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Something to Believe In
Characters  •   Morrison Lester  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Rotary Park
Date  •  2019-09-04
Summary  •  Morrison takes Lucas to grab lunch and be a sounding board for his little brother's concerns the night after the Full Moon Fallout.

Morrison isn't always the most compassionate of people, and yet after the night that Lucas had and they received word that the Reed house had, in fact, been attacked -- he decided to let Lucas spend the day with him rather than go to school. Sure, his actual father might have had some opinions on that, but frankly, Morrison didn't give two shits. He hardly cared what his /own/ father thought, let alone the Marchant. And so he'd called in to the factory and they'd both played hookie.

Sitting on the picnic table under the pavilion that he so often inhabits, like his own personal territory within the public park, Morrison takes a bite out of his sandwich, half-wrapped so it doesn't fall apart, watching people come and go and keeping an eye on Lucas who is likely too sluggish out in the sun to bolt one way or the other.

Lucas has 0 energy, it's no lie and he doesn't touch that damn sun. He does, however eat the hell out of that pastrami and roast beef sandwich. Food? Meh. Red meat? He still got some satisfaction out of it, and yet he ate slowly instead of inhaling his food. Because Theodore knows where he is there's no alarm. Because his dad does not actually give two shits about him or likely even know what's going on with him much less his middle name? No worries there.

The face the kid wears is not his usual cocky look or a thoughtful scowl. It's a quiet face and seen by few as he processes how very much of this situation he really doesn't have control over. "Morrison," Fingers fold the edge of his sandwich paper back, "Thanks. For believing us." His jaw sets and still doesn't know what entirely to make of the whole other story. "And, ya know, bailing our ass out." Looking up to mMorrison there's an earnest look, "You and Theodore. he's not... he's not a bad guy, ya know. He's... him, but he gets shit done."

Morrison shrugs his shoulders as he takes another bite of his Italian sub, with oregano and oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. He is content to not be at the factory today, and doesn't seem to mind spending it with Lucas, either. He's still got some of that full moon restlessness about him, but at the moment, no one is pissing him off, so it doesn't show like it did the night before. "I believe you're in some bad shit and need to be kept safe, and sometimes that means keeping you safe from yourself," Morrison says as he looks over at Lucas. There's a pause when Lucas tries to explain about Theodore not being a bad guy. One brow creeps up and he asks, "What makes you think I think Theodore's a bad guy?"

Lucas squints behind those sunglasses and takes another bite of his sandwich. Confronting his faults? Nooooot Lucas Marchant's favourite hobby. He'd rather sell it like a perk than admit it is a detriment, but Morrison's neither wrong nor susceptible to his bullshit. Voice still hoarse from the throws of the previous evening. The nod admits as much of an agreement though,pauses, and he looks up confused why Morrison would ask him that. "Well for one because I live with him, and two everyone seems to have this opinion because he's exacting and just better than other people." He pauses, blinks, "I dunno that I assumed, I'm just used to that." Quiet he asks, "He, um, he tell you what his dad said at all?"

"We hung out in high school," Morrison reminds Lucas. "I still work with the guy when dad needs contracts reviewed, and we get drinks at Kokomo every so often. Why would I hang out with him if I gave two fucks about his being exacting and good at what he does?" Though he shakes his head and says, "No. We didn't talk much after you guys went into the media room, just drank and kept an eye on security." Because while he certainly trusted security to do their jobs, he wasn't sure what that gang was capable of -- and he'd rather be prepared than dead.

Lucas nods looking back up to the water, squinting to do so from the glare off the surface. He accepts the answer for what it is, satisfied. A bitter smirk shows, either in spite or amusement, "He, um... he almost threw us out. Sooo..." His pager buzzes again and he checks it to see if it's Landon. It gets a small titch of his eyebrow for a brief second before finishing his thought where he left off. "Said he expected better of us. Like six years, man. Six years of trying to do everything perfect and there's no trust. Just oh you're just like the rest of them and your mother." Fingers flex but he's not got enough damn energy to even be angry. "I dunno he'll ever be happy, man. Did it to Theo too."

"Yeah well, fuck him. He's not your dad, and you're going to succeed on your own without him, so what he says really doesn't matter," Morrison says with a shrug of his shoulders, apparently not even a little bit concerned about what Theo's father thinks of Lucas and Landon. "You guys bust your ass trying to be just like Theo. You think he didn't get where he is the same way? Sure, his name helps, but he did the work. So fuck his dad's happiness. He doesn't need to be happy and you don't need to make him happy."

Lucas snerks, "Fuuuck, Morrison, our dad don't even give a shit but that he doesn't owe child support." Vincent has been the very picture of absentee and really Lucas can't bring himself to give a shit. Robert though? well the approval ripped away stings more than he'd like it to.

"This kid at school," He pauses not assuming but filling in the gaps because Morrison does keep mental notes on things, "Justin the one on basketball with us? Was talking with him yesterday before all this happened and he... effectively called me the smartest dumbass he knows." There's a faint grin there looking back to his big brother, "He said something about figuring out how to get college squared away, loans and shit so we on't need him." A thoughtful pause holds, "I think you're both right." God he's tired. Fingers slide up under his sunglasses to rub his eye. "We got you and Theodore. Fuck em. We'll just have to beat his damn game, man."

"Justin sounds smart," Morrison says before taking another bite out of his sandwich. He can't argue with the kid's assessment of Lucas, at any rate. "I wouldn't worry about college. Make sure you've got everything squared away for it and be ready to go. If they don't cover it; then worry about all that shit. You'll be going one way or another." It's not like Morrison doesn't have money. He has a union wage and doesn't spend a lot. He keeps a cheap place and his entertainments aren't particularly costly. Helping the twins out with college, at least funding their room and board, even if he couldn't actually put them through, wouldn't be out of his reach.

ROLL: Lucas rolls finesse+1 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 6 2 2 6 5 -- d6)

Lucas grins just slightly, "Yeaaaah, he really does enjoy calling me out on some shit." the paper that used to have his sandwich bunches up in nimble fingers. He turns and eyes the trash can... just... there. He gives it a lob and sinks it. Oh. Yeah. He feels like absolute dog shit, but he's going to proud of that one. Looking to Morrison, pleased with what eenrgy he does have he promises, "Landon's gonna be okay, and... we are going to make it to USC." Taking a deep breath he muses, "Been thinking about switching off business finance and diving into contract law though. I like muscling my way through fights I can win." The wheels spin, slowly, really thinking about that, "Justin said I need to come up with a new plan. Kinda like my new plan." Hands free he rubs his face with them finding some reprieve in the dark. "Glad Amy and George are alright." He pager buzzes again and he looks at it, "kay, this one is Landon."

"Good. You need people in your life who can call you on your shit," Morrison says with a bit of a smirk. After all, Theo calls him on his plenty. He finishes off the remainder of his sandwich and hands the wrapper to Lucas to sink, because Lucas is the better shot, after all. Then he says, "Do what you think you'll enjoy doing. What you /want/ to do, for you, nobody else." That's why he's a fighter, after all. Factory work is fine and pays the rent, but his bouts are where his heart is.

Lucas considers this and lines up the second shot and - SWISH! Satisfied he nods slowly heeding his brother's wisdom on this. "I think Landon will need it, and if-" how to phrase that, "If Justin goes pro post-college and to be perfectly honest? I'm good but he might be the next damn Bill Lambier? He'll need one and I think like Theodore I can really help out the family. Or him if he takes over the bank. Someone's got to find these loopholes man. So," Tired smile stays put, "So I I think yeah, maybe I will. I'll have to pick Theodore's brain about that so I can min-max my class output." Leaning forward he holds the edge of the bench. "Morrison? Thanks for bein a badass brother, man."

Morrison studies Lucas for several long moments, his expression thoughtful, but finally he just nods. Whatever it is that he's thinking, he decides to keep it to himself for the time being. Instead, he looks back out over the water and then asks, "You want to go pick up Landon?" Since the pager went off, he assumes that means that the other twin is ready to be fetched from wherever he is. He smirks though at the thanks and gives Lucas a slug in the shoulder. "Don't get mushy on me."