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Silver Did What?
Characters  •   Silver Luna Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  The Park
Date  •  2019-08-18
Summary  •  Hector tries to spread the word about the mabe drugging, but discovers it's too lte for Silver.


Hector's hair has had about a week to grow out. He's wearing a smashing Pumpkins tee, but the music he's plucking out on the guitar is accoutic and un familiar. he's sitting attop a picnic table, staring out at the water. now and then he stops to make a notation in a spital notebook.

Jade is in jeans and a stylish buttonup, dressed like the rich brat he is. The guitar music draws his attention, and he glances over. "Writing a song?" he asks. As an afterthought, he meanders over to where Hector sits.

Hector flashes him a quick smile. "I'm trying anyway. This one's not going so well. "I was hoping fresh air might help. How's the party plannning going?"

"Everything's coming together," Jade says. "I have a costume. It's going to be amazing." He comes to sit down and glances at the spiral notebook. "It's going to be our last masquerade before graduation," he says. "Everything's going to change after that. So it'll be spectacular."

Hector grins, "That sounds amazing. I think we could all use some spectacular." He noodles ass he talks, eyes on the strings and trying very hard to sound casual, "Hey, you weren't at a beach party a couple weeks ago with Landon and them were you?"

Jade shakes his head and says, "Nah, I had a headache and told myself it was going to be lame anyway," Jade says. "I heard it was a rager, and I missed it," He sighs the sigh of the terminally done to, for whom life is simply unfair. "I heard there was some awesome wine I missed out on."

Hector nods, looking at the keys rather than Jade, "Drugged wine, it turned out, passed around by some strange lady. Something strong, I hear, and maybe.... Look some of us are worried. It's one thing to take something when you know you are taking it and what it is. It's another if someone's slipping something potentially addictive to people without warning them."

"I mean, I wouldn't care that much if someone did that to me," Jade says. "I'm down to try just about anything. But, yeah, in general that's not cool. Especially if it's something super addictive. But, like, how's anyone supposed to get any more of it if they don't even know what it is?"

Hector nods, "The concern is... like, she turns up and gives them a taste and then comes back when they've had time to... want more. A first taste is free kind of thing. And none of them are saying what happened after the wine, just that it made them feel great. I don't know. You notice anyone all sunglasses at night lately? Sort of restless and... I don't know, not quite themselves?

"What, besides me?" Jade says. He's not wearing shades at the moment, though. His eyes aren't even all that bloodshot. "No one has been themselves lately. I just chalked it up to Spring Break coming up." He glances around, then slips a small hip flask from his pocket and takes a small sip of its contents. "Why do you ask? Trying to round up people who might've been there?"

Hector flashes him a small smile and stops plucking long enough to hold out a hand i case the flask is on offer. "You know I'm not against casual recreational use of pretty much anything reasonable, but I... want to make sore people are okay, you know? Some people want me to talk to my aunt informally, but I don't want to get people in trouble. At the same time if this is like a roofie situation or someone has... I don't know a new stronger kind of meth or cocaine or something and is giving it to people without telling them.... I don't want to be a arc, but I care a fuck of a lot about consent and if people are being hurt... I want to know if the people at the party were okay. If they're fine, I can reassure the people who are worried. If they're not though? Maybe it's some thing we do need help with. I keep thinking of all the times I've been at a party and just drank or smoked whatever was on offer."

Jade passes the flask. "Thea was there. I think Landon was. Cash was there. He's been weird lately. I mean, I don't know what to tell you, man. Maybe ask one of them what the chick with the wine looked like. Otherwise, even if you do bring your aunt in, what are you going to tell her? What's she going to look for? No one who was there is going to want to talk to her because they don't want to get busted."

Hector takes a swig. At Cash's name he takes another longer one with eyes closed and hands it back. Quietly he says, "Landon and... I don't know, one of the other L guys can't remember, I'm told. Ashley worked out Cash was maybe on something and I didn't notice." His self condemnation is heavy, "I'm going to ask him about it. I told her we needed more, a description or evidence or something. I just..." He rubs the back of his neck, "Fuck, I thought I was all observant, but I didn't guess a damned thing."

Jade takes his flask back and caps it before tucking it away again. It's damn expensive scotch he's got there. "Observation and guesswork aren't the same thing, man. Look, you weren't even there. All any of us have are what people who went there have said, and it sounds like they got so fucked up none of them remember enough details to be useful. I wouldn't take this one personally."

Hector sighs, "At least the whiskey's good." He just breaths a little, trying to calm down. "Thank you. For the whiskey and for telling me." He looks at him directly then, "Will you be careful? And warn spear if you see him first. I think whatever it is is bad news from the... bits we've been picking up."

Jade says, "I'll warn Spear. I don't want anything bad to happen to him." He considers Hector, then glances aside and says, quieter, "I really like Spear, and I don't want to do anything that'll hurt him. Even if he doesn't like me that way, I just want to be good to him." He sits with Hector, who has a guitar and a spiral notebook. Jade is in jeans and a stylish button up.

Hector nods emphatically, "I will for real kill someone if they hurt spear like that." Then his lips curl up, "Jade. You realize he thinks you don't like him that way." Hector is in black jeans and a smashing Pumpkins tee with Doc martens. His Mohawk has has about a week to start growing out. he has a silver stud in one ear and a dangly cross in the other. a cluster of mostly band buttons are pinned to his chest, a pink triage with 'Love is a human right in the center of them.

“Fuck. Fuck, oh fuck! Fuuuuuuuuck!” That’s the sound of -- someone yelling, yes. Someone yelling as he runs through the park, his wallet chain jingling wildly as he dashes along, apparently running away from...what? Wait, is that a bee? Yes. A single, solitary bee.

Some people really don’t like bees.

In this case, that person is Hendrix “Squid” Lester. Senior, like the rest of you. Fraternal twin to Lennon. You probably know him. He probably knows you. He ends up not far from Jade and Hector, struggling to catch his breath. The kid’s got on a beat-up brown leather bomber jacket over a Faith No More t-shirt and very worn jeans. No, he can’t afford real docs, but he can wear some good shit-kicking construction boots. “Hey,” he nods to those two, all bent over trying to breathe, readjusting the notebook under his arm.

Jade is one of Lennon's friends, unlikely as that may seem, so Squid probably knows of him at least. That, and he's one of the Marchant triplets, spoiled rich brats. "Of course he thinks that. It's not like I've told him how I feel. I don't even know how I feel. I just know I'm not going to go after anyone else."

Spying Hendrix, he calls out, "Oh God! It's gaining on you!" Because sometimes Jade thinks he's funny. Then Hendrix approaches and he smiles amiably. "Hey, what's up, man?"

Silver had come to the park today for a solitary picnic. Brought her scooter, a basket with tea sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and of course a couple Jolt colas. The picnic 'blanket' she is using is a dark red and black plaid number. She is dressed all in denum but for her scoop-neck floral blouse.

In her hands is the playbook for Kiss of the Spider Queen. She looks up from her shade under a tree as Squid goes running by. Sandwich in hand, mouth full, she just kind of watched with a brow raise. Until he stops by Jade and Hector. Blinking in surprise. When did they get here?

Hector eyes the new arrival, "They'll leave you alone if you just stand still. You allergic? Oh, hey, faith No More. Ever see them in concert?" His accent is pure California, but Bay, not Valley. He's that new kid who's been staying with the Thistle's since January. He leans close to Jade, "If you do like him, I'm pretty sure he'll be into it." He waves to silver, "How's the reading going?"

“Not funny, man. If a bee stings me, I’ll fucking die.” Who knows if that’s even true. Maybe Squid just feels that way, because he doesn’t answer Dare’s question about it, either. “What’s up with you guys?” He pats down his jacket and sighs. “Either of you have a cigarette?” Dare’s question about Faith No More gets a little smile out of him. “Yeah, I saw them on the Angel Dust tour. They were fucking amazing. I -- “ He squints, distracted, looking over his shoulder at Silver, and gives her a little up-nod.

Jade takes a pack of Dunhill's from his pocket and offers one over to Squid. "Do you carry an epi-pen?" he asks. "If so, can I see it?" Rumor has it Jade will do any drug he can get his hands on, so that might not be a great idea. He glances over at Silver and says, "Hey, there." To Hector, he says, "I'm just doing my thing, okay? We'll work it out one way or another."

Silver lifts her hand and waves at the trio of boys in a little dazed manner. Eyes skipping from face to face before she smiles faintly. Looking down at her basket and the little layout and then back she sighs. Crooks a finger at the group as she shoves her cucumber sandwich into her mouth. Chewing with chipmunk cheeks for the moment.

Hector shrugs and offers him a light, "I was trying to write a song, but it's not going so well. I'm Hector de la Huerta. I know I've seen you around, but I'm still learning names. I'm guessing you know my sister over there." He eyes Silver, "You okay?"

“Just the kind with ink, Jade. You wanna try and snort that and see what happens?” Squid snorts as he slides out the cigarette...then frowns. “Do these actually taste better than Marlboros, or do you just /think/ they do?” Doesn’t stop him from putting it between his lips and then trying to find a light next. Looks like he forgot that, too. Thank you, Hector -- he takes it from him and lights up. “A song, huh? What kinda song? Hendrix Lester, or call me Squid. She’s your sister?” He squints over at Silver again. “I think she wants us to come join her picnic. Hmm.” He nods to himself and starts over there. “I don’t say no to free food.”

Jade says, "I mean, I kind of do. And yeah, they taste better than Marlboros." Not that Jade would turn one down in a pinch. He gets to his feet and tells Hector, "Come on." Then he follows after Squid. "Hey, Silver. Looking good." He sits down near her and flashes her a winsome smile.

"Hello boys," Silver says, swallowing her mouthful by the time they arrive. The playbook is closed and set aside. Leaning back on one arm she sweeps her gaze across them. Then suddenly up comes one of her disposables as the three are standing kind of over her. A quick picture and then she is smiling happily. "I do hope that turns out. I packed too much food," And there are at least eight more small tea sandwiches, plus all the grapes, sliced apples, and at least three different kinds of cheese with crackers. And the blue box of oreos can be see still within the basket. "Drink?" And she puls a can from the six-pack and holds it out to Jade first.

Hector shrugs, "I stick to cloves and weed." His skin tone is very different than his sister's, but then so is his last name. He face goes blank and he asks carefully, "Are you planning to hit and/or seduce anyone? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but some warning is always nice." Another shrug, "I was aiming for love song, but I don't think that's how it's going to end up." He jumps up and puts his guitar in the case, tossing the notebook and pen in after it. He trails after Jade towards said sister. "That looks delicious, Sil?"

“Here, knock yourself out.” Squid tosses a cheap, chewed-on Bic ballpoint in Jade’s direction. He scowls mightily at the photo, though. “Hey, I did not authorize that photographic piece of evidence!” He sits down anyway, helping himself to Oreos. And a drink, whenever Silver gets around offering one to him. His own notebook rests slightly under his butt, like he’s worried someone will try and take it. “Love songs are easy. Just don’t try and hit Mariah Carey’s high notes and you’ll do fine.”

Jade takes the pen and considers it for a moment. "There's got to be something you can get high off of in this stuff," he says. "Maybe if you lit it on fire and huffed the fumes." He's not desperate enough to try it, though. Just a thought exercise from the school's resident junkie. He starts scribbling on the soles of his expensive sneakers. Then he takes the offered Jolt and says, "Thanks, Sil." He cracks it open, then asks casually, "How's Spear doing?"

ROLL: Silver rolls brains+1 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [2]: x1 [5]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 5 1 5 1 2 -- d6)

Silver sticks her tongue out at Squid, "Public area. And you're eating my Oreos," She says simply and with a shrug. "I can actually photograph whoever I like here," There's a certain primness, or maybe pride, in her voice as she winds the film to the next frame.

"Love song?" She finishes passing out drinks to everyone. Squid next and Hector last. Her nose wrinkles slightly and she shakes her head. "Luckily Cashew rhymes with 'love you' I guess," Her voice is thickly sarcastic and needling. Thankfully Jade is there to distract her from snarking more. "Spear? Oh...fine. Lost in his current craft project right now I think." She sips again and stares hard at Jade for a few heartbeats. "You -like- him!" She suddenly declares with a widening of her eyes and a smile playing on her lips.

Hector eyes Jade, but opts against commenting. To Squid he says, "I'm not the Mariah Carey type. I'm way more Voivod." He sighs, "I'm not a poet, you know that. I just write the music. Did you warn Spear about the lady slipping people mickeys at beach parties, Sil?"

“Try it. See what happens,” Squid suggests to Jade, attempting to dip Oreos into the Joly. It’s not easy to do. “Well,” he says with his mouthful, squinting at Silver, “If I’d known that photos were part and parcel of the whole picnic thing, maybe I wouldn’t’ve come.” And yet, he doesn’t get up. Eyebrows raise and he looks between Silver and Jade as she needles him. To Hector, “What’s this about mickeys at beach parties?”

Jade's eyes widen, and he says, "What! I don't... I mean... who doesn't like Spear? He's great. He's really nice, and creative, and funny." His cheeks color. "Whatever," he mutters. Then he takes a long drink of Jolt. Caffeine will ease the pain. "What's the big deal about pictures?" he asks Squid. "Being seen with us is a net win."

Silver continues to give Jade a long look. One brow raises and she just smirks. "Mmmmhmmm. Not dumb, Jaden," She reminds him before turning to look at Hector for a longer couple of seconds. Squid's question has her turning to him though and says, "Mph...yeah. There was a chick back at the end of February. Had a bonfire party and was offering a taste of special wine'," She makes air-quotes. "And it totally fucked with everyone's head who tried it. Vague memories, risk-taking behavior, and weird dreams. Along with photo-sensitivity and fatigue."

Hector smiles crookedly, "Not me so much. I'm probably terrible for your rep." He helps himself to a cucumber sandwich, "So be careful who you take food and drink from, Hendrix." He winks, biting a sandwich. He is so very carefully not commenting on whom Jade might or might not like.

“Huh. Yeah, he totally likes him,” Squid concurs, somehow managing to smoke, eat an Oreo, and drink Jolt all at the same time. “Pictures can be used as evidence. I don’t like ‘em. Also, there /are/ no net wins for people like me.” Lesters? Maybe. Then there’s Silver’s story about the special wine. “Hey, I didn’t get invited to that. I was sore at the time...”’ Now he’s having second thoughts. Then he waves his Oreo at Hector. “Clearly I’m always careful.”

Jade suggests, super friendly, "You should all shut up." He takes another drink of Jolt, then says, "Evidence of what? Oh no, we're eating sandwiches." There's no real venom in the mockery, but it does change the subject from him liking Spear. "I didn't go to that party because of a headache, and I missed all the fun. Now I'm going to have to stop taking candy from strangers."

Silver gives a little 'hmph' at Jade's friendly suggestion. But she -does- do just that. "I didn't go either. Heard about it the next morning from Esme. So Lucas, Landon, Lennon and I checked it out and met the chick again. And a taste cause, well, curiosity didn't kill the cat. Just gave her a hangover from hell," And she laughs softly and waves her hand, as if it weren't no big deal. Then reaches to snag another Oreo and holds the box out. "I love these. I have to hide them from Spear though or he'll eat the whole thing."

Hector studies Squid, and then says with a strange gravity, "Yeah. I'm starting to see that." He is thinking of quiet conversation in the shadows cast by a nearly full moon. Jade's tone shakes him out of it, "I'm sure there'll be plenty of candy from friends at your masquerade." Then he's staring at silver, "You found her? Where? And you.. did you try it?"

“Make us all shut up,” Squid suggests. He cocks his head as Silver explains some more. “Wait -- this drug fucked people up, so you all tried it?” His brows go up again as he takes a drag. The strange gravity from Hector, though, catches his attention. He studies him for a long time, then mutters something to himself: “Jesus, I miss everything around here."

Jade gives Squid a bland look. He makes no move to make anyone shut up. Instead, he glances at the Oreo Silver's got. He plucks one out of the offered box. "So what's the game plan? Are you gonna narc on this woman? Or just not take drinks from strangers? I can't believe I'm advocating not taking drinks from strangers, but dosing people against their will is kinda sketchy."

"Well, I -was- going to write a detailed diary about the experience. But apparently I forgot and did...other things instead. Aaaand I can't remember most of it to write down now," Silver says, starting to look a little embarrassed. "To be fair, I've never had a hangover that lasted two weeks." A pause and she glances up at the sky, the smile fading a bit. "I dunno. I took a picture of the lady who gave it to us. But..." She glances at Hector. "It kinda caught fire when I was developing it."

Hector is surreptitiously studying Squid as he munches sandwiches, trying to discern the familiar shape of another face and guess how this Lester is related to the others he knows. "I feel like I'm always five chapters behind myself." Oh so casually, "You have and brothers or sisters, Hendrix? I'm still working out who's related to who." He takes a breath, "A couple people think we should... talk to our aunt. Unofficially. Give her the heads up, see if she's heard of any dangerous new drugs. I don't like narcing either, but I'm worried someone could get really hurt. Like not name names on who was at the party though maybe if we can get some kind of underage drinking amnesty for the victims m-Someone thinks he can get some guys to come forward." Is he blushing? Oh, he's definitely blushing. He's looking at his sister in real alarm, "Wha-What did you do? Are you okay? Fi-Was that what was up with all the smoke?"

“Maybe someone /else/ should try it, and someone should observe them. See what happens. See how fucked up they get, and...the picture caught /fire/?” He runs a hand through his brown hair, which is a little overgrown. Like it’s been awhile since he’s had a decent haircut. and it has been awhile. He nods to Hector, talking through a mouthful of Oreo. “Yeeeep. Lots of ‘em. Lennon’s my twin sister. Maybe you know her?” He scratches behind his ear, shrugging at Hector. “That’s another tactic, I guess. But mine using the scientific method. That’s gotta count for something."

"I mean there's stuff that can cause the memory loss," Jade says, "and a wicked hangover. One that lasts two weeks, though? That's a bit excessive, and I don't know of anything that makes you light sensitive that would also fuck you up, though it wouldn't be the weirdest side effect. Besides, if there's something new on the street, I want to know about it, so let me know what she says." He finishes his Jolt, then gets to his feet and stretches. "I should be heading home before they ticket my car. Tell Spear I said hey." Then, to Squid, "Tell Lennon I said hey."

Silver reddens beneath her cocoa skin when Hector asks what she did. "I'm fine. Do I look like anything is hurt?" She asks with a smile that's just a little -too- cheerful. "Yeah. That's what was up with the smoke. And that would have been great, except it was all of us or none of us. I took a picture or two, but they weren't of anything spectacular. The moon, the lake, and a picture of my feet," She giggles at that and rolls her eyes, playing with the tab of her can. Making it 'twang' in a rhythmic manner. "The school paper is running a piece of being safe and drugs and stuff, actually. And I'd give my aunt the picture, except it turned out...weird. Like...ummm" She presses her lips together with a frown and looks at the group thoughtfully. There is severe reluctance on her face to reveal more. She wiggles her fingers at Jade as he gets up and smirks when he mentions Spear. "Will doooooo sweet cheeks," She says, happy for the brief distraction and opportunity to lightly tease the Marchant.

Dare studies Squid, "You aren't quite like the others are you?" So so casual. "So that makes you...Amy's cousin." He pops a grape in his mouth. "If it's a two week hangover taking it on purpose is playing with... well, fire." He squints up at Jade, "Maybe some kind of withdraw? But nothing can addict first hit, can it? Jade, stay safe, okay?" He narrows his eyes at his sister, "you seem a little off. I worry, okay? Seriously, what aren't you telling us?"

“I’m tellin’ ya, I’m right. Experimentation and observation, it’s the only way to...” Squid seems to realize something, too, and he bounds to his feet. Oreo crumbs go everywhere and he nearly kicks his can of Jolt over. “Shit, I should go home, too. I have a thing I have to do. I’ll tell her.” He nods at Jade. To Silver: “Thanks for the...you know, I’d really like to hear more about this whole thing. If that lady comes around, will you tell me, too?” Squid nods firmly at Hector. “No. Not like the others. Wait. Other what? Lesters? In some ways, I’m more Lester than I’ll ever live down.” He /was/ about to go, but he seems interested -- will Silver answer Hector?

Silver shrugs her shoulders and says, "I dunno. I remember it tasted like wine with a metallic tang. That's it really." The look on longing that crosses her face is hard to miss, eyes going distant and glassy. "Mmmm..." Then she blinks and they refocus on Hector before she frowns with a sniff. "Nothing bad!" She snaps and turns a little away to pickup a grape and start peeling it. "Just stayed out all night with Lan and Luke..."

Jade starts to head out, and he says back to Hector, "Crack is addictive with the first hit. Hell, even I won't fuck with crack." This from the young man considering how to get high off Bic. He flips the trio a wave, then wanders off.

Hector gazes up at Squid with a strong echo of his earlier gravity, "That's not always a bad thing." Then he's focused hawklike on his sister, "Silver, seriously. I'm worrid about you, okay? Will you go talk to Aunt Nancy with me?"

“Huh.” Squid squints back, like if he stares at Hector long enough, maybe he’ll catch his meaning. He finishes off the cig, grounds it out in his boot, drops it carelessly on the ground. “I’ll see you two around. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Then he’s off as well, a little after Jade, walking nervously and fast.

Silver bites her lip and doesn't look at Hector when he asks his question. Instead focusing on the can of soda in her hand. Taking a quick and furtive drink to stall further. "I'm fine, Hector. It's all pretty much worn off." And she glances up with a quick smile and away. Waving at Squid as he heads off. "I think Aunty N is more likely to think we're pulling her leg...the photo I got," She shakes her head and reaches for her bag. Pulling out a water-proof folder from inside. From it she pulls a charred and burned picture. The bottom half and one side mostly gone. It is after sunset, but there is ambient light and flash to compensate. But the woman in the fog coat doesn't have a face so much as a skull. Almost like somehow the picture was overlayed with an x-ray. "See?" She passes the picture to him. "Fucking cool, wish I could do that on purpose."

Dare watches her face, "It hasn't. I can see it in your face when you talk about it." He waves absently at Squid, careful not to watch him walk away. He is far too busy staring at the photograph, "That's fascinating. Not helpful for identifying her alas, but really cool." He takes a breath, "I kind of half promised to talk to her. Our aunt, I mean."

Silver looks at Hector now in consternation. Lips thinning together and she takes the photo back and tucks it away. "Ooooooof course you did," She sighs as she tucks the folder back away. "What I remember I can't forget. And I've been having really intense dreams with those snippets so it's even harder. And I -want- to remember. And I want to feel that way again. I know what that is and I can handle it. I -am- handling it!" She sets her jaw and stares at him daringly. "I'll talk to Aunty N, but we're not naming names."

Hector nods, "We're not naming names. I don't want to get any of us in trouble, but I think this drug is dangerous and I don't want anyone tricking someone like Spear into taking it. Sil... is there anything I can do to help?"

Silver looks down at her soda and mumbles something, "Only if ... ... ... how to ... ... ... losing my ... ... can't remember," Before she chugs down the rest of the can. At that point her distress is plain from the thing line of her lips and how she begins to tidy stuff up. "You want any more sandwiches?" The grapes and apples are being tosses back into their little baggies.

Hector ignores the few sandwiches he hasn't scarfed down and scoots over to hug her, "Oh Silver." He smells of citrus fougere and cloves. "whatever happens, I'm your brother and I love you."

Silver tenses when he hugs her and doesn't look up. Her jaw is tight and she breathes slow, steady, and with just the slightest hitch. There's silence from her for a handful of seconds after that declaration and then she says in a sad whisper, "You barely know me. I barely know you. My dad cheated on mom, while she was pregnant with us, on yours." Her hands ball into fists and he can see the anger at Raymond there in her green eyes. The betrayal. Her words are probably meant to push him away, because she makes no move to do so physically. But she also gives a sniff and ducks her head down and away from him so her hair falls across her face.

Hector says gently, "Doesn't matter, still my sister, and I thought mom was a rebound from James' Mom or something, but it doesn't matter what the adults did. We're here and we're family." He doesn't move away. "I'll stop hugging you if you tell me too, but I'm not going to stop caring."

Silver does not tell him too, but she does shrug at his words. "We're all 18, yeah? Dad fucked us all over," She says tartly and dashes her arm quickly across her eyes. Slowly, meekly perhaps, she picks up and drops things into the basket. Not pulling away from his hug to do it. But not hiding the sad scowl on her face. Or the shininess of her eyes. She is angry and she is sad and she is trembling just a little keeping it all in.

Hector keeps his arm around her, brother like and helps her clean up with the other hand, "If you want to, I don't know pound on my chest and yell for a bit, I'm cool with that too."

Silver shakes her head in the negative. Once. "Not here. Too public. I can't...I can't. Star's the one who yells and screams and hits things. Th-that's not me," She says as her breathing becomes heavier. Again she rubs her eyes and sniffs. "If you hadn't noticed, I'm the strong and brave triplet." And she lifts her head tall and gives him a weak smile.

Hector smiles softly, "Doesn't matter. You're allowed to this once. Even the strong and brave get a day off Sil."

"Well, it will have to wait a little longer," Silver says as finally, slowly, gets to her feet. Moving toe gather up the blanket she says, "Come on. Let's go see Aunty N before I change my mind."