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Sounds Like Trouble
Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Amy Lester  •
Location  •  Other Lester Place -- Amy's Room
Date  •  2019-08-21
Summary  •  Ashley asks for Amy's help investigating the Painkiller 'vampires'.

Amy Lester's room isn't the biggest bedroom in the world, that's for sure! It's a fairly simple carpeted affair with some light furnishings. A wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a desk and a single bed. There's some posters on the walls, Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails mostly. Ash herself has recently showered, and managed to get word to Ashley that her mom is out for most of the evening and she kind of has the place to herself -- no need even to sneak through the window! Once Ashley's let inside Amy leads her to the bedroom almost immediately. Not that the rest of the house isn't fine or anything, but this is 'her' space anyway, and Ashley is certainly familiar with the room.

Kicking off her shoes while inside, Amy is just clad in her white t-shirt and black denim jeans as she gestures. "I got some soda and snacks too, if you want. Sit down wherever," there's a chair for the desk, and there's the bed itself, "and I'll be right back!"

Ashley is incognito. No fancy outfit tonight, more a simple jeans and t-shirt combo under a long coat. Sure, there may be a little bit of not trying to be identified in all that, but also a realisation that any good clothes she wears in the 'lioness den' could be passion damaged by morning. A quick kiss in greeting before following to the bedroom. She removes her coat while nodding to Amy's words. "Don't be too long" she smiles lovingly before deciding the bed is the place to sit.

Amy is back momentarily with a bowl of potato chips -- salt and vinegar flavour naturally -- and a bottle of sprite and some glasses. She sets it all down on the desk and almost promptly forgets about it as she sets herself down right next to Ashley. Look, she's trying! It's just that Ashley is far more interesting than snacks. But they're there. Maybe they'll be for later. "So how did you like the party? Did you hear Jonny's drumming? That was funny," she says with amusement. "Hey is Cash okay? He was saying some weird stuff the other day, and I think he finally did the whole brother talk thing, only he's fucking ... not subtle at all." She laughs a little.

Ashley smiles as Amy joins her on the bed, eyes sparkling with desire. But there is 'business' first...and small talk. "The party was pretty good" she shrugs, all casual like. "They have quite the mansion, don't you think? Though, personally, not sure I could live in something so small." A playful hairflick added that shows she is only teasing. "Is that what Jonny was doing? I thought he was trying to duplicate the noise of a broken engine" she grins. Then things get serious.

"When did you talk to Cash?" Ashley lets out a sigh. "It's related to what I needed to talk to you about, Amy. No, he's not okay. And a lot of other people aren't okay too." Her eyes narrow to go with a slight tilt of her head. "Unsubtle brother talk? What did he say?"

There's a snicker from Amy at that idea of the mansion being too small. "I wouldn't know what to do with all that space," she admits with a shrug of her shoulders, snaking an arm around Ashley and pulling her close. Another brief laugh at the comment for Jonny and then she nods a little, blinking at the 'related' comment, tilting her head. "He came by the Auto shop earlier today, I happened to be hanging out there for lunch," she explains with a shrug of her shoulders. "Needed something for his car."

She tilts her head to the roof, "Oh, you know, the whole 'what are your intentions' and the vague 'Don't hurt my sister' talk except he was dancing around the subject. Jonny got frustrated and wanted to know what we were talking about, though we didn't tell him you know, he's not stupid either." Amy shrugs. She has never really cared who might or might not know about any particular thing. "Don't tell me you're getting involved with this Painkiller gang and murder nonsense. Why the fuck would we be getting involved."

Ashley snuggles into Amy, feeling safer already with that arm around her. Like she belonged there. A little snort at her brother asking about Amy's 'intentions'. "He really asked that? I should let him know that your intention is usually to leave me delirious with pleasure. Hurt me? I think I hurt you, not the other way around." A slow nod about not telling Johnny. "I think there are a few open secrets in this town...but thank you for not saying anything."

As for why they should get involved with the Painkillers. "Because there are people we know and care about that are involved. That are in danger. That need our help. Okay...people //I// care about. I talked to my cousin Esme at the party. She is the sweetest, kindest soul in the universe, but this...cult...have fucked her over. And Cash. And some other kids. Kids we know. And the cops don't seem to be doing much. Esme and Cash said that someone was murdered by that cult. I don't want any of our friends being next. I don't want //us// to be next." She pulls her head away to look up at Amy with big blue doe eyes. "I need your help."

Leaning in to kiss Ashley on the cheek, Amy remains close afterwards, squeezing at her briefly. "Hey, I care about people too. And Cash said Lucas and Landon were somehow caught up in it too, because of that stupid fucking drink they decided to have partying with the stupid gang. But Ash, fuckin ... if they've actually murdered someone," this she does believe, nodding, "What are we gonna do about it? They're losers, but even I can't take on the whole fucking gang in a fight if it comes to that. Give the cops half a chance, yeah? They'll figure it out." She blinks a little, tilting her head slightly as Ash pulls away, meeting that gaze. "Look, of course I'll fucking help because I know you're gonna do this without me anyway, so don't worry about that." A pause and she frowns. "Why does Cash think vampires are involved somehow. Like, there's fucked up murdering gangers in our city, and then there's that."

A happy smile that threatens to turn into a broad grin as Amy agrees to help her. "Thanks." A hug for her girlfriend to go with a slow, deep kiss. "I'll thank you even more later" she purrs before back to business. "What if the cops don't figure it out? Our friends are in danger. The cult may decide they've seen too much. They've already threatened people...and killing doesn't bother them." A long sigh. "You're right, of course, it's dangerous but I don't plan on walking straight up to them and telling them to fuck off. I thought we could get evidence on them that the cops couldn't get because we don't need warrants and such. Photos. Documents. Video. That kind of thing. Spy on them."

"As for the vampires... Look, I don't believe they //are// vampires, but they're a cult and they might believe they are. In combination with the drug they've been using, it is making their victims think the same thing. The power of suggestion applied to a drugged mind." This is Ashley's theory at least. "I don't think our friends or my brother are lying. They really believe they are vampires and that they are turning into vampires themselves by drinking this 'vampire blood'. We find proof of the cult's activities and that will help dissuade them of this notion."

That kiss is returned rather eagerly, and Amy's hand runs through Ash's hair for a moment, leaning back afterwards. "Wait, threatened people? Threatened who? When? This is entirely fucking crazy." Amy still has her doubts, naturally, though the offer of her assistance still stands, despite her better judgement. "Fucking Painkillers. They should have been rounded up and dealt with by the cops fucking ages ago anyway." She parrots Jonny from earlier, shaking her head. "Apparently an arrest is being made though? Nothing major, but see, it's a start."

She doesn't let go of Ash, nodding along. "Well ... good. Cuz your bother seems set about this vampire blood bullshit. Unless it's just a fancy name for that fucked up wine, gotta admit, I thought he was actually pulling my leg there. Out of character for Cash maybe, but still, it would've been a good one." A beat. "But he didn't laugh. Apparently wearing sunglasses indoors is all the evidence he fucking needed. So you wanna go all Scooby Doo over here."

"They threatened Cash when he left that second drinking party...and for putting up that poster asking for anyone else with the 'vampire' symptoms." Ashley was not happy about that poster when she first saw it. Hardly going to help her be Prom Queen when her brother advertising weirdness like that. "Esme had to have a double dose for them to back down hurting him. Who has been arrested? This Fran person?"

"Cash doesn't really joke about this kind of thing. He's frightened. Esme is frightened. Others are frightened. They're in over their heads. Sure, they were stupid to drink whatever it is in, in the first place, but I think they know their mistake." Ashley doesn't want to be let go. Happy to snuggle back in against Amy. "Scooby Doo?" That makes her laugh. "I get to be Daphne then" she giggles, "Or are you saying I'm the dog?" She will attempt to tickle Amy's side at such an inference.

Frowning, Amy considers that information further. Actual threats of people she knows is a different story all together. When it's put to her like that at least. The frown deepens and she stares off into space for a few long moments, thinking. "I dunno who has been arrested. Cash just said -- there's been an arrest." She chews her lip thoughtfully a moment, shaking her head a little. "Landon wanted to talk too, to Morrison mostly but also to me. Fucking hell." Her shoulders slump a little and she just holds onto Ashley for a long moment there, giving a light laugh at the silly tickling. It doesn't bother her over much and she presses a quick kiss to the other girl's mouth. "Do you think I'd suggest that! For one you can actually talk properly." She laughs and shakes her head, though she's not at her best for the amusement. All this news is hard to take in.

"Hey, I've been called 'bitch' so many times at school that I //could// be a dog" Ashley teases. "I guess I need to talk to my brother about the arrest." Her tone suggests he should have talked to her already! "Esme told me that she and Landon were going to talk to Mr. Chen about it. See if he knew about any historical disappearances or legends that could help. I guess they're still leaning heavily on the vampire angle. Here's hoping they're not right." She purses her lips in thought. "Don't suppose you know vampire lore...just in case. Maybe we should have a video night? Watch some bad horror movies. "Oh, and I've asked Mr. Chen to look up your family too, like he did with mine." A beat. "Why do you think Landon wants to talk to you two? Protection?"

A brief smirk from Amy as she keeps herself close to Ashley, shaking her head briefly. "I dunno. Stakes n' shit. Sunlight I guess. Garlic or something? Who thinks about vampires. I'm always down for movies but don't tell me you're buying into this vampire shit." She shakes her head a little at the idea, shrugging lopsidedly afterwards. "I dunno. Could be something else entirely, or it could be for the same reason that Cash told you things, right? He wants help or something." She leans against Ashley. "Oh yeah. I dunno there's much to know about the Lesters anyway. We'll see. So. Where do we start with this?"

"No, I don't believe in vampires. It's a cult using the idea to control others...along with some weird new drug. Though, you know, keep an open mind just in case" Ashley shrugs before a wry smirk. "There is plenty to know about the Lesters. I think one of them is incredibly interesting. I want to know her inside and out." A little blush to her cheeks before she steals another kiss. "Do you know where the Painkillers hang out? I was thinking we could follow them around one night. This weekend maybe?"

"Uh huh," Amy says dubiously, gently leaning on Ashley to push her down on the bed. It's a small, single bed, but when they're snuggled up close they can fit, and Amy seems intent on turning the other teen into her little spoon, as it were, wrapping arms about the woman. She's kissing at Ashley's neck then for a bit, just light and more than a little distracting. "Whenever you like. I'm not really doing anything with the tourists out everywhere. I think they hang out at some motel up north?" She hears things, on her side of the world, so to speak. "I'm not sure they I stay away. I mean, I'm a dangerous angry bitch but they're like, next level. Fuck that."

No resistance from Ashley to being pushed down onto the bed. No resistance to the nuzzles to her neck either. More of a pleased moaning than anything else. "This weekend then..." she whispers, trying to remember exactly what it was they were doing as lips kiss at her neck. "Motel? Is there...that feels nice... Is there somewhere that we can watch them without being seen?" She wriggles up against her girlfriend, content. If things are going to get dangerous, there is no one she would rather be with. "Hey...maybe we could hire a room there and use that as a base?"

"Yeah, well," Amy says, squeezing her arms around Ashley briefly, reassuringly. "You've got me all worried now." She admits. While she doesn't really put any stock in this vampire talk, there's no arguing that these are potentially dangerous people if they catch teenagers snooping around. They've already made threats apparently, and could be to blame for a murder. "I dunno if we can watch them, I've never been there. Maybe we can go for a weekend getaway and just happen to choose that motel but ... if they're threatening your brother they'll know you. But maybe."

"Why would they know me? They threatened him at the gathering. I don't think they even know //his// name. And you know how good I am at disguises" Ashley beams. "Hey, don't be worried. We can do this. My brains, your brawn, we're unstoppable. We fit together like Yin and Yang...sugar and spice...Abbott and Costello. I'm kidding about the last one." A nod to Amy's idea. "Okay, I'll tell my parents I'm going to a sleepover but we go up to the motel for the weekend. See what we can see. Sound good?"

"You're the one worried that you already know too much and they might come after you, you tell me why they might know you." Amy says with a brief snicker, propping herself up a bit to look down at Ashley, her hand tucking some hair aside as she looks at the girl. "But I remember Landon and Lucas having a hard time recalling whatever happened on that beach the first time this tainted wine was passed around, so fuck knows what they ended up telling them. God, they've got Cash honestly believing in Vampires. Getting information has gotta be easy." There's a brief smile there and she nods. "Yeah. Okay. I'll let my mom know that I'm going away for the weekend. But we're not gonna do anything crazy okay?" Says the one known for having a short fuse and most likely to do something crazy if she gets pissed off.

"Of course we won't do anything crazy. I'm trying to help people, and that includes both you and myself. I think their bad memories are to do with the drugs that they were given. You thnk they would have told them about us?" Ashley considers this as unlikely and shakes her head. "Nah, they were too concerned with drinking that shit." She looks up at her lover, all beatific and smiles. "I was thinking of dropping by the Catholic Church and picking up some Holy Water. Just in case. I'll pick you up Friday night? Tell someone you can trust where we'll be and I'll do the same. Maybe not someone who has drunk the Kool-Aid though."

"Yeah, and who knows how suggestive they were while they were under the effects of that shit." Amy says mildly, dropping back down to hold Ashley close again, a sort of shake of her head. "You're the one getting crazy now. Holy Water?" One can hear the role of her eyes in her voice, somewhat amused. "I'm sure you'll give someone a good rinse that they could probably fucking use but fuck. I'm not sure the church gives out holy water anyway." She doesn't know. "For someone who keeps saying she doesn't believe in vampires you're sure leaning the other way on this a lot." She comments and shrugs. "Yeah I'll tell someone."

"If //they// believe they are vampires, or some Satanic cult, then it will work just as well. No, they don't give it away. We'll have to fill bottles from the font" Ashley explains. "I'll distract the priest while you fill them. I'll wear an. extra tight t-shirt or something. This could be fun." She sinks in the tight hold. "Thank you for being here for me. I love you, Amy."

"No girlfriend, that doesn't track. It doesn't matter what I fucking believe, holy water isn't going to actually do anything to me. It doesn't make it fucking true. Fuck, all you need is a bottle of water in that case and you'd just tell them it's holy water? It still won't do fucking anything." She rolls her eyes. "I'll do a lot of things for you Ash, but stealing from a church for no reason is right fucking out." There is a soft sigh there though, and she squeezes at Ashley again, burying her face into Ash's hair for a second, before nuzzling again at her neck. "Same," she says quietly.

"Okay, no stealing from the church" Ashley promises, "We can try the normal water trick." She may see about getting some Holy Water another way...just in case. And she probably has some crucifix jewellery somewhere. More moaning with the 'assault' on her neck. "You think I can stay the night?"

"We're just watching them," Amy repeats with a snicker under her breath. These little weird things are part of what she likes about Ashley. Her words are broken up by the continued attention of her mouth. "Yeah, it's no big deal here. I doubt my mom would care much." She says quietly. "She might be surprised as anything that it's you but hey. If you want to."

"I want to" Ashley confirms softly. She can always sneak out in the morning but, right now, she would probably even be happy to be discovered like this. Or worse. A turn of her head to look Amy in the eyes before a wicked grin appears. "Time for bed. Not sleep. Bed."