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Tea and Cookies
Characters  •   The Addict  •  The Martyr  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Location  •  Addict's Room
Date  •  2019-05-15
Summary  •  Thrill-Seeker comes to hang out with Addict over cookies and tea. Later, Martyr joins them.

An invitation has been given to come hang out. There's tea and booze to doctor it with, and some cookies to nibble on. Briar is in a long tie-dyed dress made of some fimly fabric that clings and looks super soft. Their hair is loose in curls around their shoulders, and they're clean shaven today. They're sitting cross-legged on their big bed with a cup of tea, barefoot as always.

The Thrill-Seeker has arrived at Briar's room with a plate of, no surprise, cookies! A mixture of chocolate chips, oatmeal, snickerdoodle, and coconut haystacks. There is a knock of their door and Cheer's new voice, deep but still warm, calls out, "Briiiiiiaaaaaar I have cooooookieeeeeees." She announces as she opens the door and strolls in with a big smile. Tonight she is dressed in more traditional PJs. The pink hearted cotton hass been replaced with red silk. As she comes over to the bed she sets the plate down and throws her arms open for a hug. "Hello beautiful!"

The Addict perks up, then gets to their feet so they can wrap their arms around Cheer. "Hello! Oh my god, I love snickerdoodles so much." Still, hugging is the priority, and they hug Cheer for quite some time before they're willing to let her go. "You look so beautiful," they say, stepping back to look them over. Then they pour her a cup of tea. "I'm so happy you're still with us. I always worry when we come back that someone won't make it."

"Yay! I had a baking binge. It feels good. AND I remembered Nenet's recipe and secret ingredient," Cheer says as she hugs them tightly in turn. Not seeming to want to release until they do. "You do too. I...was sort of surprised to wake up like this. But...not? It feels right. Better? I dunno," Her smile is still lop-sided and the dimples are there too. "A couple of use changed totally this time. It's...strange, but not in a bad way." She takes the tea and a sip as she moves to perch on the bed. "I was wondering...is it normal for faces that don't show up here to be seen again? Like...Industry and Dinny or, far better, Erik and Adam." She shoves the plate with snickerdoodles towards them.

"I think it's happened before," Briar says. "I swear Philomena was a dead ringer for that girl Evelyn? Evaline? I wonder if our minds conjure them that way, or maybe they're in a different facility than ours." They take a snickerdoodle and makes pleased noises as they bite into it. "Mmm, I love love love these. They taste so much better fresh."

The Thrill-Seeker smiles as the snickerdoodles are enjoyed. "I know. There really IS something to making it by hand. Something whatever it is that creates stuff can't manage," She says as she picks up a chocolate chip and nibbles at it. "I think Dare said something about that? Or maybe Arcade...how maybe we're all just in different facilities, but linked up. As good as any theory I suppose. How are you holding up, by the way?"

The Addict resettles on the bed and says, between nibbles of snickerdoodle, "Oh, I'm doing okay. I talked to Chance, and we're still so much in love, and we both understand we've made promises to others, so there's no jealousy. It was hard, though. Diamanto was a complicated creature." With a small sigh, they add, "And she ate a lot of people. I mean I can kind of see her point of view, but still, cannibalism."

The Thrill-Seeker nibbles on her cookie and smiles. "I am so glad to hear that. It's good that people here seem...more open minded? Certainly more than the two places I've been so far," She says with a bob of her head. The cookie disappears and she wrinkles her nose at the talk of diet. "Mmmm...I can totally understand that one. Oh do I...At least she had -some- discretion...Sekhmet didn't." She looks down at the coverlet, tracing the pattern idly. "I'm trying to not think about it...partly because the thing that is the most prominent is the excitement of it." Her smile flutters as she glances at Addict guiltily.

The Addict says quickly, "We can't hold gods and mythological creatures to mortal standards. We just can't. We'd go crazy if we tried to justify every fucked up thing they did." They take Cheer's hand and offer her a small smile. "At least we all did fucked up stuff, and we all share some of that burden. Can't judge anyone now, you know what I mean?"

The Thrill-Seeker smiles more assured by Briar's reassurance and squeezes their hand in turn. "Thanks, that does help. I was...feeling weird because of that part. But you are right. There really is not comparison or justification for them," She chooses an oatmeal cookie this time. "I never was one to judge people before either. Though now I say that, just watch next time I'll be some judgy bitch-face," And she sticks her tongue out playfully. "Heeyyy...would you mind if I smoked a clove? At least we can get those in here."

The Addict smiles crookedly, then waves a hand and says, "Sure, light up. I don't mind." They nod toward the hookah in the corner. "It's not like I mind tobacco too much. At least the specialty kinds are nice. It's funny, I don't ever really get the deep urge to get high while I'm here. I guess my system clears of toxins every morning anyway. Nothing to be addicted to. Not even smoking."

The Thrill-Seeker considers that as she pulls out a pack from a pocket and a lighter to go with it. Eyeing the hookah thoughtfully as she lights it up. "Mmmmm...always nice to ask. Though we should light that up too." She scoots over a bit and offers the clove to Briar. "Yeah, a good point there. Though I find myself bored. At least baking and the Anywhere rooms help with that. Otherwise I don't know what I would do," She says with a shake of her head. "Only so much booze and sex even -I- can handle!" There's a wink as she chuckles. "I had a thought about why we all woke up at the same time...the bomb? What if it went off and none of us had a chance to know?"

The Addict takes a drag off the cigarette before offering it back. "Yeah," they say as they exhale. "We should have a smoking night. Fine alcohol, fine tobacco. They look at Cheer, then nod slowly and say, "Yeah, wow. I hadn't even thought about that. If it went off, maybe we all did die. It's not like we'd have known what hit us."

"Exactly what I was thinking. Either that or someone pressed the 'wake up' switch by accident?" Cheers says with a wave of her hand. The clove taken back and she draws on it. Small rings are blown out as she exhales. "Well, we're back here now. We're -us- again and it wasn't -too- horrible at least. Take the good when it comes. And yes, for sure. A drink and smoke night. I wish we could...you know, why don't we do it in an Anywhere room? That way we can have a Blockbuster and watch whatever we want as well. Make it a theme thing."

"It was hard," Briar says, "being married and so in love, and not knowing where we stood. Thankfully, he wants me, and I want him, and Dare still loves me, and Arthur." They consider for a moment, then nod and say, "Yeah, we can bring the hookah out to a room. Though I guess we could just have a hookah manifest in the room and save ourselves the trouble."

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head as she nibbles her cookie between puffs of the clove. Offering it back to them every other pull. "Ah, well, hard is different than horrible? Heh. But a good point. Arcade is having a real hard time...poor guy," She says with a shake of her head. "You make Dare happy. And Chance. And it just makes me smile when I think about it all," And indeed she does grin as she rolls onto her stomach. Feet kicking in the air as they talk and lounge. "We could have a hookar blanket fort complete with big screen tv!"

The Addict takes a drag when the cigarette is offered. "It took a toll on him," they say gently, "and when he hurts, I hurt. But aside from that, I'm doing all right." They grin broadly, then. "I like that idea. A blanket fort, big screen tv, smokeables, edibles, and pillows and cusions everywhere to lounge around. Pajamas mandatory. No street clothes."

"Absolutely! Pajamas or onesies?" Cheers offers as she grins. "This is becoming better and better. I like it. We get a kitchen there I can make -real- edible too!" There is a little wiggle of her shoulders in delight of the idea. "Well, at least you two have another. I know that'll help. And Chance needs to learn to talk TOO people as well as be talked too. What's his favorite cookie? I need to find out..."

"Either or," Briar says with a bright smile. "I'm not sure what his favorite cookie is. I know he likes chicken nuggets and boxed mac and cheese. He doesn't drink alcohol, but he likes Kool-Aid. You can probably win him over with those. I'm pretty sure he'd be happy with any cookies. I mean who doesn't like homemade cookies?"

The Thrill-Seeker chuckles and says, "Well true, but making someone their favorite is important! It means that you didn't just make whatever. You were thinking about them while you were whisking and mixing and all that. Your love and care for them is in every bite. It's different. At least I think so. But then...me and baking have a thing." Finishing off the tea she finds the cigarette drawing down and casts about for an ashtray. "What movies should we watch on our blanket fort extravaganza?"

The Addict admits, "I don't bake, so I don't know. I'll concede to your wisdom." They finally finish the snickerdoodle they've been savoring, and they take an oatmeal cookie next. They snag an ashtray and set it beside Cheer. "Gosh, I don't know any movies past 1989. Let's ask some of the 2018 people. They probably got better movies than we had."

The Thrill-Seeker sniffs a bit and says, "I happen to like Alien a lot." No one has ever really told her about -that- time. She knows there was a space mission, but other than that? Not knowing she goes on, "And Breakfast Club. OH! And Bedknobs and Broomsticks!"

"I didn't see a lot of movies," Briar admits. "Danny was so into music, he spent most of his free time on music. He saw a few movies, but they weren't really his thing. They didn't have movies in Martin's time, and I don't think Diamanto would've had the patience to sit through one. Maybe we'll take a vote on movies and tell people no horror flicks."

"Ohhh...all right, no horror," Cheers agrees with barely any hesitation. While she may find them fun even here, most people would not. And she can totally accept that. "I'll make up a list. I think Kimmy probably saw most every movie that came out from 83 to 89...or...well, not all of them. That was probably Raul," Another lop-sided smile creases her lips. "Leona...pictures in the 30s were a lot different. But she saw a few...they're fuzzy. I just..." She narrows her eyes and wrinkles her nose. "Nope...it's all wiggly."

"I can't see Dia enjoying them. Sitting still wasn't really her thing. Things like movies confused her. It was so strange being trapped in that feral mind. She was like a raw nerve, open and bleeding, all the time. Honestly, I'm surprised she restrained herself as much as she did." They shake their head. "Such an alien, wild mind. I think these past few days I've just been, like, trying to reconnect with myself."

The Thrill-Seeker reaches out to take Briar's hand now and give it a squeeze. "Kimmy was a bit like that. She could sit and often did, but she had other issues. Take a bunch of ritalin and then sit and watch 36 hours of whatever..." She shakes her head and says, "And Sekhmet...it's...hard to think about her. You're right, very alien. And my head hurts if I try and recall too many memories..." Trailing off for a minute she just kind of watched Briar eat their cookie. "Well, hopefully this is helping?"

The Addict nods quickly. "Oh yeah. This is great. This is why I wanted people to come visit. So we could reconnect as friends. We were friends there, too. And I know you and Dare... I know you two care a lot about each other, and I'm not jealous. I mean I'm covetous of our time together, but not jealous that he wants to spend time with others. I just want to make sure we're all cool."

"We are totally cool. And I understand about wanting your time to be yours. I totes respect that," Says Cheer with a bit of Kimmy sneaking in. "This is where we can be happy, love who we want, how we want, without any outside interference. I sure as hell don't want to stand in the way of that," She snags a macaroon this time and bites into the coconut goodness with a delighted sound. "We did have fun. Both times and in between. And I sure don't wanna fuck it up. So...yeah," And she laughs before taking a big bite of cookie.

The Addict nods quickly. "Exactly. Here's where we can love, and I totally won't encroach on your time with him. We all deserve a little one on one, I think." They glance aside somewhat self-consicously as they say, "Besides, you're one of my best friends here, and I think that's a friendship worth nurturing. I would have been heartbroken if you hadn't come back."

The Thrill-Seeker reaches out and lightly taps Briar on their nose as she smiles gently. "Yeah, me too. I mean, I plan on coming back! I don't want to leave what I've found here...even if I got the chance. Even with all the crazy and fucked up shit, for me? I dunno...it's worth it," She says before sliding over to give them a hug. "Do you have any soda? I think I want a Captain and Coke." Cause it is never too early for Cheer.

The Addict hugs Cheer closely. "Yeah, it's a weird life, but it's better than no life at all, and as long as we got each other, it's pretty good." They nod then and say, "Yeah, it's on the vanity. It's not very cold, but." They really need a minifridge in here. Take note, powers that be.

The Thrill-Seeker pops over to grab one and makes herself up a drink with every ease. "You want one?" She asks as she pours. "So...what do you think our next adventure will be? Not sure they can top being an actualy monsterous god..." There is humor in her tone, but also the need to keep talking. To spill the face with words to keep from thinking.

The Martyr arrives from The Facility - Hall of Rooms.

The Addict shakes their head and says, "I'll just take some Jack in my tea." They pour themselves another cup. They're in a long tie-dyed dress, their hair loose, and they're clean-shaven. "Gosh, I don't even want to think about the next one. I'm still getting over this last one. I hope it'll be later than 1989, though. I want to get to the part where life doesn't suck for you if you're gay."

The Martyr knocks softly, "It's Dare, Briar Love! I have ice cream!"

"That'd be nice!" Cheer agrees whole heartedly as she brings the bottle back to the bed. She doesn't flop down because there are cookies and such on the bed. The bottle is offered so they can pour their own amount as she sips her jack and coke. "Mmmm!" Around the cup and she quickly swallows. "We have cookies!" She calls back before giggling. Then aside to Addict admits, "I just...I need to keep my mind busy I guess. Last time was...too big. She was just...-too- big."

The Addict calls, "Come in!" They perk up visibly. Not only is it Dare, it's Dare with ice cream. Which pairs rather well with cookies! "Cheer and I are just taking our minds off everything." To Cheer, they say, "We definitely need a pajama party in a blanket fort, with movies and drugs. So we don't have to think about what happened. It was just too much."

The Thrill-Seeker has a big grin for Dare when he enters. "Except no horror movies, no matter how much Wendy and I may like 'em." With drink in one hand she fishes out another clove one handed. "I suggested a few. Bedknobs and Broomsticks for sure. Nice and happy, good guys win movie."

It is not only dare with ice cream, but a grinning Dare with one of those over the top ridiculous ten different flavor scoop sundaes with all the trimmings under a mound of whip cream and cherries. It's on a tray tolimit dripping and he's simply tossed a handful of just in case spoons on the side. He leans over carefully to kiss both of their cheeks. He shudders, "Bednobs and Broomsticks? That thing is terrifying. All hose creepy as fuck clothes marching all bby themselves.

The Addict sets aside their tea so they can get up and hug Dare, careful not to upset the ice cream. They kiss Dare on the cheek and gesture to the bed, where the impromptu party seems to be taking place. "I think we should take a vote on the movies. I want to see what they made after 1989, but Bedknobs and Broomsticks could be one of them. Danny liked Dangerous Liaisons. He thought it was clever."

The Thrill-Seeker makes a sound of delight at the sight of the sundae. "Ohhhhh my. That looks absolutely wonderful!" She says, the clove she had been pulling out forgotten. Cheek turned to that kiss and one returned. "It is not creepy! I never found it creepy...funny for sure...but then, that was Kimmy mind so," Her shoulders shrug and she reaches for one of the spoons. "Dangerous Liaisons?" She takes a bite with a cherry and chews thoughtfully. "Mmmm! Yes, I remember that one. I liked that too. OH! No...that's horror too.." She pouts a little as she thinks.

The Martyr settles happily enough on the bed. Oh! Dangerous Lisons was good one! I wonder if Michelle Pffeiffer and Uma Thurman had carreers. It was a shame about keanu Reeves. he was a tad Bill and Ted's excellent ncien Regime Adventure.... Hey, we should ask the future people if there are any good movies with queer characters that aren't about AIDS and dn't just have the gay characters as desexualied comic relief! I brought a bunch of spoons. I didn't know if you'd have guests, but I did promise you ice cream."

The Addict takes one of the spoons and starts in on the ice cream. "You're perfect," they say to Dare. "We could watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, too. Since we seem to be going through time all over the place. Danny really liked that one. It was way more his speed."

The Thrill-Seeker reaches out for another bite after shooting Dare a big grin. "Briar said the same thing. It's a good idea, I sure like it. Bet we could find a book of best movies or something too? But yeah, everyone votes. Puts in a list of good movies. Hummmm..." Eating another bite of ice cream as she considers. "That is a good one. I'd like that. Labyrinth was a fun one too."

The Martyr laughs and digs in, "oh! And back to the Future! I bet that aged well. Princess Bride... Oh god Labrinthe nd Bowie in thouse tight trousers. yum!"

"I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Labyrinth again," Briar says. They take another bite of ice cream, then tell Dare, "I talked to Chance." There's a tentativeness there. They take things so much harder than Dia did, and everything is so much scarier when one can feel fear.

The Thrill-Seeker reaches out to rest a reasuring hand on Briar's knee even as they eat. Plucking up another cherry she happily pops it in her mouth, step and all. Doing that thing with tying while the two talk.

The Martyr strokes Briar's cheek, "How'd it go, Love? Are we celebrating or consoling?"

"We're celebrating," Briar says, ducking their head as they smile. "He loves me, and I love him. It was so hard on him, the poor thing, and I'm going to be there for him. He tries to take care of everyone, and he's good at it. I'm glad he does it. But he needs someone to take care of him too, you know?"

The Thrill-Seeker is suddenly grinning at Briar reveals the good news. "I totally agree. Chance needs to be able to talk. I adore that man to bit, he was the first one to greet me. He deserves to have someone take care of him." She takes a small bite of strawberry. "You do too."

The Martyr beams at Briar all delight, "I agree and I'm so very glad for you both. I'll check in on him too. I... came out of this weidly... stable." He pops a cherry in his mouth and helps himself to whip cream and rocky road. "I just...I am really glad to be here with all of you." he tears up a little.

"He has Sennie, too." Briar says. "You would've known her as Misty, or Artemis. They love each other, too." Obviously Briar doesn't mind, given the givens. With a small smile at Cheer, they say, "People take good care of me. I don't have nearly as much trauma as some. Martin had a decent life. Danny's death was quick. I'm still kind of reeling from Dia, but she was happy."

"Awwww, honey!" Cheer says with a soft smile, sticking her spoon into the ice cream. Leaning forward to kiss him on the cheek and stroke his dark hair. "We were just telling each other the same thing. It's why we all get along so well," She says before leaning back for more ice cream. Because, well, it's gonna melt! "Misty?" She looks up in pleasant surprise, smiling. "Heh...good. Has anyone seen Fizz, speaking of taking care of people."

The Martyr nods, "I haven't seen her yet, but I hven't seen a lot of people. I think this one was rough for some folks. The long emertion and the... things we did unthinkingly. It's a lot to process." he returns Cheers kiss. "I haven't seen Fizz. Nikki made it though. Has anyone seen Seb?"

The Thrill-Seeker has a mouthful of sundae at that question. Looking thoughtful for a moment before shaking her head. "MmmMmmm," She says as she quickly swallows. "I haven't...I'll do another round of cookie deliveries," She says as she digs around with the spoon for a specific bite. "Man...Seb was amazing wasn't he?" She glances up from the sunday with another toothy smile at the others.

"I don't remember who Fizz is," Briar admits. "I haven't seen anyone except you guys and Chance. And Bik, briefly, but he retreated back into his room." They press to Dare's side and continue spooning ice cream. "Sebastian will always be a cousin to me," they say, not without warmth. "He was the first person I remember meeting in Prosperity, and he was so kind. I always think he's amazing."

The Martyr sighs, "Seb is always amazing. I'm just worried because... well the cannibalism and I'm not sure.... Has anyone seen Itzhak? Has anyone seen any of the mortal beloveds? I've a terrible worry that it may only be the wonders who come back." Smiles softly, "Fizz is Scott. Dean. Dionysius. Oh's... still not great, but not doing as badly as he was. I've not seen Bik since his breif appearance first night, poor guy."

"Oh...Scott or Dionysus," Leona explains almost in time with Dare. She shoots him a brief smile. "Can't say I have. And...don't be surprised about the mortals...Like I said, Erik...I'd seen him before. He was Adam at the Lodge."

The Addict says, "Oh! Gosh. Yeah, I hope he's okay. He's kind of a big deal." As for the mortal lovers, they just shrug and shake their head. "I don't recognize him from here before. But everyone has come back looking different. I wouldn't know who he was if he showed up. None of my girls are here. I think they were all..." They hate to say 'not real' so instead they say, "Somewhere else."

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head in agreement with Briar. "I like to think they're in another facility like this. Lamenting us not being there with us...or bitching about how often I took Erik for a ride," And she can't help but giggle. Then the brain freeze hits. With a cringe she pinches the bridge of her nose and lets herself lay back. "NNnNnnn! Ow ow ow! I'm going to let you two get some celebration in on this note," She says after waiting a few seconds for it to pass. Sitting up slowly to offer hug to Briar. Though Dare gets an actual kiss. Mmm, rocky road!

The Martyr says, “Yes! Let's hope there's a second Facility somewhere. Oh's asked about your Philly. I just wonder if... Seb might be grieving Itzhak is all. On top of all the murder and cannibalism, but I don't want to intrude if he's not ready for talking yet." He sighs, "I hope Fizz turns up soon. At least his sign's still there." He kisses Cheer gently.”

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head in agreemtn. "Yeah, he probably just needs some oatmeal raisin cookies to get things started," Probably referring to Fizz rather than Seb. "I'll see you both later. Baking time!" And she slides to her feet and takes her half-drunk glass with her. "Love you two!" She calls back into the room as she steps out.

The Addict hugs Cheer. "Take care," they tell her. They settle again at Dare's side. "Yeah, I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be feeling a lot of things. I still ache for my wife sometimes, even though I've never seen her in any guise since, and it feels like lifetimes ago."

The Martyr curls an arm around Briar and nuzzles her hair, "If you need to talk ever about any of it, I'm wlling to listen, Love. I never, ever want you to feel like you have to handle things alone if you don't want to."

The Addict rests their head on Dare's shoulder. "I don't feel like I have to handle things alone," they murmur. "Sometimes all I need is a little time to myself, but that's not the same thing. I'm actually doing okay." They sigh, then say, "Right now, I just want to kind of lay like this for awhile."

The Martyr rubs their arm, nose still buries in their hair, "We can stary like this as long as you like, Love, and when you need alone time I'll give you space. I miss my people, I really do, but this is home to me now and I'm happy here, even if some dark stuff happens here."