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Solitaire and Truth or Dare
Characters  •   The Addict  •  The Gambler  •  The Martyr  •  The Crusader  •  The Optimist  •  The Explorer  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Location  •  The Facility - Parlor
Date  •  2019-10-28
Summary  •  Just another night in the parlor. Now with games and drama. And maybe a death?

The Gambler is sitting in the parlor in front of one of the coffee tables. She's drawing cards one at a time from a deck of cards and looking at them, then placing them on the table in what might eventually be a grid pattern. Near her are a stack of game boxes. Twister, mah jong, Apples to Apples, and a couple of others.

The Addict comes out of the Hall of Rooms dressed in black leggings and a pearly, shimmery loose tank top. Their hair is done up in a sloppy bun, and their makeup is light, eyeliner and lip gloss. They pad barefoot over to the Gambler. Trailing a fingertip over the Apples to Apples box, they say, "Oh wow, look at all these games. We should have a game night sometime."

The Gambler looks up and beams at the Addict. "We absolutely should! Though if you think this is a lot of games, you really do need to come over to my room." She's wearing a sundress today that at first looks like a pattern of tesselated red and blue rectangles, but upon closer inspection is bicycle playing card backs. She's apparently adopted the local custom of wandering around barefoot, though. "How's your day been?"

Nearby, in the hallway of rooms, assumedly somewhat across from Felicity's own door, that of the Crusader opens slow and eventually wide. Then. Out comes a ratchety Crusader. Pop and locking his way into the main room with the others. Periodic beat boxing accenting his elaborate posings. He's back down to just his Fenrir tattoos and rather or not his coffee killed him in the night, he's once again heading to the replicator to brew up some more for the denizens of the Fac.

The Addict takes a seat near the Gambler, and they smile as they say "Good. I caught up with Arcade, you would've known him as Spear. He's doing well, and we had a good talk. He's... he means a lot to me. This lifetime hasn't hurt our friendship any." They're clean-shaven today and looking rather feminine, probably swinging the balance after yet another lifetime as a 100% boy. "So we talked and spent some time hanging out." They watch the Crusader pop and lock toward the replicator. "You know, he's pretty fit," they comment.

The Gambler nods and beams. "I've seen him a couple of times, now. I like him. I mean, I'd be predisposed to like him anyway, because Spear, but I like him here, too. I'm glad things didn't end up weird between you." She pulls another card, considers it and carefully places it on the table, then glances over towards the Crusader and shrugs. "He is, yeah. A... lot of people around here seem to end up being pretty fit, actually." After a moment she adds, "I've talked to Dare and a bit with Chance. Anything you wanted to say to me about anything around that? Dare told me the rules."

The Crusader IS pretty dang fit. He seems to have bulked up even more from his time serving and protecting the small town of Providence. If he had any amount of brooding in him, whatsoever, he'd be looking quite a lot like his Fenrir persona. But there's nothing of that hate and wrath and fear in his eyes, nothing that says the Crusader is being held back at every moment. In fact. There is absolutely nothing about the man that alludes to any amount of responsiblity or authority or impetus... or style... or cleanliness... even as he bends over and freezes as one arm squeakily sways at the elbow, "Squeeaaak squeeaaak squeeeaaak." Then something seems to enlighten the man as he looks to Jade, "My sweet baby brother love from another universe's other mother!" He's heading that way. Smexy arms all out wide, star wars boxers a-glow when they hit a shadow and get to brag about their glow-in-the-dark-coloring.

He winks at the Gambler, "Heck yeah, you dig this. Check that weenus." He stretches the skin of an elbow a bit to flaunt it before going in for some big-bear attempts at Addictive huggings. Though he's asking in a curious tone muffled by hugattempts, "There's rules?"

The Addict gets up to hug the Crusader and squeals with delight. "It's so good to see you!" Briar isn't nearly as strong as the Crusader, but they hug with all their might. "I was afraid the coffee had finally done you in." They've swung very feminine since their return, and they smell of expensive body wash and lavender shampoo. They look up at Crusader and cup his cheek in their palm. "Handsome man," they tell him. Then they say, "Felicity is dating Chance and Dare, and so am I. Married to Chance in fact. So we're just talking about rules to keep things running smoothly. Fortunately, I adore Felicity, and I think her influence can only improve them both."

The Gambler gives Heck a dubious look, but refrains from comment on whether or not she actually digs that, particularly the weenus. She looks like she's about to answer, but Briar takes care of explaining so she shrugs. "I am absolutely willing to concede that Briar has, and should have, precedence at the moment." Then she laughs at Briar's comment about her influence improving them. "We'll see." There's a small pause. "Have you talked to Senni or Chance since last night? I... gather things didn't really go well. Just... to keep you updated on potential emotional landmines." Another card drawn and placed on the table. It's beginning to look like a five card by five card grid, though only about half the cards are placed, yet.

The Addict settles down in their seat again, and they say, "I haven't talked to them, no." They purse their lips, then they say, "I was afraid it might not go well. Chance made a promise, and it's a promise he couldn't keep. I can reconcile it, but it's still a promise broken, and I don't know if Senni is cut out for this. I love them both dearly." They watch the cards being laid down. "As for rules, I think the private time you have together is your own. I have nor want any say in how you spend your time. In public, I want to cuddle up without a lot of people swooping in, but like yesterday, I told Dare if he wanted to put an arm around you or give you a kiss, I wouldn't mind. I just want the option, you know? Right of first cuddle I guess is what I'm asking for. And if I'm feeling okay with more, I'll say so. Is that all right?"

Shambling out of the Hall of Rooms is Visio-- wait, no. That shuffling mass of blanket-covered person is too short to be the Visionary, and there's a tendril of deep caramel brown hair poking out, rather than the honeyed locks Cassandra has favored since Icarus. The Explorer pauses only briefly to take stock of who's present, one surmises by peeking out through a minute crack in the folds of the aforementioned blanket-shroud. Then she's drifting onwards, in the general direction of the dispensary.

The Gambler leans in a little against Addict, not quite encroaching on personal space, but sort of giving the option for it. They're sitting on a couch in front of a coffee table where Felicity is apparently playing some version of solitaire with a deck of cards, though a somewhat unusual one. Nearby is a stack of gameboxes. Mah jong and Apples to Apples and Twister among them. She nods. "Yeah, that's about what I gathered and that's totally alright. I'm..." She shrugs again. "I didn't mean to upset anything and apparently I did just by existing. And yes, I know, a lot of it wasn't me, but..." She sighs and draws, studies and places another card, a little more quickly than before, then notices the figure go shuffling by and frowns a bit, not knowing people well enough yet to tell who it is.

The Addict leans in, in turn. "I know you didn't," they say gently. "Chance is responsible for promises made and broken. You didn't do anything." They give Felicity a warm shoulder-nudge and say, "Also, if you guys know I'm gone for the day, having an adventure with Arcade or whatever, and you cuddle up on a couch, I'm not going to go balistic. If I come back early, I might say scooch, but I won't feel betrayed or disrespected."

They watch the blanket wander in, and they're about to greet Vis, when they see it's not her, but rather Senni. Getting to their feet, they come over and ask, "Hey, beautiful. Are you doing all right?"

"Peachy," comes the somewhat muffled response from underneath all that downy softness. It doesn't sound altogether convincing. One would think that someone cocooned within a blanket that features baby sheep frolicking on clouds should be required to be at least nominally cheery, but since when did she follow rules? "Just need more wine an' I'll be out of erryone's hair."

The Martyr wanders out of the Anywhere Room with flute in hand. He's in a pansy division shirt and purple leather trousers, plus full face. He even painted his nails with black glitter polish this morning. He must be in a Mood. He eyes the blanket and occupent, cocking his head with the expression finn used to make when he's thinking. "Rough night? Might I get you some from the dispensery?" His eyes flinch between Felicity and Briar, trying to guage the room's mood. Then he's by the sofa, bending to kiss the top of Felicity's head. Given the givens, he decdes to give Briar and Senni a little space, though he squeezes Briar's shoulder on the way to the dispensary, "I'm going to grab cider. I'm in an Autumnal mood. Doesn't it always seem to be every other season but that out there? Seriously, Anyone wants anything, I'll grab it."

The Gambler draws another card, looks at it, and places it. She's on a couch with a coffee table, a stack of game boxes near her, playing some version of solitaire. She looks up, considers just a moment and then draws another card, leaving Briar to talk to the ambulatory blanket. She says softly, "You're welcome to stay if you want to."

The third door down on the left opens and Thrill-Seeker peeks her head out. Seeing more people out in the parlor she asks in a tone that sounds...grumpy, "Anywhere room open yet?"

The Addict doesn't try to impede Senni's progress to the dispensary. Rather, they fall into step with her, and they say, "Do you want to have wine with us? I realize it might be rough, but we love and care about you, especially me. I love and care about you." They give the walking blanket person a one-armed squeeze around where the shoulders should be. Dare gets a nod in passing, but their focus is primarily upon Senni.

"Don't really feel much like watching all kinna people be all kinna snuggly and lovey fuckin' dovey with each other right now. Just drinking while I wait for an Anywhere Room to open up, so I can reembrace the Huntress and kill some shit," Senni replies, an edge creeping its way into her voice as she steps aside to let Dare make his food or drink selections first.

The Martyr nods agreement with Felicity and Briar, "She's right. Why drink alone when you can drink with friends." He calls to Cheer, "Left's vacant, though you may need to wrestle Senni for it, but I'm just going for cider and wine if you want some? Maybe some pie. I feel like this might be a pie day." He slips out to suit actions to words.

The Gambler smiles after Dare and then sighs. "I'm sorry" she says quietly, drawing another card and seeming to have to think for a while about the placement of this one. She gives Cheer a little wave and a flicker of a smile before she goes back to staring at the card in her hand.

The Thrill-Seeker emerges from her room dressed in jeans and plaid with heavy boots. She walks to the edge of the Parlor and peers after the mobile blanket with a raised brow. There's not smile or really any expression. She's closed off. "Oh, you're out? The other was in use earlier too..." And then she hears Senni mention the Huntress and she quirks a brow. "Want company killing shit?" She asks in a drull voice. "I was gonna go jump off a cliff, but that sounds more pleasant." She wraps her arms around her shoulders and leans on the wall.

"I get it," Briar says to Senni, and their expression softens into sadness. "Is there anything you want me to do?" They step back to give Senni space. "I'm really sorry, Senni, and I want you to know I'm here, but if you need some time, I get that, too."

The Optimist comes in from the Hall of Rooms. He is wearing a set of bright pink rave pants - hot pink, with holographic detailing across them. Eye blinding, really. In addition to this, he has brightly painted yellow nails and a black mesh tank-top as well as a bright yellow raver cap that says 'Hello, my Name is Molly' on it. For anyone from earlier than the 2000s, he is just. Like some sort of hypercolour troll doll. But he looks happy, a book under his arm.

"Feel free to punch him in the dick for me," Senni replies, the light from the dispensary screens casting just enough light inside the 'hood' of her blanket shroud to illuminate the wry smile that ghosts across her lips before vanishing again. She pauses and looks to Dare, then shakes her head and mutters something under her breath. Turning, she starts back out, shuffling through the parlor back toward the hall. Apparently, she decided whiskey wasn't important enough to wait for. Passing by Cheer, she grouses, "Tell me you're gonna apologize to Mon-- to Cassandra, for being a twatwaffle to her this past lifetime, and you're welcome to hunt with me."

The Martyr emerges with a large tray, flute at the edge, a choice of several wines, a metal pitcher of mulled cider and appropriate drinking vessels on it. His expression is Angel bland. The room is full of landmines and he feelsBriar has the streadiest hands in this particular situation. He sets the tray down very carefully, out of the way of the solitaire game.

His eyebrows go up when he sees what Arcade is wearing. He himself is in a pansy division shirt and purple leather trousers, plus full face. He even painted his nails with black glitter polish this morning. "Great minds..." After all, The Optimist has taken him dancing in the future and he knows what those clothes mean. He is seriously considering followng Arcade innto Mollyland, but alas, he's the Matryr, so he simply pour himself mulled cider and hovers.

The Gambler's gaze flickers from person to person, though it stops on Optimist and she blinks rather a lot. "Wow," is expressed softly. She's sitting on a couch playing some kind of solitaire. There's a stack of game boxes near by. She's dressed in a sundress that looks like a red and blue rectangular print until one gets close when it would be revealed to be bicycle card backs tesselated across the fabric. There's a little wince at something and then she finally places the card she's been hold and draws another one, going back to concentrating on it and staying out of the firestorm brewing as much as she can.

The Thrill-Seeker stares at Senni at that answer and seems like she was just struck. Her lips part and she seems openly stunned. "W-what?" She says in open and complete puzzlement. "I was...I was only -nice- to her!" Suddenly she is standing up to her full height and looking offended and hurt and mad. "H-how...what...FUCK THIS. Have fun in lala land," And she whirls and stomps back to her door, throws it open, and slams it again. Not even waiting for a reply. Or even stopping to be blinded by Optimist.

The Addict gives Senni a pensive look, then nods and says, "Okay, well, I'm here. Don't..." There's no way the Addict is going to say don't drink too much. "Don't fall asleep on your back, if you can help it." That's right, drink yourself into a stupor if you must, just don't suffocate on your own vomit, boo. Then Cheer does her piece, and Addict flinches at the slamming of the door. "I..." Helpless, unhappy. "I'm just going to..." They see Arcade in his gear, and they manage a smile. "Hey, you look really good."

The Optimist watches the Thrill-Seeker head on out, and he says "Ouch." He pauses a bit "Maybe some time will help," he decides, and he then says "Erm, so...was that the whole thing with her and Zane and Mona sort of coming together?" He adds "I'm glad it happened now. Earlier is _way_ better, wouldn't you guys say?" And he asides to the Martyr "No, no, I'm straight. The drug effect doesn't last outside those rooms."

"Ahh, I love a good dramaflounce in the morning," Senni mumbles, watching after Cheer as she storms off and slams into her room. There's a shifting under the blanket shroud, at about shoulder level, that was probably a shrug. She casts another glance toward Briar as they turn focus to Arcade, then resumes her course to the available Anywhere Room. Many imaginary furry beasties will undoubtedly die in there tonight. Or maybe not so furry. Hey, they were gods, killing humans wasn't a big deal.

The Explorer heads towards The Facility - Hall of Rooms

A safe topic! Dare smiles at Arcade, "You really do look good. Going dancing the Doobsteps?" And then Senni's stalked off too. "Well, this time here's off to a bracing start."

The Gambler sighs softly. "I know Mona felt like Silver ruined her prom plans by being sort of... ostentatiously mopey in a way that was making Mona feel like she was a villain because she dared to have a relationship. I think Silver may have not realized how unsubtle she was being. And... god knows the relationships were complicated and hormone fueled and... I don't think it helped that Senni's apparently broken up with Chance because of Dare and I and..." She shrugs. "I sort of figure Chance is going to end up hurting me anyway, I might as well get the enjoyment of being with him when he's not doing that, but... I also... don't really..." She shrugs. "Anyway, just figured I'd do what I could to map out the issues." Another card drawn and studied before being played.

The Addict comes over to the table and sits down, their hands in their lap. They've got kind of a thousand-yard stare going. But then they lift their head and say, "Yeah, Mona was pretty bummed about it. I should have said more. Jade should have, but he was a teenager, and teenagers are dumb and selfish." They bite their lip, then let their shoulders slump. "I did Arcade's nails. They look really good."

"Silver wasn't being ostentatiously - or deliberately mopey. She had no idea anyone else knew," explains the Optimist "So the problem is kinda that as far as she knows, she's being told off for something she had no control over. I knew, because Mona sort of acted like Silver was doing it to everyone to make her look bad, but that wasn't true. These are really complex motivations for: Everyone was a teenager, and we were shitty at stuff." And he grins at Dare, oddly charmed, and he says "Yes, I'm doing the Doobsteps," in delight. He claps his hands together, and he says "I know Mona was sad. Silver was sad too. My nails are great!"

The Martyr sips his cider, looking pained, "That sounds about right. I haven't seen Cash yet, but it all fits observed phenomena." He settles by Briar and starts massaging their shoulder, "You did a lot that time in Big Ben's, and none of us were at our best. I'm stunned Caleb forgave me over Lucas. I still feel like a monster there. I don't know what to do here either. Give them space, maybe, I don't know. I think Arcade's right about shitty at stuff." He flashes arcade a quick grin. "Your nails are indeed great and you do the Doobsteps beautifully. It's like ou have no bones. I've never seen anyone dance as well as you."

The Gambler draws the last card and places it in the completed five-by-five grid, getting that look that says she's doing mental math as she stares at the cards before sweeping them up, squaring them off and beginning to shuffle them with the other half of the deck. "I didn't mean that she actually was deliberately being mopey. As someone who managed to accidentally reveal that she was in a relationship she hadn't really meant to make public quite yet by blushing, I'm... yeah. I sympathize with the heart on the sleeve whether we mean it to be or not crowd. Just... Mona saw it that way. Because Mona was raised to read emotional currents and control her presentation. So... They're were both upset. I don't think either of them deliberately did anything to hurt the other. Just... Yeah. Teenagers." There's a small pause. "Anyone want to play a game?"

"He doesn't like to be called Cash," Briar says. They lean into the massage, and their shoulders are tense as steel cables. "I don't even know most of the stuff everyone had going on. Jade was so high most of the time, the only reason he was aware of the thing with Mona is they were close. Even then, he was kind of a shitty teenager about it." They sigh. Then they ask, "What kind of game?"

"Oh, what does he want to be called? Not Cash, of course, if he doesn't want it. Wait, what happened with the Lucas thing? I don't know." He then grins at the Martyr "I give lessons," he says "And you should see my new room. It's definitely designed for someone like me." He cracks his knuckles "It's basically a chill out zone with mixer. Briar and I were there earlier." He nods tothe Gambler, then gets up and sits down next to her "Yeah. Look, I know. But feelings are going to be hurt for a little. We'll shake them out of it soon - can't let them get stuck in the same problem again, you know? That'd really suck. I'll play a game. Okay! Truth or Dare! What'dyou want to be called here?"

The Martyr flashes the Gambler a smile, "I'm easy. Play, dance, drink." He sets down his drink to free up his other hand for shoulder rubs. His voice softens, "Jade was so good at hiding it, I had no idea how bad it was towards the end. I'm so sorry about how rough this one was for you, My Love."

Dare gives the Optimst afriendly smile, "Chance. He still lkes Chance best. Last one really did his head in. he's having a very rough reintigration. His room reset." He winces, "We were actually doing pretty well until I said the exact worst thing possible to Lucas by accident. I was a cocky little shit. I found out what I did almost immediately afterward but the damage was done. I would have liked to horsewhip a couple Marchant adults and at least one Lester. Ignorance was no exuse. Any other me would have stepped more delicately. I fucking HATE being eighteen.... You're room is better? Cool! I'd love to see. All I got was a flute case and a suubtle change to my wallpaper.... Mixer? You taking up baking?"

"Chance. He wants to be called Chance. Because apparently last life was unending awfulness for him." Pause, nose scrunch. "Okay, that was apparently my own personal moment of teenage bitterness. And not what he actually said. Quite. Sorry." Then she gives Spear a bright smile. "I... don't know. Maybe Flick. Red and Vee feel too... specific to the people who call me those and Felicity feels too formal, but... Flick always kind of amused me." Then a glance to Briar "Truth or Dare works for me, but we could play something else, too." She guestures to the stack of game boxes. "And if none of those suit, I have an entire wall of games back in my room."

"Spear made Jade's life good," Briar says. They smile up at Dare, and they relax somewhat. "I love you," they murmur. Then they say, "Jade was good at hiding a lot, but things were genuinely good with Spear." The laugh when Dare asks if Arc's taking up baking. "Music mixer." They then say to Flick, "If Chance's mouth is open, a foot's going to fly into it." Then, "I'm okay with Truth or Dare. Who's going to start?"

There is a whispered 'pew pew' as the Crusader sleeps on the parlor floor, two bottles of vodka occupying his two hands. His eyes flutter open, a bit bloodshot and he moans out, "Why am I not dead?" His first addition to the ongoing, and rather serious, conversation.

"I think he doesn't handle it well out here when people have died in there," says the Optimist to Felicity "Flick. Okay. We could call you Flick. And yeah, out here - in case you've forgotten, I'm Arcade. My door? Is _not_ always open. But I do sometimes run raves. I mean, I did in the Anywhere Rooms. It's all about how you feel, and managing to spread around how you feel amazingly gret." And then he says "Being eighteen is the worst, but I did love Jade. I also loved Cash stupidly much. I was so angry. It never matters once we're out." He chills, flicking his feet up as he relaxes "You have a lot of games? That's a big clue. Interesting. Yep, music mixer. I'll start. Dare - Truth or You?" And then the Crusader is opening his eyes, and the Optimist mouths to the others "Get some ice."

The Martyr says gently, "It wasn't, you know, Red. The part you were in was really good, but it was pretty fucking horrible for the first few months. Plus Chance's having a really rough integration. Cash doesn't fit in his head well. He had a lot of trouble integrating Derek too, for a lot of reasons, and this is like that. You have my word that you were one of the best things that happened to us last time around." He smiles sadly, "Which doesn't make it hurt less for you, does it? I'm sorry, red. I really am."

He murmurs back, "I love you to, Briar." He eyes Heck and entirely deadpan asks, "can you be sure you aren't, heck? Like, have you checked thoroughly?" He narrows his eyes, "Me! I pick me!"

The Gambler takes a deep breath in and then out and smiles lovingly over at Martyr and snerks at Briar's comment about Chance and feet. She scrunches her nose again. "It's okay. I'm... mostly okay. And I believe you. I think, other than the end, I ended up having an easier time. Though, come to think of it, my parents kind of sucked, too, other than it's hard to remember them, now."

The Addict startles when the Crusader stirs, nearly putting their hand through the cards Flick has laid out so nicely on the table. "Jesus Christ!" they say, panting for breath. "He's alive." Nodding to Arcade, they get up to get some ice from the dispensary, and they bring it back in a bowl, with a washcloth to wrap it up in for what is surely to be the aching head of a monster hangover. They come over to Cru and kneel beside him. "I honest to God thought you were dead."

"He is? I have some beef with that guy." Is Heck's response to the Addict's outbursted words. He just leans right on into Jade and groans, "I wonder if the spirits that run this place are't slowly making me immune to vodka. I'll have to start drinking tequila soon and I make zero promises about any appropriate behaviors." He then looks from the Addict he relies on in the moment over to the others and asks, "It's like we're forced to get all the easy side of that pyramid of survival and so we're left only with ourselves and each other. Ah well. Could be worse. I think."

"Oh, does he die out here sometimes?" asks Arcade. He nods as the Addict goes to apply the ice, and then he says "Can't say as I know what an inappropriate behaviour would be, to be honest. Anyway. Dare. Hmm." He interlaces his hands a little, and then he says "I dare you to tell Chance that he has to go and talk with everyone in here, and say 'I know what you did', but not explain it." He gives a charming, innocent smile, and then he says "Harkaway had an okay time in the other one, but I don't think he was any good at, er, empathy."

The Martyr shrugs, "Tequila makes me either a dance feind or a cuddle monster depending on dosage. Whiskey is quieter....What pyramid?" He eyes Arcade, "He's not here. I thought Truth or dare was meant to be things one can reasonably do with =in the time frame of the game." He looks to felicity, "you are rules Goddess. What do you think?"

The Gambler considers. "I think it has to be something immediately do-able. Also only dependent on others actions if they consent. Because he's supposed to complete the dare before he can ask the next person. Otherwise you get stacking dares and it gets too complcated." Another pause. "And not likely to be lethal to anyone playing because that would make continuing to play difficult. See also, if dead, you can not pose truth or dare to someone else."

"I think if the dare kills you, the person on their left goes next," Briar says. They puts some ice in the washcloth and ply it to the Crusader's forehead. "How do you feel? Pretty fucked up? For what it's worth, we don't expect appropriate behavior from you even when you're sober." They smile at Cru. "Would food make you sick or do you want me to get you a cheeseburger?"

"This one's onto something." Heck murmurs as he motions vaguely towards Briar. He hums a happy pained tone when the ice finds his forehead. Pretty fucked up, yeah. I think food would make me sick for a little while still. I'm gonna not stand. I'll do any dare that involves me not standing. Or eating. Or drinking. Alcohol. I'd do a dare that was drinking kool-aid." He chuckles a bit, and winces at the pain of it, before saying to his caretaker, "You really are a sweet baby angle." He mispronounces it on purpose.

"Well, I was expecting you to say 'Truth', because that's the most fun," says Arcade, who is more than a little weird, it seems. He opens his mouth, hesitates, then he closes it and he says "Yes, if we die, it goes to the left. Er...I'm sorry, I'm trying to think of a dare." He colours suddenly "I thought everyone picked truth with these things!"

The Martyr smiles at Feliciy, "Thank you, flick. My next concern was it seemed more adare for Chance than for me and he;'s not playing." He thinks Briar's suggestion over, "That makes sense, but I think maiming and killing should only be accidental or unforseeable. Like the dare shouldn't be obviously fatal. also, we should rule out killing or maiming third parties." He eyes Heck, "I'm not sure we'd know it was you if you were behaving appropriately. Briar knows from hangovers." He laughs softly, "Arcade, a lot of people use dare to make other people kiss or strip or do things like balance along a thin wall or chug alcohol. A lot of people take dare because they like doing those things."

The Gambler finally reaches over to straighten the deck of cards which was knocked over and then tuck it back into its box. She nods. "If we lose too many players to death or maiming, it becomes hard to play, but yes, accidental death means it's the person to the left's turn. I... that is so weird to say." Pause. "Also, Dare, you still get to call me Red. Just... it felt like it would be weird coming from other people. Arcade, Shall we just let Dare ask, while you think up something for him?"

The Addict gets up and fetches a glass of water from the dispensary, then comes back and sits on the floor. "Here, you can rest your head in my lap," they tell Cru, "and when you're up for it, drink this water. The hydration will help you not feel so bad. When you are ready to eat, you're going to want protein and fat, so a bacon cheeseburger is about perfect." Yeah, the Addict knows from hangovers. "We won't make you get up."

The Martyr flashes a quick grin at Felicity, "Red it is.... See what I mean about blase attitude towards death and maiming being a natural side effect?" He watches Briar be Heck's Hangover Angel with an obviously worshipful glance, "Briar's moved which puts Felicity on my left. While Arcade's thinking:: Truth or Dare, Red?"

The Gambler narrows her eyes at Dare and considers. "I... think we'll start with truth. Though, in this place, that might actually be the more dangerous option."

The Addict glances down at Cru with a worried expression. "Guys? I think he might have died." They get back up and slowly walk back over to the table, glancing back at the Crusader just to see if he'll rally. They take a seat, still looking a bit fraught. They'll just keep an eye on him from over here.

The Martyr narrows his eyes and studies Felicity. Rather than going the pruriant or humilitating route he asks a sincere question, "Do you think we are all clinically insane by non-facility standards?" Then he's eyeing the Crusader worriedly. Rather than adress it directly, he offers Briar a hug, "You did all you reasonably could."

The Gambler looks worriedly over at the Crusader. "I.. Umm... " she shudders and takes a deep breath and deliberately looks back to the others, then blinks at Dare's question. "I... Ummm. Huh. I... like if we went out to someplace else and kept the mental attitudes from here, then probably, but... they're reasonable adaptations and attitudes given the actual circumstances here, so only once the context is changed? Please note, I am not a clinical psychologist and it totally isn't even a real area of interest for me, so my opinion on the matter is worth very little, but my memories of the standard for clinical stuff was that it had to result in unreasonable reactions to stimuli."

The Addict nods and says, "Sometimes you get Heck to bed before he dies, sometimes you don't." Like it's some kind of life philosophy they're laying down here. They get up and step over the dead Crusader to the dispensary, where they get a plate of fine Venitian pastries and a glass of milk. Then they come back, set the plate within reach of everyone, and take their seat again.

The Martyr smiles fondly at the Gambler, "Fair enough. Really, I just wanted fresh eyes." he sighs and nods, "Arcade nearly died in front of the dispenser once, but I go himto bed on his side like Scott used to do when I fainted as Finn. he died in his room anyway." He nods thanks to The addict and starts munching a pastry.

The Gambler collects a pastry as well and looks to Briar, still looking a little spooked. She's been here, she's heard them talking, this is the first time she's seen someone die here, though. "Okay, Briar, truth or dare?"

"I've never actually died in here," Briar says. "I came close. I was intimate with someone who enjoyed knife play. He's gone now." They take one of the pastries, a flaky confection with a creamy filling, and nibbles. "Truth," they say.

The Martyr narrows his eyes at Briar, "It was Addison wasn't it? And all this time I'd started to think I was paranoid. I wanted to apologise, thinking I was wrong, only his door went away...."

The Gambler considers Briar for a moment, then her eyes flicker towards Dare and she considers more, then back to Briar. "How would you respond if I firted with you?"

The Addict tells Dare, "It was consensual. Here and there, it was never not consensual. When I came back, his door was gone and..." They shrug. "I grieved, privately, because no one else was fond of Addison. I carried my loss in secret, but I'll never forget him." They take a sip of milk, then consider Felicity. "It would depend. If Senni were around, I wouldn't, because I know it would hurt her. Once the dust settles? I think I might respond more."

The Martyr says very softly, "He nearly broke me in there. When I was at my weakest. When you weren't in the room he made it clear he wanted you all to yourself. He'd tell me he was going to do terrible things to you, maybe kill you to spite me. I was scaredall the time he would. I know you loved him, that he was his best in front of you, but... I think I he really might have gone to far some time if he stayed." He looks between the two of them, "sorry. I kknow I sound stupdly jealous of a dead man and cruel as you grief him and loved him. I meant never to saw anything." To felicity he says, "I did warn you I was selfish."

The Gambler nods to Briar. "Absolutely reasonable and good to know. I... like knowing my options; it saves wasting time thinking about impossibilities. Your turn." She looks towards Dare, then, and frowns. "That doesn't seem selfish to me. That seems like trying to let go of old worries that were still occasionally eating at you."

The Addict takes Dare's hand and says, "I never saw him taunting you. I don't think I could've made him stop even if I had. What's done is done, though. He's gone, and I'll always remember him." To Flick, they say, "Right now, I want to focus on making sure Senni is okay. While it's not your fault, you do represent loss, and while that pain will fade, it deserves time to run its course. But I think of you as an amazing friend." They consider, then say, "Dare, Truth or You?"

The Martyr lifts Briar's hand to his lips, "I love you so much. I wish I knew how to love you perfectly, how to be the man you deserve." He takes a breath, "Would it help if you go to senni tonight?" The his lip curls up, "Me."

The Gambler nods a little. "I... wasn't planning to try to seduce you tonight." Frown. "Not that I even know how to seduce anyone. I'm... not really... seductive. I'm not even sure I actually know how to flirt. Not really." She glances towards the anywhere door that Senni disappeared through. "I totally understand." She seems like she's about to say something else and then shakes her head and instead takes another bite from her pastry.

The Addict tells Flick, "I know, and it's fine. I'm just laying out the landscape. I tend to be overcautious sometimes, and over-sharing. Sometimes I process while I talk it out. Trust me when I say you've done nothing wrong." They finish their pastry, take another drink of milk, then say, "All right, I am going to get ready for bed." They rise to their feet, kiss Dare, and tell him, "I dare you to dance with Flick tonight, to whatever type of music she requests. You can use an Anywhere Room if you must. Senni is off hunting tonight, and I think she needs some time to work things out. I'll be in my room." They glance between Dare and Flick, and they say, "If you don't come to bed tonight, I'll understand. You two need time."

The Martyr snorts, "You underestimate your powers, I think, Red." He gazes at the Addict, smiling fondly, "Things we have in common page twelve." His hand caresses Briar's cheek as they kiss. "Just remember the thing I said the other day is true. As long as we are us. As log as we have doors." Then he rises and bows deeply to felicity, "Milady, we are commanded to dance. Shall we?"

The Gambler nods to Addict. "I... seem to do that, too. So. Excellent. I adore you." And then she blinks at the dare and blushes, but shakes her head. "I can send him back to you later. You two need time as well." Still she holds up her hand to Dare and gives him that look like he hung the moon just for her. "Of course. I'm still not any good at it, though."

The Martyr leans down to kiss her sweetly, "It doesn't matter. Simple steps are fine. We can practice whatever you like, and when we're done, we can dine in any restaurant in any city in the world. I know there are... occationally bodies in the parlour, but there are so many good things too.

The Gambler melts into the kiss and shivers happily. "I know there are good things," she murmurs snuggling into his arms. "I have no idea what kind of music to suggest, though. I made Chance promise that sometime the three of us would do roller coasters. I won't make him be Cash for it, but... I still want roller coasters. Sometime." She considers a moment. "Sing me something we can dance to."

The Martyr kisses her again, eyes half closed, lingering, "Roller coasters are a yes." he leads her to where there is more space and after a moments thoughstarts singing, "I've got you/Under my skin." His voice is good, though not on Cash's level, and he swings her confidently out, in the basic swing step, letting her find her rhythymn in the in and out, performed on his part with flare, but designed to make her look good. He is gazing at her in a way that suggest that for right now? She's the only woman in the world.

The judges would never give her a good score, but fortunately there aren't any here. Still, Flick laughs and does her best. "You'll have to give me lessons." Her smile is practically incandescent. She joins in singing with him part way through. "I'd sacrifice everything come what might for the sake of having you near. Inspite of the warning voice that comes in the night and repeats and repeats in my ear..."

The Martyr gradually ass basic spins as they go. He grins, "That's what I'm doing, Love. Teaching your body how to dnce by letting you build muscle memory the fun way. Later there will be lifts with more standard teaching, but this? Ths is dancing too." When hey get to "Don't you know you Fooool," He spins her out. "You never can wiiiin!" He pretzels her in against him, hold her there a long moment, nose in her hair.

The Gambler's voice is fine, perfectly acceptable for a church choir or something like that. She holds the tune well, but she's clearly not a soloist. She almost stumbles on the spin out and back, but recovers, laughing, and sighs happily as she comes to rest against him, then joins back in on the singing, "But each time I do just the thought of you makes me stop before I begin..."

The Martyr is reluctant to let go of her and so he spins her to the other side holding her and at "Stop, before I begin" He dips her into a kiss, and spins her out and in for a much deeper dip kiss on the right again just in time for those last few notes, which he simulates wordlessly. He looks into her eyes, holding her in those strong swimmers arms, the sweat strengthing the musky citris fougere scent of him. Sharpening the clove. He is breathing harder from the excersion, and grinning like a maniac and just so obviously, ridiculously happy to bbe standing here with her in his arms and hours of fun ahead of them.

The Gambler laughs again, delighted, eyes sparkling and then kisses him again, just because. "I think technically that makes your dare complete, but we seem to have lost all our other players. So, what shall we do now?" She breathes in deeply and lets out a happy sigh, snuggling in against him.

The Martyr responds to the snuggling with kisses, "Quite literally anything you want, Red. We have all of time and space through the doors behind us."

The Gambler snorts. "Yes, but I only really know nineties era Lake Havasu and the bay area. I have option paralysis. Too many choices." She pauses and considers. "Is there anywhere or anything you'd like to show me? Something you think I'd enjoy?"

The Martyr studies her, "Want to go to the souh of France? Play in the Ocean? Eat some decadantly amazing sea food? Go gambling in a fancy casino? Make love in the penthouse bed lookinng out at the lights from the ships in the bay and the moonlight on the water?"

The Gambler laughs and nods. "That sounds... like a truly perfect day, yes." She looks down at herself. "It changes our clothes to suit, right? I know my dress changed that first night, but..."

The Martyr kisses her again and spins her to her feet, laughing, "It does. You can get... appropriate props to. I'll get the beach umbrella. Do you want this me, Osiris, or... Finn would be no useto you. I just need to make sure we turn up in a sensible time period depending on what you're in the mood for.

The Gambler beams and then considers. "I think... this you. Osiris is lovely, but a little overwhelming. I want you slightly more human." Then she looks down at herself and laughs. "I will totally look like you're robbing the cradle. Though, I suppose in that kind of a spot, that wouldn't be particularly notable."

The Martyr link, having flat out forgotten the age gap. "Caleb who was Lucas Marchant was about that age when I first met him and I was a 27 year old lawyer. He died when I did, a bunch of us having been rather suddenly electricuted and burned. He was about the age I am now when I first saw him here. Also I was weepy drunk at the time which likely wasn't helping. It half did my head in. I tend to ignore age now when I'm here. I forgot... Does it alarm you at all?" he snorts, "It wouldn't bother people there, no, but the people in there tend not to notice anomolies and anacronisms. They aren't real, just simulations.

The Gambler laughs again and kisses him. "No. It wouldn't bother me. I just suddenly realized how it would look. You can absolutely be my sugar daddy and I'll be your trophy girlfriend. Except, I suspect, if anyone really looked at us they'd see how we look at each other. Okay... show me the world?"