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Snakes in a Room
Characters  •   KissThisThen  •  Exo  •  Faustina  •  Maddy Funk  •  Locke  •  Timmy  •  Kitten  •
Location  •  Desert Spring High School
Date  •  2019-12-20
Summary  •  The War Party find Snakes and treasure.

The sun is setting in the West. There are long shadows in the Vestibule. The Tuck Shop is dark, except as the adventurers bring light. Beyond the double doors lies the big echoey room with its scattered debris. There are lots of metal and plastic chairs n here, most reasonably intact. Some sand has blown in, mingling with the shattered glass, old paper, and bones, most of small animals, but some, likely human. There are over turned cages and more scattered glass up on the stage straight ahead.

There are three hallways leading off into the dark. To the immediate right is an area with shattered glass and an open door with furniture shapes visible. On the other side of that hall, books and desks and chairs are visible. The metal bookshelves have toppled, but there are books. The library has been thoroughly ammonia scented by various means to discourage snakes, and some war kids have been taken off defense to help carry these treasures back to the transport bus.

On the left wall are one mysterious door on one side of the hallway and two on the other. To the left of the stage is another hallway. There is also a door from the big room to the tuck shop.

Mark has returned from taking Anchor Man back to the wagon and has brought several more lanterns with him. He and Faustina are conferring, looking down each of the halls and then opening the doors, starting with the one alone on its side of the hallway.

Maddy is just excited to be here. Should she even be here? "Wild horses wouldn't drag me away" she states abruptly and loudly to no one in particualr. "I haven't seen a wild horse in ages so that's the main reason" she nods wisely to herself. Dressed in leather pants and crop top (probably kangaroo leather), she has a rifle slung over one shoulder, a tattered mostly empty backpack over the other, and on her belt is a pistol and a large knife. Her boots clunk on the Tuck Shop floor, glass crinkling underfoot. Maddy's exposed skin painted in orange and black stripes - it's not a very artistic paintjob.

"Oh look! Butt scraping paper!" Maddy points excitedly at a book. "Not very good eating. Especially after you've used it to butt scrape. Even more especially if it was another person's butt." A sigh and shrug. "But you have to do what you can. Amirite?" She wanders over to peer over Mark's shoulder down one of the doors. "We should go down there" is suggested in a whisper. "Imagine all the cool stuff that will be in there. Hey! Did I miss a battle?"

After the incidents with the snakes, Locke is even more on his guard. It's one thing to be on the look out for Raiders and other humans, it's another thing if the enemy is something that can be lurking beneath any table or desk waiting to strike out.

Expecting the Savvys to greedily go through all of the books and documentation that they find, his dark eyes trail back towards the entrance when some of the War Children help to transport these things, acting as guard and escort for any scientists that make the journey back to the wagon as well.

Curiosity brings him to one of the overturned shelves, kicking a book over with his boot so that he can the name on the cover. It's at that time that Maddy makes an appearance. Unless she popped in from one of the still closed doors, there was no need to be alarmed. There were countless War Kids still parked outside keeping watch.

Joining the other Monitors, his gaze looks on the door that they'd chosen, but sweeps the room over to the second door. He has no preference himself, but he does keep his weapon raised. "A battle with snakes, not long ago? Sure." Is his reply to the Scavenger, eying the former Monitor warily.

Exo had been a great guard. If napping in a chariot counts. He's making up for it now with escort duty. He's armed with a pistol and blade and empty lootin' bag. He's also holding a battered lantern for more light. He still looks tired but the sights are keeping him awake. "We call that a book." He deadpans to Maddy.

The Right and left hallways have a lot of doors in them on both sides stretching beyond the circle of light. Behind the first door is an entirely unlooted supply room with some strange big plastic and metal things, some tables and chairs, a whole lot of big rolls of various coloured paper (heavily rodent nibbled), lots of smaller sheets stacked on shelving in various colours including white still in plastic. Pens, pencils, markers, paints, are visible on shelves and open cabinets. There is a lot of dust in here and the smell of decomposed paper. Beyond is a door sized opening with no door into another room. Soft sounds and rustling can be heard here and there. The ubiquitous snake and rodent holes can be spotted by sharp eyes.

The book appears to be an English/Cantonese Dictionary.

Exo peers into the door of the first room. "Dibs! Dibs dibs. All of that in there." And Exo is stuffing his empty bag with art supplies. "I am going to be rollin' in it." He sing-songs softly. "More Lux than I can spend." He eyes the door. He'll snap if something comes in. Or grumble and growl at least.

Faustina calls over to the war kids. "When you have finished loading the books, there are more supplies here." That done, she and Mark start to move on to the next door and open it, though she notes to Exo, "There are no 'dibs', here. Each one will get appropriate shares, but we are going to be counting it all and distributing it. This is a full Sanctuary operation, not just sending scavengers out." She gives Maddy a brief glance, as well, before moving on. Mark follows behind her.

"Booookkkk" Maddy rolls the word around in her mouth like it tastes sour. Trying every way to pronounce it but none of them correctly. "Seems an odd name for it. Shorter than 'Butt Scraping Paper' but that is much more accurate than whatever 'book' means." She picks it up and flicks through the pages, a confused expression on her face. "It looks like it has been stamped on by chicken feet." Lifting it up to her nose, she has a quick sniff. "Don't think it's been used yet either." That's going in her backpack.

"I missed a snake battle! Dang-ho." That must mean Maddy's disappointed. She had heard the noise of course, it is what brought her here, but to miss out on battle means...ethically...she doesn't really deserve any of the spoils. Luckily, she is not an ethical person. Maddy slips into the room, happy to 'bump' into Exo if need be. "Why would you want to roll on these things? Man, you la-la." Growls and snaps are things Maddy can handle if it means getting stuff.

"Why you guys here?" Maddy asks innocently, eyes flicking over Locke as she does so. He'll be the one who knows. A couple more of the coloured sticks are stuffed in her bag before she is out after Faustina. A new room means virgin spoils! Was Maddy insulted? It seems to have been missed.

Exo does make a fuss. A grumble for Faustina. "Yeah, yeah, of course." Then a growl for Maddy. He deflates. "I know a Fortunate who would pay well for this. Help me so he can have the lot, yeah? He'll pay anyone for it. It'll help to know who to direct him to." He offers. "He's sittin' on a pile of Lux."

For someone who's slow to smile, Faustina being Faustina brings a semblance of a smile to Locke's lips, listening to her laying out the ground rules for loot distribution to Exo. "Ahh, A Counter's gotta count." He comments lightly, the smile lingering for a moment longer. If anything, these items and objects are of little interest to the Copper. He's basically here to help protect the group from rival groups, Raiders or any other sort of attack.

Moving with a militaristic gait to follow the others as they explore one section after another in a well-thought out sense of order from the other Monitors, his eyes flicker over at the looting Scavenger, "Carry-ons and clothing will be checked at the end of all of this, to make sure that everything is accounted for." With that said, he adds, "Why wouldn't we be here? Look at all of this? They'll come in good use at Sanctuary."

A two headed rat scuttles away from Exo and his noise. The rustling in the walls increases. Timmy starts, but peers curiously around from behind Mark.

The next door creaks open into a long tiled room. It smells in here. It's both the animal smells that pervade this place,but also something nastier. There are ceramic things sticking out from one wall. A long table with sinks in them, and little booths. There is water here, pooled under the sink table and fouler smelling liquids further back. The bones on the floor crunch under foot and a variety of rodents scatter away from the light.

Maddy rolls her eyes at Locke being so Lockey. "Thank you for the obvious but why did you come here in the first place is what I meant. Dang-ho, you remind me of this guy I used to know when I lived in Sanctuary. He even looked like you." Her eyes narrow. "He was better looking though...even with the same face. The world is a mysterious place."

A wince as Maddy skips into the tiled room and gets a full whiff of the whiff. "Does this sharing thing count with the water too?" she asks Faustina through watering eyes. No matter how stinky it is, it's water! She wanders over to one of the ceramic objects and gives it a kick. "Pretty hard. Wonder if I can use it as armor. Oh! There's water in there too." A beat. "And other things. So much water in this place."

Faustina studies the room for a moment, then calls, "Timmy, could you come check this room? Bring a guard in case of snakes, but it appears to have possible reagents. Bring any other savvy you think would be useful." She looks back over towards Exo and the former monitor. "Let me repeat. Everything retrieved is going to the wagon and our other transport. Where it will be Counted. Those who participated will get a share. If there are particular items you would like for your share, let me know once we are done and I will see what accommodations can be made, but those decisions will be made with the good of Sanctuary in mind." She and Mark move on to the next door to open.

KissThisThen keeps being quiet. He is noting things, but mostly he just has opinions about books, documentation, and references. If he has the chance, he just makes piles per area, but mostly? He can remember everything he sees, and in what order, with his strange mind. The list in his own head is there "I have an accurate count." Weirdo.

This room in itself was nasty, the putrid smell of standing water (for who knows how long) disturbs Locke's senses. In his mind, it would do well to make quick work in this room. "Things thrive in damp environments like this, so be careful before reaching into a ceramic basin or picking something up from a dark nook somewhere."

When Maddy asks, once more, why they were here, Locke's patience starts to wear thin. Then she touches on a sore spot for him, bringing up his past. There's a tightening of his jaw and a narrowing of his eyes, his gaze directed to the pesky Scavenger. He's no longer the man she speaks of and he knows it.

"Mysterious indeed."

No further comment is made regarding that or this distribution of filthy water. He's ready to move forward, though lingers for a moment longer in case there's any vile creatures lurking about and careless Savvys or War Children not looking at what they are grabbing.

Timmy makes a strangled sound and pulls her dust kerchief up over her mouth gain. cursing softly, she lifts her lantern and attempts a thorough search. She jumps back as a small two headed blueish grey stripey snake rears up from a basin.

The next room is very similar, but with more booths and no ceramic wall things. The sinks are on the other side of the wall from the sinks in the other room. Water is pooled here too, but whatever is making that terrible smell in the other room has only slightly leached into this one. There isn't a shred of toilet paper left in here, but there is a locked cabinet.

Having finished opening most of the doors out of the main room, Faustina looks for her next target and settles on the closer hallway. "That room is like the other one, but there is a locked cabinet someone should open." She seems to be focused on a quick, efficient survey of what's around.

KissThisThen says, muffled "The water's useful." But from his lowered voice, he is apparently talking to himself "...establish guarded system, maybe get bamboo growing. Then gradually erect a perimeter, have to keep it pretty. Hmm. Guarded. Bamboo would clean out the water, then chop and drop to get the area carbon-loaded for water retention. Could use these structures to create walls to lift the worst of the winds up over the crop. It'd work. Could get a satellite colony going." He glances at the others, then lifts his billhook to slide the sharp edge between the gap of the metal door and surrounds, and levers it.

Exo is back! With a pry bar! It's a length of metal that seems to be good at prying. "I'm here to open things!" His cheerfulness is doubled as he enters the space. "Oh. Wow. It's all so strange..." He looks sad for a moment before waving the bar. "I can open somethin'..."

It looks like both of these similarly decorated rooms are filled with the stench of putrid water. Locke is not pleased, nor will he complain. Instead, he remains just by the door, carefully observing that no one is stashing items away all secret-like. From here though? He's also on the lookout for any possible threats, four headed rats and things of that sort.

When they come upon the locked box, he has a mind to shoot at it, but with Exo's arrival with a pry bar, he steps back, his own weapon still in hand, "Have at it." Saves him from wasting bullets.

Maddy listens intently to KTT's musing. Even nodding along like she has any idea what he is talking about and repeating the occasional word as if to confirm its importance. "Bamboo. Retention. Winds. Going." It's much better than being glared at by Locke. His double and Maddy used to be such good friends...work acquaintances. It seems that others have the locked cabinet in hand so Maddy will roam a little, seeing what she can slip into her leather pants without anyone noticing it is there. Sharing everything at the end? That is not the Scavenger way. And what's Sanctuary ever done for her except kick her into the Wasteland.

Inside the cabinet is a metal mechanism and stacks of individually wrapped objects. Some are long thin tubes. Others are little folded pads.

This part of the hallway is lined with little metal doors with vent grating. The big doors in this Hallway are paired. Two next to each other, with two opposite. Then more slender metal doors with vent grates, then another set, this time with a short hall diving the paired doors on the same side. The hallway with it's rows of doors receding into the dark.

"Aye, aye!" Exo attacks the locked cabinet, leaning in to force it open.

KissThisThen steps back - he had his billhook, but he seems inclined to let Scavengers and War Children do what they...do. at the supplies inside, he decides "First aid," and then he moves down to investigate more of the hallway and doors. The brain is chattering away, logging, but he says to Maddy "Yes. Exactly." Apparently he thinks she is having a conversation with him. Then again, he has all the social awareness of a turnip.

Faustina has Mark open one of the two sets of big doors while she shines her lantern down the hallway.

Kitten has been out with the chariots, doing some minor repairs, but now they come stomping up with a bunch of kitchen utensils shoved in their pockets, handles first, forming a kind of bouquet of sharp metal bits around their waist. They clink as they walk. Someone is set for flatware. They've wiped a smear of what must be snake's blood across their brow, possibly on purpose.

Standing so close to the not-so-locked box, Locke pushes the lid out of the way to get a better look at its bounty. They do look like first aid material, for sure. "Alright, pack these up and gather anything else. We're moving on." Or /he's/ moving on from here. Like always, however, he lingers near the back with Faustina and Mark taking up the lead.

Exo stuffs his now empty bag with the bounty of...first aid material and rushes to catch up with the rest. "I wonder why this appeared. I thought the dust buried everything real good..."

Maddy is having a conversation with a lot of people but very few of them actually exist; it may be debatable whether KTT actually exists. "//He// wanted to use bamboo" she insists to one of those absent people before shrugging at their unheard response. Time to move onto the next place. If Maddy's lucky, whatever is in there will have her name on it. She's right up front with Faustina and Mark. And will even head on down the hallway if they take too long to get going. The Scav points at Kitten's brow. "You've got something on there. I think it's...skin? Under that red mark."

The soft sounds of the infesting creatures are ever present as they move down the hallway. Things move away from the light, chittering. Here and there bones crunch under foot. Timmy draws up the rear, "Nothing but toilets and stink."

The doors wing open on two rooms with low cabinets along the inside walls, sand blocked windows opposite, and one wall with a white surface covered in equations in multi coloured pen and random handwriting. There is a big corner desk with lots of small, easily pocketed dust covered objects. A big squarish plastic box with a flat thing in front of it, and a wooden chair on rollers. There are lots of smaller plastic and metal desks and chairs. Anything paper or edible in here is long gone, but there are more of the big pens and several plastic and ceramic cups.

Faustina briefly opens the other set to confirm that all four rooms are similar. "There are more chairs and desks, which will be useful for the metal, plastic, and wood if nothing else." She contemplates the rooms and how many doors remain unopened. "We may end up needing to make a second trip." She looks around, then says to Locke, "Mark and I will explore further and let you know if there are any particularly exciting finds or if it is more of the same. Focus people on sorting and loading what we've found."

KissThisThen examines the area, and after a moment he pockets any of the pens he can. For him? They are work materials. He also eyes some of the objects with casters, and then he uses his billhook to pry a few wheeled pieces off to go into his slowly enlarging pockets "These would be good for many things," he decides "Yes, wood is important. Metal. But..." He starts to open drawers, and to examine things. Open flat boxes, if he can.

"Thanks!" Kitten tells Maddy with a wide grin. Then they say, "Listen, mates, there's that room with all the metal things on the floor." They gesture to the utensils in their pockets. "They've got equipment there with blades in it, and electrical wiring, and heating elements, and all sorts of good stuff. So much metal! So shiny and chrome! We should strip it down before we leave."

Of course, Locke is observant enough, having grown a creepy Tattler like the rest of the Monitors, so he will take mental note of things being pocketed and stashed away without being added to the loot pile. After seeing such actions going on, he will remind and loudly, "All items found will be collected into a pile to be Counted and distributed in the end. The Counters and Copper Faustina said that if anyone has an interest in any of these items, then let her know. Either way, we're going to have a shake down at the end. This loot is for Sanctuary, not personal acquisitions." A pause, "Unless you speak to Faustina and the Counters first."

That said, he once more continues along, moving forward to help lead the group while the Counters try to take inventory.

Families of mutant mice scatter in the wake of KissThisThen's depredations. Red, black, and blue ballpoint pens, transparency markers, paper clips, thumb tacks, plastic wrapped manila folders, and paper dust billow out. On the desks are little fidget logic puzzles as well as cups with more pens. The Reaper finds a collection of maths papers miraculously saved from the mice by a metal flat box, and some plastic wrapped graph paper.

"You people are soooo boring" Maddy harrumphs at being reminded, yet again, that possession is no tenths of the Law. She didn't get to kill snakes so this is the only excitement she has. And now they're going to ask her to strip as well? There better be a coloured stick (pen) for her for that. Maddy looks over the strange writing and frowns. "It's like the chickens were walking on here too. I mean, sure, some of them are numbers, but what are all the other things." Her eyes light up. "It's a treasure map!!" But how will she get the whiteboard into her pocket? Realizing she spoke a little too loud she quickly changes her story. "...but it's not actually a treasure map. Nope. Not at all. I wouldn't be interested in this at all." Perfect. If there's any other hallways and doors to check, she is checking them.

Locke's not talking to Maddy in particular, but he does remind the rest, "Don't worry, everyone assisting will get their fair share of loot." While Maddy was a Scavenger, she was a Monitor first. This is why Locke keeps watch over her from time to time, uncertain if she's just a troll or if she's really lost her marbles.

This new room definitely has quite a bit of interesting items to be found. Much of them are written in some sort of code... "You think you and the others will be able to decipher any of this?" Look at these complex mathematical formulas. "With all of the books found in various rooms and now this, there's a lot of ancient knowledge contained in these ruins."

"Yeah, it's important to pool all the loot," Kitten says. They start unloading the utensils into one of the loot bags. "There's so much neat stuff you can make from those," they say. "Decorations for your chariots, for steering wheels. It's great." Thus unburdened, they go back to looking around, checking the desks and whatever else they might find.

"Maths, yes," says KissThisThen to Locke "People like Timm...Reagent there will." A nod to Timmy "My skills are in systems. But maths is easier - the rules never change, so we can translate." He examines the paperclips, curiously, and then picks up a balanced puzzlespinner. It is put down as he examines the graph paper "This is very useful, for final plans, for the engineers. Precision is hard now, we've lost a lot of the really good machining tools...ermmm..mmm." A glance at Maddy, puzzled "This is treasure," he explains, and he carefully stacks the maths papers in his bag - if they have to run, these need to come. Then he is following Kitten around, a bit like a...kitten.

Timmy Timmy takes out a notebook and starts copying white board equations. She gives KissThisThen a little wave. In one of the drawers are metal protractors and plastic rulers. Also little metal and plastic hand held things, mysterious of purpose, but easy to loot. There is a metal bell shaped like an apple with a painfully high tone.

The split place in the long hall has more math rooms on this side and something rather different in the rooms on the far side. The left hand short hallway has a row of glass fronted tall human height metal boxes with wide fronts. One has been smashed open and all that is left is metal coils and mechanisms. The one next to it is intact with brightly coloured wrapped objects, each sorted into coil. Across from them are similar giant boxes with no glass front and a slot at the bottom large enough to stick a hand in. The end of the hall as a door marked "emergency," with sand piled against it.

The short hall opposite has double doors and emptiness behind the glass.

Maddy has indeed lost her marbles...and they could be in that box with the hand sized slot! Though there are some brightly colored objects to distract her - so pretty. The colors or the box? She bites her lip as she thinks on this weighty problem as old as time. Voices in her head alternate yelling 'take the colors!' and 'take the box!', though one feels the need to also yell 'take the sand!'. That voice she has learned to ignore over the years. The box wins! A kick to it but before she can hear if there's any hissing reaction, she is sticking her hand in to have a rummage around.

Looking up at the board with writing on it, Locke reaches out to touch some of the characters written, smudging a very small section of an 'x'. "KTT, do you need us to find a way to tear this thing down for transport?" Studying how it's bolted to the wall, he runs that same ink smudged thumb over the head of one of the nails holding it in.

Whether the Savvy, any of them, have any interest in the board or not, Locke just gestures to the incoming War Children towards the white board in the case that they have a mind to tear it down themselves. Moving forward, he steps first towards one math room, taking a look inside and seeing that it contains more of the same, before venturing past another. Perhaps itching to find new and exciting things, himself, Locke moves over towards one of the tall metal boxes, the trashed one, examining it's pathetic content, before looking towards the other which seems to have drawn Maddy's attention. Stepping back, he wanders over towards the box with no glass front, the one with the opening near the bottom. Crouching down, he motions for one of the other Monitors to bring a lantern close. He's not about to go reaching into a mysterious slot without first checking what could be lurking inside.

All the while, the door marked 'Emergency' more than catches his attention. "Is that their weapons room?"

"It's for emergency things, I think," says KissThisThen "Makes sense. Weapons, first aid kits? The elders didn't fight the way we do though. They didn't need weapons every day. Maybe it is full of emergency food?" He then eyes the board, once, and he says "I've remembered the notes, so if they are smudged, it is fine. But it would be very useful for planning. I think it would be good to bring it back. Break the little screws perhaps?" He then moves towards the Emergency labelled door and puts his ear against it, trying to listen "HighSign? Can you try listening properly here?"

There is nothing a War Child won't use if they can get their hands on it. Kitten takes everything they find to add to the loot pile, even the stuff they don't understand. They go back for that fidget spinner, too. That is a marvel which must be explored further. There's no such thing as junk, only materials. When KTT asks them to, they put their ear against the Emergency labelled door. "Sure, cutie." Right there in front of everyone.

ROLL: Kitten rolls brains for: [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 5 6 4 3 -- d6)

[SPEND] Kitten has spent 1 GP for reason: Another die.

ROLL: Kitten rolls 1d6 for: [4]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 4 -- d6)

ROLL: KissThisThen rolls brains-1 for: [4]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 4 6 -- d6)

Luckily nothing bites Maddy. A metal cylinder comes loose. It's Red with white markings. "Coca cola" apparently. The sand is right up against the emergency doors and they open out into the sand. It will take removing the doors to open them.

Maddy pulls the can from the machine with a yell of triumph. She holds it up to show the others, shaking it to make sure they can see. "This is mine!" No argument. It's stripey like her. The can slipped into her backpack before she skips on over to check what the Emergency is. "Do you think they put all this sand against the door because whatever is in there is the emergency? I mean, if there is good stuff in there, why stop yourself getting it. That's just a cuckatoo idea." A beat. "I'll have a look."

Maddy might think that there would be no argument, but Locke takes note of her acquisition, gesturing to one of the Counters to document it somewhere. "I'm sure there will be no issue on you calling dibs on it, but we still need to go through the proper procedures before you awarded your prize." That's all that he will say, the Counters tend to handle the distribution process.

To what KTT explains to him of the old world, Locke nods slowly, "Makes sense. An emergency stash, perhaps." But what Maddy brings up is also not something that he'll discount. "Seeing as we found a room full of snakes, there could be anything in there." He also knows that some of the others had already been spying and listening in, so as Maddy works to unblock the door, he asks, "Hear anything?" In there? Either way, in preparation for anything, he keeps his firearm raised.

"I think there's animals here?" says KissThisthen, frowning "Something behind, like, if it's into a tunnel, maybe they are, erm, developing a. Safe hiding sport, growing, life -" And then Kitten calls him 'Cutie' and he stands up and hits his head on the wall behind him "Erk!" Maddy is glanced at nervously, and he says "...I think there's a lot of sand behind it- did you say 'Cutie'."

Kitten listens at the door, then shakes their head. "I don't hear anything," they say. Then they're distracted by KissThisThen bonking their head. "Oh, geez, are you okay?" They touch KTT"s head tentatively to check for injury. "Yeah, I said that," they say. "Come here, let's give Maddy some space, because I think a bunch of sand is going to probably bury her."

The room across the short hall into the right is different. They have heavy black topped tables with metal gizmos afixed. Colorful spheres hang from the ceiling. There are cabinets, so many cabinets. The lower ones are locket. The upper glass front ones? Full of glass wear of the kind found in Etherite labs, particularly Xavier's. The tables in between used to have a lot of glass boxes on them, but about half have been smashed, leaving glass and assorted dirt, sand, and weird bits of debris. The others have had their tops knocked off, and have various equipment still attached. The bottoms have dirt or wood shavings or sand and odd bits of things, but nothing live, not anymore.

A shallow pool of algae filled water has formed in front of a pair of deep sinks. There are live things Everywhere. Snakes. Young fast stripey snakes. Lizards are skittering up the walls as the snakes slither out to eat.

The hinges give way on the emergency doors and the sand pours in. A lot of sand. Up top, patch of starry night sky is just visible.

ROLL: Maddy rolls Finesse for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 5 3 5 -- d6)

The Sanctuary people have so far stolen Maddy's treasure map, her water, her colored sticks, and by the look on Locke's face, her stripey can too. Whatever is behind this Emergency door is hers!! She tries the door...it doesn't budge. She focuses her keen mind...ooh, don't forget those colored objects. Refocusing her keen mind, she studies the problem at hand. The hinges will have to go. She bashes away with the hilt of her knife, using all the space she has been given. Finally, the hinges break and she pulls the door towards her. "Get ready to feast your eyes on //my// stash" she informs the onlookers as she reveals...a wall of sand. A wall of sand that starts to fall towards her. An alarmed squeak as she dives out the way, using the door to divert the avalanche away from her. When it is done and she looks down at sand upon sand, she takes a deep breath before sniffing, "It's //quality// sand. Can get a lot of Lux for that."

KissThisThen follows Kitten, just in time to have sand cascade around his feet. And then he says "...sand...sand..." He is trying to be nice, but 'nice' is a bit alien for anyone born out even in Sanctuary "Sand is very useful," he eventually finds himself driven to "If only we had the other ingredients, it can be used to manufacture - glass!" His voice rises as he lifts his lantern "Excellent! Glass can be remelted and used again, look, much of it is in good condition. This is excellent - this is treasu - oh, lizards-" Coincidentally, his stomach starts to rumble.

With so many War Children and Monitors here as well as other Savvy and probably a handful of Scavengers, it's not really splitting the party if people want to go in separate directions. However, in Locke's mind, the two doors chosen are unknowns and after what KTT just told them, the one in which the scientist wishes to explore might have some living creature romping around in it. After a shake of his head and a glance over his shoulder now at Maddy, he murmurs, "Be careful." Does he mean that? Shrug. He's here to protect the scientists, so when KissThisThen wanders down the corridor, Locke quickly follows. That's when they hear all the raucous coming from the Emergency door after Maddy tears out the hinges. Out of curiosity, and the fact that it's difficult to ignore the Scavenger's.. triumphant cry, Locke pauses in his step to take a good look at what Maddy has found. If anything, he looks somewhat amused, before calling out to the former Monitor, "You alright down there?" He watches to see if anything emerges from the sand, but from what KTT has warned them about, there's something else coming up.

"This better be good." He murmurs mostly to himself, gun raised when they are confronted by... more cold-blooded freaks.

Kitten asks KissThisThen, "What are the other ingredients?" Glass is just one of those things they've assumed are made of glass. Like maybe there are lost glass mines somewhere. It can be made? Neat! They're distracted before KTT can answer by the tearing off of the door and the cascade of sand. "Yay!" they say, pumping their fists in the air. They wade out of the ankle-deep sand, take hold of their gun, and cover KTT as he follows his stomach.

"Of course I'm okay!" Maddy informs Locke with disbelief that she would be anything but. "I'm just going to...umm...take my sand. Yes...before you all do horrible things to it." Glass is valuable? Maddy wonders if she could hide the abundant glass around here in bags of sand. Sometimes she is a genius! So, regardless of any imminent noise and combat, Maddy is concentrating on rescuing sand and glass.

ROLL: Kitten rolls finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [7]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 8 7 4 1 -- d8)

ROLL: Locke rolls finesse+2 for: [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x3 (Set) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 4 (Raw: 4 5 5 6 4 5 -- d6)

ROLL: KissThisThen rolls finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [5]: x1 [7]: x1 [8]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 8 7 5 1 8 -- d8)

ROLL: Kitten rolls finesse+1 for: [5]: x3 (Set) [7]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 7 5 5 5 8 -- d8)

ROLL: Kitten rolls finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 4 8 3 5 1 -- d8)

"Freakin', bloody snakes!" Locke calls out, his revolver raised, taking aim to shoot at one of their little heads, right between their snake eyes. "If you've got serpent deterrent, it'd be a good time to use them!" He could already see the goods in the room, much of them look valuable in worth or knowledge.

There were snakes all over the place, but if the scientist sorts wanted to creep on over to grab some of the glassware, they're gonna do what scientists tend to. "I'll try and keep those buggers off of you." He states loudly, shooting another snake that launches itself out at them. "Just make it quick."

Locke wastes no shot here, taking shot after shot, his bullets find their way into a snake's writhing body. Some of them are practically torn apart when the bullet cuts right through them.

KissThisThen pulls out a metal flask from his bag of goodies and begins flicking rubbing alcohol across the coiling bodies. He has only a limited supply, but it is an acrid stingy thing. He glances to Locke "What's with...all the snakes?" he demands, as if _he_ knows.

"I think you're asking the wrong person!" Locke returns, firing off another shot at one of those things trying to nip at KTT's ankle.

Kitten whips it out again, because in the mission's time of need, Kitten is a biological weapon. They're also a War Kid, and battle is their life, so while they're urinating on the snakes, they pick one off with a well placed shot from their gun. They're pretty casual about it all, to be honest, like this isn't even the first time they've shot things while pissing.

ROLL: Faustina rolls 5d8 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 3 1 2 3 -- d8)

ROLL: Faustina rolls finesse+1 for: [4]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 [7]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 4 7 6 8 -- d8)

Faustina and Mark come back from their organization of the effort to load items onto the convoy. Apparently just in time for more snake killing. Each one pulls out a pistol and manages to at least wound a snake and not hit Kitten or any of the glassware.

Snakes are not best pleased by all this noise and giant predator movement and horrible smells and flying snake parts everywhere all of a sudden. They start slithering full speed for assorted baseboard holes. Which puts them right where Kitten is doing their sprinkle dance. It is confusing for beings that have had no exposure to light or load noise or bipeds in the whole of their lives. Alarmed, some strike and the feet and legs suddenly coming at them and miss.

One of the larger one strikes just above the boot line before being flung off by the practically balletic pisser.

KissThisThen switches from his attack to looting mode - he looks for the finest, most precisely measured pieces. Elements such as weights, or small, useful spoons and beakers. Anything that the other Savvy would find hard to produce in this new era. Sure there may be snakes, but if he works well, in a few hundred years there might still be humans.

Training his firearm on each slithering fiend that he sees, Locke moves from one snake to the next, stopping to reload, resting his back on the side of the wall next to the doorway leading into snake heaven, then starting over again.

When Mark and Faustina rejoin them, he nods over in agreement mid-shot. "I'm hoping this scares them away long enough that the scavenger group inside can collect all of the more valuable and important pieces. This one looks exactly like the other room. Infested." It's around this moment that his attention is focused one snake or another that starts to slither away into hiding that the one near Kitten launches at the War Kid. Locke catches this after the fact, calling out, "Kitten. Next to your foot." But by now, he's sure the War Kid already knows this.

Kitten yelps and shakes a snake off their leg, but it's too late. They've been bitten. "That's it," they say. They tuck away and button up. They're tapped anyway, and now they need both hands for their gun. "I'm all right!" they say, but there's a sting of pain in their voice. That venom smarts. Ah, well. It's probably not a big deal.

Faustina calls "Kitten. You need to return to the hallway and then sit down. Mark can carry you back to the wagon, but the snakes bites are dangerous." If there are any snakes let, she'll shoot at them, but mostly, she's concerned about retrieving Kitten at the moment. "Timmy! We have glassware and some closed cupboards." Poor Timmy. This sort of thing is what happens when Faustina knows who you are.

Soon the room is entirely snake free. Even most of the lizards have fled, though a couple watch from the walls, blinking in confusion at the light and strange bipeds that have entered their world.

There is a long table with cabinets with room behind to write on the white board and do demonstrations with a big desk and another rolly chair next to it. There are drawers and cabinets in this with weights, scales, measuring spoons, metal tripods, crumbling rubber hosing, intact plastic hosing, valves, and assorted equipment. The glassware cabinites are filled with savvy treasure of all shapes and sizes. The locked cabinets will need breaking into.

Timmy is hesitant to enter the room, but she goes and gives a squeal of delight when she sees the riches on display, "Can we have first pick for the lab? Please? These are.... You can't get these anymore. At least let us have the big retort? And the tubing? Are those corks? What's in the cabinets? I think i may have died and gone to etherite heaven!"

ROLL: Faustina rolls brains+1 for: [5]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x3 (Set) -- Match Value: 4 (Raw: 5 6 6 5 6 -- d6)

Faustina looks around and then reaches under the main desk and pulls out a key with a little keychain square made of copper that's designed to look like the entry for copper on the periodic table. She tries this on the cabinets, and miracle of miracles, it works. So she goes along unlocking the cabinets and carefully opening them, ready to close them on any snakes hiding inside.

Kitten shoulders their gun, the strap across their bare chest, and they say, "I'm okay." They take a step, and then they drag their leg. They look at their leg, surprised as anyone to see it limp and sluggish. "Well, that shouldn't be," they say. They do a little hopskip to propel themselves forward, then they drag the useless leg. "Should it be throbbing?" they wonder aloud.

Keeping watch by the door, Locke doesn't lower his weapon, not even when there's no snakes to be seen. The more people went rummaging through things, the greater the chance of one of those reptiles launching an attack. At Faustina's order, Locke takes a few steps into the room to lend Kitty some aid, if need be. Hopefully, by then, he's already tucked himself back into his pants.

Leaning to the side to get a better look at the wound, he frowns. It didn't look great. "Mark or someone will help escort you," carry you, "Out. There are Healing Hands waiting to tend to the bite."

Timmy is jumping up and down like she has to pee and making choked, excited sounds. The cabinets along the sides are full of assorted plastic bottles with labels printed like old timey books and lots of little warning symbols. "So. Many. Chemicals!" She has a coughing fit, brought on by her excitement. "Can we keep them? Please? This is way better even than the tubing! Please can I pick our share out of these? Great Vrielink and Rickard be with us! This is... There is likely nothing in the world like this left! With this we can do so much!"

It takes her another long coughing spell to grasp that something serious is happening, "Great Mary Jean Garson! Someone bandage Kitten and get them to the bus. We don't know how bad those bites are!"

"I will take your request under advisement. The shares are for personal claims. Requests for use of materials in the service of Sanctuary are different, but, yes, once we have determined what we have, it will be portioned out as appropriate." Faustina is making sure all the cabinets are unlocked and then going through the desk. Mark is heading towards Kitten and holstering his gun, because apparently he is on 'carry war kids who have been bitten back to the wagon' duty today. If not stopped, he will swing Kitten up into his arms like he did with Anchor Man.

Kitten says, "I'm getting a fair idea of how bad it is," as they half-limp, half-drag themselves toward Mark. They don't resist as he lifts them up to carry them out. "I can't feel my foot," they say. "I mean I can feel the pain, but I can't feel the foot itself. Isn't that weird?" They don't seem nearly as worried about their predicament as they should.

Locke isn't sure if this battle against snakes counts as a death worthy of Valhalla, but he will keep those thoughts to himself. He, personally, can't tell how bad off Kitten is and who knows, maybe the Healing Hands will be able to counteract the poison before the kid's body starts breaking down further.

With a lone nod to Kitten, his eyes drift over towards Mark as if giving the Monitor the okay. With that done and now that he's further into the room, Locke's gaze sweeps over everything with a watchful eye. He's looking for not only snakes, but items of interest. Seeing that Faustina's doing what she can to make the looting process easier, taking careful steps, his weapon still out, he asks, "Need any help?" He then goes on to say, "Our Scavenger friend," Maddy, "asked for dibs on this artifact thing she found in one of the metal containers. Just letting you know in case she tries to hide the fact again. I'm sure it's fine that she keeps it, a better chance of that happening if she cooperates."

Timmy looks torn between checking on Kitten and staying with the chemical cash of a life time. She asks, "Kitten? You going to be okay with Mark?" Wall lizards blink, tracking their movement and skittering higher out of easy reach.

Faustina nods to Locke. "I will keep her requests in mind and weight them accordingly, but I will ensure that she receives her cut." She's opening a locked file cabinet by the desk now and removing four books, helpfully preserved by the metal box they were in. She glances over them briefly and then offers them towards Timmy. "I believe you will want to look at these." Pause. "Possibly you will want to hug them, as well. Please do not hyperventilate, though."

Mark is carrying Kitten off towards the van. "Not feeling your foot is bad, but the healing hands will get you fixed up."

Kitten tells Timmy, "I'll be fine." They like Mark, and he gets a somewhat out-of-it smile. "Yeah? Then I guess this just isn't my day." With a wave of their hand, they say, "I'm sure they'll get me fixed up in no time. How can such a small creature cause so much havoc, anyway?" They try to help Mark carry them, but it's clear the sluggishness is spreading.

Locke peers over at what Faustina is rummaging through, though he makes sure to not let his mind drift too far. He was here to keep the lizards and snakes from crawling back out and biting any other of their party. And who knows if any of them are hiding within any of the cabinets that his fellow Copper is working to unlock.

Timmy waves absently at poor Kitten and calls, "Do what the healers say! you're a precious resource!" Then she is making little squeals as she rushes to page through the books, "This. Changes. Everything!" It is too late. She is hyperventilating. She half falls into the roller chair and shakily keeps paging. Cough, cough, "Chemist and biochemist heaven!" Cough Cough. Then she starts muttering to herself in between wheezes, "While theoretical basis for soap...."

A brown three eyed head pops out from the wainscotting, tastes the air with it's tongue and pops back in. There is a lot of alcohol and Kitten piss in here and the smell hasn't really dissipated much. While there is much of interest in the cabinets for humans, and thing of interest to snakes, lizards or mice is long gone, except for the little pool of algae water.

Faustina hmms. "I believe we will want the savvy handling the glassware. They seem more likely to be careful with it. I imagine much of it is breakable." She turns and starts back out. "Timmy, you can read that later. Now is the time for making sure everything important is taken out to the wagon and properly packed so it doesn't break." She's looking for the next un-opened door down the hall.

Kitten cooperates once they get taken to the Healing Hands. They do mournfully lament, however, that there is cool stuff in there to loot that they can't even see from out here. Alas, their looting days are put on pause for now.

Timmy forces herself to look up, "Right. Just. These may be the most important object in the building. These books you found. We've been... groping in the dark. This is the light." She breathes for a bit. Right, there are these weird plastic bins, I'll start loading things." She reluctantly sets the books down, grabs some tubs and a stool and starts packing glassware as carefully as she can. "Maybe those pad things we found could be tucked around the inside against bumps. I wish we had a ton of cloth for wrapping...."

The Anchor man has already been tended and is lying well bandaged on the back seat. He's rather floppy, but he manages a grin for Mark and Kitten. He slurs, "You charmer you!" Which of them it's meant for is up in the air, but he's still breathing and while the healers look concerned, they don't seem to think this is the end just yet for the war Kid. One asks, "Another one? Set him down towards the back and we'll see what we can do."

Mark snorts amusedly at Anchor Man and nods to the healer. "Yeah. Got bit just above the boot. Keep them alive, they're one of our best mechanics. Anything you need me to do before I head back?"

Kitten smiles weakly at Anchor Man. "Hey, you made it look so fun I thought I'd join you." They're floppy, and it's no trouble for people to position them wherever they want. They just lay there kind of limp. "Thank you, Mark. I don't think I could've walked all that way."

The Anchor Man gazes at Mark like he's a post apocalyptic Prince charming and slurs, "I've never been carried like that before." To Kitten he says, "Free rest, huh?" A healer looks up from tthe tight bandaging of Kitten's leg, "Don't get bit. That's what you can do."

ROLL: Faustina rolls brains+1 for: [2]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 6 6 4 2 4 -- d6)

ROLL: Faustina rolls brains+1 for: [1]: x3 (Set) [2]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 1 1 2 1 6 -- d6)

ROLL: Faustina rolls brains+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 2 3 3 5 -- d6)

ROLL: Timmy rolls 5d8 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 2 4 4 3 6 -- d8)

ROLL: Timmy rolls 4d8 for: [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 8 4 4 -- d8)

ROLL: Kitten rolls brawn+1 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [3]: x1 [7]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 7 1 7 1 3 -- d8)

ROLL: Kitten rolls brawn+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 6 2 1 6 -- d8)

ROLL: Kitten rolls brawn+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 4 2 5 6 3 -- d8)

[SPEND] Kitten has spent 1 GP for reason: Would rather not fail this.

ROLL: Kitten rolls 1d8 for: [3]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 3 -- d8)

There are more rooms. So many more rooms. And so many treasures. There are medicines and first aid guides a long with many other first aid supplies in a little room towards the front. There are instruments preserved in their cases which Fortunate will probably be fighting over. Having discovered that the locked metal boxes by the desks contain things labeled 'Educator's Edition' of textbooks which include extra material and answer keys to all the problems posed as well as introductory course in biology, physics, physiology, 'earth science' and several other courses of study. Some History textbooks give a vision of the world-now-gone, albeit one which only covers up until about fourty years before the end of the world, leaving a huge gap. There are cleaning supplies and so much metal and plastic - much of it in still usable form. And as much as they can fit is going back to Sanctuary, prioritizing the irreplaceable and small items, of course, but... as much as they can.