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Snakes! Why Does It Always Have to be Snakes!
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Cash Freeland  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Ashley Freeland  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Silver's Room
Date  •  2019-09-01
Summary  •  Silver's Snakes Hatch.

The call went out about an hour ago. An excited, "They're hatching!" From Silver before she hung up to call the next person. Of course she only called a small number, but she said she would. Thankfully it is after sunset on Sunday and she is feeling much perkier.

The room hasn't really changed much. The purple and white christmas lights act as the main illumination of the room along with her desk lamp. On her desk, though, is the shallow tuperware in which she had been incubating the eggs. The white eggs have all started to deflate and maost have little holes in them. A few have small holes and are foaming a bit. But of the fifteen eggs about seven are piping.

Silver is sitting at her chair. And has pulled in a couple folding chairs borrowed from the home. And of course she has her camera out and is taking pictures as one little head begins to wiggle itself out of the egg itself.

Hector has a new haircut, extremely short around the sides and back, faded smoothly up to about an inch long on the top of his head. He hasn't bothered with make up today, but his jewelry is as usual. He has a small bandage circling his left ring finger. He arrives holding Cash's uninjured hand, "Sil! Did we miss anything?"

Cash has a lot less hair as well. His red hair is shorn and gelled into a short banged Caesar. Cash doesn't know it, but his haircut is just a few months shy of blowing up. Thanks Clooney. Cash's left hand is still covered from a cut but his ring finger is bandaged as well, differently. He's dressed in a toned down version of his greasier grudge look. His jeans just have one tear. He has a t-shirt and a blue plaid button down and his leather jacket but that's all. He calls behind him. "Ash, come on up. Hector's just fucking excited."

Not letting her brother out of her sight, Ashley has followed along to see...eggs hatching? The Thistles are a strange breed. She does her best to look interested but why the excitement about birds hatching? A cursory glance before she shrugs. "Chickens?" Ashley is dressed down today - only designer jeans and a too tight t-shirt.

Silver looks up from her camera, the door is open, and smiles as she first hears and then sees people. "Hi guys! Come on in. One is making its way out right now," She sounds excited herself. Indeed she may be bouncing in her seat. But her eyes do go to the bandages. Silver has always been perceptive. Some might even call her nosy.

When Cash appears with a similar bandage her brows go up and Silver goes to punch Hector in the arm. Dropping the camera to thump against her chest as she mock-glares at him. "Asshole! I wanted to be there!" She sounds only mildly upset with him. But she washes the frown away for a friendly enough smile for Ashley. "Snakes! Corn snakes to be specific."

Hector is happy to have both threatened Sister and spouse in view so close to the full moon. He grins at Ashley, "Far more interesting than chickens." He winces, "It was kind of spur of the moment.... It's not legal anyway, really. We just wanted to be... settled before tomorrow night. This sort of forever is better than the other kind."

ROLL: Silver rolls brawn for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 [9]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 6 2 9 2 -- d10)

ROLL: Hector rolls Brawn+1 for: [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 [7]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 6 4 7 3 5 -- d8)

"Silver! If you must punch, you punch me. It was my idea." Cash admits, quietly. "The tattoos and an exchanging of vows in a dark parking lot near the USC campus isn't the height of romance but...it's ours. Can't do it legally anyway and standing in front of people made me nervous." Also, tattoos are forever. He's my forever." Cash says, with bashful sort of smile. I'll show it to you later. I think we came up with something really neat." He looks to Ashley. "Ever seen snakes hatch?"

"Snakes? What do you mean?" Ashley has a closer look and lets out a squeal of alarm. "Oh my God! They're snakes!!" She ducks behind her brother, peering around his shoulder. "If it's illegal, why do you have them?! I should wait downstairs. They could get in anywhere."

Silver's eyes turn to Cash and she smirks. "Okay, c'mere!" She says with a crooked finger. But she probably doesn't mean it. Instead she turns back and gives a little squeak of surprised delight. The snake whose head had been slowly slipping out of the egg was now searching the sides of the tupperware. It's skin a pale pinks with white patterns and pink eyes. It's little tongue flicks out and Silver reaches down to let it taste her. "Welcome to the outside, lil noodle friend!" And she lifts the camera to take another picture. Another egg suddenly pips and a few fragile bubbles come out. Like egg white bubbles almost. Then a glimpse of a nose. Ashley's squeal has her looking up with an amused smile. "They're babies! And it's perfectly legal to breed snakes. And...you guys are 18 so I think you can get married without parental approval?" She looks between Cash and Hector with pursed lips. "Buuuuuuuut not without a marriage certificate and official. But that...that actually sounds more intimate and special."

Jade trundles up, and he comes bearing a modestly sized box of Godiva chocolates, all dark. So very dark. The darkest. "I bring tribute," he says as he steps in. Then he pauses to take in the scene. Ashley in a too-tight shirt (what, he's gay, not dead), then Silver crooking a finger at Cash, something about punching him, and then he takes in the bandaged left ring fingers. He snorts. "You two are so lame." He offers Silver the box. "Congratulations, mama. How are they coming along?"

Hector rubs his bruised arm, "See? Tougher than people think." Then he's blinking at Ashley in confusion, "why would they be illegal? They're just corn snakes. I bet they are going to be so cute, Sil!" Jock or not, he's still a Thistle underneath. "Ooo! Look at the teeny tiny tongue!"" he reverts to baby talk, Who's a sweetie snake! You are! Oooo! who's got the cutest little nosy nose!" he sighs, "Silver, we can't legally marry. Two guys, remember?" He flashes a grin at Jade, "Definitely." He doesn't seem to mind, 'Oooo! Jade knows how to please a woman!"

Cash turns to his sister. "Baby snakes with experienced owners in tupperware. I mean, I'm not a huge fan either but they are harmless so be brave and check it out. It's neat. They are like worms but...more snakey." He looks towards Silver and pulls gummy bears from his pocket. "Almost forgot my tribute." He tosses them on the bed. "Plus I mean, I basically got Hector into USC so...you're welcome." He jokes. "I mean, we won't know until another day or so but...we're awesome together."

"It should be illegal" Ashley sniffs. "They're snakes!" Where is Amy to protect her when she needs her? Still, she will dare a closer look. Screwing up her face at the flicking tongue. "That's gross" is her judgement but she will continue to look and step a little closer. Warily. Expecting them to leap at her any moment.

Silver thwaps her palm to her forehead and makes a face. "Right. Right. Stupid that. I always thought. But we will have a party to celebrate!" She shakes a finger at them. Hector cooing over the snakes gets a few pictures taken. The little ghost baby flickings its tongue at Hector. "You can pick it up if you want. Just wash your hands afterwards. And they may be a little slick. That's just the egg yolk."

Jade's arrival is met with a broad grin. She takes the chocolate with a happy little coo, "Tribute accepted! We've got a ghost out first. And I'm thinking one of these two next. Noodle's clutches all tend to hatch fast and at once. Which isn't normal. Sometimes takes three days." There are seven eggs pipping and it looks like another one is about too. The way it is squirming and pushing against one area. A few have their heads out even. Others you can just sort of glimpse from their little windows they've made themselves.

"Don't be scared, Ashley. They're not poisonous or anything," Silver says as she reaches out to gently stroke the new baby absently. And then there were gummy bears and Silver grinning as she takes them. "I have a weakness for things gummy, I admit it." But she sets it aside, she hasn't washed her hands yet. "They're so tiny. Surely you've gone fishing with live worms before?" She glances at Ash and then back to the little albino corn snake. At that moment it gives a teeny tiny yawn.

Jade leans in to peek at the hatchlings, making sure to keep out of Silver's light. "Oh my gosh," he says, "they're cute little things. Hey there, baby snakes. I got a terrarium on the way over, that's what took me so long, and all the stuff I need for a snake. I asked the guy at the pet store and he set me up." Probably gave him all sorts of bells and whistles he doesn't need for that sweet commission, but whatever, Jade can afford it. The snake will live in luxury. He actually clutches his chest at the tiny yawn. "Oh my God. Did you see that? Ashley, these little guys are harmless."

Hector makes something akin to a squee sound at the teeny tiny yawn. "Cuter. Way cuter than worms...." He so clearly wants one, gazing at them the way normal people do puppies, kittens, and babies, but he knows they aren't settled enough for pets. "I'm sure it's fine.... Oh right! Tribute!" He produces an Endangered Species bar with a picture of a Tiger on it, "Coffee and chocolate. A perfect pick you up." At Ashley's response, he looks pointedly at the array of snake and spider tanks in Silver's room. He doesn't need to be asked twice. he has the first to hatch coiling around his finger and is cooing at it. Then he holds it up for Cash to enjoy. "You are so lucky, Jade! These are the sweetest!"

Cash shudders but smiles. "That was really cute. Tiny snake yawns." He lingers near the doorway, looking more content and relaxed than he's looked in...ever, possibly. "I kinda like my pets to be fuzzy but it really is cute. Are you alright, Ash? Some scalies make good pets. Won't kill you or feed on your corpse."

"Of course they're not poisonous, you can eat them if you need to" Ashley points out, "They're venomous. And they may look harmful but I bet there are some rodents that disagree." A punch to her brother's shoulder. "Don't talk about me in the context of a corpse! I don't intend to die. Ever. It would be too much of a waste for the world. Oh, Jade, we're not going to Prom together anymore. That cool?"

Silver grins as she watches Jade and Hector's reaction to the baby. "They really are awesome. And if you have any problems you can call me. I actually have baby boxes set up. You don't need much when they're super tiny. They can go home after I make sure they have their first meal. Which will be in about a week," She says cheerfully. Watching the little snake curiously explore Hector's hand. Another head, this one darker, slithers partway out of it's deflating shell. Little tongue flicking and tasting the air. Ashley's declaration just makes her giggle. "I thought that was a given when Amy announced it in the middle of lunch she was going with you?"

Jade nods to Ashley and says, "It's cool. I'm going to take Spear. The four of us could get a limo if you wanted." Yeah, he's got no issues here. "It was more like Spear declared his intention to go with me, and Amy explained what was going on." He grins. "I like that Spear's spontaneous, but sometimes I need context. I gotta find something to wear that will go well with sunflowers. That's his favorite." He checks out the darker snake emerging from its shell. "Hey, little dude, welcome to the world."

Hector seems to accept this as a reasonable reaction from cash and goes back to playing with the baby, stroking it's scales with a finger tip and generally making a fuss, "Someday we'll have puppies and kittens of our own." He flashes Ashley a cocky grin, "We feel the same, Ashley. We plan to live forever while portraits in our attic age." He watches Jade out of the corner o his eyes, "He slows down when he's stoned. I think his brain moves too fast for his mouth to quite catch up most of the time, but it's kind of fun to work out the missing bits.

"Who paints those Dorian Gray portraits anyway? We should start saving now..." Cash trails off. "Our, uh...bikers? Do they age? Are they immortal like the ones in books?" The gears are moving in his head. This is probably not a good thing

"Sure, we can do a foursome" Ashley nods to Jade, still not too eager on getting too close to the snakes; probably a phallic thing. "Sunflowers? Hmm, if you need some help, let me know." A curious look at Hector. "You have a portrait? Oh my gosh, so old school. It's all Polaroids now." And then Cash is back to vampires. Again. Ashley rolls her eyes a little and steps off to look around the room - she's nosy.

Silver starts, "Forgot something! She goes to get her scalpel kit from downstairs, feet thumping on the stairs.

"The Polaroid of Dorian Gray?" Jade chuckles. Then he watches Silver zip off with a scalpel kit. "I... I'm sure, I don't want to know," he says. He continues to look at the hatching snakes. "Oh, man. What kind should I get? One of the pale ones or one of the dark ones? If they come in red, I want a red one. I'm going to have to make sure the top stays on because Meezer would eat a little thing like these guys. Yes he would," he baby talks. "Yes, he would."

Hector puts the baby down gently in the tupperware and watches the owner of the darker snoot with interest, "Hmmmm... They've been here a really long time and whatever they do to the wrinklies makes it so they don't seem to notice all sorts of odd things." He laughs, "Oh! Then we're probabbly fine. If anyone can make a Polaroid magic it's Silver." he studies the snakes, "Think she'd let you have one of each?"

Silver returns from fetching her kit with a grin. "I'm going to give the other babies a little break. Since these ones are all hatching and we've got a lot of pips, it's safe to make a slit for them. Encourage them and all that," She comes back to settle down and grins at the darker one emerging. "They'll also be more colorful after their first shed. Which is in the first few days. And we may had a red. Udon has hetero red." And she opens the wooden box revealing a red velvet interior with more than 20 different kinds and shapes of exacto blade. Along with a variety of tweezers. "I can do what with a polaroid?" She asks as she settles in.

"Uh. Ash. No. I shouldn't know classic lit more than /anyone/." Cash says, his shoulders tenses a bit. "It's about some young pretty guy who parties and seems to just be around pretty forever until you find out that he has a painting of himself in the attic doing the hard living for him. It would be spooky on a polaroid. Old portraits lend themselves to that...scary something." He muses. "Anyway, i don't want to live forever really. I just want to die before H." He smiles, a little lopsided and shrugs. "Speaking of H. Silver? You wanna see the ink?" He waggles his left hand. "And my cut is healing nicely. I was able to play piano and guitar this weekend, no problem."

"So lame," Jade says of Hector and Cash's tender, true love. He perks up though and asks Silver, "Can I have two? I got a fifty gallon terrarium, just in case the little guy wanted to explore. Can I put them together or do they need their own space? I could get another one. I'm going to have the setup in my sitting room. I've cleared off some shelf space." He has a sitting room. Of his very own. Must be nice.

There is a bit of noise from out in the hall. Someone is moving furniture around here and there, and then there is a knock on the door "Hello? How goes the, er, obstetrics?"

Hector cranes his neck to get a better look at the scalpels, "Did dad give you those or did you buy them for yourself? you are really prepared." And lucky. "Make us immortal with your camera, Silver." He flashes Cash a grin, "I love those old 19th Century ones where they pretend to be ghosts or beheaded or that they have faeries." he says firmly, "No one is dying. I won't allow it." He blushes at the mention of the ring tattoos. He eyes Jade, "50 gallons?" he calls to Spear, "Really well! Come see!"

"So you want Hector to suffer without you being around?" Ashley offers to her brother. "Seems a bit cruel." She's only teasing and goes back to looking around the room and staying away from the snakes.

Silver whistles when Jade mentions the size and she nods. "That should be plenty. And cornsnakes like company, so yeah. Though probably should get you two of the same gender so they don't make more babies by surprise," She says with a grin at Jade. "Ten of them have homes waiting already. So that leaves five still available and I can sell," She says as she moves to very carefully make an incision on one of the eggs. It starts billowing liquid into the substrate below. She pulls back the shell and peers down. "See? This one's an albino too. They should be half and half. Since Pinky is an albino and Brain is an Okeetee, they'll all have some pretty patterning for sure." Which just makes her happier it seems. On to the next egg and she says, "Hi Spear! Come in. Snakes are hatching." She glances up at Hector. "Oh, I bought this actually. For the snake stuff and for crafts."

Thistles are...well, they all know. "A whole kit for the snakes. Huh." Cash smirks at his sister. "Same for you. If you died or Hector and it was me? I'd wither up like a leaf and blow away." He swallows and takes a breath. "There is no one who knows me better than you two. And no one who wants to know me better so....so, you may as well bury me too." He slowly unwraps his ring finger. On the top is a delicate pair of music notes with a line connecting underneath. Between the notes is the letter H. It's not a perfect H. Almost as if it was handwritten first. He explains. "That's a tie beneath the notes. It means that you play the two notes together, as one." He suppresses a smile. "And that's Hector's writing. It's the same on his hand. I wrote a C."

Jade smiles at Spear and holds out his arms. "Hey, you." To SIlver, he says, "I'll buy two, then. They can hang out together. That'll be so cool. I'll be careful while they're small so Meezer doesn't find them. He's kind of lazy anyway." He then says, "Ugh, no more talk of dying, please?" When he glances at the tattoo, he can't bring himself to call it lame. Instead, he says, "You're both disgustingly sweet."

Spear steps inside, right as Cash is showing off his ring finger. He tries not to draw attention to himself as a result, but he is curious about the whole snake thing "God, this place is packed, standing room only!" Still, when Jade reaches out, he steps forward and hugs him, giving him a good squeeze "Oh, you're becoming a snake dad. Well, definitely, this is the right place. Hello Ashley, Hector - Cash. Silver, how many hatched?"

Hector smiles Ashley, "On no way is he dying first if I have to fist fight death myself." Or Fran. He sighs happily at the baby snakes, "You have the prettiest babies, Sil." Then he unwraps his, red and slimey with ointment. His has a 'C' in the middle, in Cash's Slated script. He grins at Jade and Spear, "So are you two."

"Hey, Spear" Ashley smiles before looking to her brother. "Lucky you don't have to worry about me every dying then." A wiggle of her eyebrows before she too feels the crush in the small room. Plus, there are still too many snakes in the room - there is more than zero. "I might step out and wait downstairs. No going anywhere without me, Cash."

"I know, right?" Silver says to Jade when he comments on the sweetness. Her eyes go to the matching tattoos and she just gives the two a smile. "Well, congratulations!" She says primly, lifting her head regally. Then she is back just as one of the ones that had pipped suddenly slithers out. It's a dark red and black saddled thing about six inches long and moving quickly to hide in the substrate. She is trying hard to ignore the death talk it would appear.

"Two are all the way out. An albino and a okeetee. And this one's making it's way slowly out," The third one whose head was poking out appears to be a lighter colored Okeetee and a lighter red in color. "And we have, oh, we have seven pipped. One fully hatches and another pips. Noodle's last clutch did the same thing. Also, feel free to sit on the bed. Just no shoes!" That last is said with great fierceness as she goes about pipping the last five that hadn't on their own.

Cash is blushing a little and Jade comment makes him laugh. A fun, genuine laugh that goes up to his eyes. "When you do things from the heart, with love and devotion, romance and sweetness are as natural as breathing. Do all things in love and it's hard to go wrong." He looks to Ashley. "I'll go with you. Let the Thistles do their thing. As he starts out he pauses and says to Jade, "I'm a romantic. Singing with Hector to sleep and hunting roadkill with Spear is the same in my mind. It's love. And you two are great together. So, congratulations to you too." And Cash slips out.

Jade hugs Spear and says, "Nah, we're not sweet, we're sexy." Then he gives Spear a kiss, a nose-nuzzle, and rests his forehead against his. "I'm getting two snakes," he says. "When they're big enough. I'm going to put them in the sitting room." To Cash, he says, "I plan to do all things in sexiness." He draws back then to look Spear in the eye. "Do you want me to come hunt roadkill with you? I think I'd be pretty bad at it, but I can poke dead things with sticks if that's the way to your heart."

"I do have to say I like romance," says Spear, because morticians, well. They know sometimes that waiting too long is not a good thing. He rubs his nose against Jade's, and stays there for a moment, before he laughs "I like the company, but it's smelly work, Jade. We would _not_ be taking your car. I'd drive the family beater. But it can be really interesting, and making beautiful things is fun." He pulls back and sits on the bed, as Silver has suggested, keeping his boots off any coverings "Cash feeling a bit crowded?" he suggests as the two Freelands head out "He did used to help me make things."

Hector meets Ashley's eyes and nods. He covers the tattoo back up. "Thank you, Sil." He'd been trying to be subtle about it at Big Ben's, not wanting to distress anyone. "Oooo! That one's red like you hoped, Jade!" he lifts his chin, "We aren't barbarians, Sil. Don't worry." He personally took off his boots just inside the front door out of habit.

Watches Cash go, expression soft. The he grins at Jade, "You aren't wrong." He smiles at them both, "That is so romantic!" He nods, "Likely, and he had a lot of noise and people this weekend."

Silver is giggling as she listens to the banter. "Bye!" She calls towards Cash and Ashley as she slices another shell. Carefully trying to peer in to see if its an albino or okeetee. "Two it is. You want one albino and one okeetee, preferably very red?" The next little snake slighters partway out of its shell. Another albino. Then it tries to scoot itself back in, tearing the shell further. "I am no good judge of sexy. But by the school banter you qualify," Then she looks at Spear and smiles while wrinkling her nose. "Alas, we are still the 'hot weirdos' whatever that means?" And then she is turning back to the clutch. Moving the newly hatched to a tiny little enclosure with paper towel, simple plastic greenery, water dish and paper towel tubes.

"Yeah, a red and albino one," Jade says. "That way I can tell them apart, and they'll look cool together." He sits beside Spear, taking his hand. "I'm down to try anything once," he says. "Definitely not taking the Ferrari." He then tells Spear, "We're all holing up tomorrow night to keep Silver and the others safe. Do you want to hang out with me? It'll be all hands on deck. Mona and I bought restraints."

"I'll take that over 'weirdo and nothing else' any day," says Spear, grinning, and he says "They are cute snakes. I'm glad you've got so many buyers already, that'll really help that nest egg. Do they like hiding in the little tubes? Is that why those are there?" He has his shoulder against Jade, and he squeezes his hand "Ah, I'll see what I can do. Tomorrow might be tough, but we'll see. Though I'd love to hang out with you and your restraints."

Hector rolls his eyes, "We are not weird! Just way too cool for Arizona....Oh man, if I had too, I'd name them Crowley and Aziraphale.... there will probably be Muppets, Spear. Also ball Gags. Think of the fun."

Silver can't help but snort when Jade mentions the restraints. Turning back to her snakes as they pip and she finishes making exits for them. "Now they get to do the rest," She says as little noses peeks out here and there. By morning they'll all be out and I can transfer them to their temporary homes," She says as she moves to grab up some hand wipes and begins going over her hands before grabbing some purrel. Which is then chucked at Hector since he held one of the snakes too. "I recommend clove oil. Spear forgets it sometimes. Helps with the smell for those not used to dead bodies," She adds in helpfully for Jade. Then turns to just stare at Hector with wide eyes. "Ball...gags?"

"In case those struggling not to heed the call get loud and start yelling invitations to come in," Jade says. "You won't be in your right mind. Since it's morally questionable to inject you all with horse tranquilizers, this seemed like a better option." He tells Spear, "Still, consider getting indoors somewhere, okay? The biker gang's going to be out tomorrow night, trying to complete what they started. We're trying to keep everyone safe. They're not after you, though. We'll keep an eye out for Silver."

"Is it morally questionable if they agree?" asks Spear, curiously, and he nods, firmly "Absolutely. I will stay inside. I don't think I'm of much interest to people like that!" He adds "I mean, psh. Okay. Silver, you need to _focus_ tomorrow. Think of the snakes."

Hector catches the tossed cleaning supplies and starts cleaning meticulously. "We can't let them have the third sip or they'll turn, and then we'll have to find and kill the head vampire to free them." Oddly enough, he nods his head in agreement with his brother, "The snakes, college, anything you have to live for that is more important than pleasure in the now."

Silver looks extremely uncomfortable of a sudden and shifts in her chair. "Uhhhmmm..." She glances at Hector and then Spear. "I get it, I do, but...not sure how comfortable I am with that. But also, Spear, you need to keep mom and dad at HOME and SAFE. I wouldn't put it past these guys to use our family against us," She says with obvious worry. "And also, I'll need you to check on them. Make sure they don't need more water. They won't, but better safe than sorry."

The more she talks about Monday the more she shifts in her seat. "Jade, will you hold the dark one for me and let me take some pictures?" She asks with a hopeful smile, picking up the smaller container with the two hatched babies. "Spear, you said you could put an ad up on your crytid site right? If I make the graphic?" See? She's focusing on other things.

Jade lays a hand on Silver's wrist and says gently, "You're going to be okay. We're not going to let anything bad happen to you." Which is not the same as saying he won't slap a ball gag on her with a quickness if she starts yelling for vampires to come on in. Let's just focus on the positive. He then tells Spear, "Oh yeah, anyone who wants it can have it. I'm just not going to force anyone to take it." He then gets to his feet and holds out his hands. "Let me see that little sweetie," he says.

Silver might have a little blush going as she pulls out the darker snake. This one being closer to a foot long. It wraps itself around Jade's long, pale fingers without any real hesitation. "Corn snakes can be really inquisitive. It's why they make good pets. Them and Garters. I want to get Garters next, but...probably not for awhile. I'll be looking for a roommate situation so I can bring these guys along." She pauses as she watches Jade with the snake, smiling a bit. "I know you'll protect me. I'm just worried who they'll hurt because of it..." Trailing off she puts on a weak smile.

Then Silver lifts the camera and starts shooting. Taking time to move her desk lamp, change her own angle, asking Jade to move around. All the while just encouraging him to act naturally with the little snake. Hector is asked to model the albino in a similar way. In the end she is grinning again and three more have crawled free of their eggs. A good evening, all told.