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Something's Always Wrong
Characters  •   Lucas Marchant  •  Esme Reed  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Marianne Igesund  •  Arthur Bloomquist  •  Georgina "George" Lester  •  Amy Lester  •  Cash Freeland  •  Star Thistle  •  Landon Marchant  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - London Arms
Date  •  2019-09-04
Summary  •  After surviving the full moon, the teen crew shows back up to talk to Mr. Chen, as promised. The information passed is... certainly something.

Tuesday, the events of the last evening are still fresh in the mind, but there's a weight that has been lifted now that it's passed. The gaggle of teens find their way down to London Arms after school, and Mr. Chen is present, but currently with a customer. He smiles and gestures to the tea room, indicating that he will join them shortly.

Amy's got roller blades. It's kind of her go to for getting around. She skates on up to the front of the place, spending a moment switching for her running shoes that are in the bag. The rest of her outfit is normal Amy. Jeans, a white t-shirt with the Nine Inch Nails logo on the front of it. She runs a hand through her hair and wanders on inside when others are heading in too, slinking back to the tea room once it's clear that Mr Chen is otherwise busy. She drops unceremoniously into a chair, glancing around to see who all has actually shown up.

Esme barely got winks of sleep while leaving herself precautionary muted with gag and curled with Lana in the beanbag chair, listening to the crowded aftermath of the terrorized living room in her house when the monsters were gone. No one was sure they were done with the teens for the evenings, the compulsion kept up until almost dawn, precautions were taken. She also had a mess to clean up inside and outside of the house with Lana when everyone staggered out with some assurance it was safe, so she skipped school and caught up on sleep through sheer exhaustion.

She's here now, though, meeting with the others that did go to school outside of Chen's shop before going inside and to the tea room politely and quietly, as indicated by the shop owner. And despite the terrible night, sleep seems to have done her a little good, that or she's pretty pro with cosmetics to look pretty and lively and ready to listen. Probably the latter, given the sun's still up and context in general. Today, Esme's wearing a pair of low-rise, flower embroidered and hugging flare jeans with wide belt and slight midriff gap between her fitted Fleetwood Mac tee that's maybe authentic old-from-mom's closet. It says 'Gold Dust Woman' on it. Also there's a choker and chunky Doc Martin sandals 'cause 1994!

Arthur's got his shades and his tophat and his leather jacket on, armed against the sun and any weird stares. Still, his usually pale countenance looks downright sickly given the pre-sunset hour, and he doesn't much talk to anyone. But he's here today, because he wants some answers.

George blew off school today too, but that's hardly a shocker, is it? After being rousted from the Reeds' tub, she staggered home and slept until, well, quarter to now, really. Up and tossing on some relatively clean clothes, she makes her way to Chen's to join up with the rest, hitching a ride with anyone who passes by her walking down the street. Into the shop she goes, looking around with idle interest, taking it all in. Stifling a yawn, she crosses her arms over her chest and leans a shoulder up against the nearest wall, looking rather bored and maybe a little impatient to get this thing going.

While the Marchant twins didn't have the harrowing experience as the others did on Monday evening, that doesn't mean that there wasn't any drama in the household, even if the compou... the estate was surrounded by hired security. They'd heard about the events at the Reed house, however, at least the twins had. Though at that time, they were still trying to keep a couple of prisoners there (LUCAS AND THEA) from freaking the fuck out and trying to escape still.

So it's the next day and they are all exhausted. Hell, the twins called in sick from school that morning. So when they show up, as promised, once full moon had passed, they are looking all the more weary. Donning those very familiar sunglasses, Landon walks in alongside his brother, dressed in a poloshirt, slacks and sneakers. One hand runs fingers through his dark hair on entrance. As expected, almost half the school show up. Yes, that's an exaggeration! When they are all directed to the back, to the tea room, he and the others shuffle through. He'd heard a bit from Jade and Lana, but not so much the details. First person he notices is Amy, "Glad that you all are safe." He calls out to his cousin. He's referring to the Lesters that were present. Then he spots Esme, taking slow and steady steps in her direction, "Lana informed us of what went on." Though he's sure she knows about that. He even gives her a once over, but she doesn't seem injured at all.

Mona is still wearing the same full leathers she was wearing the night before, and that is just not something that happens. If she's been home since, she didn't bother to change while she was there and didn't make herself known. Somewhere along the line, blessedly, she seems to have managed a shower, and passable makeup, but there are limits to what miracles one can pull off in a crowded locker room. Does she still look fabulous? Is water wet? She stuck around to help with cleanup until it was time for class, and then off to it. She's probably lucky she doesn't look like a train hit her, but expectations are what they are.

The quiet Marchant has adopted a wholly serious expression in spite of exhaustion more visible than she'd like. If she was attached at the hip to Zane before, she's practically affixed to his shoulder now, like a watchful gargoyle. After briefly tallying up a head count outside, she follows Mister Chen's nod toward the tea room without hesitation. "Anybody know which of these is the strongest?" It isn't coffee, but it can't hurt. She can't be the only one the information seems relevant to, if a glance to the faces of the others is any indication. Arthur gets a glance as worried as it is wary, concern and caution playing nakedly over her face at once.

Lucas looks like death warmed over and spent all night wrapped in a blanket and trying to fall asleep with his head in his twin's lap being hugged like a pumpkin. he will never admit this out lout but he regrets noone of this. Aching from having every damn muscle clenched for what feels like forever shaking and having fits he drags his sorry ass, varsity jacket on over jeans and an untucked dress shirt; top button undone, no tie and sunglasses on. He called in legit very sick and slept almost up til now. He stands at Landon's shoulder and not a foot off of it taking a short inventory of the gathered, how they put themselves together and who is at the desk presently. It all adds up to... something. He'll solve for N later.

Marianne trickles in somewhere behind Arthur and George, wearing a pair of sunglasses to hide her red-rimmed eyes. She's been shaken ever since the 'sleepover'. Hearing about vampires was one thing, but seeing them in action was another thing altogether. She has at least managed to change into a different big sweater and non-ripped jeans, though she's still favoring the steel-toed work boots. She moves into Chen's tea room behind the others and pours herself a cup of chamomile tea with a shaking hand, stopping for a brief moment to try to get herself together.

Cash slept a little. Fear and panic then to put him down like a baby after awhile. The lingering effects of blood drinking don't help his exhausted expression but he's here for the answers he was promised. His outfit has a darker, more goth vibe to it. Meaning, mostly, he's wearing a black dress shirt along with his ripped jeans and black Chuck Taylors. He sees Marianne and her trembling hands and he rushes to her to pour her a cup of tea. "Hey, Marianne. Sorry you got the, uh, trial by fire. Are you going to be alright? We can talk later, if you want."

Star didn't get a ton of sleep, and so looks to be in a darker mood than usual. At least she's being quiet and not saying much. No one has been targeted by her acid tongue so far.

Mr. Chen finishes up with the tourist and makes his way over and through the archway into the tea room. "It is good to see you," he says, doing a quick headcount. "I do hope that those not with you are still among us?"

"Oh, I'm fine," Amy smirks briefly at Landon's question, giving George a vague kind wave when she spots the other Lester there, glancing at her. "Apparently even some of them are scared of me you know, so, this is all going to work out pretty fucking swell." She's at least completely on board with the 'vampire' thing now, which had been a sticking point for her for about forever. She's looking through the people though. "How did you two hold up for the night?" She wonders of the L-Twins, glancing from Landon to Lucas and then back again.

She's quiet though as Mr. Chen wanders on through, sitting up a little more and peering at him, blinking as she looks around the room in some confusion as to his statement, because she's kind of dumb sometimes.

Zane looks tired and uneasy about things, which is... not that common, at least the first part. If he doesn't actually have boundless energy, he's usually been pretty good at faking it, but today, he looks like he could really use a nap. He did go to school, after helping to tidy things up as much as there was time for, and has also found a shower at some point. He's even changed clothes, or at least, his t-shirt. That's something. Jeans might or might not be the same, boots and jacket certainly are. Several of those present get worried looks -- those he knows have drunk, his cousin, and very definitely his twin -- but he's hunting down caffeine as well, if he can. He probably doesn't know the herbal ones don't have any, though, so it's going to be a crapshoot. "Hey," he greets people tiredly, "Everyone okay...?" He hushes, though, as Mr. Chen joins them, and gives the man a somewhat weaker than usual smile.

"I couldn't see, but I'm pretty sure Amy was trying to kick vampire ass out there which... is something else." Esme says with a little more props and explanation to Landon when Amy answers, casting a small smile at the Lester while they wait for Chen. She gives Landon the same surveying up and down he gives her, even though she heard from Lana that they were fine and vice versa. Then she fits in a very, very tight, but admittedly cut-short hug on the dark haired teen guy before the shop proprietor comes in, seating herself after pull away to pay mind.

"It... was a trial, but everyone worked together, somehow and we're all... you know." She's not going to say good in response to Chen's inquiry, but she rolls her hand and wrist a little, indicating as far as she knows, everyone is alive so far and not a bloodsucker. She leaves out the close calls and manages a slight smile to go with the answer, "We're all freaked out, though, understandably, and stuck about what to do from here because living like this... is not okay." And hard. And scary. And... yeah, he gets it.

George shrugs a shoulder to Chen's question. "Nobody kicked it with us," she replies, tone somewhat indifferent -- but then a sidelong look at Amy, "Despite some best efforts." But having seen how her cousin handled those vamps, it is a gentle tease, hiding some grudging respect. Her not-brother twins are still alive, she sees, returning Landon's sentiments with a nod of her own.

"Some of who? The..." Landon starts to ask, quite hesitant to just utter the word vampire. Amy's wave over at the other Lester brings his own attention there as well, "George." He knows that a bunch of them were at the Reeds even if Morrison would've been upset about it, but he had had the twins to deal with. "Actual vampires then?" He finally asks. Sure, people gave them the rundown, but the Marchant household... aside from other drama, was pretty quiet. He then shoots a look over at Lucas, responding to his cousin's question, "We did fine." He lies. "Looks like they were drawn your way rather than spread themselves thin." He won't say it, but their 'House Arrest' was probably a blessing.

There's some relief at the sight of her cousins, even if Mona can spot the signs of exhaustion and stress perhaps more easily. The question is right there on her face: Thea? It's Mister Chen's arrival that has her attention shifting uneasily back in his direction. She takes another cup of Earl Gray; it didn't kill her the last time, anyway. "No one died at the Reed house, Mister Chen," she says quietly, "...but we were lucky, I think. The information you gave us doubtless saved lives." More quietly, "Thank you."

"No one Turned," Mr. Chen confirms, nodding. "That is good. Very good. I must say, I am surprised that they are going for your families at all. You are high-profile. Well known. It draws attention they usually try to avoid. I suspect Francine is the reason, she's caused quite some instability since her arrival."

"You've listed the cons of targeting our families," Arthur remarks quietly, "But what about the pros? Why go after us? What would Francine want with us?" The answer is perhaps evident, but he seems to want to hear it explicitly.

It's Amy's statement that brings a shadow of a sharp grin to the usually voicferous Marchant's face. He waggles both eyesbrows over the top of the sunglasses, though his voice is hoarse from the night previous. Wry grin he assures, "We're right as rain. We held down the fort," (sat in a chair strung out with Landon holding his head) "and Thea threatened them away" (Threaned people to open the door or els and let her out) He leaves the clarification out for now. He looks to Chen with a slow nod of agreement, "Damn right we are. So... in what way is this specifically and what is her beef? We know, sir?"

Marianne smiles wanly as Cash comes to help her with the tea, nodding to him. "Yeah, no. I'm fine. I'm more worried about you guys, even if it might not have seemed like it last night." She takes her cup back as Cash finishes pouring, taking a soft sip of it. She gazes over to Zane and catches his worried look, returning one of her own. "I'd love to talk later, Cash." She shivers a little bit and and listens to the others. "You said that our families were intertwined or something like that, Mr. Chen? What do we have that makes us so special?"

"Trying being the real word there," Amy mutters at Esme's comments about her, giving a half hearted smile, the grin turning on George a second too. "I kind of got my ass handed to me by that English one, and I gotta tell you, I hope I don't have to fight her again. If I do I think I can take her I just have to ... think and not be so angry." She leans back then, arms folding across her chest as she considers Landon. "I don't know, man, but I saw what I saw. Actual vampires? Fuck." She shakes her head, uncertain, but clear that there's something going on.

She turns her gaze to Mr Chen, considering him a moment.. "Why are they doing this then. How do you know all this?" A pause. "Does it have anything to do with the evil stone in the bridge you told Ashley about?" A pause. "Why don't we just go burn down the fucking motel during the day and call this done."

Cash smiles at Marianne and whispers, "Whenever you are ready, okay? And I'm fine. More embarrassed than anything." He shrugs and turns to Chen. "I have a lot of questions about the major families here. Like a ton. So, if you could maybe explains why we are special? Maybe?"

George snorts to Amy's comment about not being so angry. "So it should be easy then," she replies dryly. Although she wouldn't come right out and admit it though, she is clearly relieved when Landon explains what happened at their end. "Great. Next time you guys can be the bait," she says, mostly in jest, but also maybe not entirely, still a little stung at being left out of that plan. Back to Mr. Chen then. "Can we? Burn down the motel? 'Cause I have no moral quandary with that."

Something about Chen saying Fran (she notes also he called her Francine with a tiny tilt of her head), it makes her remember a flash, "Francine. Who is the angry man among them?" She doesn't remember a lot, but she remembers telling Landon and Lucas and Silver while her memories were foggy that there was an angry man she ran from the first time about drinking. She remembers being crazy scared of him for whatever reason, too, and hadn't really given him a second thought until now.

Most of the people have asked the other things she's curious on, so she pours herself and Landon some tea while listening, leaning to pass him a cup, then does a third for Lucas' pale ass on principle. As a twin, herself, the doting kind of tends to extend to the pair despite being starry eyed over the one.

Zane goes for the Earl Grey too, because Mona probably knows what tea is good, right? and checks for signs of cake again, because really even bad days are firmly improved by cake. And cookies. With or without, he finds a seat then, not quite within striking range of his twin. Just in case he's still really mad. Zane's hand flexes absently where the bites left minor bruising on his palm. For the moment, he's quiet.

"Well, with how much security was at the house," Landon speaks of the security team which his uncle had hired, "Even if we were the bait, I don't think they'd get through those defenses." Now, doe he believe that Robert Marchant will go through that again for them when there were no-show bikers? It is something that he ponders on. To Amy, however, he states the obvious, "Because we'd get in trouble for that?" His eyes shift from Amy to Chen now, "No one's going to believe that those bikers are vampires."

Then Esme is handing him a cup of tea and he flashes her a smile of appreciation. Thank god, the thing was sweet or overly flavorful. It's just as bland as how he'd taste it now anyway. Thus, he takes a sip. "You mentioned that we, our families, had a part to play. What sort of part?" It does seem that many of the teens are interested in their family lineage now.

"So many questions," Mr. Chen says with a chuckle. "It is to be expected, I suppose. Well, your families are hardly obscure here in town. A police chief, the richest man in town, the owner of the local media empire, the owner of the largest construction company, and a manager of McCulloch factory. These are your family elders, are they not? But you mean, is there more than that?"

Mr. Chen considers his next words before continuing. "Yes. Your families are... different. Do you know of any others with as many twins and triplets as your? And you've no doubt noticed that you have... certain talents that are not entirely normal. There is a reason for this, one you might not believe, but as you now know vampires to be real, perhaps your mind will be more receptive."

Trouble for that. Amy sort of blinks and tilts her head to the side, considering. "I guess we'd get in trouble, yeah. But maybe it could be worth it anyway." She shakes her head a little at the thought, glancing back to Mr. Chen and blinking. "Don't tell me Ashley and Cash are actually witches or some shit." She says glumly. Like she might actually believe it at this point, but glum about the possibility all the same. "I don't know about noticing talents though." Getting angry doesn't count as a talent, in her mind.

"My mind is open. I'm receptive as fu--Mm. Sorry. I mean..." Cash begins. "Freelands are stubborn and we get what we want, if we are against the odds especially. I got into a highly competitive school with /my/ grades. I happen to be talented but that's not enough and I know it." He doesn't mention other family traits but says, "I can't be the only one to know something is odd. That's not even mentioning the multiples boom."

Lucas looks to Esme and gives her a sober, grateful nod. His foot sliding minutely to tap the side of hers in thanks, and holds the warmth of that mug in his hands. "Not really. Someone has to hold these positions. They don't magically sit vacant." he pauses arching an eyebrow at the witches thing. You know what, Given Lana and Esme's mom and all teh organic snackfoods he won't even question that. He ponders and looks from Thea to Mona and to Landon rasping, "Being painstakingly meticulousa skill?!"

"I think that it's about time that we knew," Arthur replies evenly to Mr. Chen. "We didn't ask to be involved, and we've been kept in the dark about... so many things, I imagine. I suppose for our protection, but has ignorance really worked?"

Mari nods to Cash as he tells her they'll talk whenever she's ready. She finds a seat nearby and sips from chamomile tea, her frame finally feeling relaxed. "Well, you should spill the beans, so to speak, Mr. Chen. I'm not sure it could get anymore outlandish than vampires, and that's only because they're right up there with 'evil stone' and 'super talented people' and 'twins and triplets'." The other things might all be normal. Separately. But together? Yeah, it's definitely weird. She reaches up to run a hand through her hair, eyeballing Art. "They do say ignorance is bliss, but in this situation I don't think so."

"I guess we're good at getting in trouble?" George suggests, glancing towards Amy with a shrug. Is that a special talent? The twin thing is kinda legit though, she inwardly admits, glancing around the room and doing a quick mental count. "Okay, so... Wonder Twin Powers activate?" How is this going to help them kill vampires? But she tries to keep her impatience in check for the moment. Burning the motel still sounds good to her.

The mention of their families being 'different' catches Mona short. Her teacup hovers a scant inch below her lip, frozen in place, as she listens. "I imagine whatever these gifts are, they give us something of an advantage over any potential competition for those positions," she notes to Lucas, lowering her cup from her face as if in admission of defeat. The tea wins again. She edges closer to Zane, her brow furrowing. "Wouldn't surprise me to learn that the Marchants have cornered the market on bitchcraft, at this juncture."

"Having twins, at least, run in families." Landon brings up, "So it's not that unusual for certain families to have more of them than others." He then looks around at the gathered. Everyone in his grade level... To what Lucas says though, it brings only the most subtle of a smile to Landon's lips. Just a minute tug at the edge of his lips. "The Marchants are incredibly influential? Who doesn't want to be a Marchant?" He's more talking money, influence and power than anything else. However, he recalls something that Esme had told him regarding her family. He's about to mention it, but decides it's not his place to.

Taking a look at his other family, however, Landon's dark eyes look Amy and George over, "That... sounds about right." He's lived with them for years to notice a few things about them.

Esme kind of side-eyes Landon, then Lucas in turns before looking over at Cash after Amy's commentary on 'witches' and then after sipping from her tea... she glances down at herself to think for a few moments, quite visibly. Then after a tiny shake of her head at one thing or another, she knits her brows some and plays with a piece of curled hair over her shouder while nursing the tea in place against her leg-crossed, decorated denim lap.

After looking back at Mr. Chen and thinking on what he's pointed out, she's all thought before she ventures, "... Francine doesn't want to eat us all, she wants to make us and bolster her coven or whatever, doesn't she? Might be there's... fallout or benefits from that somehow that... she wants?" Esme doesn't really have pieces to go fitting things together, but she talks slowly and points out that most of them have been lured or would have been lured to be 'made' not killed, so why does she want //them// as little bloodsucking fledglings when, as pointed out, they're high profile.

"No, Ms. Lester," Mr. Chen says to Amy. "The Thistles are descended from witches. The Freelands were sorcerers. There is a difference between the two. But I'm getting ahead of myself."

He pours himself tea as he continues. "What you must understand is that many centuries ago, an elder vampire controlled much of Europe, with their home in London. This elder vampire has only ever been known as Swindon. Likely once Lord Swindon, or perhaps Lady Swindon. No one knows what they look like - at least no one that has spoken of it - or who they really are, but their dominance of Western Europe was almost total. Five powerful... persons. We'll call them persons for now. Five very powerful persons came together to counter Swindon, but they could not destroy the elder vampire. What they could do was bind them, and so they did. They bound Swindon to a stone from Stonehenge and placed it into the London Bridge, binding Swindon to a ten mile radius from it. It largely neutralized the elder vampire and Swindon's influence over Europe deteriorated rapidly."

Okay, 'bitchcraft' makes Zane laugh once, though at Landon's probably-rhetorical question he raises a hand slightly, with an almost apologetic look. Influence isn't really his Thing, to be fair. Questions as to who'd want to be in what families drift away when witches and sorcerers come into it, though, and he sips his tea and listens to Mr. Chen like it's Storytime. Which, in a way, it is.

Esme blinks once when it's notated she's descended from a sorcerer and that yes, it's different than a witch. Then she blinks again and knits her brows deeper on listening, shifting some in her chair to recross legs and sit forward some with rampant attentiveness when the information takes a historical account turn after her supposing. After pulling in a breath, she almost question or theory blurts, but she shuts it in favor of listening more.

Blinkblink. Witches and sorcerers? And they're different? Amy frowns at this. That is a lot to take in.

Or maybe it's nothing because now there's this whole story about some ancient evil vampire. "So this Evil Swindy vampire guy is still around the rock or something? Why put it in a bridge, why not just drop it in the ocean or something." Amy doesn't get it at all, and looks fit to bursting with even more questions, fidgeting a moment, but she shuts up to let the story continue for the time being.

"Sorcerers." Cash repeats, thoughtfully. "Bad fucking ass. Pardon my language, Mr. Chen. That is pretty metal." He grins. "I'm married to a witch." He sing-songs. Then the rest of the story flows in and he says, "We have an evil stone in our second hand bridge? Can we blow it up? I know how to get explosives." He nods.

Other families get witchcraft and sorcery and the Lesters get to be pissed off all the time? Yeah, sounds about right. George sighs, twitches, straightens up, then slouches over again. "Yeah, sounds like our ancestors were about as good at planning as we are," she mutters, agreeing with Amy's comment. "'Pretty rock, let's shove it in a bridge.' Old people are fuckin' dumb." Never mind that they were maybe not old when it happened, but they'd be like a billion years old now, so... same difference, right?

Marianne sips from her tea and fidgets in her seat briefly, taking in a deep breath. "Are the rest of us descended from sorcerers or witches?" Mari asks, before she picks up on the talk of the evil stone. She grows quite thoughtful and clenches her jaw as she starts to wonder about it, listening to the questions that others are answering since they echo some of what she'd like to know, too.

Landon had heard something along those lines from Esme, so he's not surprised that her family's a bunch of witches from what he's told. He's sure there's still a bunch of old European witches, whether they were real or not, kicking around in this modern day. "Huh. I mean, your mom is..." A freakin' hippy, but he won't say that outloud and will leave it at that.

"Sorcerers though? What's the difference between.." He's about to ask, but he's sure Chen doesn't care to dwell on those things. Thinking back on their own families now, there's a narrowing of his eyes when he looks over at the Lesters. "What are the Lesters?" Look, he's noticed some things about when it's that time of month, alright! Though when Cash mentions blowing it up, he blinks, "If the stone is destroyed, does that mean that this elder gets free reign over the world? Is it keeping him.. it... locked here now too?"

The laugh has the corners of Mona's lips twitching upward briefly, which prompts her to raise the teacup for a sip, finally. Her head tilts a fraction, and she asks, "So when they brought the bridge here, stone by stone, they brought along more than they anticipated with it?" George's observation earns a quietly defiant, "Speak for yourself. The ball gags worked like a charm." Some part of her is still amused and at the same time anticipating utter disaster.

"My family have tracked Swindon for five generations," Mr. Chen continues. "Making sure the binding remains, not that we could fix it were it damaged or destroyeed. When the London Bridge was moved here, the stone came with it. By necessity, so did Swindon and myself."

To Amy, he answers, "The short answer is 'rules'. We'll leave it at that. But Swindon is still bound to it, and so here I am. Destroying the stone would free Swindon, so I advise against that, Mr. Freeland, and putting it in the bridge was the best and safest option they had available to them."

"So there's no way that Fran is this Swindon?" Arthur inquires, once again just to make things crystal clear.

Lucas glances to Amy "Maybe because then it could be moved and walked off with? I mean shit that's how I'd do it." Voice hoarse. Tea good. Esme gets another look of 'thanks' The slight grin of Landon not missed. It falters when Mona mentions the damn thing moved here. He pauses and looks to Landon, a silent conversation of glances and asks curiously, "Did the Marchant create those rules that bind the contract out of curiosity?" They do have a force of will that says I talk, you listen. "I mean it'd explain the bank."

Felicity slips in late, if she can, staying quiet for the moment. Which probably means this is the first most of the other teens know about her being back in town, unless the few people who knew mentioned it. She looks around to spot Cash and moves in his direction with a quiet. "Hey, catch me up after. I thought I'd never get away."

"No," Mr. Chen answers Arthur. "Fran only arrived three years ago. Swindon, whoever they may be, has been here since the early sixties. I do, however, believe that Fran is the vampiric offspring of Swindon, just as the one they call Bubba is. All Painkillers are, actually, but I mean to say that Fran and Bubba actually know Swindon."

"Fuck the rules," George offers helpfully, before heaving a sigh. "Well, can we carve it out now and, I don't know, chuck it somewhere in the middle of the ocean or something? Do vampires swim? Do I care?" she wonders, the last question to herself. If they're stuck near it, then they'd be in the middle of the ocean, either way, she figures. "Or is that against these stupid rules?" She doesn't like rules, it might be noted.

"Billions of years ago it couldn't have been gotten from the bottom of the ocean," Amy grumbles at Lucas' idea, frowning when 'rules' is mentioned as the reason for the rock having to be kept in the bridge or whatever. She inclines her head at the idea of it being destroyed simply setting the big bad Swindy free and leans foward, slouching a little as she cradles her chin in one hand, the elbow propped up on her knee. "So what about these five people then. I feel like I see where this is going."

Esme is paying attention but she is vain and seated next to the boy she likes that wasn't at the house gathering and while she was going to tell him that she was muted, she WASN'T going to tell him she was ball-gagged like a kink-superstar all night. There's a beat where she just turns her eyes and stares at Mona for a moment, but she's far too polite and distracted to say anything about it, plus it was... not pleasant to have to do with the guilt and liability factor while muted with her own thoughts and fears all night. Maybe Landon won't notice or catch on or think anything of it so she doesn't have to die of embarrassment too.

After all, there's MUCH more interesting conversation happening, which Esme turns her attention back to after a little sigh and a long drink from her cup while thinking and processing.

"Then," Arthur muses slowly, thoughtfully, "If Fran is targeting our families because of our... gifts... that sounds like a... a consolidation of power. Same as when the preps start recruiting from the new classes, to push the outgoing ones out."

"I think the rules in question," Mona says quietly, her eyes fixed on Mister Chen even as she whispers to Lucas, "are something more like the laws of physics. Natural law. Supernatural law? Not the sort of thing over which people would have any dictates." Her brow furrows briefly, and she asks, "So the attempt to create a small army of vampires is to rebuild an influence network?" Her lips purse. "And ensuring the only families that might stand against their efforts have skin in the game and are similarly invested is means to prevent a recurrence? Or liberation."

"As much as I admire your tenacity, maybe fuck the rules isn't the best thing here, George. We have to make sure that we're not going to make it worse for ourselves and our families before we do anything else," Marianne says, glancing at her cousin Felicity. She does a double-take at her and then smiles. "As a side note, I have no talents and am pretty sure I'm adopted now..." She looks to Mona and nods at the other girl's observation at a vampire army, taking a sip of her tea again.

"Or just revenge," Amy supplies after Mona's comment quietly.

"You are descended from those five persons of great power, yes," says Mr. Chen. "And your families are here for the same reason, though they are unaware. When each moved here, they couldn't tell you exactly why they decided to come. It's not whim, I assure you. And no, I don't think Fran is acting on Swindon's orders. Swindon could have done something like this at any point over the centuries. No, I fear Fran has discovered the stone's existence and importance and seeks to use it for herself. Hence she targets you as new recruits. Your blood at her command could be used in any number of ways."

If Landon heard anything mentioned about ballgags, he's smart to ignore it. Instead, there's far more important things being discussed here. "I'm with George on this. Where is this stone and can we toss it into the ocean. That way This Swindon will be stuck out there.. until some explorers find it and place it in a museum, but that's not our problem anymore." He has to pause after he says this, then asks, "Right? You said our families were from Europe. So they all settled here, all 5 of them, to the place where the stone was moved?" He can't help but sigh with a shake of his head, "That's some coincidence. I mean, our parents don't even know about any of this, correct, Sir?" Then Felicity shows up and he has to do a double take. It's been a while since he'd seen her. And look, Mr. Chen is already starting to answer some of his questions even if he's doing the math in his head.

Zane raises a hand a little. "Um. If you and our families ended up here 'cause the stone ended up here. Does that mean if we threw it into the middle of the ocean, we'd all end up moving to the middle of the ocean somehow and not really know why? Except you."

"I still don't know about gifts though," Amy says with a shake of her head as she glances to Arthur. "Someone's descended from something, okay, but like Hector isn't a witch," she glares at Cash a moment here. "And about the only talent he has is having a very punchable face." She glances back. "But aside from that, yeah. Who knows what supposed gifts we have." She blinks a little at Zane's idea, inclining her head. "Hey, it'd be good for swimming," she muses at him.

"I mean, I would," is Mona's quick reply to Amy. She nods at Zane's observation, adding, "...and unless one lot of us are descended from mermaids, which would be some major irony out here in the middle of the desert, I'd call that 'officially boned'."

While Cash did greet Felicity with a smile, his expression has been thoughtful. He's listening quietly and clearly rolling the information over in his head. Amy's comment about Hector earns a scowl. "He's not a witch, no. He talks to ghosts. Sounds different to me."

Arthur removes his glasses, revealing his dark-circled, bloodshot eyes. "So, in the light of this potential... vampire political war... what do we do about /this/? I just want to be a rock star, and Fran's getting in the way of my plans." He's always been driven and ambitious, despite his indifference to anything outside of his narrow interests: he just likes having things his particular way, and now there's a big Fran-shaped obstacle right in the middle of it.

"I don't know. Might be a step up for some of us," George points out, not having been subtle about her hatred of being stuck in this place either. She glances at Mona, considering this a moment and then shrugging her shoulder. "Not much of a fan of laws either." Yes, she knows what Mona means, but she's enjoying playing dumb for the moment.

Mr. Chen sighs and looks down into his tea. "I have told you that my family have been doing this for five generations. Do you not think if the stone could simply be disposed of as you say it wouldn't have been done long ago? You are very young. I assure you, any ideas you have are not original."

Lucas drinks his tea and looks at Amy and Mona on the sly before doing a doubletake at Felicity and murmuring something Esme an, Mona and Landon might be able to tell from tome is 'nooo shit?!' Looking up when the questions are done he says, "Look I don't know what all this stuff is. I don't watch fantasy movies. I'm a political drama, cash & guns heist movie guy...and bad comedies. Sooooo if we rip the band-aid off what's the truth of it direct, please?"

"Do you mean move to the ocean on houseboats, or grow gills? Because one of those is a lot easier than the other," Marianne says to Zane, putting her empty tea cup aside and beginning to bite at her fingernails, furrowing her brows. "So Fran needs us to do something with the stone. If she needed a sacrifice or something, why couldn't she have just killed any of us instead of turning our family?"

Cash's scowl deepens. "Oh? So we bring nothing to the table. I'm used to that. So, how about actual solutions or suggestions from knowledgeable adults? The whole full moon thing was a fiasco and I'm not in a hurry to repeat it. Am I cursed now? Will I be called back here after I leave for college? I mean, fu--I mean, come on. There has to be something that can be done, Mr. Chen."

Mr. Chen looks directly at Cash, eyes sharp, tone equally so. "You were not invited here to offer your family's centuries of study and expert opinion on the magics surrounding the stone, Mr. Freeland. If that offends you, you may take your leave. Your attitude is unwelcome."

To the group at large, he adds, "And let me be perfectly clear that if any of you attempt to damage or move the stone, the consequences are on you. It would be the most grave of mistakes."

So the tossing the stone in the ocean is off the table, Landon's already considering other options that could be done. That said, there's this look that he gives Chen now and he just has to ask, "If our ideas aren't going to help solve anything, I'll assume that you know what we should be doing right now, Mr. Chen?" He tilts his chin down to peer at the elder man from above the rim of his glasses. "What do we need to do to protect our," selves, "families and... get rid of this thing once and for all." He then considers, "And does this Swindon know about Francine's plan?" Then something comes to mind, "And if not, should they be told? I mean, I gotta admit, I don't know which is the lesser of two evils between the two."

Felicity gives a little wave to people as they spot her, though she seems to still be trying to piece together exactly what had been said before she got here. She does note, "Clearly at least some people get out. Maybe it's a sort of pull, but if there are enough of each bloodline here it's not so bad. Does probably mean that someone's going to be stuck here if there's no solution other than guarding it. Though it *has* to be easier to guard it if people know what it is and that it needs to be guarded."

"It seems to me," Arthur muses, "That this Swindon isn't the problem: it's Fran. So we take care of Fran, because she's the one who tangled us all up in her schemes, not Swindon, who's been laying low."

Cash mutters an apology and then adds. "Freeland stubbornness? I don't like to be told what I can't do, I guess." He pauses and then makes a point to say, "That said, I'm not touching any stones in the bridge. I'm not stupid."

"Well, I said that last night," Amy rolls her eyes a little at Arthur's suggestion. "After making sure you didn't go hand yourself to them on a platter, the ones who weren't Fran actually seemed scared of me, which is pretty fucking cool. So I figure if we take out Fran the others will just stay out of our way because they're pussies anyway. They're only whipped up because she's inspiring or something." She looks at Mister Chen, nodding.

"I think she may need us under her control," Mona observes aloud, though it seems in response to Marianne's inquiry. "To accomplish whatever it is she aims to do. Dead, we're of no use. Compliant, we become a means to an end." She is otherwise listening, uncomfortably still. Every so often, a lapse of etiquette here or there has a tiny tic tugging along the line of her jaw. "I am not aware of whether any of the other families are more in tune with their history than ours, Mister Chen, but I believe I can speak for the Marchants in noting that this is the first this heritage has been brought to my attention." Her tone is deferential and polite; even her diction is more precise and clear. "Do you know if our families are aware of it, whether they believe in the reality of it all or not?"

Zane brightens up subtly when Art refers to Fran as a in the way rather than a source of benefits, 'cause at least that beats last night. Felicity gets a quick little smile when she arrives, and he shrugs to his other cousin. "I dunno," he says, "just, if moving here just happened 'cause that stone is here then...?" It seems like that option's been taken off the table, though, and goes back to drinking tea, with a firm nod to his twin's remark. "Will that fix things? If we can do something about her? 'cause it seemed like the other ones are kinda... you know..." A nod to Amy. Yes. That. Even if maybe not how he'd have said it.

"Well, I don't hear anyone suggesting anything better," George mutters a tad defensively, but then spreads her hands before her in an 'all right, all right', willing to drop the idea of dropping the rock for now. "So how do we kill Fran then? We're back to burning down the motel." Nice, simple solutions. That undoubtedly won't work, but at least they're straight-forward!

"You're right," Marianne says to Mona. "So Fran wants us and Fran wants to use the stone, or something that to tune. Is there anything that we can do to neutralize the stone or get the bad juju out of there? Because that might be a pretty effective step in neutralizing Fran too," she points out, looking to Amy - not that she isn't opposed to killing a few of the rather squirrely vampires.

"What you should be doing, Mr. Marchant," says Mr. Chen, tone a bit cooler now. "Is to avoid Francine at all costs, graduate high school, and leave. Live your life. The stone holds, Swindon is contained."

He nods at Arthur's words. "Francine is the threat. She dragged your families into this. Swindon has never in the centuries after being bound taken even one of your blood into the ranks, or fed on one. Swindon has left you off limits. Fran's changed the game."

Amy's comment of the others showing fear of her gets his notice. "Really? Fascinating. The Lester legacy carries on, then. Your family are descended from lycanthropes. Tthat is, werewolves, the natural enemy of vampires."

Arthur says confidently, "Fran's not the only one who can be inspiring." And, more soberly, "Mr. Chen, for those of us who have drunk twice, what do we do? Will we be like this every full moon forever? Will this wear off?"

"Shut the front door!" Amy says with her eyes wide, just kind of staring at Mr. Chen. Werewolves?! She glances at George briefly, inclining her head and then staring back. That is a lot to take in. She just kinda falls quiet, listening rather thoughtfully.

"Werewolves?" George echoes, sounding outraged and intrigued at the same time. She pauses to consider, exchanging Amy's glance. "Cool." Although her tone isn't fully convincing, she smiles wide to show her teeth, which are snapped at the room in general. "Can I bite her then? Or them? Anyone?" She's actually still reeling, but her mouth moves faster than her brain.

"The blood remains inside you for a number of full moons equal to the drinks you've taken multiplied by three," Mr. Chen tells Arthur. "After which, you are free. So for you, five more full moons, Mr. Bloomquist. And burning down the motel will not be easy, Ms. Lester," he tells George. "Even during the day. Vampires can make loyal pets of mortals. Familiars, or revnants, they call them. The Marchants are descended from the strongest, oldest family of vampire revnants in all of Europe."

"Werewolves?" Cash says. "Surprised but not as surprised as--Mr. Chen?" Cash has his polite young man tone back. "We have these traits, yeah? But they aren't tied to blood alone? Are they tied to, uh, proximity? Like people who marry in. Or like Hector who didn't grow up here but the second he moved he started talking to ghosts. What does that all mean?"

The revelation to Amy and her reaction to it? Mona's brows shoot up at the former, and she hides a tiny smile behind the teacup at the latter. Seems legit. As to the history of the Marchants? Maybe it's the fact that she half expects all of her fellow Marchants to be horrified that has her smile twitching as she murmurs around the edge of the teacup. "Hear that, boys? We were the help." Siiiiiiiiip.

"The Bubba you spoke of... is he likely to be part of this move or do you think Francine is going completely rogue? And if this is self-purging, okay, but... I mean, are there ways to protect ourselves other than being on lockdown consistantly even the nights there aren't moons? Or-- " Okay, now Chen said werewolves, which somehow makes Esme blink way harder than sorcery or witchery, those are at least people doing magic things, werewolves are... wolf people! She looks at Amy for a moment and considers, though, based on what she was hearing out of the door the night prior, then makes a 'huh' of noise under her breath.

After drinking from her tea and letting that particular new 'thing' settle in with the rest of the weird 'things' she's both open to and uh. Weirded out by, she wonders next of Chen, "... can we do anything like our descendants like spells or shifting or something, or is this just a... I don't know, passive thing?"

Landon is doing all the talking but like Penn & Teller Lucas is going through the body language of the query with a casual hand wave, ahesitant dip of his head as they bite on teh word 'families' and so on. He tacks on at the end of Arthur's statement, "And how do we get healthy again? What if we don't care about their problems and just don't want to be poisoned by whatever this is?" His eyes narrow and he works, hoarse or not, to pull his frustration in to inversly be almost too calm contrasting the intesisty of enunciation, "How do I make my brother okay again?" Okay there's... theres the answer. he looks to George without missing a beat. "Georgia you have my formal permission to burn that hotel to teh ground." Easy. Accepting hte answer apparently she sighs and looks to Landon, "I don't knwo what the hell he jsut said but is sounded like we are going to USC and skipping over uNLV entirely." He looks to Esme and says tiredly, "I'll get you the application information. It's a pretty boss campus."

Arthur nods at Chen's answer, and then asks, "So what are the Bloomquists descended from? What's our thing?"

Only once Chen responds to his question does Landon push his sunglasses back in place, his posture straightening, "The last time we were here, Mr. Chen said that we had to be detoxed, have all traces of... the blood, I guess, leave our system." His veiled eyes flicker back at Chen now, "Now that we survived the full moon, how long will that take?"

However, the elder man uses some big demon summoning words like lycanthrope, that it gets an arch of a brow at first. And then when 'werewolf' comes out, he shoots Lester relatives a look, "I /knew/ it." Not really, but it's something he'd thought of before due to their full moon crazy. "Every time that full moon hits, you all go apeshit. Can't even take a joke." The rest of what is said has him curious. "So we aided the vampires at one time? Interesting. And... they have revnants working for them now too?" His eyes narrow at this.

Felicity frowns a little. "Okay, so... Witches, Sorcerer, Werewolves, Revenants... which family is missing and what are they decended from? Or did I just miss that part coming in late. Again, my apologies. 'Cause I figure it's not just four really cool legacies and the random people who wandered in at the last moment. And proximity to the stone or other people from the same bloodline could likely trigger certain traits. There's a whole epigenetic theory that could support that."

Werewolves?! Zane stares at Amy and George for a moment, and at the latter's question "I kinda want to not get bitten again, please," while he's still trying to make sense of this. Revenants is handily defined for them, and the look he gives Mona and then her cousins looks like he's trying to imagine this ne, but Art's question has his attention. "Us," he says to Felicity, "We're missing so far."

"Marriage and proximity matter as well as blood," says Mr. Chen to Cash. "The blood has thinned over the centuries. There are no more werewolves, or sorcerers, or witches, or fae folk." This last gets a gesture at Arthur. "Bloomquists are descended from the fae. Capricious, lucky and charming. And Marchants were the revnant family. Vampires cannot act during the day or do mortal business easily. The Marchants were the mortal power and money behind the vampires like Swindon. When Swindon was bound and contained, they were largely freed. That wealth remained theirs."

George can't help but laugh out loud, forgetting her own issues for the moment. "Vampire bitches, yo!" she can't help but crow. Eyeing Landon for his comment in return, she shows her teeth again. "Doesn't always take the full moon," she says in an undertone, before blowing him a kiss: no hard feelings, just George craziness. "Okay, so they got a bunch of bitches watching out for them..." she trails off, trying to think of another easy solution.

Arthur looks sidelong at Zane. "Well, that makes a lot of sense." He hasn't smiled in a while, but he does now, faint and yet fond, toward his twin.

"We're faeries?" Marianne asks, borrowing some Zane's exuberance. She takes her sunglasses off and her eyes are lit up like a Christmas tree, neverminding the dark circles underneath. "No way! That's freakin' awesome!" She says, before she clears her throat and settles back down against her chair. "Not that, uh, it's the /main/ issue at hand here, obviously..." Marianne looks at all of our cousins, nodding her head as if everything makes complete and total sense.

"I fear Mr. Bloomquist is right, however, that Francine is a threat that must be dealt with. While Swindon is not unlike a god walking the Earth in terms of power - none of the traditional vampire weaknesses affect them, not even the sun - Francine is likely not nearly as old. She may be vulnerable, if we are smart and careful." Mr. Chen seems to be considering this.

In contrast to the exuberance from her cousins, Felicity actually looks more thoughtful at that pronouncement, like she's working through the implications in her head and finds the results match up. "That... explains rather a lot." Once it's been worked through, though, her wickedest kind of smile comes out. "If only 'I know I misbehaved, but we're fae-folk, we're supposed to do that' would be likely to work as an excuse."

"So, we're essentially back-stabbing lackeys turned privateer," Mona considers aloud. She's one poet's shirt short of the look for it at the moment, and doesn't seem to disapprove. Her eyes shift back toward Arthur, and a hint of the smile returns. "Told you so." She's still horribly smug about her own opinions of things, but there is a distinct gleam of pride there that's in the musician's own gifts rather than her personal view of them. Zane gets a nudge with her hip, and she tilts her head to say, "We're probably 'the pen is mightier than the sword' pirates, which makes for lazy duelists, unfortunately. All of this really explains... a lot. About all of us."

Regaining her comportment, she asks, "I suppose it would be foolish to seek out this Swindon and request they bring their rebellious charge back under control? It sounds... as though Francine wished to make our kin her own subjects, rather than Swindon's? So they would be subject to her directly?"

"Hey, so if we're mortal enemies, or whatever, do we werewolves have any, like, tricks up our sleeves? Why do the vampires hate us so much?" George wonders, sounding hopeful, and overlooking that she is just descended from werewolves. Mona's comment draws her attention though, and she snaps her fingers, pointing at her. "Hey yeah, I like that. Let's stir shit up between them. I bet he can kick her ass for us!" Easy answers!

Arthur's smile becomes just a little feral. He has an idea, that's clear, but he doesn't say what. He veritably beams at Mona, suddenly beatific for one brief moment: a shining flash of his old self. Marianne gets an approving nod, too. To Mona, he notes, "The only hitch is that we don't know who Swindon is... yet."

Zane's eyes widen at the answer. "Like-- Oberon and Titania and Puck and them?" he asks, and breaks into the first proper grin of the day, looking first to his twin and then his cousins. "Okay, yeah, that is awesome." A pause, glancing to Arthur again, returning the fondness. "...and yeah, I guess maybe it kinda does." He returns Mona's nudge with one from his shoulder, and waits to see what Mr. Chen's got in mind.

"Incredibly wealthy Vampire Bitches, thank you very much." Landon says in retort to George, his posture stiff and expression stony. But even he breaks into a ghost of a smile. There's this quirk of his brow now and a hint of a frown at what Chen says, "So with her being immune to the sun, she has no need for revenants of her own?" His gears in his mind keep turning. "So you've told us about our ancestry, our bloodlines. What exactly do we do about it? It's our obligation now to put an end to this?" He then remembers what Chen had said, "But you told us to graduate and leave."

Lucas is really processing this and looks to Georgia, "I've always been a fixer. This is weirdly not surprising to me." He pauses and looks to Chen and asks, "Are you one too then, Swindonstone Keeper? A revenant?" Yeah, he's asking. It's their word. He's using it. A hundred thoughts go through his head and weirdly the one that stands out is they need to get to USC and get out. Looking to Georgia he grins only slightly and it fades back to thoughtfulness. "Let's say we believe this if we have to because...why not? We know how to undo it. We have five families. What's the gameplan for hitting the court here?" He looks to Landon and back to Chen.

"I don't even know what Swindon looks like," Mr. Chen says, "let alone how to contact them. I would think that they are aware of what Francine is doing, but they seem to be biding their time for now. I'm almost certain it is Swindon's blood you've been drinking - the rite to prepare the blood to create new vampires is a closely and jealously guarded secret. I don't think Swindon taught Francine. They never taught Bubba that I know of, either. And no, Francine is not an elder vampire. Sunlight hurts her, albeit slowly."

Esme manages a small smile at Lucas' application comment, then looks down into her tea cup while lapsing back into her thinking quiet and then some, working her bottom lip between her teeth. Gradually, her legs uncross and she sits up a little straighter, but mostly, she's listening now and looking at the remains of the liquid in her cup, brows knit down. She doesn't seem to be taking this as lightly or easily as some of the others, that or she's working gears so hard trying to find out what to do about it, it's muted her out of anymore inquiries for the time being.

"I need time," says Mr. Chen. "I must think about things, formulate a plan. I will have you return and we can discuss this more at length then. In the meantime, feel free to come by with questions about your families if you like."

He sets his tea down, and gestures out. "I apologize for cutting things short, but I have something I need to do."

"The only problem with that," Mona murmurs as she glances over to George, "is... you ever see a Godzilla movie?" She clears her throat quietly. "We're Tokyo Tower in that scenario, if they decide to battle it out." Tokyo Tower gets leveled every time.

"So the necessity to invite them in, and sunlight. These things offer some protection," she considers aloud. "Is there anything else you know of that might keep us and our families protected? For instance, how far does the 'call' extend? If we took those affected outside the city limits, would it lessen? How far out might they find us, if we did?"

"Francine threatened to take members of our families to force compliance, Mister Chen," she says, "if we didn't let her in, or I suppose send the others out to her." At the mention of things to do, she tilts her head, and nods once, a briefly apologetic smile at her lips. "We'll come by soon, thank you."

"I promise you, Ms. Marchant," says Mr. Chen. "I will answer those questions. That was my initial intent today, but you all had questions about your families and their importance, and that is where the conversation went."

"Thank you for talking to us again, Mr. Chen," Zane says, and lifts his cup to drink the rest, thinking then to add, "And the tea," as he rises to leave. Mona has really good questions! But hey, the boy knows a cue when he hears one.

"Of course, Sir." Landon pipes up when the historian apologizes for cutting this meeting short. However, what Mona says now is not something anyone had mentioned to him, even if it was something that was on his mind for a while now, "She did, did she?" This is followed by a murmurs, "Maybe the Lesters got it right and we should burn them out." His tone is wry when this is uttered however. Having finished nearly half of his tea, he sets the mostly full cup on the table, "Thank you for speaking with us and you've given us a lot to think about." And more questions than answers! To Lucas, he says, "I'll call Morrison to come pick us up. At least we know that we have nothing to worry about during the daytime," A pause, "Now if we can convince him of this, that's another thing entirely." Does he believe all of what's said? It's a difficult thing to take in and they've been told so much.

Arthur heads out, but not before suddenly giving his twin a hug- brief, tight, and then he's off before another word can be said!

"Sure, yeah," George replies, rolling her eyes at Mona. "It was your idea." She jams her hands into her jacket pockets, pulling out a crushed cigarette and a zippo. To Landon's comment, she offers a wry grin and flips the lighter open and then closed again. "Say the word." She doesn't bother thanking Mr. Chen, just gives him a look, and then shoulders her way outside to have a smoke. See? Totally considerate!

Lucas looks to his twin and tilts is head, "Whos to say they didn't pay off regular folk to do their work for them during hte day too. Everyone's got a price man. I'm aaaaactually kinda with Morrison on this one." His fingers reach up to rub his forehead and he jsut... just needs his head clear again to think. "Mr. Chen, sir, I appreciate this comes at some risk to you or things you cae about for speaking with us, so... thank you for your time." And with that he works on his tea and takes a deep breath. Five... more very...very long months..."

Felicity seems to have returned to thinking. Still, she flashes Mr. Chen a bright smile. "Thank you so much for your help." That said, she glances aside at Mona's statement about hostages and frowns. "Maybe some of us who don't have to run right off can go talk somewhere? All I got earlier was 'Vampires', no, really, 'Vampires'. Don't drink anything or invite anyone in."

"Thank you for the talk and time you've given us. And the tea." Esme breaks her silence and leans to put her cup on a tray before rising up, hand knocking through her hair. After quietly and soberly reaching to squeeze on Landon's arm, she says, "I have to walk. Be careful waiting on your ride. Going to... work." Then she grabs her purse in preparation to set out of the doorway after getting out sunglasses to put on for the terribly sunny outside. She's not taking this lightly at all and she's distracted sounding. But maybe she's just tired and the sun is still out, alas.

"Silvio Bloomquist came to the house last night, Landon," Mona says as she turns to look at her cousin seriously. "You should talk to him. He saw them. He knows. Maybe he can help communicate the seriousness of the situation to Morrison." Just maybe make sure there's a backup plan, too. "And she did," she confirms more gravely. "Said we would have to be out and about at night some time, that we'd be giving up prom and other things, and-" Her head shakes again; she is very clearly exhausted. "Thank you, Mister Chen," she insists in full sincerity. "You saved our lives, last night. I have no doubt of that."

"Mr. Bloomquist was there? Huh." Landon says looking terribly surprised. "So he knows...?" That's interesting. Just then, he feels that gentle squeeze on his arm from Esme, his gaze trailing behind her as she slips on her sunglasses, "You watch yourself too. With what we've been told, there's a lot that we need to discuss." He'll linger a bit waiting on Lucas, already planning to use the payphone to give his elder brother a call, when he notices Felicity in the dispersing crowd once more. He's surprised she's back in town. Might want to say hello before they leave.

Felicity looks around and spots Landon, giving him a nod and heading towards him as most of the others run off. "You said you were wating on a ride?"

"We're heading back to the house if you want to catch a ride, guys, but I'll understand if you want some muscle," Mona offers as she reaches for her keys. "Car's... a bit jammed with gear, though."