Log:Skate Or Die, Part 1

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Skate Or Die, Part 1
Characters  •   The Rogue  •  The Coward  •
Location  •  Lincoln Park Skatepark
Date  •  2019-03-08
Summary  •  The Coward and the Rogue try to thrash away their troubles.

The Anywhere door opens up onto a gorgeous Los Angeles early-summer day. Warm with an ocean-scented breeze, this is the weather Southern California is famous for. The Coward and the Rogue find themselves in a skate park, a big swath of shiny cement formed into billows and waves. It's set into a lovely park, with a wide pond, palm trees, and plenty of grass. Families and couples and college kids populate the park. And there's their skateboards, ready to hand. The Coward unclips his sunglasses from his shirt and slides them on. "Here we are. I am not sure at all that I remember how to do this."

The Rogue claps Colorado on the shoulder with a smack, once again the lanky 20-ish self of his. With a wry, dimpled easy grin he says cheerful as the summer sun, "Nonsense, Rado. It's just like when you lose your virginity. Just run like hell from the cops, try no to drop anything, and remember where you put the ice packs." Super helpful Lyle with the life advice. There's a faint cackle of him just enjoying the smug, even if it's there for his mood to warm up to. Looking around he pops his board into his hand. "Well if we die... it'll suck and we'll just try to get better tomorrow. Apparently that's a thing." He's not thrilled about it, but it didn't make it any less true.

The Coward looks over at the Rogue, now Lyle, grinning his easy bullshit grin. The sunlight gleams off his polarized sunglasses. He laughs. "Well now, wish I was invited to that party." He stomps on his deck to pop it up into his hand, strolls on over to the lip of the ramp. "Worst that'll happen is a broken bone. Builds character. ...Can you tell I'm tryin' to talk myself into it?"

The Rogue tilts his head up at Rado who always, somehow, feels the need to always appear taller, somehow. Really it's posture as Lyle's standing slack onto his back leg balancing the tail of the board on teh toe of his sneaker. The eyebrows waggle. Yup. He's still got it. He might not be at all aware of what it is but he's got it! A side nod takes them away from teh deep lip and he motions for Rado to follow. Reacclimate with your basic groundwork, not the ramp man. You start by tryin to pull an Ollie or a Fakie you're gonan get recked fast. Sides, even though groundwork ain't where the glory's at it shows better controll over all." Looking over at the pit he grins "Or we can just drop in." Which he does with no prep and relying entirely on speed and muscle memory hitting the other side with a kick flip, and coming back to rest with a pause on the lip back by Rado with a madman's grin. "Soooo will it help f I talk ou into it or no?

Colorado's eyes are hidden behind the reflective plastic, but he appears to be gazing heroically into the middle distance. Then he tosses his skateboard and drops right in. Sweeping down the ramp, he whoops in glee, and hoists Lyle the bird. "Up yours, Lucas!"

The Rogue has never been happier being flipped off watching Rado find his confidence again. The truth was he wasn't a hundred percent those were legit muscle memory tricks but he's seen enough of Rado's other ones to have faith or some shit. This was good, back to jsut sharing something again. It wasn't riding in Prosperity. He might never be able to go back there as hard as he fought for it but this? This was easy and good. And driopping back in he chased Rado's line yelling "Cat n mouse man!" Which was his way of playing simon says hitting one of the rails and grinding it to the end with a jumpo letting his feet talk to the board here. In truth this is what he neded most. Not a drink, not a great screw in teh shower, and not lining up things to shoot at. He just needed to ride fast and free a bit like he can fucking fly. It's a great way to work up a sweat and burn down teh energy pent up on pointless anxiety about shit he can't control, and the fears that stalk them.

Colorado is running on pure muscle memory, like shooting, or dancing, or bartending--all 'gifts' of their benefactors. And yet, it works! Instinct carries him along behind Lyle, grinding that rail, dropping down, picking up speed after him kicking at the ground. "You ride like my grandmother, Lucas! Pick up the pace!" Laughing, Rado chases him through the smooth cement ocean. He needs this, too. Muscle and grace and defying physics, and the world. "Whoooo-ee! Git 'er, boy!"

The Rogue could get bent. He could let his ego show the flat, fragil side, or like glass he can focus on the sharp edge and cut into the action which he does, "Shs this damn good? I didn't know!" He does though punch on through. Honestly, he's going to just welcome the exhaustion later. "Texaco, I'm seein a lot of speed, and not a lot of ...height dude. You sure you remember how the ramp works?" And with that the lanky blond ducks lo to cut across his nose and up into the half pipe off the rails.

Colorado wrenches his board around, scraping the tail to make a sharp turn after Lyle. "Little punk," he yells at him, grinning. He weaves back and forth, picking up steam, rolls up the half-pipe and kicks up on the rail. All pure instinct--but on the way down he accidentally thinks about it and fumbles landing on deck. His skateboard squirts out from under him and he oofs as he hits the ground. The muscle memory serves him well here too; he rolls into it and doesn't do himself any damage. "Ugh!" Rado gets up, jaw set, and chases after the escapee.

The Rogue cannot just stop being a smug little shit. It's somehow ingrained in his matrix. However, there's something else ingrained in there too: that protective loyalty. Their adventures familial and otherwise carry with them a certain allegiance he had no interest in defining, just meeting. That skid and light roll of the board running loose on its own that catches him. He finishes at the top of the lip in a stall, looks and drops back in with a loop and sliding to a stop looking down. Okay all parts are moving. "You okay there, boet?" Yeah snark goes on pause a moment.

"Everything's copacetic!" Rado calls back. He's a little scraped but what was really injured was his dignity. Catching up as the skateboard rolls slower, he steps back on it--and nearly wipes out again as fear bites him. He curses, but pulls out of it. "I got the body of a 25 year old, but somethin' in my brain's still convinced I'm an old man with consumption." He smiles sunnily at Lyle, to reassure them both. Then, just to prove he can, pops the nose of the skateboard down and rolls on two wheels down the ramp.

The Rogue follows at an easier pace making sure Rado's got his feet again. The back of his hand pulls across his forehead wiping the persperation from it. His hand rolls as he lets his board wave idly, "That's just called... effort. Duckin work as much as we did at teh Lodge? This is new." There's taht easy grin making a joke of their presumed laziness. In truth they worked hard and played hard. Roen stayed on em, they complained but they got the job done. That was the social contract and it was good...while it lasted. "Don't be too hard on yoruself, man. We all got some bad wiring upstairs. None of us escaped that one." Idling next to Colorado he lets the smile hang, "hell if I knew how to manage it, 'mano, I'd share but... I don't. We'll prolly always ride with a demon on our back but at least we can recognize em for what he is."

Colorado hops through a couple of ollies and kick flips, loosening back up. "Effort? Never met 'er," he jokes back. But his smile turns chagrined. "I hear you. Yeah, I hear you." He pushes to glide away. Wheels rattle. "Goes against all my grain to do anything risky, you know? Even this, flinchin' away from it inside. It's tough to handle, I don't mind telling you. I'm lyin', I mind telling you."

The Rogue gives Rado a sympathetic look, "In theory, or Prosperity we had 35 years of being used to one another's bullshit." The accent falls somewhere between Cali and the Cape for him. That knowing squint is just his. For now he takes a bit of a break and perches a sit on his board, arms hanging loosely around his knees. "We know when we's lyin and when we're scared shitless. Ya know, that's okay. Ain't gonna lose face with me and if anyone says anything? Eh, I'll just punch em." He nods and realizing he's saying this in Lyle's body even he can't laugh at that finishing with a more real expectation, "And when I get out of the hospital..." Man if there was ever anything Lyle was terrible at it hit the top of the list. Blue eyes squint to the sun-drenched skyline in its brilliant cerulean. "S'ok Rado. we're all scared. It's why I'm out here cause I ...dunno what else to do. But this?" He nods approving of the surroundings slowly, "This I do know."