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Somebody to Love
Characters  •   The Bon-Vivant  •  The Competitor  •  The Martyr  •
Location  •  The Facility - Dining Room
Date  •  2019-03-07
Summary  •  The Bon-Vivant and the Competitor finally meet up post-Lodge at dinner with the Martyr, and they discuss past futures, present relationships, and that cupcake thing.

Competitor has finally changed out of her aerobics clothes and sits at one of the tables wearing short denim shorts and a t-shirt that reads 'Stop Looking At My Eyes'. Since she is still an 80s child as far as she can remember, and because they are totally awesome, she does still wear her leg warmers. She is reading one of the numerous books that are available - 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'. "What a load of rubbish" she mumbles at the tome before a bit of her chicken burrito. She is slightly older than the Christine of the Lodge and her hair is brunette rather than jet black, but otherwise she looks much the same.

The Martyr has finally chenged out of his pajamas and has actually tamed his flock of seagals bed head thanks to a second shower. He's actually managed to grow a five o'clock shadow, but is otherwise properly groomed. He has dressed in what passes for more serious clothes than he's been wearing in the Facility so far: black pleated trousers, a Russian peasant cut shirt, a wine coloured velvet paisley waistecoat, and a Tardis themed tie, with matching blue hightops. he waves at Christine before going to select a meal. The meal in question turns out to be a mushroom cheese burger on a kaiser with sweet potato fries and very hippyish burger topping with a rootbeer float. He wanders over with his tray, "I've been reading the Supreme Court descition that would have let us all marry if we were still aive in the 21st century."

The Bon-Vivant is not properly an '80s child, but-- well, his style formation so far comes from the contents of his closet, pre-Lodge MTV, and the last Encounter, so two out of three have a serious lean. He's looking more Scott than when the Martyr first saw him here -- clean-shaven, and he's cut his hair closer to Scott's style today, too. It is still behaving, which is possibly even less fair when he probably cut it himself. Still, he's had practice. He's pretty good at it now. He's barefoot right now, in Scott-ish holey jeans, but rather than the familiar t-shirts he's wearing what looks like a light blue cashmere sweater with the sleeves pushed up along with them. The other main difference is he looks 5-10 years older than he did in Oregon. There's a thoughtful expression on his face, whatever's on his mind interrupted by Dare's voice, which makes him blink. "What, like... ALL of us?" he asks, before blinking at the woman at the table, and breaking into a brilliant, early-Scott sort of grin. "Hey! You're here!"

Competitor/Christine/Star waves in return to Martyr/Finn/Dare, offering him a smile too before turning over the corner of the page and closing her book. "Let us 'all' marry? We're allowed multiple partners now? And...um...I /was/ still alive in the 21st Century as far as I know. I was President. Who do you think introduced those laws" she grins at him. "I needed a First Lady" she adds with a wiggle of her eyebrows. And then a familiar voice, and face, that has her grinning from ear to ear and leaping to her feet. "Scott!! They told me you were here but you must have been hiding from me" she teases before rushing over to give him a tight hug. "So glad you're here" she sighs before looking him over with narrowing eyes. "Hmm...no offence but, umm, this place been hard on you?" Competitor has noticed the age difference but her grin is soon back. "I have missed you. Join us for...I think it is dinner."

The Martyr gives Scott a slow looking over, eyebrows raised in approval, "Seriously, how is everyone hotter in the facility?" He doesn't seem to mind the age difference. He grins, "Not everyone at the same time to each other like the Mormons, but queer folk on the same legal footing as the straights. I've been reading the legal opinions that got us all there. The Finn in me wishes he could have been in Washington arguing the final case. I'm calling it dinner anyway."

The Bon-Vivant is still all about hugs, and gives Christine a decidedly tight one in return. "I'm pretty sure you were the one hiding from me," he says, "I heard you were here somewhere too, but I was starting to think it might've been a hallucination or something." He still sounds pretty much like Scott, really, or at least like broadly-sober Scott -- US west coast leaning toward California, but without the surfer qualities that tended to sneak in if he was wasted. And no offense, huh? Haven't heard anyone /else/ complain." He tries to sound insulted, but the grin's still there.

He gives her another squeeze and then lets go, moving toward the dispensers. "Are the names there? Should check if Scott's in there somewhere," he suggests, "It's the kind of thing he was planning to do." He considers for a moment, then, "Everyone at the same time to each other'd be good, though. To be allowed, I mean, if people wanted to." He presses the screen, then looks to the Competitor again, and adds, "I'm Felix here, Fizz for short." Because he says so. "So, generally Fizz. My door's the one with the dude with the champagne bottle on it. Are you still using Christine, or did you pick something new?"

"There is a timeline somewhere, Dare, where Finn was leading the charge" Competitor smiles to Martyr before upnodding towards Bon-Vivant. "And Scott would have been there because of Finn. And I would definitely have signed it into law." She is quite convinced she would be President in this timeline. A teasing roll of her eyes at Bon-Vivant's desire for everyone to be married to everyone. "Marriage would become pretty meaningless if they did that. It wouldn't be special. Everyone would do it to get wedding presents. Though I'm pretty sure that my father's wives only did it for the same reason."

"I'm trying to go by the name Star" Competitor replies to Bon-Vivant. "Christine is part of me but already I know she is not /all/ of me. And if these 'stories' are interruptions to /this/ reality, then I could say that Christine was a role and the actress who played her wouldn't have the same name." She laughs. "I guess that makes Star my stage name. Fizz? I didn't think you were the kind to fizz out."

The Martyr gives a bark of laughter, "If we're here long enough we're going to ecnd up everyone married to each other. I'd not object to it, certanly. We should ask one of the peope from the Noc if they had true legal polygamy there." he gives her a smile, "That's a beautiful thought, really. If we really are doing parallell universes time bandits they can all be singing the Certified Sex God PRIDE anthem Danny was going to write at the celebration." He thinks it over, "What would we name the film we would have all stared in I wonder? 'We are the Champions' maybe?"

"You're mistaking Fizz for fizzle. That'd be like me mistaking Star for starving," the Bon-Vivant replies, "...or startlement. Starlings. Starkers. Starfuckers." Look, it was doomed to end up in that territory eventually. "Or at least, like, starlet. You never struck me as the casting-couch type." The dispenser creates him a remarkably good-looking cheeseburger and fries, the sort of thing that might happen if a truly good restaurant decided to slum it in 'American cuisine' for a while, and a very large glass mug of some kind of beer; he brings it allover to the table, and sits.

"I didn't mean literally everyone to everyone, but, like, if three or four people are in love then why shouldn't they be able to? How come one or two of 'em have to be left out and officially less important? That's just kinda shitty." He settles in, and gives Star a smile, smaller than the grin. "That's kinda how I feel about it, though, the names. Who we are in the Encounters is, like, part of us, but not /us/ us. This is us. This is who remembers all that other shit, so this is who we are. So we should have our own names." He takes a sip of his beer, which, it must be noted, has a nice cap of fizz itself, and grins at Dare. "It's not a bad name. Danny mighta argued for Fat-Bottomed Girls if we were goin' Queen, though." A pause. "Scott mighta backed him up."

"Why am I not so excited about being called Star now" Competitor deadpans. "This is why you should never name yourself after a staff reward system. Touche, Fizz" she winks to the artist formerly known as Scott before considering Martyr's words. "Hmm...a movie about us all? In that timeline? Gosh. 'Putting the Eager in Beaver'?" Her brow furrows. "Why do I keep thinking porn movie titles? And who is a fat bottomed girl? I do aerobics!" She may have to rethink the short shorts now. "How many stories have you been in, Fizz?"

The Martyr starts munching his fries "That's how I feel about it. I'm not rejecting Finn, just acknowledging he's part but not the hle." He eyes Scott, "Are saying I'm a fat bottomed girl? Flat bottomed maybe...." He turns ernest, "Don't let him ruin it. You are a Star. You burn bright and hot and steady and when you're out there you are a superstar in my book." He throws his head back and laughs, "Let's not give it a porn name. This is a movie about how you and Em become President and first lady and how we made same sex marriage legal under your watch. It ought to be a little dignified, but speaking of porn, can one of you explain to me why cupcakes mean flirting? I've be wracking my brain for days."

The Bon-Vivant starts out looking amused at his victory in the name wars, and only gets more and more so as the pair of them continue, up until Dare gets to the cupcakes, at which point he just entirely cracks up for a few seconds. A finger gets lifted, 'hold on', until he takes a good breath and gets it down to a light intermittent snicker. "First off, both your bottoms are amazing, I can declare this with a unanimous vote of two," he says, "And for the record, fat bottomed girls make the rockin' world go 'round. But if it's a movie about that specifically, okay, maybe Don't Stop Me Now? Or Somebody to Love... As for the cupcakes..." He glances sidelong at Dare. "Danny used to say not going down on a ch-- girl was like eating a cupcake and throwing away the frosting. Which, you know, leads to frosting as a more literal metaphor too, after a while. He and Scott discussed having an informational workshop for the frat involving cupcake demonstrations at some point, once..." He looks insufficiently innocent as he adds, "If there's any remaining question, I'm pretty sure the dispensers would make us a cupcake."

Competitor stares at the cupcake explanation. "I've never had it referred to as a cupcake. Don't get me wrong, it's a good analogy, and anyone who doesn't go down on a girl is mad." She smiles sweetly at Martyr. "No offence. And aren't you the charming flatterer. Thank you." Her smile a bit more devious as she turns her gaze back on Bon-Vivant. "Go get a cupcake then, I want to see this. And I like 'Somebody To Love' as a title. Good call, Fizz. Though I think this cupcake thing goes a bit beyond mere flirting, Dare. About ten miles past it." She looks content that her bottom has been praised.

The Martyr raises his eyebrows at Fizz claiming his bottom is amazing, but knows better than to argue beyond saying, "I think we can at least agree that in this room at lease, my butt is not winning the first or second prize.... Oooo! I like 'Don't Stop Me Now!' I'm changing my vote to that!" His eyebrows knit as he follows the Scott's cupcake explanation. "Wait, there are people who are attracted to women who don't recipricate? In Finn's case he flat out couldn't, but it's not like he was.... Really? Shit! Some men are really pigs. No offense taken, Star." He really does look puzzled at the literal metaphor part though, "I... really need to do proper research if I'm going to slide around the Kinsey scale everytime I die. He looks sheepish, "Could you, Scott? I got the impression you'd be a good role model in this." He gives Christine a grateful look, "Thank you for not objecting as I'm practically dying of curiousity now."

The Bon-Vivant promptly agrees to Dare, "Star does get first." So that should make the Competitor happy, right? At least sort of. He admits to Christine, somewhere between appreciative and apologetic, "Scott really was a big fan of those shorts." Also the shirts, but he'll leave that one alone for now.

"...yeah, though, there were a lot of guys who weren't into it for some reason. I mean, don't ask /me/." Asking him other things, however, gets a pause. Does that qualify as calling his bluff? If so, he apparently wasn't wholly bluffing, because he glances from one of them to the other, then inclines his head in gracious assent and heads over to the dispenser to get an appropriate cupcake to treat inappropriately.

Which, when he returns, is what he does. "So, you have your delicious cupcake before you," he starts, tilting it to let them take a look. He has eschewed any over-literal decoration; it's just a normal cupcake, with a good swirl of frosting on top. Then he tilts it back toward himself, and begins the class. Presumably in other settings he wouldn't pause to explain things, but for Dare's sake, there's a certain amount of specific detail involved. Also enthusiasm. Where's he going to inherit shame from, Scott? The frosting gets rather less standard-looking as he goes, and eventually, the vast majority of it is gone. He peels the wrapper off one side and breaks a piece of the actual cake off, then, popping it into his mouth, and offers the freshly-unwrapped bottom side toward the others, offering, "Cupcake?"

"/Most/ men are pigs" Competitor clarifies for Dare, "At least with regard to treating women. Reciprocate? They usually go straight to sleep once they've got what they want." She smiles to Scott, both for the praise of her butt and that he's one of the good guys who likes cupcakes.

And then there is a demonstration that has her entranced...and blinking a few times. And tilting her head. And opening her eyes wide. And cursing that storm back at the Lodge. And when Fizz is done, she swallows nervously and has a bit of a blush to her cheeks. A shake of her head at the offer of the cupcake before she stands and clears her throat. "I...umm...I have to...umm...see if I can find Nettie. Urgently. Nice work, Fizz. Dare, always a...umm...pleasure. Good to see you, Fizz. Don't be a stranger." And then she it out of there, walking quickly and on the hunt for...assistance.

The Martyr turns to wink at Scott so Star won't see, "Of course she does." He opts not to mention what Finn was a fan of for delicacies sake, but oh is he thinking about the night of the lake swimming. he makes encouraging shooing guestures at Scott towards the dispensery. He sits pretend primly as the virgin cupcake is displayed, doing an exaggerated eager pupil impression, to hide just how curious he actually is. As the demonstration continues, he leans forward mouth a tad open to watch with bug eyed fascination. At the end, he sits there blinking and dazed. Finally he says, "Oh." After a pause he adds, "They were definately flirting." He waves to Star, "I solemnly sware to attempt to reciprocate."

The Bon-Vivant looks amused and maybe juuust a touch pleased with himself at the reactions, giving Star a light, playful salute, and eating another bite of the cupcake as he watches her head off down the hall. With her bottom. He glances to Dare once she's gone, and murmurs, "I still would," before finishing the last of the cupcake, and washing it down with some beer. And, okay, there might be a small shift in his own seat, as well.

"Definitely flirting," he confirms, pulling the burger back in front of him, and starting in on a few of the fries. "So, what's new and exciting? I heard something about Max almost killing Oz? Sometimes I think we need handouts here, too. Though I guess here it'd be more of a gossip sheet, since it's not like we've got anything to fight."

The Martyr is still watching Fizz, prize winning bottom or not, "She's still getting used to the idea of the former Emily having all those prior and ongoing entanglements." The give it time is implied rather than spoken, "Right now she's too much like a sister to me to look at her that way, but who knows how I'll feel when I've gone round again...." He finally looks away to start on his burger, "No wonder the women liked you. I only have an abstract sense of what that cupcake mapped on to and even I... Wow, Fizz, just wow." He eats the burger a bit while trying to decide what he can reasonably say. his tone is carefully neutral. "The Elders. The ones who've been around a while, I mean, used to experiment a lot. You hung out with Caleb before the lake, I understand. He must have told you about them trying hair cutting and tattooing and the like." Another bite chewed carefully and swallowed. "They did a lot of other experiments too. On themselves and each other. Knives, strangulaion, drowning. They always came back. Some of them died here a lot. The older ones, they don't see it theway we do." He looks really haunted and sets downthe rest of his burger. "The morality is different here. I'm having trouble... adjusting to it. Some of it. Oz-Rafe isn't upset. Nor Danica-Cassandra. For them, this is just Max being Max." His shoulders are very tense.

/Now/ Fizz looks very faintly embarrassed, though also still a bit pleased. It's nice to have one's talents appreciated, after all. "Scott had a lot of motivation. ...and kinda a bunch of practice." Little bit sheepish, maybe, but he hasn't suddenly developed 'ashamed' in the last couple days. He has, however, possibly developed a deeper understanding of the It's Complicated that is the Facility, and there's no immediate comment on dealing with people's prior and ongoing entanglements.

A small nod to the Elders, as Dare puts it, having done a fair bit of experimenting, whatever details he might have known. That dying was involved isn't a surprise in itself, though given the brow raise to the methods mentioned, he probably /didn't/ know much in the way of details there. "...well, I know shit doesn't take," he says, "but it's still gotta hurt like a motherfucker." A small pause, "I can't decide if I care that I swear more now. Anyway, I knew at least one or two of 'em had died and come back so we knew that's what'd happen, but I don't think I ever got any details. Me and Caleb talked about what if we died in an anywhere-room, when we were freefalling; we figured it'd be the same kind of thing. Did she actually kill Oz though? Why was she trying anyway?" He reaches over to give one of those tense shoulders a squeeze before picking his burger up for a good bite.

The Martyr says, "Sasquach Kirk killed himelf a lot experimentally until Danica-Cassandra got him to stop. Some of them think we are lacking in Drive becuse we aren't constaly wrecking things. I pointed out that wasting time we could be spending doing other things on destroying stuff to replicate their experiments made no sense, which is very much how I've been proceeding. I asked Caleb if they'd tried tattooing. I trust him. Why go to the pain and bother of tattooing myself to verify it?" He nods, "It looks just as painful as dying out there, yes. Watching them, I see our future." He shivers. his voice is calm and sad as he picks at his cooling fries, "I love the people I loved back there, Elder or not. There are a whole lot of people I like better here. There is a beauty to it, the strange wways people grow here. I loved Danny when I was Finn, but I love Briar so much more than Finn ever could have loved Danny. The way they are now is so beautiful and unexepected. I love every part of them inside and out. The existance of that radio in the parlour tells be that soon we'll be gone and we won't be these people when we come back. The Elder's tell me it's the second life that really changes you dramatically. Simple observation is pretty clear evidence that's the case...." He peers at Scott with his serious dark eyes, "They are still so beautiful, those elders, but some of them get so strange. Disconnected in odd ways from the way we think, and that's our future.""

"I already cut my hair and shave, I KNOW it comes back everyday," Fizz says with a small shrug, "And yeah, they all talked about having tried this thing and that thing and the other thing. I'd rather try other things than try that again. ...I probably /will/ end up dying at some point 'cause I'm kinda curious what that's like, but I'm not in a hurry. Not actually a big fan of things that hurt." He'll risk it, sure, but it's not the point. Even if it does get a moment of distant contemplation and an amended, "Mostly."

He takes another bite of the burger, thinking about what Dare's saying. "A lot of them want to escape. I don't like the idea of being held captive, but we don't actually have any proof there's any outside to escape to. As far as we can prove, this could be the entire universe. There's no logical reason to assume the encounters are what 'real' life is like and this is the version that's weird. Hours and hours of talking about it and trying to figure things out, all around me, and maybe we're in prison or maybe it's an afterlife or maybe it's some dude's house on the floor below the combination bowling alley and sex dungeon, but all we know for sure is it's definitely where we are, and honestly there's plenty of shit to do that sounds a lot more fun than being the third or eighth or twelfth dude to try to rip into a wall or confirm that if I cut my arm off it'll be back tomorrow. Like, practically anything. Boet and I have a whole damn list we barely even started yet." Clearly hasn't stopped the Rogue from being very into the Facility Theory stuff regardless, but there you are.

The Bon-Vivant's quiet another second or two, but clearly thinking and probably not quite done. Indeed, he says, "I dunno what's gonna happen to us when we have another Encounter. And I kinda wonder if it's gonna be different for those of us who started out here than everyone else. But I mean... everyone changes, right? Scott changed. He was Scott at the beginning and he was Scott at the end, but he still changed in between. So I dunno really if some of the older ones are weird 'cause they've been through several, or if they're, y'know, just weird. Like, Addison was pretty weird, and he probably didn't have other lives to blame it on."

The Martyr looks at him and says quietly, "When you do, please don't ask me to help if you can avoid it." He nibbles a fry, "Danica-Cassandra says drowning isn't bad compared to somme of the other ways." He sucks up some of his gloat, "I'm interested in the theoretical stuff, I'm happy to try Boet's experiments and try to think up new ones. I just don't see the point of wasting the short time I'm this e on things that strike me as unpleasant and pointless. I would rather have a double scotch in tahiti for example." He gives him a wicked little smile.

Watching him from the corners of his eyes, "So are you Out here? Are you dating anyone? There's a lot I don't know about this you besides I still like talking to you."

He snorts, "Addison was definately weird. I wasn't looking forward to spending eternity with him needling me, but he did right be Danny and he gave his life to save the world. I owe him an apology, but they think he might be gone. His sigil's missing."

"I think that means he's gone," Fizz agrees, "and I'd rather have a double scotch in Tahiti too. I just figure, if I'm gonna, like, race cars up dams, or possibly down, I don't think we decided, and shit like that, sooner or later something's /probably/ gonna go wrong." A shrug. "But it still sounds fun, up to that bit."

He eyes his beer a moment before taking a fairly good-sized drink of it. "I really don't care, here," he says, shrugging as he sets it back down, and there's a fleeting grin, though it's not entirely as pleasant as the usual one, "What's anyone gonna do about it, take my scholarship away?" That edge disperses as he goes on, "I don't think anyone here cares, and even if they did, I dunno why I should. Which I guess is a long way of sayin', yeah, I guess I am. Out, I mean." His fingers tap lightly against the side of the glass. "I dunno if I'm dating anyone, exactly. Not sure how that kinda thing's supposed to work, here. What even counts? And I haven't really got to talk to or even seen everyone I'd kinda... wanna know what was or wasn't going on." There's a touch of uneasiness or something else less than sanguine in that uncertainty. He gives Dare a sidelong look and a fairly wry smile, though, adding, "I kinda feel like I'm probably not a lot more naturally monogamous than Scott, though. Overall. So I guess it's nice the whole lots of lives things makes that not that weird here?" Or not that unusual, anyway.

The Martyr looks relieved, "Ah! yes! We should go hang gliding! I've no idea how, but this seems the perfect time to learn." He sips his float, watching Scott's face more openly, "I'm told most people are bi here and the way things shake out non-xclusive is the norm, though there are exceptions." He looks down, "I wasn't sure if you'd want people to know how much I cared about you. While I was waiting for people to wake up. I finally gave in and asked caleb and chance which one was your door because I hated the thought of you waking without someone waiting for you and Chance had said something about being worried you didn't have anyone and anyway I knew Caleb was waiting for you too. Boet. Whatever. They felt safe. But I didn't say anything to anyone who didn't already know otherwise, and I didn't say anything to Boet or chance about anything but friendship because the friendship was the part thtat really mattered most anyway. I just... nevermind."

He takes a deep breath, "People do date here. People consider themselves married here. It's just the terms change because of things that happen out there. Rafe and Cassadra-Danica. They are definately together. Always, apparently. Briar and I have the same terms we had when we were Danny and Finn. Colorado and Bastian considered themselves married since Prosperity and now they are dating Max. There's this whole complicated thing with Laine and Joshua and their seperate past but ongoing partnerships, but I lost the thread what wirh the stabbing. People work things out." He flashes him a smile, "Not being monogamous isn't weird here at all." He cocks his head, "Have you seen the woman who was Roxie yet? Because I have no idea what's going on there."

Hang-gliding gets another grin, and the Bon-Vivant eats his burger some more, with evident enjoyment. And reasonable speed, though not impolite haste. "He's gonna be fine with you calling him Caleb," he assures in the face of that whatever, being pretty confident about that at least, "and yeah, hang-gliding's on the list. I think Cheer wanted to do that too, but I... haven't seen her yet." He knows what door is hers, though. And that symbol hasn't changed.

Whatever wasn't quite settled in him about things still isn't, while the Martyr's talking about the waiting, but it probably isn't directly that, since he leans over to wrap an arm around the still-skinnier guy and give him a good one-armed squeeze. "I was so glad to see you. I was--" He breaks off, as if something's occurred to him. "The older ones kind of act like this is all the worst possible thing. But I woke up and someone I loved wasn't gone forever after all. That's not the worst thing I've woken up to." That understatement's unusually dry, or at least it would be for Scott. "Not even the worst thing I've woken up to in here." Another squeeze.

That last question, though, that gets a much more Scott-ish grin. "Yeah, I've seen her. We went to Monte Carlo. ...what don't you have an idea about?"

The Martyr nods, "Did my head in when I first saw him and having the age gap reversed took getting used to but I really like him in the now now. We spent a lot of time hangig out while you were still out there. He's a good man." A quick glance, "I couldn't tell if you were fuckingor not, but he definately cares about you the way I do." He smiles, "Cheer is fine, desspite having been trapped here alone most of a week until Misty came. She was really good to me, Cheer, I mean. helped me get settled in. Put up with me thinking she was an hallucination at first. I think she had some stuff to work through, is all. After being Kimmy. Chance is kind of the same about being derek. Different... messy in both cases. I hurt chance by accident the other day and I feel terrible about it.

When Fizz puts his arm around his shoulders, he leans in and a fundamental tension in him lets go. He hugs him round the waist. "There's good reasons some of themfeel like that, but I'm so fucking happy you made it I just.... You know I love you, right?" He gives him a squeeze back.

Then he's smiling back, "I don't know her whole relationship status. I don't know her that well. I just hope you had an incredibly time together in Monte carlo because I think you both deserve that."

The Bon-Vivant laughs briefly at the mention of the age gap, but at the part about him being a good man, he just nods, and there's a smaller smile. He doesn't clarify about the part Dare couldn't tell, for one reason or another. It wasn't technically a question, anyway, right? Still, the little smile gains a shade at the assertion of caring, though it disappears behind the glass again fairly soon. "I'm glad she's okay, but... I kinda hope she comes out soon. I mean, if nothing else, we can do so many awesome things with those rooms now, and she's missing them." Unless she's actually in there, and he's just missed her going back and forth, which is pretty possible considering.

Another good squeeze, and he nods. "I'm seriously happy you're here, too. And... yeah. I still love the people I loved there, even if we weren't quite the same people." He turns his head and gives Finn a quick, light kiss on the temple, before he lets go and returns to properly eating. "We did have fun, yeah. Went all James Bond, for a while. Then we ended up plotting to rob the place instead... I bet we can get the rooms to do stories for us, now. Like, have it set up a spy scenario and then go in and do shit for Queen and Country." He says, in his 100 American accent.

The Martyr nods, "I miss her too." As Fizz pulls away, he touches the other mn's hair briefly, a fond Finn-ish guesture, before he too goes back to his meal." He laughs, "That sounds fun. I'd like to go on adventures with you. As long as they don't involve murder ghosts." He watches him eat out of the corner of his eyes, quietly getting used to Fizz being Fizz. Content for the moment. Home as much as anywhere can be home anymore.