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Stick It Out
Characters  •   Esme Reed  •  Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - High School
Date  •  2019-08-31
Summary  •  There's not a lot of physical activity during PE, but there sure is some congregating and talking about things that have been and things to come. Nothing to do but stick it out, right?

Silver is dressed in shorts and a sports top all in red. Her hair is pulled back into a bun and away from her face. At the moment she sits on one of the benches, eyeing the rope that hangs from the ceiling with impatience and exhaustion. This is something she can do with fair ease as it's more agility than brawn to climb a rope. Already she's done laps with the others, so there's a fine sheen of sweat on her brow.

Landon is dressed for P.E. as well, even though he's not up to his usual athletic self, but to some, like the coach, they've chalked it up to his anemia. For both himself and Lucas. That explains the pale of his pallor and this new found and annoying weakness when it comes to physical activity. At least during the day.

Wearing a t-shirt with the short sleeves rolled up further to his shoulders and a pair of running shorts and sneakers, he's still donning his sunglasses. There's far too many windows in this gym. It's giving him a headache. As much as he used to love being in the game and exercising and all that crap, he really can't wait for the day to be over. Walking alongside his twin, having done laps of their own, he nods over to the girls, "I can't believe I used to enjoy doing this shit."

Esme takes forever to dress out for gym. Part of that is because she's not particularly competitive in athletics and doesn't like it and wastes time. Part of it is because she dresses for gym like she's getting ready for school, then takes just as long to change back into regular attire. This is all amplified lately because she has no energy, to boot, during the day. So between getting into the actual gym from the dressing room late and going in there early, that means she gets half-gym period and generally charms her way out of the complaining the gym teacher does at her.

She hasn't done any laps. She kind of walked around and did some impressive, boy-attention-getting-stretches in yoga-esque fashion to look like she was doing something, walked up and down the bleacher stairs, then sat down next to Silver to adjust her curled hair up in a high ponytail. She pulls lip balm from shorts pocket, puts some on while eyeing the other girl looking at the rope, then looks to where Landon and Lucas are, blowing the former a little kiss for effect and encouragement once she has new lip flush and gloss on.

"Why are you eyeing that rope like it's going to choke you if you try to climb it, Silver?"

ROLL: Lucas rolls brawn+1 for: [4]: x1 [8]: x2 (Pair) [9]: x1 [10]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 10 8 8 4 9 -- d10)

Lucas has been really pushing it and looks like death warmed over. He, being the convincing pitch man he is, has convinced everyone (to his knowledge) that they're jsut studying that damn hard. He's wearing his basketball shorts and the school t-shirt with his number on it and is somehow still on his feet. He brings a gatoraid Frost over to Landon and gives him that look if you'll hate it, but we have to. Esme's question gives him a flicker of a smile, "Silver, I hate it too. You're not alone. Just get your feet off the ground and tell coach blah blah blah girly shit and he'll let you out of it."

"Because I'm pretty sure it is...or I'm gonna fall off and splatter my brains all over the floor," Silver says as she looks from the rope to Eme with a tired smile. "Normally the rope is one of the things I like about gym...but not lately. All I wanna do right now is take a freaking nap," And as if for emphasis she yawns and stretches. As she does so her fingers-wiggle in a wave at Landon and Lucas. "You look to be in the same boat as me in terms of umph, so I won't ask how you're doing. But I will ask...did he ask you to prom yet?" This last bit pitched low as the boys are walking over. Conspiratorial teen girl whispering!

He might be having a rough day so far, but Landon appreciates the effort that Esme goes through to look just right. Though, as girls tend to do more often than not, he just expects her to naturally look that way. Unfortunately. Like from the moment she wakes up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This does help all the more, however, now that none of them feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed anymore. Especially not during the day. Either way, she's got his attention, just as Lucas is shoving a drink at him. While this shit doesn't taste all that great, it's not as bad as some of the other stuff they are forced to eat or drink in company. So he'll take it.

Tilting his head back, he guzzles the thing down. Or much of it, before returning it back to Lucas. The whispering gets a wary look. "If we didn't have obligations," He likes to say this, "I'd say we just ditch the rest of the day and find a place to crash for a bit. Until we get our second wind." But these are good students, for the most part. Students with futures! So that's most likely not going to happen.

Lucas stands akimbo drawing a slow, deep breath and looking around curiously to take inventory of all who might be here. Or... "Drama room has the couch... Dark room... no class there until 5th period..." Yeah he's got this one figured out. He adds optimistically, "Under upper bleachers by the pool?" Oh yeah, give him a request and he's happy to find a solution. Gray eyes shift back to Silver and Esme and without prompting he answers, "Well less bad now that you two have showed up. Seriously. Get a note from Coach."

"I know the feeling. Please don't splatter your brains. I think you need them. Like Lucas said, just swing around and blame cramps if coach goes getting in arms about us being physical during physical education. Honestly, even walking at work to bustle and yoga feels like too much effort lately, but it has other uses and I do it more at night now. My body usually starts cooperating around dusk." Esme flashes a smile over at the boys and ticks her head toward Lucas indicatively after commenting aside naturally to Silver, leaning back on her hands in seating as her mostly bare legs in those short shorts stretch out to cross for show at the ankles. Or stretch. Whichever. She's admittedly posing a little because Landon is looking while drinking.

Then, after a tilt of her head to listen to the quieter words from the other teenage gal in inquiry, one of her shoulders hitches in without much worry, "No. He will, though. House arrest for them sure puts a kink in things and not the good kind. I figure he maybe wants it to be a grand or stylish gesture when it happens. That or we've just made out enough that we're both assuming we're going together." She pauses, thinks a moment, as if trying to weigh which way that might be leaning, in terms of possibility, then clicks her tongue before pushing up and pulling on Silver, "They're planning something and if it means no rope climbing or running, I'm very much in. Let's go see."

She takes a good few steps closer to the boys so they don't have to talk between seating and standing, "We'll wait til Coach goes aggro then I'll lie." Oh, sweet Esme says that like it's nothing at all, she's good at it lately. For the greater good, of course, "What are you two planning over here?"

Silver snorts in amusement and glances at Landon. It's the gaze of every teenage gossip. Though Silver doesn't really do much gossiping. That's Esme's bag. Still, there's wheels turning in those green eyes. "Do you want him to make a grand gesture about it?" Is her response as she finds herself with a need to stretch as Esme does. Except for her it is arms over her head, baring her midriff briefly as a yawn stretches her lips.

"Ugh...yeah, coming," Silver is slow to get to get feet and follow Esme over to Lucas and Landon. "I need to tell you guys something interesting anyway, before I go beg a headache so I can nap in the nurses office. She shuts the windows and lights off and everything," Silver usually only uses it for real problems, but lately...well, she's already well ahead so a little slacking can't hurts. "Did you know there's been numerous exsanguination deaths here since the places was founded?"

ROLL: Lucas rolls brains for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 3 3 5 -- d8)

"The Dark Room's pretty small, but very tempting." Landon says as he considers all of their options. "Still, either option is better than hiding out in a filthy closet." He's talking something more janitorial. "If the stage hands weren't prepping for the school play, we could use the area beneath the stage in the auditorium, but with practice and everything, they've been pretty busy."

Flashing this smile over at the two girls, Landon says all grins, "Oh, we were just thinking that we could really use a hole to bury ourselves in. A little nap won't hurt." Though when Silver brings up the nurse's office, he nods, "I mean, there is that, but that place gets crowded fast. And I'm sure more than half of those kids aren't feeling as bad as we are." P.E. isn't over yet! But Landon drapes an arm over Esme's shoulder, leaning into her lightly, his attention drawn to what Silver's talking about now. "Here as in this school? Or here as in Lake Havasu?" He casts a glance over at Lucas, "First Spear brings up a decapitation in Las Vegas a short while back and now this. Interesting stuff though."

ROLL: Esme rolls spirit+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 4 2 3 6 -- d6)

GOD Lucas must be tired because he boggles at Silver trying to add that up. "People were killed becuase they got kicked out of church?!" One eye squints and he looks to Landon frowning like I need to to schmooze less and explain that for my tired ass brain more. And there's Landon withthe lenchs hit. "Oh. Kay. Well it's Vegas. There are whole movies centered around people dying there like all the god damned fucking time. It was sort of founded by mob money." Yeha he's dropping that one off his concerns. Looking to Silver and Esme he lets that clarifying question get answered. HERE here or jsut... all around here.

Esme murmurs on the sly to Silver during those few steps to the boys, "... he makes me feel a little like a princess either way." Now, princessa is being humble and sweet with sentiment, but she ALSO knows that how he asks, no matter how it's done, it'll be nothing compared to the way he and his brother go all out for such things, like Marchants do, regardless of rooting. After slanting her eyes between Silver and Lucas to make her own vague, silent inquiry to the other girl, she steps forward with sudden skip the last moment to lean into the sling of Landon's arm, one arm hugging around his back and midsection.

After Esme puts the tip of a Nike shoe at one of Lucas's shins with a few playful, lazing nudges of hello like a annoying girl mosquito with a pretty smile, she drops her foot to stare at what Silver's just said suddenly and waits for clarification, "... when you say exsanguination, you... do mean blood draining, right?"

Look, it's not a common word, maybe she has things mixed up. Lie to self, best way to stay calm.

"The city. Lake Havasu. Been a thing since it was founded. Which lends credence to our supposition about the nature of our, um, adversaries?" Silver seems to test the name and then nods, finding it satisfactory. Then she blinks at Lucas and snorts in amusement. "Exsanguinate, not excommunicate. It means drained of blood. Yup." She's rather amused and giving Lucas this lopsided grin as she shakes her head slightly. The morbidity of her statement washing over her as she continues to smile. Then she suggests, "What about the dressing room? Two couches in there and no one will be using it for," She glances at the clock, "Two hours."

Funny, Landon makes Esme feel like a princess and that's exactly how Amy addresses the Twins. Princesses. If Landon had thought of a fancy way to ask Esme out to the Prom, he hasn't given up the ghost to anyone-- probably except for Lucas.

"So this blood draining has been a thing way back. Ever since Lake Havasu was founded? So... you think that the Painkillers are just a cult that continued onto the present day from way back then?" A look is given to the others, mainly to gauge their opinion on all of this. "I mean... if what we recall of that evening," He's talking about the Bloodletting, though he wishes that it didn't come to mind right then and there, "They are definitely blood-thirst psychopaths." With Silver's bringing up the dressing room, "We could do that. Recharge our batteries and the like."

Lucas aaahs slowly, catches the snort and backpeddles to protect his pride there with a grin looking from Esme who figured it out back to Silver with her news macabre. "Sh'up, I'm tired. Right so... uhhh, Brenda? Wasn't ex...whatever. She was torn apart. That she was missing pieces isn't as important as she 'is' in pieces, Sil." Eyebrow arches, and yet he takes this into considerationn instead of dismissing it. "I'm picking up your point here. Soooo we have to spin this as a cult. What lake doesn't love a cult?" He pauses and looks at the others with some vague deja-vu. To Landon he adds, "Not the building room. Dressing room and we might catch Zane to see what he knows. You'd be surprised what people tell that guy. And...he owes us afavor." To a point he owes Lucas one but itf one owes one a favor one owes them both a favor. Pushing himself to his feet, and giving Landon's foot a wiggle he asks Esme, "Look after him for me?" He gives Silver a wink adding, "Meet me in teh caf, and I'll have a destination." Not the first time he's said those words, Alwys with different results. Never dull at least, and only one reulted in running laps!

Shadows gather, returning old paths to darkness.

Esme wets her lips and knits her brows downward as her free hand moves up to tug on a curling piece of hair at dangle from her ponytail, leaning more heavily into Landon as Silver takes to clarifying she means exsanguination exactly and how far and wide it goes, supposedly. There's a few distracted bats of her lashes while she listens to the guys, then the suggestion of the dressing room, and she nods her head a couple of times quick at the idea of playing a little bit of hooky with the boys. They can always blame it on a newspaper project or something and the middle of the afternoon is just as terrible as waking up in the morning, lately. Recharge sounds good, visibly, so does maybe cuddle time on the sly.

"He's easy to keep eyes on... catch up with you in a bit, you roguish gent." Esme manages to make fond call after Lucas with teasing despite her bout of bother and thought, then wiggles a little under Landon's arm to slip it from shoulders to around her back in we're-doing-this fashion. However... after Lucas is gone, the brunette thinks of something to ask... then say.

"Where'd you get that info? Newspaper stuff or aunt digging around?" She pauses, "Ash... told me there's an evil stone in the London Bridge, supposedly. I didn't think much of it, and I don't think she did much at the time after talking to Chen, but honestly, it's... suddenly not sounding that far fetched. Which is silly to say aloud, but it's like... mrf. You know?"

Silver just smiles when Lucas tells her to shut up. Okay, giggles a little bit. Teasing him is fun and it isn't like she does it often. Dropping her voice, Silver says with more reservation, "Right. Vampire cult is much more acceptable than, you know, actual fangy peeps. And, well...Brenda..." She shifts uneasily. "She was drained of her blood and torn apart. I...okay guys. Um...I remember it vividly now? I kinda went back there and...well...I get vibes sometimes and it just triggered a flashback of it down to the gruesome, horrific details of how their faces changed." Goosebumps prickle across her arms as she talks and she starts rubbing her arms as if chilled.

There's a shake of her head at the mention of her aunt. "Naw, just went through the public death certificates and stuff. Aunt Nancy is...well...she won't be any help. And I don't suggest any more annonymous call-ins, not that I've done any. She's this close," She holds her thumb and forefinger a scant half-inch apart, "From telling mom and dad about what happened."

It's strange and awkward for the twins to not be together. But they aren't together 24/7 no matter what it might look like. When Lucas takes his leave, Landon keeps careful watch on his brother. There's a sense of paranoia when Lucas isn't around, that being Landon's Kryptonite. He doesn't like it and he even speaks up, though Esme might feel his hold on her loosening a touch, but he doesn't pull away, "We should be keeping to a buddy system." He knows that Lucas knows this and he won't try to stop him. Instead, he nods, resigned to their fates. So dramatic...

Lucas was right though, Brenda was torn to pieces, from what they could recall. However now Silver tells them that she was being drained too? "So you saw them draining Brenda of blood too? Before they tore her up? What were they gonna do, eat her?" That's what he'd assumed, "Like those frenzy cults in Greek mythology." Okay, maybe they just tore their victims apart and didn't eat them, but he's not all that huge on the myths.

When Esme brings up this evil stone though, there's a quirk of his brow, "You think the stone belonged to the cult? A corner stone kind of thing?" Then back to Silver who reminds them of the changing monstrous faces, something which he could only believe that he'd dreamt. "You know that people will just think that we were high, right? I mean, sometimes I think that we were high or delusional. Hallucinating those things. Funny that we all hallucinated the same thing though." But then the kicker comes out and they a re told that Silver's police chief grandmother will be of no help. "What do you mean that she won't be any help? I mean, aren't the police investigating the Painkillers?" He figures that someone must've tipped them off.

ROLL: Esme rolls spirit+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x3 (Set) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 1 2 6 2 2 -- d6)

Esme shakes her head a little bit as Silver explains her weird Thistle way about things, and she starts to comment with worry and general bafflement before slowing her words to a reluctant and sober acknowledging of the Thistle weird MAYBE meaning something concrete, "I can't believe you went right back there before we were even up and figuring out that we..." Pause, "But Cash told me you had a vision or whatever, so... I mean, yeah, I don't even... maybe ceremonial blood or..."

There's another pause and drop of her voice, like she hates to say it, "Sustenance for monsters." She won't use the v-word yet, herself, it's not how vampires are supposed to be romantically from stories in her head, damnit, and denial is a little automatic even while she's accepting other realities.

But then she carries on after a look up at Landon, "Don't really know other than it was brought from somewhere and used in the construction, supposedly? Also my family crest supposedly means Wizard or something in Welsh, but who knows how that really translates. I guess Ashley was doing town or family research in general with Chen. We'll ask him about it when we go. Which is soon." Then she gets curious in the eyes while waiting on Landon's question to be answered, also commenting in murmur, "... yeah, I told Cash and Ash both that's why I'm not going to police or mom or something, like... who would believe us, especially after drinking a mystery beverage."

All their continued talk huddling gets eyes from the coach, which Esme flashes her best smile up at and mouths 'newspaper'. There's a little rolleyes from the coach, but he turns his attention elsewhere and lets it slide because Esme smiles like that and surely she's telling the truth and it's school related.

Silver lets out a sigh and shakes her head at Landon's questions. "I...well I think they were kind of eating and drinking at once. I mean, I didn't stare too long. But her blood was all around their mouthes and..." She just stops talking there, going a bit paler than she already was. With that she sits down on one of the benches heavily. "I may have an actual headache," She mutters as she rubs her temple.

"So...right now all we sound like is a bunch of anxious, high, and probably addicted kids. They won't do anything. The fact that Hector and Cash and Jade got attacked in the cemetary the other night doesn't help us at all. Because Aunt Nancy's had a patrol car on them this whole time. The time we claim they attack the guys? They were supposedly at a bar over an hour away."

The mention of Chen has her frowning. "The town historian? Huh...maybe...maybe we should ask him about the gang? When are you going?" She glances between the two of them hopefully. Seeming relieved when Esme takes her 'vibe' seriously. Even smiling faintly. "I say we keep making the story. Finding clues, getting answers. Once we have enough concrete to pitch the cult idea we do. Maybe write-ins to the Advice column worrying about 'vampire cults' and such? You know Silvio will help out, he said he would if we get everything together right."

Does Landon have doubts about Silver's story? Not particularly, because he was there to witness and she's only jogging his memory now. To the thing with Cash, of all people, and Hector, who he doesn't really know, well.. He does have this to say about it, "How do we even know that that happened? I mean, why else would they be out at the cemetery but to drink and get high. They probably freaked themselves out... because they were in a cemetery and thought they saw something that they didn't." His dark brow furrows as he looks between the girls, "I heard that they thought Ms. Hellenbrand died, but in reality, she was safe and sound. Now /that/ is what I'd blame on drugs." His lips purse tightly into a frown, "Especially if the cops had eyes on the Painkillers... and they weren't anywhere near your place." Though he has to ask now, "Did you see them, Silver?"

Then Esme mentioned Chen and her family crest and that just gets a blink from him. "Huh. Interesting. Well, I hope that Mr. Chen knows more than just family Crests, but it's pretty cool that our families had set up roots in this city that long ago that we artifacts displayed in some museum."

While he nods slowly to Silver now, he has to add, "It'll be harder for Lucas and I to do anything, unless we convince Morrison to take us here and there. Which he would, but... if we mention the Painkillers, then he might stop us in our tracks before we get into any kinda trouble." But when she mentions Silvio now, he just stares at her, "Mr. Bloomquist?" Someone has doubts about Silvio's merits. "If I didn't know better, he was suffering from the same shit that we are now. He's late to every meeting. Sometimes, he comes in drunk." He's even irresponsible, which is really a teenaged thing, but not!

"Why did they think she died? And how could they have that solid of an alibi if..." Esme looks confused in bulk after listening between Silver and Landon both, her brows making a gradual knit downward the more she listens. Then very slowly, she blows out a hard puff of air, "Maybe we're all really having visions or something else creep instead, I don't even know. Everything feels real and not real at the same time, it's scary and frustrating. So we... should keep trying to put it straight, whatever that means for the end. At least we'd know, you know? And no more backwards guessing, no more house arrest, no more lying to our parents because we're being weird, no more..."

Esme chuffs a noise, then suddenly recalls, "Last weekend I drank a tea concoction mom gave me with a cleanse, by the way, didn't do anything but make me sweat like a gross pig for two days. Trust me, none of you want the tea and I don't think it's going to solve anything even in bulk doses." After a vague screw of her nose remembering the tea and effects, she reaches up to pull her hair down and arrange into tousled curls in vainly absent fashion, something to do with a hand to cover her fidget the subject matter is causing. Also Landon, but you know.

Eyeing Silver with concern a beat, she looks up at Landon's comment on Silvio and answers one thing before pointing out another, "Anyway, we're going in a couple days, called ahead to make sure he was free, should come along, Silver. And mm, Silvio definitely makes me not want to write for a living, he seems uh." She pauses, "But he has resource access we don't have, so maybe he'll be useful."

Silver nods to Esme and says, "He's got access we don't. That's just it. And yeah...he isn't top notch or anything. But he's at least willing to listen to a good story. If not take it seriously. That's something." She sighs a bit and rubs at her temple again. "It's not a vision. If it was...if it was then Star wouldn't have felt or seen it either. She followed me, by the way," She glances up at Esme with an amused smile.

"That's, like, the third or fourth time you've played with your hair," She points out. "Anyway...I should be free to go with you guys to Chen's. I'd like to know more myself. And maybe I...well...you guys need help believing things? I'm going to try and talk to my grandma's ghost. See what she has to say."

"I wasn't there, so I have no idea. That's all I heard." Is Landon's response to Esme's question. "Hector told Morrison about it, that's how I got some of the details. They were in the cemetery, probably getting high, and they thought they saw the remains, I believe, of the school's choir teacher. But it turned out she was alive. Which is..." And he has to come out and say this, "Which is why it might be harder to convince people that what we saw really happened. But I asked Morrison if there were any signs of Brenda. Unlike Ms. Hellebrande, Brenda has yet to be found. Dead or alive."

When Esme tells them about the concoction that her mum gave her, he breathes in deeply, remembering now what Morrison told them needed to be done, "Morrison said that we needed to completely detox ourselves. He's... around, making sure that we are't lured off to take in any more of, whatever it is that the Fran is serving us. And he wants to purge us of what's already inside. So... we've probably gotta make an appointment with a doctor to see if that can be done. Otherwise, it's all cold turkey from here."

He then says to Silver, "It's not that /I/ don't believe you. We all were there, no matter what we might've seen. It's everyone else who needs to believe us."

ROLL: Esme rolls spirit+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 5 5 2 3 -- d6)

"Oh. Okay. Well. Tell Grandma I said hello. Old people love me." Esme listens at length to the other two, and she immediately pulls her hand from her hair when Silver calls her on it. Then the brunette teen makes a quiet little quip of easygoing joke like this is just a Thistle thing to say. Also what do you ACTUALLY say to something like that? It takes her a moment to really get there and figure out the other girl is serious so... well, once she gets there, she goes that calm brand of thoughtful serious too, no matter what she's actually thinking about summoning a grandma ghost being dropped as a potential solution.

She doesn't want Silver to know she's thinking that crazy doesn't solve more crazy! But they're kind of desperate, "Oh, you're serious, not just... what are you going to ask her that she might actually know about? And what did Star think of all this?" Thistle things, probably, but...

Esme rubs her hand against Landon's back and tacks on as an aside, "Also a doctor may not be the worst idea, since we're covering angles where we know how and... might as well."

Silver blinks in surprise at something. "Call Noah. He said he was willing to see any of us who got dosed," She says with a sudden burst of perkiness. "Yeah...uhhhh...I didn't see anything. They just all burst in through my window screaming, puking, having panic attacks. They believed what they saw and they all saw the same thing. That's not how hallucinations tend to work." She rubs her face and sighs. "Yeah I know. Disbelief is our greatest power and greatest weakness."

"Star? Uhh...haven't told her yet. She wants us keeping our noses out of it...but she doesn't get it. You remember Fran threatening us with a next time. I want to be prepared. So, figure I'll ask a ghost what it knows about the Painkillers. Ask her if she can maybe help find Brenda's ghost. Maybe Gran will know where they're hiding. Or be able to watch over Hector and help protect them. Or us. You know?"

Maybe the hair play is something guys don't notice, but once Esme's called out on it, Landon's attention is drawn to her hair. "You don't have to keep messing with your hair. I think it looks nice the way it is." He knows full well why girls toy with their locks, but he's here throwing out compliments with a smile.

Then they are told to call Noah. Noah Thistle. "Sure," He then looks to Esme, "Want to come with? I mean, it's best to have a doctor's opinion on how to safely.. detox ourselves." He will admit, "It doesn't sound fun or pleasant." Whatever happened to Cash and Hector is something that Silver seems to believe, but Landon adds nothing to that. What he does ask, however is, "Watch Hector? How about watch over the rest of us because these crazies keep cornering us every so often and forcing us to do things we don't really want." The whole talking to a ghost thing, he's know Silver for a long time. He knows the Thistles well enough. They are a bit odd like that... "Let us know what she says, alright? But yeah, we'll make that appointment with Noah and," He then looks back to Esme, lifting a hand to brush some stray tresses from the side of her face, "And we'll go speak to Mr. Chen too."

"Yes, I'll come with. I'm not entirely into alternative medicine, despite what my mom is into sometimes. Maybe we //should// get a blood test, all the normal marker checks, things of that nature." Esme tells Landon with a quick girlish smile for the compliment, tipping her head into nod to include Silver in that blood testing thing, of course.

Then after pulling in a breath with a little pleased and unwitting shiver after Landon brushes through some of her hair, she makes a noise of dug in agreement in her throat, then decides, "So we're all going to do our respective and collective things and we'll know things we may not want to know soon, or nothing at all. Neither of those things sound fun, but... it's not anything to ruin the afternoon //today//, now is it? Let's go get Lucas and find those couches or whatever place he's thought up."