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Spear Returns
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Jade's Room
Date  •  2019-10-13
Summary  •  Spear returns from captivity and comes to see Jade.

The Marchant house has been a grim place recently - though probably not as grim as Cash Freeland's place. While Jade is busy with his thoughts, a knock comes on his door, and the doorman says "Young mister Jade? Your friend is here to see you. I'm just not sure if I should let him up. He hasn't washed."

Jade is in an easy-chair in his sitting room, reading a book. "Let him in," he says. A male friend who is unwashed can refer to so many people these days. In fact, his first thought is what has Hector rolled in? Meezer stretches on the arm of the chair beside him and resettles. Things have been quiet lately, and that means many naps for Meez. He adjusts to hardships the way cats do.

"Perhaps you can suggest he showers next time," says the doorman, a little frazzled by this. It is almost evening, and out there the birds are beginning to witter and bicker as they settle down for the night.

The person who slides in really does look - and smell - as if he needs a shower. And fresh clothes. And maybe more of a meal, because Spear has lost even more weight. He has a grubby teenager's beard, with sparse black hair over his dark skin, and a few bruises here and there, and he looks dusty and sweaty and he is squinting against the acidity of old sweat.

Jade murmurs, "Perhaps you can suggest sugg-ma." When asked to clarify, he says, "Never mind, you can go." He looks up, ready to give Hector shit about whatever mishap that has befallen him, and his eyes widen. He sets his book aside and gets to his feet, then sweeps Spear into his arms, smell and all. He hugs him tightly, and there is no dignity here. Tears well up in his eyes and fall. One might notice that, in the bedroom part of the suite, there is a white candle lit on a little makeshift altar where there is a picture of Spear from Vegas, and dried rose petals. "Spear," he says. "Oh my God, Spear."

Spear croaks "Hey Jade. See? Daylight outside, soooo I'm not a vampire." He pats Jade on the back, and he nudges him "I came to see you first. Thought calling you might, er, not work. I mean, you might think it's an illusion..." He glances towards the bedroom, and he looks at the photo, and then he says "Ashley's alive too. So we're both alive and fine." His voice has a crack.

Jade curls his fingers in Spear's hair and just holds him tight. Daylight? He didn't even think about that, or illusions. He just saw Spear and reacted. "And Arthur?" he asks. Then he musters a laughing sob and says, "Man, you reek. Let's get you in the shower." He steers Spear that way, though he looks him over to make sure he's all right. Meezer, seeing their approach to the bathroom, hops down and follows after, yelling at them both.

"Arthur's...fine. And, uh, still alive. Right now," says Spear, slowly "I mean, not fine. He wants to become a vampire. He decided to remain behind. Or wanted to, or we couldn't convince him to leave with us. He stayed to keep the guard we overpowered from alerting anyone. So...good?" He sounds tired, though, Spear does "We had to walk a long way to get out of the desert. Yeah, I know. Not much ability to have a shower there..." He limps towards the bathroom "Man I am so glad. To be here."

"Do you need something to eat or drink first? Some water?" Jade says. Meezer hops up on the counter, taking his seat in preparation of performing his famous aria 'The Human Is In the Shower.' "You get out of those dirty clothes," Jade says, "and I'll get you a glass of water, and I'll have some food brought up." He kisses Spear fiercely, then sighs. "Fucking Arthur. He's an idiot."

"They fed us, it was just...eating wasn't interesting, and we were feeling a bit rough," Spear says, and he strips out of his clothes, grimacing at them, before he then turns his head "Water would be good. Actually. Apple juice. Would be amazing." He steps into the hot water, and the first touch leaves smears from dust "An addict, maybe? I don't know. Ashley convinced a guy he was gonna get to have sex, and then I jumped him," he says. Spear clears his throat, but sighs, and just leans against the tiles. He closes his eyes. "Mmm...what day is it?"

Jade tells Spear the day. "You've been gone for awhile," he adds. Then he says, "You take your time, I'll come back with food and clothes, and I'll put these in the wash." Or someone will. He leaves Spear to it, and Meezer begins his performance. He comes on strong, meowing loudly and with gusto. Once Spear is into the shower a bit, he hops off his countertop and comes to put his paws up against the shower's glass door, and his meowing takes on a concerned warble. Still top volume, of course. Meezer is a consummate professional.

Spear says, “Thirteen days?" says Spear "We thought it was, like, ummn. Maybe a week? We were underground." As Jade heads off, Spear eyes Meezer, and cracks a smile "Hey Meez," he says "Frankly, I just wanna wash, okay?" He does too. He uses a _lot_ of soap, and Spear, probably like Ashley, has the odd sore spot from walking and wearing the same clothes for too long. Eventually, he gets in a fluffy towel to get out, bruised here and there from a scuffle with the guard. Meezer is stroked, lightly, his ears tugged.”

Meezer keeps meowing. Because he cares, Spear. He cares and if someone hears his cry, perhaps you might be saved from the water. Meanwhile, Jade lays out some clothes from his own wardrobe. He and Spear are roughly the same size, and tracksuit pants are forgiving, as are faded concert t-shirts. He has also arranged for tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, with apple juice. The soup is herbed and the cheese in the sandwich is smoked gouda. He sets the tray on the coffee table in his sitting room. Then he comes into the bathroom, had Meezer warbles at him. "Did you protect Spear from the water monster?" he coos.

"He did, he's very brave," says Spear, though...Spear looks _tired_. Really, bone-dead tired. The kind of tired you get after being kidnapped, kept underground, and were terrified most of the time. Now he just sinks, though he starts trying to get up, at least enough to pull on the tracksuit pants and the t-shirt. Then, once more, he sags, starting to lean on Jade "Haha, I thought we were gonna die," he says, a bit raspily "I mean, I also thought we'd get out. But when it got really long or we were awake, or...you know? Ashley's super tough, Jade. She's _tough_. And _smart_."

Jade supports Spear as he leads him toward the couch, where he can sink to his heart's content and eat something. "Yeah, I could tell Ashley's tough," he says. "And Smart. Hey, you want to stay here tonight? You look kind of wiped, and it's safe. No one's getting through our security. You can call your family if you need to. Whatever you want, babe. I was so scared I'd lose you. I didn't even want to think."

And now that he is safe? Spear is boneless. He reaches out, and holds Jade's hand. And then he lifts up the bowl of soup, and he dips the cheese sandwich as is traditional. Spear starts to eat, slowly "Mmm. Yes," he says "If that's okay. I'll call the family. Let Hector and people know. Do you know what thehy told my parents?" He then says "I didn't want to die - I had so much stuff to do!"

Jade sits beside Spear, rubbing his back gently. "I don't know what they told them," he admits. "I haven't gotten out a lot, except to meet with people about getting you back. We weren't going to just leave you to rot. You know that, don't you? We immediately started thinking of ways to get you guys back."

"Oh, we figured that you guys were trying to work out how to do that without getting us killed," says Spear, who spreads his hands "And I couldn't get _any_ connection to the spirit world happening to word you up. I was hoping you'd guess that since I wasn't haunting you that we were alive. I'd totally haunt Hector and get his ass to give you information." He pauses "It took a bit, but then Ashley managed to convince one she'd do him if he came alone while I was asleep or something. Turned out they were all heterosexual...erm. We both gave it a try. Sorry, Jade."

Jade says gently, "Hey, you have my permission and blessing to do whatever you need to do to survive, okay?" He studies Spear, and it's clear he hasn't been sleeping well. Hasn't been eating enough. His sharp features are drawn, and there are dark shadows under his eyes. "If you have to go all the way, you go all the way. I won't even be mad. Because I need you to come back to me, Spear. I don't want to live in a world that doesn't have you in it."

"Oh, man, no, I meant sorry because the imagery is probably stupid," says Spear, who does, well, remain himself. He looks mournful "I'm really _really_ bad at seducing people, I'm afraid. I mean. Wow. And Ashley's gay, and she was better at it!" He shakes his head slowly. Terrible at seducing straight men. Then he says "Okay, that's enough soup, I'm finding it hard to keep going. But I'm absolutely a hundred percent okay. I do feel bad for hitting a guy from behind." He frowns, and then he squeezes Jade's hand "But see? We're okay. Well, I think Arthur's doomed."

"We'll do what we can for him," Jade says, "but yeah, if I have to choose between Arthur and people who want saved, he's on his own. Don't tell Zane that, okay? He's having a hard time." He nudges the apple juice toward Spear. "Don't feel bad for hitting a guy from behind. He was keeping you against your will. He deserved worse. "Why don't you drink that up, and you can have a nap. I can get you a toothbrush if you want. I don't know if they gave you one or not. I can get you anything you want, and I'll curl up with you, if you want."

"I think Arthur's gone, almost," says Spear "I mean, he was willing to help us escape, but he's mentally just...I think he's happy to change, even if that means him wanting to kill and eat us." He takes the apple juice and he finishes drinking it. His lids are heavy "Oh, yeah, a toothbrush would be the -best-. You've no idea. And okay. Yeah, I'd rather sleep somewhere safe. Here, with guards, or something."

Jade admits, "I got one for you before ou disappeared, for you to use when you came over here, since I wanted to encourage you to come over here and stay more. I'll just set it out for you." He gets up to do just that, then he goes to pinch the cnadle out at his altar. He doesn't even look embarassed about having it. No shame. Maybe it helped! "We hung out in the cemetery, in the spot you and I like to go. Just to be near you," he says. Then he goes to turn the covers back on the bed.

Spear does the whole brush thing, ducking out for a moment. It makes you feel better, brushing your teeth, getting your mouth clean. He finishes off with another wash of his face, relieved, and then he goes to slip into the bed. Spear yawns, tremendously "Thanks, Jade," he says sleepily "That helps. We knew you guys wouldn't forget about us. We knew you would be ready when we worked out what to do. You should thank Ashley. She did the hardest bit. Then we just ran during the day." He is blacking out, though, clearly.

Jade has changed into shorts and a tank top, so that he too can slide under the covers comfortably. Meezer hops up on the bed, meows, and settles beside Jade's head. There's a pillow there for him. "I'll give Ashley the biggest hug when I see her," Jade murmurs. Then he strokes Spear's cheek and kisses him. "Sleep, babe. I'll be here when you wake up."

"Man, Meez, you spoiled," yawns Spear, prodigiously. He flips an arm over Jade, and very soon? Is completely asleep. He may well have had very little to do _but_ sleep in captivity, but now he is quite exhausted.