Generally looking much mor dressed up than any of you have seen her since she's been home. She slips in quietly and looks around a little, but doesn't seem overly shocked. She just finds somewhere to sit and starts fiddling with the bracelet of jet beads she wears on one wrist.

Team moral support, or at least Mona's part of it, comes laden with a handful of 'supplies'. Namely, a leather backpack with a few bottles of decent bourbon, vodka, and scotch, a bit of Jade's weed stash, a few valium, and a decent selection of cupcakes left over from movie night. She may not know the spirit world from a hole in the wall, but it seems to be a fair guess it may take something out of people, and decompression aids can't hurt. The usual cloves are also on hand.

She dressed nicely for this, in her usual black. Not formal per se, but it isn't jeans and a tee, and there's a smattering of velvet. Even a long, flowing skirt in panes of midnight chiffon. She filters in after Thea, fingertips loosely tangled up with Zane's. This is not her wheelhouse, but the reverent mood is easy enough to absorb and mirror back. "Hey, Spear," she greets, holding up the bag of extras before setting it near the edge of the circle in offering, and closing in for a seat near her sister. "Moral support, reporting in. Some stuff in the bag for a cool-down, after, if we need it. Or during."

Star is here, too, because she lives here and it's her triplet doing the thing, and she supports her own. She's in what might be best described as a black wedding dress complete with black, gauzy veil down over her face. She's like a strange, funerary beekeeper.

Team moral support! Zane doesn't know much about the whole spirit world thing either, and doesn't even have a pack of supplies, but he did at least get the memo about dressing dark and kind of nice. Or possibly Mona did. Either way, he's in black suit trousers and a charcoal collarless shirt under a silver and black brocade vest, and he's even wearing fairly nice shoes today. "We are here to support morally," he agrees a touch dramatically, and gives those assembled a bright smile of greeting, and fairly approving looks, 'cause they all look pretty great. The stuffed animals might get a couple sidelong glances, thought. "Hey," he adds, settling to sit on the floor, and leaning back a bit on his hands.

"In this family? Yes," says Spear to Hector wryly, and he stretches his hands out and then he says "Alright. Everyone who wants to be adding their will or focus - or even just happy thoughts - has to be touching the ouija board. This means sitting around in a really tight circle. If you're not a Thistle - or you were raised out of the funeral home - you might not know, but we don't put a ouija board on a table. We need to be more personal." And then he beams at Thea "Thanks!" he says chirpingly "I'm trying to be polite." And he actually gives Ashley a grin of amusement at her jokes, before he shifts a bit to let siblings get close "Anyone who doesn't want to touch the board, can you grab one of the containers of salt. If anything gets weird, throw it on us, okay? Mona, Zane, I know you'd be good at that."

Spear takes a breath "Okay, we've got a mix of genders and orientations, which is good - balance is needed. It's night time, which is when the walls are thinner - you're all welcome to crash over, of course. If you have pagers, you're gonna need to turn 'em off. I'm going to be the medium. Anyone can ask questions, but I am the conduit. I'll put my fingers on the planchette - that's this pointy thingie that points to words." He starts moving it around on the board - everyone knows you need to warm up ghost things, right? "Everyone sitting in the ring needs to touch the board or the planchette lightly. Erm, Hector's probably haunted, so his mum might show up, so we need to be polite because it's super rude to not be good to family who show up. James _definitely_ is, his brother might be around. Aside from that, the first person we're gonna try to talk to is one of the first people who disappeared here and was registered as exsanguinated -" He nods to Silver. Her research. "-and ask some questions. Ready? Ready!"

Spear clears his throat "We are all gathered here tonight to make use of the traditional abilities of the Thistles in order to help combat the terrors assaulting our city. The Families are present. We wish to aid them, and in doing so aid ourselves. We ask that we only communicate towards the higher good, that our experience be positive, and that we learn more so as to assist each other. We reject negative energies, and are protected by those who are here as support - we show our hope. Everyone who wants to directly assist touch the planchette or board now."

ROLL: Spear rolls spirit+3 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [5]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 4 2 5 3 6 5 3 -- d6)

Hector flashes Ashley a smile, "At this particularly activity with so many people? yes." He winces at the Look and bends to murmur something to Silver. His eyebrows go up at Felicity's oujiwear, "Nice." For his part, he produces a small selection of Endangered species bars, a different animal on each. He gives Thea, Star, Zane, and Mona an upnod each, Star's outfit getting an impressed look. "Support is always welcome." He looks a touch fidgity, like man in want of a clove, as he settles in the floor near his siblings. He reaches a hand towards Spear's lap board. "Ready."

Silver looks surprised at the things Mona has brought. But she quirks a lopsided smile and bobs her head. "Could be, depending what shows," She says before turning back to her brother. As he begins she pops the top of the rum and one handed pours a shout glass. Setting it out so it touches the edge of the board. Her other hand resting lightly atop her brothers on the planchette. As she pours she says something quietly to Hector, a smirk on her lips.

Thea isn't quite brave enough to mimic Silver in touching the planchette itself, though she does stretch a hand out after a brief hesitation to lay her fingertips on the edge of the board. A hopeful look is cast toward Spear as she does this, as if the Marchant girl is wondering whether this is good enough, or if she needs to go that slightly intimidating extra mile.

Felicity considers for a few moments and then moves in a little next to Hector and reaches to touch the board as well, though she grabs one of the things of salt and sets it within easy reach behind her as well. Apparently we are hedging our bets tonight.

Throwing salt at people is definitely something Mona can do. She's been called salty on the regular; the literal approach surely tickles her on some level. Though she doesn't speak directly, leaving the orchestration of events up to Spear, she does take one of the containers of salt in hand, checking it over briefly to be sure she's going to be launching it properly if it comes to that. "Everyone but the Lesters with someone in attendance," she observes, nodding once to herself as she makes a mental note of it. With that, she falls silent again. There's a tiny grin over to Silver; the fashionista is well aware she's out of her element here. She just mouths, 'hopefully we won't need it' with barely enough volume to qualify as a stage whisper.

No one told Ashley that black was expected. That is sooooo last year. She considers her options and decides she will take care of the saltings. "Will there be room for all those ghosts in here?" Ashley finds the containers of salt and takes one, weighing it in her hand, and then opening it in preparation. "Good luck everyone" she smiles sincerely.

One of Star's tiny hands reaches out to rest atop the others on the planchette. Still the Beekeeper of Doom says nothing.

Zane looks initially as though he's going to join in on the board thing, shifting a little tighter into the circle when the instructions start getting given, to where his relatively long arm ought to be able to get in there, but then Spear's giving a direct instruction (okay, suggestion at least), and he sits up a little straighter, instead. "Okay!" he says, and picks up two of the little things of salt, one in each hand. Saltiness may not exactly be his natural state, but he can do this! He watches and listens alertly as things begin; his ears can't actually prick up, but they probably would if they could.

The middle Thistle triplet - Star is the youngest, and Silver is the oldest - relaxes his face. He allows himself to slacken, his fingers lightly on the tool, along with his two sisters and his brother. He breathes in and out, slowly and says "We open ourselves up to the Spirit World, calling upon those who have unfinished business with the Painkillers - with those who were cut down before their time. If the mother of Hector dela Huerta, or the brother of James Thistle are present, you are welcome among family, and we ask for your protection." The planchette is being moved slowly by their light touches, across the letters and numbers, between 'Yes' and 'No' and 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'. Spear says "We know the names of some of you killed here - we ask to speak to the earliest, to those who have had to watch the most...we say the first." And he does "Are you there, in the spirit world?"

Hector nods to Silver and grows quiet and focused on the planchette under his hand. "There's always room for ghosts, and they are welcome here." He falls silent as the planchette moves.

Silver's eyes also close and her shoulders drop. Her breathing matches up with Spear's. Being triplets they're heartbeats probably match up after a few seconds of that. "We call upon Evelyn Gough, Sinclair Dickson, Alice Lee," And Silver lists a couple more names. "Per the old ways we bare offerings to those who have passed beyond. May they ease your pain," Her free hand lifts and she runs a fingertip around the edge of the shotglass of rum.

Thea, of course, remains silent as the Thistles begin to invite the dead into attendance, having no personal experience with such summonings and thus, likely nothing helpful to add. But she keeps her fingers in contact with the board's edge, and her thoughts positive, open, welcoming, all the stuff that Spear suggested. Support team!

The board can be felt to vibrate by those who touch it, like a buzz of energy running through it. It tingles, and the hair on their arm stands on end. As if of its own accord, the planchette moves.


Felicity is, likewise, quiet, just lightly touching the edge of the board and trying to stay 'open'. She listens attentively, gaze focused on the planchette.

Mona falls silent, though her eyes dart from one Thistle to the other as she regards the ritual steadily. She seems relatively composed, considering, though a single brow starts to rise as the planchette begins to skid over the surface of the board on its own, without guidance.

Spear blinks. Not in surprise - Thistles have done this before. But it is always a thrill when it _works_ so well. He grins at his siblings and his eye teeth show "The spirit world hears us!" he says. His hair is always a dandelion puff, but right now it is standing even more on end. Alive with the possibilities, he beams to his siblings, and then he intones "Welcome to this place. Indicate your name if you permit that we might address you, and answer, please our question." He takes a breath "Do you know of anyone in the beyond who managed to _fight_ against the Painkillers?"

Silver's eyes open slightly as the planchette moves. Her breathing quickens for a moment before stilling. Even though this is something that they've known exists, it is still exhilerating to have it happen. The corners of her lips twitch into a brief smile.

Zane is silent too, of course, though he looks impressed when the planchette moves, flickering a glance at the others assembled, like, did you all see that too? Not surprised, exactly, he's totally got faith the Thistles can do this kinda thing if they say they can. But it's cool! And maybe a little bit scary.

Ashley's lips keep closed as she watches what is probably quite normal in the Thistle household. Did that planchette move by itself? Okay, don't panic. You're at a seance, what did you think was going to happen? She clutches the salt container a little tighter.

It's a bit of a personal challenge, not lifting her hand away from the board when that current of energy seems to flow through it and raise gooseflesh on her arm, but Thea manages it. Barely. There's some pride in that, but it's buried beneath the far more prevalent 'ohmigod' feels that are displayed quite obviously upon her delicate features as she looks toward her sister.

The lights flicker and an odd breeze moves thhrough the room, though no window is open and no fan or AC is on. They all feel it.

The planchette begins to slide about, spelling a reply.


Felicity shivers a little, her free hand fidgetting with a bit of her dress, though her other stays constant on the board, but she leans a tiny bit against Hector.

Spear gives a little quiver at that hint of icy chill. And then he says "Welcome, Alice Lee. We want to help others who have also suffered at the hands of the Painkillers. Have you ever in your long vigil seen any sign that they can be defeated?"

Hector flashes Zane a quick smile before giving Thea a reassuring look. His lips form the name 'Alice,' but he doesn' actually speak. He leans slightly back, just enough to let felicity know she's welcome.

It's Thea's sudden uncertainty that elevates the concern on Mona's face. There's a lingering look to her sibling, watching silently, with only the faintest nod of her head in reassurance. Her grip on the salt tightens, and it takes effort to keep her hands still, and not reaching for her sister's arm. She's seen enough movies to know that 'don't break the circle' is one of those cliches, and... touching? Stop touching? It's hard to tell where grabbing anyone might land as regards that warning. She listens, too, and while she doesn't overtly reach out, she does aim that same furtive look of concern in Zane's direction a moment later.

Silver nods her head as the name is spelled out. "Thank you for joining us Alice. It is our hope we can put an end to the Painkillers and their terror," She says, her voice low and soft. Not a whisper, but reverant of the ghost in the room. From behind her she pulls an afghan and pulls it over her shoulders. Someone was prepared for the chill.

The planchette continues to slide about.

K I L L - T H E I R - O W N

Spear licks his lips "They are willing to destroy each other?" he enquires. It pays to be precise. His voice is polite, and he cannot afford to look away, though he does say "...if others here have questions. Tell us. We're your instrument."

Zane was not particularly expecting the chill, and shivers, glancing first at the Thistles -- they know if things are going right, right? -- and then toward Mona, though Hector's brief smile does seem to reassure him things are pretty much okay right now. Still, he shifts position just enough to lightly bump Mona's shoulder with his, maybe trying to pass on that reassurance. They're not touching the board, so it can't be any kind of breaking the circle, right? The salt stays ready, though. He has a job here.

Hector's brow knits, "Kill their own? Is there a split between Swinton and francine?" He shivers a little too, but the layering in his outfit seems to take some of the bite out of it.

"Any group based on intimidation and power fights among themselves for the alpha position" Ashley states with some experience. "Sounds just like high school. I bet they are always making alliances and betraying each other. All we have to do, is find the one who wants that top role and give them reason to think the top dog is weak. At the same time, let that top dog know that they are in danger and have them lash out at allies in paranoia." She considers for a moment and then nods once. "I can help with this. So, Alice, hi, how are you? Do you know who wants that top job?"

D E C A D E S - A G O

T U R N E D - O N - E A C H - O T H E R

New Activity ---------

O N L Y - O N E - S U R V I V E D

The speach from Ashley drawns Felicity's attention briefly away from the planchette and she nods, then turns her gaze back to it. She's still staying quiet, though.

Thea, too, remains quiet. Too many cooks, or something. She glances toward Ashley as the other girl speaks, then over to Mona again, before just looking down to watch the planchette as it glides across the board.

Spear is listening and he starts repeating as they speak - he is quite serious about maintaining the conduit through the Thistles. After all they have innate protection built into their very blood from possession. Not everyone does. If Silver or Star speaks instead, he lets them do it - Hector too. But all the non-Thistles find themselves repeated quickly. Still, without them - Ashley, Mona, Felicity, Thea and Zane? There would be no one to throw emergency salt or yank the board away if required. Spear then shoots Ashley a sharp glance, and he says "Mmm!" Impressed, and obviously. He says to the Ouija board "Is the survivor Francine? And who wants her position, if you know?"

Silver nods her head slowly as she watches the board. "If we can turn them on another..." She mumbles under her breath with approval. "Let them pick each other off...but ho-" She stops and her lips purse. Whatever thought she had she keeps to herself for the moment, turning to look at the board.

Hector looks relieved as Spear asks the question he was trying to frame for Alice, "I'm glad you're on our side, Ashley...." He mouths, "There can be only one..." but doesn't voice it.


D E C A D E S - A G O

Star finally murmurs, "Chen said Francine only came here a few yrars ago, dudes. Stop jumping to conclusions."

"Didn't hear that bit," says Spear, distracted, about Francine "Wait, crap - I think I'm confused. Are there. I'm sorry, Alice, were. Were there two sets of vampires - the ones here with the bridge dealio, and the Painkillers, and the Painkillers took up position here after wipin' out the others?"

The description of the tactic isn't terribly novel to Mona: 'let's let you and him fight' is one of the classics for a reason. Zane's nudge is enough to restore her ease, and she returns it as subtly as she's able, one corner of her mouth shifting toward a smile. Even so, something in Thea's expression catches her notice, and her lips purse delicately before her lashes dip, and her face eases back to elegant stoicism. When they rise again, she's looking at Thea, oddly deadpan, before she pointedly swings her attention back to the board. Delicately, she clears her throat. "Alice," she says calmly and clearly, her tone still reverent, "Who should we seek out to work against Francine, if you know?"


Star sighs and rubs her face behind her veil. "This isn't gonna work if we keep jumping to conclusions and everyone is asking different questions. Spear, you asked if she's ever seen them defeated. She's saying they had a civil war a few decades ago and only one survived. One fucking step at a time, guys."

"So...who was the survivor, Alice? I apologize for being scattered," Silver says after a glance at her sister. Her face remains relatively calm as she pulls the afghan closer.

"Who survived?" Zane doesn't seem to actually be trying to ask the ghost himself; it's almost more like in class when he's pretty sure he's just missed an important part of the lecture and is hoping if he asks the world softly someone sitting nearby will quietly catch him up. Which does work out for him fairly often, at least. Just... more often when someone actually knows the answer. He brightens very faintly when Silver properly asks the same thing. Not missing things, then! 'cause no way Silver did.


"Sorry," says Spear with a bright grin. But his gadfly nature is showing through stronger and stronger given the spirit-awareness of the place and the vibrating ghost-messages at his fingertips. Getting things in time - in order? Is not one of his strong points. If he actually _has_ a strong point, it is wandering around and not dying when he should. Right now, though, he looks close to losing his damn mind with wide eyes and a big, big, _bigger_ grin than he should have "Oh, that's right, vampires can make lots of other vampires easy-pie." There is a pause "Oooh, Bubba. Bubba survived. Is Bubba still around, miss Alice?"



Silver nods her head slowly and frowns. "Hmmmm...? So Fran isn't in charge," Again mumbling to herself, chin down, a thoughtful frown. Her gaze sweeps the others before turning back to the board. "Do you know if Bubba has any weaknesses?" The fact there is someone else who is in charge has the frown sticking around.

"...wha-" clearly Spear thought Francine was the one who...what. He opens his motuh, and he nods to what Silver says. Francine is not in charge. Which, given how vampires fight...is good stuff.

"Does Bubba approve of what Francine is doing?" Mona asks simply, her attention fixed on the board.

"Wasn't there some big, scary dude that ran you guys off that first night?" Star asks Silver, then looks to Thea.

NO is the answer to Silver's question.

U N A W A R E is the answer to Mona's.

Thea nods to Star's query, speaking up for the first time in a bit, though her voice is quiet. "Even Fran and the Painkillers who were there got.. I don't want to say 'spooked,' but they definitely got in line when he showed up."

Hector is listening mostly and trying to arrange his ideas, "Where does Bubba sleep?"

"Bubba," says Star with a nod behind the veil.

"So we got at least one contender to Bubba's will - that'd be Fran. We just thought she was the big bad because...well, anyone would be to us," murmurs Spear "So there's our two groups, Ashley." For Mean Girling it up. Spear is starting to shiver though. It gets _cold_ doing this.

When Star yells at people to not leap to conclusions, even Ashley listens. So she's been sitting there quietly, taking it all in. A nod to Spear. "Francine's flexing her muscles, metaphorically, but still doesn't want to take on this Bubba head on. We can work with this."

M O T E L is the answer to Hector's question.

Alice," asks Star, "Why did Bubba kill the others?"

W E R E - B E T R A Y I N G - S W I N D O N

"I...think I have an idea. I bet this Bubba wouldn't approve of what Fran is doing. If we can send him a message...let him know somehow," Silver muses the fingers of her free hand drumming on one knee. After a second, though, she moves to toss the afghan over Spear's shoulders as well. Scooting a little closer and leaning in. Sharing body heat. "You're doing good." Then she pauses at Star's question. Reading off the answer before she frowns. "Swindon?" She glances around to see if anyone else recognizes the name. She -has- missed some pieces of the puzzle. It's why so many are here partly.

"Swindon is apparently an elder vampire of some note," Mona quietly clarifies to Silver. "Is bound to a cursed or enchanted stone on the bridge, and came to Lake Havasu when it was transported here some decades ago."

Felicity starts to answer about Swindon and then Mona does so she quiets down again, leaning a little more against Hector. After a moment she asks, "Can Bubba still be hurt with fire? Or Sunlight?"

"How were they doing that?" Zane wonders, "I mean... yeah, he's a stone right now, right?" His brow furrows as he considers ways to betray a rock. Graffiti? Carve rude words in it? Wrap it up in paper?

"I don't think he's a stone," Thea clarifies softly, "But just.. he's bound to one. Like, he can't go more than a certain distance from it."

Hector cocks his head, shivering against Felicity, "What does Swindon call himself now?" He nods to Silver, "I was thinking along those lines too.... It sounded like he had to stay within a certain radius of the stone, like Thea said."

Spear licks his lips "That's the guy in the bridge, I think. Yeah, as Mona says. So Bubba's loyal and wiped out the ones who weren't. It's Alice who's doing good." He rolls his shoulders back and then he says, low voiced "That's a good thing to work with. We can't keep Alice too much longer - it's hard on her too. She's gotta be connected to all of this and focused. Can Bubba still be hurt with fire or sunlight...I wonder if he goes to the stone regularly to get. Counsel? If that other guy can't leave..." He is mostly talking to himself, though he does echo questions, trying for one at a time.

"Oh, I thought he was //in// the stone, Thea" Ashley asks, looking a little confused. "Does that mean there's some really old vampire guy hanging around the bridge every night? Where does Swindon sleep during the day if he can't walk too far from the bridge?" That's not a question for Alice, just Ashley musing.

A - L I T T L E is the answer Felicity gets.

S W I N D O N - N O T - I N - S T O N E

D O N ' T - K N O W - I D E N T I T Y

"Chen said Swindon can't go more than ten miles from the bridge," Star reminds the others.

"I believe Mr. Chen said it was within a-" Star has it, though, so the fashionista calms somewhat. "So this Swindon could be anywhere in that range, which is considerable." Mona says quietly, though she glances around to the others before tipping her head in the direction of the board.

Silver nods her head and says, "Okay. Right. So Swindon has to be around here too. And he probably wouldn't be happy with what Fran is doing either I bet..." She glances around. "Anyone else have other questions?"

Hector says, “And likely out in the day for limited time, since he's old and strong." he shakes his head no, "I was tinking of checking the bridge for older ghosts, ones who might remember back a lot furhher."”

Spear admits, teeth chattering by this point "I'm pretty wrung out. If it goes too long, we kinda risk being possessed by somethin' else that might wanna show up who ain't as friendly as Alice here. Who we all owe, at the very least, flowers. The stone got brought here, so...hmm. Is. Alice? Does Bubba, as far as you know, care about the families and their bloodlines, or is it just Francine?"

"Alice? If you know, are the others similarly bound to the 10 mile radius from the stone? Do you know if their powers extend beyond that range?" Though Spear's words catch her attention, and Mona falls silent again, thoughtful.

"Somewhere in town, at least," Star notes. "And from what Chen said, we want no part of Swindon. Trying to steer Bubba sounds dangerous enough."

B U B B A - S T A Y S - A W A Y - F R O M - P R O D I G A L - F A M I L I E S is the answer Spear gets.

D O - N O T - K N O W is Mona's.

"Oh, okay." Not the first time Zane's misunderstood things. Won't be the last. At least it's easier to think of ways to betray a human-bodied vampire than a stone one. "What if Swindon *is* kinda down with what Fran's doing though, guys? Like... if people from our families did the thing maybe they could make family vampires undo the thing or something?"

Felicity is back to quietly listening and watching the planchette.

"There kind of are family vampires, sort of - not quite, but the Marchants. It...it should have been easy to convert a Marchant - but I don't know," admits Spear "This has been very useful. If there's any last remarks? But we need to let Alice go very soon - and we need to lay flowers in her memory and talk of her to others. It's only right and proper."

Hector's eyebrows go up at Zane's question, impressed. He says softly, "Thank you, Alice." He nods to Spear, "Flowers and offerings in remembrance."

Felicity adds a soft "Thank You, Alice. You've been a great help."

Silver nods her head, "I think we're done then. Thank you Alice, we will do our best." And then she picks up the rum and sort of toasts it to the board before throwing it back. Oh the face she makes, but she sets the glass back down. "I'm gonna write this down," She then says. Breaking contact with the board to putt out a notebook and begin to do just that.

"Thank you, Alice!" There, that's a thing Zane feels confident in. He can definitely thank people! Sincerely.

For long moments, Mona regards the salt in her hands. "Thank you, Alice," she murmurs along with the others. She can certainly feel the cold in the room, and every so often, she glances sidelong to Thea to check on her sibling's measure of chill.

Spear finishes off by saying "Thankyou for your wisdom, and goodbye, Alice." And he deliberately moves the plechette to the 'Goodbye' area of the Ouija board. Always close a seance correctly!

The room soon warms noticably.

Felicity sits back and digs through her backpack to pull out her notebook and likewise start writing something, though even as she does, she's yawning. "I should sleep, but this was... amazing. Thank you all for inviting us."

Spear says "I'll roll out some foam mats. This place isn't as plush as the Marchant's, heh, but mum is _great_ at making cookies. There's three rooms, and people are welcome to crash with all the guys in here and the girls spread out?" He adds "Silver's got _amazing_ -" Wait. What did Felicity say about bugs the other day? "Erm. Maybe most people should sleep in my room," he says hastily "I'll get lights out and beds set up for y'all."

Zane glances around. Can he put the salt down now? It looks like he can probably put the salt down now. He puts the little containers back where he took them from, for the moment, and settles back. "That seemed like it went well, right? So now we know more stuff. ...do you think Mr. Chen knows any of that? Maybe we should tell him too." He shifts a little, then asks Spear, "Need a hand with anything?"

Ashley arches an eyebrow at Spear. "The girls //spread// out? Phrasing, Spear, phrasing." She puts down the salt and rubs at her arms. "At least your heating has come back on. So the big ancient vampire is actually wandering around our town? That's...worrying."

"That's awesome of you, Spear, thank you. I was a little worried about driving anybody home tonight." Does she send a glance in Thea's direction with a tiny grin? She does. "Hey, don't knock it. Good company is better than a good mattress any day of the week." Maybe that came out wrong, but if it did, Mona does a fair job of adopting her best 'meant to say that' expression as she sets down the salt, and starts pushing herself up to her feet to fetch the satchel.

Spear has started to pull foam matting out from under his bed. He nods to Zane and says "Extra blankets in the cupboard. Like a big sleep over! Anyone who needs a bed can use mine, I made it up fresh. I can sleep anywhere. We should definitely make sure Mr. Chen knows this stuff." He is about to say more, then Ashley says that, and he flares up, his dark skin darkening further "Yeah, it is. But it doesn't sound like _he_ is the cause of the recent ruckus. Sounds like Fran is going to make a play for power, and wants to use us for it." He chews the side of his lip and he smiles at Mona. Spear looks tired now, and he, Hector, Star and Silver are all pretty cold to the touch. He yawns, and he says "...this is gonna sound weird but I had no idea I had such good friends until this year."

"I'll take the bed" Ashley smiles gratefully to Spear as she gets to her feet. Then a look between Thea and Zane. "Unless someone else needs it..." Too late, she sitting on the edge and bouncing on the mattress. "Of course you had good friends, Spear, you just needed to interact with them more. You do know that when Amy beats you up she's expressing affection. It means you're worthy of her attention. But she won't beat you up anymore."

"Dude," Mona says with a slow shake of her head. "Sure, we only traded birds and hats with birds on them really before this year, for the most part?" Her shoulders rise and fall, and she rolls her shoulders in a slow stretch. "But I've known Star forever, and... well, we may be part of the bitch brigade, but still. It's not like I wouldn't have your back with a word. Just gotta let us know what's going on, yeah?"

There's a tiny grin over to Zane, and she asks, "Well, since we already passed the Princess and the Pea test... pick a patch of floor?" Not that she looks especially thrilled by the notion of floorspace, but for all the posh lifestyle the Marchants boast, she doesn't seem to mind, either.

Zane pinkens a touch at Ashley's remark on the phrasing of Spear's comment as well, and just nods back to the guy, heading over to the indicated cupboard to start hauling out blankets. And then there's Mona's remark and he goes just a little bit pinker still. But at least there are blankets to hide behind. "How're we gonna identify Swindon if he's walking around and not in the rock, though? Or... do we need to? I mean if he's not gonna like this stuff maybe we should tell... him?" The logic feels like it's faltering, somehow. He gives Spear a bright grin for the friendship thing, instead, and... picks a patch of floor. Foam-covered floor, please. "I always thought we were all kinda awesome." Friendswise.

Spear waves Ashely towards the bed. He is fine with that. After a moment, he says to her "I get distracted a lot." He really does. He got lost seven times on the camp trip, once in a gorge. Spear wrinkles his nose "Hmmm. I thought she was expressing dominance? But that could work too." And then he says to Mona "I like...I mean, I like a lot of people! You! Ashley. I mean, I like people. But this is like... I told you people we speak to ghosts and no one freaked out and you all helped out. That is pretty unusual stuff!" He beams, and then he says "We may not need to. If we can get Fran to fight Bubba, maybe we can stay out of it. Let the bigger guys smack it out...well, we can see." He helps roll out more foam mats. They all look suspiciously like those used at the bottom of coffins, but no one but Thistles would get it, right? Spear yawns, and then wriggles out of his suit, without thinking about it. He has black boxers underneath "Bathroom's down the hall. Toilet has a lock 'coz there's soooo many Thistles. There's another toilet opposite direction. And I'm fallin' over. We can think about it all more tomorrow."

"Hopefully, we never need to find this Lord or Lady Swindon Mr. Chen was talking about," Mona murmurs with a resigned sigh. The sight of Zane's slowly brightening blush has her smile perking around the corners in a horribly mischievous manner all the same. She shifts the bag of 'supplies' over to a corner away from the mats, but in easy reach, should anyone want to partake of the cupcakes or, more likely, the booze, before straightening and shrugging once, languid as a cat. "There are vampire bikers, apparently there's a family of werewolves, piles of witches, and maybe the weirdest thing is the little Chinese guy running the anglophile paradise over the bridge, so." She sinks to a seat on the edge of the mat, arms up, waiting for blankets.'