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The Best Laid Plans
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Cash Freeland  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Big Ben's
Date  •  2019-10-17
Summary  •  People plan a post full moon getaway, Poor Bastards.

Jade drove. It was time to go out for coffee, and he does love to drive his red Ferrari. He snags a table and orders a latte. He seems pretty upbeat today. Way more upbeat now that Spear is back. "So, let's talk about Vegas," he says. "I was thinking a suite with a hot tub. We'll see what we can book on short notice. I can get a couple bottles of Cristal. We'll stuff them in our luggage, no one's really going to care."

Hector is wearing the tee shirt with the brand new Skittles logo "Taste the Rainbow" and the arrow pointing down. Luckily he is wearing cargo shorts and not the ones judged to violate the PDA agreement. He has himself a chocolate malted and a plate if fries to share, "And the brownies. Don't forget the brownies."

Felicity gets a fifty-fifty freeze - orange soda blended with vanilla ice cream. She considers Hector for a moment and then does the by now more or less usual thing of ordering a bunch of sharable stuff - fried zucchini, onion rings, chicken fingers. "Okay. So... we're hitting Circus-Circus for rides and fairway games. Do we want to see any shows while we're there?" She pulls a coin out of her pocket and starts playing with it once she's seated.

Cash wasn't available when called and the reason is apparent soon after the trio sits. Cash was already here. Did he park around back? He struts out of the back of the shop. He's finally received his graduation gift from his uncle it seems. Black leather jacket. Brand new. Biker style in that close fitting way. His face is bright with complete and total delight. And then he sees his people. He rushes to have a seat. "Didya see the green motorcycle outside?" His eyes are wide and excited. There was one. A standard, older one. Clean and shiny though. "He said I had to match." A waitress follows behind Cash and sets down a milkshake. He nods in thanks.

"I've never in my life forgotten the brownies," Jade tells Hector solemnly. He then tells Felicity, "We should consider seeing a show if there are any good ones. I like the ones where the dudes on the motorcycles are in the round cage." Speaking of which, he grins at Cash. "Hey, congrats."

Hector immediately starts stealing fried zucchini once they arrive. "Do we know what's playing? I kind of always wanted to see Cirque du Soleil." He flashes Jade a grin, "I knew I could count on you, man.... Ooo! sure! Motorcycles in cages sounds fun!" His eyes go wide when he sees cash and he darts over to hug him, huffing the sent of the leather, "You have a Motorcycle?"

Felicity blinks and starts to say something and then anyone paying attention can see the moment she decides not to say it instead and she gives Cash a bright smile. "Hey. Looking great." Flash-flash-flash goes the coin a little more quickly. "One of those shows could be a lot of fun. Or Siegfried and Roy, maybe." She grabs a chicken finger.

"Yes." Cash squeaks before shaking his head to regain composure. He took that hug stiffly, only because he was trembling like a happy little dog. "He had it imported from the UK. I have to spend all summer learning how to drive it. And he choose the present because he swears my car is too big for L.A. But...sorry. Still some shock. Most of it's gone. So...Las Vegas? I really want to see at least one show. Magic but...anything will be awesome with the company." He beams at everyone before moving to sit closer to Felicity. He winds an arm around her and kisses her cheek. "I like the coin fidget. It's pretty in your hand." He regards Jade. "Get the biggest, sickest room or set of rooms you can. Like hot tubs and big windows and flashy views. This is /the/ blowout trip before college as far as I'm concerned."

Jade says, "I've seen Siegfried and Roy. Cirque du Soleil might be interesting. We can go around to any of the resorts we want, so wherever they are, it doesn't matter. I just want to make sure we go somewhere with a pool because I need to get my swim on." More like he's got to show off in his skimpy-ass swim trunks to feed his ego. "Anyway, let's be spontaneous about shows. That's part of the fun, right? To show up and see what there is to see?"

Hector must have caught Felicity's look, given his quizzical expression, but he'd learned his lesson about asking when they change their minds, "Oh yeah, that could be fun. Big cats! Magic!" He seems charmed by Cash's excitement. He settles back in and raids the chicken fingers. "I want to get my swim on too."

Felicity's eye flutter closed at the kiss on her cheek and her smile gets a little warmer and then she's blinking and almost fumbling the coin for a moment before it picks back up, albeit more slowly. And she's blushing, now "Oh. I... yeah." She leans against in against Cash. "Okay, playing shows by ear based on what tickets we can get or what strikes our fancy works."

Cash pulls Felicity in close, a flicker of concern passing over his expression. A moment and then gone. "I mean, as much as I would love to make an itinerary for us, plotting every moment, every hour, down to swimming but, uh, I won't. I-I like planning. I like schedules. B-But...I'm trying to be flexible." He's all warmth and happiness, his excitement settling. "I'll wear my speedos for you two. Felicity didn't get to see /us/ on the swim team, Aitch. My mom has pictures but she needs the full experience."

"If you guys want to plan for yourselves, that's fine," Jade says. "I just don't want to tell everyone else 'oh this is what we all have to do' when they might not be into it, or the might want to do something else. We should, at the very least, have a place we meet up to discuss what to do next, though. The suite or a cafe or something."

Hector plays with one of Cash's curls, "When I think of that pool I think of you in braids, the moment you forgave me, and everything changed." He looks between Felicity and Jade, "I'm happy to do whatever. Plan or don't plan. I'm going to be with some of my favorite people and that's what matters to me.

Felicity stretches up to kiss Cash on the cheek, eyes sparkling. "Speedos, hmm? Yes, yes, I do think I need that full experience. I'm sorry I missed it." Her eyes flick over to Hector and she grins and then gives Jade an apologetic look. "Sorry. We'll be good." And she settles back in against Cash's side, shifting to spinning the coin against the table instead of dancing it around her fingers. "Yeah, check in times and locations makes sense. We can divide up when we want to do different things and then have meet-up points. That works. For me, at least."

"I /can/ plan. Okay. Awesome. I will make calls and reservations for a few things. It'll ease my mind." Cash puts his hand on Felicity's, stopping the coin from hitting the table. "Please no. The sound." He pauses a moment. "The older I get, the more fucking crazy things I collect." He gets up from the table. "...Oh, I need the loo. I'm fine." He kisses Felicity to assure her of this and Hector gets a peck on the top of the head as he passes to the bathroom.

Jade gives the three of them a flat look, alleviated somewhat by Felicity's apology. "We'll try to make sure everyone in each group has a pager," he says. "That way, if plans change, we can still communicate. I have one, my sisters do. We can pick up a few more if we need to. I mean I'm sure I have a half-dozen old ones somewhere."

Hector says fiercely, "Not crazy. Different isn't crazy." He scooches over the better to provide Felicity a place to lean, kissing the top of her head. "I've never used a pager. Very swank.

Felicity winces a little and tucks the coin away once Cash releases it, then leans in against Hector instead and sets about eating. "Oooh, yeah, those can be useful. And I have a LOT of quarters at the moment so we can make sure everyone has a bag of them for pay phones."

"I just bill my dad for payphones," Jade says. "When I forget to carry change, I mean. Anyway, it looks like we've got the bare bones of a plan. I intend to be with Spear the whole weekend, whatever he wants to do. There was some ghost-hunting stuff we didn't get to do last time, and I think there might be a taxidermy museum."

Hector says, “I don't mind you know. When it's just us. The coin." He looks really excited, "A Taxidermy museum and a ghost tour? Can I go on those or would it be intruding?"”

Felicity kisses Hector's cheek and gives him a bright smile. "Yeah, but the food's getting cold, so I should free up my hand anyway. And excellent. Now Hector and I just have to keep Cash from over buying tickets."

"I don't see why it would be a problem," Jade tells Hector. "Most of those places aren't exactly set up for romance. Though it is Spear, so if I give you a look, it might be time to give us some space." He grins. "I don't understand that man of mine, but it keeps things interesting."

Hector laughs, "I hadn't thought... you're very right, Red." He's raiding the fried zucchini again, "Why are these so addictive?" He smiles softy, "I promise to make a tactful retreat if the mood strikes him."

Felicity grins claiming a few of the zucchini fries before they're all gone. "The ghost tour sounds like fun. I'm less certain about the taxidermy museum, but I can probably find something else to do for that." She bumps her head against Hector's shoulder. "Because you need to eat more vegetables, but these let you pretend that they're junk food. So you get nutrients and fat and salt."

Hector curls an arm around her and cedes the last of the zucchini fries, "This is a trick I can get behind." He drops his voice, "It's a little like a Honeymoon. The trip, I mean."

Jade drinks most of his latte, then sets down the cup. "I'll have to double check on the taxidermy museum," he says, "but I bet it would be cool. I mean, if it exists. The ghost tour was fun. Basically I'm going to do whatever Spear wants. Everything's fun with him."

Felicity laughs. "Well, then maybe I'll join you. Or... there must be a stage magic museum there, right? Maybe that would be fun." She grabs an onion ring and starts peeling the breading off and eating it separately before eating the naked onion.

Hector smiles gently, "I'm glad. God, I'm so happy you to are together." He kisses felicity's cheek, "I should check on Cash. I didn't know you were into stage magc, but it sounds like fun." he slides on out.

There is a sound, and Spear steps in. He is wearing a bright yellow t-shirt with 'BEES!' written on it, and his dark red leather pants. The ones Hector helped him get. Big boots too. He is _skinny_ now, instead of merely thin, but looking pretty good for someone who was kidnapped for a couple of weeks. Spear glances around, trying to spot Jade - and others.

Jade waves to Spear when he sees him. "A museum of magic would be fun," he says. "And I know Vegas has that." He finishes off his latte. "I'll make a few phone calls once we pin down when we're going. Hell, it might be after the full moon at this rate. One way or another, though, road trip."

Felicity drops her head into her hands and groans slightly. "Jade, tell me that I am correct that I should absolutely not tell either of them the mortality rate for motorcycle accidents." There's a deep sigh and then she sits up a little and reaches for another onion ring to pick apart. "Well. If it has to be after the full moon, it does. We can make it. It can be a celebration."

Cash returns, alone. His expression is that of mild astonishment. "So, my uncle kind of...kidnapped Hector. I think he's about to press him for 'what are your intentions?' kind of talk. Because I talk about you two. A lot. With him..." He shrugs. "He and my Aunt are hippies so...our relationship, with the three? No big. Hi Spear. Yellow and red are my favorite colors now." He drops down beside Felicity. Red and gold are USC colors and those are the colors on his braces, as seen by his big grin. "Did you see that older green motorcycle outside? That's my grad gift." Along with the swank leather biker style jacket he's wearing. "Something something, L.A. traffic and June being too big."

Spear moves on over and siiiidles down next to Jade. He fakes a yawn, and puts an arm around him, and then blinks slowly at the others with a feline look. And then he says "Wait, who the what now?" And he shakes his head, and then he says "I don't understand what is happening." But that is usual for him. And instead he just clears his throat and says "Hi Cash and Felicity!" He says "What, you got a grad gift? Holy cow." He grins and thumbs up "You look really cool in that jacket! My parents are kind of surprised I graduated, heh."

Jade holds up his hands and tells Felicity, "That's all on you, I'm afraid. They won't listen to me anyway." Then he slips his arms around Spear and gives him a kiss. "Hey, handsome." He's about to get his public cuddle on when his pager goes off. He glances at the number on it, then says, "Crap. I gotta call this guy back." He gives Spear another quick kiss, then slides out of his seat. "I'll try to make this quick," he says. Then he heads out to the street and the nearest phone booth.

Felicity's eye widen as Cash says he talks about her. To his uncle. a LOT. That poor onion ring she'd grabbed really didn't deserve what she's doing to it, ripping bits of breading off. "I... Umm... Should I be expecting one of these talks as well?" Jade gets a distracted wave. Well, at least she's now got a whole new thing to worry about.

Cash furrows his brow as Felicity's eyes widen. He waves off Jade as well and says, "Probably not. He knows you. You were my best friend. Hector? He broke my heart last year and everyone in my family had to bear witness to the fallout." He explains, plainly. "He trusts you. Hector has to earn it." He shrugs and his brow relaxes as he looks to Spear. "I tried to get us to head north to Vancouver. The forests and parks up there must have Sasquatch activity and I promised you I'd take you hunting." Cash did. Over a year ago, while snuggling with Spear in the cemetery. "I want to be--I /am/ a man of my word, Spear. We will look for Bigfoot...just not this summer. I was overruled." He chuckles.

Spear watches Jade go and he puts his chin in his hand. He knows Jade is probably talking to his drug dealer. He gives a faint smile, and then he scritches behind his ear as Cash talks about is uncle. Then he says "Yes, I'd like to go hunting. Man. I've been. I've been wishing we could maybe all just leave?" He frowns a little, and then he sighs, and he says "I'm worried about Jade here? What if something happens to him? Or you guys."

Felicity relaxes a little as Cash explains. "Oh... Yeah. I keep sort of forgetting that part. You both seem so solidly together to me. Alright." She looks down at the pile of breading in front of her and winces a little, then sets about eating the evidence, naked onion first, then pieces of breading. "Well, we're planning for Vegas and we'll all be off at college soon enough. And... if we leave, there's nothing to stop her going after our families or our friends. Even if we all leave, there'd be a lot of people left here she could target. I... I don't know."

Cash frowns and nods grimly. "If we can run the Painkillers out of town or...whatever." He clears his throat. "Our families are safe. My mom and dad and Ms. Hellenbrand and Jolene...safe. I can't /just/ leave without insuring that, if it is at all possible for me to do so." He sighs. "But, trust me, Spear...I've talked myself out of leaving a million times. I've even...gotten a ride to the bus station and changed my mind halfway there. Because, it's not just me anymore. No matter how cowardly or selfish I am...I--I love these people."

"I know," says Spear to Felicity "And...and I know. I just. I had guns pointed at my head for days. And I had to try to do some stuff I'm not entirely proud of. I mean. Things I, uh, well. I didn't cheat on Jade. I tried though. UGHHHHH." He then says "I don't know how to run anyone out of town. I've already really hurt someone. I mean, really badly hurt someone." He clears his throat "I'm glad you aren't leaving but I'd be _happy_ if everyone did. Because then you'd be safe."

Felicity nods to Spear. "I know several of us wish we could have taken your place in having to go through that and I wish you didn't. And I'm pretty sure we're all clear on whatever you needed to do to survive being good. We're working on plans. And... yeah." She sighs and leans against Cash, again, not quite clinging, but clearly taking comfort in the touch, then grabs a chicken finger. Apparently those get to keep their breading while being eaten.

Cash winds his arm around Felicity and gives her a squeeze. "I tried to trade...I begged to take Ash's place. I'd had a drink and she hadn't but..." Cash shakes his head, as if to clear it. "I want to flee. They intended to kill me. Possibly Hector too. So, I get that part. We just need to push to the full moon, prepared to mount an offense. No surprises. And we end it. And then I am loading up June and getting out before lunchtime. Los Angeles. City of Angels." He smiles at Felicity. "I got one right here." He kisses her head, stealing a whiff of her hair.

"You should come to New York with Jade and me," says Spear, as if such things are that easily changed "Then we could all be together in a big loft. I promise I wouldn't make it weird. I wouldn't be all strange about it." He glances at Felicity and he nods, and then he says "Well, I did learn that I couldn't seduce anyone. Like, not even if my life was at stake." He gives a faint smile, and then he reaches out for Jade's abandoned drink "They probably _intend_ to kill everyone. I don't think we can trust any of them."

Felicity breathes in Cash's scent as well, "Hey, what are the plans for your old jacket?" This clearly directed to Cash, then she opens her eyes and shrugs a little at Spear. "We've got things we want to do in L.A. But we'll come visit and you guys will come visit and I'll set up an IRC channel or a BBS or something for us all to communicate on, so it will feel like we're still close."

"Oh, I would have applied to Julliard if I wanted to sing opera or play in some random city's orchestra." Cash rolls his eyes. "I'm, apparently, a vocalist. I want to be a rock star or even pop. And USC has a program for popular music. I did apply to somewhere near the Ivy Leagues, since Ash was planning on going East but my GPA slipped a little early in the year." Cash is a good student, usually. As, Bs. But not spectacular. "So the East was hit and miss. And then Hector said he was going back to Cali. And that changed everything. But, we plan to visit. Christmas. It'll be a shitty one for Hector so I want to distract him." He says to Felicity, an aside. "That's when his mother passed away. Last Christmas. So we need to take extra care of him, yeah?"

"Anyway, the Painkillers have a plan of sort so...we have to try and thwart it." He finally remembers his milkshake and regards Felicity after a sip. "Hector has dibs on my last one, but I literally kept every single one that didn't like, fall apart. So, you can come over and sniff one out you'd like. My uncle gave me one every time I grew out of one, and then a new one every year of high school. He knew the smell was important to me."

"O...oh," says Spear at the shrug "Well, fair enough. Yes, we could save up for a train ticket." He still thinks like a Thistle - not a Marchant. And that is not an amount of money he is used to having "Oh, man, internet things. I do have friends online I can talk to about Cryptids." He frowns suddenly "I used to like Cryptids more before I met them."

Spear then says to Cash "I'm not going to a university. My marks aren't good enough, and, uhhh, there's no way I'm wasting that much money. But I'm going to get a job to support Jade while he's doing stuff. If he needs it! Anyway, I'm going to go into work," says Spear, and he clears his throat "I'll make sure I can help Hector out, too. I'll have time." He purses his lips and he says "Wow. Er. Smells. You guys, and smells."

Felicity nods to Cash. "Okay. And yeah, I'd gathered." Then she sighs. "Yeah... I mean, the others could suck less, but, yeah. And I think Hector has some money. And the area we'll likely end up in isn't the most expensive. Weirdly USC is the expensive college, but in kind of a bad part of town. And UCLA is the state school, but is over by like mansions and things. But we'll either end up near USC or between there and Pasadena to make my commute easier and that area's lots of hispanic neighborhoods and like lower middle class at best." Then she blinks at Spear. "Smells are more closely tied to memory than any other sense." She seems confused.

"Leather somehow became tied to comfort for me." Cash shrugs. "I was a little kid so I don't know why. And jackets can be pulled tight or held onto..." Cash trails off, shaking his head. "Oh, dude, Spear...I want you to be happy and with Jade as long as he makes you happy. Going to college for me wasn't my choice. Ms. Hellenbrand--Vivi always wanted to go to conservatory but she couldn't...for numerous reasons. So, when I showed a little talent? She started to save. And my parents were saving for Ash and I, of course...and I worked for my dad and over half of that ended up in savings. So, by the time I was standing in a hallway, waiting to audition? I realized I wasn't quite sure how I got there. It was college or Freeland Roof and Floor." He cringes. "Hard pass." He glances to Felicity and nods a little. "I think he has an inheritance? Between that, and savings and a little scholarship? We'll pool and be fine."

"Hector _is_ Hispanic," says Spear "Well, I mean. Our family's blended. I'm black, he's Hispanic, our older brother is white, sooooo. It's a whole thing. Rainbow family." He spreads his hands, and then he says "...I have like, a vested interest in not gettin' hot over Cash again, Felicity. And if I think too much about stuff I'll get tangled up and dumb." He takes a breath, and then he says "Jade makes me happy. He does. He's nice, and maybe it's because we're all a little older than we were? I don't know." He nods, listening, and he says "Silver's going to University, and so is Star. I kind of make...do anywhere I go, you know? I never really have problems. It's always dumb luck."

Felicity nods. "As long as I don't manage to get arrested... or dead... I'm going to Cal Tech. They have officially not rescinded my acceptance. So. Yay. And I know Hector's Hispanic. But I also know that most of the heavily Hispanic neighborhoods in L.A. have cheaper housing prices because they're a lot more likely to be working class neighborhoods. But that also means good, cheap food, usually and houses we can afford. So it all works out." She kisses Cash's cheek. "And, just for the record, you got there by being talented and working on your music. And keeping your other grades up enough. Even if other people gave you the map, you still had to follow it."

Cash is left blushing at Felicity's words. "I-I thought piano would be my college thing. T-That's all." He drains his milkshake. "Hector doesn't speak Spanish. I probably speak more than he does because I took it all four years. So, bring on the neighbors. They come for the brown kid, but it's the redheaded giant who talks." He laughs. "I'm very, very lucky to be loved and to be going to a school I love." He looks at Spear, eyes soft. "And you are lucky too, man. We just have to get...through the rest of our time here. And our life begins anew." A pause. "And Hector would speak Portuguese, if anything. Still unhelpful."

Spear frowns, internally. Maybe he is adding up how much places cost, here and there. Trying to work out how he can _really_ afford to survive in New York - away from so much that he knows. At some level, he does actually worry about that kind of thing. He knows he is not quite the brain most around him are. Spear puts his chin in his hand, and he says "Mmm. Hard work." That, even Spear will admit, is not something that he is good at. He sighs a bit, looking up towards the ceiling, and he picks up a coaster, and he begins to fold it "Heh. Well, I'd put money on Hector being able to throw down, frankly." He frowns a bit "Yeah, we have to get through stuff. Man, my parents are never going to forgive me for 'runing off' for a bit." He then says "You know, at least I know I'm useless to vampires. They didn't try to make Ashley or me drink. Weird though, right? They have eternity. So why do they want _everything_ ready by the next full moon?"

Felicity snorts. "I speak Spanish as well, so... yeah, they'll be so confused." She beams and goes back to leaning her head on Cash's shoulder, but Spear's question causes her to frown. "Yeah... that... I wonder if George ever managed to talk to Chen. That does kind of sound like something's happening that means pushing the issue now instead of later. Or maybe having eternity just means realizing how much you have to keep on top of things or they never happen."

"Spear. That face..." Cash sighs. "Dude, are you seriously worried that you will have trouble surviving in New York? You are going to be with Zane, for one, who got into fucking Julliard. Thea, Mona and oh, almost forgot, Jaden Marchant...your rich boyfriend. Who loves you. You have nothing to worry about. You are going to be as kept a man as you'd like." He laughs. "In the next four years, I will end up having to work and save again and I'll probably fall back to roofing." Hard work is one thing that comes easy to Cash. Busting his ass for four years worth of weekends and breaks with the family business was never a big deal to him. School work, even his problem subjects, were just another thing. Music? Radio? He stayed busy and has never complained. Until he disappeared by running away, no one knew what bothered him. It was his social awkwardness the whole time. That'll give him grief as long as he lives.

"Why the next full moon? That's the 64,000 dollar question. I hope someone can talk to Chen, shed some light. We don't have enough information to fight but...we gotta." He frowns and nudges Felicity. "Gimme a coin?"

"But we're all super freaked out and not going out at night any more," says Spear "It'd be way easier to just wait and be more subtle, right? Or jump on our parents. Why _us_? We're hiding. That is really weird." And then Spear gives Cash a slightly awkward smiles, a little goofy "I know, I know! But it's not...the same thing as doing it yourself, is it?" he says to Cash "How would you feel if Hector was the only one pulling his weight - or Felicity here? You know that it's important." And then he blows out through over his lips "I couldn't do roofing. But I can do mortuary work, and I guess that freaks people out." He watches Cash and Felicity - and the coin.

Felicity blinks at Cash and pulls a handful of change out of her pocket and holds it out to him. There are two different kinds of silver dollars, a 100 peso coin, something that looks Chinese with a hole in the middle, something that's silver around the edge and gold in the middle, a LOT of quarters, and some nickles and dimes and things. She frowns a little. "What do you want the coin for?" Then she glances at Spear. "We all pull weight in different ways. You make Jade healthier by keeping him happy and giving him a reason to want to stick around instead of check out. Our worth is not determined by the money we bring in. Or it shouldn't be anyway."

"Uh. I need to clarify." Cash says and takes a little breath. "I value my independence too, Spear. I do. We aren't hurting for money, as Freelands. But...I suppose I set my mind into doing things my own way and some of that meant hard work. But, if I fell? I'd always have my family to fall back on. If something terrible happened and it was just me? I can sell the businesses, if nothing else. That's what I mean by being with others in New York, being with Jade. Work hard. Get your taxidermy certification or go into mortuary sciences. That is the term. I looked it up. Hell, I'm going to make an attempt at getting my Electrician cert next summer. It's all about having a safety net. And you, Spear? You have a nice, soft place to land. Also, Silver will be like...a day away by train? Virginia's not another planet."

He laughs at the sheer amount of coinage Felicity has. "And I thought that jingle was you getting your wings." He picks up a silver dollar. "Felicity has a good point. Jade will be healthier when he's happy and has a thing to work towards. You are helping him too. You are so awesome." Back to Felicity. "I just...wanted something from you and I think the coin is it. That said, please show me how to like, flip it over your fingers. I need something else to fidget with. I've been picking my t-shirt hems. Weird. Teach me."

"It's definitely all about the safety net," says Spear "I don't think I realized before how, er, you know. Look, I hit a guy, and hurt him a lot, and it _was_ because he had us stuck, but it made me realize I don't even know how to fight!" He spreads his hands "And while folk are pretty good _here_ about weird relationships, we all have to be careful going elsewhere." He nods. He does believe he helps Jade, and he believes Felicity and Cash when they say it "Phew, the thing is. I just. You know. I'm going to miss things? And when we all move away, that's it. Childhood, I guess, is resolved - or we'll all stop being teenagers. We're going to become different people. It's got to be, erm. Like. Well. We're not in a relationship, anymore. And I like Jade. But everything is very final." He frowns, and he says "Ehhh. It'll be good. It was just a gross way to end the school year for me." He smiles, dry, and then he says "Oh. I see." The coin makes sense.

Felicity blinks. "Oh. Okay. Sure." She keeps the 100 peso piece and stuffs the others back in her pocket. "I will warn you, at the beginning you're probably going to suck and drop it a lot. Also, you may want to try different coins, the size and thickness and what the edges are like can all make a difference. It'll be slow at first. So you start with it between your pointer and middle finger like this and then you sort of encourage it to fall across the back of your middle finger until you can kind of catch it with your next finger... see." She's demonstrating, having slowed the motion down, there's a nod to Spear. "Yeah. Yeah, I can see that. I think we're all going to miss things, but if things stay the same forever, that's not really life."

Cash is trying the coin thing and he is, indeed, failing. The coin falls twice before he grabs a few napkins. He places them under his hand to deaden the sound. He's weird but he finds work-arounds. "I...I have loathed most of my time in high school. I was awkward and uncomfortable and I still didn't know why. I was inhaling all this food and I was tired and achy because of my super fucking growth spurts and puberty peaking. To me? This is escaping. This is a fresh start where I understand and accept who I am. My brain is wired differently and that's okay. Hector made me begin to realize it. Felicity came back and showed me..." He looks at her and drops the coin. "You showed me that even different can be...different but still click. Hector had to take care of me for a while and I thought that was all we had. All I would have. But no. You came home." He looks away, even though eyes don't meet, he can't even face her for too long. "Anyway, uh, you are going to a place that snows, Spear, so like, tell me all about that, okay? My point is, I can't see it the same way. This isn't an ending. It's a beginning. We'll grow up and maybe even grow apart but I will always, always carry you with me, Spear. You, your family, Jaden...all of you go where I go."

Spear watches Felicity and the coin, silent for the moment. He seems to be a little more talkative around Hector - though that _was_ mostly when they were fighting. Now that everything is resolving, finishing, he does not have quite as much to tie him to this place. And he knows it. Of all of them, Spear is suddenly more than a little uncertain about it. Then again - recently he was shown that being a grownup does not always come with things to enjoy. Maybe, instead, with the near certainty of a horrible death. Funny how, even with talking to ghosts, it was abstract before he was grabbed.

Spear says "I know. Things have to change. And I'm not sure I'm going to go on to study more. I think I'll work in hospitality, so I can meet lots of different kinds of people. I'd love to run a ghost tour." And then he says to Cash "...I always thought you were cool. I liked being near you, and your weird growth spurts. But I don't, erm. Have a 'type of guy' the way I have a 'type of girl'. I definitely have a girl type I go for." He chews the side of his mouth, and he says "I'm looking forward to snow. And Christmas in New York."

Felicity is looking at Cash like he hung the moon, again, even if she's carefully not looking in his eyes. "I did. I came home. I think I'll always come home to you." Then she blushes and looks down at her hand, going back to flipping the coin faster, occasionally dropping it between her fingers to flip under instead. Then she blinks at Spear, suddenly distracted. "You do? What type of girl do you go for? And ghost tours with you would be awesome, so I highly approve of that career choice for you. You'd be great leading them."

"People seem to think they have to avoid my eyes...like, like I'll catch on fire. You don't have to avoid it. I'll just always look away." Cash explains, laughing a bit. "Like how I flinch when people touch me but I clearly like to be touched." He regards Spear with a warm expression. "I thought you were cool too, Spear. That's why I asked you out. I still think you are one of the coolest people I will /ever/ know. I love you still, though differently. We just...didn't light. We sparked but Hector and I ignited. While Felicity was sitting on that back burner. Warm and waiting." He pinches her on the side, playfully. Back to Spear. "So, what kinda girl? Butch like Amy? Soft and sensual like my Venus." He purrs that last sentence. "We will need to find Hector soon and get out of here, if you want?"

Spear puts his chin in his hand "Amy," he says "Er, though it's been explained to me that, erm. Well. I'm really bad at telling what people are going to like. For example. Boys. At all? And I know she was mean. But there's something about those tough Lester girls. You know?" He sighs. And then he says to Cash dryly "Man, I still have a crush, but I will eventually - not - get over it. I will ignore it." Then he says brightly "Butch! I like butch - girls - werrrr....Maybe you guys should get a room." It is said goodnaturedly - entirely.

Felicity blushes bright pink, though whether it's from what Cash says or what Spear says is unclear. Still she clears her throat and tucks her own coin back into her pocket, while starting to rise. "Right. Find Hector. Rescue him from your uncle. Get out of here. Find a room. Sounds like a plan." She does flash Spear a quick smile, though. "See you around."

Cash is turning all shades of red. He gets up and hugs Spear. "Sorry. I can't help it. I shouldn't but...nevermind. Love is love." With that, he takes Felicity's hand. "Let's start in the back office..."

"I hope so. Call me if you guys decide you're moving to New York," says Spear, because hope lives eternal. He hugs Cash back, and then he says "Have a great night, Felicity!" And then Spear sits back to await Jade finishing his drug deal.