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Start Me Up
Characters  •   Colorado Jones  •  Ethan Drake  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Bastian Roen  •  Candice Flick  •
Location  •  Eager Beaver Lodge - Maintenance Shed
Factions  •   The Staff of the Eager Beaver  •
Monsters  •   Banshee  •  Buzzsaw  •
Date  •  2018-01-15
Summary  •  The storm takes the bridge and the power down. Lyle grabs Ethan to go get the generator going. The electrician and the mechanic have a nerve wracking face off with the old scary building. Right, it's just a building. Everything's fine. Nothing to be scared of. It's fiiiiine... what's that noise?! And what's that on the floor?

<<TIME: Day 3: The Storm>>

...following the events with the 3 baby raccoons...

KRAAACKATHOOM! At the lightning strike and the sound that follows, Ethan shields his head with his arms. "Jesus Christ!" he shouts. "What the hell did that just hit?" That snapping, splintering sound of a tree falling, and the earth rattling impact that goes with it makes his eyes go wide. "Oh shit. Oh shit." The lights flicker then go out. "SHIT!"

The dogs bark-whine at the lightning strike; even Bastian flinches and ducks, half-over Bella as he does so. Everything goes dark, and he sighs. "Great," he grumbles, pulling out a small flashlight and clicking it on. "Calm down, Drake. We'll check it out soon as I get the dogs secured." He points the flashlight at Lyle. "If you come with us, it's in a life vest. No fucking exceptions."

Colorado is holding Candace to him, tight, when the darkness plunges down. He's panting harsh and fast, muscular chest heaving against her. "You...you okay?" he gets out. Then raises his voice. "Lucas! Drake! You okay?"

Lucas just shielded the dog. When Bastian gave him the ultimatum Lyle replied without pride or hesitation, "No arguments." yeah seriously no arguments. The lightening rolled again and he stood up and put his back to Ethan watching it letting that brain of his get ideas. His hand went for his walkie. Wait, was he... did he have an arm out slightly in case ...what the storm was going to stop suddenly and hit the car in front of him. It was a very strange reaction. "Alive." He called into his walkie, "This is a go for Lucas. We just lost power at the bridge. No confirmation on what it's state is but from the cabins it doesn't sound good. En route to maintenance shed to get us aux power to the lodge." He looked to the other three and said soberly holding out the pillowcase to Colorado for Candice, "I'm sorry... about the raccoons. I'll make it up to you." Lyle re-holstered the walkie and looked to Ethan like, suit up, Batman.

Candice curled fingers around colorado's vest and murmured, "How are we going to get the Journal now?" Oh god she was still worried about brownie points and client needs!?? She sniffled and nodded. "Yeah... you will." Which was Candice for I'll forgive you, but there will be penance paid.

than looks from Bastian to Lucas and shakes his head at the kid. "No fucking way are you going anywhere near that bridge if it's out. No." He really does care about him. "I don't care if they put seven life vests on you, you'll find a way to drown anyway." He nods to his partner in crime (and repair jobs) and reclaims his toolbox where he dropped it to rescue the raccoon. "Let's move!"

Colorado sets Candace on her feet, looking over his shoulder. "You be careful out there!" he shouts out at the others. Then, one hand on Candace's back, tells her, "You are not goin' anywhere, Miss Candace. It's dangerous out there."

Lucas felt better about the situation. There was something he could do and unlike the gouge left to his feelings that was, earnestly just collateral damage from Ethan not being able to help being Ethan? Lyle just smiled just a bit, that half dimpled ridiculous expression, and forgave him the whole damn episode. He looked to Colorado and Candice. uh HUH. Riiiight. So bravely not facing danger. Lyle briefly considered Bastian might be the smart one here. " He ran and grabbed his gear in case; heavier work gloves for the electrical in case anything was compromised.

He stopped when Candice whistled, "Guys! It's dangers to go alone, morons." He lobbed a flashlight in softball underhand. "Take this." okay the mag flashlight was a good idea because there were no lights where they might be needed. Some throw an olive branch, and others a flashlight. She looked up to Colorado and said, "Towels. In case they get stuck in the rain on the way back." If it did.

Ethan grabs a flashlight from the toolbox he is carrying, and shines it along the path to the Maintenance shed. He takes the lead, jogging ahead of Lyle, protective of his best friend in a way only he can be, while unconsciously continually hurting him emotionally. Man, they are messed up. "Can we sue the weatherman for being so very wrong the last couple days?" he calls back to Lyle as he forges ahead.

The giant aluminum shell that is the maintenance 'shed' - more like a barn - is creepy enough when there's light and power and no storm. Now it's damn scary. They know the stories about what some of the kids from the old Lakeview did to a couple workers in here, and that definitely comes to mind as they approach.

"Where d'you keep 'em?" Colorado looks around, although he can barely see anything at all. "Got a hurricane lamp, maybe?" It's lucky Candace is a neat freak and her cabin, although ransacked by raccoons, is still neat as a pin. "Well, this isn't the date I had in mind."

Lucas jogged behind, flashlights on trying to keep up and upright so they didn't get separate. Really with these nimble fuckers it could be like watching two squirrels getting anything done. Ethan took point to protect him, and Lyle had his back. He looked up at their workshed and wa shurting. They both had bad lungs for varied reasons. His only commentery on the forlorn and forboding ediface was, "Man, remind me to try an pitch Dini and Lake on refacin this buildin caaaaaause, damn." He kept on Ethan's shoulder and murmured, "hey careful. No tellin if anyone else is takin shelter in there too." He looked around and murmurd, "Film crew cshould take advantage of this right?"

Candice fished out her walkie talkie and turned it on. she looked at colorado and asked into it "hey, everything okay so far?" She smiled finally and laughed, "You... didn't put Lyle up to putting raccoons in my cabin to save me from them did you? Caaaaaause i'll tell you that wasn't the way to go."

Ethan stops in front of the aluminum shed and he swallows down a lump in his throat. He's not been able to shake that tiny sliver of cold in the middle of his spine since the Banshee went through him, and with weird shit happening again, he feels like ice water is running down his back. He's afraid, and he feels nauseous from the fear. He spits on the ground to one side, as if it could clear him of the spooked sensation. "M-Maybe we should wait til the storm passes?" he offers Lyle. "You remember the stories of what happened in there, right?"

Ethan can hear something, though the wind makes it hard, and when there's thunder it's all but impossible. It sounds like... a skill saw? The power's out. No lights, no electricity, and yet he could swear there's a saw being used.

"Ah," Colorado laughs, wry. "No, I didn't. Would've stopped him if I knew." After that rabid one--but maybe he shouldn't mention that. "He's got to be the stupidest smart person I know."

Candice dug out a couple candles and turned a wry grin back still mulling over the idea. "heh. Lyle? Yooooou have no idea. You know he graduated second in his class. He should be going to college or... something. Not spinning his wheels here making carefully calculated bad decisions." Which would explain why she's been on his ass for a year and a half relentlessly about going. to. school.

As if on queue the walkie crackled as Lyle spoke into it, "You're such a damn worry wart." He put it back. again and looked not at the shed, not even to sounds. He watched Ethan concerned. Sure did he have a run in that morning? well yeah and it was scary but the soggy little girl didn't run through him, and Ethan didn't easily get scared. Only when it mattered. He lid a hand to his shoulder and promised, "Hey, it's been a long couple days. we want to leave everyone in the damn dark cause we work around a bunch of old buildings where... yeah some bad stuff happened."He took a deep breath and tightened his hand on Ethan's shoulder agreeing, "a lot of bad shit..." He felt bad for those kids, but he offered, "We leave everything till morning people could get hurt in the dark."

"I hear a saw. There's no power, Lyle. Why do I hear a saw in there?" Ethan asks, wide-eyed, as his heart starts to pound harder. "Buzzsaw," he hiss-whispers to his friend. "I don't want to open that door, man."

Lucas hears nothing, except the storm and Ethan.

Colorado lights the candles. "Sometimes a man's got to spin his wheels." He looks up, towards the maintence shed, and shudders. "Ohh, I got a bad feeling," he murmurs.

Lucas really wasn't... able to make out whatever subtle sounds Ethan was picking up. He leaned and rest his chin on Ethan's shoulder from behind him. Nope. He could hear the sound of panic in his voice. awww, buddy. "Ethan? I love you, swear to god, but you're gonna give yourself a stroke though before we're old and thirty. Breathe." He smooched his cheek and couldn't shake the fact this was scary as hell. "we're just gonna go in there, prime the thing, flip a switch, go home, and we don't have to come out til tomorrow...or we can lie to Christine and leave like 70 guests or whatever without power for like 9 hours because we suddenly lost our balls over a storm."

Ethan swallows hard. Lyle's right, right? Maybe? "Ok. Ok. Scream if you see anything in there." He moves to open the shed door, like a SWAT team member, swinging it out so he's behind it, and Lyle can see what's inside.

The door opens with a loud, metal grinding noise to reveal a completely dark and cavernous room. Still no lights, no power. Also no saws running, for what it's worth.

The maglite beam finds the big generator on the far end of the shed, just waiting to be powered up.

Lucas watched eyes getting wider at the sight. Okay admittedly he held his breath and, "...oh noes." It was a stellar imitation of Addison. Deadpan and totally unexcitable. He blinked and blinked again looking around with the flashlight. "Duuuude I see... us needing to really clean this place in the near future cause that... looks like a big fuckin spider. Like for real." Really unless it was made of water, or Ethan was in danger it was really hard to rile Lyle. He glanced to Ethan and then let the mag light do a sweep of the place and anything overhead that might have been making a noise in the rafters that might have been wood rubbing on metal to make some noise he didn't hear. "I'm tellin ya man..."

In the cabin Candice looked to Colorado and set the matches out, smiling to the cowboy, "You really worry about them. ya know, that's really sweet of you. Also really grateful you helped me out with that woman in 212. How much food colouring did you add to that drink to make it olive green anyways to match that fabric swatch? What was that about?"

Sweat breaks out on Ethan's forehead as he waits for Lyle's report, or grisly death. He lets out a shuddering breath when nothing horrifying happens, and moves around the door to sweep his flashlight through the darkened shed. "Let's just get this shit done and get out of here, Lyle, for fucks sake."

"With all the crazy shit that happened today, beggin' your pardon, Miss Candy? I might be a touch worried." Colorado smiles. "Reckon they can take care of themselves, when all's said. Lyle will just fire up the riding lawnmower. Mind if I sit?"

Candice was a hard but fair and compassionate young woman. She grinned trying not to be embarrassed but relented, "Ya know you can stay as long as you like, aaaand solong as you don't condone your co-workers putting live animals in my things.' Oh yeah she was disowning them until they fixed things

The two avoid tripping over anything in the dark as they cross to the generator. Once there, it's a simple matter of priming it and flipping the switch. It doesn't get used very often, so it takes some effort, but they manage to get it on.

The emergency lights come on, giving the place a dull glow that doesn't really help the creepiness factor.

Lucas looked to Ethan and shook his head, "C'mon, let's get this goin. Hold the light steady and let me get this goin." Yeha, honestly, just focusing on yoru work does cut the time down. When it finally started he looked relieved. "Christ on a cracker, I'm really glad there was enough gas left in that. I did not want to tell you we were gonna have to ask tawny for help." One least look around to make sure things were caped and safe and not leaking. He pulled out the walkie and grinned, actually pleased they did the scary heroic thing. God his esteem could be easily bought, "You're very welcome. Lyle and Ethan back inbound." He grinned to Ethan and said, "See, no sweat. We got this. Let's try to beat the rain back.'

"I'd drain the mowers before I let you take gas out of Tawny, man," Ethan points out with a nervous chuckle. The guy REALLY needs sleep. "Yeah, yeah let's get the hell back to the cabins." He regathers his toolbox and heads back for the door.

Ethan notices something as they head back out - wet footprints. A child's wet footprints. They go around a corner, towards where the power tools are stationed.

Ethan grabs Lyle's arm and points at the footprints, sweeping his light across them.

Colorado doesn't sit, though. He's looking at Candace, about to say something, when the walkie crackles on. He flinches. Then picks it up. "Fine work, boys. Hurry back."

Lucas was pretty damn pleased with the positive results coming in. Sometimes Team Trouble gets things done. But he stopped and looked where the flashlight was shining and paused. His feet stopped and that? That won a tone of sympathy for him. "Shit it's the kid." He looked around, "Ummm... hey there. Didn't mean to scare ya. Just needed to get the power back on." Seriously he was talking to her, well, like a kid.His other hand, fished for Ethan's to give it a squeeze.

"We are NOT going to follow those. Come on, job done, back to the cabin's," Ethan tugs on Lyle's hand, dragging him bodily if he needs to.

No answer. No noise or reply of any kind. Ethan starts to drag Lucas along, and as they pass that corner of shelves, Lucas sees something.

Lying on the concrete floor over by the power tools station is an old, algae-tinged floatie ring, like an antique life-preserver. It's the size to fit around a child's middle. He can't say why, but he's fascinated by it, drawn to it, even.

Lucas looked to Ethan blinking, "What if she's scared or in troub- aaah you're dragging me! Dude!" He looked again and was torn with curiosity and before he really had option to argue was being pulled cause Ethan had that good 25 pounds on him and could strong arm him and win. Finally he left, with Ethan and murmured, "Nice meetin you." And a few steps further away squeezed that hand trying to reason, "Look, I know she like... ran through you but that might be more a reason to, ya know, for us to try and not be a dick...to... sec." He squeezed his hand with that faint arrest, "hang on. for reals. it's ... not a scary thing." And with that tried to wriggle his hand back brow furrowing. Weeeird. Curiosity too strong there, and frankly, way too many feelings for that kid from sympathetic experience. And that said, yeah unless he was flying tackled he was absolutely investigating what that was.

Ethan shifts from one foot to the other. He's spooked and exhausted, and likely going to be effing soaked yet again before they get back. When Lyle pulls away he waits for him, free hand clenching and unclenching. "I got the impression she didn't want us here, when she was on the beach."

It just sits there on the ground, damp and moldy, a sad and forgotten relic of a time long past. Already the footprints are fading as they dry and the small puddle around and under the preserver are as well.

Lucas carefully went over and picked up the green tinged life ring. He furrowed his brow curiously looking it over and shook his head murmuring, "I dunno man. I wasn't there, but..." he looked to Ethan and tryed to phrase in in a language the two of them knew too well. "Maybe it's the other way around. When we were kids sometimes big people were scary or maybe I'm totally... off base. I can't say man." he tucked the ring under arm and took another look around with a troubled expresson and caught up with Ethan. "I'll show you when we get back. Let's... just go home for now."

Off they go.

A crash of lightning makes the lights flicker as they leave, and though neither of them see it behind them as they walk away, when only the moonlight shines in that brief flicker it illuminates a tall, lithe man, bald and completely naked. A number of round saw blades are half-buried in his body to varying depths. He's only there in the darkness, gone when the lights settle.